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WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('WKfer', 'Ferelas', 'WKjezz', '35', '40', 'placeholder', 'Alliance', function() 

return [[


h Dreamer's Rest|QID|25654|M|51.02,17.97|Z|Feralas|N|At Andoril.|

f Dreamer's Rest|QID|99999|

F Thargad's Camp|QID|99999|N|Fly Here|

A Signs of Change|QID|25447|M|50.67,17.11|Z|Feralas|N|From Telaron Windflight.|

A Saving Warpwood|QID|27129|M|50.67,17.11|Z|Feralas|N|From Telaron Windflight.|

A The Highborne|QID|27131|M|50.67,17.11|Z|Feralas|N|From Telaron Windflight.|

A The Northspring Menace|QID|25448|M|51.13,17.81|Z|Feralas|N|From Erina Willowborn.|

A Dark Heart|QID|25654|M|51.13,17.81|Z|Feralas|N|From Erina Willowborn.|

C Signs of Change|QID|25447|S|M|43.58,22.24|

C The Northspring Menace|QID|25448|S|M|39.46,12.70|N|Make sure to loot your kills|

C Dark Heart|QID|25654|U|9530|M|40.54,8.63|Z|Feralas|

C The Northspring Menace|QID|25448|US|M|40.15,14.23|Z|Feralas|

C Signs of Change|QID|25447|US|M|45.43,17.89|Z|Feralas|

T Signs of Change|QID|25447|M|50.65,17.13|Z|Feralas|N|To Telaron Windflight.|

A More Than Illness|QID|25394|M|50.65,17.13|Z|Feralas|N|From Telaron Windflight.|

T The Northspring Menace|QID|25448|M|51.13,17.80|Z|Feralas|N|To Erina Willowborn.|

T Dark Heart|QID|25654|M|51.13,17.80|Z|Feralas|N|To Erina Willowborn.|

C More Than Illness|QID|25394|M|46.81,9.55|Z|Feralas|

T More Than Illness|QID|25394|M|50.63,17.11|Z|Feralas|N|To Telaron Windflight.|

A Tears of Stone|QID|25396|M|50.63,17.11|Z|Feralas|N|From Telaron Windflight.|

A The Land, Corrupted|QID|25397|M|50.63,17.11|Z|Feralas|N|From Telaron Windflight.|

C Tears of Stone|QID|25396|S|M|41.71,22.54|

C The Land, Corrupted|QID|25397|M|38.77,24.85|Z|Feralas|

C Tears of Stone|QID|25396|US|M|40.70,24.16|Z|Feralas|

T Tears of Stone|QID|25396|M|50.66,17.09|Z|Feralas|N|To Telaron Windflight.|

T The Land, Corrupted|QID|25397|M|50.66,17.09|Z|Feralas|N|To Telaron Windflight.|

A Sealing the Dream|QID|25398|M|50.66,17.09|Z|Feralas|N|From Telaron Windflight.|

C Sealing the Dream|QID|25398|U|52576|M|51.26,10.87|Z|Feralas|

T Sealing the Dream|QID|25398|M|50.66,17.20|Z|Feralas|N|To Telaron Windflight.|

A General Shandris Feathermoon|QID|26402|M|50.66,17.20|Z|Feralas|N|From Telaron Windflight.|

A The Mark of Quality|QID|25449|M|45.31,41.48|Z|Feralas|N|From Pratt McGrubben.|

h Feathermoon Stronghold|QID|25449|M|46.14,45.24|Z|Feralas|N|At Innkeeper Shyria.|

T General Shandris Feathermoon|QID|26402|M|46.05,49.09|Z|Feralas|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|

A The Battle of Sardor|QID|25304|M|46.05,49.09|Z|Feralas|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|

A Pitting Madness Against Madness|QID|26985|M|46.05,49.09|Z|Feralas|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|

A Eyes in the Sky|QID|27133|M|46.05,49.09|Z|Feralas|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|

f Feathermoon Stronghold|QID|99999|M|46.80,45.35|N|Get the Flight Path.|

F Ruins of Feathermoon|QID|99999|M|46.80,45.35|N|Ask the flightmaster to take you there. (Speech Bubble)|

