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Source Code

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide("SnoAzu0112", "Azuremyst Isle (Draenai)", "Snowflake", "01", "12", "SveBlo1220", "Alliance", function()
return [[

R Note:|QID|10302|R|Human, Worgen, Gnome, Dwarf, Night Elf|Z|The Exodar|M|79.00,58.00;73.70,53.43;54.17,36.47|CC|N|If you have not been here before, I would recommend getting the flight point. Just follow the waypoints to the flight master.|
f Seat of the Naaru|QID|9625|10302|R|Human, Worgen, Gnome, Dwarf, Night Elf|Z|The Exodar|M|54.22,36.55|N|At Stephanos.|
A You Survived!|R|Draenei|QID|9279|M|84.2,43.0|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|From Megelon right in front of you.|
T You Survived!|R|Draenei|QID|9279|N|Further southwest at the crash site.|M|80.4,45.9|
A Replenishing the Healing Crystals|R|Human, Worgen, Gnome, Dwarf, Night Elf|QID|9369|M|80.4,45.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Replenishing the Healing Crystals|R|Human, Worgen, Gnome, Dwarf, Night Elf|QID|9369|M|78.6,45.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Replenishing the Healing Crystals|R|Human, Worgen, Gnome, Dwarf, Night Elf|QID|9369|M|80.4,45.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Replenishing the Healing Crystals|R|Draenei|QID|9280|M|80.4,45.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Replenishing the Healing Crystals|R|Draenei|QID|9280|M|78.6,45.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Replenishing the Healing Crystals|R|Draenei|QID|9280|M|80.4,45.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Volatile Mutations|QID|10302|M|79.1,46.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Volatile Mutations|QID|10302|M|77.85,43.37|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Volatile Mutations|QID|10302|N|Back at the camp|M|79.1,46.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A What Must Be Done...|QID|9293|M|79.1,46.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Botanical Legwork|QID|9799|M|79.1,46.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Urgent Delivery!|QID|9409|M|80.4,45.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Urgent Delivery!|QID|9409| |N|At Zaldunn inside the building|M|80.1,48.8|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Rescue the Survivors!|R|Draenei|QID|9283|M|80.1,48.8|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
r Sell junk and repair|QID|9293| |N|At Mura |M|79.19,50.93|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Spare Parts |QID|9305|M|79.5,51.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Inoculation |QID|9303|M|79.5,51.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Rescue the Survivors!|R|Draenei|QID|9283|N|Go west and look for a Draenei Survivor. Cast your Gift of the Naaru on him.|M|75.60,46.70|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Botanical Legwork|QID|9799|M|74.39,49.97Z|Azuremyst Isle|S|N|Collect Corrupted Flowers.|
C What Must Be Done...|QID|9293| |N|Kill Mutated Root Lashers.|M|74.9,50.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Botanical Legwork|QID|9799|M|74.39,49.97|Z|Azuremyst Isle|US|N|Collect Corrupted Flowers.|
C Botanical Legwork|QID|9799|M|74.9,50.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Botanical Legwork|QID|9799|N|Back at the Crash Site.|M|79.1,46.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T What Must Be Done...|QID|9293|M|79.1,46.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Healing the Lake|QID|9294|M|79.1,46.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Rescue the Survivors!|R|Draenei|QID|9283|M|80.1,48.8|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A The Light's Power|QID|26966|C|Paladin|M|79.75,48.34|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|From Aurelon.|
A Your First Lesson|QID|26958|C|Warrior|M|79.61,49.42|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|From Kore.|
N Shaman Training|QID|9421|C|Shaman|N|Get your new skills at the trainer.|M|79.3,49.1|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Priest Training|QID|9291|C|Priest|N|Get your new skills at the trainer.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Hunter Training|QID|9288|C|Hunter|N|Get your new skills at the trainer.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Paladin Training|QID|9287|C|Paladin|N|Get your new skills at the trainer.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Warrior Training|QID|9289|C|Warrior|N|Get your new skills at the trainer.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Mage Training|QID|9290|C|Mage|N|Get your new skills at the trainer.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C The Light's Power|QID|26966|C|Paladin|M|80.08,45.77|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|Learn Seal of Righteousness and Judgement from Aurelon. Apply Seal of Righteousness, go the waypoint and use Judgement on a Training Dummy.|
C Your First Lesson|QID|26958|C|Warrior|M|79.61,49.42|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|Learn Charge from Kore. Go the waypoint and use Charge on a Training Dummy.|
