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Source Code - Valley of Trials (01-05)

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('JiyDur0105', "Leveling", 'Durotar (Orc)', 'Jiyambi', 'Horde')
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'BitDur0512')
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,"Icon", WoWPro:GuidePickGender("Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Orc_Male","Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Orc_Female"))
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Your Place In The World|QID|25152|M|43.33,68.81|N|From Kaltunk.|
T Your Place In The World|QID|25152|M|43.22,68.23|N|To Gornek.|
A Cutting Teeth|QID|25126|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|
C Cutting Teeth|QID|25126|M|44.90,65.60|N|Kill boars in the nearby boar pen.|
T Cutting Teeth|QID|25126|M|43.26,68.22|N|To Gornek.|

;L Level 2|QID|25172|LVL|2|N|You should now be Level 2|

A Invaders in Our Home|QID|25172|M|43.23,68.21|N|From Gornek.|
C Invaders in Our Home|QID|25172|M|43.91,72.54|N|Kill Northwatch scouts to the south.|
T Invaders in Our Home|QID|25172|M|43.27,68.24|N|To Gornek.|

A Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise|QID|25136|M|42.75,67.31|N|From Galgar.|
C Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise|QID|25136|NC|M|44.62,64.74|N|Loot cactus apples from cactuses.|
T Galgar's Cactus Apple Surprise|QID|25136|M|42.73,67.29|N|To Galgar.|

L Level 3|QID|25127|LVL|3|N|You need to be Level 3 to continue with this guide.|

A Rune-Inscribed Parchment|QID|3089|R|Orc|C|Shaman|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|
A Glyphic Parchment|QID|25138|R|Orc|C|Mage|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|
A Simple Parchment|QID|2383|R|Orc|C|Warrior|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|
A Etched Parchment|QID|3087|R|Orc|C|Hunter|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|
A Tainted Parchment|QID|3090|R|Orc|C|Warlock|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|
A Encrypted Parchment|QID|3088|R|Orc|C|Rogue|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|

T Rune-Inscribed Parchment|QID|3089|R|Orc|C|Shaman|M|42.39,69.00|N|To Shikrik.|
T Glyphic Parchment|QID|25138|R|Orc|C|Mage|M|42.51,69.04|N|To Acrypha.|
T Simple Parchment|QID|2383|R|Orc|C|Warrior|M|42.88,69.45|N|To Frang.|
T Etched Parchment|QID|3087|R|Orc|C|Hunter|M|42.84,69.33|N|To Karranisha.|
T Tainted Parchment|QID|3090|R|Orc|C|Warlock|M|42.39,68.07|N|To Nartok.|
T Encrypted Parchment|QID|3088|R|Orc|C|Rogue|M|42.37,68.81|N|To Rwag.|

A Primal Strike|QID|25143|R|Orc|C|Shaman|PRE|3089|M|42.39,69.00|N|From Shikrik.|
A Arcane Missiles|QID|25149|R|Orc|C|Mage|PRE|25138|M|42.51,69.04|N|From Acrypha.|
A Charge|QID|25147|R|Orc|C|Warrior|PRE|2383|M|42.88,69.45|N|From Frang.|
A Steady Shot|QID|25139|R|Orc|C|Hunter|PRE|3087|M|42.84,69.33|N|From Karranisha.|
A Immolate|QID|25145|R|Orc|C|Warlock|PRE|3090|M|42.39,68.07|N|From Nartok.|
A Eviscerate|QID|25141|R|Orc|C|Rogue|PRE|3088|M|42.37,68.81|N|From Rwag.|

C Primal Strike|QID|25143|R|Orc|C|Shaman|M|42.39,69.00|N|Train Primal Strike and practice on training dummy.|
C Arcane Missiles|QID|25149|R|Orc|C|Mage|M|42.51,69.04|N|Train Arcane Missiles and practice on training dummy.|
C Charge|QID|25147|R|Orc|C|Warrior|M|42.88,69.45|N|Train Charge and practice on training dummy.|
C Steady Shot|QID|25139|R|Orc|C|Hunter|M|42.84,69.33|N|Train Steady Shot and practice on training dummy.|
C Immolate|QID|25145|R|Orc|C|Warlock|M|42.39,68.07|N|Train Immolate and practice on training dummy.|
C Eviscerate|QID|25141|R|Orc|C|Rogue|M|42.37,68.81|N|Train Eviscerate and practice on training dummy.|

T Primal Strike|QID|25143|R|Orc|C|Shaman|M|42.39,69.00|N|To Shikrik.|
T Arcane Missiles|QID|25149|R|Orc|C|Mage|M|42.51,69.04|N|To Acrypha.|
T Charge|QID|25147|R|Orc|C|Warrior|M|42.88,69.45|N|To Frang.|
T Steady Shot|QID|25139|R|Orc|C|Hunter|M|42.84,69.33|N|To Karranisha.|
T Immolate|QID|25145|R|Orc|C|Warlock|M|42.39,68.07|N|To Nartok.|
T Eviscerate|QID|25141|R|Orc|C|Rogue|M|42.37,68.81|N|To Rwag.|

A Sting of the Scorpid|QID|25127|M|43.27,68.24|N|From Gornek.|
A Lazy Peons|QID|37446|M|43.51,67.47|N|From Foreman Thazz'ril.|
C Lazy Peons|QID|37446|S|NC|U|16114|M|46.50,63.00|N|Hit the Lazy Peons with the Foreman's Blackjack when they are lying down with Zzzz's coming from their head.|
C Sting of the Scorpid|QID|25127|M|46.50,63.00|N|Kill and loot scorpids.|
C Lazy Peons|QID|37446|US|NC|U|16114|M|46.50,63.00|N|Hit the Lazy Peons with the Foreman's Blackjack when they are lying down with Zzzz's coming from their head.|
T Lazy Peons|QID|37446|M|43.54,67.48|N|To Foreman Thazz'ril.|
T Sting of the Scorpid|QID|25127|M|43.26,68.17|N|To Gornek.|

;L Level 4|QID|25127|LVL|4|N|You should now be Level 4|

A Hana'zua|QID|25128|PRE|25127|M|42.40,69.16|N|From Canaga Earthcaller.|
A Vile Familiars|QID|25131|PRE|25127|M|43.43,67.48|N|From Zureetha Fargaze.|
C Vile Familiars|QID|25131|M|44.48,56.56|N|Kill Vile Familiars near the cave to the north.|
T Hana'zua|QID|25128|M|40.63,62.58|N|To Hana'zua.|
A Sarkoth|QID|25129|M|40.63,62.58|N|From Hana'zua.|
C Sarkoth|QID|25129|M|40.35,66.85|N|Kill and loot Sarkoth.|
T Sarkoth|QID|25129|M|40.59,62.63|N|To Hana'zua.|
A Back to the Den|QID|25130|M|40.59,62.63|N|From Hana'zua.|
T Back to the Den|QID|25130|M|40.54,66.91;42.12,67.37;43.26,68.17|CC|N|To Gornek at the starting area. As a short-cut, you can jump down near where you fought Sarkoth.|
T Vile Familiars|QID|25131|M|43.47,67.48|N|To Zureetha Fargaze.|

A Burning Blade Medallion|QID|25132|M|43.47,67.48|N|From Zureetha Fargaze.|
A Thazz'ril's Pick|QID|25135|M|43.47,67.48|N|From Foreman Thazz'ril.|

C Burning Blade Medallion|QID|25132|M|42.43,53.53|N|Kill felstalkers as you go through the cave.|S|QO|Felstalker slain: 7/7|
C Thazz'ril's Pick|QID|25135|NC|M|43.75,53.77|N|Inside the cave, central passage.|
K Yarrog Baneshadow|QID|25132|M|42.43,53.53|N|Kill Yarrog Baneshadow, then loot the Burning Blade Medallion. On entering the cave, he's at the end of the left tunnel, from Thazz'ril's Pick, take the tunnels to the right.|QO|2|
C Burning Blade Medallion|QID|25132|M|42.50,55.25|N|Finish killing the felstalkers as you leave the cave|US|QO|1|
;L Level 5|QID|25133|LVL|5|N|You should now be Level 5|
H Valley of Trials|QID|25132|M|45.19,68.72|CC|N|Hearth or run back the The Den.|

T Thazz'ril's Pick|QID|25135|M|43.51,67.49|N|To Foreman Thazz'ril at the starting area.|
T Burning Blade Medallion|QID|25132|M|43.48,67.51|N|To Zureetha Fargaze.|
A Report to Sen'jin Village|QID|25133|M|43.48,67.51|N|From Zureetha Fargaze.|
R Sen'jin Village|QID|25133|M|55.36,73.35|N|Follow the road to the east until you see the signpost, then head south-east along the dirt track to Sen'jin Village.|
T Report to Sen'jin Village|QID|25133|M|55.93,74.69|N|To Master Gadrin.|


