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Source Code

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('SavNorStr2530', 'Northern Stranglethorn', 'Savagefool', '25', '30', 'SavAri', 'Alliance', function()
return [[

f Rebel Camp|QID|26838|M|47.87,11.86|
T Rebels Without a Clue|QID|26838|M|47.56,10.33|
A The Fate of Kurzen|QID|26735|M|47.56,10.33|N|From Lieutenant Doren.|
A Krazek's Cookery|QID|26740|M|47.17,10.68|N|From Corporal Kaleb.|
A Bad Medicine|QID|26732|M|47.28,11.02|N|From Brother Nimetz.|

R Nesingwary's Expedition|QID|26740|M|44.16,22.61|
T Krazek's Cookery|QID|26740|M|43.72,23.04|N|To Krazek.|
A Venture Company Mining|QID|26763|M|43.72,23.04|N|From Krazek.|
A Supply and Demand|QID|26343|M|43.80,23.45|N|From Drizzlik.|
A Welcome to the Jungle|QID|583|M|44.21,22.29|N|From Barnil Stonepot.|
T Welcome to the Jungle|QID|583|M|44.25,22.92|N|To Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|
A Raptor Hunting|QID|194|M|44.25,22.92|N|From Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|
A Tiger Hunting|QID|185|M|44.41,22.61|N|From Ajeck Rouack.|
A Panther Hunting|QID|190|M|44.23,22.43|N|From Sir S. J. Erlgadin.|
A The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|M|44.22,22.32|N|From Barnil Stonepot.|

C The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|M|42.30,21.81|N|This can looted from any of the beast in the area.|S|
C Supply and Demand|QID|26343|M|39.01,19.45|N|Follow the river west, killing River Crocolisk.|
C Tiger Hunting|QID|185|M|41.45,23.37|N|Kill Yound Stranglethorn Tigers until complete.|
T Tiger Hunting|QID|185|M|41.45,23.37|N|From the drop down menu.|
A Tiger Stalking|QID|186|M|41.45,23.37|N|From the drop down menu.|
C The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|M|42.30,21.81|N|This can looted from any of the beast in the area.|US|
T Supply and Demand|QID|26343|M|43.56,23.40|N|To Drizzlik.|
A Some Assembly Required|QID|26344|M|43.56,23.40|N|From Drizzlik.|
T The Green Hills of Stranglethorn|QID|26269|M|44.22,22.32|N|To Barnil Stonepot.|
C Panther Hunting|QID|190|M|53.58,24.18|
T Panther Hunting|QID|190|M|53.58,24.18|N|From the drop down menu.|
A Panther Stalking|QID|191|M|53.58,24.18|N|From the drop down menu.|
C The Fate of Kurzen|QID|26735|M|57.65,21.21|N|These are all over the place in Kurzen's Compound.|S|
C Bad Medicine|QID|26732|M|57.85,20.58|
A Just Hatched|QID|26738|M|57.85,20.58|N|From the drop down menu. You get this quest when you loot a Lashtail Raptor Egg Fragment.|
C The Fate of Kurzen|QID|26735|M|57.65,21.21|These are all over the place in Kurzen's Compound.|US|
C Tiger Stalking|QID|186|M|60.23,29.45|
T Tiger Stalking|QID|186|M|60.23,29.45|N|From the drop down menu.|
A Tiger Prowess|QID|187|M|60.23,29.45|N|From the drop down menu.|
C Venture Company Mining|QID|26763|M|57.54,35.34|N|Kill Venture Co. employess and loot the crystals. Also kill Snapjaw Croclisk if you come across any.|
C Some Assembly Required|QID|26344|M|52.32,39.56|N|Kill Snapjaw Crocolisk and loot them until you complete the quest. They are on both sides of the river by the Venture Co. Base Camp.|
T Some Assembly Required|QID|26344|M|43.72,23.55|N|To Drizzlik.|
A Excelsior|QID|26345|M|43.72,23.55|N|From Drizzlik.|
T Venture Company Mining|QID|26763|M|43.68,23.03|N|To Krazek.|
A Return to Corporal Kaleb|QID|26765|M|43.68,23.03|N|From Krazek.|

