Stonetalon (A) Ready to Test

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N Before we start...|QID|99999|N|This guide pick up from the exact point
where Ashenvale leaves off; Stardust Spire in Ashenvale. If you are starting
this zone from new the quests marked optional should not apply to you. (Click
the check box to continue).|

A The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag|QID|25614|O|M|71.80,45.67|N|From Kalen

T Do Yourself a Favor|QID|25613|O|M|71.80,45.67|N|To Kalen Trueshot.|

C The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag|QID|25614|M|71.84,45.83|N|Shoot the
windriders witht he cannon, and then the parachutes.|

T The Only Way Down is in a Body Bag|QID|25614|M|71.84,45.77|N|To Kalen

A Return to Stardust|QID|25615|M|71.82,45.66|N|From Kalen Trueshot.|

T Return to Stardust|QID|25615|M|35.12,71.63|Z|Ashenvale|N|To Huntress

A Hellscream's Legacy|QID|25616|M|35.12,71.63|Z|Ashenvale|N|From Huntress

A Field Test: Gnomecorder|QID|25621|M|35.35,71.22|Z|Ashenvale|N|From
Professor Xakxak Gyromate.|

C Field Test: Gnomecorder|QID|25621|NC|M|73.10,46.74|

T Field Test: Gnomecorder|QID|25621|M|73.12,46.96|

A Burn, Baby, Burn!|QID|25622|M|73.12,46.96|N|This quest will begin from an
alert on your playing window (UI) From Krom'gar Incinerator.|

C Burn, Baby, Burn!|QID|25622|S|U|55152|QO|Warsong Stockpile Incinerated:
0/8|M|73.27,51.31|N|Loot the flame thrower from an Incinerator Mob. Then target
Warsong Stockpiles and use your flame thrower near them.|

C Hellscream's Legacy|QID|25616|S|M|73.83,47.62|N|Kill the oil can on the
elite mobs backs.|

C Hellscream's Legacy|QID|25616|US|M|73.10,49.77|

C Burn, Baby, Burn!|QID|25622|US|U|55152|M|73.10,49.77|N|Loot the flame
thrower from an Incinerator Mob. Then target Warsong Stockpiles and use your
flame thrower near them.|

T Burn, Baby, Burn!|QID|25622|M|73.10,49.77|N|(UI Alert Quest)|

A Bombs Away: Windshear Mine!|QID|25640|M|73.10,49.77|

T Hellscream's Legacy|QID|25616|M|72.53,61.40|N|To Sentinel Heliana.|

T Bombs Away: Windshear Mine!|QID|25640|M|72.53,61.40|N|To Boog the
"Gear Whisperer".|

A Don't Look Them in the Eyes|QID|25642|M|72.53,61.40|N|From Boog the
"Gear Whisperer".|

A Windshear Mine Cleanup|QID|25646|M|72.53,61.40|N|From Sentinel Heliana.|

C Windshear Mine Cleanup|QID|25646|S|

C Don't Look Them in the Eyes|QID|25642|S|M|71.54,62.60|

C Windshear Mine Cleanup|QID|25646|US|M|71.23,62.79|

C Don't Look Them in the Eyes|QID|25642|US|M|71.24,61.79|N|This ore is from
Killing Peons carrying ore.  When you
attack they will lob ore at you. Be warned, this ore will knock you back so
keep your back against a wall.|

A Illegible Orc Letter|QID|25647|U|55181|M|72.74,61.73|N|Make sure you loot
Goblins for this Item.|

T Windshear Mine Cleanup|QID|25646|M|72.49,61.49|N|To Sentinel Heliana.|

T Don't Look Them in the Eyes|QID|25642|M|72.49,61.49|N|To Boog the
"Gear Whisperer".|

T Illegible Orc Letter|QID|25647|M|72.55,61.50|N|To Boog the "Gear

A Minx'll Fix It|QID|25649|M|72.60,61.57|N|From Boog the "Gear

T Minx'll Fix It|QID|25649|M|70.80,62.96|N|To Minx.|

A Orders from High Command|QID|25650|M|70.80,62.96|N|From Minx.|

T Orders from High Command|QID|25650|M|72.49,61.46|N|To Windshear

A Commandeer That Balloon!|QID|25652|M|72.49,61.46|N|From Boog the
"Gear Whisperer".|

