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Recording In Progress!

Recorded by Jiyambi. Anyone who would like to use this outline to create a full paper guide, or to improve upon the addon code, please leave a comment!

WoWPro_Leveling:RegisterGuide('JiySou1525', 'Southern Barrens', 'Jiyambi', '30', '35', 'werqwer', 'Horde', function()
return [[

A Warchief's Command: Southern Barrens!|QID|28549|N|From the Warchief's Command board in Orgrimmar.|
T Warchief's Command: Southern Barrens!|QID|28549|M|31.42,13.32|N|To Nura Pathfinder.|
A Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|31.42,13.32|N|From Nura Pathfinder.|
C Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|35.93,15.58|N|The scouts patrol the road to the east.|
T Clear the High Road|QID|24504|M|37.36,16.70|N|To Tunawa Stillwind.|
A Warriors' Redemption|QID|24512|M|37.59,16.65|N|From Holgom.|
A Feeding the Fear|QID|25284|M|37.61,16.63|N|From Holgom.|
C Feeding the Fear|QID|25284|S|M|37.27,13.15|
C Warriors' Redemption|QID|24512|S|M|37.30,14.10|
A Eye for an Eye|QID|24513|M|37.11,13.95|N|From Oltarg.|
C Eye for an Eye|QID|24513|M|37.17,13.98|
T Eye for an Eye|QID|24513|M|37.11,13.95|N|To Oltarg.|
C Feeding the Fear|QID|25284|US|M|37.27,13.15|
C Warriors' Redemption|QID|24512|US|M|37.30,14.10|
T Warriors' Redemption|QID|24512|M|37.63,16.63|N|To Holgom.|
T Feeding the Fear|QID|25284|M|37.63,16.63|N|To Holgom.|
A Holdout at Hunter's Hill|QID|24505|M|37.36,16.70|N|From Tunawa Stillwind.|
f Hunter's Hill|QID|24505|M|39.75,20.18|N|At Unega.|
T Holdout at Hunter's Hill|QID|24505|M|39.44,20.33|N|To Onatay.|
A Put the Fear in Them|QID|24517|M|39.61,19.93|N|From Kilrok Gorehammer.|
A Raptor Scraps|QID|24514|M|39.44,20.33|N|From Onatay.|
A Signals in the Sky|QID|24515|M|39.44,20.33|N|From Onatay.|
h Hunter's Hill|QID|24515|M|39.30,20.05|N|At Innkeeper Hurnahet.|
C Put the Fear in Them|QID|24517|S|M|41.08,22.15|
C Raptor Scraps|QID|24514|M|40.11,23.96|N|From the raptors all around below Hunter's Hill.|
C Put the Fear in Them|QID|24517|US|M|41.08,22.15|
T Put the Fear in Them|QID|24517|M|39.64,19.98|N|To Kilrok Gorehammer.|
T Raptor Scraps|QID|24514|M|39.47,20.39|N|To Onatay.|
T Signals in the Sky|QID|24515|M|44.17,33.71|N|To Makaba Flathoof.|
A Keeping the Dogs at Bay|QID|24525|M|44.17,33.71|N|From Makaba Flathoof.|
A Bad to Worse|QID|24529|M|44.19,33.69|N|From Makaba Flathoof.|
A When Plants Attack|QID|24539|M|44.33,33.38|N|From Lane Tallgrass.|
C Keeping the Dogs at Bay|QID|24525|M|43.12,42.74|
C Bad to Worse|QID|24529|M|42.11,36.73|
C When Plants Attack|QID|24539|M|45.61,31.99|
T Keeping the Dogs at Bay|QID|24525|M|44.21,33.71|N|To Makaba Flathoof.|
T Bad to Worse|QID|24529|M|44.21,33.71|N|To Makaba Flathoof.|
A Speaking Their Language|QID|24534|M|44.21,33.71|N|From Makaba Flathoof.|
T When Plants Attack|QID|24539|M|44.31,33.40|N|To Lane Tallgrass.|
A A Curious Bloom|QID|24542|M|44.31,33.40|N|From Lane Tallgrass.|
A A Family Divided|QID|24543|M|44.49,33.59|N|From Tawane.|
C Speaking Their Language|QID|24534|U|49782|M|43.03,41.74|
T Speaking Their Language|QID|24534|M|44.12,33.71|N|To Makaba Flathoof.|
C A Curious Bloom|QID|24542|M|42.11,33.99|
A Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|50.37,40.69|N|From Naralex.|
A Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|50.36,40.51|N|From Muyoh.|
A Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|50.36,40.51|N|From Muyoh.|
C Biological Intervention|QID|24565|S|
C Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|S|
C Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|
C Biological Intervention|QID|24565|US|
C Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|US|
T Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|50.37,40.69|N|To Naralex.|
A To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|50.37,40.61|N|From Naralex.|
T Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|50.36,40.51|N|To Muyoh.|
T Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|50.36,40.51|N|To Muyoh.|
A Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|M|50.36,40.51|N|From Muyoh.|
A To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|50.21,40.86|
A To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|50.21,40.86|
C Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|U|49882|M|52.66,39.88|
C To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|49.25,40.07|
T Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|M|50.36,40.54|N|To Muyoh.|
T To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|50.38,40.62|N|To Naralex.|
A The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|50.39,40.66|N|From Naralex.|
C The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|48.17,38.72|N|Speak to Naralex when you are ready, and defend him.|
T The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|48.18,38.70|N|To Naralex.|
A Winnoa Pineforest|QID|24807|M|48.18,38.70|N|From Naralex.|
A A Family Divided|QID|24543|M|41.62,46.57|N|From Kirge Sternhorn.|
A A Line in the Dirt|QID|24546|M|41.62,46.57|N|From Kirge Sternhorn.|
T Winnoa Pineforest|QID|24807|M|41.62,46.57|N|Winnoa Pineforest.|
A Lion's Pride|QID|24552|M|41.56,47.13|N|From Jorn Skyseer.|
A Meet the New Boss|QID|24551|M|41.70,46.71|N|From Tatternack Steelforge.|
C Lion's Pride|QID|24552|M|43.82,46.80|
C Meet the New Boss|QID|24551|S|M|46.40,47.19|
C A Line in the Dirt|QID|24546|M|46.35,47.24|
C Meet the New Boss|QID|24551|US|M|46.40,47.19|
T Lion's Pride|QID|24552|M|41.54,47.16|N|To Jorn Skyseer.|
T Meet the New Boss|QID|24551|M|41.53,46.82|N|To Warlord Bloodhilt.|
T A Line in the Dirt|QID|24546|M|41.64,46.59|N|To Kirge Sternhorn.|
A Siegebreaker|QID|24569|M|41.52,46.86|N|From Warlord Bloodhilt.|



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Recording complete! It could

Recording complete! It could use some improvement, but I already added a lot of notes, stickies, etc. Most of all needs |PRE| and |RANK| tags.

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Update - I went ahead and

Update - I went ahead and added all that business myself. Addon file should be 100% done now, with obvious need for testing, especially by someone level appropriate.

The addon files here should make a good outline for a "paper" guide.

I'm going to make recording more guide files my top priority for now - "Paper" guides will come after if I have time.