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WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('BitWes3540', 'Western Plaguelands', 'Bitsem', '35', '40', 'filler', 'Alliance', function()
return [[

T The Battle for Andorhal|QID|28749|M|40.97,70.38|N|To Thassarian.|
A Scourge First... Horde Later|QID|27159|M|40.97,70.38|N|From Thassarian.|
A War Machines|QID|27160|M|40.97,70.38|N|From Lurid.|
A The Endless Flow|QID|27161|M|41.21,70.13|N|From Lang Loosegrip.|

f Andorhal|QID|27161|M|39.52,69.54|N|At Ginny Goodwin.|

C Scourge First... Horde Later|QID|27159|M|41.89,69.69|S|N|From now on, kill scourge and Opengut Behemoths on sight.|
C The Endless Flow|QID|27161|U|60849|M|42.44,65.55|N|Use Lang's Hand Grenades to kill skeletons and the Scourge Bone Animus in the tower.|
C War Machines|QID|27160|M|42.50,72.01|N|Continue killing Opengut Behemoths.|
C Scourge First... Horde Later|QID|27159|M|41.89,69.69|US|N|Finish killing the needed mobs.|

T The Endless Flow|QID|27161|M|41.28,70.19|N|To Lang Loosegrip.|
A Araj the Summoner|QID|27164|PRE|27161|M|41.28,70.19|N|From Lang Loosegrip.|

T Scourge First... Horde Later|QID|27159|M|41.13,70.39|N|To Thassarian.|
T War Machines|QID|27160|M|41.10,70.46|N|To Lurid.|

A Scholomancer|QID|27162|PRE|27160|M|41.10,70.46|N|From Thassarian.|
A Brute Strength|QID|27163|PRE|27160|M|41.10,70.46|N|From Thassarian.|

C Brute Strength|QID|27163|M|43.57,69.61|N|Level 35 Elite, inside the building.|
C Araj the Summoner|QID|27164|U|60849|M|45.20,69.32|N|Use Lang's Hand Grenades if he summons skeletons. Level 35 Elite, by the fountain. Loot Araj's Phylactery Shard.|
C Scholomancer|QID|27162|M|45.39,72.34|N|Thassarian and Koltira Deathweaver will appear to help you during the battle.|

T Scholomancer|QID|27162|M|41.13,70.48|N|To Thassarian.|
T Brute Strength|QID|27163|M|41.13,70.48|N|To Thassarian.|
T Araj the Summoner|QID|27164|M|41.13,70.48|N|To Thassarian.|

A Victory, For Now|QID|27165|PRE|27162;27163;27164|M|41.13,70.48|N|From Thassarian.|

r Repair and Restock|QID|27165|NC|M|39.53,69.55|N|Speak to Ginny Goodwin for a free flight when you're ready to go.|

f Chillwind Camp|QID|27165|NC|M|42.95,84.95|N|If you don't have it, from Bibilfaz Featherwhistle.|

T Victory, For Now|QID|27165|M|42.78,84.12|N|To Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|

A Go Fletch!|QID|27166|M|42.78,84.12|N|From Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|
A A Mighty Hunger|QID|27167|M|42.78,84.12|N|From Thurman Grant.|
A Into the Woods|QID|27683|M|42.96,83.63|N|From Argent Officer Pureheart.|N|If you will be entering the Eastern Plaguelands next.|

h Chillwind Camp|QID|27683|M|43.38,84.51|N|At Mother Matterly.|

C A Mighty Hunger|QID|27167|S|M|41.93,79.46|N|From now on, kill and loot Shaggy Black Bears and collect Feathers from the ground. (They sparkle.)|
C Go Fletch!|QID|27166|M|41.31,79.63|N|Collect the feathers sparkling on the ground.|
C A Mighty Hunger|QID|27167|US|M|41.93,79.46|N|Finish killing bears for Sides of Bear Meat.|
T Go Fletch!|QID|27166|M|42.73,83.98|N|To Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|
T A Mighty Hunger|QID|27167|M|42.73,83.98|N|To Thurman Grant.|
A Uther's Blessing|QID|27169|PRE|27167|M|42.73,83.98|N|From Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|
A Those That Couldn't Let Go|QID|27168|PRE|27167|M|43.32,83.81|N|From High Priestess MacDonnell.|

C Those That Couldn't Let Go|QID|27168|S|U|60861|M|49.84,80.79|
C Uther's Blessing|QID|27169|NC|U|61920|M|51.94,82.64|N|Use the Chillwind Tribute at Uther's Tomb.|

