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A Suspicious Hoofprints|RANK|1|QID|27259|M|29.68,47.55|N|From a patch of dirt on the ground.|
A Lieutenant Paval Reethe|RANK|1|QID|27260|M|29.77,48.23|N|From a badge on the ground.|
A The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27254|M|29.63,48.52|N|From the shield on the wall.|
R Brackenwall Village|RANK|1|QID|27254|M|37.52,31.62|N|Head to the Horde base for this area, Brackenwall Village|
A SMASH BROODQUEEN|RANK|1|QID|27229|M|37.52,31.62|N|From the wanted poster.|
T Next of Kin|RANK|1|QID|25292|O|M|35.52,30.15|N|To Alto Stonespire.|
A Theramore Spies|RANK|2|QID|1201|M|35.29,30.63|N|From Nazeer Bloodpike. Outdated?|
f Brackenwall Village|RANK|1|QID|27182|M|35.57,31.86|
A Twilight of the Dawn Runner|RANK|1|QID|9437|M|35.86,31.71|N|From Balandar Brightstar. Outdated?|
T Warchief's Command: Dustwallow Marsh!|RANK|1|QID|28549|O|M|31.42,13.32|N|To Krog.|
T Suspicious Hoofprints|RANK|1|QID|27259|M|36.39,31.82|N|To Krog.|
T Lieutenant Paval Reethe|RANK|1|QID|27260|M|36.39,31.82|N|To Krog.|
T The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27254|M|36.39,31.82|N|To Krog.|
A The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27255|PRE|27254|M|36.39,31.82|N|From Krog.|
A A Shambling Threat|RANK|1|QID|26682|M|36.39,31.82|N|From Krog.|
A Darkmist Extermination|RANK|1|QID|25051|M|36.39,31.82|N|From Krog.|
A Inspecting the Ruins|RANK|3|QID|27253|M|36.39,31.82|N|From Krog.|
A Talk to Ogron|RANK|1|QID|27306|M|36.39,31.82|N|From Krog.|
h Brackenwall Village|RANK|1|QID|27182|M|36.88,32.27|N|If you'd like, set your hearth at "Little" Logok.|
A The Hermit of Witch Hill|RANK|1|QID|27182|M|37.11,33.01|N|From Draz'Zilb.|
T The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27255|M|36.54,30.86|N|To Do'gol.|
A The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27256|M|36.54,30.86|N|From Do'gol.|

C Theramore Spies|RANK|2|QID|1201|M|42.13,26.02|S|
C A Shambling Threat|RANK|1|QID|26682|M|40.54,19.85|N|Kill the large elementals north-east of the village.|
C Twilight of the Dawn Runner|RANK|1|QID|9437|NC|M|46.63,24.50|N|Talk to the Blood Elf on the first floor, then make your way to the top of the tower to get the cargo.|
T Talk to Ogron|RANK|1|QID|27306|M|41.02,36.68|N|To Ogron. He's a little ways out of the village.|
A Questioning Reethe|RANK|1|QID|27261|PRE|27306|M|41.02,36.68|N|From Ogron.|
C Questioning Reethe|RANK|1|QID|27261|M|42.63,38.10|N|Stay with the ogre. You'll end up fighting a group of three humans, so be prepared and pop cooldowns if you need them!|
C Theramore Spies|RANK|2|QID|1201|M|42.13,26.02|US|N|They can be found north-east of the village.

T Questioning Reethe|RANK|1|QID|27261|M|36.48,31.83|N|To Krog.|
T A Shambling Threat|RANK|1|QID|26682|M|36.48,31.84|N|To Krog.|
T Twilight of the Dawn Runner|RANK|1|QID|9437|M|35.92,31.68|N|To Balandar Brightstar.|
T Theramore Spies|RANK|2|QID|1201|M|35.27,30.73|N|To Nazeer Bloodpike.|
A The Theramore Docks|RANK|3|QID|1202|PRE|1201|M|35.27,30.73|N|From Nazeer Bloodpike.|