T The Light's Power|QID|26966|C|Paladin|M|79.75,48.34|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|To Aurelon.|
T Your First Lesson|QID|26958|C|Warrior|M|79.61,49.42|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|To Kore.|
r Sell junk and repair|QID|9305|N|At Mura, close this step when done.|M|79.19,50.93|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Healing the Lake|QID|9294|N|Head south to the giant crystal and right-click it.|M|77,59|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Inoculation|QID|9303|N|Go to the Nestlewood Thicket and use your Inoculating Crystal on the Nestlewood Owlkin (not the mutated ones).|U|22962|M|78,60|Z|Azuremyst Isle|S|
C Spare Parts|QID|9305|N|Into the hills, through the cave. The parts are spread all over the camp.|M|84.51,65.29|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Inoculation|QID|9303|N|Go to the Nestlewood Thicket and use your Inoculating Crystal on the Nestlewood Owlkin (not the mutated ones).|U|22962|M|78,60|Z|Azuremyst Isle|US|
H Ammen Vale|QID|9305|U|6948|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Healing the Lake|QID|9294|M|79.1,46.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Inoculation|QID|9303|M|79.5,51.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A The Missing Scout|QID|9309|M|79.5,51.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Spare Parts|QID|9305|M|79.5,51.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Visit class trainer|QID|9309|M|79.97,48.66|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T The Missing Scout|QID|9309| |N|Southwest.|M|72,60|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A The Blood Elves|QID|10303| |N|Kill Blood Elf Scouts.|M|70.61,63.16|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C The Blood Elves|QID|10303|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T The Blood Elves|QID|10303|M|72.0,60.8|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Blood Elf Spy|QID|9311|M|72.0,60.8|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Blood Elf Spy|QID|9311|N|Find her in front of a tent at the top of the ridge.|M|69.27,65.72|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Blood Elf Plans|QID|9798|N|Loot Surveyor Candress's body to get the attack plans.|L|24414|M|69.3,65.7|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Blood Elf Plans|QID|9798|N|Starts from a drop from Surveyor Candress.|U|24414|M|69.3,65.7|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Blood Elf Spy|QID|9311|N|Back at the Crash Site.|M|79.5,51.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Blood Elf Plans|QID|9798|M|79.5,51.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A The Emitter|QID|9312|M|79.5,51.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T The Emitter|QID|9312|M|79.5,51.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Travel to Azure Watch|QID|9313|M|79.5,51.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
r Sell junk and repair|QID|9452| |N|At Mura |M|79.19,50.93|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Word from Azure Watch |QID|9314| |N|Go all the way to the west, and through the pass.|M|69,54;64.5,54.0|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Red Snapper - Very Tasty!|QID|9452|M|61.1,54.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Red Snapper - Very Tasty!|N|Use the Draenei Fishing Net on the Schools of Red Snapper which you can find along the shore. Sometimes, an angry murloc will spawn and you'll have to kill him, then loot the Red Snapper from him.| |QID|9452| |U|23654|M|62.31,55.11|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Red Snapper - Very Tasty!|QID|9452|M|61.1,54.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Find Acteon!|QID|9453|M|61.1,54.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
R Azure Watch|QID|9453|N|Follow the path.|M|51.18,51.67|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Find Acteon!|QID|9453|M|49.8,51.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A The Great Moongraze Hunt|QID|9454|M|49.8,51.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Travel to Azure Watch|QID|9313|M|48.7,50.3|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Word from Azure Watch|QID|9314|M|48.3,49.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
h Azure Watch|QID|9506|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Beds, Bandages, and Beyond|QID|9603|R|Draenei|N|From Caregive Chellan.|
A Medicinal Purpose|QID|R|Draenei|9463|M|48.4,51.8|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Visit class trainer|C|Shaman|M|48.05,50.42||QID|9454|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Visit class trainer|C|Paladin|M|48.36,49.56||QID|9454|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Visit class trainer|C|Priest|M|46.60,49.29||QID|9454|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Visit class trainer|C|Mage|M|49.87,49.96||QID|9454|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Visit class trainer|C|Warrior|M|50.02,50.52||QID|9454|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Visit class trainer|C|Hunter|M|49.78,51.93||QID|9454|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Note!|QID|9616|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|From now on if you see a Blood Elf Bandit on the way, kill it for an item that gives an extra exp quest, if you don't find him though don't worry, the quest has no follow ups.|