R Run to the baloon|QID|99999|CC|M|73.26,61.10|

C Commandeer That Balloon!|QID|25652|M|71.50,58.64|N|Kill the battery and
any goblins that ambush you.|

r Repair/Sell Junk|QID|99999|M|58.82,56.00|N|at Ol'Irongoat|

T Commandeer That Balloon!|QID|25652|M|59.54,56.92|N|To Lord Fallowmere.|

A Free Our Sisters|QID|25662|M|59.54,56.92|N|From Lord Fallowmere.|

A Just Ask Alice|QID|25673|M|58.53,55.25|N|From Alice.|

f Windshear Hold|QID|25673|M|58.80,54.30|N|At Allana Swiftglide.|

l Just Ask Alice|QID|25673|L|55221 |QO|Mechanized Fire:
1/1|M|63.09,56.70|N|Mechanised Fire. If at the top of this big machine.|

C Free Our Sisters|QID|25662|S|M|65.92,54.00|N|Kill the orc for their keys
and free the trapped Sisters.|

A BEWARE OF CRAGJAW!|QID|25730|M|64.96,49.52|

C Just Ask Alice|QID|25673|L|55222 |M|63.07,45.64|N|At the top of this

R Run to the path|QID|99999|M|68.31,45.38|N|Then once you get there follow
it up and around.|

A Gerenzo the Traitor|QID|25729|M|64.64,43.77|N|(From a UI Alert)|

C Gerenzo the Traitor|QID|25729|M|63.10,45.84|

T Gerenzo the Traitor|QID|25729|M|63.10,45.84|

l Just Ask Alice|QID|25673|L|55227 |M|63.05,45.67|N|Just behind Gerenzo.
Once you have done this, mount up and take a flying leap into the water.|

C BEWARE OF CRAGJAW!|QID|25730|M|65.68,46.90|N|This quest is soloable by
pet/kite/healing classes.  It may be
tough for a non heal class to solo at level. If you need it, ask for help, or
if you have to, abandon it.|

C Free Our Sisters|QID|25662|US|M|64.91,52.13|

T Free Our Sisters|QID|25662|M|66.21,54.57|N|To Huntress Illiona.|

A Rumble in the Lumber... Mill|QID|25669|M|66.21,54.57|N|From Huntress

C Rumble in the Lumber... Mill|QID|25669|M|66.20,54.61|

C Just Ask Alice|QID|25673|M|59.95,64.02|

T Rumble in the Lumber... Mill|QID|25669|M|59.56,56.88|N|To Lord

A If the Horde Don't Get You...|QID|25739|M|59.49,56.95|N|From Northwatch
Captain Kosak.|

A Preparations for the Future|QID|25741|M|59.05,56.37|N|From Alithia

h Fallowmere Inn|QID|25741|M|59.05,56.37|N|At Alithia Fallowmere.|

T BEWARE OF CRAGJAW!|QID|25730|M|58.83,56.01|N|To Ol' Irongoat.|

A Capturing Memories|QID|25767|M|58.73,55.98|N|From Neophyte Starcrest.|

A Arcane Legacy|QID|25766|M|58.73,55.91|N|From Arcanist Valdurian.|

T Just Ask Alice|QID|25673|M|58.52,55.28|N|To Alice.|

A Mr. P's Wild Ride|QID|25728|M|58.38,55.17|N|From Alice.|

C Mr. P's Wild Ride|QID|25728|M|61.12,55.71|

T Mr. P's Wild Ride|QID|25728|M|59.57,56.90|N|To Lord Fallowmere.|

C Capturing Memories|QID|25767|S|M|48.41,74.55|

C Arcane Legacy|QID|25766|U|55972|M|46.77,74.35|

C Capturing Memories|QID|25767|US|M|49.06,77.99|

T Arcane Legacy|QID|25766|M|58.69,55.90|N|To Arcanist Valdurian.|

T Capturing Memories|QID|25767|M|58.69,55.90|N|To Neophyte Starcrest.|

A Fallowmere Beckons|QID|25769|M|58.69,55.90|N|From Arcanist Valdurian.|

T Fallowmere Beckons|QID|25769|M|59.55,56.90|N|To Lord Fallowmere.|

A Bombs Away: Mirkfallon Post!|QID|25768|M|59.55,56.90|N|From Lord

C Preparations for the Future|QID|25741|S|QO|Deepmoss Venom Sac:

