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Source Code

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return [[

A Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle|QID|8325|R|BloodElf|N|Magistrix Erona|M|38.0,21.0|RANK|1|
C Mana Wyrm |QID|8325|R|BloodElf|N|Go down the big stairs and you should see plenty of Mana Wyrms.|M|37.60,22.00|RANK|1|
L Level 2|LVL|2|N|Kill mana wyrms until you ding.|QID|8326|
T Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle |QID|8325|R|BloodElf|N|Magistrix Erona|M|38.0,21.0|
A Unfortunate Measures|QID|8326|R|BloodElf|M|38.0,21.0|N|Magistrix Erona|
A Solanian's Belongings|QID|8330|R|BloodElf|M|38.97,20.26|N|Well Watcher Solanian|
A The Shrine of Dath'Remar|QID|8345|R|BloodElf|M|38.97,20.26|N|Well Watcher Solanian|
A A Fistful of Slivers |QID|8336|R|BloodElf|N|Jump down to the left. From Arcanist Ithanas.|M|38.3,19.1|
A Thirst Unending|QID|8346|R|BloodElf|N|Go through the gazeebo in front of you to Arcanist Helion.|M|37.2,18.9|
C Mana Wyrm |QID|8346|R|BloodElf|N|Find a Mana Wyrm and use Arcane Torrent close to it. |M|37.50,23.90|
C Unfortunate Measures |QID|8326|R|BloodElf|N|Kill Springpaw Lynxs and loot 8 Lynx collars. |M|36.00,24.00|
C A Fistful of Slivers |QID|8336|R|BloodElf|N|Kill Mana Wyrms and loot 6 arcane silvers. |M|37.50,23.90|
L Level 3|QID|8336|LVL|3|N|Kill mana wyrms until you ding.|
N Solanian's Journal |QID|8330|QO|Solanian's Journal: 1/1|R|BloodElf|N|Near the big green crystal. |M|37.70,24.90|
T Unfortunate Measures |QID|8326|R|BloodElf|M|38,21|N|Magistrix Erona|
A Report to Lanthan Perilon |QID|8327|R|BloodElf|M|38.2,20.8|N|Magistrix Erona|

A Warrior Training |QID|8329|R|BloodElf|C|Warrior|M|38.0,21.0|
A Hunter Training |QID|9393|R|BloodElf|C|Hunter|M|38.0,21.0|
A Mage Training |QID|8328|R|BloodElf|C|Mage|M|38.0,21.0|
A Paladin Training |QID|9676|R|BloodElf|C|Paladin|M|38.0,21.0|
A Priest Training |QID|8564|R|BloodElf|C|Priest|M|38.0,21.0|
A Rogue Training |QID|9392|R|BloodElf|C|Rogue|M|38.0,21.0|
A Warlock Training |QID|8563|R|BloodElf|C|Warlock|M|38.0,21.0|

T Warrior Training |QID|8329|R|BloodElf|C|Warrior|M|39.29,20.10|
T Hunter Training |QID|9393|R|BloodElf|C|Hunter|M|39.0,20.0|
T Mage Training |QID|8328|R|BloodElf|C|Mage|M|39.2,21.5|
T Paladin Training |QID|9676|R|BloodElf|C|Paladin|M|39.5,20.6|
T Priest Training |QID|8564|R|BloodElf|C|Priest|M|39.4,20.4|
T Rogue Training |QID|9392|R|BloodElf|C|Rogue|M|38.9,20.0|
T Warlock Training |QID|8563|R|BloodElf|C|Warlock|M|38.9,21.4|

