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I have my fingers crossed

I found an interesting bug in TomTom that I solved by some table hygine. 

It has solved some of the multiple waypoint problems for me.  I have to test it to make sure.  I have my fingers crossed.

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Mapping Success?!?! Bonus FPS?

I took a Worgen from start to finish with no mapping glitches.

As a side effect, I think my FPS rate increased dramatically.

Will advise when we have a patched version of TomTom availible.

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New TomTom in the works

James aka Cladhaire will be rolling out a new version of TomTom with some patches we worked out to allow reliable setting of waypoints.

As a side effect, it may solve a mysterious problem we have been seeing where the longer you used WowPro + TomTom, the slower your FPS rate became.

All I know today is that it should be available before we cut the next version of WoWPro on 6/1.

Wanted to let you know that

Wanted to let you know that TomTom has an update posted as of today 5/31/11

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TomTom 1.4.0

Yup!   I nagged him yesterday morning and the update was ready in the afternoon for me to test.

It passed my worgen tests with flying colors. 


Is the WoWPro update June 1st

Is the WoWPro update June 1st the one that improved your FPS? 

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Improved FPS

Yup; though it was mostly a change in TomTom that made the improvement in my mesurements.

The WoWPro change was to NOT try using TomTom during times that the location was changing.


Thanks for the update :)

Thanks for the update :)

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Awesome. Hopefully it also

Awesome. Hopefully it also fixes the issue I've been noticing lately, where the waypoint doesn't always clear. Since I think though that was from some change on making the waypoints work in certain areas.

Also, how did you get the one steps to auto-complete? I'm assuming that somehow you get it to pull it from log as you go to turn it in, since the step completes before I hit "Complete".

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AutoCompletio Magic

It was this change that added quest autocompley:


There is a QUEST_COMPLETE event that I key off of.

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Awesome, so does it matter

Awesome, so does it matter what the step type (Accept, Turn-in) is?

P.S.- Sent you a P.M.

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Re: Awesome, so does it matter

It should work for A steps with autocomplete or regular T steps.





Hello,i'm new to this add-on,can you tell me where is the option with the heirlooms?

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Re: Heirlooms Feature, how does it work?

I'll be dammed if I know.  I just got my first L85 toon a few weeks ago.

Any other folks know?

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I think that may have

I think that may have something to do with the ranks setting.  But in Azeroth since Cata release, there really is almost no skipping except after you get the achievment.  Since now it is where one quest line leads to the next quest line, then leads to the next quest line, etc.  Even Blizz admits they made the quests too linear.

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Duchess: Starting Over from the top

Let us review the situation from my point of view.

  1. You are using, right?
  2. Enable waypoint logging in TomTom, so it tells you if you tried to set a waypoint.
  3. The WowPro minimap button is enanbled.
  4. When you start one of your Worgen's with nothing but Swatter, WoWPro* and TomTom, the arrow is not there.
  5. Enabling and disabling WowPro with a left-clock on the minimap button does not bring back the arrow.
  6. Doing a "/tway 50 50" pops up the arrow and deleting the waypoint brings back the WowPro waypoint
  7. After that the guide works fine.
  8. Of course, the arrow works for me 99% of the time!

I had send you a private message so I could give you a call this weekend to work it out, but I assumed you were too busy!

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Currently pursuing a TomTom Bug

Fortunately I managed to find a waypoint bug that reproduced in Darnassus, which is much easier to work with than Gilneas.  Better yet, Cladhaire was able to reproduce it!

For those interested:

For now, I will hold off publishing my changes.

Ok something else is going on

Ok something else is going on here because I had the arrow like 2 days ago when I logged on (with my high level toon, not the worgen) and now I don't have it and can't get it even with the Duchess8 build.  I am hoping something has changed because I haven't even logged on in 2 days so I didn't do anything.  Please let me know. 

I also tried the release build on the main page and NO arrow at all.  I tried all the usual tricks and it only comes up with doing the way 5050 thing and as soon as I delete the waypoint it goes away.  I tried resetting the guide and also choosing a different guide.  No arrow.   I tried all my other toons and no arrow.  Not sure wtheck is going on but I am getting frustrated LOL.


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Re: Ok something else is going on

Ok, this is off.

Something must be going wrong with your install, as I do not have the same issues, either on my regular toons or my worgen test subjects.

I'll PM you. got your PM and got your PM and when you said something's off I started to think....I completely deleted all my usual files like WTF and Interface and remade them by opening the game.  Then I added addons one by one.  This one being first.  As I added them I opened the game to make sure the arrow was still there.  It was.  So after all of that, my arrow is back.  I am guessing that as you said something was off with my install or setup.  I don't know what could have caused the arrow to just dissapear like that as I hadn't added any new addons, etc.  As I said I hadn't even logged in for two days.

Anyway, my arrow is now back and I have to get all my addons set back up like I like them.  So...never mind LOL :)

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Re: got your PM and

Still, there are places it will not work right, but it should work for > 90% of the zone.



sent a few PM's...let me know

sent a few PM's...let me know what you want to do ok?