Source Code - Echo Isles (01-05)

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('BitDur0105', 'Leveling', 'Durotar (Troll)', 'Bitsem', 'Horde')
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,1,5,3) -- Faux, really all level 1!
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,"Icon", WoWPro:GuidePickGender("Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Troll_Male","Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Troll_Female"))
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'BitDur0512')
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

N You silly Death Knight|QID|24764|C|DeathKnight|N|Do not bother with this zone. There are no quests for YOU.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|31159|C|Monk|M|42.83,53.44|N|From Jin'thala.|Z|Echo Isles|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24764|C|Druid|M|62.43,84.53|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24750|C|Mage|M|62.43,84.53|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24770|C|Rogue|M|62.43,84.53|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24607|C|Warrior|M|62.43,84.53|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|26272|C|Warlock|M|62.43,84.53|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24782|C|Priest|M|62.43,84.53|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24758|C|Shaman|M|62.43,84.53|N|From Jin'thala.|
A The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24776|C|Hunter|M|62.43,84.53|N|From Jin'thala.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|31159|C|Monk|M|52.56,51.84|N|To Zabrax.|Z|Echo Isles|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24764|C|Druid|M|67.69,84.69|N|To Zen'tabra.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24750|C|Mage|M|68.22,83.99|N|To Soratha.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24770|C|Rogue|M|65.90,83.24|N|To Legati.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24607|C|Warrior|M|65.78,84.52|N|To Nortet.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|26272|C|Warlock|M|64.92,83.26|N|To Voldreka.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24782|C|Priest|M|67.66,83.02|N|To Tunari.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24758|C|Shaman|M|64.94,84.21|N|To Nekali.|
T The Rise of the Darkspear|QID|24776|C|Hunter|M|67.09,83.30|N|To Ortezza.|

A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|31158|C|Monk|PRE|31159|M|52.56,51.84|N|From Zabrax.|Z|Echo Isles|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24765|C|Druid|PRE|24764|M|67.69,84.69|N|From Zen'tabra.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24751|C|Mage|PRE|24750|M|68.22,83.99|N|From Soratha.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24771|C|Rogue|PRE|24770|M|65.90,83.24|N|From Legati.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24639|C|Warrior|PRE|24607|M|65.78,84.52|N|From Nortet.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|26273|C|Warlock|PRE|26272|M|64.92,83.26|N|From Voldreka.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24783|C|Priest|PRE|24782|M|67.66,83.02|N|From Tunari.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24759|C|Shaman|PRE|24758|M|64.94,84.21|N|From Nekali.|
A The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24777|C|Hunter|PRE|24776|M|67.09,83.30|N|From Ortezza.|

C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|31158|C|Monk|M|52.71,50.67|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|Z|Echo Isles|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24765|C|Druid|M|67.69,84.69|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24751|C|Mage|M|67.69,84.69|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24771|C|Rogue|M|67.69,84.69|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24639|C|Warrior|M|67.69,84.69|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|26273|C|Warlock|M|67.69,84.69|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24783|C|Priest|M|67.69,84.69|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24759|C|Shaman|M|67.69,84.69|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|
C The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24777|C|Hunter|M|67.69,84.69|N|Destroy 6 Tiki Targets in the training grounds.|

T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|31158|C|Monk|M|52.56,51.84|N|To Zabrax.|Z|Echo Isles|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24765|C|Druid|M|67.69,84.69|N|To Zen'tabra.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24751|C|Mage|M|68.22,83.99|N|To Soratha.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24771|C|Rogue|M|65.90,83.24|N|To Legati.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24639|C|Warrior|M|65.78,84.52|N|To Nortet.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|26273|C|Warlock|M|64.92,83.26|N|To Voldreka.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24783|C|Priest|M|67.66,83.02|N|To Tunari.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24759|C|Shaman|M|64.94,84.21|N|To Nekali.|
T The Basics: Hitting Things|QID|24777|C|Hunter|M|67.09,83.30|N|To Ortezza.|

A A Rough Start|QID|31160|PRE|31158|C|Monk|PRE|31158|M|52.56,51.84|N|From Zabrax.|Z|Echo Isles|
A A Rough Start|QID|24767|PRE|24765|C|Druid|M|67.69,84.69|N|From Zen'tabra.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24753|PRE|24721|C|Mage|M|68.22,83.99|N|From Soratha.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24773|PRE|24771|C|Rogue|M|65.90,83.24|N|From Legati.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24641|PRE|24639|C|Warrior|M|65.78,84.52|N|From Nortet.|
A A Rough Start|QID|26275|PRE|26273|C|Warlock|M|64.92,83.26|N|From Voldreka.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24785|PRE|24783|C|Priest|M|67.66,83.02|N|From Tunari.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24761|PRE|24759|C|Shaman|M|65.90,83.24|N|From Nekali.|
A A Rough Start|QID|24779|PRE|24777|C|Hunter|M|67.09,83.30|N|From Ortezza.|

C A Rough Start|QID|31160|C|Monk|M|53.56,60.75|N|Kill Wildmane Cats for 6 Wildmane Cat Pelts.|Z|Echo Isles|
C A Rough Start|QID|24767|C|Druid|M|65.05,80.73|N|Kill Wildmane Cats for 6 Wildmane Cat Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24753|C|Mage|M|67.69,84.69|N|Kill Wildmane Cats for 6 Wildmane Cat Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24773|C|Rogue|M|67.69,84.69|N|Kill Wildmane Cats for 6 Wildmane Cat Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24641|C|Warrior|M|67.69,84.69|N|Kill Wildmane Cats for 6 Wildmane Cat Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|26275|C|Warlock|M|67.69,84.69|N|Kill Wildmane Cats for 6 Wildmane Cat Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24785|C|Priest|M|67.69,84.69|N|Kill Wildmane Cats for 6 Wildmane Cat Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24761|C|Shaman|M|67.69,84.69|N|Kill Wildmane Cats for 6 Wildmane Cat Pelts.|
C A Rough Start|QID|24779|C|Hunter|M|67.69,84.69|N|Kill Wildmane Cats for 6 Wildmane Cat Pelts.|

T A Rough Start|QID|31160|C|Monk|M|52.56,51.84|N|To Zabrax.|Z|Echo Isles|
T A Rough Start|QID|24767|C|Druid|M|67.69,84.69|N|To Zen'tabra.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24753|C|Mage|M|68.22,83.99|N|To Soratha.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24773|C|Rogue|M|65.90,83.24|N|To Legati.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24641|C|Warrior|M|65.78,84.52|N|To Nortet.|
T A Rough Start|QID|26275|C|Warlock|M|64.92,83.26|N|To Voldreka.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24785|C|Priest|M|67.66,83.02|N|To Tunari.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24761|C|Shaman|M|64.94,84.21|N|To Nekali.|
T A Rough Start|QID|24779|C|Hunter|M|67.09,83.30|N|To Ortezza.|

A Proving Pit|QID|31161|PRE|31160|C|Monk|M|52.56,51.84|N|From Zabrax.|Z|Echo Isles|
A Proving Pit|QID|24768|PRE|24767|C|Druid|M|67.61,84.62|N|From Zen'tabra.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24754|PRE|24753|C|Mage|M|68.22,83.99|N|From Soratha.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24774|PRE|24773|C|Rogue|M|65.90,83.24|N|From Legati.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24642|PRE|24641|C|Warrior|M|65.78,84.52|N|From Nortet.|
A Proving Pit|QID|26276|PRE|26275|C|Warlock|M|64.92,83.26|N|From Voldreka.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24786|PRE|24785|C|Priest|M|67.66,83.02|N|From Tunari.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24762|PRE|24761|C|Shaman|M|64.94,84.21|N|From Nekali.|
A Proving Pit|QID|24780|PRE|24779|C|Hunter|M|67.09,83.30|N|From Ortezza.|

C Proving Pit|QID|31161|C|Monk|M|51.89,51.36|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|Z|Echo Isles|
C Proving Pit|QID|24768|C|Druid|M|67.61,83.76|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|
C Proving Pit|QID|24754|C|Mage|M|67.61,83.76|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|
C Proving Pit|QID|24774|C|Rogue|M|65.25,83.85|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|
C Proving Pit|QID|24642|C|Warrior|M|65.25,83.85|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|
C Proving Pit|QID|26276|C|Warlock|M|65.25,83.85|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|
C Proving Pit|QID|24786|C|Priest|M|67.61,83.76|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|
C Proving Pit|QID|24762|C|Shaman|M|65.25,83.85|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|
C Proving Pit|QID|24780|C|Hunter|M|67.61,83.76|N|Fight a naga in the proving pit.|