T Uther's Blessing|QID|27169|M|51.95,82.71|N|To High Priest Thel'danis.|
A The Abandoned Crypt|QID|27170|M|51.95,82.71|N|From High Priest Thel'danis.|
T The Abandoned Crypt|QID|27170|M|53.77,80.47|
A Ambushed!|QID|27171|PRE|27170|M|53.77,80.47|

C Ambushed!|QID|27171|M|54.82,79.75|N|Kill Skeletons on your way out. Loot the pieces you need.|
C Those That Couldn't Let Go|QID|27168|US|U|60861|M|49.84,80.79|N|From now on use the Holy Thurible on Withdrawn Souls.|

T Those That Couldn't Let Go|QID|27168|M|43.44,83.76|N|To High Priestess MacDonnell.|
A The Menders' Stead|QID|27175|M|43.02,83.61|N|From Argent Officer Pureheart.|
T Ambushed!|QID|27171|M|42.74,83.97|N|To Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|
A The Writhing Haunt|QID|27172|PRE|27171|M|42.74,83.97|N|From Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|

T The Writhing Haunt|QID|27172|M|53.78,64.67|N|To Thurman Grant.|
A This Is Our Army|QID|27173|PRE|27173|M|53.78,64.67|N|From Thurman Grant.|
C This Is Our Army|QID|27173|M|52.53,65.78|
T This Is Our Army|QID|27173|M|53.78,64.67|N|To Thurman Grant.|

A Combat Training|QID|27174|M|53.78,64.67|N|From Thurman Grant.|
C Combat Training|QID|27174|M|53.91,65.70|N|Help the villagers defeat Gory.|
T Combat Training|QID|27174|M|53.84,64.66|N|To Thurman Grant.|
T The Menders' Stead|QID|27175|M|49.31,54.87|N|To Field Agent Kaartish.|

A A New Era for the Plaguelands|QID|26999|PRE|27175|M|49.31,54.87|N|From Field Agent Kaartish.|
A Zen'Kiki, the Druid|QID|26953|M|48.98,54.75|N|From Adrine Towhide.|
A I Ain't Sayin' You a Gourd-Digger...|QID|26956|M|48.60,54.88|N|From Selyria Groenveld.|
A The Battle Resumes!|QID|27197|M|50.39,52.70|N|From Durnt Brightfalcon.|

f The Menders' Stead|QID|27197|M|50.49,52.34|N|At Marge Heffman.|
r Repair and Restock|QID|26953|NC|M|55.29,56.19|N|Repair and Restock.|

C I Ain't Sayin' You a Gourd-Digger...|QID|26956|M|46.23,52.27|
C A New Era for the Plaguelands|QID|26999|M|51.28,57.54|N|The Bears and Wolves are to the North. The spiders to the South.|
C Zen'Kiki, the Druid|QID|26953|M|52.11,58.67|
T A New Era for the Plaguelands|QID|26999|M|49.33,54.92|N|To Field Agent Kaartish.|

A Northridge Lumber Mill|QID|26935|PRE|26999|M|49.33,54.92|N|From Field Agent Kaartish.|
T Zen'Kiki, the Druid|QID|26953|M|48.93,54.74|N|To Adrine Towhide.|

A A Different Approach|QID|26954|PRE|26953|M|48.93,54.74|N|From Adrine Towhide.|
T I Ain't Sayin' You a Gourd-Digger...|QID|26956|M|48.58,54.89|N|To Selyria Groenveld.|

A Threat to the Kingdom|QID|26761|M|48.71,34.56|Z|
C A Different Approach|QID|26954|M|53.72,53.59|N|Poke (right click) him to get him to pull a bird. Help him kill it. Repeat.|
T A Different Approach|QID|26954|M|49.00,54.72|N|To Adrine Towhide.|
T Northridge Lumber Mill|QID|26935|M|48.12,32.45|N|To Nathaniel Dumah.|

A Learning the Ropes|QID|27000|PRE|26935|M|48.12,32.45|N|From Nathaniel Dumah.|
A Too Close for Comfort|QID|27013|M|48.35,31.84|N|From Kelly Dumah.|

C Too Close for Comfort|QID|27013|M|52.55,27.06|N|Hunt down those Rabid Foxes.|
T Too Close for Comfort|QID|27013|M|48.49,32.00|N|To Kelly Dumah.