C If the Horde Don't Get You...|QID|25739|M|58.40,70.89|

C Preparations for the Future|QID|25741|US|M|58.41,70.86|

T Preparations for the Future|QID|25741|M|59.02,56.40|N|To Alithia

T If the Horde Don't Get You...|QID|25739|M|59.47,57.03|N|To Northwatch
Captain Kosak.|

A Tell 'Em Koko Sent You|QID|25765|M|59.50,56.94|N|From Northwatch Captain

R Run here...|QID|99999|CC|M|60.60,70.84|N|You should see a horse called
Blue Steel. When you do, mount him for a free ride.|

T Tell 'Em Koko Sent You|QID|25765|M|71.07,79.70|N|To Force Commander

A The Deep Reaches|QID|25793|M|71.07,79.70|N|From Force Commander Valen.|

f Northwatch Expedition Base Camp|QID|25793|M|70.90,80.57|N|At Kaluna

T The Deep Reaches|QID|25793|M|72.05,75.94|N|To Steeltoe McGee.|

A Shuttin Her Down|QID|25811|M|72.05,75.94|N|From Steeltoe McGee.|

A Leave No Man Behind!|QID|25809|M|72.05,75.95|N|From Corporal Wocard.|

A They Put the Assass in... Never Mind|QID|25806|M|72.06,76.01|N|From
Lieutenant Paulson.|

C They Put the Assass in... Never Mind|QID|25806|S|U|56014|N|Use your
goggles to see the mobs.|

C Leave No Man Behind!|QID|25809|S|M|70.66,72.54|

U Shuttin Her Down|QID|25811|PRE|56018|U|56018|QO|Plant Explosives at First
Beam 0/1|M|70.64,76.04|N|First Beam is here.|

U Shuttin Her Down|QID|25811|PRE|56018|U|56018|QO|Plant Explosives at
Second Beam 0/1|M|69.67,75.24|N|Second Beam is here.|

U Shuttin Her Down|QID|25811|PRE|56018|U|56018|QO|Plant Explosives at Third
Beam 0/1|M|68.72,71.30|N|Third  Beam is
here (on the groud, level, not the track)|

C Shuttin Her Down|QID|25811|U|56018|M|68.47,72.56|

C They Put the Assass in... Never Mind|QID|25806|US|U|56014|M|69.47,72.23|

T They Put the Assass in... Never Mind|QID|25806|M|69.47,72.23|N|From UI

A Is This Thing On?|QID|25808|M|69.47,72.23|N|From UI Alert|

C Is This Thing On?|QID|25808|U|56014|M|70.04,72.90|N|Back track back out
of the mines, based on the path you took down.|

C Leave No Man Behind!|QID|25809|US|M|68.75,72.72|

T Leave No Man Behind!|QID|25809|M|72.05,75.96|N|To Corporal Wocard.|

T Is This Thing On?|QID|25808|M|72.05,75.96|N|To Lieutenant Paulson.|

T Shuttin Her Down|QID|25811|M|72.05,75.96|N|To Steeltoe McGee.|

A A Special Kind of Job|QID|25821|M|72.11,76.01|N|From Lieutenant Paulson.|

T A Special Kind of Job|QID|25821|M|71.07,79.67|N|To Force Commander

A Death by Proxy|QID|25834|M|71.06,79.70|N|From Force Commander Valen.|

T Death by Proxy|QID|25834|M|70.92,79.74|N|To "Cookie"

A A Proper Peace Offerin'|QID|25837|M|70.92,79.74|N|From "Cookie"

C A Proper Peace Offerin'|QID|25837|S|M|60.13,87.08|N|Kill rams and loot
nests as you go. Once you have these follow the arrow tot he Kobold Cave for
the cheese.|

R Path to the Kob Cave|QID|99999|CS|M|64.87,89.43;63.44,90.07;62.49,89.65|

C A Proper Peace Offerin'|QID|25837|US|M|60.13,87.08|

T A Proper Peace Offerin'|QID|25837|M|70.91,79.77|N|To "Cookie"

