Alliance - Southern Barrens - Ready for Testing

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N This Guide|QID|99999|N|Starts off where Stonetalon Mountains Leaves off. When you are ready, manually close this step to continue.|

F Northwatch Expedition Base Camp|QID|99999|N|Fly on over.|

T All's Clear|QID|25852|O|M|29.85,9.00|N|To Commander Walpole.|

A Running the Gauntlet|QID|24862|M|29.83,8.97|N|From Commander Walpole.|

A Breaking the Siege|QID|24863|M|29.83,8.97|N|From Commander Walpole.|

C Running the Gauntlet|QID|24862|S|M|32.85,8.68|

C Breaking the Siege|QID|24863|M|31.87,8.96|

C Running the Gauntlet|QID|24862|US|M|31.73,8.51|

T Running the Gauntlet|QID|24862|M|34.94,9.54|N|To Janice Mattingly.|

T Breaking the Siege|QID|24863|M|34.94,9.54|N|To Janice Mattingly.|

A Futile Resistance|QID|25186|M|34.93,9.57|N|From Janice Mattingly.|

C Futile Resistance|QID|25186|M|35.50,6.40|

T Futile Resistance|QID|25186|M|38.77,11.38|N|To Commander Singleton.|

A Survey the Destruction|QID|25191|M|39.04,11.48|N|From Nibb Spindlegear.|

f Honor's Stand|QID|25191|M|38.94,10.90|N|At John Johnson.|

C Survey the Destruction|QID|25191|NC|M|68.47,48.91|N|Go and speak to Nibb and tell her you are ready to fly.|

T Survey the Destruction|QID|25191|M|68.68,49.29|N|To Horton Gimbleheart.|

A The Admiral Won't Back Down|QID|25197|M|68.68,49.29|N|From Horton Gimbleheart.|

T The Admiral Won't Back Down|QID|25197|M|69.23,49.06|N|To Admiral Aubrey.|

A Repel Boarders!|QID|24934|M|69.23,49.06|N|From Admiral Aubrey.|

C Repel Boarders!|QID|24934|M|57.47,60.97|Z|Northern Barrens|N|Tell the Admiral you are ready to go.|

T Repel Boarders!|QID|24934|M|57.47,60.97|Z|Northern Barrens|N|To Captain Fisher.|

R Northwatch Hold|QID|99999|N|Ask for a ride back from Captain Fisher.|

A The Guns of Northwatch|QID|24938|M|69.22,49.07|N|From Admiral Aubrey.|

f Northwatch Hold|QID|24934|M|66.36,47.13|N|At Bill Williamson.|

A Langridge Shot|QID|24941|M|67.03,46.57|N|From Thomas Paxton.|

C Langridge Shot|QID|24941|M|67.63,46.59|N|In the tower beside the quest giver.|

T Langridge Shot|QID|24941|M|66.98,46.54|

A Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|M|66.98,46.58|N|From Thomas Paxton.|

A Back in the Fight|QID|24944|M|66.94,46.79|N|From Tolliver Houndstooth.|

C Back in the Fight|QID|24944|S|U|52014|M|67.07,45.39|

C Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|S|M|67.28,40.56|

T The Guns of Northwatch|QID|24938|M|68.64,44.53|N|To Cannoneer Smythe.|

A Run Out the Guns|QID|24939|M|68.64,44.53|N|From Cannoneer Smythe.|

C Run Out the Guns|QID|24939|M|68.72,44.62|N|Jump into a cannon when ready.|

T Run Out the Guns|QID|24939|M|68.63,44.50|N|To Cannoneer Smythe.|

C Back in the Fight|QID|24944|US|U|52014|M|67.07,44.73|

C Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|US|M|67.12,44.70|

T Back in the Fight|QID|24944|M|66.93,46.80|N|To Tolliver Houndstooth.|

A Silencing Rageroar|QID|24956|M|66.92,46.79|N|From Tolliver Houndstooth.|

T Re-Take the Courtyard|QID|24943|M|67.00,46.57|N|To Thomas Paxton.|

A Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|M|67.00,46.57|N|From Thomas Paxton.|

C Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|U|52017|M|68.17,41.47|

C Silencing Rageroar|QID|24956|M|67.71,36.88|N|Kill the Hex master, then Rageroar|

C Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|US|U|52017|M|67.36,37.16|

T Silencing Rageroar|QID|24956|M|66.94,46.77|N|To Tolliver Houndstooth.|

T Lifting the Siege|QID|24948|M|66.99,46.60|N|To Thomas Paxton.|

A Teegan's Troubles|QID|25036|M|66.99,46.60|N|From Thomas Paxton.|

A Scavenged|QID|25002|M|61.88,42.10|N|From Mangled Body.|

C Scavenged|QID|25002|M|62.30,45.11|

T Teegan's Troubles|QID|25036|M|56.15,42.74|N|To Corporal Teegan.|

T Scavenged|QID|25002|M|56.15,42.74|N|To Corporal Teegan.|

A Make 'em Squeal|QID|25015|M|56.12,42.72|N|From Corporal Teegan.|

A A Failure to Communicate|QID|25022|M|56.12,42.72|N|From Corporal Teegan.|

A Filthy Animals|QID|25008|M|56.14,42.55|N|From Goucho (he also repairs and buys junk, i suggest doing this)|

C Filthy Animals|QID|25008|S|

C Make 'em Squeal|QID|25015|S|M|56.27,45.76|

C A Failure to Communicate|QID|25022|M|53.14,46.69|

C Make 'em Squeal|QID|25015|US|M|53.59,46.69|

C Filthy Animals|QID|25008|US|M|54.85,45.17|

T Make 'em Squeal|QID|25015|M|56.10,42.74|N|To Corporal Teegan.|

T Filthy Animals|QID|25008|M|56.07,42.56|N|To Goucho.|

T A Failure to Communicate|QID|25022|M|56.13,42.71|N|To Corporal Teegan.|

A You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me|QID|25027|M|56.14,42.73|N|From Corporal Teegan.|

A Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|M|56.16,42.77|N|From Hannah Bridgewater.|

C Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|S|

C You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me|QID|25027|U|52073|M|52.97,49.71|N|Use the bramblestaff on Three-tooth, then kill the Crones.|

C Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|US|M|54.02,45.94|

T You Flicked a Fine Vine to Leaf Me|QID|25027|M|56.10,42.73|N|To Corporal Teegan.|

A To the Front!|QID|25034|M|56.09,42.65|N|From Corporal Teegan.|

T Trouble From the Ground Up|QID|25028|M|50.41,40.69|N|To Naralex.|

A Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|50.35,40.55|N|From Naralex.|

A Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|50.34,40.47|N|From Muyoh.|

A Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|50.34,40.47|N|From Muyoh.|

C Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|S|M|47.57,37.60|N|Jiyambi's Favourite quest! Snakes are hard to see and die from AOE damage, keep your eyes peeled and loot them as you see them.|

C Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|S|M|51.83,45.21|

C Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|52.75,41.16|

C Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|US|M|47.38,40.42|

C Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|US|M|46.99,39.49|

T Biological Intervention|QID|24565|M|50.38,40.65|N|To Naralex.|

A To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|50.36,40.63|N|From Naralex.|

T Adder Subtraction|QID|24570|M|50.32,40.50|N|To Muyoh.|

T Lashvine Seeds|QID|24571|M|50.32,40.50|N|To Muyoh.|

A Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|M|50.32,40.50|N|From Muyoh.|

C To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|S|M|47.56,38.37|

C Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|U|49882|M|50.13,38.93|N|If you are lucky, the results may be explosive. Target Raptors/Plainstriders and click the bag.|

C To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|US|M|50.20,38.17|

T Sowing a Solution|QID|24566|M|50.28,40.50|N|To Muyoh.|

T To Harvest Chaos|QID|24574|M|50.37,40.69|N|To Naralex.|

A The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|50.37,40.69|N|From Naralex.|

R Run to this point|QID|99999|CC|M|48.31,38.89|N|Then tell Naralex you are ready.|

C The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|48.20,38.71|N|Protect the Druid|

T The Nightmare Scar|QID|24601|M|48.21,38.69|N|To Naralex.|

T To the Front!|QID|25034|M|49.96,49.47|N|To Ambassador Gaines.|

A Fields of Blood|QID|25043|M|49.91,49.62|N|From General Hawthorne.|

A A Line in the Dirt|QID|25045|M|49.98,49.53|N|From General Hawthorne.|

A Diplomacy By Another Means|QID|25044|M|49.90,49.43|N|From Ambassador Gaines.|

A Lion's Pride|QID|25041|M|49.78,50.46|N|From Sam Trawley.|

A Heartswood|QID|1738|M|49.43,49.18|N|From Takar the Seer.|

A The Orb of Soran'ruk|QID|1740|M|49.47,49.10|N|From Doan Karhan.|

C Lion's Pride|QID|25041|S|M|33.84,39.36|

C Fields of Blood|QID|25043|S|M|31.87,30.50|

C Diplomacy By Another Means|QID|25044|U|49782|M|43.05,41.87|N|Blow the horn in the pit.|

