just thinking it would be nice if there was a better place to report errors or typos in a guide. If ever guide had its on topic maybe.  maybe its just my lack of understanding where to put everything.







i definitely like the idea of a form thread for typos or corrections.  It'd be a good way for users to help contribute to the awesome job your staff has done putting this addon together.

I noticed a couple for the cata expansion guides I wanted to share:


The Restless Brood (Quest) from Terrath the Steady seems to require that Shaken and Stirred (Quest) from Gorsik the Tumultuos be completed first.

Twilight Highlands:


step 64/384 typo, threw -> through


Again thank you all for the awesome work, this addon is the best!




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No, we've always struggled

No, we've always struggled with bug reporting. I like the idea of having a forum topic for each guide. I'll see about setting this up.