Durotar 5-12

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Journey Through Durotar

This guide is a work in progress. Please leave comments for needed improvements, especially after Cataclysm goes live. Thank you!

I used Jame's Guide Writing Guide, Wkjezz's Making a uniform header for guides, Jiyambi's Creating Maps and Graphics with GIMP and Brune's Colour Guide, so thanks to them as well!
I also have to give a huge THANK YOU to kayeich for the amazing maps!

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These guides are also available in addon form here! They are amazing!Try them out!

Level 5

1. If you followed Troll Starting Zone (1-5), you should have the quest Sin'jin Village. Run and turn in the quest to Master Gadrin in Sen'jin Village (56.02,74.71). Accept the quest Breaking the Chain from him.

Accept Cleaning Up the Coastline from Bom'bay. (55.77,75.3)

Get the Sen'jin Village flightpath at Handler Marnlek. (55.40,73.40)

2. On your way Southwest, kill Surf Crawlers for handfuls of Crawler Mucus.

Around (51,81) you should see Northwatch Lugs carrying Northwatch Supply Crates. Destroy 3 of the Crates and kill 10 of the Lugs. If you still need Mucus, finish killing Surf Crawlers on your way back to the village.

1. Turn in your quests and accept the following:

You should be around level 6 by this point.

Level 6

3. Head to the Southwest. While completing the following step, kill Northwatch troops and place the Poison Extraction Totem near Clattering Scorpids until you have 6 samlpes of venom.

You're going to destroy the three sets of Attack Plans in Northwatch Foothold (they look like scrolls.). The first one is located at (47.9,77.6). Follow the canyon to (46.41,78.86) for the second. Finally go back toward the entrance to (49.7,81.6) for the third.

4. When you have these three quests completed, head back to Sen'Jin Village and turn them in.

You should be around level 7 by this point.

Level 7

Accept Riding On from Master Gadrin and train your new skills if necessary.

4. Talk to Raider Jhash (55.96,74.80) for a free ride to Razor Hill. Get the new flight path and turn in Riding On to Gar'Thok (51.92,43.48).

Accept the following quests:

Set your Hearthstone at the Inn. (Innkeeper Grosk (51.61,41.65))

The following profession Trainers are available here: Rawrk-First Aid Trainer (54.1,42.0), Runda-Profession Trainer (52.9,41.9).

Repair and Restock if necessary.

Ride to Orgrimmar
from Burok. (53.07,43.59)

6.When you get to Orgrimmar, go down the lift at (50.87,62.61) and turn in Ride to Orgrimmar to Innkeeper Gryshka (53.44,78.85). Accept Doras the Wind Rider Master from her.

Do any training, auctioning, etc. you need to do and head back up the lift.

Turn in Doras the Wind Rider Master and accept Return to Razor Hill.

4. Fly back to Razor Hill and turn in Return to Razor Hill to Grimtak.

2. Head Southeast to Tiragarde Keep. Collect 6 pieces of Kul Tiras Treasure while killing Northwatch Marines, Northwatch Sharpshooters, and Lieutenant Palliter. (57.45,55.24)

Lieutenant Palliter who is on the top floor of the big building in Tiragarde Keep. (59.5,58.2)

3. Run back to Razor Hill and turn in your quests. Accept the following:

  • Storming the Beaches from Gar'Thok. (51.89,43.52)
  • Shipwreck Searching from Gail Nozzywig. (53.06,43.12)

    You should be around level 8 by this point.

    Level 8

    4. Head East (58.96,49.79)to kill 11 Foaming Sea Elementals and collect four sets of Gnomish Tools.

    When you come across an Injured Razor Hill Grunt, talk to them and accept the quest Loss Reduction.

    While hunting Elementals and collecting Tools, rescue four Injured Razor Hill Grunts.

    1. When you finish these quests, turn them in back at Razor Hill. Accept the following:

    2. Exit Razor Hill from the east, and follow the canyon's eastern ridge to Dustwind Cave (51.85,26.27). Kill members of the Burning Blade until you have 6 Burning Blade Spellscrolls.

    3. Hearth or run back to Razor Hill and turn in The Burning Blade to Orgnil Soulscar. (52.26,43.05)

    We're headed on a longer circuit, so repair, restock, train, etc.

    4. Head to the top of the Guard Tower Northwest of town (49.58,40.16) and turn in Thonk to, well, Thonk. Accept Lost in the Floods from him. Use Thonk's Spyglass four times to search for survivors. Then turn it in to Thonk.