T The Hermit of Witch Hill|RANK|1|QID|27182|M|55.42,26.25|N|To "Swamp Eye" Jarl. He's located at Witch Hill, along the road to the east.|
A Marsh Frog Legs|RANK|1|QID|27183|M|55.42,26.25|N|From "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|
A What's Haunting Witch Hill?|RANK|1|QID|27188|M|55.55,26.23|N|From Mordant Grimsby.|
A The Lost Report|RANK|1|QID|27244|M|55.42,25.93|N|From Mordant Grimsby.|

C Marsh Frog Legs|RANK|1|QID|27183|M|56.36,25.12|S|N|Kill the frog critters near the house.|
C What's Haunting Witch Hill?|RANK|1|QID|27188|M|56.14,24.18|N|Gather information by killing ghosts and zombies around Witch Hill.|

T What's Haunting Witch Hill?|RANK|1|QID|27188|M|55.39,26.30|N|To Mordant Grimsby.|
A The Witch's Bane|RANK|1|QID|27189|PRE|27188|M|55.39,26.30|N|From Mordant Grimsby.|

C The Witch's Bane|RANK|1|QID|27189|M|50.71,22.52|S|
C The Theramore Docks|RANK|3|QID|1202|M|71.49,51.10|N|Be very careful - DO NOT run through Theramore. Instead, swim around the edge to the docks - you should avoid being flagged for PvP that way.|
C The Witch's Bane|RANK|1|QID|27189|M|50.71,22.52|US|N|The Witch's Bane plants can be found all around Witch Hill, near the water.|

T The Witch's Bane|RANK|1|QID|27189|M|55.60,26.19|N|To Mordant Grimsby.|
A Cleansing Witch Hill|RANK|1|QID|27190|PRE|27189|M|55.60,26.19|N|From Mordant Grimsby.|
C Cleansing Witch Hill|RANK|1|QID|27190|U|33113|M|55.39,26.43|N|Use the torch at the dock in front of you. Kill the creature when it appears.|
T Cleansing Witch Hill|RANK|1|QID|27190|M|55.55,26.18|N|To Mordant Grimsby.|

C Marsh Frog Legs|RANK|1|QID|27183|M|56.36,25.12|US|N|Kill the frog critters near the house.|
T Marsh Frog Legs|RANK|1|QID|27183|M|55.39,26.30|N|To "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|
A Jarl Needs Eyes|RANK|1|QID|27184|PRE|27183|M|55.39,26.30|N|From "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

H Brackenwall Village|RANK|1|QID|27244|M|35.27,30.75|N|Hearth if you set your hearth there, otherwise ride back.|
T The Theramore Docks|RANK|3|QID|1202|M|35.27,30.75|N|To Nazeer Bloodpike, back at Brackenwall Village.|
T The Lost Report|RANK|1|QID|27244|M|35.27,30.75|N|To Nazeer Bloodpike.|

C The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27256|M|32.86,22.73|S|
C Jarl Needs Eyes|RANK|1|QID|27184|M|32.32,22.24|S|
C Darkmist Extermination|RANK|1|QID|25051|M|30.56,21.02|S|
C SMASH BROODQUEEN|RANK|1|QID|27229|M|31.05,20.41|N|Enter the cave, and head all the way to the back to fild the broodqueen.|
C Darkmist Extermination|RANK|1|QID|25051|M|30.56,21.02|US|N|The eggs are located all around the broodqueen's room.|
C The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27256|M|32.86,22.73|US|N|Kill spiders in the area until you finish this quest.|
C Jarl Needs Eyes|RANK|1|QID|27184|M|32.32,22.24|US|N|Kill spiders in the area until you finish this quest.|

T The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27256|M|36.50,30.85|N|To Do'gol, back in Brackenwall Village.|
A The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27257|PRE|27256|M|36.50,30.85|N|From Do'gol.|
T The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27257|M|36.42,31.78|N|To Krog.|
T Darkmist Extermination|RANK|1|QID|25051|M|36.42,31.78|N|To Krog.|
T SMASH BROODQUEEN|RANK|1|QID|27229|M|36.42,31.78|N|To Krog.|
A The Black Shield|RANK|1|QID|27258|PRE|27257|M|36.42,31.78|N|From Krog.|