f Get flightpoint.|QID|9463|M|49.67,49.17|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|At Zaldaan.|
T Beds, Bandages, and Beyond|QID|9603|R|Draenei|N|Go to Zaldaan.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A On the Wings of a Hippogryph|QID|9604|R|Draenei|N|From Zaldaan.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
F The Exodar|QID|9604|R|Draenei|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T On the Wings of a Hippogryph|QID|9604|R|Draenei|M|57.03,50.14|Z|The Exodar|N|Go to Nurguni.|
A Hippogryph Master Stephanos|QID|9605|R|Draenei|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|From Nurguni.|
T Hippogryph Master Stephanos|QID|9605|R|Draenei|Z|The Exodar|N|Go to Hippogryph Master Stephanos.|
A Return to Caregiver Chellan|QID|9606|R|Draenei|Z|The Exodar|N|From Stephanos.|
F Azure Watch|QID|9606|R|Draenei|M|54.33,36.73|Z|The Exodar|N|Fly back to Azure Watch.|
T Return to Caregiver Chellan|QID|9606|R|Draenei|M|48.39,49.25|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|To Caregiver Chellan.|
C The Great Moongraze Hunt|QID|9454|N|Kill Moongraze Stags.|S|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Medicinal Purpose|QID|9463|R|Draenei|N|Kill Root Trappers.|S|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
R Odesyus' Landing||QID|9454|N|Kill Moongraze Stags and Root Trappers on the way, they are found near the road in the forest.|M|46,70|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A A Small Start|QID|9506|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo|QID|9512|M|46.7,70.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo|QID|9512|S|N|Kill crawlers for Skittering Crawler Meat.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C A Small Start|QID|9506|N|Inside the Venture Co. camp get the map and the compass.|M|58.61,66.38;59.55, 67.66|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo|QID|9512|US|N|Follow the shore east to while killing crawlers for Skittering Crawler Meat.|M|58,67|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T A Small Start|QID|9506|N|Head back to Odesyus' Landing.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A I've Got a Plant|QID|9530|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Reclaiming the Ruins|QID|9513|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling|QID|9523|M|47.2,70.0|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Cookie's Jumbo Gumbo|QID|9512|M|46.7,70.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C I've Got a Plant|QID|9530|S|N|Look for piles of leaves and tree trunks.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C The Great Moongraze Hunt |QID|9454|US|N|Kill the needed Moongraze Stags and Root Trappers on your way north. They can be found next to the road.|M|48.52,55.63|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Medicinal Purpose|QID|9463|R|Draenei|US|N|Kill the needed Root Trappers on the way north. They can be found next to the road.|M|48.52,55.63|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
R Azure Watch|QID|9463|M|48.83,53.16|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|Run to Azure Watch.|
T Medicinal Purpose|QID|9463|R|Draenei|M|48.4,51.8|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A An Alternative Alternative|QID|R|Draenei|9473|M|48.4,51.8|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T The Great Moongraze Hunt|QID|9454|M|49.8,51.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A The Great Moongraze Hunt|QID|10324|M|49.8,51.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
r Sell junk and repair|QID|9530|N|At Kioni|M|49.69,52.75|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C An Alternative Alternative|QID|9473|R|Draenei|S|N|Look for Azure Snapdragon Bulbs.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling|QID|9523|N|Go to the Wrathscale Point and collect Ancient Relics. Also kill any Naga you come across for Reclaiming the Ruins|M|35,75|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Reclaiming the Ruins|QID|9513|N|Kill any Naga you still need for this quest.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Rune Covered Tablet|QID|9514|N|The tablet should drop off the naga while you're killing them.|U|23759|M|36.1,77.0|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C I've Got a Plant|QID|9530|US|N|Move towards Odesyus' Landing . There you will find hollow trees. Loot the remaining Piles of Leaves.|M|45.43,66.20|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T I've Got a Plant|QID|9530|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Tree's Company|QID|9531|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Reclaiming the Ruins|QID|9513|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Rune Covered Tablet|QID|9514|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Precious and Fragile Things Need Special Handling|QID|9523|M|47.2,70.0|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Warlord Sriss'tiz|QID|9515|N|Wait a moment until the dialog is finished.|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C An Alternative Alternative|QID|9473|R|Draenei|US|N|Go back to Azure Watch while collecting the remaining Azure Snapdragon Bulbs.|M|48.72,53.81|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