R Rebel Camp|QID|26732|M|47.56,11.49|
T Bad Medicine|QID|26732|M|47.35,11.21|N|To Brother Nimetz.|
A Control Sample|QID|26733|M|47.35,11.21|N|From Brother Nimetz.|
T Just Hatched|QID|26738|M|47.10,10.88|N|To Corporal Sethman.|
A I Think She's Hungry|QID|26739|M|47.10,10.88|N|From Corporal Sethman.|
T Return to Corporal Kaleb|QID|26765|M|47.10,10.88|N|To Corporal Kaleb.|
T The Fate of Kurzen|QID|26735|M|47.54,10.41|N|To Lieutenant Doren.|
A Spared from Madness|QID|26736|M|47.54,10.41|N|From Lieutenant Doren.|
r Sell Junk|QID|26736|N|Close this step when done.|
R Kurzen's Compound|QID|26736|M|56,20|
C Spared from Madness|QID|26736|M|56.53,20.28|N|Top floor of this building.|
C I Think She's Hungry|QID|26739|U|58165|M|63.22,22.16|S|
C Control Sample|QID|26733|M|63.22,22.16|N|Make sure you loot before you raptor eats it all.|
C I Think She's Hungry|QID|26739|U|58165|M|63.22,22.16|US|

R Rebel Camp|QID|26739|M|47.56,11.49|
T Control Sample|QID|26733|M|47.32,11.23|N|To Brother Nimetz.|
A The Source of the Madness|QID|26734|M|47.32,11.23|N|From Brother Nimetz.|
T I Think She's Hungry|QID|26739|M|47.10,10.93|N|To Corporal Sethman.|
A Deep Roots|QID|26744|M|47.10,10.93|N|From Corporal Sethman.|
T Spared from Madness|QID|26736|M|47.56,10.41|N|To Lieutenant Doren.|
A Stopping Kurzen's Legacy|QID|26737|M|47.56,10.41|N|From Lieutenant Doren.|

C Tiger Prowess|QID|187|M|38.18,34.92|
T Tiger Prowess|QID|187|M|38.18,34.92|N|From the drop down menu.|
A Tiger Mastery|QID|188|M|38.18,34.92|N|From the drop down menu.|
C Tiger Mastery|QID|188|M|38.33,31.41|
C Panther Stalking|QID|191|M|32.69,27.37|
T Panther Stalking|QID|191|M|32.69,27.37|N|From the drop down menu.|
A Panther Prowess|QID|192|M|32.69,27.37|N|From the drop down menu.|
C Raptor Hunting|QID|194|M|29.98,30.99|
T Raptor Hunting|QID|194|M|30.43,31.52|N|From the drop down menu.|
A Raptor Stalking|QID|195|M|30.43,31.52|N|From the drop down menu.|
C Deep Roots|QID|26744|M|33.61,36.74|U|58165|N|Make sure you have your baby raptor out.|
A Favored Skull|QID|26745|M|33.61,36.74|N|From Lashtail Hatchling.|
C Raptor Stalking|QID|195|M|38.44,43.24|
T Raptor Stalking|QID|195|M|38.46,43.58|N|From the drop down menu.|
A Raptor Prowess|QID|196|M|38.46,43.58|N|From the drop down menu.|

