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Shadowglen Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('BitTel0110', "Leveling", 'Shadowglen (NightElf)', 'Bitsem', 'Alliance')
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,1,9, 3.5814)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'BitTel0510')
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,"Icon", WoWPro:GuidePickGender("Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Nightelf_Male","Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Nightelf_Female"))
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A The Balance of Nature|QID|28713|M|57.97,39.19|N|From Ilthalaine.|
C The Balance of Nature|QID|28713|M|58.23,40.16|N|Kill Young Nightsabers.|

L Level 2|QID|28713|LVL|2|N|You should be around level 2 by this point.|

T The Balance of Nature|QID|28713|M|58.01,39.29|N|To Ilthalaine.|
A Fel Moss Corruption|QID|28714|PRE|28713|M|58.01,39.29|N|From Ilthalaine.|
A Demonic Thieves|QID|28715|PRE|28734|M|58.04,38.85|N|From Melithar Staghelm.|

C Fel Moss Corruption|QID|28714|S|M|55.68,40.12|N|Kill and loot Grells.|
C Demonic Thieves|QID|28715|M|55.66,40.39|N|Collect Meltihar's Stolen Bags from the ground.|
C Fel Moss Corruption|QID|28714|US|M|55.68,40.12|N|Finish killing Grells for Fel Moss.|

T Demonic Thieves|QID|28715|M|58.01,38.81|N|To Melithar Staghelm.|

L Level 3|QID|28715|LVL|3|N|You should be around level 3 by this point.|

T Fel Moss Corruption|QID|28714|M|58.07,38.86|N|To Ilthalaine.|

A Etched Sigil|QID|3117|PRE|28714|C|Hunter|M|58.07,38.86|N|From Ilthalaine.|R|Night Elf|
A Verdant Sigil|QID|3120|PRE|28714|C|Druid|M|58.07,38.86|N|From Ilthalaine.|R|Night Elf|
A Forbidden Sigil|QID|26841|PRE|28714|C|Mage|M|58.07,38.86|N|From Ilthalaine.|R|Night Elf|
A Simple Sigil|QID|3116|PRE|28714|C|Warrior|M|58.07,38.86|N|From Ilthalaine.|R|Night Elf|
A Hallowed Sigil|QID|3119|PRE|28714|C|Priest|M|58.07,38.86|N|From Ilthalaine.|R|Night Elf|
A Encrypted Sigil|QID|3118|PRE|28714|C|Rogue|M|58.07,38.86|N|From Ilthalaine.|R|Night Elf|
A Calligraphed Sigil|QID|31168|PRE|28714|C|Monk|M|58.07,38.86|N|From Ilthalaine.|R|Night Elf|

T Etched Sigil|QID|3117|M|58.82,35.86|C|Hunter|N|To Ayanna Everstride.|R|Night Elf|
T Verdant Sigil|QID|3120|C|Druid|M|58.2,34.8|N|To Mardant Strongoak.|R|Night Elf|
T Forbidden Sigil|QID|26841|C|Mage|M|58.4,35.6|N|To Rhyanda.|R|Night Elf|
T Simple Sigil|QID|3116|C|Warrior|M|58.8,33.8|N|To Alyissia.|R|Night Elf|
T Hallowed Sigil|QID|3119|C|Priest|M|58.4,35.6|N|To Shanda.|R|Night Elf|
T Encrypted Sigil|QID|3118|C|Rogue|M|58.8,33.9|N|To Frahun Shadewhisper.|R|Night Elf|
T Calligraphed Sigil|QID|31168|C|Monk|M|58.8,33.9|N|To Laoxi.|R|Night Elf|

