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Little error

So I've noticed a few things about the guide.  Right now im in Deepholm and the guide has you pick up the quest "The Explorers" (step 23).  This is a level 83 quest however the guide wants you to pick it up at level 82 near the start of the guide.  Would it not be better to place this near the end of the quest list for the zone?


I love the addon and the guides, and am slowly working up courage to updating some guides (both paper and in the addon) I don't particularly like programming, even though I am decent at it.


Anyway, I'm looking to see if anyone knows what the absolute fastest Alliance leveling route is. Let's face it... leveling is pretty much a chore that you have to do before playing the game. What's the fastest way to get it done.


Any input is appreciated.

Currently leveling "Therash-Stormreaver" level 51, 13:59:12 /played time.

Flight people in WoW

I'm new to WoW and I'm using the WoWPro Leveling Guide Addon. It's working great. I'm a level 30 Human Warlock. Just wondering..every now and then one of the steps in the guide is to go to one of the people you use to fly to different areas. The onscreen guide doesn't say what to do. Just says the flight persons name. I've been just right clicking on these because I'm not sure what to do. Once I right click on it, then the guide continues, usually with a quest near where I'm located. Am I doing this right?



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Flightpath steps

Yes your doing it right. Since we wrote the guides, Blizzard made a change to the way new flightpaths are learnt. It used to be that you had to speak to the flightmaster to learn the new flightpath and where you could fly to from it. Now you automatically learn them at a certain level, depending upon where they are, depends upon what level you need to be to already know the flightpath. So now you should have access via any flightmaster to all zones/areas at your current level and those below your current level, even if you've never actually travelled there to learn the flightpath.

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It's one of the things that

It's one of the things that are still left in when, in WoW had you actually discover the flight point.  When it says "At NPC" with a flying icon, that usually indicated to click on the NPC to figure that "HEY! There is a flight point here!"  So have been doing it right.

There are only a couple of those that exist now since you automatically gain flight point depending on level.  We'll be doing something with those eventually.

One Day and already broken

I was using your guide fine and everything for about 30-40mins then the guide arrow disaperead so i logged out and back in and then i was getting and error about some swatter thing from your guide, what a lol i use your guid for less than an hour and already broken :/


Nevermind its working but the arrow is still not there please help i miss my arrow :(

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error about some swatter thing

Was it the whine about wanting the swatter thing installed or was in an error that popped up?

I use (and abuse) the Leveling guides every day, so if there is any more information you can give me, let me know.

Which guide/zone were you in?  When the arrow went away, could you still see the waypoint on the map?


I had the same problem but

I had the same problem but the arrow's back again after a while. :P

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One Day and already broken

I was using your guide fine and everything for about 30-40mins then the guide arrow disaperead so i logged out and back in and then i was getting and error about some swatter thing from your guide, what a lol i use your guid for less than an hour and already broken :/

alliance leveling guide chapter V

just tried the big bone worm quest solo, as suggested.  small problem.  darn thing comes down the tunnel after you, at least as far as the second down ramp.  still killed it, though.  


Thanks for the guides.

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The paper guides have not

The paper guides have not been updated in awhile, however, the addon guide has been updated to show that.

Just saying thanks

My wife and I recently discovered WoWPro and we are both amazed at the quality of the guides and the addon itself, never mind the fact that it's all free. Great work folks, and thank you. We just donated a little something too.

I tried to find a suitable forum to put this in but for some reason I couldn't post in any of them...might be having an idiot moment... 

Anyway, cheers!


Wow, I'm having a heck of a time reading these captchas.

Video Walkthroughs

I have been following this guide out for a while so i decided to make a video walkthrough for the whole of cataclysm, Check it out on my youtube channel at :) don't forget to subscribe as i am hoping to start out a nice youtube channel with wow video to get a youtube partnership Also if an admin sees this could you post the videos on the website or something?

lvl guide problem

One of my hubby's toons lvl guide show 400/400 quests complete in Mt,
Hyjal. Really he has done 87/115 for the achievment. How can I reset
Jamie's Mt Hyjal guide? Sorry if this answer is posted somewhere else
and I missed it.