R The Stockpile|QID|26737|M|60.08,17.91|N|The cave at Kurzen's Compound.|
C The Source of the Madness|QID|26734|M|62.73,17.60|N|Drops off of Kurzen's men in the cave.|S|
C Stopping Kurzen's Legacy|QID|26737|M|63.78,16.73|QO|Chief Anders slain: 1/1|
C Stopping Kurzen's Legacy|QID|26737|M|62.39,14.14|QO|Chief Gaulus slain: 1/1|
C Stopping Kurzen's Legacy|QID|26737|M|65.78,17.12|QO|Chief Miranda slain: 1/1|
C Stopping Kurzen's Legacy|QID|26737|M|66.03,11.76|
C The Source of the Madness|QID|26734|M|62.73,17.60|N|Drops off of Kurzen's men in the cave.|US|
R Rebel Camp|QID|26734|M|47.56,11.49|
T The Source of the Madness|QID|26734|M|47.32,11.19|N|To Brother Nimetz.|
T Deep Roots|QID|26744|M|47.05,10.92|N|To Corporal Sethman.|
T Favored Skull|QID|26745|M|47.21,10.67|N|To Osborn Obnoticus.|
A A Nose for This Sort of Thing|QID|26746|M|47.21,10.67|N|From Osborn Obnoticus.|
T Stopping Kurzen's Legacy|QID|26737|M|47.50,10.40|N|To Lieutenant Doren.|
A Water Elementals|QID|26729|M|47.59,10.45|N|From Emerine Junis.|
A Bloodscalp Insight|QID|26742|M|47.87,12.07|N|From Berrin Burnquill.|

R Nesingwary's Expedition|QID|188|M|44.16,22.61|
T Tiger Mastery|QID|188|M|44.45,22.52|N|To Ajeck Rouack.|
C A Nose for This Sort of Thing|QID|26746|U|58165|M|41.27,29.08|N|Stay close to your Lashtail Hatchling as he runs around digging up the fetishes to complete the quest.|
C Bloodscalp Insight|QID|26742|M|33.63,36.38|N|Kill the shamans and loot the totem.|
C Water Elementals|QID|26729|M|22.85,36.81;20.79,41.37|N|Kill the elementals on this island.|
T Water Elementals|QID|26729|U|60273|M|19.15,40.72|N|To Emerine Junis. Use the Telling-Sphere to turn-in quest.|
A You Can Take the Murloc Out of the Ocean...|QID|26730|M|19.15,40.72|N|From Emerine Junis.|
C You Can Take the Murloc Out of the Ocean...|QID|26730|M|42.58,40.95|N|Kill Murlocs here until the quest is completed.|
T You Can Take the Murloc Out of the Ocean...|QID|26730|U|60273|M|50.52,49.44|N|To Emerine Junis. Use the sphere again to turn-in.|
A The Altar of Naias|QID|26731|M|50.52,49.44|N|From Emerine Junis.|
C The Altar of Naias|QID|26731|U|23680|M|19.12,40.58|N|Go back to the island and go to the altar and use the item to summon Naias. Kill him and loot his hart.|
T The Altar of Naias|QID|26731|U|60273|M|19.12,40.58|N|To Emerine Junis. Use the sphere again and complete the chain.|

C Excelsior|QID|26345|M|50.48,49.40|N|Kill Elder Snapjaw Crocolisk until you loot the item needed.|
C Panther Prowess|QID|192|S|M|62.49,48.16|N|Kill Shadowmaw Panthers until quest is complete. They are stealthed around trees along the road.|
C Raptor Prowess|QID|196|M|58.27,50.05|N|Kill Jungle Stalkers until the quest is done.|
T Raptor Prowess|QID|196|M|58.27,50.05|N|From the drop down menu.|
A Raptor Mastery|QID|197|M|58.27,50.05|N|From the drop down menu.|
C Panther Prowess|QID|192|US|M|62.49,48.16|N|Kill Shadowmaw Panthers until quest is complete. They are stealthed around trees along the road.|
T Panther Prowess|QID|192|M|62.49,48.16|N|From the drop down menu.|
A Panther Mastery|QID|193|M|62.49,48.16|N|From the drop down menu.|
C Panther Mastery|QID|193|M|65.99,43.29|N|Kill Bhag'thera and loot his fang. He is somewhere around Bambala.|
C Raptor Mastery|QID|197|M|60.44,61.49|N|Kill Tethis and loot his talon. He can be anywhere in this area.|
R Fort Livingston|QID|197|M|52.66,66.18|
f Fort Livingston|QID|197|M|52.66,66.18|N|At Robert Rhodes.|
h Fort Livingston|QID|197|M|53.21,66.92|N|From Livingston Marshal.|
F Rebel Camp|QID|197|M|52.66,66.18|N|At Robert Rhodes.|
T Bloodscalp Insight|QID|26742|M|47.92,12.02|N|To Berrin Burnquill.|
A Sacred to the Bloodscalp|QID|26743|M|47.92,12.02|N|From Berrin Burnquill.|
T A Nose for This Sort of Thing|QID|26746|M|47.16,10.61|N|To Osborn Obnoticus.|
A A Physical Specimen|QID|26747|M|47.16,10.61|N|From Osborn Obnoticus.|
A Population Con-Troll|QID|26751|M|47.46,10.69|N|From Sergeant Yohwa.|