T Diplomacy By Another Means|QID|25044|M|43.02,41.73|N|UI Alert.|

C Fields of Blood|QID|25043|US|M|46.35,47.19|

C A Line in the Dirt|QID|25045|M|46.32,47.23|

C Lion's Pride|QID|25041|US|M|46.54,47.44|

T A Line in the Dirt|QID|25045|M|49.90,49.64|N|To General Hawthorne.|

T Fields of Blood|QID|25043|M|49.90,49.64|N|To General Hawthorne.|

A Clap 'Em In Irons|QID|25057|M|49.90,49.62|N|From General Hawthorne.|

A The Taurajo Briefs|QID|25059|M|49.93,49.65|N|From Ambassador Gaines.|

T Lion's Pride|QID|25041|M|49.74,50.50|N|To Sam Trawley.|

A Marching On Our Stomachs|QID|25042|M|49.74,50.50|N|From Sam Trawley.|

C Clap 'Em In Irons|QID|25057|S|U|52271|M|44.62,49.99|

C The Taurajo Briefs|QID|25059|M|45.36,52.42|N|Sparkley Parchments located around the camp.|

C Clap 'Em In Irons|QID|25057|US|U|52271|M|44.34,52.11|

C Marching On Our Stomachs|QID|25042|M|49.11,47.26|

T The Taurajo Briefs|QID|25059|M|49.95,49.49|N|To Ambassador Gaines.|

T Clap 'Em In Irons|QID|25057|M|49.92,49.61|N|To General Hawthorne.|

A Meet Me at Triumph|QID|25074|M|49.88,49.79|N|From General Hawthorne.|

T Marching On Our Stomachs|QID|25042|M|49.76,50.50|N|To Sam Trawley.|

T Meet Me at Triumph|QID|25074|M|49.08,66.93|N|To Commander Roberts.|

A Claim the Battlescar|QID|25081|M|49.08,67.02|N|From Commander Roberts.|

f Fort Triumph|QID|25081|M|49.20,67.78|N|At Steve Stevenson.|

A Working the Bugs Out|QID|25082|M|49.26,67.74|N|From Logan Talonstrike.|

A Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|M|49.43,67.52|N|From Mizzy Pistonhammer.|

C Working the Bugs Out|QID|25082|U|50128|M|47.79,67.48|

C Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|S|M|44.01,71.36|

C Claim the Battlescar|QID|25081|NC|M|45.36,68.51|

C Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|US|M|45.39,70.17|

T Pick-a-Part|QID|25075|M|49.44,67.59|N|To Mizzy Pistonhammer.|

A Powder Play|QID|25079|M|49.44,67.59|N|From Mizzy Pistonhammer.|

T Claim the Battlescar|QID|25081|M|49.11,66.96|N|To Commander Roberts.|

T Working the Bugs Out|QID|25082|M|49.19,67.83|N|To Logan Talonstrike.|

A Firestone Point|QID|25086|M|49.19,67.83|N|From Logan Talonstrike.|

A Report to Twinbraid|QID|25087|M|49.12,67.14|N|From Commander Roberts.|

C Powder Play|QID|25079|M|47.40,69.45|N|Kill and loot a goblin. If you catch it just right you can kill one right outside the fort walls.|

T Powder Play|QID|25079|M|49.45,67.58|N|To Mizzy Pistonhammer.|

A Batteries Not Yet Included|QID|25080|M|49.34,67.60|N|From Mizzy Pistonhammer.|

C Batteries Not Yet Included|QID|25080|M|47.25,71.57|

T Batteries Not Yet Included|QID|25080|M|49.44,67.59|N|To Mizzy Pistonhammer.|

T Report to Twinbraid|QID|25087|M|43.55,78.29|N|To General Twinbraid.|

A Digsite Status|QID|25104|M|43.55,78.29|N|From General Twinbraid.|

A No Bull|QID|25102|M|43.46,78.28|N|From Hurlston Stonesthrow.|

C No Bull|QID|25102|M|46.55,79.22|

T No Bull|QID|25102|M|43.45,78.26|N|To Hurlston Stonesthrow.|

T Firestone Point|QID|25086|M|45.04,85.32|N|To Dorn Redearth.|

A A Growing Threat|QID|25084|M|45.06,85.34|N|From Dorn Redearth.|

A The Disturbed Earth|QID|24824|M|45.12,85.38|N|From Tauna Skychaser.|

C A Growing Threat|QID|25084|U|49932|M|42.68,80.92|N|Make sure you loot your kills, there is a quest drop item. Activate the quest at the first possible opportunity.|

A Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|U|49932|M|42.39,81.62|

C Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|M|42.12,84.95|

T Blood of the Barrens|QID|24606|M|45.14,85.45|N|To Mahka.|

T A Growing Threat|QID|25084|M|45.06,85.36|N|To Dorn Redearth.|

A Mangletooth|QID|25085|M|45.09,85.36|N|From Dorn Redearth.|

A Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|M|45.15,85.41|N|From Mahka.|

C Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|S|QO|Polished Boar Skull: 1/3|M|41.46,84.06|

C Mangletooth|QID|25085|M|38.11,81.96|

C Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|US|M|37.76,81.44|

C The Disturbed Earth|QID|24824|M|46.90,85.00|

T Echoes of Agamaggan|QID|24653|M|45.19,85.40|N|To Mahka.|

T The Disturbed Earth|QID|24824|M|45.12,85.38|N|To Tauna Skychaser.|

T Mangletooth|QID|25085|M|45.09,85.37|N|To Dorn Redearth.|

T Digsite Status|QID|25104|M|47.19,88.50|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|

A Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|M|47.16,88.50|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|

A Feegly the Exiled|QID|25108|M|47.16,88.50|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|

C Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|S|M|46.94,86.76|

C Feegly the Exiled|QID|25108|M|48.98,89.39|N|Loot the tools right behind where he was standing.|

C Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|M|47.15,86.71|

T Hands Off Me Dig!|QID|25106|M|47.17,88.48|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|

T Feegly the Exiled|QID|25108|M|47.17,88.48|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|

A Marley's Final Flight|QID|25120|M|47.17,88.48|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|

C Marley's Final Flight|QID|25120|M|49.25,86.70|N|Tell marley you are ready to fly.|

T Marley's Final Flight|QID|25120|M|49.27,86.71|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|

A He Needs Ale!|QID|25151|M|49.27,86.71|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|

A Bael'dun Rescue|QID|25153|M|49.39,86.92|N|From Bael'dun Survivor.|

A Who Did This?|QID|25163|M|49.59,87.14|N|From Wounded Bael'dun Officer.|

N WARNING: Read this.|QID|99999|N|Some people do not ready quest text closely.  The fire in the keep will 1 shot you. If you are at level for this zone.  Every time you are near a valve (they bubble) stand by it and activate it.  You will be protected. You need to do this in regularly, not just one time. (Click the check box to continue)|

C Bael'dun Rescue|QID|25153|S|M|49.41,86.88|

T Who Did This?|QID|25163|M|50.26,87.10|N|To Weezil Slipshadow.|

A Twinbraid Needs to Know|QID|25174|M|50.26,87.10|N|From Weezil Slipshadow.|

C He Needs Ale!|QID|25151|M|50.65,86.82|

C Bael'dun Rescue|QID|25153|US|M|50.69,86.37|

T Bael'dun Rescue|QID|25153|M|49.41,86.86|N|To Bael'dun Survivor.|

T He Needs Ale!|QID|25151|M|49.27,86.66|N|To Marley Twinbraid.|

A The Bad News|QID|25175|M|49.27,86.66|N|From Marley Twinbraid.|

T Twinbraid Needs to Know|QID|25174|M|43.51,78.30|N|To General Twinbraid.|

A Kill 'em All!|QID|25182|M|43.51,78.30|N|From General Twinbraid.|

T The Bad News|QID|25175|M|43.51,78.30|N|To General Twinbraid.|

A ...And Bury the Rest|QID|25183|M|43.51,78.30|N|From General Twinbraid.|

C Kill 'em All!|QID|25182|S|M|40.25,77.31|

C ...And Bury the Rest|QID|25183|M|39.95,75.91|

C Kill 'em All!|QID|25182|US|M|40.30,77.37|

T ...And Bury the Rest|QID|25183|M|40.38,77.77|

A The Deed Is Done|QID|25185|M|40.38,77.77|

T Kill 'em All!|QID|25182|M|43.48,78.27|N|To General Twinbraid.|

T The Deed Is Done|QID|25185|M|43.48,78.27|N|To General Twinbraid.|

A Reinforcements From Theramore|QID|26687|M|43.48,78.27|N|From General Twinbraid.|

N The End.|QID|99999|N|Well Done on your achievement.  The next zone is Dustwallow Marsh. Close this step and you will lead right into it.  If you wish to try a different zone you can right click the title of this addon and load a new guide from our Guide list. WKjezz|