A A Woodsman's Training|QID|26947|PRE|3117|C|Hunter|M|58.82,35.86|N|From Ayanna Everstride.|R|Night Elf|
A Rejuvenating Touch|QID|26948|PRE|3120|C|Druid|M|58.2,34.8|N|From Mardant Strongoak.|R|Night Elf|
A Arcane Missles|QID|26940|PRE|26841|C|Mage|M|58.4,35.6|N|From Rhyanda.|R|Night Elf|
A Learning New Techniques|QID|26945|PRE|3116|C|Warrior|M|58.8,33.8|N|From Alyissia.|R|Night Elf|
A Learning the Word|QID|26949|PRE|3119|C|Priest|M|58.4,35.6|N|From Shanda.|R|Night Elf|
A A Rogue's Advantage|QID|26946|PRE|3118|C|Rogue|M|58.8,33.9|N|From Frahun Shadewhisper.|R|Night Elf|
A The Art of the Monk|QID|31169|PRE|31168|C|Monk|M|58.8,33.9|N|From Laoxi.|R|Night Elf|

C A Woodsman's Training|QID|26947|C|Hunter|M|58.83,35.82|N|Train Steady Shot and practice it 5 times on a practice dummy.|R|Night Elf|
C Rejuvenating Touch|QID|26948|C|Druid|N|Train Rejuvenation. Use it to heal a Wounded Sentinel.|R|Night Elf|
C Arcane Missles|QID|26940|C|Mage|M|58.83,35.82|N|Train Arcane Missles. Use it 5 times on Training Dummy.|R|Night Elf|
C Learning New Techniques|QID|26945|C|Warrior|M|58.2,34.8|N|Train Charge. Use it 5 times on Training Dummy.|R|Night Elf|
C Learning the Word|QID|26949|C|Priest|N|Train Shadow Word: Pain. Use it 5 times on Training Dummy.|R|Night Elf|
C A Rogue's Advantage|QID|26946|C|Rogue|M|58.83,35.82|N|Train Eviscerate. Use it 5 times on Training Dummy.|R|Night Elf|
C The Art of the Monk|QID|31169|C|Monk|M|58.83,35.82|N|Use Tiger Palm on Training Dummy.|R|Night Elf|

T A Woodsman's Training|QID|26947|C|Hunter|M|58.83,35.82|N|To Ayanna Everstride.|R|Night Elf|
T Rejuvenating Touch|QID|26948|C|Druid|M|58.2,34.8|N|To Mardant Strongoak.|R|Night Elf|
T Arcane Missles|QID|26940|C|Mage|M|58.4,35.6|N|To Rhyanda.|R|Night Elf|
T Learning New Techniques|QID|26945|C|Warrior|M|58.8,33.8|N|To Alyissia.|R|Night Elf|
T Learning the Word|QID|26949|C|Priest|M|58.4,35.6|N|To Shanda.|R|Night Elf|
T A Rogue's Advantage|QID|26946|C|Rogue|M|58.8,33.9|N|To Frahun Shadewhisper.|R|Night Elf|
T The Art of the Monk|QID|31169|C|Monk|M|58.8,33.9|N|To Laoxi.|R|Night Elf|

A Priestess of the Moon|QID|28723|M|58.85,35.75|N|From Ayanna Everstride.|R|Night Elf|
T Priestess of the Moon|QID|28723|M|57.21,33.33|N|To Dentaria Silverglade.|R|Night Elf|

A Iverron's Antidote|QID|28724|PRE|28723|M|57.21,33.33|N|From Dentaria Silverglade.|R|Night Elf|
C Iverron's Antidote|QID|28724|M|57.40,33.56|N|Around the pools.|R|Night Elf|
T Iverron's Antidote|QID|28724|M|57.19,33.29|N|To Dentaria Silverglade.|R|Night Elf|

A The Woodland Protector|QID|28725|PRE|28724|M|56.38,27.92|N|From Tarindrella.|R|Night Elf|
T The Woodland Protector|QID|28725|M|56.38,27.92|N|To Tarindrella.|R|Night Elf|

A Webwood Corruption|QID|28726|PRE|28725|M|56.36,27.72|N|From Tarindrella.|R|Night Elf|

L Level 4|QID|28726|LVL|4|N|You should be around level 4 by this point.|

C Webwood Corruption|QID|28726|M|56.31,22.50|N|Tarindrella will accompany you.|R|Night Elf|
T Webwood Corruption|QID|28726|M|56.31,22.50|N|Tarindrella should still be with you. Turn in to her.|R|Night Elf|