R Azure Watch|QID|9473|M|48.72,53.81|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T An Alternative Alternative|QID|R|Draenei|9473|M|48.4,51.8|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A The Missing Fisherman|QID|10428|M|49.0,51.1|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Learning the Language|QID|9538|M|49.4,51.0|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Learning the Language|N|Read the book.| |QID|9538| |U|23818|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Learning the Language|QID|9538|M|49.4,51.0|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Totem of Coo|QID|9539|M|49.4,51.0|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
N Find a Faintly Glowing Crystal.|QID|9455|L|23678|N|Kill Infected Nightstalkers until one of them drops a Faintly Glowing Crystal.|M|48.26,41.43|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Strange Findings|N|Start this off the Faintly Glowing Crystal.|QID|9455|U|23678|M|48.26,41.43|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Strange Findings|QID|9455|M|47.1,50.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2...|QID|9456|M|47.1,50.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Totem of Coo|N|Follow Stillpine Ancenstor Akida up the hill to the northeast.|QID|9539|M|55.2,41.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Totem of Tikti|QID|9540|M|55.2,41.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Totem of Tikti|N|Jump off the cliff to the east after you recieve the "Ghost Walk" buff, then keep running east until you cross the river.|QID|9540|M|64,39|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Totem of Yor|QID|9541|M|64.5,39.8|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Totem of Yor|N|Wait until you recieve the "embrace of the Serpent" buff, then walk into the water, and swim south to the southern estuary.|QID|9541|M|63,67|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Totem of Vark|QID|9542|M|63.0,67.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
R Run to this waypoint.|QID|9542|M|30.94,56.87|CC|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|Wait until the furbolg casts the runspeed buff on you, then don't bother waiting and run straight to the waypoint. Right click your buff to return to the normal world.|
C The Great Moongraze Hunt|QID|10324|N|Kill Moongraze Bucks and Infected Nightstalkers.|M|30.94,56.87|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2...|N|Kill however many you need left.|QID|9456|M|30.94,56.87|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Totem of Vark|N|Head to the totem.|QID|9542|M|28,62|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A The Prophecy of Akida|QID|9544|M|28.1,62.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C The Prophecy of Akida|N|Kill Bristlelimb Furbolgs in the camp and get the keys off them. Use them to unlock 8 cages.|QID|9544|M|28.5,66.4|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Warlord Sriss'tiz|QID|9515|N|Go back to the main island, to a cave in Wrathscale Point. Drop down the hole just inside the cave, then kill Warlord Sriss'Tiz.|M|27,77;26.34,73.90;25.12,74.19|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Tree's Company|N|Fight your way out of the cavem then go far southwest to a Naga Flag. Use your Tree Disguise Kit and wait for the complete message.|QID|9531|U|23792|M|18.48,84.33|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A A Cry For Help|N|On the northern side of the island, behind a fallen tree.| |QID|9528|M|14,75|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C A Cry For Help|N|Escort Magwin across the island, defending her from the owlkin. You'll end up at the next quest NPC we need.| |QID|9528|M|16.6,94.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T A Cry For Help|QID|9528|M|16.6,94.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T The Missing Fisherman|QID|10428|M|16.6,94.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A All That Remains|QID|9527|M|16.6,94.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C All That Remains|QID|9527| |N|Kill owlkins on this island until you pick up the Remains of Cowlen's Family.|M|13.41,85.29|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T All That Remains|QID|9527|M|16.6,94.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
H Azure Watch|QID|9544|U|6948|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T The Great Moongraze Hunt|QID|10324|M|49.8,51.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T The Prophecy of Akida|QID|9544|M|49.4,51.0|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Stillpine Hold|QID|9559|M|49.4,51.0|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Nightstalker Clean Up, Isle 2...|QID|9456|M|47.1,50.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