R Nesingwary's Expedition|QID|197|M|44.16,22.61|
T Panther Mastery|QID|193|M|43.76,22.42|N|To Sir S. J. Erlgadin.|
T Raptor Mastery|QID|197|M|44.05,22.94|N|To Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|
A Big Game Hunter|QID|208|M|44.05,22.94|N|From Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|
T Excelsior|QID|26345|M|43.78,23.42|N|To Drizzlik.|
r Sell & Repair|QID|26743|M|43.68,23.24|N|To Jaquilina Dramet. Close this step when done.|

C Sacred to the Bloodscalp|QID|26743|M|37.30,25.57|N|Kill the Bloodscalp Trolls in this area till the quest is complete.|
C Population Con-Troll|QID|26751|M|26.74,21.82|N|Kill Bloodscalps Trolls in the area until the quest is completed.|S|
C A Physical Specimen|QID|26747|U|58165|M|24.92,18.27|N|Kill Gan"Zulah and loot his body.|
C Population Con-Troll|QID|26751|M|26.74,21.82|N|Kill Bloodscalps Trolls in the area until the quest is completed.|US|

R Rebel Camp|QID|26743|M|47.56,11.49|
T Sacred to the Bloodscalp|QID|26743|M|47.87,12.12|N|To Berrin Burnquill.|
T Population Con-Troll|QID|26751|M|47.44,10.75|N|To Sergeant Yohwa.|
T A Physical Specimen|QID|26747|M|47.21,10.64|
A Bloodlord Mandokir|QID|26748|M|47.21,10.64|N|From Bloodlord Mandokir.|
T Bloodlord Mandokir|QID|26748|M|47.24,10.75|
A Priestess Thaalia|QID|26749|M|47.23,10.70|N|From Osborn Obnoticus.|
F Fort Livingston|QID|26479|
T Priestess Thaalia|QID|26749|M|53.40,66.74|N|To Priestess Thaalia.|
A Mind Vision|QID|26772|M|53.40,66.74|N|From Priestess Thaalia.|
A The Mosh'Ogg Bounty|QID|26782|M|53.31,66.38|N|From Wulfred Harrys.|
A To the Cape!|QID|26805|M|53.31,66.38|N|From Wulfred Harrys.|
A The Mind's Eye|QID|26781|M|53.28,66.79|N|From Livingston Marshal.|
C Big Game Hunter|QID|208|M|47.79,58.84|N|Kill King Bangalash and loot his head. He is usually on top of the mound here.|
C Mind Vision|QID|26772|M|53.54,47.21|N|Kill Jungle Stalkers here and loot their feathers until the quest is complete.|
C The Mosh'Ogg Bounty|QID|26782|M|67.16,54.03|N|Make your way here and loot the Bounty.|
C The Mind's Eye|QID|26781|M|66.68,49.15;70.74,48.54|N|Kill Mai'Zoth and loot the Mind's Eye. He is all the way in the back of the cave.|

