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Source Code

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide("JamZan6365", "Zangarmarsh", "Jame", "63", "65", "JamTer6567", "Horde", function()
return [[

F Swamprat Post|QID|9775|

N Things to do: Zangarmarsh |QID|9775|N|Being in melee range of sporebats when they die gives you a 5 minute +30 to all stats buff. Keep your Fertile Spores and Unidentified Plant Parts, they'll be part of a hand-in.|
A Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai |QID|9775|M|85.3,54.8|
A Thick Hydra Scales |QID|9774|M|85.3,54.8|
A News from Zangarmarsh |QID|9796|M|85.3,54.8|
A Menacing Marshfangs |QID|9770|M|85.0,54.0|
A There's No Explanation For Fashion |QID|9769|M|84.4,54.3|
A No More Mushrooms! |QID|9773|M|84.4,54.3|

R Cenarion Refuge|QID|9752|N||M|78.5,62.9|
h Cenarion Refuge|QID|9752|N||M|78.5,62.9|

C Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake |QID|9716| |N|Head west out of Cenarion Refuge to Umbrafen Lake. Follow the lake around counter-clockwise, kill any Mire Hydras, Naga, and Umbrafen Eels you see as you go (don't worry about finishing any quests just yet). You'll get the quest update around (71,79).| |U|25539|M|70.9,82.1|
C No More Mushrooms! |QID|9773| |N|Head into the lake and kill the eels. The droprate is fairly low, so this may take a while.|M|74.2,60.7|
N Get 10 Unidentified Plant Parts |QID|9802|L|24401 10|N|They should drop off most of the mobs around here.|

C The Dying Balance |QID|9895| |N|Exit Umbrafen Lake on the east side and head southeast to . Boglash is a named strider that wanders around here, he's elite but should be easy to solo. He cannot be slowed or feared, but can be stunned.|M|82,74|

C The Umbrafen Tribe |QID|9747| |N|Head south and clear the two Umbrafen Villages. Then head further south, Kataru is in the big building at on the top floor.|M|85,90|

A Escape from Umbrafen |QID|9752| |N|Head back to the middle village, Kayra Longmane is in one of the huts at . This is an escort quest.|M|83,85|
C Escape from Umbrafen |QID|9752|M|83.4,85.5|

T The Umbrafen Tribe |QID|9747|N|Back at Cenarion Refuge.|M|80.4,64.2|
A A Damp, Dark Place |QID|9788|M|80.4,64.2|
T Plants of Zangarmarsh |QID|9802|M|80.4,64.2|
A Saving the Sporeloks |QID|10096|M|80.4,64.2|
A Safeguarding the Watchers |QID|9894|M|80.4,64.7|
T The Dying Balance |QID|9895| |N|In the Inn.|M|78.5,63.1|
T Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake |QID|9716|M|78.4,62.0|
A As the Crow Flies |QID|9718|M|78.4,62.0|
T Escape from Umbrafen |QID|9752|M|78.4,62.0|
C As the Crow Flies |QID|9718| |N|Use the amulet, and enjoy the ride (or go get a drink or something)| |U|25465|
T As the Crow Flies |QID|9718|M|78.4,62.0|
A Balance Must Be Preserved |QID|9720|M|78.4,62.0|

R Zabra'jin |QID|9841|N|West at |M|33,50|
T Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai |QID|9775| |N|He's upstairs above the inn.|M|30.7,50.9|
A Stinging the Stingers |QID|9841|M|31.6,49.2|
A WANTED: Boss Grog'ak |QID|9820|N||M|32.0,49.5|
A Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki |QID|10117|N||M|32.0,49.5|
A Angling to Beat the Competition |QID|9845|M|32.2,49.6|
A Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon! |QID|9814|M|32.9,48.9|
A Spirits of the Feralfen |QID|9846|M|32.4,52.0|