T Proving Pit|QID|31161|C|Monk|M|52.56,51.84|N|To Zabrax.|Z|Echo Isles|
T Proving Pit|QID|24768|C|Druid|M|67.50,84.19|N|To Zen'tabra.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24754|C|Mage|M|68.22,83.99|N|To Soratha.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24774|C|Rogue|M|65.39,84.16|N|To Legati.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24642|C|Warrior|M|65.39,84.16|N|To Nortet.|
T Proving Pit|QID|26276|C|Warlock|M|65.39,84.16|N|To Voldreka.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24786|C|Priest|M|67.50,84.19|N|To Tunari.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24762|C|Shaman|M|65.39,84.16|N|To Nekali.|
T Proving Pit|QID|24780|C|Hunter|M|67.50,84.19|N|To Ortezza.|

A The Arts of a Monk|QID|31162|C|Monk|PRE|31161|M|52.56,51.84|N|From Zabrax.|Z|Echo Isles|
A The Arts of a Druid|QID|24766|C|Druid|PRE|24768|M|67.50,84.19|N|From Zen'tabra.|
A The Arts of a Mage|QID|24752|C|Mage|PRE|24754|M|68.22,83.99|N|From Soratha.|
A The Arts of a Rogue|QID|24772|C|Rogue|PRE|24774|M|65.90,83.24|N|From Legati.|
A The Arts of a Warrior|QID|24640|C|Warrior|PRE|24642|M|65.39,84.16|N|From Nortet.|
A The Arts of a Warlock|QID|26274|C|Warlock|PRE|26276|M|64.92,83.26|N|From Voldreka.|
A The Arts of a Priest|QID|24784|C|Priest|PRE|24786|M|67.66,83.02|N|From Tunari.|
A The Arts of a Shaman|QID|24760|C|Shaman|PRE|24762|M|64.94,84.21|N|From Nekali.|
A The Arts of a Hunter|QID|24778|C|Hunter|PRE|24780|M|67.09,83.30|N|From Ortezza.|

C The Arts of a Druid|QID|31162|C|Monk|M|52.6,51.03|N|Hit level 3 if you are not there yet, then practice Tiger Palm on a Tiki Target.|Z|Echo Isles|
C The Arts of a Druid|QID|3|C|Druid|M|67.50,84.19|N|Train Healing Touch and practice.|Z|Echo Isles|
C The Arts of a Mage|QID|24752|C|Mage|M|67.69,84.69|N|Train Arcane Intellect and practice.|
C The Arts of a Rogue|QID|24772|C|Rogue|M|65.90,83.24|N|Train Stealth and practice.|
C The Arts of a Warrior|QID|24640|C|Warrior|M|65.39,84.16|N|Train Charge and practice on Tiki Target.|
C The Arts of a Warlock|QID|26274|C|Warlock|M|64.92,83.26|N|Train Immolate and practice.|
C The Arts of a Priest|QID|24784|C|Priest|M|67.66,83.02|N|Train Power Word: Fortitude and practice.|
C The Arts of a Shaman|QID|24760|C|Shaman|M|64.94,84.21|N|Train Primal Strike and practice.|
C The Arts of a Hunter|QID|24778|C|Hunter|M|67.09,83.30|N|Train Steady Shot and practice.|

T The Arts of a Druid|QID|31162|C|Monk|M|52.56,51.84|N|To Zabrax.|Z|Echo Isles|
T The Arts of a Druid|QID|24766|C|Druid|M|67.66,84.58|N|To Zen'tabra.|
T The Arts of a Mage|QID|24752|C|Mage|M|68.22,83.99|N|To Soratha.|
T The Arts of a Rogue|QID|24772|C|Rogue|M|65.90,83.24|N|To Legati.|
T The Arts of a Warrior|QID|24640|C|Warrior|M|65.39,84.16|N|To Nortet.|
T The Arts of a Warlock|QID|26274|C|Warlock|M|64.92,83.26|N|To Voldreka.|
T The Arts of a Priest|QID|24784|C|Priest|M|67.66,83.02|N|To Tunari.|
T The Arts of a Shaman|QID|24760|C|Shaman|M|64.94,84.21|N|To Nekali.|
T The Arts of a Hunter|QID|24778|C|Hunter|M|67.09,83.30|N|To Ortezza.|

A More Than Expected|QID|31163|PRE|31162|C|52.56,51.84|N|From Zabrax.|Z|Echo Isles|
A More Than Expected|QID|24769|PRE|24766|C|Druid|M|67.66,84.58|N|From Zen'tabra.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24755|PRE|24752|C|Mage|M|68.22,83.99|N|From Soratha.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24775|PRE|24772|C|Rogue|M|65.90,83.24|N|From Legati.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24643|PRE|24640|C|Warrior|M|65.81,84.50|N|From Nortet.|
A More Than Expected|QID|26277|PRE|26274|C|Warlock|M|64.92,83.26|N|From Voldreka.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24787|PRE|24784|C|Priest|M|67.66,83.02|N|From Tunari.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24763|PRE|24760|C|Shaman|M|64.94,84.21|N|From Nekali.|
A More Than Expected|QID|24781|PRE|24778|C|Hunter|M|67.09,83.30|N|From Ortezza.|

T More Than Expected|QID|31163|C|Monk|M|61.53,65.81|N|To Vol'jin.|Z|Echo Isles|
T More Than Expected|QID|24769|C|Druid|M|68.79,88.62|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24755|C|Mage|M|67.69,84.69|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24775|C|Rogue|M|68.79,88.62|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24643|C|Warrior|M|68.83,88.65|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|26277|C|Warlock|M|68.79,88.62|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24787|C|Priest|M|68.79,88.62|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24763|C|Shaman|M|68.79,88.62|N|To Vol'jin.|
T More Than Expected|QID|24781|C|Hunter|M|68.79,88.62|N|To Vol'jin.|

A Moraya|QID|25064|M|68.79,88.62|N|From Vol'jin.|
A Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|PRE|25064|M|68.48,87.60|N|From Tora'jin.|
T Moraya|QID|25064|M|67.30,87.92|N|To Moraya.|
A A Troll's Truest Companion|QID|24622|PRE|25064|M|67.30,87.92|N|From Moraya.|
C Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|M|70.34,81.01|S|N|Collect 5 Fresh Crawler Meat from Pygmy Surf Crawlers.|

T A Troll's Truest Companion|QID|24622|M|63.33,95.33|N|To Kijara.|
A Saving the Young|QID|24623|PRE|24622|M|63.33,95.33|N|From Kijara.|
A Mercy for the Lost|QID|24624|PRE|24623|M|63.38,95.32|N|From Tegashi.|
A Consort of the Sea Witch|QID|24625|PRE|24623|M|63.38,95.32|N|From Tegashi.|

C Saving the Young|QID|24623|U|52283|S|M|60.48,89.62|N|Use the Bloodtalon Whistle to rescue 12 Lost Bloodtalon Hatchlings.|
C Mercy for the Lost|QID|24624|S|M|59.65,88.83|N|Kill 8 Corrupted Bloodtalon Raptors.|
C Consort of the Sea Witch|QID|24625|M|60.48,89.62|N|Kill Naj'tess and retrieve his orb. Any Hatchlings you have with you will attack as well.|
C Saving the Young|QID|24623|U|52283|US|M|60.48,89.62|N|Use the Bloodtalon Whistle to rescue 12 Lost Bloodtalon Hatchlings.|
C Mercy for the Lost|QID|24624|US|M|59.65,88.83|N|Kill 8 Corrupted Bloodtalon Raptors.|

T Saving the Young|QID|24623|M|63.37,95.19|N|To Kijara.|
T Mercy for the Lost|QID|24624|M|63.37,95.19|N|To Tegashi.|
T Consort of the Sea Witch|QID|24625|M|63.37,95.19|N|To Tegashi.|
A Young and Vicious|QID|24626|PRE|24625|M|63.34,95.29|N|From Kijara.|
C Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|M|70.34,81.01|US|N|Collect 5 Fresh Crawler Meat from Pygmy Surf Crawlers.|
C Young and Vicious|QID|24626|T|Swiftclaw|U|50053|M|64.34,87.45|N|Use the Bloodtalon Lasso to capture Swiftclaw. If he does not immediately spawn after you take the quest, abandon it and re-acquire it from Kijara.|
T Young and Vicious|QID|24626|M|67.25,88.04|N|To Moraya.|
T Crab Fishin'|QID|25037|M|68.52,87.62|N|To Tora'jin.|
A Breaking the Line|QID|25035|PRE|24626|M|67.99,88.95|N|From Tortunga.|
C Breaking the Line|QID|25035|M|68.01,89.04|N|Talk to Jornun, right behind Tortunga for a ride to Spitescale Cavern.|