R Odesyus' Landing|QID|9515|N|Fight your way out of the cave.|M|46.11,72.16|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Warlord Sriss'tiz|QID|9515|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Tree's Company|QID|9531|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Show Gnomercy|QID|9537|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Show Gnomercy|QID|9537|T|Engineer "Spark" Overgrind|N|Search the gnome Engineer "Spark" Overgrind on the beach, talk to him and kill him.|M|48.28,72.22|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Show Gnomercy|QID|9537|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Deliver Them From Evil...|QID|9602|M|47.0,70.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
H Azure Watch|QID|9602|N|Or run if your Hearthstone is on cooldown.|U|6948|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Deliver Them From Evil...|QID|9602|M|47.1,50.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Coming of Age|QID|9623|M|47.1,50.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
r Sell junk and repair|QID|9559|N|At Kioni|M|49.69,52.75|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
R Stillpine Hold|QID|9559|N|To the north of Azure Watch.|M|46,20|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Beasts of the Apocalypse!|QID|9560|M|44.8,23.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Murlocs... Why Here? Why Now?|QID|9562|M|44.7,23.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Stillpine Hold|QID|9559|M|46.7,20.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Beasts of the Apocalypse!|QID|9560|N|Kill Ravagers at the Menagerie Wreckage.|M|54.24,19.36|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Beasts of the Apocalypse!|QID|9560|N|Back at Stillpine Hold|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Search Stillpine Hold|QID|9565|M|46.7,20.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Chieftain Oomooroo|QID|9573|M|46.9,21.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Chieftain Oomooroo|QID|9573| |N|Go into Stillpine Hold and up the path on the right. Kill Crazed Wildkin and Chieftain Oomooroo|M|45.39,18.06;47.43,14.18|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Chieftain Oomooroo|QID|9573|M|46.9,21.2|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A The Kurken is Lurkin'|QID|9570|M|47.0,22.3|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C The Kurken is Lurkin'|QID|9570|N|Go back into Stillpine Hold, this time to the left. Kill the Kurken and loot its hide.|M|49.78,12.95|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Search Stillpine Hold|QID|9565|N|Turn in at the red crystal. Be at full health, as two owlkin will spawn behind you and attack.|M|50.59,11.65|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Blood Crystals|QID|9566|M|50.5,11.5|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Blood Crystals|QID|9566|N|Get out of the cave|M|46.7,20.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T The Kurken is Lurkin'|QID|9570|M|47.0,22.3|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A The Kurken's Hide|QID|9571|M|47.0,22.3|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Warn Your People|QID|9622|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T The Kurken's Hide|QID|9571|M|44.8,23.9|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
C Murlocs... Why Here? Why Now?|QID|9562|N|Kill murlocs around until you have 5 Stillpine Grain. You can also collect them from bags aronud there.|M|35,13|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
K Murgurgula|QID|9564|N|Look for the boss murloc named Murgurgula. Kill it and loot Gurf's Dignity from him.|L|23850|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
A Gurf's Dignity|QID|9564|U|23850|M|33.8,25.7|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Murlocs... Why Here? Why Now?|QID|9562|N|Back at Stillpine Hold|M|44.7,23.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Gurf's Dignity|QID|9564|M|44.7,23.6|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Warn Your People|QID|9622|N|Travel back to Azure Watch.|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
r Sell junk and repair|QID|10366|N|At Kioni|M|49.69,52.75|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
F The Exodar|QID|9623|Z|Azuremyst Isle|N|Fly to The Exodar. I would suggest visiting the AH and bank while you are there.|
A Hero's Call: Bloodmyst Isle!|QID|28559|M|55.31,47.34|Z|The Exodar|N|Pick up from the Hero's Call Board. Will not be there if your level is too high.|
T Coming of Age|QID|9623|N|Just Outside the Exodar|M|81.64,51.70|Z|The Exodar|
A Elekks Are Serious Business|QID|9625|M|81.64,51.70|Z|The Exodar|
R Kessel's Crossing|QID|9625|Z|Bloodmyst Isle|N|Go north to Kessel's Crossing on Bloodmyst Isle.|M|63.50,88.14|Z|Azuremyst Isle|
T Elekks Are Serious Business|QID|9625|Z|Bloodmyst Isle|
N Level 12|QID|9625|N|You should be level 12. Tick this step off and go to the next Guide.|

