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Is this still being worked on?

It occurs to me to ask, because status updates are pretty long ago. Seems like the guides are generally out of date from the 8.0 pre-patch, which is really why I came looking for them - questing in some zones is horribly chaotic now.

Yes it is. Look at date with

Yes it is. Look at date with dowload post. When I writing this, last update was from 1 st oct 2018, so 6 days ago...

I you have sugestions, update,... you may co a comment on any guide and it will be looked in.


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Cool. I was looking at status

Cool. I was looking at status updates, which are pretty old. I'll keep throwing stuff here :)

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Accidental double post


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Arathi Highlands guide

Quest: Stones of Binding

This quest sent me to turn in at the Stone of Inner Binding without collecting the Thundering Key.

Do you mean the warfront zone

Do you mean the warfront zone in BFA or the clasic zone, so below lvl 60?


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The giant summoned by Breaking the Keystone is level-synched, not just 29. And The Princess unleashed says Myzrael is 30 Elite, she's also level-appropriate (still an elite, not sure how difficult for the average player).

Broken Isles Explorer



I'm having a problem going back and working on the exploration achievement for Legion. I'm level 120 and the guide has me go to two spots and then it says congratulations you've completed the broken isles exploration (I haven't) and then kick me back to a BFA guide. I can't skip past this part to get to unchecked parts. I'm playing Horde. Any ideas?

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RE: Broken Isles Explorer.

It appears that the algorithim that does proximity sort (needed for explore guides needs some work with the mapping changes for BFA (or something) At this time, there isn't an ETA, but we are aware of it and trying to get it resolved.

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Update on Vol'dun Quest

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that the Vol'dun quest (377/550) the name of the area is The Bone Pit.


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I just put a WHOLE bunch of updates to Voldun here, if you are currently working thru that zone, you might enjoy it!

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Shadowmoon Valley (Outland) Guide

Just wanted to report an issue regarding the Shadowmoon Valley (Outland) guide.  Starting at step ~156 the guide has you doing a quest called "The Ashtongue Corruptors" where you gather 4 medallions.  It directs you to the correct place, but doesn't have the correct medallion associated with the mobs you kill.  Really, you only have to check off the steps manually, but it appears by assigning the correct medallions to the correct mobs, it'd make the guide (so far) flawless.  Thanks, and thank you for this amazing addon.  I've ran through every 1-60 guide, most of Outland, all of WotLK, and all of Draenor so far on many toons!


(Also, these are the most brutal CAPTCHA's I've dealt with in my whole life)

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RE: Shadowmoon (outlands)

I typed this response already, so apologies for the duplicate if it happens to return from whence it vanished...

I have corrected the Alliance Shadowmoon 0utlands guide, I looked at horde also, but it appears to be correct. Thanks for posting, the world is too big for one person to find all the errors, changes, etc.  In the future, when reporting an error, it is helpful to include the faction of the guide as even when the quest exists in both guides, it may only be wrong in one. (This guide was written before we came up with the concept of neutral guides)

Sorry about the captchas. I know they are brutal.  Something had to be done about the incredible amount of span that was being posted.

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Is Wow-Pro suppose to work in ELVUI

Hey All,


Is there a trick to getting Wow-pro to work in/through the elv-ui?


My appologies if this isn't where I should be asking this


- Nedula

Is Wow-Pro suppose to work in ELVUI

Yes it does work, i'm using wow pro with Elv-ui

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WoWPro and ELVUI

I don't know why it wouldnt? Try our Discord Channel and hopefully someone will have some ideas.  If I'm on we can go thru some troubleshooting ideas.

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Tom Tom

How long will it be, I wonder, before someone updates Tom Tom???

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TomTom update

80001-1.0.2-beta is on the Twitch/curse updater

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Can't seem to get my arrow to show

When I load a guide into WoW-Pro I can now never use the map coordinates feature to make the arrow pop up in the quests direction, everything was fine before latest WoW patch, every time i click the 'map coordinates' button nothing anybody else experiencing this or is it just me? I tried deleting the WoW Pro addon folder and replacing it, still no solution. I haved tryed making the add on defaults, tryed replaceing game files for tomtom and wow-pro guide with no success. What can I do to fix this problem?

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TomTom Arrow not visable

The most obvious question is are you using the 80001 version of TomTom? It is available on the Twitch/Curse client.

Another poster said they had problems until they reinstalled all their addons.

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Not recognizing TomTom

I have the WoW Pro Leveling Addon (8.0.1.A), I think I have the latest version of TomTom (v70300-v1.0.0). I can see both addons in game but when I launch the game WoW Pro gives a countdown and then says I don't have TomTom installed. I also tried Carbonite and had the same issue.

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re: not recognizing TomTom

Get the 80001 version of TomTom off of Twitch/Curse client or website. Their were significant map changes with 8.0 and no older map addon will function properly.