T Breaking the Line|QID|25035|M|67.92,74.12|N|To Morakki.|
A No More Mercy|QID|24812|PRE|25035|M|67.92,74.12|N|From Morakki.|
A Territorial Fetish|QID|24813|PRE|25035|M|67.92,74.12|N|From Morakki.|
N No More Mercy|QID|24812|M|67.92,74.12|N|NPC "Zuni" will assist if you wait for him.|
C No More Mercy|QID|24812|M|69.52,70.08|N|Kill 12 Spitescale Naga.|S|
C Territorial Fetish|QID|24813|U|52065|M|69.18,69.70|N|Place 8 Territorial Fetishes on Spitescale flags. You can place on same flag more than once when Fetish wears off.|

C No More Mercy|QID|24812|M|69.52,70.08|N|Kill 12 Spitescale Naga.|US|
T No More Mercy|QID|24812|M|67.95,74.05|N|To Morakki.|
T Territorial Fetish|QID|24813|PRE|24812|M|67.95,74.05|N|To Morakki.|
A An Ancient Enemy|QID|24814|PRE|24813|M|67.95,74.05|N|From Morakki.|

; The waypoint arrow points towards the cave. A new player may not know that this is on top of the cave and not inside.
N An Ancient Enemy|QID|24814|M|69.00,75.00;69.17,72.46|CC|N|Follow the waypoints to talk to Vol'jin on top of the cave. \nThere will be Totems for health and mana. Concentrate on killing Manifestations and stomp out the Braziers when necessary.|
C An Ancient Enemy|QID|24814|M|68.43,71.99|N|Speak with Vol'jin and aid him in killing Zar'jira, the Sea Witch.|
R Darkspear Hold|QID|24814|M|60.29,15.67|N|Speak with Vanira for Teleport back to Darkspear Hold.|Z|Echo Isles|

T An Ancient Enemy|QID|24814|M|68.81,88.64|N|To Vol'jin.|
A Sen'jin Village|QID|25073|PRE|24814|M|68.86,88.73|N|From Vol'jin.|
T Sen'jin Village|QID|25073|M|56.02,74.71|N|To Master Gadrin.|


Source Code - Durotar (05-12)

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('BitDur0512', 'Leveling', 'Durotar', 'Bitsem', 'Horde')
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'BitAzs1220')
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Breaking the Chain|QID|25167|M|56.02,74.71|N|From Master Gadrin.|
A Cleaning Up the Coastline|QID|25170|M|55.77,75.34|N|From Bom'bay.|
;f Sen'jin Village|QID|25170|M|55.40,73.40|N|At Handler Marnlek.|N|Train Herbalism, Alchemy, Fishing or Riding if you wish.|
C Cleaning Up the Coastline|QID|25170|S|M|59.02,74.41|N|Kill 5 Pygmy Surf Crawlers for Crawler Mucus.|

C Breaking the Chain|QID|25167|M|52.45,80.60|N|Destroy 3 Northwatch Supply Crates and kill 10 Northwatch Lugs.|
C Cleaning Up the Coastline|QID|25170|US|M|59.02,74.41|N|Kill 5 Pygmy Surf Crawlers.|
T Breaking the Chain|QID|25167|M|55.95,74.80|N|To Master Gadrin.|
A Purge the Valley|QID|25168|PRE|25167|M|55.95,74.80|N|From Master Gadrin.|

T Cleaning Up the Coastline|QID|25170|M|55.72,75.39|N|To Bom'bay.|
A Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile|QID|25165|PRE|25170|M|55.72,75.39|N|From Bom'bay.|
A The War of Northwatch Aggression|QID|25169|M|55.46,75.04|N|From Lar Prowltusk.|

C Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile|QID|25165|U|52505|M|54.16,75.20|N|Place the Poison Extraction Totem near Clattering Scorpids until you have 6 samlpes of venom.|
N Attack Plan: Valley of Trials burned|QID|25169|M|49.7,81.6|QO|Attack Plan: Valley of Trials burned: 1/1|N|Burn the Valley of Trials attack plans that are sitting on the ground.|
N Attack Plan: Sen'jin Village burned|QID|25169|M|47.95,77.5|QO|Attack Plan: Sen'jin Village burned: 1/1|N|Burn the Sen'jin Village attack plans that are sitting on the crate.|
C The War of Northwatch Aggression|QID|25169|M|46.41,78.86|N|Finally burn the Orgrimmar attack plans that are sitting on the ground inside the tent.|
C Purge the Valley|QID|25168|M|46.64,79.51|N|Defeat 12 Northwatch troops in Northwatch Foothold. |
T The War of Northwatch Aggression|QID|25169|M|55.35,75.17|N|To Lar Prowltusk.|
T Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile|QID|25165|M|55.71,75.39|N|To Bom'bay.|

T Purge the Valley|QID|25168|M|55.94,74.79|N|To Master Gadrin.|
A Riding On|QID|25171|PRE|25168|M|55.94,74.79|N|From Master Gadrin.|
R Razor Hill|QID|25171|M|55.27,74.65|N|Talk to Raider Jhash for ride to Razor Hill.|
T Riding On|QID|25171|M|51.92,43.48|N|To Gar'Thok.|

A From Bad to Worse|QID|25173|M|51.92,43.48|N|From Gar'Thok.|
A Meats to Orgrimmar|QID|6365|M|50.76,42.78|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|From Grimtak.|
h Razor Hill|QID|25176|M|51.61,41.65|N|At Innkeeper Grosk.|
A Exploiting the Situation|QID|25176|M|53.05,43.12|N|From Gail Nozzywig.|
R Profession Trainers|QID|25176|M|52.96,41.90|N|Runda the Profession Trainer, just outside the Barracks if you want/need to learn any profession.|
R Profession Trainers|QID|25176|M|54.18,41.92|N|Rawrk the First Aid Trainer, is inside the Barracks if you want to learn First Aid.|
C From Bad to Worse|QID|25173|S|M|57.45,55.24|N|Kill Marines, Sharpshooters, and Lieutenant Palliter who is on the top floor of the big building in Tiragarde Keep.|

C Exploiting the Situation|QID|25176|M|59.78,58.28|N|Obtain 6 pieces of Kul Tiras Treasure scattered around Tiragarde Keep..|
C From Bad to Worse|QID|25173|US|M|59.5,58.2|N|Kill Marines, Sharpshooters, and Lieutenant Palliter who is on the top floor of the big building in Tiragarde Keep.|
T From Bad to Worse|QID|25173|M|51.89,43.52|N|To Gar'Thok.|
A Storming the Beaches|QID|25177|PRE|25173|M|51.89,43.52|N|From Gar'Thok.|
T Exploiting the Situation|QID|25176|M|53.06,43.12|N|To Gail Nozzywig.|

A Shipwreck Searching|QID|25178|PRE|25176|M|53.06,43.12|N|From Gail Nozzywig.|
T Meats to Orgrimmar|QID|6365|M|53.07,43.59|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|To Burok.|
A Ride to Orgrimmar|QID|6384|PRE|6365|M|53.07,43.59|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|From Burok.|
F Orgrimmar|QID|6384|M|53.08,43.6|N|Fly to Orgrimmar.|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|
T Ride to Orgrimmar|QID|6384|M|50.87,62.61;53.44,78.85|Z|Orgrimmar|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|CS|N|Take the lift down, the turn in to Innkeeper Gryshka.|
A Doras the Wind Rider Master|QID|6385|PRE|6384|M|53.44,78.85|Z|Orgrimmar|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|From Innkeeper Gryshka.|
T Doras the Wind Rider Master|QID|6385|M|50.87,62.61;49.49,59.30|Z|Orgrimmar|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|CS|N|Back up the lift to Doras.|
A Return to Razor Hill|QID|6386|PRE|6385|M|49.49,59.30|Z|Orgrimmar|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|From Doras.|