N Things to do |QID|9814|N|Grab Burstcap Mushrooms and Glowcap Mushrooms on sight. You'll need 6 Burstcaps and 10 Glowcaps, plus more Glowcaps if you plan on buying anything from Sporeggar. The Burstcaps are only near Zabra'jin.|

C WANTED: Boss Grog'ak |QID|9820| |N|Head north to . Boss Grog'ak should be around here. He's not tough, but he does do a knockback, so be careful.|M|35,35|

T WANTED: Boss Grog'ak |QID|9820| |N|Back at Zabra'jin.|M|30.7,50.9|
A Impending Attack |QID|9822|M|30.7,50.9|

C Impending Attack |QID|9822| |N|Head around the western side of Marshlight Lake, kill any Marshlight Bleeders you see on your way. Your end destination is Ango'rosh Grounds, and the tower at . The attack plans are up the top.|M|19.9,27.1|
C There's No Explanation for Fashion |QID|9769| |N|Head back the way you came and keep killing the bugs till you finish.|M|79.7,70.1|
C Stinging the Stingers |QID|9841|

T Stinging the Stingers |QID|9841| |N|Back at Zabra'jin.|M|31.6,49.2|
A The Sharpest Blades |QID|9842|M|31.6,49.2|
T Impending Attack |QID|9822|M|30.7,50.9|
A Us or Them |QID|9823|M|30.7,50.9|
A Message to the Daggerfen |QID|10118|M|30.7,50.9|

C Thick Hydra Scales |QID|9774|U|25539|N|Go to Serpent Lake, you can eat and drink on the big metal pipes. |M|50,41|
C Angling to Beat the Competition |QID|9845|N||M|50,41|
H Cenarion Refuge|QID|9774|U|6948|
R Swamprat Post|QID|9771|N||M|84.5,55.1|

T Thick Hydra Scales |QID|9774|M|85.3,54.8|
A Searching for Scout Jyoba |QID|9771|M|85.3,54.8|
T There's No Explanation for Fashion |QID|9769|M|84.4,54.3|
T No More Mushrooms! |QID|9773|M|84.4,54.3|
A A Job Undone |QID|9899|M|84.4,54.3|

T Searching for Scout Jyoba |QID|9771|N|Dead on the ground to the north at .|M|81,36|
A Jyoba's Report |QID|9772|M|80.8,36.3|

K Withered Giants |QID|9828|L|24484|N|Until you find Jyoba's Report and a Withered Basidium. HOLD ONTO YOUR BOG LORD TENDRILS.|
A Withered Basidium |QID|9828|U|24484|M|78.3,45.2|
C Jyoba's Report |QID|9772|N|Drops off the Withered Giants.|M|81.6,35.0|

C A Job Undone |QID|9899|N|Sporewing is southwest at .|M|79,46.8|

C Leader of the Bloodscale |QID|9817|N|Rajis Fyashe is west at the Bloodscale Grounds, . She's elite and difficult to solo, so find a partner if you can. If not, abandon it and move on.|M|65,41|
N Disable the Serpent Lake Controls |QID|9720|QO|Serpent Lake Controls Disabled: 1/1|U|24355|N|Head west to the steam pump at the shores of Serpent Lake, it's at . Use the ironvine seeds on it.|M|62,41|
C Menacing Marshfangs |QID|9770| |N|Finish this off. They're found in the area between the naga village and Cenarion Refuge. |M|74.9,49.8|

T Menacing Marshfangs |QID|9770| |N|At Swamprat Post.|M|85.0,54.0|
A Nothin' Says Lovin' Like a Big Stinger |QID|9898|M|85.0,54.0|
T Withered Basidium |QID|9828|M|85.0,54.0|
T A Job Undone |QID|9899|M|84.4,54.3|
T Jyoba's Report |QID|9772|M|85.3,54.8|