A Vile Touch|QID|28727|PRE|28726|N|From Tarindrella. She's still with you.|R|Night Elf|
C Vile Touch|QID|28727|QO|Githyiss the Vile slain: 1/1|M|56.28,22.52|N|Kill Gilthyiss the Vile.|R|Night Elf|
T Vile Touch|QID|28727|M|57.16,33.09|N|To Ayanna Everstride.|R|Night Elf|

A Signs of Things to Come|QID|28728|PRE|28727|NC|N|From Tarindrella. She'll teleport you back to Dentaria Silverglade.|R|Night Elf|
T Signs of Things to Come|QID|28728|M|57.18,33.20|N|To Dentaria Silverglade.|R|Night Elf|

A Teldrassil: Crown of Azeroth|QID|28729|PRE|28728|M|57.18,33.20|N|From Dentaria Silverglade.|R|Night Elf|
C Teldrassil: Crown of Azeroth|QID|28729|U|5185|M|59.15,29.09|N|Use the Phial at the moonwell.|R|Night Elf|
T Teldrassil: Crown of Azeroth|QID|28729|M|57.22,33.15|N|To Dentaria Silverglade.|R|Night Elf|

A Precious Waters|QID|28730|PRE|28729|M|57.22,33.15|N|From Dentaria Silverglade.|R|Night Elf|
T Precious Waters|QID|28730|M|57.00,36.49;58.39,34.54|CS|N|Up the ramp to Tenaron Stormgrip.|R|Night Elf|

L Level 5|QID|28730|LVL|5|N|You should be around level 5 by this point.|

A Teldrassil: Passing Awareness|QID|28731|PRE|28730|M|58.39,34.54|N|From Tenaron Stormgrip.|R|Night Elf|

r Aldrassil|QID|28731|NC|M|58.73,35.99|N|Repair and Restock. Sell junk and train.|R|Night Elf|

A Dolanaar Delivery|QID|2159|M|60.19,41.64|N|From Porthannius.|



Teldrassil Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('BitTel0510', "Leveling", 'Teldrassil', 'Bitsem', 'Alliance')
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,1,9, 3.5814)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'JamDar1320')
WoWPro:GuideIcon(guide,"Icon", WoWPro:GuidePickGender("Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Nightelf_Male","Interface\\Icons\\Achievement_Character_Nightelf_Female"))
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A Zenn's Bidding|QID|488|M|59.55,49.20|N|From Zenn Foulhoof.|
C Zenn's Bidding|QID|488|M|61.01,52.36|N|Kill Strigid Owls, Webwood Lurkers and Nightsabers.|
T Zenn's Bidding|QID|488|M|59.46,49.19|N|To Zenn Foulhoof.|

A Seek Redemption!|QID|489|M|55.83,50.40|N|From Syral Bladeleaf.|
A The Emerald Dreamcatcher|QID|2438|M|55.58,50.06|N|From Tallonkai Swiftroot.|

f Dolanaar|QID|2438|M|55.46,50.41|N|At Fidelio.|

A A Troubling Breeze|QID|475|M|55.70,51.94|N|From Athridas Bearmantle.|
T Dolanaar Delivery|QID|2159|M|55.40,52.24|N|To Innkeeper Keldamyr.|

h Dolanaar|QID|475|M|55.40,52.24|N|At Innkeeper Keldamyr.|

A Reminders of Home|QID|6344|M|56.67,53.47|N|From Nyoma.|R|Night Elf|
T Teldrassil: Passing Awareness|QID|28731|M|55.84,53.87|N|To Corithras Moonrage.|R|Night Elf|

A Teldrassil: The Refusal of the Aspects|QID|929|M|55.84,53.87|N|From Corithras Moonrage.|R|Night Elf|

C Seek Redemption!|QID|489|M|53.96,56.91|N|Collect Fel Cones from the ground. They sparkle.|