F Razor Hill|QID|6386|M|49.49,59.30|Z|Orgrimmar|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|Fly back to Razor Hill.|
T Return to Razor Hill|QID|6386|M|50.78,42.85|R|Orc,Tauren,Troll|N|To Grimtak.|
C Storming the Beaches|QID|25177|S|M|58.96,49.79|N|Kill Foaming Sea Elementals. |
C Shipwreck Searching|QID|25178|S|M|57.35,44.65|N|Obtain 4 sets of Gnomish Tools.|
A Loss Reduction|QID|25179|M|57.89,45.01|N|From Injured Razor Hill Grunt (need to talk to him, doesn't have a !).|
C Loss Reduction|QID|25179|M|59.64,49.92|N|Rescue 4 Injured Razor Hill Grunts.|
C Storming the Beaches|QID|25177|US|M|58.96,49.79|N|Kill 11 Foaming Sea Elementals. |

T Shipwreck Searching|QID|25178|M|53.10,43.18|N|To Gail Nozzywig.|
A Thonk|QID|25227|M|53.10,43.18|N|From Gail Nozzywig.|
A The Burning Blade|QID|25232|M|52.27,43.09|N|From Orgnil Soulscar.|
T Storming the Beaches|QID|25177|M|51.92,43.48|N|To Gar'Thok.|
T Loss Reduction|QID|25179|M|51.92,43.48|N|To Gar'Thok.|
R Dustwind Cave|QID|25232|M|54.13,40.71;55.68,38;53.67,31.76;52.79,28.53|N|Run to Dustwind Cave.|CS|
C The Burning Blade|QID|25232|M|52.79,28.53|N|Obtain 6 Burning Blade Spellscrolls from members of the Burning Blade.|
T The Burning Blade|QID|25232|M|52.26,43.05|N|To Orgnil Soulscar. Go straight and jump down!|
A The Dranosh'ar Blockade|QID|25196|PRE|25232|M|52.26,43.05|N|From Orgnil Soulscar.|

T Thonk|QID|25227|M|50.92,42.26;49.58,40.16|CS|N|To Thonk on top of the guard tower.|

A Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|PRE|25227|M|49.58,40.16|N|From Thonk.|
C Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|U|52514|M|49.54,40.38|N|Use Thonk's Spyglass four times to search for survivors.|
T Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|M|49.56,40.22|N|To Thonk. I'm putting the next circuit as RANK 2. It requires a lot of running (time), but some cool storyline and good rewards.|
A Watershed Patrol|QID|25188|PRE|25187|RANK|2|M|49.56,40.22|N|From Thonk.|

A Raggaran's Rage|QID|25190|RANK|2|M|45.51,44.38;42.67,49.86|CS|N|From Raggaran. Avoid the Razormane, you need to kill them later.|
C Raggaran's Rage|QID|25190|M|43.88,49.01|N|Kill 4 Razormane Quilboar and 4 Razormane Scouts.|
T Raggaran's Rage|QID|25190|M|42.73,49.85|N|To Raggaran.|
A Raggaran's Fury|QID|25192|PRE|25190|RANK|2|M|42.73,49.85|N|From Raggaran.|
C Raggaran's Fury|QID|25192|M|39.89,52.55|N|Kill 5 Razormane Dustrunners and 5 Razormane Battleguards. Beware the Captain.|
T Raggaran's Fury|QID|25192|M|42.65,49.89|N|To Raggaran.|

A Unbidden Visitors|QID|25194|RANK|2|M|35.87,41.37|N|From Zen'Taji.|
C Unbidden Visitors|QID|25194|M|34.84,43.35|N|Attack 3 Wayward Plainstriders until they flee toward the Barrens.|
T Unbidden Visitors|QID|25194|M|35.79,41.49|N|To Zen'Taji.|
A That's the End of That Raptor|QID|25195|PRE|25194|RANK|2|M|35.79,41.49|N|From Zen'Taji.|
C That's the End of That Raptor|QID|25195|M|35.9,30.85|N|Slay Screamslash. He runs around.|T|Screamslash|
T That's the End of That Raptor|QID|25195|M|35.85,41.29|N|To Zen'Taji.|

A Spirits Be Praised|QID|25189|RANK|2|M|40.71,35.01|N|From Grandmatron Tekla.|
C Spirits Be Praised|QID|25189|NC|M|42.65,49.92|N|Escort Grandmatron Tekla to Raggaran.|

T Spirits Be Praised|QID|25189|M|42.65,49.92|N|To Raggaran.|
A Lost But Not Forgotten|QID|25193|RANK|2|M|41.30,39.12;43.30,30.58|CN|N|From Misha Tor'kren. Avoid killing Alligators on the way over. You need them later.|
C Lost But Not Forgotten|QID|25193|M|42.44,33.59|N|Kill and loot Crocolisks until you gain 250 teeth.|
T Lost But Not Forgotten|QID|25193|M|43.33,30.60|N|To Misha Tor'kren.|
T Watershed Patrol|QID|25188|M|49.55,40.17|N|To Thonk.|

A Conscript of the Horde|QID|840|M|50.84,43.59|N|To Takrin Pathseeker. Take this quest if you want to go to the Northern Barrens next.|

A Winds in the Desert|QID|834|M|46.34,34.83;45.42,29.81;46.36,22.99|CC|N|From Rezlak.|
A Securing the Lines|QID|835|M|46.36,22.99|N|From Rezlak.|
C Winds in the Desert|QID|834|S|M|50.11,25.77|N|Retrieve Sacks of Supplies.|
C Securing the Lines|QID|835|M|54.00,27.37|N|Kill 12 Durotar Harpies. Any type of harpy will suffice.|
C Winds in the Desert|QID|834|US|M|50.11,25.77|N|Retrieve 5 Sacks of Supplies in Razorwind Canyon.|
T Winds in the Desert|QID|834|M|46.41,22.96|N|To Rezlak.|
T Securing the Lines|QID|835|M|46.41,22.96|N|To Rezlak.|

A The Wolf and The Kodo|QID|25205|M|44.94,14.78|N|From Shin Stonepillar.|
C The Wolf and The Kodo|QID|25205|M|55.24,13.99|N|Speak to Shin, ask him to tell his story. When "wolfed", run East and a bit South until you find fighting kodos. Wait for story to finish.|
T The Wolf and The Kodo|QID|25205|M|44.90,14.76|N|To Shin Stonepillar.|
T The Dranosh'ar Blockade|QID|25196|M|44.97,14.74|N|To Gor the Enforcer.|
A Fizzled|QID|25260|PRE|25196|M|44.97,14.74|N|From Gor the Enforcer. Quickly, while you can |
A Thunder Down Under|QID|25236|M|44.97,14.74|N|From Gor the Enforcer.|
A Ignoring the Warnings|QID|25206|M|44.95,14.74|N|From Gor the Enforcer.|

C Thunder Down Under|QID|25236|M|40.71,30.06|S|N|Click the Thunder Lizards all over the bottom of the lake, avoid their shockwaves.|
C Fizzled|QID|25260|M|42.11,26.69|N|Dive down to Fizzle and loot the Orb.|
C Thunder Down Under|QID|25236|M|40.71,30.06|US|N|Click the Thunder Lizards all over the bottom of the lake, avoid their shockwaves.|
C Ignoring the Warnings|QID|25206|M|37.39,19.46|N|Destroy 12 Warring Elementals. You may slay either Furious Earthguards or Teeming Waterguards.|

T Fizzled|QID|25260|M|44.98,14.76|N|To Gor the Enforcer.|
A Margoz|QID|25261|PRE|25260|M|44.98,14.76|N|From Gor the Enforcer.|
T Thunder Down Under|QID|25236|M|44.98,14.76|N|To Gor the Enforcer.|
T Ignoring the Warnings|QID|25206|M|44.98,14.76|N|To Gor the Enforcer.|
A Beyond Durotar|QID|25648|M|44.98,14.76|N|If you plan on going to Azshara next. From Gor the Enforcer.|
T Margoz|QID|25261|M|56.39,20.17|N|To Margoz.|

A Skull Rock|QID|25262|PRE|25261|M|56.39,20.17|N|From Margoz.|
A Sent for Help|QID|25256|M|56.39,20.17|N|From Vek'nag.|
T Sent for Help|QID|25256|M|58.81,23.14|N|Report to Spiketooth at Deadeye Shore in Durotar. |
A Ghislania|QID|25257|PRE|25256|M|58.81,23.14|N|From Spiketooth.|
A Griswold Hanniston|QID|25258|PRE|25256|M|58.81,23.14|N|From Spiketooth.|
A Gaur Icehorn|QID|25259|PRE|25256|M|58.81,23.14|N|From Spiketooth.|

