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Source Code

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('BitWes1020', 'Westfall', 'Bitsem', '10', '20', 'KurRed1520', 'Alliance', function()
return [[

A Hero's Call: Westfall!|QID|26378|RANK|1|M|24.29,74.45|Z|Elwynn Forest|N|From Deputy Rainer.|
T Hero's Call: Westfall!|QID|26378|M|60.05,19.40|N|To Lieutenant Horatio Laine.|

A Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me|QID|26209|PRE|26378|RANK|1|M|60.05,19.40|N|From Lieutenant Horatio Laine.|
C Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me|QID|26209|M|58.26,18.50|N|Question homeless people in the field. Some will fight you, some give information.|
T Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me|QID|26209|M|60.10,19.32|N|To Lieutenant Horatio Laine.|

A Hot On the Trail: The Riverpaw Clan|QID|26213|RANK|1|M|60.10,19.32|N|From Lieutenant Horatio Laine.|
A Hot On the Trail: Murlocs|QID|26214|RANK|1|M|60.10,19.32|N|From Lieutenant Horatio Laine.|

C Hot On the Trail: Murlocs|QID|26214|S|M|55.98,11.02|N|Kill Murlocs and Gnolls until you have their clues.|
A Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure|QID|26353|RANK|1|M|55.98,11.02|N|This quest is from loot dropped by murlocs.|
C Hot On the Trail: The Riverpaw Clan|QID|26213|M|58.28,11.45|N|Kill Gnolls until you have their clue.|
C Hot On the Trail: Murlocs|QID|26214|US|M|55.98,11.02|N|Continue killing Murlocs until you have their clues.|

A Meet Two-Shoed Lou|QID|26215|PRE|26214|RANK|1|M|60.13,19.37|N|From Lieutenant Horatio Laine.|

f Furlbrow's Pumpkin Farm|QID|11911|M|49.85,18.75|N|At Hoboair.|

T Meet Two-Shoed Lou|QID|26215|M|49.71,19.41|N|To Two-Shoed Lou.|
A Livin' the Life|QID|26228|PRE|26215|RANK|1|M|49.71,19.41|N|From Two-Shoed Lou.|
A "I TAKE Candle!"|QID|26229|PRE|26229|RANK|1|M|49.66,19.47|N|From Jimb "Candles" McHannigan.
A Feast or Famine|QID|26230|RANK|1|M|49.52,19.08|N|From Mama Celeste inside the cabin.|
C Feast or Famine|QID|26230|M|52.83,22.45|N|Kill Coyotes and collect dirt.|
T Feast or Famine|QID|26230|M|49.51,19.24|N|To Mama Celeste.|

C "I TAKE Candle!"|QID|26229|S|M|44.62,25.80|N|Kill Kobolds on your way to the back of the mine.|
C Livin' the Life|QID|26228|NC|U|57761|M|46.44,19.31|N|Use Two-Shoed Lou's Old House at the back of the cave.|
C "I TAKE Candle!"|QID|26229|US|M|44.62,25.80|N|Finish killing Kobold on your way out.|

T "I TAKE Candle!"|QID|26229|M|49.61,19.63|N|To Jimb "Candles" McHannigan.|
T Livin' the Life|QID|26228|M|49.64,19.51|N|To Two-Shoed Lou.|

A Lou's Parting Thoughts|QID|26232|PRE|26228|RANK|1|M|49.64,19.51|N|From Two-Shoed Lou.|
C Lou's Parting Thoughts|QID|26232|M|48.29,19.64|N|They'll attack you. Kill 'em.|
T Lou's Parting Thoughts|QID|26232|M|49.68,19.56|N|To Lieutenant Horatio Laine.|

A Shakedown at the Saldean's|QID|26236|PRE|26232|RANK|1|M|49.68,19.56|N|From Lieutenant Horatio Laine.|
T Shakedown at the Saldean's|QID|26236|M|56.03,31.33|N|To Farmer Saldean.|

A Times are Tough|QID|26237|PRE|26236|RANK|1|M|56.03,31.33|N|From Farmer Saldean.|
A Westfall Stew|QID|26241|RANK|1|M|56.35,30.55|N|From Salma Saldean.|
C Westfall Stew|QID|26241|S|QO|Okra: 0/6;Goretusk Flank: 0/6;Stringy Fleshripper Meat: 0/6|M|56.50,28.46|N|From now on Kill Goretusks, Fleshrippers, Harvest Watchers and collect Okra.|

A Heart of the Watcher|QID|26252|RANK|1|M|55.23,34.87|N|Accept this quest when you loot a Harvest Watcher Heart.|
T Heart of the Watcher|QID|26252|M|56.15,31.40|N|To Farmer Saldean.|