A Charge!|QID|27091|M|39.23,20.16|R|BloodElf|C|Warrior|N|From Delios Silverblade.|
C Charge!|QID|27091|M|38.33,20.64||R|BloodElf|C|Warrior|N|Learn charge from your trainer and Charge the target dummy.|
T Charge!|QID|27091|M|39.27,20.15|R|BloodElf|C|Warrior|N|To Delios Silverblade.|
A Arcane Missiles|QID|10068|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Mage|N|From Julia Sunstriker.|
C Arcane Missiles|QID|10068|R|BloodElf|M|38.33,20.64|C|Mage|N|Learn Arcane Missiles from Julia Sunstriker. Locate a Training Dummy outside the Sunspire and practice using Arcane Missiles 2 times.|
T Arcane Missiles|QID|10068|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Mage|N|To Julia Sunstriker.|
A Evisceration|QID|10071|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Rogue|N|From Pathstalker Kariel.|
C Evisceration|QID|10071|R|BloodElf|M|38.33,20.64|C|Rogue|N|Learn Eviscerate from Pathstalker Kariel. Locate a Training Dummy outside the Sunspire and practice using Eviscerate 3 times. |
T Evisceration|QID|10071|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Rogue|N|To Pathstalker Kariel.|
A Immolation|QID|10073|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Warlock|N|From Summoner Teli'Larien|
C Immolation|QID|10073|R|BloodElf|M|38.33,20.64|C|Warlock|N|Learn Immolate from Summoner Teli'Larien. Locate a Training Dummy outside the Sunspire and practice casting Immolate 5 times. |
T Immolation|QID|10073|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Warlock|N|To Summoner Teli'Larien|
A Steady Shot|QID|10070|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Hunter|N|From Ranger Sallina|
C Steady Shot|QID|10070|R|BloodElf|M|38.33,20.64|C|Hunter|N|Learn Steady Shot from Ranger Sallina. Locate a Training Dummy outside the Sunspire and practice using Steady Shot 5 times.|
T Steady Shot|QID|10070|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Hunter|N|To Ranger Sallina|
A Ways of the Light|QID|10069|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Paladin|N|From Jesthenis Sunstriker.|
C Ways of the Light|QID|10069|R|BloodElf|M|38.33,20.64|C|Paladin|N|Learn Judgement and Seal of Righteousness from Jesthenis Sunstriker. Cast Seal of Righteousness on yourself, then locate a Training Dummy outside the Sunspire and use Judgement.|
T Ways of the Light|QID|10069|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Paladin|N|To Jesthenis Sunstriker.|
A Healing the Wounded|QID|10072|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Priest|N|From Matron Arena.|
C Healing the Wounded|QID|10072|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Priest|N|Learn Flash Heal from Matron Arena. Practice casting Flash Heal 5 times on Wounded Outrunners.|
T Healing the Wounded|QID|10072|R|BloodElf|M|39,20.2|C|Priest|N|To Matron Arena.|

T A Fistful of Slivers |QID|8336|R|BloodElf|M|38.3,19.1|
T Thirst Unending |QID|8346|R|BloodElf|M|37.2,18.9|N|To Arcanist Helion.|
T Report to Lanthan Perilon |QID|8327|R|BloodElf|N|To the west.|M|35.4,22.5|
A Aggression |QID|8334|R|BloodElf|M|35.4,22.5|
C Aggression |QID|8334|R|BloodElf|S|N|Kill any Tender and Feral Tender you see.|
N Solanian's Scrying Orb |QID|8330|QO|Solanian's Scrying Orb: 1/1|R|BloodElf|N|Go south. |M|35.10,28.90|
N Scroll of Scourge Magic |QID|8330|QO|Scroll of Scourge Magic: 1/1|R|BloodElf|N|Go northwest. |M|31.40,22.80|
C The Shrine of Dath'Remar |QID|8345|R|BloodElf|N|Go further north until you reach the shrine. Read the plaque.|M|29.7,19.5|
C Aggression |QID|8334|R|BloodElf|US|
L Level 4|QID|8334|LVL|4|N|Kill stuff until you hit level 4.|