C Ghislania|QID|25257|M|59.62,22.66|N|Speak to Ghislania at the beach and challenge her to combat.|
C Griswold Hanniston|QID|25258|M|59.12,22.36|N|Speak to Friswold Hanniston at the beach and challenge him to combat.|
C Gaur Icehorn|QID|25259|M|59.37,23.36|N|Speak to Gaur Icehorn at the beach and challenge him to combat.|
T Ghislania|QID|25257|M|58.84,23.10|N|To Spiketooth.|
T Griswold Hanniston|QID|25258|M|58.77,23.12|N|To Spiketooth.|

T Gaur Icehorn|QID|25259|M|58.77,23.12|N|To Spiketooth.|
C Skull Rock|QID|25262|M|55.02,9.78|N|Gather 6 Searing Collars from the cultists in Skull Rock.|
T Skull Rock|QID|25262|M|56.41,20.05|N|To Margoz.|
A Neeru Fireblade|QID|25263|PRE|25262|M|56.41,20.05|N|From Margoz.|

T Neeru Fireblade|QID|25263|M|58.35,54.18|Z|Cleft of Shadow@Orgrimmar|N|To Neeru Fireblade, in the Cleft of Shadow.|N|Bring an Example Collar to Neeru Fireblade in Orgrimmar.|
A Ak'Zeloth|QID|25264|PRE|25263|M|58.50,54.34|Z|Orgrimmar|N|If you plan on going to Northern Barrens next. From Neeru Fireblade.|

h Valley of Wisdom|QID|25648|M|39.03,48.57|Z|Orgrimmar|N|At Miwana.\nYou can choose another Inn in Org if it makes more sense.|
A Warchief's Command: Northern Barrens!|QID|28494|M|66.42,49.28|Z|Orgrimmar|N|If you plan on going to Northern Barrens next.|
T Beyond Durotar|QID|25648|M|26.84,77.00|Z|Azshara|N|Outside Orgrimmar's rear gate in Azshara. To Ag'tor Bloodfist.|



The Quest Spirits be praised

The Quest Spirits be praised is no longer available. Raggaran's location is now fixed at 42.67,49.86The italic code can be removed.A Spirits Be Praised|QID|25189|RANK|2|M|40.49,35.37|N|From Grandmatron
Tekla. If she's not there, wait a couple minutes (someone else is
probably escorting her!)|ACTIVE|25188|

C Spirits Be Praised|QID|25189|NC|M|42.65,49.92|N|Escort Grandmatron Tekla to Raggaran.|

T Spirits Be Praised|QID|25189|M|42.65,49.92|N|To Raggaran.|

A Raggaran's Rage|QID|25190|RANK|2|M|45.51,44.38;42.67,49.86|CS|N|From Raggaran. |ACTIVE|25188|

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Valley of Trials changes

Corrected several coordinates in this starter zone; more map changes by Blizz I think. Also re-ordered the quest accepts to allow for a more logical travel/path flow of the zone.


With thanks to Kevin (MazrigosEU) for his work on this one.

WoWPro: No closest waypoint?

WoWPro: No closest waypoint? Please report a bug: Guide BitDur0105, Step C [An Ancient Enemy]

The line has |M|62.85,23.92;62.23,18.00| and |CC| so all looks okay, but it is still generating the above error. I tried adding a third set of coordinates to see if that changes things, but it doesn't.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: WoWPro: No closest waypoint?

Silly question,  where is your toon?

If it aint in Azeroth, then you will get this message.

At the time of the issue, in

At the time of the issue, in Echo Isles standing at Morakki after accepting An Ancient Enemy quest from him.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: At the time of the issue, in Echo Isles

OK.  I'll spin up a troll and debug it.

I think I may have messed up some of the mapping code when I ripped out the starting zone hacks.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Re: At the time of the issue, in Echo Isles

Tried on a Troll Rogue.   No problem for me.

Are you using TomTom or Carbonite?

I demoted the error to a warning.

Not getting ? The Rise of the Darkspear step

Got a hunter that the first quest of Troll isn't behaving as expected.

With no quests, it correctly tells me ! The Rise of the Darkspear.
On accepting it, I'm not getting the ? The Rise of the Darkspear.

! on The Rise of the Darkspear says 1: AutoCompleteQuestUpdate: Accept
? on The Rise of the Darkspear says 2: uncompleted by WoWPro:LoadGuideSteps() because quest was defaulted to incomplete.

Even though it says here uncompleted, it has a tick in the box, and the step The Basics: Hitting Things is showing pre-reqs not met.

The debug log states:
002221.0000 ~ WoWPro: Log Reset from UI, WoWPro Version 6.1.1A.
002224.0001 ~ WoWPro: QUEST_DETAIL() InitLockdown=false
002225.0002 ~ WoWPro: CHAT_MSG_SYSTEM("Quest accepted: The Rise of the Darkspear", "", "", "", "", "", 0, 0, "", 0, 3, nil, 0, false, false, false) InitLockdown=false
002225.0003 ~ WoWPro: QUEST_ACCEPTED(4, 24776) InitLockdown=false
002225.0004 ~ WoWPro: QUEST_LOG_UPDATE() InitLockdown=false
002225.0005 ~ WoWPro: WoWPro:PopulateQuestLog()
002225.0006 ~ WoWPro: New Quest 24776: [The Rise of the Darkspear]
002225.0007 ~ WoWPro: WoWPro.CompleteStep(1,The Rise of the Darkspear)
002225.0008 ~ WoWPro: Action=A|Step=The Rise of the Darkspear|M0=62.43,84.53|M1=42.82,53.20|Error=36.96|QID=24776|Vers=6.1.1A|Guide=BitDur0105
002225.0009 ~ WoWPro: Signaled for UpdateGuide from WoWPro.CompleteStep
002225.0010 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(1,1)
002225.0011 ~ WoWPro: Running WoWPro:UpdateQuestTracker()
002225.0012 ~ WoWPro: Signaled for UpdateGuide from QUEST_LOG_UPDATE
002225.0013 ~ WoWPro: Running: UpdateGuideReal(), WoWPro Version 6.1.1A.
002225.0014 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(1,1)

If I then take the tick out of the box manually, I get a WoWPro Error:

Message: ..\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Parser.lua line 107:
bad argument #2 to 'split' (string expected, got nil)
[C]: split()
WoWPro\WoWPro_Parser.lua:107: UnSkipStep()
WoWPro\WoWPro_Parser.lua:642: CheckFunction()
(*temporary) = ";"
(*temporary) = nil
(*temporary) = "string expected, got nil"

(Got v6.1.1A - hoping that's the latest one, hard to keep track of changes when it doesn't auto-update in Curse)

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Not getting ? The Rise of the Darkspear step

Well, you are out of date:  6.1.2 is the current release.  That guide did get changed, but I ran a troll from the start and she got rhough just fine.I also recall fixing a bug in Unskip().Better update and try again!

6.1.2 has same problem

Updated to 6.1.2, still got the same problem with a Goblin Hunter doing Echo Isle.

