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Source Code

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--> Original guides written/designed by [Jame]
--> Addon written by [Black Cat] 2/14/2009
--> Last modified by [Jiyambi] 4/20/2009
return [[

R Warsong Hold |QID|11585|N|Head to the zeppelin tower SW of Orgrimmar.|
A Hellscream's Vigil |QID|11585|M|41.6,54.0|
T Hellscream's Vigil |QID|11585|M|41.3,53.6|
A The Defense of Warsong Hold |QID|11596|M|41.3,53.6|
h Warsong Hold |QID|11598||N||M|41.9,54.5|
T The Defense of Warsong Hold |QID|11596||N||M|43.2,55.0|
A Taking Back Mightstone Quarry |QID|11598|M|43.2,55.0|
A Patience is a Virtue that We Don't Need |QID|11606|M|43.3,55.4|
A Taken by the Scourge |QID|11611|M|42.2,56.2|
N Scourge attacks |QID|11632|L|34777|N|Every half hour, a scourge attack will take place. The Warsong captain will yell something about Marksmen. 10 minutes later, a boss will spawn and yell, he's called Ith'rix the Harvester. When you see this, go to the front gate of Warsong Hold, at , and wait till he dies. Then loot the Hardened Carapace that spawns and take the quest.|M|43,57|

C Patience is a Virtue that We Don't Need |QID|11606| |N|Down in Mightstone quarry. Free any Nerub'ar victims you see until Taken by the Scourge is complete as well.|M|43.3,57.9|
C Taken by the Scourge |QID|11611|M|42.8,58.1|
C Taking Back Mightstone Quarry |QID|11598|

T Taken by the Scourge |QID|11611|M|42.2,56.2|
T Patience is a Virtue that We Don't Need |QID|11606|M|43.3,55.4|
A Bury Those Cockroaches! |QID|11608|M|43.3,55.4|
T Taking Back Mightstone Quarry |QID|11598|M|43.2,55.0|
A Cutting Off the Source |QID|11602|M|43.2,55.0|
A Untold Truths |QID|11614|M|43.2,55.0|

N Blast the Eastern Sinkhole |QID|11608|QO|East Nerub'ar Sinkhole Destroyed: 1/1|U|34710|N|Go down to the left of the barricades, you'll find a hole blocked by webs at . Stand on it and use your Depth Charge.|M|44,57|
C Cutting off the Source |QID|11602| |N|Head SW to a set of scaffolds at . The Nerub'kar Egg Sacks are on then, they look like eggs in a cup. Go up the scaffold, destroying the eggs, then continue SW and head down the other scaffold, destroying eggs. Continue till you finish the quest.|M|43,59|
N Blast the Southern Sinkhole |QID|11608|QO|South Nerub'ar Sinkhole Destroyed: 1/1|U|34710|N|It's about 20 paces NW of the scaffolds, at .|M|41.6,58.3|
N Blast the Western Sinkhole |QID|11608|QO|West Nerub'ar Sinkhole Destroyed: 1/1|U|34710|N|Go NW, there's a narrow path, the sinkhole is at .|M|39.8,52.5|
T Untold Truths |QID|11614| |N|He's just next to the sinkhole.|M|40.1,52.1|
A Nerub'ar Secrets|QID|11615|M|40.1,52.1|
N Blast the Northern Sinkhole |QID|11608|QO|North Nerub'ar Sinkhole Destroyed: 1/1|U|34710|N|The final sinkhole is to the NE at .|M|41.3,50.4|
A What the Cold Wind Brings... |QID|11632|O|U|34777|

T Bury Those Cockroaches! |QID|11608|M|43.3,55.4|
T Cutting Off the Source |QID|11602|M|43.2,55.0|
A Wind Master To'bor |QID|11634|M|43.2,55.0|
T Nerub'ar Secrets |QID|11615|M|43.2,55.0|
A Message to Hellscream |QID|11616|M|43.2,55.0|
T What the Cold Wind Brings |QID|11632|O|
T Message to Hellscream |QID|11616|M|41.3,53.6|
A Reinforcements Incoming... |QID|11618|M|41.3,53.6|
A Ride to Taunka'le Village |QID|11888|M|41.7,54.7|
A Too Close For Comfort |QID|11574|M|41.7,54.7|
A To Bor'gorok Outpost, Quickly! |QID|12486|M|41.6,53.5|
f Warsong Hold |QID|11636|N|The lift is hard to find. Go up the stairs behind Hellscream, and sit at the top. Don't walk forwards onto the circular area. The lift is an area on top of the stairs, and perfectly matches the rest of the floor. It's a pain to find.|M|40.4,51.4|
T Wind Master To'bor |QID|11634| |N|Head straight SE, go in a straight line.|M|42.3,54.9|
A Magic Carpet Ride |QID|11636|M|42.3,54.9|