    *The next circuit requires a lot of running (time), but some cool storyline and good rewards. I don't recommend it, but skip it if you wish and jump ahead to accepting The Dranosh'ar Blockade

    You should be around level 9 by this point.

    Level 9

    1. Accept Watershed Patrol from Thonk and head out to help the flood victims.

    2. First go West to Raggaran and accept Raggaran's Rage (42.67,49.86).

    Kill four Razormane Quilboar and four Razormane Souts, then turn in back at Raggaran. Accept Raggaran's Fury and go kill five each of Razormane Dustrunners and Battleguards. Turn in at Raggaran yet again.

    3. Our next charity case is Zen'Taji (35.87,41.37). Accept Unbidden Visitors and then attack a Wayward Plainstrider until it flees toward the Barrens. Do this twice more then turn it in.

    Accept That's the End of That Raptor and hunt down Screamslash (around 36.05,32.00). When he's dead, turn in back at Zen'Taji.

    4. Now we need to find Misha Tor'kren to the North (43.30,30.58) and accept Lost But Not Forgotten.

    Kill crokolisks until you obtain 250 Crocolisk Teeth. Then return to Misha and Turn in.

    5. Now head to Grandmatron Tekla (40.71,35.01). Accept Spirit's Be Praised and escort her to Raggaran (42.65,49.92). Turn the quest in to him.10.

    You should be around level 10 by this point.

    Hearth back to Razor Hill, or just run East back to the Guard Tower. Turn in Watershed Patrol to Thonk.


    Level 10

    1. *Accept |The Dranosh'ar Blockade from Orgnil Soulscar and head North out of Town toward Orgrimmar.

    2. On the West side of the road, you will run into Rezlak (46.36,22.99). Accept:

    3. Head South and East to Razorwind Canyon (54.00,27.37). Kill 12 Durotar Harpies of any kind and Collect five Sacks of Supplies from the ground. Return to Rezlak and turn in your two quests. 2.

    4. Continue North to Orgrimmar and set your Hearthstone there. (I chose Miwana in the Valley of Wisdom (39.03,48.57). Feel free to choose another Inn if it's more convenient for you.)

    1. Go back out the South gate and turn in The Dranosh'ar Blockade to Gor the Enforcer. (44.97,14.74) Accept the following quests:

    Speak to Shin, and ask him to tell his story. When "wolfed", run East and a bit South until you find fighting kodos. (55.24,13.99) Wait for story to finish, then turn in back at Shin Stonepillar.

    Now you can accept Ignoring the Warnings from Gor the Enforcer.

    2. Head West and kill 12 Warring Elementals. You may slay either Furious Earthguards or Teeming Waterguards. (37.39,19.46)

    3. Now South and East to Thunder Ridge. (40.71,30.06) Take a dive into the lake and find a Thunder Lizard on the bottom. Activate eight of them while avoiding their shock waves.

    4. Go to (42.11,26.69) and dive again to Fizzle. Loot the Orb from him.

    You should be around level 11 by this point.

    Level 11

    1. Now either Hearth or run back to Gor the Enforcer outside of Orgrimmar (44.98,14.76) to turn in your quests. Accept Margoz. Also accept Beyond Durotar if you plan on going to Azshara as your next zone instead of Northern Barrens.

    2.Margoz is to the East (56.39,20.17). Turn in your quest. Accept the following:

    3. Head East and report to Spiketooth at Deadeye Shore in Durotar. (58.81,23.14) Turn in Sent for Help. Accept all his quests:

    Speak to each of the NPC's and challenge them to combat. After defeating all three, turn in quests to Spiketooth.

    You should be around level 12 by this point.

    Level 12

    4. Head North to Skull Rock (53.42,10.20) and kill cultists until you have 6 Searing Collars.
    5. Run back to Margoz and turn in Skull Rock. (56.41,20.05) Accept Neeru Fireblade there.

    6. Hearth or run back to Orgrimmar and bring the Example Collar to Neeru. (58.50,54.34)

    1. If you plan on going to the Northern Barrens next, accept Ak'Zeloth from her, and accept Warchief's Command: Northern Barrens! from the sign in the Valley of Strength. (66.42,49.28)

    2. If you are headed to Azshara, exit through Orgrimmar's rear gate and turn in Beyond Durotar to Ag'tor Bloodfist. (26.84,77.00 in Azshara)

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