A Redpine Thievery|QID|27011|PRE|27013|M|48.49,32.00|N|From Kelly Dumah.|
A A Gnoll's Resolve|QID|27012|PRE|27013|M|48.49,32.00|N|From Kelly Dumah.|

C A Gnoll's Resolve|QID|27012|S|M|49.71,42.20|N|From now on, collect Logs and kill Gnolls.|
C Redpine Thievery|QID|27011|M|49.76,42.09|N|They look like stacks of three sparkling logs.|
C A Gnoll's Resolve|QID|27012|US|M|49.71,42.20|N|Finish killing Gnolls for the needed loot.|

T Redpine Thievery|QID|27011|M|48.41,32.11|N|To Kelly Dumah.|
T A Gnoll's Resolve|QID|27012|M|48.41,32.11|N|To Kelly Dumah.|

C Learning the Ropes|QID|27000|M|47.67,31.80;45.33,35.73|N|Hop on a charger, run into a group of spiders and use Ability 1 to scare them away.|
T Learning the Ropes|QID|27000|M|48.13,32.44|N|To Nathaniel Dumah.|

A This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup)|QID|27001|M|48.13,32.44|N|From Nathaniel Dumah.|
C This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup)|QID|27001|M|47.95,33.53|N|Use the whinny to herd spiders back to the mill.|
T This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup)|QID|27001|M|48.11,32.47|N|To Nathaniel Dumah.|

A An Audience with the Highlord|QID|27002|PRE|27001|M|48.11,32.47|N|From Nathaniel Dumah.|

f Hearthglen|QID|26761|M|47.67,31.80;44.67,18.58|N|Hop on a charger and follow the road to Hearthglen. At William Henderson.|

A It's About Time!|QID|27156|M|43.24,16.02|N|From Lieutenant Myner.|
T An Audience with the Highlord|QID|27002|M|42.04,14.64|N|To Highlord Tirion Fordring.|

A The Long Trip Home|QID|26957|M|42.11,14.85|N|From Del Gahrron.|
A Taelan Fordring's Legacy|QID|27151|M|42.19,14.98|N|From Daria L'Rayne.|

C It's About Time!|QID|27156|M|43.09,16.33|N|Talk to Trainees. Challenge and beat them.|
T It's About Time!|QID|27156|M|43.28,15.96|N|To Lieutenant Myner.|

A Drudges... |QID|27157|PRE|27157|M|43.28,15.96|N|From Lieutenant Myner.|
C Drudges... |QID|27157|QO|Shadril slain: 0/1|M|45.86,12.31;45.37,9.73|N|Enter the mine. Kill the *ew* huge spider.|
T Drudges... |QID|27157|M|43.27,15.91|N|To Lieutenant Myner.|

C Taelan Fordring's Legacy|QID|27151|M|54.78,24.69|N|Kill Gnoll looters.|
T Taelan Fordring's Legacy|QID|27151|M|54.99,24.73|

A Unusual Behavior... Even For Gnolls|QID|27152|PRE|27151|M|54.99,24.73|
C Unusual Behavior... Even For Gnolls|QID|27152|NC|M|54.78,34.10;56.16,34.70;57.07,35.56|N|Follow the arrows up the path. Kill Moldfang.|
T Unusual Behavior... Even For Gnolls|QID|27152|M|57.28,35.71|

A The Good People of Hearthglen|QID|27153|PRE|27152|M|57.28,35.71|
C The Good People of Hearthglen|QID|27153|M|44.86,12.57;44.45,13.55;43.66,13.76;42.16,18.33|N|Back to Hearthglen. Follow the arrows and question the citizens.|
T The Good People of Hearthglen|QID|27153|M|42.16,18.33|N|To High Cleric Alphus.|

A Bagging Bisp|QID|27154|PRE|27153|M|42.16,18.33|N|From High Cleric Alphus.|
C Bagging Bisp|QID|27154|M|45.90,18.46|N|Head up to the top of the tower and confront Bisp.|
T Bagging Bisp|QID|27154|M|45.90,18.46|

A Turning Yourself In|QID|27155|PRE|27154|M|45.90,18.46|
T Turning Yourself In|QID|27155|M|42.06,14.61|N|Head to the Highlord and face the music.|

F Mender's Stead|QID|26957|NC|M|44.62,18.37|N|Fly to Mender's Stead.|

T The Long Trip Home|QID|26957|M|50.59,52.52|N|To Del Gahrron.|
A Memories from a Lost Past|QID|27017|PRE|26957|M|50.59,52.52|N|From Del Gahrron.|
A Gahrron's Withering Cauldron|QID|27053|M|49.30,54.84|N|From Field Agent Kaartish.|

C Gahrron's Withering Cauldron|QID|27053|M|62.71,59.17|N|Kill the Cauldron Lord and loot his key.|
T Gahrron's Withering Cauldron|QID|27053|M|62.58,58.62|N|At the Cauldron.|