H Fort Livingston|QID|26781|U|6948|
T The Mind's Eye|QID|26781|M|53.28,66.79|N|To Livingston Marshal.|
T Mind Vision|QID|26772|M|53.37,66.81|N|To Priestess Thaalia.|
A See Raptor|QID|26773|M|53.37,66.81|N|From Priestess Thaalia.|
C See Raptor|QID|26773|M|89.39,45.27|N|Talk to Priestess Thaalia and tell her you are ready. The quest completes after the vision.|
T See Raptor|QID|26773|M|53.40,66.75|N|To Priestess Thaalia.|
A Mind Control|QID|26774|M|53.40,66.75|N|From Priestess Thaalia.|
T The Mosh'Ogg Bounty|QID|26782|M|53.32,66.31|N|To Wulfred Harrys.|
A Nighttime in the Jungle|QID|26780|M|53.32,66.31|N|From Kinnel. He walks aroung the camp.|
A Zul'Mamwe Mambo|QID|26779|M|52.71,66.72|N|From Ghaliri.|

F Rebel Camp|QID|26779|
R Nesingwary's Expedition|QID|208|M|44.16,22.61|
T Big Game Hunter|QID|208|M|44.27,22.92|N|To Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|
r Sell & Repair|QID|26743|M|43.68,23.24|N|To Jaquilina Dramet.|
R Rebel Camp|QID|26779|M|47.56,11.49|
F Fort Livingston|QID|26779|
C Zul'Mamwe Mambo|QID|26779|M|59.77,72.01|S|
C Nighttime in the Jungle|QID|26780|M|58.10,73.17|S|
C Mind Control|QID|26774|M|55.45,65.51;62.45,74.59|N|Use the trail here to get up to the ruins. Kill Braddok and loot his brain.|
C Zul'Mamwe Mambo|QID|26779|M|59.77,72.01|US|
C Nighttime in the Jungle|QID|26780|M|58.10,73.17|US|
R Fort Livingston|QID|26780|M|52.66,66.18|
T Zul'Mamwe Mambo|QID|26779|M|52.70,66.70|N|To Ghaliri.|
T Nighttime in the Jungle|QID|26780|M|52.82,66.43|N|To Kinnel.|
T Mind Control|QID|26774|M|53.35,66.64|N|To Priestess Thaalia.|
A Be Raptor|QID|26775|M|53.35,66.64|N|From Priestess Thaalia.|
C Be Raptor|QID|26775|M|73.62,32.88|N|Speak to the Priestess and begin the vision. Help the raptor get to the entrance of Zul'Gurub. Go slow!|
T Be Raptor|QID|26775|M|53.40,66.75|N|To Priestess Thaalia.|
A Ghaliri|QID|26776|M|53.40,66.75|N|From Priestess Thaalia.|
T Ghaliri|QID|26776|M|52.75,66.77|N|To Ghaliri.|
F Explorers' League Digsite|QID|26805|N|Speak to Robert Rhodes and tell him you are ready to fly to the Explorers' League Digsite.|



Change Log

12/2/2010 - Edit by Jiyambi

    Addon Version: v2.0.4
    Game Version: 4.0.3
    Summary: Created a source file page

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Crackerhead22's picture

Northern Stranglethorn (Alliance) minor update

Added the few missing notes in.

Quest out of Order Issue

One of the guests noticed that they could not accept Krazek's Cookery when the guide wanted them to (step #4) as they were not high enough level.  The guide says 25 to 30, but this quest requires lvl 26 to take.

Guess it should be moved lower in the guide, or the guide level adjusted?

- Dunedon

will look into it

I will look into this when my worgen gets up to that level. When I think back to it, I was 26 when I started here.

I've taken care of it.

Reorganized first part a bit. It should fix the problem (or at least delay it). I was about 24.7 when I got there wearing heirlooms, so hard to esimate where a regular player would be 26. (I was almost 26.8 at the point I moved the quest.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: I've taken care of it.

Thanks again!

Just helping with the easy bits

Loads of the old guides need updating, and since I'm leveling a few chars, I might as well fix everything I come across. While you do the hard work on the code.