T Solanian's Belongings |QID|8330|R|BloodElf|N|Up the ramp, inside the building.|M|38.8,19.4|
T The Shrine of Dath'Remar |QID|8345|R|BloodElf|M|38.8,19.4|
T Aggression |QID|8334|R|BloodElf|M|35.4,22.5|N|Lanthan Perilon|
A Felendren the Banished |QID|8335|R|BloodElf|M|35.4,22.5|
C Felendren the Banished |QID|8335|R|BloodElf|N|Go up the ramp, kill Arcane Wraiths as you go up. At the top pull the two Tainted Arcane Wraiths (they can be pulled one by one), then kill Felendren|M|30.8,27.1;32.70,25.60|
l Tainted Arcane Wraith|QID|8338|L|20483|R|BloodElf|N|Kill Tainted Arcane Wraiths till this drops.|
A Tainted Arcane Sliver |QID|8338|R|BloodElf|U|20483|
H Sunstrider Isle|QID|8338|U|6948|R|BloodElf|
T Tainted Arcane Sliver |QID|8338|R|BloodElf|M|37.2,18.9|
r Repair/Restock|QID|26692|M|37.18,19|N|At Jainthess Thelryn.|
T Felendren the Banished |QID|8335|R|BloodElf|M|35.4,22.5|
A Aiding the Outrunners |QID|8347|R|BloodElf|M|35.4,22.5|
T Aiding the Outrunners |QID|8347|R|BloodElf|M|40.4,32.2|
A Slain by the Wretched |QID|9704|M|40.4,32.2|
T Slain by the Wretched |QID|9704|M|42.0,35.7|
A Package Recovery |QID|9705|M|42.0,35.7|
T Package Recovery |QID|9705|M|40.4,32.2|
A Completing the Delivery |QID|8350|M|40.4,32.2|
f Ruins of Silvermoon|QID|8347|M|46.26,46.80|N|At Skymaster Skyles.|
T Completing the Delivery |QID|8350|M|48.1,47.7|
h Falconwing Square |QID|8472|

A Unstable Mana Crystals |QID|8463|N|Back outside of the inn.|M|48.2,46.0|
A Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer |QID|8468|N|From the wanted poster.|M|48.2,46.3|
A Major Malfunction |QID|8472|M|47.3,46.3|
C Unstable Mana Crystals |QID|8463|M|48.2,46.0|S|N|Look for light beams that come out of the boxes.|M|46,42|
C Major Malfunction |QID|8472|N|They patrol the roadway.|M|45,40.5|S|
C Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer |QID|8468|N|Be careful to pull all the Wretched Urchins around him first before attacking. |M|45.00,38.40|
C Major Malfunction |QID|8472|N|They patrol the roadway.|M|45,40.5|US|
C Unstable Mana Crystals |QID|8463|M|48.2,46.0|US|M|46,42|N|Look for light beams that come out of the boxes.|
L Level 6|QID|8472|LVL|6|N|If not level 6 yet, kill stuffs.
T Major Malfunction |QID|8472|M|47.3,46.3|
A Delivery to the North Sanctum |QID|8895|M|47.3,46.3|
T Wanted: Thaelis the Hungerer |QID|8468|M|47.8,46.6|
T Unstable Mana Crystals |QID|8463|M|48.2,46.0|
A Darnassian Intrusions |QID|9352|M|48.2,46.0|
T Delivery to the North Sanctum |QID|8895|M|44.6,53.1|
A Malfunction at the West Sanctum |QID|9119|M|44.6,53.1|
T Malfunction at the West Sanctum |QID|9119|M|36.7,57.4|
A Arcane Instability |QID|8486|M|36.7,57.4|
K Darnassian Scout |QID|9352|L|20765|N|Kill a Darnassian Scout and loot Incriminating Documents |M|34.50,60.00|
A Incriminating Documents |QID|8482|U|20765|N|Click the envelope|M|33.9,58.4|
C Arcane Instability |QID|8486|N|5 of each: Manawraith and Mana Stalker |M|36,58|
T Arcane Instability |QID|8486|M|35.1,61.3;36.7,57.4|
T Darnassian Intrusions |QID|9352|N|You should be level 7 now.|M|36.7,57.4|
A Fish Heads, Fish Heads... |QID|8884|N|Go around the northside of the mountain.|M|30.2,58.3|
C Fish Heads, Fish Heads... |QID|8884|N|Kill murlocs for the 8 fish heads. |M|27,59.5|
l Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rutters |QID|8887|L|21776|N|Keep killing murlocs until one of them drops Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rutters.|M|27,59.5|

A Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rutters |QID|8887|U|21776|M|27.3,57.2|
T Fish Heads, Fish Heads... |QID|8884|M|30.2,58.3|
A The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll |QID|8885|
H Falconwing Square|QID|8482|U|6948|
T Incriminating Documents |QID|8482|M|48.2,46.0|
A The Dwarven Spy |QID|8483|M|48.2,46.0|
C The Dwarven Spy |QID|8483|L|20764|N|Be sure to be full health and buffed before you talk to Prospector Anvilward. |M|44.60,53.30|
A Roadside Ambush |QID|9035|M|45.2,56.4|
T Roadside Ambush |QID|9035|M|44.9,61.0|
A Soaked Pages |QID|9062|M|44.9,61.0|
C Soaked Pages |QID|9062|L|22414|N|Dive under the bridge just in front of you. |M|44.40,61.90|
T Soaked Pages |QID|9062|M|44.9,61.0|
A Taking the Fall |QID|9064|M|44.9,61.0|
T Taking the Fall |QID|9064|M|55.7,54.5|
A Swift Discipline |QID|9066|M|55.7,54.5|
A The Dead Scar |QID|8475|M|50.3,50.8|
C Swift Discipline |QID|9066|U|22473|N|Target Apprentice Meledor and Apprentice Ralen, use the rod that Anetheol gave you.|M|45.20,56.40;44.9,61.0|
C The Dead Scar |QID|8475|N|Go through the Dead Scar and kill 8 Plaguebone Pillagers. Take care of a pat of 4-5 ghouls: Don't fight in the center of the Dead Scar. |M|51.2,56.3|
T Swift Discipline |QID|9066|M|55.7,54.5|
T The Dead Scar |QID|8475|M|50.3,50.8|
T The Dwarven Spy |QID|8483|M|48.2,46.0|
A Fairbreeze Village |QID|9256|
A Pelt Collection |QID|8491|M|44.7,69.6|
f Fairbreeze Village|M|43.98,69.98|N|At Skymaster Brightdawn.|
A The Wayward Apprentice |QID|9254|M|44.0,70.8|
A Saltheril's Haven |QID|9395|M|44.0,70.8|
T Fairbreeze Village |QID|9256|N|Up the ramp.|
A Situation at Sunsail Anchorage |QID|8892|M|43.3,70.8|
A Ranger Sareyn |QID|9358|N|If you've already done Defending Fairbreeze Village this quest won't be available so just skip it.|M|43.7,71.2|
h Fairbreeze Village |QID|9395|
A Goods from Silvermoon City|QID|9130|M|43.7,71.54|N|From Sathiel.|
r Sell junk, repair/restock|QID|9130|M|43.7,71.54|N|At Sathiel.|
T Saltheril's Haven |QID|9395|M|38.1,73.6|
A The Party Never Ends |QID|9067|M|38.1,73.6|
B Buy Bundle of Fireworks |QID|9067|L|22777|N|Buy a Bundle of fireworks from Halis Dawnstrider |M|44.10,70.40|
T Goods from Silvermoon City|QID|9130|N|To Skymaster Brightdawn.|M|44,70|
A Fly to Silvermoon City|QID|9133|M|44,70|N|From Skymaster Brightdawn.|
F Silvermoon City|QID|9067|M|44,70|N|Fly to Silvermoon City.|
T Fly to Silvermoon City|QID|9133|M|54,71|Z|Silvermoon City|N|To Sathren Azuredawn.|
A Skymistress Gloaming|QID|9134|M|54,71|Z|Silvermoon City|N|From Sathren Azuredawn.|
B Suntouched Special Reserve|QID|9067|L|22775|Z|Silvermoon City|N|Buy a bottle of Suntouched Special Reserve from Vinemaster Suntouched. Also, visit your trainer if you need to.|M|79.70,58.40|
T Skymistress Gloaming|QID|9134|M|54.38,50.79|N|To Skymistress Gloaming.|
A Return to Sathiel|QID|9135|M|54.38,50.79|N|From Skymistress Gloaming.|
F Fairbreeze Village|QID|9135|M|54.38,50.79|N|Fly to Fairbreeze Village, or just hearth.|
A Return to Sathiel|QID|9135|M|43.69,71.51|N|To Sathiel.|