T The Battle of Sardor|QID|25304|M|32.65,45.61|Z|Feralas|N|To Tambre.|

A Hatecrest Forces|QID|25399|M|32.65,45.61|Z|Feralas|N|From Tambre.|

A General Skessesh|QID|25458|M|32.65,45.61|Z|Feralas|N|From Tambre.|

C Hatecrest Forces|QID|25399|S|M|29.98,50.81|

C General Skessesh|QID|25458|M|30.65,45.46|Z|Feralas|

C Hatecrest Forces|QID|25399|US|M|31.26,45.64|Z|Feralas|

R Run back to|QID|99999|CC|M|32.60,45.60|N|Run to Tambre, and ask for a ride back|

T Hatecrest Forces|QID|25399|M|46.03,49.11|Z|Feralas|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|

T General Skessesh|QID|25458|M|46.03,49.11|Z|Feralas|N|To Shandris Feathermoon.|

A Report to Silvia|QID|25463|M|46.03,49.11|Z|Feralas|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|

A Still With The Zapped Giants|QID|25465|M|48.64,44.78|Z|Feralas|N|From Zorbin Fandazzle.|

A Even More Fuel for the Zapping|QID|25466|M|48.59,44.60|Z|Feralas|N|From Zorbin Fandazzle.|

R Run to this path|QID|99999|CC|M|51.42,32.50|N|Killing Yetis as you go.|

C The Mark of Quality|QID|25449|M|54.99,32.28|Z|Feralas|N|Also keep an eye out for the Pristin Yeti Hide, it starts a quest that DOES count toward the zone achievement now. If you don't get it this time, you might get it on the follow up.|

C Even More Fuel for the Zapping|QID|25466|S|M|38.89,35.96|N|Kill water elementals and loot them.|

C Still With The Zapped Giants|QID|25465|U|18904|M|37.43,35.98|Z|Feralas|

C Even More Fuel for the Zapping|QID|25466|US|M|35.97,34.29|Z|Feralas|

H Feathermoon Stronghold|QID|99999|N|Hearth to here.|

T The Mark of Quality|QID|25449|M|45.36,41.29|Z|Feralas|N|To Pratt McGrubben.|

A Improved Quality|QID|25450|M|45.36,41.50|Z|Feralas|N|From Pratt McGrubben.|

T Still With The Zapped Giants|QID|25465|M|48.67,44.83|Z|Feralas|N|To Zorbin Fandazzle.|

T Even More Fuel for the Zapping|QID|25466|M|48.67,44.83|Z|Feralas|N|To Zorbin Fandazzle.|

f Tower of Estulan|QID|25450|M|57.08,53.88|Z|Feralas|N|At Aryenda.|

T Report to Silvia|QID|25463|M|56.85,55.05|Z|Feralas|N|To Silvia.|

A The Gordunni Threat|QID|25400|M|56.85,55.05|Z|Feralas|N|From Silvia.|

A The Gordunni Orb|QID|25401|M|56.85,55.05|Z|Feralas|N|From Silvia.|

A Adella's Covert Camp|QID|26574|M|56.85,54.98|Z|Feralas|N|From Silvia.|

A Forces of Nature: Wisps|QID|25407|M|57.02,53.81|Z|Feralas|N|From Handler Tessina.|

A The Lost Apprentice|QID|25350|M|57.19,55.03|Z|Feralas|N|From Vestia Moonspear.|

C Forces of Nature: Wisps|QID|25407|U|53101|M|56.10,53.37|Z|Feralas|N|Target the Feralas Wisps and blow the whistle. Should find pleantly floating in the camp.|

T Forces of Nature: Wisps|QID|25407|M|57.08,53.79|Z|Feralas|N|To Handler Tessina.|

A Forces of Nature: Hippogryphs|QID|25409|M|57.08,53.79|Z|Feralas|N|From Handler Tessina.|

C Improved Quality|QID|25450|U|8705|M|52.07,58.33|Z|Feralas|N|You will loot a beacon, it is 100% drop rate. Accept the quest as soon as you get it.|