T Leader of the Bloodscale |QID|9817| |N|Cenarion Refuge.|

C A Damp, Dark Place |QID|9788| |N|Enter Funggor Cavern to the southwest, the entrance is at . Go right at the first fork, then right again at the second fork and down the slope, Ikeyen's Belongings are down the bottom on top of a flat rock. (70.5,97.9)|M|75,90|
C Safeguarding the Watchers |QID|9894| |N|Head further down the slope and go west. Lord Klaq is at the end. He's guarded by 3 fungal giants, but should be soloable. It is possible to pull the guards without Klaq, and also to wait for Sporeloks to engage his guards and just kill him, or to kill him and run.|
C Saving the Sporeloks |QID|10096| |N|Kill stuff in the cave until you finish it.|

N Disable the Umbrafen Lake Controls |QID|9720|QO|Umbrafen Lake Controls Disabled: 1/1|U|24355|N|They're at . They'll be guarded by a Steam Pump Overseer, kill him. One will spawn when you use the seeds too, so be careful.|M|70.6,80.3|
K Steam Pump Overseers |QID|9731|L|24330|U|24355|N|Keep using the Ironvine Seeds to spawn the overseers and killing them until you get Drain Schematics to drop.|
A Drain Schematics |QID|9731|U|24330|M|62.0,40.8|

C Leader of the Darkcrest |QID|9730| |N|Another group quest. Like the previous one, this one is tough to solo for most classes. Abandon it if you can't find help. He's in the Darkcrest Enclave at .|M|65,69|

N Disable the Lagoon Controls |QID|9720|QO|Lagoon Controls Disabled: 1/1|U|24355|N|Head west to the steam pump at . Use the Ironvine Seeds on it.|M|63,65|

C Spirits of the Feralfen |QID|9846| |N|Head west to Feralfen Village, it's about . Kill the mobs here for the totem.|M|50,62|

C Nothin' Says Lovin' Like a Big Stinger |QID|9898| |N|Blacksting is around .|M|50,60|

C Drain Schematics |QID|9731| |N|Head to the large steam pump in Serpent Lake, it's at . Swim down a bit to get the quest update.|M|50.4,40.9|
H Cenarion Refuge|QID|9731|U|6948|

T Drain Schematics |QID|9731|M|78.4,62.0|
A Warning the Cenarion Circle |QID|9724|M|78.4,62.0|
T Leader of the Darkcrest |QID|9730|
T Saving the Sporeloks |QID|10096|M|80.4,64.2|
T A Damp, Dark Place |QID|9788|M|80.4,64.2|
T Safeguarding the Watchers |QID|9894|M|80.4,64.7|
A Blessings of the Ancients |QID|9785| |N|You should be Friendly with the Cenarion Expedition now, if not, turn in your Plant Parts.|M|80.4,64.7|
C Blessings of the Ancients |QID|9785| |N|Go talk to the two big trees.|M|78.1,63.8|
T Blessings of the Ancients |QID|9785|M|80.4,64.7|
A Watcher Leesa'oh |QID|9697| |N|In the Inn.|M|78.5,63.1|
A What's Wrong at Cenarion Thicket? |QID|9957|M|78.5,63.1|

R Cenarion Post |QID|9732|N|To the east in Hellfire Peninsula, at .| |Z|Hellfire Peninsula|M|16,52|
T Warning the Cenarion Circle |QID|9724|M|15.7,52.0|
A Return to the Marsh |QID|9732|M|15.7,52.0|

T Return to the Marsh |QID|9732| |N|Back in Cenarion Refuge.|M|78.4,62.0|

T Nothin' Says Lovin' Like a Big Stinger |QID|9898| |N|At Swamprat Post.|M|85.0,54.0|

F Zabra'jin|QID|9847|N||M|84.8,55.1|
T Spirits of the Feralfen |QID|9846|M|32.4,52.0|
A A Spirit Ally? |QID|9847|M|32.4,52.0|
T Angling to Beat the Competition |QID|9845|M|32.2,49.6|
A The Biggest of Them All |QID|9903|M|32.2,49.6|
A Pursuing Terrorclaw |QID|9904|M|32.2,49.6|
h Zabra'jin |QID|9701|N||M|30.7,50.9|