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Shift+Click on the guide in

Shift+Click on the guide in the guide list.

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Saying hi:)

Hi i'm skarletflame, 

Just thought i would say hello just joined today. must say i'm quite impressed with your ingame guide. hope i can give you some input help.


till the next comment :)


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Glad you like it, let us know

Glad you like it, let us know if you need any help!

Leveling Guide

Good morning,

I have a little question about a leveling guide from a website I found.

Is this guide equal to the guides I can finde on this website or does it pay of?

I am not sure if I should spend 40 €uro if I can get free ones from this website, so maybe someone can help me. If you are not allowed to give any truthful answers on this website, please send me an email (



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Personally I would not pay

Personally I would not pay for a guide, when you can get ours for free. We strive to keep our addon guide updated and easy to follow. I also noticed that that site is one that started as a currency site, and from what I have noticed in my time on this site is that a lot of those types of sites are actually thieves. Especially when it comes to our guides, there are quite a few out there that take our work, and pawn it off as there own.

does not load ingame..

I have added the addon and the 3 files are there and i have clicked it on the addon character screen .. and ingame it give no msg in chat.. no icon at minimap and is not listed at the addons in ESC interface... its like it doesnt exist ?

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Just to make sure, is the

Just to make sure, is the WoW-Pro and the WoW-Pro Leveling modules checked?

within the addon screen at

within the addon screen at the character choosing screen .. yes .. BOTH and Daily as well are checked..

Link me the exact Dwnload for the addon

as the subject mentions...first time i downloaded the worked perfectly, then when the update was on, downloaded that and the option replace files came in...did most of the leveling guides are missing (about 90%) tried downloading the whole thing again no luck, So if someone please post the link for the exact download, for the whole addon, would really appreciate it.

Thank you


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DownLoad Link


Hi, Am in love with your addon....i cant express how grateful i am that you have put up this very helpful and amazing...i know i shouldnt post it on the addon page, i did that already, but sadly no response... so this is my small but very big problem for me since i started to use your addon, basically i cant level without it(hehe) i am serious i got soo hooked and used to ur addon, its like i have no idea how to level without it(its a shame i know). Now to my Problem.

I downloaded, what i think to be the full version of your addon, it had the whole guides from level with your new version, 2.1.3 i downloaded that and copied that folder and replaced the other with this new file...but now it seems i dont have the guides for the lower levels till 80...soo now i am searching for that full 1-85 download again and i cant seem to find it...please do help...awaiting your response....AGAIN WILL MENTION IT BUT UR ADDON REALLY DOES ROCK.....

Thank you


Tomtom not working?

I just started a new worgen rogue. TomTom doesnt seem to be picked up by WoW-Pro. Is this a bug, or it is just me ?

I can create waypoints in tom tom and get the arrow to show up, but each step in Wow-pro does not put the tomtoms arrow on my screen.

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TomTom and Phased Zones

We have been having recurring issues with TomTom in phased zones, like the goblin and Worgen and DK starting areas.

I'll file a bug for you here when I get home tonight if you do not beat me to it.


Hello im new here and dont

Hello im new here and dont know where to ask .. so i will do it here.


I Love this addon .. its so incredible usefull and anybody can level sooo fast.. 

but now it doesnt work anymore..  its " ther is no guide loaded" ...okay.. i have to go into the guide list and select one.. but the guide list is away.. and i dont know what to do  now...pls help me


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Hi Nomak! In the future you

Hi Nomak! In the future you can just leave a comment on the addon's page if you want.

I'm compiling an update to the addon now which should fix your problem, there will be a way to reset that window if it gets lost.

Sorry about that, and hope you continue to enjoy our addon!