T Magic Carpet Ride |QID|11636|N|Go talk to Yanni, he's the only blood elf in sight . Get him to send you to Garrosh's Landing, and enjoy the carpet ride. Turn it in once you get there. (32.3,54.1)|M|42.3,55.7|
A Tank Ain't Gonna Fix Itself |QID|11642|M|32.2,54.1|
T Tank Ain't Gonna Fix Itself |QID|11642|M|32.1,54.3|
A Mobu's Pneumatic Tank Transjigamarig |QID|11643|M|32.1,54.3|
A Super Strong Metal Plates! |QID|11644|M|32.1,54.3|
A Into the Mist |QID|11655|M|32.3,54.3|
A Horn of the Ancient Mariner |QID|11660|M|32.3,54.3|

C Super Strong Metal Plates!|QID|11644|N|The Metal Plates are scattered on the ground.|S|
C Into the Mist|QID|11655|N|Kill Kvaldir for the Tuskarr Relics.|S|
C Mobu's Pneumatic Tank Transjigamarig|QID|11643|N|Head north into the mist, the Pneumatic Tank Transjigamarig is inside a hut.|M|32.4,49.1|
C Horn of the Ancient Mariner|QID|11660| |N|Drops off the Kvaldir Mistweavers.|M|30.4,53.5|
C Super Strong Metal Plates!|QID|11644|N|Finish collecting Metal Plates.|US|M|29.9,54.4|
C Into the Mist|QID|11655|N|Continue killing Kvaldir until you have 8 Tuskarr Relics.|US|M|30.4,53.5|
A Escaping the Mist|QID|11664|N|The quest NPC is upstairs in the hut. This is a short escort.|M|32,52|
C Into the Mist|QID|11655|M|30.4,53.5|

T Mobu's Pneumatic Tank Transjigamarig |QID|11643|M|32.1,54.3|
T Super Strong Metal Plates! |QID|11644|M|32.1,54.3|
A Tanks a lot... |QID|11651|M|32.1,54.3|
T Into the Mist |QID|11655|M|32.3,54.3|
A Burn in Effigy |QID|11656|M|32.3,54.3|
T Horn of the Ancient Mariner |QID|11660|M|32.3,54.3|
A Orabus the Helmsman |QID|11661|M|32.3,54.3|
T Escaping the Mist |QID|11664|M|31.7,54.4|
T Tanks a lot... |QID|11651|M|32.2,54.1|
A The Plains of Nasam |QID|11652|M|32.2,54.1|

N Burn Bor's Hammer |QID|11656|QO|Bor's Hammer destroyed: 1/1|U|34830|N|Head into the mist, the first ship is at .|M|30,53|
N Burn The Kur Drakkar |QID|11656|QO|The Kur Drakkar destroyed: 1/1|U|34830|N|To the north, just next to The Serpent's Maw. |M|31,49|
N Burn the Serpent's Maw |QID|11656|QO|The Serpent's Maw destroyed: 1/1|U|34830|N|Next to the ship you just burned. |M|31.5,48.2|
C Orabus the Helmsman |QID|11661|U|34844|N|Head south to the Warsong Jetty. Head to the end of the jetty and use the Horn. Kill all comers till you complete the quest. |M|26.7,54.6|
N Burn the Serpent's Maw |QID|11656|QO|The Serpent's Maw destroyed: 1/1|U|34830|N|The final ship is just to the south, at .|M|30,62|

T Burn in Effigy |QID|11656|M|32.3,54.3|
T Orabus the Helmsman |QID|11661|M|32.3,54.3|
A Seek Out Karuk! |QID|11662|M|32.3,54.3|

C The Plains of Nasam |QID|11652| |N|Tank time! Before you jump in, a few things. Ability 1 fires the cannon, tilt the cannon almost all the way down to fire at stuff in front of you. Ability 2 is an AoE land mine, costs a lot of mana. Ability 3 is a cheap, but weak frontal attack. Ability 4 is your meatgrinder, drive into a bunch of mobs and chew them to pieces. Ability 5 is used to pick up Warsong soldiers. To refill tank mana, drive over the barrels on the ground. To identify the Scourge leader, drive near the centre platform. When you're done, go SE till you're out of the battle. Once you get a warning "Ejection Imminent, hit the leave vehicle button.|M|34.0,61.6|