T Captain Kelisendra's Lost Rutters |QID|8887|N|Follow the road west until you reach Sunsail Anchorage. Kill any Springpaw you come across.|M|36.4,66.7|
A Grimscale Pirates! |QID|8886|M|36.4,66.7|
A Lost Armaments |QID|8480|M|36.4,66.7|
C Looting Weapon Container |QID|8480|L|22413 8|N|First stop at the big white gazeebo and run circles around it looting Weapon Containers. |M|31.0,69.0|
C Grimscale Pirates! |QID|8886|L|21771 6|N|Kill murlocs and collect barrels for Cargo loot. |M|24.9,66.8|
K Kill Mmmrrrggglll |QID|8885|L|21770|N|He roams the beach. |M|25,69|
T The Ring of Mmmrrrggglll |QID|8885|M|30.2,58.5|
T Grimscale Pirates! |QID|8886|N|Back to Captain Kelisendra at Sunsail Anchorage.|M|36.4,66.7|
T Lost Armaments |QID|8480|M|36.4,66.7|
A Wretched Ringleader |QID|9076|M|36.4,66.7|
K Aldaron |QID|9076|L|22487|N|Go back to the big white tower-like building and fight your way up. At the top you'll find Aldaron the Reckless with two guards. If you are careful you can probably pull the guards solo before you kill Aldras |M|32.70,68.4|
C Situation at Sunsail Anchorage |QID|8892|
T Wretched Ringleader |QID|9076|M|36.4,66.7|
C Pelt Collection |QID|8491|L|20772 6|N|Kill springpaws. They're all around Fairbreeze. |M|46.00,67.00|
T Pelt Collection |QID|8491|M|44.7,69.6|
T Situation at Sunsail Anchorage |QID|8892|M|43.3,70.8|
A Farstrider Retreat |QID|9359|M|43.3,70.8|
r Sell junk, repair/restock|QID|9358|M|43.7,71.54|N|At Sathiel.|

T Ranger Sareyn |QID|9358|M|46.9,71.8|
A Defending Fairbreeze Village |QID|9252|M|46.9,71.8|
C Defending Fairbreeze Village |QID|9252|N|4 of each: Rotlimb marauder, Darkwraith. Follow the road southeast until you hit the Dead Scar. Then head south. |M|50.00,75.00|
T The Wayward Apprentice |QID|9254|N|Go north along the Dead Scar until you reach Mivenda.|M|54.3,71.0|
A Corrupted Soil |QID|8487|M|54.3,71.0|
C Loot 8 Tainted Soil Samples |QID|8487|L|20771 8|N||M|52.60,68.40|
T Corrupted Soil |QID|8487|M|54.3,71.0|
A Unexpected Results |QID|8488|N|Get to full HP/Mana and take the follow up. Protect Mivenda from the Scourge Attack. Three level 7/8 mobs wills spawn and attack her. Kill them one by one as fast as possible.|M|54.3,71.0|
C Unexpected Results |QID|8488|
T Unexpected Results |QID|8488|N|You should now be level 10!|M|54.3,71.0|
A Research Notes |QID|9255|M|54.3,71.0|
T Farstrider Retreat |QID|9359|N||M|60.3,62.8|
A Amani Encroachment |QID|8476|M|60.3,62.8|
B Springpaw Appetizers |QID|9067|L|22776|N|Zalene Firstlight |M|60.40,62.50|
A The Spearcrafter's Hammer |QID|8477|M|59.5,62.6|
A The Magister's Apprentice |QID|8888|N|Up the right ramp.|M|60.3,61.4|