105306.0000 ~ WoWPro: Enabled: Version 6.1.2
105307.0001 ~ WoWPro: PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD() InitLockdown=false
105307.0002 ~ WoWPro: Setting Timer PEW/CS
105307.0003 ~ WoWPro: QUEST_LOG_UPDATE() InitLockdown=true
105308.0004 ~ WoWPro: Initializing Guide BitDur0105.
105308.0005 ~ WoWPro: QUEST_LOG_UPDATE("-punted-") InitLockdown=false
105308.0006 ~ WoWPro: WoWPro:PopulateQuestLog()
105308.0007 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(1,1)
105308.0008 ~ WoWPro: WoWPro:MapPoint1(42.82,53.44@Echo Isles=891/0)
105308.0009 ~ WoWPro: Signaled for UpdateGuide from WoWPro:LoadGuideSteps()
105308.0010 ~ WoWPro: Running: UpdateGuideReal(), WoWPro Version 6.1.2.
105308.0011 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(1,1)
105308.0012 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(1,1)
105308.0013 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(2,2)
105308.0014 ~ WoWPro: WoWPro.CompleteStep(13,Level 3)
105308.0015 ~ WoWPro: Action=L|Step=Level 3|M0=42.82,53.44|M1=42.54,52.89|Error=0.62|QID=31162;24766;24752;24772;24640;26274;24784;24760;24778|Vers=6.1.2|Guide=BitDur0105
105308.0016 ~ WoWPro: Signaled for UpdateGuide from WoWPro.CompleteStep
105308.0017 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(1,1)
105308.0018 ~ WoWPro: WoWPro:MapPoint1(42.82,53.44@Echo Isles=891/0)
105308.0019 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(59,3)
105308.0020 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(60,4)
105308.0021 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(61,5)
105308.0022 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(62,6)
105308.0023 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(63,7)
105308.0024 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(64,8)
105308.0025 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(65,9)
105308.0026 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(66,10)
105308.0027 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(67,11)
105308.0028 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(68,12)
105308.0029 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(69,13)
105308.0030 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(70,14)
105308.0031 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(71,15)
105308.0032 ~ WoWPro: Running WoWPro:UpdateQuestTracker()
105308.0033 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(1,1)
105308.0034 ~ WoWPro: MapPoint: LastMapPoint=1 [42.82,53.44@891/0] in Echo Isles. No update needed.
105427.0035 ~ WoWPro: QUEST_DETAIL() InitLockdown=false
105428.0036 ~ WoWPro: CHAT_MSG_SYSTEM("Quest accepted: The Rise of the Darkspear", "", "", "", "", "", 0, 0, "", 0, 32, nil, 0, false, false, false) InitLockdown=false
105428.0037 ~ WoWPro: QUEST_ACCEPTED(2, 24776) InitLockdown=false
105428.0038 ~ WoWPro: QUEST_LOG_UPDATE() InitLockdown=false
105428.0039 ~ WoWPro: WoWPro:PopulateQuestLog()
105428.0040 ~ WoWPro: New Quest 24776: [The Rise of the Darkspear]
105428.0041 ~ WoWPro: WoWPro.CompleteStep(1,The Rise of the Darkspear)
105428.0042 ~ WoWPro: Action=A|Step=The Rise of the Darkspear|M0=42.82,53.44|M1=42.68,53.09|Error=0.37|QID=24776|Vers=6.1.2|Guide=BitDur0105
105428.0043 ~ WoWPro: Signaled for UpdateGuide from WoWPro.CompleteStep
105428.0044 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(1,1)
105428.0045 ~ WoWPro: Running WoWPro:UpdateQuestTracker()
105428.0046 ~ WoWPro: Signaled for UpdateGuide from QUEST_LOG_UPDATE
105428.0047 ~ WoWPro: Running: UpdateGuideReal(), WoWPro Version 6.1.2.
105428.0048 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(1,1)
105428.0049 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(58,1)
105428.0050 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(59,2)
105428.0051 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(60,3)
105428.0052 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(61,4)
105428.0053 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(62,5)
105428.0054 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(63,6)
105428.0055 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(64,7)
105428.0056 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(65,8)
105428.0057 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(66,9)
105428.0058 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(67,10)
105428.0059 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(68,11)
105428.0060 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(69,12)
105428.0061 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(70,13)
105428.0062 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(71,14)
105428.0063 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(72,15)
105428.0064 ~ WoWPro: Running WoWPro:UpdateQuestTracker()
105428.0065 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(58,1)
105429.0066 ~ WoWPro: UNIT_AURA("player") InitLockdown=false
105429.0067 ~ WoWPro: QUEST_LOG_UPDATE() InitLockdown=false
105429.0068 ~ WoWPro: WoWPro:PopulateQuestLog()
105429.0069 ~ WoWPro: Running WoWPro:UpdateQuestTracker()
105429.0070 ~ WoWPro: Signaled for UpdateGuide from QUEST_LOG_UPDATE
105429.0071 ~ WoWPro: Running: UpdateGuideReal(), WoWPro Version 6.1.2.
105429.0072 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(1,1)
105429.0073 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(58,1)
105429.0074 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(59,2)
105429.0075 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(60,3)
105429.0076 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(61,4)
105429.0077 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(62,5)
105429.0078 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(63,6)
105429.0079 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(64,7)
105429.0080 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(65,8)
105429.0081 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(66,9)
105429.0082 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(67,10)
105429.0083 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(68,11)
105429.0084 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(69,12)
105429.0085 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(70,13)
105429.0086 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(71,14)
105429.0087 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(72,15)
105429.0088 ~ WoWPro: Running WoWPro:UpdateQuestTracker()
105429.0089 ~ WoWPro: Called WoWPro.NextStep(58,1)
105430.0090 ~ WoWPro: UNIT_AURA("player") InitLockdown=false

In the Current Guide,
? The Rise of the Darkspear has a tooltip saying
2: NextStep(): Skipping C/T step, because quest is not in QuestLog.

Quest is in the log, and the
! The Rise of the Darkspear step was correctly accepted when taking the quest.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: 6.1.2 has same problem

Well, I spun up a troll hunter and had no such problem.

Strange thing from your log is that one of the L steps completed because it thought you  were level 3 or above.

All I could do was improve the debug messages to make it clearer.


Goblin Hunter

The Level 3 or above message isn't strange, I was a Goblin Hunter, they can't get to the mainland until they're level 9/10/11

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Goblin Hunter

Ohhhh!    I was thinking Golbin, but doing Troll.

Anyways, I was playing through my Blood Elf Paladin through all of the starter zones and ran into some odd problems with quests showing the A step once you had turned them in (the addon thought they were abandoned) or the followon quests not showing up (because the PRE processor did not think the quest was completed).

I made some changes to the quest completion logic that should help.   But it needs more testing.

But I need to put the 6.2 changes into place ASAP.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Fluclo: You added Duplicate PRE tags

## WoWPro_Leveling/Horde/05_12_Bitsem_Durotar.lua @
! Line 306, for step A duplicate tag PRE: [A Purge the Valley|QID|25168|PRE|25167|M|55.95,74.80|N|From Master Gadrin.|PRE|25168|]
! Line 306 for step A has unknown tag [25168]: [A Purge the Valley|QID|25168|PRE|25167|M|55.95,74.80|N|From Master Gadrin.|PRE|25168|]
! Line 309, for step A duplicate tag PRE: [A Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile|QID|25165|PRE|25170|M|55.72,75.39|N|From Bom'bay.|PRE|25170|RANK|2|]
! Line 309 for step A has unknown tag [25170]: [A Never Trust a Big Barb and a Smile|QID|25165|PRE|25170|M|55.72,75.39|N|From Bom'bay.|PRE|25170|RANK|2|]
! Line 323, for step A duplicate tag PRE: [A Riding On|QID|25171|PRE|25168|M|55.94,74.79|N|From Master Gadrin.|PRE|25168|]
! Line 323 for step A has unknown tag [25168]: [A Riding On|QID|25171|PRE|25168|M|55.94,74.79|N|From Master Gadrin.|PRE|25168|]
! Line 357, for step A duplicate tag PRE: [A Storming the Beaches|QID|25177|PRE|25173|M|51.89,43.52|N|From Gar'Thok.|PRE|25173|]
! Line 357 for step A has unknown tag [25173]: [A Storming the Beaches|QID|25177|PRE|25173|M|51.89,43.52|N|From Gar'Thok.|PRE|25173|]
! Line 360, for step A duplicate tag PRE: [A Shipwreck Searching|QID|25178|PRE|25176|M|53.06,43.12|N|From Gail Nozzywig.|PRE|25176|]
! Line 360 for step A has unknown tag [25176]: [A Shipwreck Searching|QID|25178|PRE|25176|M|53.06,43.12|N|From Gail Nozzywig.|PRE|25176|]
! Line 374, for step A duplicate tag PRE: [A Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|PRE|25227|M|49.58,40.16|N|From Thonk.|PRE|25227|]
! Line 374 for step A has unknown tag [25227]: [A Lost in the Floods|QID|25187|PRE|25227|M|49.58,40.16|N|From Thonk.|PRE|25227|]
! Line 412, for step A duplicate tag PRE: [A The Dranosh'ar Blockade|QID|25196|PRE|25232|M|52.26,43.05|N|From Orgnil Soulscar.|PRE|25232|]
! Line 412 for step A has unknown tag [25232]: [A The Dranosh'ar Blockade|QID|25196|PRE|25232|M|52.26,43.05|N|From Orgnil Soulscar.|PRE|25232|]

Testing you :p (Whoops... how

Testing you :p

(Whoops... how did I miss that :s)

In the same way the guide tells you about some errors such as Zone not found, can it return these bugs when you do a /reload ui as well?

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Testing you :p (Whoops... how

My lament is in .

I need to rework the parser in LUA to be stringent and check all these conditions.

For now, I need to focus on finishing the Nagrand Alliance guide for Draenor.

Well, time for a quick dinner!

Hendo72's picture

Testing with 5.4

I'm running an Orc through to test if the guide is up-to-date.

Found 1 issue so far...