A It's Alive!|QID|26257|PRE|26252|RANK|1|M|56.15,31.40|N|From Farmer Saldean.|
C Times are Tough|QID|26237|M|55.18,36.90|N|Kill Harvest Watchers.|
C Westfall Stew|QID|26241|US|M|59.44,33.35|N|Finish gathering and killing for your supper.|
T Times are Tough|QID|26237|M|56.07,31.31|N|To Farmer Saldean.|
T Westfall Stew|QID|26241|M|56.37,30.62|N|To Salma Saldean.|

A You Have Our Thanks|QID|26270|PRE|26241|RANK|1|M|56.02,31.28|N|From Farmer Saldean.|
T You Have Our Thanks|QID|26270|M|56.37,30.60|N|To Salma Saldean.|

A Hope for the People|QID|26266|RANK|1|M|56.37,30.60|N|From Salma Saldean.|
C It's Alive!|QID|26257|U|57954|M|45.91,34.32|N|Use the Harvest Watcher Heart on an Overloaded Harvest Golem. Use Action 2 to run over Energized Reapers, Action 1 for one-on-one fighting.|
T It's Alive!|QID|26257|M|55.96,31.34|N|To Farmer Saldean.|

T Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure|QID|26353|M|25.93,47.76|
A Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure|QID|26354|PRE|26353|RANK|1|M|25.93,47.76|

T Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure|QID|26354|M|40.58,47.79|
A Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure|QID|26355|PRE|26354|RANK|1|M|40.58,47.79|

T Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure|QID|26355|M|40.65,17.05|
A Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure|QID|26356|PRE|26355|RANK|1|M|40.65,17.05|

T Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure|QID|26356|M|25.95,16.96|

f Sentinel Hill|QID|26266|NC|M|56.96,47.10|N|Get the flight path.|

A Hero's Call: Redridge Mountains!|QID|26365|RANK|1|M|56.39,47.52|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|If you'll be continuing on to Redridge. From Captain Danuvin.|
A The Legend of Captain Grayson|QID|26371|RANK|1|M|56.44,47.45|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|From Scout Galiaan.|
T Hope for the People|QID|26266|M|56.88,47.13|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|To Hope Saldean.|

A Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless|QID|26271|RANK|1|M|56.88,47.13|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|From Hope Saldean.|
A In Defense of Westfall|QID|26286|RANK|1|M|56.35,47.55|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|From Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle.|
A The Westfall Brigade|QID|26287|RANK|1|M|56.40,47.52|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|From Captain Danuvin.|

C The Westfall Brigade|QID|26287|S|M|51.30,53.34|N|Kill Riverpaw Gnolls.|
C In Defense of Westfall|QID|26286|M|53.42,49.31|N|Loot the Gnoll Attack Orders.|
C The Westfall Brigade|QID|26287|US|M|51.30,53.34|N|Kill remaining Gnolls.|

h Sentinel Hill|QID|26287|M|52.78,53.65|N|At Innkeeper Heather.|

C Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless|QID|26271|NC|U|57991|M|51.77,47.58|N|Run around outside the wall and use the Westfall Stew near the Homeless. They will come to you.|
T In Defense of Westfall|QID|26286|M|56.30,47.59|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|To Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle.|
T The Westfall Brigade|QID|26287|M|56.36,47.54|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|To Captain Danuvin.|

A Jango Spothide|QID|26288|PRE|26287|RANK|1|M|56.36,47.54|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|From Captain Danuvin.|

T Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless|QID|26271|M|56.90,47.03|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|To Hope Saldean.|
A Find Agent Kearnen|QID|26289|RANK|1|M|56.44,47.46|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|From Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle.|

f Moonbrook|M|42.13,63.39|N|At Tina Skyden.|

T The Legend of Captain Grayson|QID|26371|M|30.55,85.54|N|To Captain Grayson.|
A The Coast Isn't Clear|QID|26348|PRE|26371|RANK|1|M|30.55,85.54|N|From Captain Grayson.|
A Keeper of the Flame|QID|26347|RANK|1|M|30.55,85.54|N|From Captain Grayson.|
A The Coastal Menace|QID|26349|RANK|1|M|30.55,85.54|N|From Captain Grayson.|

C The Coastal Menace|QID|26349|M|34.27,84.81|
C The Coast Isn't Clear|QID|26348|M|33.63,84.34|

T The Coast Isn't Clear|QID|26348|M|30.53,85.55|N|To Captain Grayson.|
T The Coastal Menace|QID|26349|M|30.53,85.55|N|To Captain Grayson.|