Change Log

12/2/2010 - Edit by Jiyambi

    Addon Version: v2.0.4
    Game Version: 4.0.3
    Summary: Created a source file page

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Stillpine Hold

the quest "Search Stillpine Hold" is not available until you complete the quests "Murlocs... Why Here? Why Now?" and "Beasts of the Apocalypse!". but the guide has me trying to pick up the quest "search Stillpine Hold" after only completing and turning in "Beasts of the Apocalypse!"

Emmaleah's picture

RE: Search Stillpine Hold

I see what you are saying. I will need to run a toon thru there to see the right way to fix it.  I looked thru the revision history for the last several years and it looks to have been wrong for some time, so, a big thanks for taking the time to let us know! I will try to get it fixed correctly soon.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Aldavor's picture


The code for Azuremyst seems to have been reverted for some reason, as the quest 'An Alternative Alternative' is now appearing WAY before it should (as it used to be before I corrected it last year).

In fact it all sems to have become unravelled as I'm getting single quests to do, return to hand in then getting another one to go to the same place... has there been a database outage at some point?

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

RE: Reverted?

You can use the REVISIONS tab to see the history of the changes.   Your changes are still there and the history of who changed what, when.

Emmaleah's picture


I looked in the change log and it doesnt look like that should have changed.  Have you compared what the guide is displaying with what is actually written in the guide? i.e.  in the current guide pane or the actual guide on this site (or your harddrive) and are there steps that are not showing in the guide window? 

I know you have worked with the guides for awhile, so you probably know this, but If you look at it in the "current guide wondow" and mouseover the step it will show the skipped reason.  Admittedly the reason is cryptic, but it is a place to start.