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Wayward Worgens

OK, this is my best so far:

This versions postpones the startup of WoWPro till after the PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event + 2 seconds.

There are still some places where I can not set any coordinates and some places where sequences do not get set right.

But the guide is playable now, in my opinion.


K..playing a bit with my

K..playing a bit with my worgen toon.  She is now in Darkshore area.  Upon starting game after installing new version, I get this in the chat log:

LockEvent Fired: CHAT_MSG_SYSTEM

LockEvent Fired: UI_INFO_MESSAGE
LockEvent Fired: UI_MESSAGE_LOOT

Is this normal? And...I noticed I am getting the "LockEvent: ZONE_CHANGED" over and over again in my chat long now.

Also..most of the quest givers and other things are wrong. I mean the locations that the tomtom is giving me are like in the middle of the forest when the giver is in town, etc.

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Re: K..playing a bit with my

Oh, the LockedEvent messages are debugging leftovers.

However, you should only see those messages at startup right after login.  If you are seeing them at playtime, then something is wrong.

I ran my worgen into Darkshore and although I did see some multiple waypoint problems, I saw no problems with locations being whacky.

Do you have a specific quest that you know was off?


I will have to look because

I will have to look because it was a few...but one I know of was the buzzbox 723 one.  It told me to go out by where you go to rescue the people by the beach and kill the water elementals, when the quest was actually in the other direction towards where the corrupted bears are.  And there was another one that had a ! which means a "to get" quest, and it sent me out to where the corrupted bears are.  In the middle of the forest.  And the quest giver was back in Lor'danie (sp).  I will pay attention and let you know the names of any others I find. 

And yes, I was getting the errors during playtime..constantly.  To the point that I couldn't see other things going on in my chat log.

Got it and installed now so I

Got it and installed now so I will play a bit later today and see how it goes for me.

Thanks :)

OK np.  Did you still want to

OK np.  Did you still want to do what we talked about in PM yesterday then? 

So are you saying that this

So are you saying that this has something to do with what we are working on now? 

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BTW, a semi-official Alpha for 2.1.13

This is my best so far.

It has been re-synced to the latest guides and has the latest mapping changes.


Just wanted to let you know

Just wanted to let you know that I now have NO arrow at all with any of my toons that build.  I will have to go back to Duchess8 and see if it works.

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Yeah, part of the problem may have something to do wih the new mapping system, which seems to make the probkem worse,

I'll make a release with all the guide updates and then cut a new Dutchess for us to continue working on it.


Did you get this done?  I am

Did you get this done?  I am using what you posted above and I have no arrow at all with any toons.  I will use Duchess 8 til I hear from you about it.

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I had one come up last night

I had one come up last night in Nagrand, waypoint was set some 4000yrds off to the north, and not even on land.

Talking of waypoint/tomtom bugs, I've been testing the new versions of the gilneas guides you've been doing, the newest "8" zip, tomtom gets lost after the cutscene blackout that moves you to duskhaven.

This is right where the zone tags changes from GilneasCity to Gilneas_terrain1 at line 205 , however the waypoints are still being mapped, just not displayed with the arrow.

Carbonite's arrow seems to work fine through this zone change, and indeed through the line 183 waypoint series. Tomtom fails to display after the 1st waypoit in that series unless I /rl the UI.

Overall, I think it's TomTom or a libary within it, that is causing almost all these issues.

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Keeping my fingers crossed

Yeah, I am hoping you are right.  I have fixed all the obvious errors in the new logic.

There are places where TomTom does not display the arrow because it thinks it was set in a zone different from the current one.

I also suspect that Astrolabe has not taken into account some of the 4.1 map changes.


Sorry..I never recieved any

Sorry..I never recieved any notification of a PM.  Where do I find them?  To answer your questions:

1.  yes

2. Yes, it is enabled.  When I set a waypoint (/way 50 50) the arrow shows up and points to "unknown waypoint", and when I open my map, I see the green dot for the waypoint. 

3. Yes it is enabled.

4. Correct.  When starting with just those 3 addons the arrow is NOT there.

5. No.  The only thing that does is make the guide dissapear.

6. Yes, doing a "/tway 50 50" does bring the arrow back but NO..when I delete that waypoint the arrow does not come back.

7. Yes, the guide itself works fine.  Just the arrow isn't there.

8. I know..that's what I cannot figure out either.  As of when we started working together, I have had nothing but those 3 addons enabled.  When you change the guide I start a new toon (just so I can see from scratch if the arrow, etc. works fine) but once I get to that drug scene and it comes back and the "fade to black" part goes away, there is no arrow.

Again, I am sorry I didn't get your PM, but I never saw it and I cannot find where to get to them.

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Private Meesages

At the bottom of the web page there should be a gray bar with:

"Who's Online | Active Chats | Private Messages| Friends List| Alerts|"

Click on "Private Messages".

The first time, someone had to make a public announcement on the status updates before I found the UI.

Ok found it and replied with

Ok found it and replied with info.  Thanks again :)

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lol, I remember that Ludo.

lol, I remember that Ludo.

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Re: lol, I remember that Ludo.

Yeah, and your message was not the only one backed up in there.   Everyone else must have just thought I was rude.


Aha!  LOL!  I never noticed

Aha!  LOL!  I never noticed that little thing down there.  I will go check them now.  Thanks :)

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Error with Therazane dailies

Following error is popping up when line "A Beneath the Surface OR Lost in the Deeps|QID|28488;26710|M|56.08,14.39|N|From Felsen the Enduring. If neither of these are available, you'll pick up Underground Economy later on instead - right-click this step to skip it.|" gets accepted.

Message: Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:319: bad argument #9 to 'format' (number expected, got string)
Time: 05/02/11 21:33:42
Count: 1
Stack: [C]: in function `format'
Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:319: in function `CompleteStep'
...face\AddOns\WoWPro_Dailies\WoWPro_Dailies_Parser.lua:135: in function `LoadGuide'
Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:55: in function `LoadGuide'
Interface\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Frames.lua:778: in function `func'
Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:638: in function `UIDropDownMenuButton_OnClick'
[string "*:OnClick"]:1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>

Locals: (*temporary) = "Action=%s|Step=%s|M0=%.2f,%.2f|M1=%.2f,%.2f|Error=%.2f|QID=%d|Vers=%s|Guide=%s"
(*temporary) = "A"
(*temporary) = "Beneath the Surface OR Lost in the Deeps"
(*temporary) = 49.27
(*temporary) = 50.33
(*temporary) = 56.043118238449
(*temporary) = 13.555592298508
(*temporary) = 37.39294308379
(*temporary) = "28488;26710"
(*temporary) = "2.1.11"
(*temporary) = "JiyDeeTher"
(*temporary) = "number expected, got string"

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Re: Error with Therazane dailies

Yup.  I checked in a fix for this one already.  Change the QID=%d to QID=%s .

Dailies let you have a list of QID's.

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Gotcha, thanks.

Gotcha, thanks.

WoWPro and TomTom

Ok I am having the issue with the worgen starting zone and TomTom not working with WoWPro.  I had it before when 4.1 came out, and an update of both addons fixed the issue.  TomTom updated I believe today and I updated it and when I logged in and tried to create a worgen toon there is no WayPoint arrow.  I did troubleshooting with the TomTom author and we discovered that it was functioning properly because it would show when setting waypoints manually, but does not work with the guides in WoWPro. 

As soon as I cleared the manually set way point, the arrow dissapears.  The author of TomTom (Cladhaire) said that if you need to you can contact him for help with troubleshooting that we did with TomTom.  Please tell me what other information you need to help me fix this.  It is the exact same issue I had before when starting a Worgen toon.

OK...just did a test...I logged in to my new Worgen toon and changed the guide from a Worgen starting area guide to a Dun Morogh(sp) starting area guid.  Then I did "/way 50 50" which makes the arrow show.  It did.  Then I changed the guide back to the Worgen starting area and the arrow dissapeared.  I tried the "/way 50 50" and it still didn't show up.  So whatever is going on has to be from the Worgen starting area guide.  PLEASE someone be able to help me with this :)

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Re: WoWPro and TomTom and Duchess

I have been in touch with Cladhaire since January fixing various problems.

Only recently has he completed all the changes necessary for setting way-points in phased areas.

I have not had time to test the WoWPro_Leveling changes.  You can see the progress here:

I sense you might be an avid volunteer. Here is a special cut just for you with a modified Worgen guide.

If it works for you, then I'll finish it up.


PS:  Sorry about mispelling your name on the file.

PPS:  if the array stops working do this in the chat box:

/run print(GetCurrentMapAreaID())

and post the step you were on and the printed number.   That means there is another map id lurking in there I did not know about.

Now after coming back from

Now after coming back from turning into a worgen and the cutscene, I had no waypoint arrow.  Then I did the way 5050 and it showed up but it's pointing to "unknown waypoint" over 400 yards away.  And when I checked "clear waypoint from arrow" the arrow dissapeared and won't return.  So I don't think this is working very well to say the least.


Not sure what else I can do at this point since I cannot get the arrow to return.  I will wait for you to reply before attempting anything else.

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After the cutscene

Is it the scene after you get shot up with the double dose of the drug? I was worried about that point in the guide. Can you use the /run command I posted earlier? Did you get any chatter in the chat box about a different map I'd than before?

Ok yes the one after the drug

Ok yes the one after the drug is administered.  I ran the /run command and the number given was:  545.  No the chatter still says 611 and gives the same info as changes, no errors.  Also, one other thing I noticed before the cutscene as well:

Number Given:  611:  When turning in the quest "Sacrifices", the next step says to train.  However, you are at the Lights Dawn Cathedral, surrounded by worgen and there is no trainer anywhere nearby.  The next step should be (I believe) to go to a cannon and complete the quest you accepted, "Blood And Ash".


EDIT: Ok I tried logging off/on just to see if it would fix it.  At first no.  Then I did the /way 50 50 again and it showed back up.  I had to remove the waypoint given and it finally started back up with the guide.   So as of right now I have the guide and arrow again.