A Return to the Stead|QID|27057|PRE|27053|M|62.58,58.62|
C Memories from a Lost Past|QID|27017|NC|M|64.93,59.43;64.88,59.32|N|The Prayer Book is upstairs. The Painting is hanging over the fireplace.|

T Return to the Stead|QID|27057|M|49.32,54.76|N|To Field Agent Kaartish.|
A Desperate Acts|QID|27054|PRE|27057|M|49.32,54.76|N|From Field Agent Kaartish.|
T Memories from a Lost Past|QID|27017|M|50.60,52.60|N|To Del Gahrron.|

C Desperate Acts|QID|27054|M|66.04,47.75|N|Kill INstructor Malicia and loot the orders.|
T Desperate Acts|QID|27054|M|66.04,47.75|N|To Instructor Malicia.|

A Students of Krastinov|QID|27055|PRE|27054|M|66.04,47.75|N|From Instructor Malicia.|
C Students of Krastinov|QID|27055|M|65.22,38.83;64.64,35.20|N|Enter the cave and kill, kill, kill.|
T Students of Krastinov|QID|27055|M|49.31,54.81|N|To Field Agent Kaartish.|

A Zen'Kiki and the Cultists|QID|26955|M|48.93,54.76|N|From Adrine Towhide.|
C Zen'Kiki and the Cultists|QID|26955|NC|M|66.78,47.12|N|Take Zen'Kiki to the cages. Open them, let him heal.|
T Zen'Kiki and the Cultists|QID|26955|M|48.93,54.77|N|To Adrine Towhide.|

F Andorhal|QID|27197|M|50.52,52.36|N|Fly to Andorhal.|

T The Battle Resumes!|QID|27197|M|39.84,69.47|N|To Thassarian.|
A Ashes to Ashes|QID|27199|PRE|27197|M|39.84,69.47|N|From Thassarian.|
A Supporting the Troops|QID|27198|PRE|27199|M|40.11,69.17|N|From Lang Loosegrip.|

C Supporting the Troops|QID|27198|S|M|44.45,65.66|N|From now on, kill Andorhal Deathguards and Deathguard War-Captains.|
C Ashes to Ashes|QID|27199|M|44.70,65.11|N|Kill three Deathguard War-Captains on their horses.|
C Supporting the Troops|QID|27198|US|M|44.45,65.66|N|Finish killing Deathguards.|

T Supporting the Troops|QID|27198|M|39.94,69.42|N|To Lang Loosegrip.|
T Ashes to Ashes|QID|27199|M|39.94,69.42|N|To Thassarian.|
A The Depravity of the Forsaken|QID|27205|PRE|27199|M|39.74,69.52|N|From Thassarian.|

T The Depravity of the Forsaken|QID|27205|M|39.84,69.51|N|To Thassarian.|
A Val'kyr Incursion|QID|27201|PRE|27205|M|39.84,69.51|N|From Thassarian.|
A Brother Against Brother|QID|27202|PRE|27205|M|39.82,69.69|N|From Thurman Grant.|

C Val'kyr Incursion|QID|27201|S|M|41.80,70.42|N|War! From now on kill Lesser Val'kyr and Frosaken Troopers.|
C Brother Against Brother|QID|27202|M|41.44,73.62|N|Kill Lesser Val'kyr.|
C Val'kyr Incursion|QID|27201|US|M|41.80,70.42|N|Finish killing those Lesser Val'kyr!|

T Brother Against Brother|QID|27202|M|39.90,69.65|N|To Thurman Grant.|
T Val'kyr Incursion|QID|27201|M|39.89,69.55|N|To Thassarian.|

A Aradne|QID|27204|PRE|27201|M|39.89,69.55|N|From Thassarian.|
C Aradne|QID|27204|M|40.37,72.24|
T Aradne|QID|27204|M|39.97,69.58|N|To Thassarian.|

A Alas, Andorhal|QID|27206|PRE|27204|M|39.97,69.58|N|From Thassarian.|

F Chillwind Camp|QID|27206|NC|N|Fly to Chillwind Camp.|

T Alas, Andorhal|QID|27206|M|42.73,84.12|N|To Commander Ashlam Valorfist.|




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Hmmm. Just noticed the

Hmmm. Just noticed the recorder isn't adding any Zone tags. Should I put them in?

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

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Zone tags only matter if you

Zone tags only matter if you need to do somether outside the zone you are recording in.  And then it should record the zone when you complete a step.

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Ok. In the Cape of

Ok. In the Cape of Stranglethorn, the addon put them in. Just thought I'd check.

Things I never thought I'd say...

"Your brother is not a dog! Get that leash off of him!"

zone tag

The recorder put them in because the Zone was entered without the "The" and it saw it as a different zone.