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Frostfire Ridge

After completing the mine quest, guide freezes and gets stuck and tries sending me back to do some extra steps, but even when those are done it doesnt let me skip on to the next quests, just in a circle :)

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re: frostfire ridge

You are referring to the quest where you open the mine?  I took a look and didn't spot an error.

The quest your guide is stuck at is "things are not goren our way"?

Is this the buidlings guide or the Frostfire Ridge guide?

Looking at it, I don't see what is causing the problem.  Please report which guide you have loaded, what line is it stuck at. (the text of the line, not the line #)

You didn't happen to faction switch? The alliance quest should transfer correctly, but that is the only think I can think of at the moment.

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Okay, last update, but

Okay, last update, but probably should have been the first... when I first log in, I'm getting an error message in WoWPro_Broker.lua...

Date: 2018-07-24 21:06:49

ID: 1

Error occured in: Global

Count: 2

Message: ..\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua line 1626:

   attempt to index field 'BuildingLocations' (a nil value)


   (tail call): ?

   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:1626: NextStep()

   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:533: RowUpdate()

   WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:842: rowContentUpdate()



   (tail call): ?

   [C]: ?

   [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:9:

      [string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:5

   (tail call): ?

   ...nterface\AddOns\Ace3\AceBucket-3.0\AceBucket-3.0.lua:118: func()




  WoWPro, v8.0.1A

  WoWProAchievements, v8.0.1A

  WoWProDailies, v8.0.1A

  WoWProLeveling, v8.0.1A

  WowProProfession, v8.0.1A

  WoWProWorldEvents, v8.0.1A

  BlizRuntimeLib_enUS v8.0.1.80000 <none>



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Re: Okay, last update, but

Oops!  You seem to have found a bug that has been there since WoD!

I have checked in a fix for this.  Sunday, july 29, is the next scheduled release.

re: frostfire ridge

Replying to my previous note... problem presists in Wow-Pro 8.0.1A.  I reset the guide and there are a couple of steps I get that I need to right-click to check off:

- Building for Professions (I don't have any professions on this char, so the quest doesn't appear)

- Dagg at Gromgar (arrow didn't point me to right location and didn't feel like finding him so I just skip)

- Things Are Not Goren Our Way

Here's the extra info... If I select another guide, the title for that guide loads and the steps appear correctly (some windows are narrower than expected, causing a word-wrap on the title, but that's fine).  However, when I switch back to Frostfire Ridge, the title doesn't update, but those three quests above appear.  What is extra interesting is if I right-click to check off the steps, steps from the previously selected guide start appearing (and already checked off in some cases).  Also the Progress column in the Guide List stays blank for Frostfire Ridge even if I select other guides and switch back (other guides' progress column updates accordingly).  Lastly, inconsistent spacing between steps appear, but those auto-correct if I do any adjustment to spacing or width values in the settings (when in the Frostfire Ridge guide), but those go back to 'messed up' after I right-click the steps.

I have to admit I'm having

I have to admit I'm having the same problem at the same step ('things are not goren our way').  I have the Frostfire Ridge guide loaded (Nightborne Monk since level 20).  The formatting of the window gets messed up too... it corrects if I do any resize of width, etc., but completing a single step throws it off again.  This was happening a few steps before this point, though, but by the time it gets to that step ('things are not goren our way'), the window gets almost unreadable.

I came to the site to check if there were any updates (pre-patch chaos, good add-on builders release updates as they fix bugs... always appreciate the effort you all put into this!) and saw this comment... I was on the original Wow-Pro 8.0.1 add-on, so I downloaded 8.0.1A and will try that... I'll let you know how it goes...

after 8.0.1 update I cannot use the 'map coordinates' feature

When I load a guide into WoW-Pro I can now never use the map coordinates feature to make the arrow pop up in the quests direction, everything was fine before latest WoW patch, every time i click the 'map coordinates' button nothing anybody else experiencing this or is it just me? I tried deleting the WoW Pro addon folder and replacing it, still no solution.

Can't seem to get my arrow to show

I am having the same problem and I copy the new files of this add on and tomtom and still cannot get this add on to show up. What is some steps that I can try to fixed the problem?

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Re: after 8.0.1 update I cannot use the 'map coordinates' featur

Three questions:

  1. What version of WoW-Pro are you using?
  2. What version of TomTom are you using?
  3. If you are not using TomTom, what arrow addon are you using?

I tested it on a fresh Undead Mage and the feature does work, but you should normally never have to use "Map Coordinates" and the arrow should normally always be set it the quest's direction.

1. 8.0.1A2.  v70300-1.0.0, i

1. 8.0.1A

2.  v70300-1.0.0, i also just installed the v80001-1.0.2-beta from curseforge and still no success

3. I am using TomTom only

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Map Coordinates

Glad you got it working.  Yes, with every new expansion, wiping your addons is a good idea. 