A Fetch!|QID|9402|N|From Instructor Antheol.|R|BloodElf|C|Mage|M|55.7,54.5|
C Loot Azure Phial|QID|9402|L|23551|N|Dive into the middle of the lake. The phial is on the bottom.|R|BloodElf|C|Mage|M|54.87,56.38|
T Fetch!|QID|9402|N|Back to Instructor Antheol.|R|BloodElf|C|Mage|M|55.7,54.5|
A The Purest Water|QID|9403|N|Instructor Antheol|R|BloodElf|C|Mage|M|55.7,54.5|
T The Magister's Apprentice |QID|8888|N|Head out of the city and follow the road east.|M|67.8,56.5|Z|Eversong Woods|
A Deactivating the Spire |QID|8889|M|67.8,56.5|
A Where's Wyllithen? |QID|9394|M|67.8,56.5|
T Where's Wyllithen? |QID|9394|M|68.7,46.9|
A Cleaning up the Grounds |QID|8894|M|68.7,46.9|
C Cleaning up the Grounds |QID|8894|
T Cleaning up the Grounds |QID|8894|M|68.7,46.9|

N READ THIS! |QID|8889|N|Azurebreeze Coast is close. It's northeast of here. Go there for the explorer achivement. Close this note to continue. |M|72.00,43.00|
C Deactivating the Spire |QID|8889|L|21783|N|Click on the Orb. On the second floor you'll also find Magister Duskwither's Journal. |M|69.20,52.10|
A Abandoned Investigations |QID|8891|M|69.2,52.1|
T Deactivating the Spire |QID|8889|M|67.8,56.5|
A Word from the Spire |QID|8890|M|67.8,56.5|
N Visit your trainer if you want|QID|8890|N|since we are by Silvermoon City. Right-click the box to continue.|
T Word from the Spire |QID|8890|N|Back at farstrider retreat, up the right ramp. |M|60.3,61.4|
T Abandoned Investigations |QID|8891|M|60.3,61.4|
C Amani Encroachment|QID|8476|N|Kill trolls that you need for Amani Encroachment while doing the next quests.|S|
K Spearcrafter Otembe|QID|8477|L|20759|N|Head to southeast to the trolls, toward Spearcrafter Otembe. Kill trolls that you need for Amani Encroachment while you go.|M|70,72|
A Zul'Marosh |QID|8479|M|70.5,72.3|
K Chieftain Zul'Marosh |QID|8479|L|23249|N|Head west across the water to the next troll camp. Zul'Marosh is in the big building on the top floor. Pull guards first. |M|61.60,79.60|
A Amani Invasion |QID|9360|M|62.6,79.7|U|23249|
T Zul'Marosh |QID|8479|M|70.5,72.3|
C Amani Encroachment|QID|8476|US|M|69.00,72.00|