T Reminders of Home|QID|6344|M|55.47,50.51|N|To Fidelio.|R|Night Elf|
A To Darnassus|QID|6341|PRE|6344|M|55.47,50.51|N|From Fidelio.|R|Night Elf|
F Darnassus|QID|6341|M|55.46,50.41|N|Fly to Darnassus.|R|Night Elf|
T To Darnassus|QID|6341|M|36.14,53.27|Z|Darnassus|N|To Sister Aquinne.|R|Night Elf|

A An Unexpected Gift|QID|6342|PRE|6341|M|36.14,53.27|Z|Darnassus|N|From Sister Aquinne.|R|Night Elf|
T An Unexpected Gift|QID|6342|M|36.70,47.95|Z|Darnassus|N|To Leora.|R|Night Elf|

A Return to Nyoma|QID|6343|PRE|6342|M|36.70,47.95|Z|Darnassus|N|From Leora.|R|Night Elf|
F Dolanaar|M|36.4,48|QID|6343|N|Fly back to Dolanaar.|R|Night Elf|Z|Darnassus|
T Return to Nyoma|QID|6343|M|56.71,53.50|N|To Nyoma.|R|Night Elf|

L Level 6|QID|489|LVL|6|N|You should be around level 6 by this point.|

T Seek Redemption!|QID|489|M|59.56,49.19|N|To Zenn Foulhoof.|

C Teldrassil: The Refusal of the Aspects|QID|929|U|5619|M|62.04,50.74|N|Fill the Jade Phial at the Moonwell.|R|Night Elf|
T A Troubling Breeze|QID|475|M|64.58,51.20|N|To Gaerolas Talvethren.|
A Gnarlpine Corruption|QID|476|PRE|475|M|64.58,51.20|N|From Gaerolas Talvethren.|

C The Emerald Dreamcatcher|QID|2438|M|66.09,52.05|N|In the dresser.|

H Dolanaar|QID|2438|NC|M|55.55,49.99|N|Hearth to Dolanaar.|

T Gnarlpine Corruption|QID|476|M|55.72,52.01|N|To Athridas Bearmantle.|
A The Relics of Wakening|QID|483|PRE|476|M|55.72,52.01|N|From Athridas Bearmantle.|
A Resident Danger|QID|13945|M|55.67,51.98|N|From Sentinel Kyra Starsong.|
A Nature's Reprisal|QID|13946|M|55.77,50.50|N|From Syral Bladeleaf.|

T The Emerald Dreamcatcher|QID|2438|M|55.57,50.02|N|To Tallonkai Swiftroot.|
A Ferocitas the Dream Eater|QID|2459|PRE|2438|M|55.57,50.02|N|From Tallonkai Swiftroot.|

A Twisted Hatred|QID|932|M|55.52,50.01|N|From Tallonkai Swiftroot.|
T Teldrassil: The Refusal of the Aspects|QID|929|M|55.85,53.86|N|To Corithras Moonrage.|R|Night Elf|

C Ferocitas the Dream Eater|QID|2459|M|67.09,46.03|N|Kill Gnarlpine Mystics on your way to Ferocitas the Dream Eater.|
T Ferocitas the Dream Eater|QID|2459|M|55.57,50.05|N|To Tallonkai Swiftroot.|

L Level 7|QID|932|LVL|7|N|You should be around level 7 by this point.|

C Nature's Reprisal|QID|13946|S|U|46716|M|53.67,47.05;54.46,46.11;53.31,45.31|CN|N|Use the Ironroot Seeds to kill Grellkin.|
R Fel Rock|QID|932|M|54.54,45.86|N|Head into the Fel Rock cave.|
C Twisted Hatred|QID|932|M|52.95,43.95|N|At the first intersection, head to the right tunnel, then a left at the next intersection. Melenas should be there or right below the ledge. Kill him and loot his head.|
C Nature's Reprisal|QID|13946|US|U|46716|M|54.46,46.11|N|Finish using the Ironroot Seeds to kill Grellkin.|