A Sating the Savage Beast|QID|25844|M|70.91,79.77|N|From "Cookie"

r Repair and Sell time|QID|99999|CC|M|71.38,79.55|N|From the Chief

T Sating the Savage Beast|QID|25844|M|72.77,81.08|N|To Ton Windbow.|

A Terms of Service|QID|25845|M|72.77,81.08|N|From Ton Windbow.|

T Terms of Service|QID|25845|M|71.03,79.73|N|To Force Commander Valen.|

A Armaments for War|QID|25822|M|71.03,79.73|N|From Force Commander Valen.|

A The Unrelenting Horde|QID|25823|M|71.02,79.75|N|From Force Commander

C The Unrelenting Horde|QID|25823|S|M|76.43,76.17|

C Armaments for War|QID|25822|M|77.60,78.94|

C The Unrelenting Horde|QID|25823|US|M|77.21,75.02|

T Armaments for War|QID|25822|M|71.02,79.75|N|To Force Commander Valen.|

T The Unrelenting Horde|QID|25823|M|71.01,79.74|N|To Force Commander

A Grundig Darkcloud, Chieftain of the
Grimtotem|QID|25846|M|71.18,79.74|N|From Force Commander Valen.|

T Grundig Darkcloud, Chieftain of the
Grimtotem|QID|25846|M|72.19,83.80|N|To Grundig Darkcloud.|

A Grimtotem Supremacy|QID|25847|M|72.19,83.80|N|From Grundig Darkcloud.|

C Grimtotem Supremacy|QID|25847|U|56069|M|72.87,83.80|

T Grimtotem Supremacy|QID|25847|M|72.27,83.87|N|To Grundig Darkcloud.|

A Downfall|QID|25848|M|72.21,83.95|N|From Grundig Darkcloud.|

C Downfall|QID|25848|M|74.35,87.62|

T Downfall|QID|25848|M|72.28,83.75|N|To Grundig Darkcloud.|

A Dances with Grimtotem|QID|25851|M|72.28,83.75|N|From Grundig Darkcloud.|

T Dances with Grimtotem|QID|25851|M|71.08,79.73|N|To Force Commander

A All's Clear|QID|25852|M|71.08,79.73|N|From Force Commander Valen. If you
do not plan on doing Southern Barrens, Abandon this quest. If you are seeking
Stonetalon’s Quest achievement, Keep this quest.|

F Windshear Hold|QID|99999|N|Fly here.|

f Mirkfallon Post|QID|25852|M|48.61,51.54|N|At Fiora Moonsoar.|

T Bombs Away: Mirkfallon Post!|QID|25768|M|48.36,51.85|N|To Scout Commander

A Gnome on the Inside|QID|25875|M|48.36,51.85|N|From Scout Commander

A The Lumbering Oaf Problem|QID|25879|M|48.45,51.92|N|From Scout Mistress

A Schemin' That Sabotage|QID|25878|M|48.45,51.92|N|From Scout Mistress

C The Lumbering Oaf Problem|QID|25879|S|M|51.05,44.42|

C Schemin' That Sabotage|QID|25878|U|56140|M|50.36,43.86|N|Kill the goblins
by the Iron Horses (Oil Pumps) and use the Controllers they drop on the pumps.|

C The Lumbering Oaf Problem|QID|25879|US|M|52.38,42.26|

T Gnome on the Inside|QID|25875|M|53.67,42.34|N|To "Goblin" Pump

A It's Up There!|QID|25876|M|53.67,42.34|N|From "Goblin" Pump

C It's Up There!|QID|25876|M|51.01,44.57|N|At the hut on the top of the oil

T It's Up There!|QID|25876|M|53.68,42.35|N|To "Goblin" Pump

A No Time for Goodbyes!|QID|25877|M|53.68,42.35|N|From "Goblin"
Pump Controller.|

T The Lumbering Oaf Problem|QID|25879|M|48.45,51.91|N|To Scout Mistress

T Schemin' That Sabotage|QID|25878|M|48.45,51.91|N|To Scout Mistress

T No Time for Goodbyes!|QID|25877|M|48.41,51.89|N|To Scout Commander

A Warn Master Thal'darah|QID|25880|M|48.34,51.77|

f Thal'darah Overlook|QID|99999|N|Get this flight path.|

T Warn Master Thal'darah|QID|25880|M|39.96,33.53|N|To Master Thal'darah.|

A Save the Children!|QID|25889|M|39.95,33.50|N|From Master Thal'darah.|

C Save the Children!|QID|25889|U|56168|M|40.09,32.03|N|Use your whistle to
begin.  If you have done the quest in
Dragonblight on a main you will know what to do. Fly south, land near a feared
druid. Press 1. Fly back to the Overlook to the flight point, press 2. Repeat 5