T Seek Out Karuk! |QID|11662| |N|He's at .|M|47,75|
A Karuk's Oath |QID|11613|M|47.1,75.5|

A Cruelty of the Kvaldir |QID|12471| |N|Look for a Captured Tuskarr Prisoner at . Kill the naga he's fighting and take the quest. Be quick, as once the naga dies he runs off and despawns once he reaches the edge of the mist.|M|44,78|
C Karuk's Oath |QID|11613|

T Cruelty of the Kvaldir |QID|12471| |N|Back at Karuk, .|M|47,75|
T Karuk's Oath |QID|11613|M|47.1,75.5|
A Gamel the Cruel |QID|11619|M|47.1,75.5|

C Gamel the Cruel |QID|11619| |N|He's in a cave at .|M|46,79|

T Gamel the Cruel |QID|11619|M|47.1,75.5|
A A Father's Words |QID|11620|M|47.1,75.5|

T A Father's Words |QID|11620| |N|The Naga NPC is at .|M|44,80|
A The Trident of Naz'jan |QID|11625|M|43.6,80.5|

C The Trident of Naz'jan |QID|11625| |N|Swim SE. There's a spot you can jump out of the water onto land just next to a pillar, at . Head up the stairs to your left, Ragnar is up the top at (54.7,89.1).|M|50,91|

T The Trident of Naz'jan |QID|11625| |N|Back at .|M|44,80|
A The Emissary |QID|11626|M|43.6,80.5|
C The Emissary |QID|11626| |N|He's under the iceblock at . Dive down, then use the trident of him and finish him off. There's a cracked rock nearby with bubbles coming out of it, sit on top of this and your air will be refilled.| |U|35850|M|51,88|

T The Emissary |QID|11626| |N|At Karuk, NOT the naga. He's at , remember?|M|47,75|
H Warsong Hold|QID|11686|U|6948|

T The Plains of Nasalm |QID|11652|M|41.3,53.6|

T Reinforcements Incoming... |QID|11618| |N|Warsong Farm Outpost, to the west, at .|M|38,52|
A The Warsong Farms |QID|11686|M|38.1,52.6|
A Merciful Freedom |QID|11676|M|37.9,52.6|
A Damned Filthy Swine |QID|11688|M|37.9,52.3|

C Merciful Freedom|QID|11676|N|Collect keys from Warsong Aberrations and En'kilah Necrolords to free prisoners.|S|
C Damned Filthy Swine|QID|11688|N|Kill 10 Unliving Swine.|S|
C The Warsong Farms|QID|11686|N|Go NE to Torp's Farm. Then SW to the Granary, and finally NW to the Slaughterhouse.|M|36,53;35,55;39.51,47.37|
C Merciful Freedom|QID|11676|N|Collect keys from Warsong Aberrations and En'kilah Necrolords to free prisoners.|US|M|36.4,48.1|
C Damned Filthy Swine|QID|11688|N|Finish killing the 10 Unliving Swine.|US|

T The Warsong Farms |QID|11686|M|37.9,52.6|
A Get to Getry |QID|11703|M|37.9,52.6|
T Merciful Freedom |QID|11676|M|37.9,52.6|
T Damned Filthy Swine |QID|11688|M|37.9,52.3|
N You're about to start a timed quest! |QID|11690|N|What you have to do is, find the Infected Kodos, then use the Kodo Snaffle on them. You'll mount the kodo, ability 1 is a sprint, while ability 2 turns the Kodo back to the quest NPC. You need to bring back 8 Kodos.|
A Bring 'Em Back Alive |QID|11690|M|37.9,52.3|

C Bring 'Em Back Alive |QID|11690| |U|34954|

T Bring 'Em Back Alive |QID|11690|M|37.9,52.3|

T Get to Getry|QID|11703|N|He's up on a guard tower.|M|34.6,46.4|
A Foolish Endeavors |QID|11705|M|34.6,46.4|
C Foolish Endeavors |QID|11705| |N|Let Saurfang tank. If you are going to die, back off and let Saurfang finish it. Let Getry engage first, but be right behind him, this quest can bug easily if he aggros before he is supposed to.|

T Foolish Endeavors |QID|11705| |N|Back at Warsong Hold.|M|41.3,53.6|
A Nork Bloodfrenzy's Charge |QID|11709|M|41.3,53.6|
T Nork Bloodfrenzy's Charge |QID|11709| |N|Go out the SE gate, then head left.|M|43.7,54.5|
A Coward Delivery... Under 30 Minutes or it's Free |QID|11711|M|43.7,54.5|