T Watcher Leesa'oh |QID|9697| |N|She's southwest along the road at . She walks off after a quest is handed in, so you have to wait a bit.|M|23,66|
A Observing the Sporelings |QID|9701|M|23.3,66.2|

A The Sporelings' Plight |QID|9739| |N|To the west, off a Sporelok at called Fahssn.|M|19,63|
A Natural Enemies |QID|9743|M|19.0,64.0|

C Observing the Sporelings |QID|9701| |N|Head into the Spawning Glen to the west. Kill all the giants and grab the Mature Spore Sacs. The update should be at about .|M|15.4,61.2|
C The Sporelings' Plight |QID|9739|M|14.5,61.6|
C Natural Enemies |QID|9743|M|78.3,45.2|

T The Sporelings' Plight |QID|9739| |N|Back at Fahssn, .|M|19,63|
T Natural Enemies |QID|9743|M|19.0,64.0|

T Observing the Sporelings |QID|9701| |N|Back at Lessa'oh, .|M|23,66|
A A Question of Gluttony |QID|9702|M|23.3,66.2|

C A Question of Gluttony |QID|9702| |N|Head east to Quagg Ridge at . The discarded nutriments are on the ground.|M|27,63|

T A Question of Gluttony |QID|9702| |N|Back at .|M|23,66|
A Familiar Fungi |QID|9708|M|23.3,66.2|

K Count Ungula|QID|9911|L|25459|N|He's in the area east of Quagg Ridge at . Kill Marshfang Slicers and Sporebats while you wait (for quest items). He drops a quest item.|M|33,60|
A The Count of the Marshes |QID|9911| |U|25459|M|32.8,59.1|
C The Sharpest Blades |QID|9842|M|35.9,58.6|

C A Spirit Ally? |QID|9847|U|24498|N|Head to Boha'mu Ruins at . Go to the bottom of the stairs and use the totem. Kill the Serpent Spirit.|M|44.5,66.1|

C Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon! |QID|9814| |N|They're around Zabra'jin.|M|28.9,52.6|

T Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon! |QID|9814| |N|Back at Zabra'jin.|M|32.9,48.9|
A Have You Ever Seen One of These? |QID|9816|M|32.9,48.9|
T A Spirit Ally? |QID|9847|M|32.4,52.0|
T The Sharpest Blades |QID|9842|M|31.6,49.2|

C Familiar Fungi |QID|9708| |N|Kill ogres in the Hewn Bog to the north at .|M|32,38|
N Get 10 Glowcap Mushrooms |QID|9808|L|24245 10|N|If you haven't already.|

C The Biggest of Them All |QID|9903| |N|Mragesh is just under the surface of Serpent Lake at the northeastern tip of the isle at .|M|42,42|
H Zabra'jin|QID|9903|U|6948|

T The Biggest of Them All |QID|9903|M|32.2,49.6|

T Familiar Fungi |QID|9708|N|South at .|M|23.3,66.2|
A Stealing Back the Mushrooms |QID|9709|N|South at .|M|23.3,66.2|
T The Count of the Marshes |QID|9911|N|South at .|M|23.3,66.2|

N Sporeggar reputation |QID|9919|N|Go kill stuff in the Spawning Glade. We're aiming for 750/3000 neutral with Sporeggar. You subtract 750 rep for every 6 Bog Lord Tendrils or 10 Mature Spore Sacs. Once you've got this, head over to Fahssn and turn in everything you have to get to the required rep. He's at .|M|19,63|
A Sporeggar |QID|9919|M|19.1,63.9|

N Fertile Spores |QID|9806|L|24449 6|N|Kill Sporebats around this area until you have 6 Fertile Spores|