T Jarl Needs Eyes|RANK|1|QID|27184|M|55.43,26.26|N|To "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|
A Hungry as an Ogre!|RANK|1|QID|27191|PRE|27184|M|55.43,26.26|N|From "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|
A Jarl Needs a Blade|RANK|1|QID|27186|PRE|27184|M|55.43,26.26|N|From "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|
C Jarl Needs a Blade|RANK|1|QID|27186|M|57.79,19.41|N|Kill the named murloc on the path to the cost.|
C Hungry as an Ogre!|RANK|1|QID|27191|M|58.91,15.86|N|There are murlocs all around the beach, kill them until you complete the quest.|
T Hungry as an Ogre!|RANK|1|QID|27191|M|55.45,26.35|N|To "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|
T Jarl Needs a Blade|RANK|1|QID|27186|M|55.45,26.35|N|To "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

L Level 37|RANK|1|QID|27424|LVL|37|N|You should be around level 37 by this point.|

H Brackenwall Village|RANK|1|QID|1202|M|35.27,30.75|N|Hearth if you set your hearth there, otherwise ride back.|
A Identifying the Brood|RANK|1|QID|27414|M|37.11,33.01|N|From Draz'Zilb.|
A Army of the Black Dragon|RANK|1|QID|1168|M|37.30,31.43|N|From Tharg.|
A Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern|RANK|1|QID|27424|M|36.34,31.36|N|From Overlord Mok'Morokk.|
A Check Up on Tabetha|RANK|2|QID|11213|M|35.29,30.63|N|From Nazeer Bloodpike.|
A Enemies Abroad|RANK|1|QID|26991|M|35.29,30.63|N|From Nazeer Bloodpike. Pick this up if you'd like to do the Scarlet Monastery dungeon.|

A Help Mudsprocket|RANK|1|QID|11215|M|35.29,30.63|N|From Nazeer Bloodpike.|

T Inspecting the Ruins|RANK|3|QID|27253|M|29.78,47.60|N|To Inspector Tarem, at the inn on the western edge of the zone.|

T Check Up on Tabetha|RANK|2|QID|11213|M|46.00,57.11|N|To Tabetha. Her house is located in the mid-eastern part of the zone.|
A The Grimtotem Weapon|RANK|2|QID|27336|PRE|11213|M|46.03,57.18|N|From Apprentice Garion.|
A The Reagent Thief|RANK|2|QID|27339|PRE|11213|M|46.03,57.18|N|From Apprentice Garion.|
A Direhorn Raiders|RANK|2|QID|27340|PRE|11213|M|46.05,57.48|N|From Apprentice Morlann.|
A The Zeppelin Crash|RANK|2|QID|27346|PRE|11213|M|46.05,57.48|N|From Apprentice Morlann.|

T The Zeppelin Crash|RANK|2|QID|27346|M|53.50,56.90|N|To Moxie Steelgrille, at the crash site to the east.|
A Secure the Cargo!|RANK|2|QID|27348|PRE|27346|M|53.50,56.90|N|From Moxie Steelgrille.|
A Corrosion Prevention|RANK|2|QID|27347|M|53.50,56.90|N|From Moxie Steelgrille.|
C Secure the Cargo!|RANK|2|QID|27348|M|53.32,55.70|S|N|From the crates all around the crash site.|
C Corrosion Prevention|RANK|2|QID|27347|U|33108|M|52.32,55.89|N|Use the Ooze Buster on the oozes while standing near the lightning poles.|
C Secure the Cargo!|RANK|2|QID|27348|M|53.32,55.70|US|N|From the crates all around the crash site.|
T Secure the Cargo!|RANK|2|QID|27348|M|53.53,56.88|N|To Moxie Steelgrille.|
A Delivery for Drazzit|RANK|2|QID|11208|PRE|27348|M|53.53,56.88|N|From Moxie Steelgrille.|
T Corrosion Prevention|RANK|2|QID|27347|M|53.53,56.88|N|To Moxie Steelgrille.|