T Amani Invasion |QID|9360|N|Back at farstrider retreat. The Elrendar Falls are nearby. Go there if you want the explorer achievement. |M|64.00,73.00|
T Amani Encroachment |QID|8476|M|60.3,62.8|
A Warning Fairbreeze Village|QID|9363|M|60.32,62.76|N|From Lieutenant Dawnrunner.|
T The Spearcrafter's Hammer |QID|8477|M|59.5,62.6|
C The Purest Water|QID|9403|R|BloodElf|C|Mage|M|64.21,72.66|U|23566|N|Go to the base of the waterfall, in the water, and fill the azure phial.|
T The Purest Water|QID|9403|R|BloodElf|C|Mage|N|Instructor Antheol.|M|55.7,54.5|
H Fairbreeze Village|QID|9255|U|6948|
T Research Notes |QID|9255|M|44.0,70.8|
T Warning Fairbreeze Village |QID|9363|M|43.3,70.8|
T Defending Fairbreeze Village |QID|9252|M|46.9,71.8|
T The Party Never Ends |QID|9067|M|38.1,73.6|
N The next few quests are optional|QID|9258|N|If you want to skip, go ahead. Honestly I would recommend doing them, as more exp, means possibly another level, which means easier time in Ghostlands. Right-click to continue.|
A The Scorched Grove|QID|9258|N|From Ardeyn Riverwind.|M|43.6,71.2|
T The Scorched Grove|QID|9258|M|34,80|N|Find Larianna Riverwind near the Scorched Grove in the southwest of Eversong Woods.|
A A Somber Task|QID|8473|M|34,80|N|From Larianna Riverwind.|
C A Somber Task|QID|8473|M|35.7,85.2|N|Kill 10 Withered Green Keepers.|S|
K Old Whitebark|QID|8474|M|35.7,85.2|N|Look for Old Whitebark, kill him to loot his amulet.|L|23228|
A Old Whitebark's Pendant|QID|8474|U|23228|N|Use the pendant, and accept the quest.|
T Old Whitebark's Pendant|QID|8474|M|34,80|N|At Larianna Riverwind.|
A Whitebark's Memory|QID|10166|M|34,80|N|From Larianna Riverwind.|
T Whitebark's Memory|QID|10166|M|37.58,86.14|N|Use the pendant, Whitebark will attack you. Get him down in health, then turn the quest in.|U|28209|
C A Somber Task|QID|8473|M|35.7,85.2|N|Kill 10 Withered Green Keepers.|US|
T A Somber Task|QID|8473|M|34,80|N|To Larianna Riverwind.|
N If you need to visit your trainers|QID|8473|N|Head to Silvermoon City and train, visit the AH etc. Once done, hearth or fly back to Fairbreeze, then close this step to go to the next guide.|


Change Log

12/4/2010 - Edit by Crackerhead22

    Addon Version: v2.0.6
    Game Version: 4.0.3
    Summary: Fixed race tags, added missing class quests, added missing steps/quests.

12/2/2010 - Edit by Jiyambi

    Addon Version: v2.0.4
    Game Version: 4.0.3
    Summary: Created a source file page

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Bad Coord

Bad Coordinate 63.82 42.08, 1 out of 1

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Bad Coord

Fixed, I think!

Starting Zone Coordinates

Because of the new maps introduced in MoP for the starting zones, the coordinates are not working, and I can't put in a |Z| as it's not recognizing the maps. 

Also needs Monk training quests (can't find the ID for the first quest)

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Starting Zone Coordinates

I am going to check in the updates to the map names.

The starting zone for humans is now "Northshire", which has a different map number than Elwynn Forest.

If you do a "/tway list" in the zone where you are in, it will tell you what the likely map name is.

I also need to check the names and numbers are consistent in the public 5.0.4 versus the beta build.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Starting Zone Coordinates

I wish they would stop mucking with the map system.

I'll look into this STAT.

Small error

Step 26 in Eversong Woods lists Jainthess Thelryn as the turn in for the quest Thirst Unending, but it is Arcanist Helion you talk to to complete it. (Using version 2.1.2)

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Thanks Grramps!

Confirmed that quest 8346 [Thirst Unending] had the wrong comment for turn in.

Corrected the guide.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

01_12_Snowflake_Eversong_Woods.lua fixed for L steps sans QID

Added missing QIDs.

Eversong Woods : The Ring Of Mmmrrrggglll

Bug Report: Guide: Eversong Woods Bloodelf - Step: (89/157) Turning in the quest: The Ring Of Mmmrrrggglll. The waypoint arrow shows somewhere in the sea. The  quest NPC is located at these CORRECT coordinates: 30.2,58.5. Thats close to his tent he sometimes walks towards tent and sometimes stands in front of it. I am using Carbonite for the waypoint arrow.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Thanks zoefed!

There  were no coordinates at all for the turnin for [The Ring Of Mmmrrrggglll].

Your data is close to the WoWHead info, so I used yours.


Crackerhead22's picture

Added missing steps/quests

Added missing steps/quests

Crackerhead22's picture

Added missing class quests.

Added missing class quests.

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Changed |R|Blood Elf| to

Changed |R|Blood Elf| to |R|BloodElf| so the Blood Elf only quests will show.