A Find OOX-22/FE!|QID|25475|M|53.30,55.84|Z|Feralas|

T Find OOX-22/FE!|QID|25475|M|53.33,55.75|Z|Feralas|N|To Homing Robot OOX-22/FE.|

A Rescue OOX-22/FE!|QID|25476|M|53.33,55.75|Z|Feralas|N|From Homing Robot OOX-22/FE.|

C Rescue OOX-22/FE!|QID|25476|NC|M|55.58,51.21|Z|Feralas|

F Feathermoon Stronghold|QID|99999|N|Go back to camp and fly out to feathermoon again.|

T Improved Quality|QID|25450|M|45.34,41.33|Z|Feralas|N|To Pratt McGrubben. If you got a pristine hide, turn it in now also.|

F Tower of Estulan|QID|99999|N|Go back to camp and fly out to the tower.|

C Forces of Nature: Hippogryphs|QID|25409|U|53104|M|55.28,71.07|Z|Feralas|N|You can actually stay mounted and do this.|

C The Gordunni Threat|QID|25400|S|M|58.47,70.02|N|Make sure you are looting.|

C The Gordunni Orb|QID|25401|M|57.47,71.00|Z|Feralas|

C The Gordunni Threat|QID|25400|US|M|61.28,71.58|Z|Feralas|

R Run to this path location|QID|99999|CC|M|62.11,64.06|

T The Lost Apprentice|QID|25350|M|65.91,62.84|Z|Feralas|N|To Lost Apprentice.|

A The Darkmist Legacy|QID|25422|M|65.89,62.82|Z|Feralas|N|From Sensiria.|

A Ancient Suffering|QID|25423|M|65.85,62.78|Z|Feralas|N|From Sensiria.|

C Ancient Suffering|QID|25423|M|64.29,58.91|Z|Feralas|

C The Darkmist Legacy|QID|25422|M|63.93,59.85|Z|Feralas|

T The Darkmist Legacy|QID|25422|M|65.90,62.81|Z|Feralas|N|To Sensiria.|

T Ancient Suffering|QID|25423|M|65.90,62.81|Z|Feralas|N|To Sensiria.|

A Verinias the Twisted|QID|25368|M|65.90,62.81|Z|Feralas|N|From Sensiria.|

C Verinias the Twisted|QID|25368|U|54456|M|64.33,56.02|Z|Feralas|

T Verinias the Twisted|QID|25368|M|65.90,62.79|Z|Feralas|N|To Sensiria.|

A Return to Vestia|QID|26401|M|65.90,62.79|Z|Feralas|N|From Sensiria.|

T Return to Vestia|QID|26401|M|57.19,54.90|Z|Feralas|N|To Vestia Moonspear.|

T The Gordunni Threat|QID|25400|M|56.92,54.90|Z|Feralas|N|To Silvia.|

A Gordok Guards|QID|25406|M|56.92,54.90|Z|Feralas|N|From Silvia.|

T The Gordunni Orb|QID|25401|M|56.92,54.90|Z|Feralas|N|To Silvia.|

A Estulan's Examination|QID|25402|M|56.92,54.90|Z|Feralas|N|From Silvia.|

T Forces of Nature: Hippogryphs|QID|25409|M|57.04,53.80|Z|Feralas|N|To Handler Tessina.|

A Forces of Nature: Treants|QID|25410|M|57.04,53.80|Z|Feralas|N|From Handler Tessina.|

T Estulan's Examination|QID|25402|M|56.95,55.41|Z|Feralas|N|To Estulan.|

A Ogre Abduction|QID|25403|M|56.95,55.41|Z|Feralas|N|From Estulan.|

r Repair and Sell Junk|QID|99999|M|56.80,54.37|

C Forces of Nature: Treants|QID|25410|U|53105|M|58.23,58.86|Z|Feralas|N|Again you can stay mounted (unless ambushed)|

T Forces of Nature: Treants|QID|25410|M|57.06,53.82|Z|Feralas|N|To Handler Tessina.|