C Resident Danger|QID|13945|S|M|45.71,46.72|N|Kill Ban'ethil Gnarlpine on sight.|
R Ban'ethil Barrow Den|QID|13945|M|45.49,50.75|N|Head to Ban'thil Den.|
A The Sleeping Druid|QID|2541|M|45.09,53.47|N|From Oben Rageclaw.|
C The Sleeping Druid|QID|2541|S|M|45.36,50.85|N|Kill and loot Gnarlpine Shaman.|
l Rune of Nesting|QID|483|M|46.11,53.8|L|3408|N|Ask the Sentinel Huntress where the Rune of Nesting is and follow the mist, then loot the Rune.|
l Black Feather Quill|QID|483|M|45.92,54.52|L|3406|N|Ask the Sentinel Huntress where the Black Feather Quill is and follow the mist, then loot the Feather.|
l Sapphire of Sky|QID|483|M|45.79,51.29|L|3407|N|Ask the Sentinel Huntress where the Sapphire of Sky is and follow the mist, then loot the Sapphire.|
C The Relics of Wakening|QID|483|M|46.75,50.18|N|Finally, ask her about the Raven Claw Talisman. Follow the green mist and loot the Talisman.|

L Level 8|QID|932|LVL|8|N|You should be around level 8 by this point.|

C The Sleeping Druid|QID|2541|US|M|45.36,50.85|N|Kill Shaman.|
T The Sleeping Druid|QID|2541|M|45.10,53.47|N|To Oben Rageclaw. Ask the Sentinel to show you the way out to find Oben Rageclaw easier.|
A Druid of the Claw|QID|2561|PRE|2541|M|45.10,53.47|N|From Oben Rageclaw.|
C Druid of the Claw|QID|2561|NC|U|8149|M|45.64,52.75|N|Kill Rageclaw next door. Use the Totem on his corpse.|
T Druid of the Claw|QID|2561|M|45.08,53.45|N|To Oben Rageclaw.|
C Resident Danger|QID|13945|US|M|46.67,52.03|N|Finish killing Ban'ethil Gnarlpinet.|

H Dolanaar|QID|483|NC|M|55.65,50.04|N|Hearth to Dolanaar.|

T The Relics of Wakening|QID|483|M|55.73,51.97|N|To Athridas Bearmantle.|
A Ursal the Mauler|QID|486|M|55.73,51.97|N|From Athridas Bearmantle.|

T Resident Danger|QID|13945|M|55.71,51.99|N|To Sentinel Kyra Starsong.|

L Level 9|QID|486|LVL|9|N|You should be around level 9 by this point.|

T Nature's Reprisal|QID|13946|M|55.75,50.49|N|To Syral Bladeleaf.|
T Twisted Hatred|QID|932|M|55.60,50.07|N|To Tallonkai Swiftroot.|

A The Road to Darnassus|QID|487|M|49.41,44.66|N|From Moon Priestess Amara.|

C The Road to Darnassus|QID|487|M|50.80,36.67|N|Kill 8 Gnarlpine Ambushers.|
C Ursal the Mauler|QID|486|M|51.66,38.74|N|Kill Ursal the Mauler.|
C The Road to Darnassus|QID|487|M|50.80,36.67|N|Finish killing Gnarlpine Ambushers.|

T The Road to Darnassus|QID|487|M|49.37,44.61|N|To Moon Priestess Amara.|
T Ursal the Mauler|QID|486|M|55.70,51.95|N|To Athridas Bearmantle.|