C Direhorn Raiders|RANK|1|QID|27340|M|45.81,45.05|N|At the village to the north.|
C The Reagent Thief|RANK|1|QID|27339|M|43.59,54.22|S|N|From spiders and dragonhawks throughout the swamp.|
C The Grimtotem Weapon|RANK|1|QID|27336|U|33101|M|41.83,55.75|N|Use the totem near a Mottled crocolisk, and kill it - make sure the lightning from the totem is going to the crocolisk or you won't get credit.|
C The Reagent Thief|RANK|1|QID|27339|M|43.59,54.22|US|N|From spiders and dragonhawks throughout the swamp.|
T The Grimtotem Weapon|RANK|1|QID|27336|M|46.02,57.19|N|To Apprentice Garion, back at Tabetha's house.|
T The Reagent Thief|RANK|1|QID|27339|M|46.02,57.19|N|To Apprentice Garion.|
T Direhorn Raiders|RANK|1|QID|27340|M|46.10,57.45|N|To Apprentice Morlann.|

T Help Mudsprocket|RANK|1|QID|11215|M|42.28,72.93|N|To Drazzit Dripvalve.|
T Delivery for Drazzit|RANK|2|QID|11208|M|42.28,72.93|N|To Drazzit Dripvalve.|
A Catch a Dragon by the Tail|RANK|1|QID|27413|M|41.59,72.93|N|From Gizzix Grimegurgle.|
A WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous|RANK|1|QID|27412|M|41.68,73.13|N|From Gizzix Grimegurgle.|
A Bloodfen Feathers|RANK|1|QID|27407|M|41.86,73.85|N|From Brogg.|
f Mudsprocket|RANK|1|QID|27407|M|42.82,72.45|From Dyslix Silvergrub.|

C Bloodfen Feathers|RANK|1|QID|27407|M|32.38,65.36|S|N|Roughly 50% drop from raptors.|
C WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous|RANK|1|QID|27412|M|32.38,65.36|N|Be careful to clear the area around him first, or you might end up with the entire camp of raptors.|
C Bloodfen Feathers|RANK|1|QID|27407|M|32.38,65.36|US|N|Roughly 50% drop from raptors.|

C Identifying the Brood|RANK|1|QID|27414|M|43.60,80.16|S|N|From the whelps to the east of Mudsprocket.|
C Catch a Dragon by the Tail|RANK|1|QID|27413|M|43.96,74.40|NC|N|From the vine balls around the ground to the east of Mudsprocket.|
C Identifying the Brood|RANK|1|QID|27414|M|43.60,80.16|US|N|From the whelps to the east of Mudsprocket.|

T Catch a Dragon by the Tail|RANK|1|QID|27413|M|41.61,72.97|N|To Gizzix Grimegurgle, back at Mudsprocket.|
T WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous|RANK|1|QID|27412|M|42.27,72.94|N|To Drazzit Dripvalve.|
T Bloodfen Feathers|RANK|1|QID|27407|M|41.85,73.91|N|To Brogg.|
A Banner of the Stonemaul|RANK|1|QID|27408|PRE|27407|M|41.85,73.91|N|From Brogg.|
A The Essence of Enmity|RANK|1|QID|27409|PRE|27407|M|41.85,73.91|N|From Brogg.|

C Army of the Black Dragon|RANK|1|QID|1168|M|45.64,65.91|S|N|Firemane Scalebane's are in the cave, the others patrol outside the cave and in the ruins.|
C The Essence of Enmity|RANK|1|QID|27409|U|33088|M|39.98,65.31|S|N|Use the totem on the dragonkin you kill.|
C Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern|RANK|1|QID|27424|NC|M|44.49,66.05|QO|Mok'Morokk's Snuff: 1/1|
C Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern|RANK|1|QID|27424|NC|M|38.63,65.63|QO|Mok'Morokk's Grog: 1/1|
C Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern|RANK|1|QID|27424|NC|M|38.55,65.89;36.59,69.52|QO|Mok'Morokk's Strongbox: 1/1|N|Inside the cave.|
C Banner of the Stonemaul|RANK|1|QID|27408|NC|M|38.12,69.40|N|Also inside the cave.|
C Army of the Black Dragon|RANK|1|QID|1168|M|45.64,65.91|US|N|Firemane Scalebane's are in the cave, the others patrol outside the cave and in the ruins.|
C The Essence of Enmity|RANK|1|QID|27409|U|33088|M|39.98,65.31|US|N|Use the totem on the dragonkin you kill.|