C Coward Delivery... Under 30 Minutes or it's Free |QID|11711| |N|Follow the path north out of the quarry, then follow the trail east. When you get to the crossroads at , use the flaregun. Make sure the prisioner stays with you.| |U|34971|M|55,51|

T Coward Delivery... Under 30 Minutes or it's Free |QID|11711| |N|Back along the trail at .|M|53,52|
A Vermin Extermination |QID|11714|M|53.1,51.6|

N Cleaning up the vermin |QID|11714|N|You want to kill the Bloodspore Harvesters, Firestarters and Roasters on sight till you finish the quest. They're kobold mobs.|

A The Wondrous Bloodspore |QID|11716| |N|Quest NPC is at .|M|52,53|
C The Wondrous Bloodspore |QID|11716| |N|They're all over the camp.|M|52.7,52.7|
T The Wondrous Bloodspore |QID|11716|M|52.1,52.5|
A Pollen from the Source |QID|11717|M|52.1,52.5|
C Pollen from the Source |QID|11717| |N|Kill Bloodspore moths.|
T Pollen from the Source |QID|11717|M|52.1,52.5|
A A Suitable Test Subject |QID|11719|M|52.1,52.5|
C A Suitable Test Subject |QID|11719| |N|Use the item, wait 10 seconds, then turn it in.| |U|34978|
T A Suitable Test Subject |QID|11719|M|52.1,52.5|
A The Invasion of Gammoth |QID|11720|M|52.1,52.5|
T The Invasion of Gammoth |QID|11720|M|52.2,52.8|
A Gammothra the Tormentor |QID|11721|M|52.2,52.8|
C Gammothra the Tormentor |QID|11721| |N|Head to the cave entrance at to the SW. Enter the cave, use the item on the mobs and they will become easy to kill. The mob is at the bottom, in a cavity to your left.| |U|34979|M|50,59|

A Massive Moth Omelet? |QID|11724| |N|On the way out of the cave, take a left turn at the fork near the top. There will be a path heading up. Follow the ledge south and then SE till you reach the egg. There are a lot of moths in the area and a big, white, aggressive one on top of the massive egg. |M|48.5,59.1|
C Vermin Extermination |QID|11714|

T Gammothra the Tormentor |QID|11721| |N|Back at .|M|52,53|
A Trophies of Gammoth |QID|11722|M|52.2,52.8|
T Massive Moth Omelet? |QID|11724|M|52.2,52.8|

T Vermin Extermination |QID|11714| |N|Scout Tungok, at |M|53,52|

T Trophies of Gammoth |QID|11722| |N|Back at Warsong Hold.|M|41.3,53.6|
A Hellscream's Champion |QID|11916|M|41.3,53.6|
R Taunka'le Village |QID|11890|N|Talk to Durkot Wolfbrother, he's in the stables SW of Hellscream. Click the text, and you'll get carried to the Village. |M|40.4,54.8|

T Ride to Taunka'le Village |QID|11888|M|77.3,38.5|
f Taunka'le Village|QID|111888|M|77.75,37.77|Z|Borean Tundra|
A What Are They Up To? |QID|11890|M|77.3,38.5|
A Scouting the Sinkholes |QID|11684|M|77.1,37.8|
T Hellscream's Champion |QID|11916|M|75.9,37.2|
A Lead 'er Up! |QID|11881|M|77.5,37.0|
A Sage Highmesa is Missing |QID|11674|M|77.3,36.9|

C Scouting the Sinkholes |QID|11684|U|34920|N|Go west to the south sinkhole at ; then north to the second sinkhole at (69.66,32.54); then west to the final sinkhole at (66.36,32.51).|M|70,37|
A Emergency Supplies |QID|11887| |N|Head SW to and look for a dead gnome.|M|64,36|
C Emergency Supplies |QID|11887| |N|You're looking for gnome bodies identical to the one we just got the quest from. They're all over the southern half of the Scaling Pools. You don't need to dismount.|M|62.9,35.8|
C What Are They Up To? |QID|11890| |N|You're looking for the Fizzcrank Pumping Station at .|M|64,23|
C Load 'er Up! |QID|11881|U|35272|N|Head back to the gnome body at . There should be a plane nearby. Go next to it and use the whistle. Then make your way back to Taunka'le Village (77.5,37.0); make sure you don't aggro anything.|M|64,36|