A Denalan's Earth|QID|997|M|55.74,50.47|N|From Syral Bladeleaf.|

T Denalan's Earth|QID|997|M|59.94,59.76|N|To Denalan.|

A Timberling Seeds|QID|918|M|59.89,59.79|N|From Denalan.|
A Timberling Sprouts|QID|919|M|59.89,59.79|N|From Denalan.|
C Timberling Seeds|QID|918|S|M|59.80,60.80|N|Kill and loot Timberlings to get the seeds.|
C Timberling Sprouts|QID|919|M|58.89,62.14|N|Pick up Timberling Sprouts. They look like a ball of vines.|S|
A The Glowing Fruit|QID|930|M|57.48,62.80|N|From the Strange Fruited Plant.|
l Moss-Twined Heart|QID|927|M|52.05,63.66|L|5179|N|This is a bit out of the way, so it is optional. Head to the waypoint, if Blackmoss the Fetid is there, kill and loot it for the .|
A The Moss-twined Heart|QID|927|U|5179|N|Accept this quest from the Moss-Twined Heart.|
C Timberling Sprouts|QID|919|M|58.89,62.14|N|Pick up Timberling Sprouts. They look like a ball of vines.|US|
C Timberling Seeds|QID|918|US|M|59.80,60.80|N|Kill and loot Timberlings to get the seeds.|
T Timberling Seeds|QID|918|M|59.89,59.72|N|To Denalan.|
A Rellian Greenspyre|QID|922|PRE|918|M|59.89,59.72|N|From Denalan.|
L Level 10|QID|922|LVL|10|N|You should be around level 10 by this point.|
T Timberling Sprouts|QID|919|M|59.89,59.72|N|To Denalan.|
T The Glowing Fruit|QID|930|M|59.89,59.72|N|To Denalan.|
T The Moss-twined Heart|QID|927|M|59.89,59.72|N|To Denalan.|
A Planting the Heart|QID|941|M|59.89,59.72|N|From Denalan.|
T Planting the Heart|QID|941|M|59.89,59.72|N|To Denalan's Planter.|

A Teldrassil: The Burden of the Kaldorei|QID|7383|M|55.83,53.90|N|From Corithras Moonrage.|
T Rellian Greenspyre|QID|922|M|44.00,44.18|N|To Rellian Greenspyre.|

A Mossy Tumors|QID|923|PRE|922|M|44.00,44.18|N|From Rellian Greenspyre.|
C Teldrassil: The Burden of the Kaldorei|QID|7383|M|40.46,29.99|N|Fill the Amethyst Phial in the moonwell.|

A Tears of the Moon|QID|2518|M|39.24,29.82|N|From Priestess A'moora.|
A The Enchanted Glade|QID|937|M|39.45,29.85|N|From Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak.|

L Level 11|QID|937|LVL|11|N|You should be around level 11 by this point.|

C The Enchanted Glade|QID|937|M|36.91,29.83|N|Kill and loot Harpies until you get all the belts needed.|S|
A Mist|QID|938|M|34.49,27.82|N|Head through the Harpies to Mist and accept this quest.|
C Mist|QID|938|M|39.45,29.85|N|Escort Mist to Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak.|
T Mist|QID|938|M|39.45,29.85|N|To Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak.|
C The Enchanted Glade|QID|937|M|36.91,29.83|N|Kill and loot Harpies until you get all the belts needed.|US|
C Tears of the Moon|QID|2518|M|40.64,22.39|N|Kill and loot Lady Sathrah.|
C Mossy Tumors|QID|923|M|44.28,25.79|N|Kill and loot Timberlings until you get 5 Mossy Tumors.|

T The Enchanted Glade|QID|937|M|39.52,29.83|N|To Sentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak.|
T Tears of the Moon|QID|2518|M|39.23,29.79|N|To Priestess A'moora.|
T Mossy Tumors|QID|923|M|43.89,44.11|N|To Rellian Greenspyre.|

A Oakenscowl|QID|2499|M|43.89,44.11|N|From Denalan.|
C Oakenscowl|QID|2499|M|47.34,34.83|N|Kill and loot Oakenscowl to get the Gargantuan Tumor.|
T Oakenscowl|QID|2499|M|43.93,44.22|N|To Denalan.|

T Teldrassil: The Burden of the Kaldorei|QID|7383|M|41.02,45.57|N|To Corithras Moonrage.|
A Teldrassil: The Coming Dawn|QID|933|PRE|7383|M|41.02,45.57|N|From Corithras Moonrage.|
C Teldrassil: The Coming Dawn|QID|933|U|5621|M|43.83,58.69|N|Use the Tourmaline Phial at the moonwell.|