T Save the Children!|QID|25889|M|39.95,33.57|N|To Master Thal'darah.|

A Last Ditch Effort|QID|25891|M|40.05,33.66|

C Last Ditch Effort|QID|25891|NC|M|39.83,43.59|

T Last Ditch Effort|QID|25891|M|39.93,33.51|N|To Master Thal'darah.|

A Thal'darah's Vengeance|QID|25925|M|39.93,33.51|N|From Master Thal'darah.|

C Thal'darah's Vengeance|QID|25925|M|42.10,36.38|N|Grab you a Glaive
Thrower and unleash havoc.|

A Seen Better Days|QID|25912|M|39.61,30.69|N|From Elder Sareth'na.|

A Putting Them to Rest|QID|25913|M|39.61,30.69|N|From Sentinel Mistress

A Back to the Depths!|QID|25914|M|39.60,30.64|N|From Sentinel Mistress

C Back to the Depths!|QID|25914|S|M|40.66,23.22|

C Putting Them to Rest|QID|25913|S|M|42.53,20.17|

C Seen Better Days|QID|25912|M|40.73,17.28|

C Putting Them to Rest|QID|25913|US|M|40.18,19.49|

C Back to the Depths!|QID|25914|US|M|41.45,22.54|

T Putting Them to Rest|QID|25913|M|39.62,30.72|N|To Sentinel Mistress

T Back to the Depths!|QID|25914|M|39.62,30.72|N|To Sentinel Mistress

T Seen Better Days|QID|25912|M|39.62,30.72|N|To Elder Sareth'na.|

A Help for Desolace|QID|25938|M|33.11,59.64|N|From Hierophant Malyk. (If
you do not plan to run Desolace abandon this quest and skip this step. If you
are seeking Stonetalon’s Quest achievement, keep this quest)|

T Thal'darah's Vengeance|QID|25925|M|33.11,59.64|N|To Hierophant Malyk.|

A Ascending the Vale|QID|25930|M|33.12,59.69|N|From Hierophant Malyk.|

A World First: Gnomegen|QID|25934|M|33.03,59.58|N|From Salsbury the

A Hungry Pups|QID|25935|M|32.25,60.12|N|From Houndmaster Jonathan.|

f Farwatcher's Glen|QID|25935|M|31.95,61.79|N|At Ceyora.|

h Farwatcher's Glen|QID|25935|M|31.50,60.62|N|At Innkeeper Bernice.|

R Carefull shimmy down the

C World First: Gnomegen|QID|25934|S|M|27.39,70.10|N|Kill every Fire
elemental you see.  You may need to kill
quite a number of them to get the Heart to drop.|

C Hungry Pups|QID|25935|S|M|30.65,72.39|

C Ascending the Vale|QID|25930|NC|U|56221|M|29.25,71.07|N|Use your boots as

T Ascending the Vale|QID|25930|M|29.50,71.50|N|From UI Alert|

A Brood of Seldarria|QID|25931|M|29.50,71.50|N|From UI Alert|

C Brood of Seldarria|QID|25931|S|U|56221|M|29.71,73.17|

C Hungry Pups|QID|25935|US|M|31.64,69.62|

C Brood of Seldarria|QID|25931|US|U|56221|M|30.32,70.86|

C World First: Gnomegen|QID|25934|US|M|30.08,67.82|

H Farwatcher's Glen|QID|99999|N|Hearth or Run Back|

T World First: Gnomegen|QID|25934|M|33.05,59.62|N|To Salsbury the

T Brood of Seldarria|QID|25931|M|33.05,59.62|N|To Hierophant Malyk.|

T Hungry Pups|QID|25935|M|32.47,61.22|N|To Houndmaster Jonathan.|

N The End|QID|99999|N|This is the end of Stonetalon Mountains. If you did
all of the Lead-in quests from Ashenvale, you should be 58/60 for the zone
Achievement. The Lead-in quests for Southern Barrens and Desolace (All's Clear
and Help for Desolace) count as Ashenvale Quests if you are seeking 60/60.  This guide leads into Desolace which I
recommend over Southern Barrens. Skip this step to load the next guide. If you
wish to go to Southern Barrens, please load the guide manually.|