A Eyes in the Sky|QID|27133|M|58.34,50.79|Z|Feralas|

C Gordok Guards|QID|25406|S|M|61.91,40.97|

C Ogre Abduction|QID|25403|U|52833|M|58.40,46.37|Z|Feralas|

C Gordok Guards|QID|25406|M|57.11,44.63|Z|Feralas|

T Gordok Guards|QID|25406|M|56.89,54.94|Z|Feralas|N|To Silvia.|

T Ogre Abduction|QID|25403|M|56.95,55.41|Z|Feralas|N|To Estulan.|

A Tell Silvia|QID|25208|M|56.95,55.41|Z|Feralas|N|From Estulan.|

T Tell Silvia|QID|25208|M|56.85,54.93|Z|Feralas|N|To Silvia.|

A Might of the Sentinels|QID|25333|M|56.85,54.93|Z|Feralas|N|From Silvia.|

C Might of the Sentinels|QID|25333|M|43.44,67.38|Z|Dire Maul|N|The guide may not lead you to where you need to go as we are in a weird zone.  Basically head into Dire Maul. Go North every chance you can.  You will come across an Arena. Drop into it and walk all the way to the north end of the Arena and wait.|

H Feathermoon Stronghold|QID|99999|N|Hearth back to Feathermoon.|

F Tower of Estulan|QID|99999|N|Catch a flight path to the Tower.|

T Might of the Sentinels|QID|25333|M|56.89,54.98|Z|Feralas|N|To Silvia.|

T Adella's Covert Camp|QID|26574|M|77.21,56.53|Z|Feralas|N|To Adella it's a long run, be careful of the Horde outpost.|

f Shadebough|QID|99999|N|Get the flight path.|

A War on the Woodpaw|QID|25426|M|77.21,56.53|Z|Feralas|N|From Adella.|

A It's Not "Ogre" Yet|QID|25432|M|77.21,56.53|Z|Feralas|N|From Adella.|

A Forces of Nature: Faerie Dragons|QID|25468|M|76.99,56.59|Z|Feralas|N|From Handler Jesana.|

A Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants|QID|25469|M|76.99,56.59|Z|Feralas|N|From Handler Jesana.|

C Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants|QID|25469|U|58967|M|69.41,62.73|Z|Feralas|N|Again you can stay mounted, unless ambushed.|

C War on the Woodpaw|QID|25426|M|71.83,55.00|Z|Feralas|

C Forces of Nature: Faerie Dragons|QID|25468|U|58966|M|73.59,40.47|Z|Feralas|

C It's Not "Ogre" Yet|QID|25432|M|77.31,33.69|Z|Feralas|

T Forces of Nature: Faerie Dragons|QID|25468|M|76.98,56.61|Z|Feralas|N|To Handler Jesana.|

T Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants|QID|25469|M|76.98,56.61|Z|Feralas|N|To Handler Jesana.|

T War on the Woodpaw|QID|25426|M|77.19,56.52|Z|Feralas|N|To Adella.|

A Alpha Strike|QID|25427|M|77.19,56.52|Z|Feralas|N|From Adella.|

T It's Not "Ogre" Yet|QID|25432|M|77.19,56.52|Z|Feralas|N|To Adella.|

A Sasquatch Sighting|QID|25433|M|77.19,56.52|Z|Feralas|N|From Adella.|

A Taming The Tamers|QID|25434|M|77.19,56.52|Z|Feralas|N|From Adella.|

R Run to this path.|QID|99999|CC|M|68.11,53.70|

C Alpha Strike|QID|25427|M|65.59,52.17|Z|Feralas|N|Lots of Alphas here.|

C Taming The Tamers|QID|25434|M|74.94,29.12|Z|Feralas|N|Back up the mountain near the Pavillian. (Where we killed the last set of ogres)|