T Sporeggar |QID|9919| |N|North in Sporeggar.|M|19.7,52.1|
A Glowcap Mushrooms |QID|9808|
T Glowcap Mushrooms |QID|9808|
A Fertile Spores |QID|9806|M|19.2,49.4|
T Fertile Spores |QID|9806|M|19.2,49.4|
A Now That We're Friends... |QID|9726|M|19.5,50.0|

C Pursuing Terrorclaw |QID|9904| |N|He's on the southernmost isle of Marshlight Lake, around . You may want to clear the isle first, as he fears.|M|23,45|

C Balance Must Be Preserved |QID|9720| |N|The last control console is northeast at .| |U|24355|M|25.4,42.9|

C Now That We're Friends... |QID|9726||N|Just east at the naga village. Be careful of the Freezing Circle that Bloodscale Enchantresses cast, move out or you'll likely get one-shotted.|
C A Warm Welcome |QID|9728| M|70.9,82.1|

C Wanted: Chieftan Mummaki |QID|10117| |N|He's up the top of the main building at .|M|23.8,26.8|
C Have You Ever Seen One of These? |QID|9816|U|24470|N|There's a small stone at . Use the cage there. Don't stick around.|M|27,23|
C Message to the Daggerfen |QID|10118|

K Overlord Gorefist |QID|9823|QO|Overlord Gorefist slain: 1/1|N|Head northwest to the ogre island. The bridge starts at . Gorefist is in an ogre building up the hill and to the left. (18.3,7.8)| |M|17,13|
C Stealing Back the Mushrooms |QID|9709| |N|They can be looted off actual boxes on the ground and as drops off the ogres.|M|17.3,10.2|
C Us of Them |QID|9823|
H Zabra'jin|QID|9823|U|6948|N|Run back if your hearth isn't up. |M|33.0,51.1|

T Us or Them |QID|9823|M|30.7,50.9|
T Wanted: Chieftan Mummaki |QID|10117|M|30.7,50.9|
T Message to the Daggerfen |QID|10118|M|30.7,50.9|
T Pursuing Terrorclaw |QID|9904|M|32.2,49.6|
T Have You Ever Seen One of These? |QID|9816|M|32.9,48.9|

T Stealing Back the Mushrooms |QID|9709|N|Southwest at .|M|23.3,66.2|

T Now That We're Friends... |QID|9726| |N|Northwest at Sporeggar.|M|19.5,50.0|
F Swamprat Post|QID|9720|N||M|33.0,51.1|
R Cenarion Refuge |QID|9720|N||M|78.5,62.9|

T Balance Must Be Preserved |QID|9720|M|78.4,62.0|
T A Warm Welcome |QID|9728|M|79.1,65.3|

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12/2/2010 - Edit by Jiyambi

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    Game Version: 4.0.3
    Summary: Created a source file page

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The turn-in for the "Fumping" quest does not have a waypoint.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Fumping

Fumping is a wonderful quest in Terokkar Forest, so it won't be in this guide.

I'll peek at the Horde and Alliance Terokkar Forest and see if it lacks a turn-in point.

The quest accept and turn-in points should be the same. Dwarfowitz stays put.

PS:  The Alliance guide is missing the turnin point, the Horde guide has one.  Fixed and pegged to 30.98,76.19 .

Emmaleah's picture

Fumping what?

I have no clue what quest you are referring to?


Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Fumping is quest ID 10929,

Fumping is quest ID 10929, which Grail says should be turned into NPC 22481 at 478:30.98,76.18 but that is ancient information that may not be correct.  What waypoint is needed?

Secrets of the Daggerfen

The waypoint fo the Daggerfen Poison Vial is in the wrong place.It should be 23.75 22.79 

Emmaleah's picture

RE: Secrets of the Daggerfen

I think you meant to make this comment to the Alliance guide.  I have made the correction there.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling