Maintenance Hyjinx

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With another maintance looming, and our guide writers having a forced and probably appreciated break... I thought I would start a fun post on the forums.  What I am asking is... what do odd things do YOU get upto during maintenance?


I am a male and I once went to youtube one maintenance, and if any of you reading know how addictive clicking on related videos can be, you will know how easy it is to do what i did.

To cut a long story short, I looked up Parody videos for Autotune the news, about an hour later I ended up watching Lady Gaga Makeup tutorials... My manlyness took a huge hit, I confess, but silver eye shadow? who knew!


What about you guys?


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The Serious Side of Maintenance Hyjinx!

(the obvious answer should probably be sleep, but... noooo lol who does that any more


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The other obvious answer,

The other obvious answer, depending on time zone, is work. Which happens to be my case... most of the times. :)