C Sasquatch Sighting|QID|25433|M|74.95,29.34|Z|Feralas|

T Alpha Strike|QID|25427|M|77.22,56.57|Z|Feralas|N|To Adella.|

T Sasquatch Sighting|QID|25433|M|77.22,56.57|Z|Feralas|N|To Adella.|

T Taming The Tamers|QID|25434|M|77.22,56.57|Z|Feralas|N|To Adella.|

A Zukk'ash Infestation|QID|25429|M|77.22,56.57|Z|Feralas|N|From Adella.|

A Stinglasher|QID|25431|M|77.22,56.57|Z|Feralas|N|From Adella.|

C Zukk'ash Infestation|QID|25429|S|M|76.54,62.08|N|Kill and loot the bugs.|

C Stinglasher|QID|25431|M|78.32,62.74|Z|Feralas|

C Zukk'ash Infestation|QID|25429|US|M|74.68,63.05|Z|Feralas|

T Stinglasher|QID|25431|M|77.18,56.50|Z|Feralas|N|To Adella.|

T Zukk'ash Infestation|QID|25429|M|77.18,56.50|Z|Feralas|N|To Adella.|

A Spiteful Sisters|QID|25436|M|77.18,56.50|Z|Feralas|N|From Adella.|

C Spiteful Sisters|QID|25436|M|79.79,45.19|Z|Feralas|

T Spiteful Sisters|QID|25436|M|77.23,56.51|Z|Feralas|N|To Adella.|

A Ysondre's Call|QID|25437|M|77.23,56.51|Z|Feralas|N|From Adella.|

R Run to the start of the path here|QID|99999|CC|M|80.25,42.81|

T Ysondre's Call|QID|25437|M|81.53,42.37|Z|Feralas|N|To Ysondre.|

A Taerar's Fall|QID|25379|M|81.53,42.37|Z|Feralas|N|From Ysondre.|

C Taerar's Fall|QID|25379|NC|M|81.48,42.46|Z|Feralas|

C Taerar's Fall|QID|25379|NC|M|81.28,42.47|Z|Feralas|

T Taerar's Fall|QID|25379|M|81.50,42.47|Z|Feralas|N|To Ysondre.|

A Ysondre's Farewell|QID|25438|M|81.50,42.47|Z|Feralas|N|From Ysondre.|

T Ysondre's Farewell|QID|25438|M|77.19,56.54|Z|Feralas|N|To Adella.|

N END|QID|99999|N|This is the End of Ferelas. Time to go to Thousand Needles! I would recommend going to Darnassas now for training, banking, and auction needs.  Our Thousand Needles guide starts there.|






This was a great guide, I was

This was a great guide, I was able to figure out those two Dire Maul quests wouldn't work pretty easily.


There are two quests that should be tacked on to the end.

To New Thalanaar, which the player needs to talk to the Flight Master at the last camp to fly there or it doesn't work. This quest starts Two If By Boat which takes you into Thousand Needles and is turned in at Fizzle Brassbolts. I went to Darnassus as it said at the end of the guide and ended up having to fly back ;) the removal of that and addition of these two would make the guide transition seamless.

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Hey Guys,First off: a big

Hey Guys,

First off: a big thanks to you guys for the work on the addon, it's really great, I've mostly did WKJezz his zones (Gilnaes - Darkshore - Ashenvale - Stonetalon Mountains - Desolace - Feralas - Thousand Needles) for the moment (I think?).

Just wanted to point out a few little problems I noticed on the Feralas guide.

The guide is registered as a guide for level 35-40 but the following quests will only be available to the player somewhere around 41-45. I can't exactly remember when, I just grinded dungeons until I could pick up the quests, but since the level range for this zone is 35-40 it isn't quite obvious that the guide points out to pick them up at that time, since it's impossible.

A The Highborne|QID|27131|M|50.67,17.11|Z|Feralas|N|From Telaron Windflight.|


A Eyes in the Sky|QID|27133|M|46.05,49.09|Z|Feralas|N|From Shandris Feathermoon.|

These are start-off quests for Dire Maul.

I can't remember what the third start-off quest was for Dire Maul (since there are three wings) and if the level restriction is also higher than the adviced level (since I already grinded to 44-46 for the other two).

Going to start out in Tanaris now. Too bad Blizzard fucked up the leveling speed which makes you level way quicker than the guide does but I don't care that much really, I'm following this guide mainly to get achievements anyway (and so I did in the past Eye).

Cheers, Dodsangel