L Level 12|QID|933|LVL|12|N|You should be around level 12 by this point.|

T Teldrassil: The Coming Dawn|QID|933|M|42.57,58.14|N|To Tarindrella.|

A The Vengeance of Elune|QID|14005|PRE|933|M|42.57,58.14|N|From Tarindrella.|
C The Vengeance of Elune|QID|14005|M|40.97,69.79|N|The first ability is aoe that heals you and harms enemies. The second pulls enemies to you. The third is a strong aoe attack.|
T The Vengeance of Elune|QID|14005|M|42.51,58.23|N|To Tarindrella.|

A The Waters of Teldrassil|QID|935|PRE|14005|M|42.51,58.23|N|From Tarindrella.|
T The Waters of Teldrassil|QID|935|M|41.02,45.77|N|To Corithras Moonrage.|

A Home of the Kaldorei|QID|14039|PRE|935|M|41.02,45.77|N|From Corithras Moonrage.|
T Home of the Kaldorei|QID|14039|M|43.15,77.90|Z|Darnassus|N|Take the ramp up, to Tyrande Whisperwind.|
A Breaking Waves of Change|QID|26383|M|43.88,76.22|Z|Darnassus|N|From Sentinel Cordressa Briarbow.|

R Rut'theran Village|QID|26383|M|36.17,50.08|Z|Darnassus|N|Run through the pink glow near the Darnassus flight master.|
f Rut'theran Village|QID|26383|M|55.36,88.51|N|At Vesprystus.|

F Lor'danel|QID|26383|M|55.36,88.51|N|Talk to Vesprystus, and ask to be sent to Lor'danel.|
T Breaking Waves of Change|QID|26383|M|51.8,18|Z|Darkshore|N|To Dentaria Silverglade.|



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Nothing there is night elf only any more.

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New map information

In chat log:


[09:49:56] WoWPro: You discovered new map info for Teldrassil:Shadowthread Cave. Please report this on the website.[09:49:56] WoWPro: [41/2] w=480.000000, h=320.000000, xO=-660.000000, yO=-10715.000000


Additionally, the quests within Shadowthread Cave are in a different zone.

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Re: New map information

Dang it!   I missed that one.

Thanks for the report.   It will go with others in the patch release next Thursday.

When I add the map, I will also add a zone name that can be used.

PS:  It looks like I managed to lose my hidden map check code.   I'll have to re-write it after dinner tonight.  No raiding for me today.

Druid quest in Aldrassil

Steps 15, 16 and 17, the steps which involve the Druid quest "A Healer's Touch" is now called "Rejuvenating Touch". You need to learn Rejuvenation from Mardant Strongoak and use it 1x to heal a Wounded Sentinel instead of 5 times.

Can someone please fix this?

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Fixed, thanks for the catch.

Fixed, thanks for the catch.

Dolanaar Delivery turnin needs correcting

T Dolanaar Delivery|QID|2438|M|55.40,52.24|N|To Innkeeper Keldamyr.|

needs to have its QID corrected to 2159 because it does not complete otherwise.

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OK, now I have enhanced the syntax checker to look for A steps without T steps or orphan C/T steps without A, et al.

I need to spot check the results of the report before posting it.

Sigh. Spot checks confirms that there may be up to 194 errors of this type.  Leadin quests are some of these, but many of the errors are legit.



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Teldrassil update

Added a couple of missing notes, added missing quests. Added in Race tags for NE only quests.

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Quest A Favor for Melithar cannot be accepted before...

The quest "A Favor for Melithar" cannot be accepted before completing "Fel Moss Corruption."  I think if you just move the other two steps for "Fell Moss Corruption" above the acceptance of "A Favor for Melithar" it will do the trick.

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01_12_Bitsem_Teldrassil.lua fixed for L step sans QID

Added missing QID to level step 6.