T Banner of the Stonemaul|RANK|1|QID|27408|M|41.87,73.96|N|To Brogg, back in Mudsprocket.|
T The Essence of Enmity|RANK|1|QID|27409|M|41.87,73.96|N|To Brogg.|
A Spirits of Stonemaul Hold|RANK|1|QID|27410|PRE|27408;27409|M|41.87,73.96|N|From Brogg.|

C Spirits of Stonemaul Hold|RANK|1|QID|27410|U|33091|M|44.78,66.17|N|Right-click the giatn rib cages scattered about the ruins, and kill the ogre spirits that appear.|

T Spirits of Stonemaul Hold|RANK|1|QID|27410|M|41.86,73.94|N|To Brogg, back in Mudsprocket.|
A Challenge to the Black Flight|RANK|1|QID|27411|PRE|27410|M|41.86,73.94|N|From Brogg.|

C Challenge to the Black Flight|RANK|1|QID|27411|U|33095|M|56.47,71.30|N|Use the banner, a dragon will appear. Kill him.|

T Challenge to the Black Flight|RANK|1|QID|27411|M|41.82,73.99|N|To Brogg, back in Mudsprocket.|

H Brackenwall Village|RANK|1|QID|1202|M|35.27,30.75|N|Hearth if you set your hearth there, otherwise fly back.|
T Identifying the Brood|RANK|1|QID|27414|M|37.10,33.03|N|To Draz'Zilb. Congradulations on a nice reward!|
A The Brood of Onyxia|RANK|1|QID|27416|PRE|27414|M|37.12,33.13|N|From Draz'Zilb.|
T Army of the Black Dragon|RANK|1|QID|1168|M|37.31,31.43|N|To Tharg.|
T Overlord Mok'Morokk's Concern|RANK|1|QID|27424|M|36.35,31.42|N|To Overlord Mok'Morokk.|
T The Brood of Onyxia|RANK|1|QID|27416|M|36.35,31.42|N|To Overlord Mok'Morokk.|
A The Brood of Onyxia|RANK|1|QID|27417|PRE|27416|M|36.34,31.42|N|From Overlord Mok'Morokk.|
T The Brood of Onyxia|RANK|1|QID|27417|M|37.11,33.00|N|To Draz'Zilb.|
A The Brood of Onyxia|RANK|1|QID|27415|PRE|27417|M|37.11,33.00|N|From Draz'Zilb. This quest means an extra trip between here and Mudsprocket, but the rewards at the end of the chain are very nice.|

F Mudsprocket|RANK|1|QID|27415|M|35.57,31.86|
C The Brood of Onyxia|RANK|1|QID|27415|NC|M|53.53,72.58|
F Brackenwall Village|RANK|1|QID|1202|M|42.82,72.45|

T The Brood of Onyxia|RANK|1|QID|27415|M|37.14,33.04|N|To Draz'Zilb. Congradulations on a nice reward!|
A Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk|RANK|1|QID|27418|PRE|27415|M|36.35,31.50|N|From Overlord Mok'Morokk.|
C Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk|RANK|1|QID|27418|M|36.35,31.50|
T Challenge Overlord Mok'Morokk|RANK|1|QID|27418|M|37.09,32.99|N|To Draz'Zilb. Congradulations on a nice reward!|

F Mudsprocket|RANK|1|QID|25478|M|35.57,31.86|N|If you'd like to do Thousand Needles, head down to Mudsprocket.|
A To the Summit|RANK|1|QID|25478|M|41.86,73.85|N|From Nyse. Take this quest if you'd like to do Thousand Needles next.|
C To the Summit|RANK|1|QID|25478|M|42.82,72.42|O|N|Talk to Dyslix Silvergrub and have him send you to Westreach Summit.|