Sorry, this isnt much of an answer, but hopefully it helps a little.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Aldavor's picture

Thanks for the reply;

Thanks for the reply; appreciate your guidance. I pretty much religiously download the zip file from github on most updates so, to be honest, what I write is removed after being committed. Admittedly I haven't checked the 'current guide' against what's being suggested so I'll do that - it's just that I haven't had the opportunity to roll a new character for a loooong time (having 26 x lvl 100s tends to provoke a very long and tedious housekeeping process!! :D) so not been going through any starter zones recently (apart from demon hunter...). I'll do some more checks this weekend. Thanks again :)

Quest item quantity not updating for quest

I noticed the quantity wasn't updating on the quest "An Alternative Alternative". See the picture in link

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Quest item quantity not updating for quest

Thanks for the report.   Changed the  |L| tag to a QO|1| tag.

Aldavor's picture

WoD changes

Seems like Ammen Vale now has different map coords since WoD, possibly 6.1 patch. This guide actually does need refactoring, since the comments below relating to the "Prophecy of Velen" flow within the quest chain, and also "Elekks are Serious Business" being an alternative to the Hero's Call pickup.

If it's ok with you, I can make a start on this; I've replaced the coords for the Ammen Vale section and I can replace that, but need more time with the other two.


Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: WoD changes

Please, by all means go ahead.

We previously got away with not making any coordinate changes when Blizzard added the Ammen Vale subzone.  But it seems that with every release, they feel the need to muck with the starting zones.

After all, they need to sell players on the product by level 10 or whatever.

Aldavor's picture

OK, I've now uploaded the

OK, I've now uploaded the updated content; hopefully it's all in sequence now. I've run through and all feels ok; please advise if there are still any issues.

EDIT to add: The "crazy arrow" doesn't show within Ammen Vale, but I think that's a TomTom issue due to coords all having been changed.

Aldavor's picture

Cleaned up, tested with a

Cleaned up, tested with a run-through on a brand new rolled draenei priest. Seems a good experience, please advise if I've missed anything.

Just a note for anyone reading this; if you pick up the "Ravager Cage Key" during the "Beasts of the Apocalypse!" quest, I believe you can safely discard/destroy it since the quest it was used for has been removed from the game a long time ago. It actually opens a cage with an elite mob but killing/looting it doesn't offer anything worthwhile.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Ammen Vale

Ah, good.  That should be fixed when TomTom merges in the changes to our fork of the Asttrolabe addon.

Some of the starter zones have missing map information.

Need a comment



A Elekks Are Serious Business|QID|9625|M|81.64,51.70|Z|The Exodar|N|From Torallius the Pack Handler.|


If you have picked up "A Hero's Call: Bloodmyst Isle!" this quest will not be available.  This should be noted in a comment.  Took me about 10 minutes and a trip to wowhead to figure out what was wrong.

Using Wholly and Grail you

Using Wholly and Grail you can see that this is the case, without all the pain and suffering.  :-)

Crackerhead22's picture

Azuremyst Isle update

Added bunch of notes, added a couple of sticky steps, fixed some cords, added a couple cords.

annasender's picture

If you go down to Odesyus' Landing before completing....

Before completing An Alternative Alternative, you will miss a breadcrumb quest to Odesyus' Landing - The Prophecy of Velen that leads to the quest A Small Start.  For completionists, you may want to switch the order. :)

Crackerhead22's picture

Fixed a race tag issue with

Fixed a race tag issue with "Medicinal Purpose".

Medicinal Purpose

For some strange reason, when I run this guide, after reaching Azure Watch, the guide keeps on trying to give me Medicinal Purpose, even though (a) it has already been completed, and (b) I manually strike it off when it comes.  One or two quests later, it comes back as a guide entry.

Some mistakes

1. Wrong QID for Medicinal Purpose quest

2. Wrong QID for An Alternative Alternative quest

3. Wrong coords for repair NPC in Azure Watch

Crackerhead22's picture

Ok, I just checked

Ok, I just checked everything.  From what I see, all the QIDs are correct, as well as the cords for Kioni.

Crackerhead22's picture

I'll look into those.

I'll look into those.

Crackerhead22's picture

Added missing class quests,

Added missing class quests, added spacing for easier editing.