H The Den|QID|25133|N|Hearth or run back the The Den.|

Upon completing Burning Blade Medallion, the guide step closes and clears the TomTom arrow. Once you Hearth, the step does not auto-complete because your HS returns you to the Fire in Valley of Trials and not to the Den. The step completed when I walked into the Den.

Also, I'd recommend using 25132 as the QID. 25133 is not completed until you have left the area for Sen'jin Village.

I'll edit this as I come across more and make changes to the coding once I have completed my run through it.


Not sure how to make the H step auto-complete. Only way I can see doing it is to go in and change your HS with the Innkeeper.

I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame you.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Testing with 5.4

The only way H steps can autocomplete is if they mach the name of the zone or subzone that you hearthed back to.

They should also include an M tag, in case your hearthstone is not up, directing you to the hearthplace.

Initial toons have an odd heartstone setting which may leave you not in an Inn.

Blizzard occasionaly changes this for mysterious reasons.

Hendo72's picture

Re: Testing with 5.4

I'll add an M and a CC to the step so it clears if you use your HS or walk there. Unfortunately, I've completed this guide already and therefore, cannot test if it works. :(



You don’t need to use it, it’s implied if no rank is listed."

The only place this is used is when you need to train your first class ability at Level 3. I believe I can safely remove them.

As a coder, first step in debugging, look for and remove excess fluff. :P

I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame you.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Re: Testing with 5.4

No worries, I have a Panda who will run off to the Horde after having been Alliance.

He gets to test ALL the starting zone quests.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Durotar [Hana'zua] now has a pre-requisite.

Redid quest sequence for Orc starting area as [Hana'zua] now has a pre-requisite, [Sting of the Scorpid].

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Durotar Update

Cleaned up some Race specific quests. Broke up a double  |N| tag on a quest into separate N steps.Relocated [A Purge the Valley] for better flow.  Touched up a few coordinates.

Again, my poor goblin finds so many bugs!



Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Durotar Updated Again

Optimize acquisition of a few quests: [The War of Northwatch Aggression], [A Exploiting the Situation]. Do [The Wolf and The Kodo] first, in order to maximize the water breathing buff. Coordinate tweaks for [Thonk], [Raggaran's Rage], [Neeru Fireblade]. Additional note for [Lost But Not Forgotten], so you don't kill alligators before you need them.


This time I ran my Orc shaman through.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Valley of Trial Update ...

Added |R|Orc| to the race specific quests not available to my goblin.Added a missing leading quest [Hana'zua].


In an attempt to fully test the Durotar guides, what did I do? Rolled an orc too. Heh. Working my way through the Durotar - Valley of Trials (Orc) addon, and here are a few thoughts.

If you only kill mobs needed for quests, completing Cutting Teeth does not give you enough experience to continue with the circuit. A level step added in before the turn in for the quest fixes this. Think this should work.

L Level 3|QID|25126|LVL|3|N|Kill boars until you are around level 3.|

The guide also does not direct new players to pick up starting class quests, which do not become available until level 3. Adding these steps after turning in Cutting Teeth seems to work ok. (I *think* these are written right. QIDs and quest info came from wowhead.) >.>


A Rune-Inscribed Parchment|RANK|1|QID|3089|C|Shaman|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|

A Glyphic Parchment|RANK|1|QID|25138|C|Mage|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|

A Simple Parchment|RANK|1|QID|2383|C|Warrior|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|

A Etched Note|RANK|1|QID|3087|C|Hunter|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|

A Tainted Parchment|RANK|1|QID|3090|C|Warlock|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|

A Encrypted Parchment|RANK|1|QID|3088|C|Rogue|M|43.22,68.23|N|From Gornek.|


T Rune-Inscribed Parchment|RANK|1|QID|3089|C|Shaman|M|42.39,69.00|N|To Shikrik.|

T Glyphic Parchment|RANK|1|QID|25138|C|Mage|M|42.51,69.04|N|To Acrypha.|

T Simple Parchment|RANK|1|QID|2383|C|Warrior|M|42.88,69.45|N|To Frang.|

T Etched Note|RANK|1|QID|3087|C|Hunter|M|42.84,69.33|N|To Karranisha.|

T Tainted Parchment|RANK|1|QID|3090|C|Warlock|M|42.39,68.07|N|To Nartok.|

T Encrypted Parchment|RANK|1|QID|3088|C|Rogue|M|42.37,68.81|N|To Rwag.|


A Primal Strike|RANK|1|QID|25143|C|Shaman|PRE|3089|M|42.39,69.00|N|From Shikrik.|

A Arcane Missiles|RANK|1|QID|25149|C|Mage|PRE|25138|M|42.51,69.04|N|From Acrypha.|

A Charge|RANK|1|QID|25147|C|Warrior|PRE|2383|M|42.88,69.45|N|From Frang.|

A Steady Shot|RANK|1|QID|25139|C|Hunter|PRE|3087|M|42.84,69.33|N|From Karranisha.|

A Immolate|RANK|1|QID|25145|C|Warlock|PRE|3090|M|42.39,68.07|N|From Nartok.|

A Eviscerate|RANK|1|QID|25141|C|Rogue|PRE|3088|M|42.37,68.81|N|From Rwag.|


C Primal Strike|RANK|1|QID|25143|C|Shaman|M|42.39,69.00|N|Train Primal Strike and practice on training dummy.|

C Arcane Missiles|RANK|1|QID|25149|C|Mage|M|42.51,69.04|N|Train Arcane Missiles and practice on training dummy.|

C Charge|RANK|1|QID|25147|C|Warrior|M|42.88,69.45|N|Train Charge and practice on training dummy.|

C Steady Shot|RANK|1|QID|25139|C|Hunter|M|42.84,69.33|N|Train Steady Shot and practice on training dummy.|

C Immolate|RANK|1|QID|25145|C|Warlock|M|42.39,68.07|N|Train Immolate and practice on training dummy.|

C Eviscerate|RANK|1|QID|25141|C|Rogue|M|42.37,68.81|N|Train Eviscerate and practice on training dummy.|


T Primal Strike|RANK|1|QID|25143|C|Shaman|M|42.39,69.00|N|To Shikrik.|

T Arcane Missiles|RANK|1|QID|25149|C|Mage|M|42.51,69.04|N|To Acrypha.|

T Charge|RANK|1|QID|25147|C|Warrior|M|42.88,69.45|N|To Frang.|

T Steady Shot|RANK|1|QID|25139|C|Hunter|M|42.84,69.33|N|To Karranisha.|

T Immolate|RANK|1|QID|25145|C|Warlock|M|42.39,68.07|N|To Nartok.|

T Eviscerate|RANK|1|QID|25141|C|Rogue|M|42.37,68.81|N|To Rwag.|



Unrelated to the above, there was a spelling error at the end of the Echo Isles guide, easy fix.

N An Ancient Enemy|RANK|1|QID|24814|M|68.43,71.55|N|Speak with Vanira for Teleport back to Darkspear Hold.|


There is also a 'breadcrumb' type quest that leads to the NPC that gives you the quest to kill Sarkoth. Wowhead reports that it requires level 3, unsure of if it's there at the time, didn't pay attention. The quest is Hana'zua (QID 25128) given by Canaga Earthcaller (42.40,69.17). It rewards 110 xp, 25 rep with Org and the Darkspear, and 25 copper.

Not sure if you want to work it in somewhere or not. Ended up picking it up myself after already completing Sarkoth and the followup. Heh.

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I added your suggestions

I added your suggestions above, though not the lead in quest - where would you suggest placing that one?

After running another toon

After running another toon through the start quickly, I discovered that the lead in quest does not appear until you turn in Sting of the Scorpid. Not sure if it is worth rearranging the guide for the little bit of experience you get from the quest.


Also, the L step directing players to reach level 3 should be before accepting the class quests, not after. The class quests also require level 3 now.

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Awesome feedback, thanks a

Awesome feedback, thanks a ton! Will get this into the next update!

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Fixed note error reported by

Fixed note error reported by Estraile.

Not a bug, per se...

In exploring the new troll starting area, I came across a slight error. Step 14 of the Durotar - Echo Isles (Troll) guide when leveling a shaman reads "C The Arts of a Shaman|RANK|1|QID|24760|C|Shaman|M|64.94,84.21|N|Train Rockbiter and practice.|" The note is incorrect on which ability to train due to skill changes and such. It should read. "C The Arts of a Shaman|RANK|1|QID|24760|C|Shaman|M|64.94,84.21|N|Train Primal Strike and practice.|

Oh, yes. Using the latest release, v2.0.6 I think it is. ^^;

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Thanks for the report! Will

Thanks for the report! Will be fixed momentarily.