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Map coordinates

Thankyou for reporting, we will investigate this and hopefully have a fix very soon.  There were significant changes to blizzards mapping API with 8.0,  and we expect to have nearly daily updates this week and maybe next.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

I managed to fix the issue, I

I managed to fix the issue, I am not sure what the conflict was..I had to completely empty the Addons folder and reinstall all my addons from scratch, it all started working again after I did that, might be a good idea to put a little note up and let everybody know who experiences issues that wiping all your addons and reinstalling them could fix the issues that they are experiencing

How to stop automatically skipping steps?

Hey there. I want WoW-Pro to stop automatically skipping steps so that I can appreciate all the quests in a given zone. However, when I try setting "completeness" to 3, it still skips steps, and I can't figure this out.

I'd appreciate it if anyone can help me with this.


Thank you.

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Re: How to stop automatically skipping steps?

Sorry about that.  Three questions:

  1. Which guide were you using?
  2. What race were you playing?
  3. Which version of the addon were you using?

What to do when you can't access the Guide List or Current Guide

I used this addon for a while but since a few weeks i can't get it to work again, it is still there, but everytime i click "Guide List" or "Current Guide" it just opens my Addons menu. Anything i can do? Maybe a conflict with another mod?

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Re: What to do when you can't access the Guide List or Current G

This is a long standing Blizzard bug.  You can either:

  1. Install the BlizzBugsSuck addon which patches the problem.
  2. Manually open the "WoW-Pro" section in the Addons menu and click through.

This has been broken for years.  I reccomend you install BlizzBugsSuck as it also fixes other problems with the game client.


Overview of downloads

Im looking to download the guide addon for a specific patch but this site is one of the worst designed ive ever seen. I cant believe theres only a trial version on curse. If you want people to stay on your site make it so you can navigate on it. 


Im looking for the guide addon for version 4.3.4.

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Re: Overview of downloads


I'm sorry about the site design, but as I am not the owner and upgrading Drupal would cost $$$, it will be awhile it can be improved.

All the old releases have been archived as we do not generally support private servers.

It seems release 4.3.4 was the last Cata release before Pandaria came out:

So was the last Cata build. Use  at your own risk.

Site Design

Who is the owner? Is he still active, if not you are pretty much stuck on what you can do unless you switch to a different software like wordpress,joomla or something

Howling Fjord and Area Guides not working

Hey, been using your guides successfully for a loooong time until this new patch! Now I can't get any guides to load for Northend in general, I am in Howling Fjords right now. I updated everything twice including Tom Tom, I use Twitch but also reinstalled through your website, I just don't know what else to do. I have a PC, run Windows 10 and have a fairly new computer. I am lost without your guides and Tom Tom <sad face>.

Thanks for any help you can give!


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Re: Howling Fjord and Area Guides not working

  1. Are you using version 7.3.5 of our Addon?
  2. If you are using Grail version 092 or earlier, you must turn off the Grail itegration in Wow-Pro or it will block you from questing in zones whose levels have changed


Legion - Achievements - "Bigger Fish to Fry!"

Hey I was just wondering if I just couldn't find it in the Addon or if it actually wasn't there. I am working on Achieving BFTF and was hoping that there might be a Guide to help with it (not overly difficult but having it on my WoW screen would help)

Re: Legion - Achievements - "Bigger Fish to Fry!"

I am currenty working on a set of fishing guides, by sheer coincidence since I was looking to get this achivement.

Stay tuned!

— Ludovicus the Lesser

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Guide - Bigger Fish to Fry

To my knowledge no one had made a guide for that.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Gorgrond guide - Cutter not offering Iyu

I figured out why I wasn't get the quest Iyu from Cutter (Gorgrond quest if you chose the Lumbermill). You need to complete Doomshot first. You get Doomshot from the giant bullet just inside the cave, and the yellow ! is under the waypoint dot leading you to Cutter, so it's easy to miss. This is an easy quest as you go down to Cutter just pick up more of those giant bullets. Then you turn it in to the mining cart with a giant bullet next to Cutter. As soon as I did this, Cutter offered me the Iyu quest.

Is there a way to edit a guide? The blood elf starter area (Ghostlands) is massively messed up. It gives you waypoints not even close to where they should be.

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You can edit a guide with the

You can edit a guide with the text editor of your choice and make sure you save as an lua file. 

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Quest Errors

I'm coming back to WoW after a long time away. I found your addon, and I like it most of the time. However, I have found some errors with the quests.

  1. Blood Elf starter quests are messed up. I think there were a few incorrect locations in Eversong Woods. However, now that I'm in the Ghostlands, it seems that all the locations are wrong, and not just a little bit - they're not even close (most are 300+ yards away from the proper location). So it's difficult to follow the guide. What I have to do is look at what you say I should do, use WOWHead to search for the quest, and then use the waypoint from WOWHead instead of your guide.
  2. I'm also playing a horde character in Gorgrond and I'm told to go to Cutter and get the quest Iyu. He's not offering me the quest, and I don't know why. I turned in two quests to him, but I'm not getting this one from him. I built the lumber mill in Gorgrond, so from what I can find I've done all the quests necessary to get it.