Little bit of a personal update

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I have applied for a job in France for an interview with Blizzard as an In-game Customer Service Rep (GM). Heading out there next week and will update you as I find out more Smiling


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Good luck

So you're going to be one of those unhelpful bastards in the future, eh? =p

J/K, good luck with the interview. You'll probably be tons more helpful to players than some of the GMs I've had to deal with.

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From my understanding first

From my understanding first responder GMs are not really supposed to do anything but move stuck people or respond to tickets with dreadfully macro'd role play, getting past this stage is where it gets interesting (Escalated) as these are ususally the folk that actually know what Warcraft is


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Awesome, good luck!

Awesome, good luck!

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Wow, good luck! That's very

Wow, good luck! That's very exciting!

hmmmmm..... Good luck!!!!! :)

hmmmmm..... Good luck!!!!! :)