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Email Comment on Horde Cape of Stranglethorn Guid

I'm not sure who this needs to go to i was gonna post it in general discussion but for some reason i can't post there. Basically i usually run an alliance toon and I've found wow-pro to be excellent. I just recently started a horde toon and went to cape of stranglethorn. with the exceptions of the quest givers the quests are almost identical i have both alliance AND horde set to level one in thoroughness. but i find that the horde version is horribly lacking. whole quests left out at one point i had a quest to go kill gorillas and the guide didn't even send me there it made a in my opinion smart assed comment and told me to hearth to booty bay i've basically had to do the cape of stranglethorn from alliance memory because the horde guide is so bad. one quest is completely left out and it's a prereq to sev level 1 quests at least on on alliance side.sorry to bother i just wanted someone to know...