C Jango Spothide|QID|26288|M|61.79,73.76|

T Find Agent Kearnen|QID|26289|M|68.23,70.43|N|To Agent Kearnen.|
A Secrets of the Tower|QID|26290|PRE|26289|RANK|1|M|68.23,70.43|N|From Agent Kearnen.|
C Secrets of the Tower|QID|26290|NC|PRE|58112|U|58112|M|70.42,74.22|
T Secrets of the Tower|QID|26290|M|68.39,70.45|N|To Agent Kearnen.|
A Big Trouble in Moonbrook|QID|26291|PRE|26290|RANK|1|M|68.39,70.45|N|From Agent Kearnen.|

H Sentinel Hill|QID|26288|NC|QO|Riverpaw Mystic slain: 5/5;Riverpaw Taskmaster slain: 5/5;Jango Spothide slain: 1/1|M|56.45,47.57|N|Hearth to Sentinel Hll.|

T Big Trouble in Moonbrook|QID|26291|M|56.41,47.41|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|To Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle.|
A To Moonbrook!|QID|26292|PRE|26291|RANK|1|M|56.41,47.41|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|From Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle.|
T Jango Spothide|QID|26288|M|56.49,47.50|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|To Captain Danuvin.|

F Moonbrook|QID|26292|NC|M|42.13,64.11|N|Fly to Moonbrook.|

T To Moonbrook!|QID|26292|M|42.11,63.99|N|To Captain Alpert.|
A Propaganda|QID|26295|PRE|26292|RANK|1|M|42.11,63.99|N|From Captain Alpert.|
A Evidence Collection|QID|26296|RANK|1|M|43.69,67.90|N|Looted from a Moonbrook Thug.|
C Evidence Collection|QID|26296|S|M|45.53,70.95|N|Kill thugs and loot their bandanas while finding propoganda.|
C Propaganda|QID|26295|M|41.56,66.42;42.27,69.68;42.57,69.67;43.48,66.72|N|Collect information.|
C Evidence Collection|QID|26296|US|M|45.53,70.95|N|Finish killing Thugs.|
T Propaganda|QID|26295|M|42.16,64.15|N|To Captain Alpert.|

A The Dawning of a New Day|QID|26297|PRE|26295|RANK|1|M|42.16,64.15|N|From Captain Alpert.|
T Evidence Collection|QID|26296|M|42.16,64.15|N|To Captain Alpert.|
C The Dawning of a New Day|QID|26297|M|43.45,69.19|
T The Dawning of a New Day|QID|26297|M|42.18,64.19|N|To Captain Alpert.|

A Secrets Revealed|QID|26319|PRE|26297|RANK|1|M|42.18,64.19|N|From Captain Alpert.|
T Secrets Revealed|QID|26319|M|42.86,65.08|N|To Thoralius the Wise.|
A A Vision of the Past|QID|26320|PRE|26319|RANK|1|M|42.86,65.08|N|From Thoralius the Wise.|
C A Vision of the Past|QID|26320|NC|U|58147|M|0.00,0.00|Z|The Deadmines|N|You must enter the Deadmines Instance to complete this quest.|

A The Foreman|QID|27756|RANK|1|M|29.78,28.11|Z|The Deadmines|N|If you wish to do the Deadmines Instance. If not, just leave and check off this step. From Lieutenant Horatio Laine.|
C Keeper of the Flame|QID|26347|M|37.79,40.04|

H Sentinel Hill|QID|26347|NC|M|30.50,85.63|N|Hearth to Sentinel Hill.|

T A Vision of the Past|QID|26320|M|56.27,47.45|Z|Sentinel Tower|N|To Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle.|
A Rise of the Brotherhood|QID|26322|PRE|26320|RANK|1|M|56.27,47.45|Z|Sentinel Tower|
C Rise of the Brotherhood|QID|26322|NC|M|56.36,47.55|Z|Sentinel Tower|
T Keeper of the Flame|QID|26347|M|30.55,85.49|N|To Captain Grayson.|

F Stormwind|NC|N|Hearth to Sentinel Hill, or run to Moonbrook and fly from there.|

T Rise of the Brotherhood|QID|26322|M|85.62,31.92|Z|Stormwind City|N|To King Varian Wrynn.|
A Return to Sentinel Hill|QID|26370|PRE|26322|RANK|1|M|85.62,31.92|Z|Stormwind City|N|From King Varian Wrynn.|

F Sentinel Hill|QID|26370|NC|N|Fly or Hearth back to Sentinel Hill.|

T Return to Sentinel Hill|QID|26370|M|56.37,49.57|N|To Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle.|
A Threat to the Kingdom|QID|26761|RANK|1|M|56.37,49.57|N|If you're continuing in Redridge. From Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle.|


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    Game Version: 4.0.3
    Summary: Created a source file page

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Ladies and Gents,

Please Overhaul this entire guide. The guide has old quests, and you no longer need to update skills at class trainer. Skipping quests that are no longer in the world, causes the guide to flow horribly, and caused me to lose my place in Westfall.

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Added turn in for "Furlbrow's Deed"

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Added missing turn-ins.