T Load 'er Up! |QID|11881|M|77.5,37.0|
T Emergency Supplies |QID|11887|M|77.5,37.0|
A The Power of the Elements |QID|11893|M|77.6,36.9|
T What Are They Up To? |QID|11890|M|77.3,38.5|
A Master the Storm |QID|11895|M|77.3,38.5|
T Scouting the Sinkholes |QID|11684|M|77.1,37.8|
A The Heart of the Elements |QID|11685|M|77.1,37.8|
C Master the Storm |QID|11895| |N|Go into the hut behind Sage Earth and Sky. Right click the storm totem. |M|77.1,38.7|
T Master the Storm |QID|11895|M|77.3,38.5|
A Weakness to Lightning |QID|11896|M|77.3,38.5|
A Cleaning Up the Pools |QID|11906|M|76.9,37.6|
A Souls of the Decursed |QID|11899|M|77.3,36.9|

C The Power of the Elements |QID|11893|U|35281|N|Head west to the Steam Springs. Use the totem, then kill Steam Ragers near the totem. |M|74,34|

T The Power of the Elements |QID|11893|M|77.6,36.9|
A Patching Up |QID|11894|M|77.5,37.0|

C The Heart of the Elements |QID|11685| |N|Head SE over the ice to the shore at . Kill the elementals here. While you're travelling here, kill and Marsh Caribous in your way.|M|84,47|
K Marsh Caribou |QID|11894|L|35288 5|N|Until you have 5 Uncured hides. They're in the area just west and north of Taunka'le Village|

T The Heart of the Elements |QID|11685| |N|Quest NPC is at , to the NW of the village (only just).|M|76,36|
A The Horn of Elemental Fury |QID|11695|M|75.6,35.8|

K Chieftan Gurgleboggle |QID|11695|L|34962|N|He's in the gorloc camp at .|M|78,29|
N Lower Horn Half |QID|11695|QO|Lower Horn Half: 1/1|N|Gurglebobble's Bauble should be in a pond nearby.|

C Patching Up |QID|11894|U|35288|N|Head to the steam vent at . Use the hides on top of the vent.|M|75.85,32.48|

N Things to do... |QID|11899|N| Grab all the spare parts; (2) Kill the Fixxcrank Mechagnomes (loot them) and use the Greatmother's Soulcatcher on their corpse; (3) Use the Sage's Lightning Rod on the robots and kill them (hotkey the rod).
C Souls of the Decursed |QID|11899| |U|35401| |N||M|65,23|
C Weakness to Lightning |QID|11896| |N||M|65,23|
C Cleaning Up the Pools |QID|11906| |N||M|65,23|

K Chieftan Burblegobble |QID|11695|L|34961|N|He's way south at .|M|68,40|
N Upper Horn Half |QID|11695|QO|Upper Horn Half: 1/1|N|It's in the pool nearby, again. |M|68,40|

T Cleaning Up the Pools |QID|11906|M|76.9,37.6|
T Weakness to Lightning |QID|11896|M|77.3,38.5|
A The Sub-Chieftains |QID|11907|M|77.3,38.5|
T Patching Up |QID|11894|M|77.5,37.0|
T Souls of the Decursed |QID|11899|M|77.3,36.9|
A Defeat the Gearmaster |QID|11909|M|77.3,36.9|
A Shrouds of the Scourge |QID|11628|M|75.9,37.2|
H Taunka'le Village|QID|11706|
T The Horn of Elemental Fury |QID|11695|M|75.6,35.8|
A The Collapse |QID|11706|M|75.6,35.8|

C The Collapse |QID|11706|U|34968|N|Head to the sinkhole at (70,37) Use the horn and kill the Nerubian who shows up.|M|70,37|

K The Sub-Chieftains |QID|11907|QO|The Grinder slain: 1/1|N|South Point Station to the NW at (65.2,28.7)|M|60.2,20.4|
K The Sub-Chieftains |QID|11907|QO|Twonky slain: 1/1|N|West Point Station to the NW at (60.2,20.4)|M|65.2,28.7|
K The Sub-Chieftains |QID|11907|QO|ED-210 slain: 1/1|N|North Point Station to the NW at (65.4,17.5)|M|65.4,17.5|
K The Sub-Chieftains |QID|11907|QO|Max Blasto slain: 1/1|N|Mid Point Station to the NW at (63.7,22.5)|M|63.7,22.5|

C Defeat the Gearmaster |QID|11909| |N|Head to the Fizzcrank Pumping station, and go up (access is from a ramp on the NE side - (65.5,23.1)). Use the manual on the ground and kill the mob when he spawns (64.4,23.4).|M|64.4,23.4|

T Sage Highmesa is Missing |QID|11674| |N|She's way east at (75,23).|M|74.68,23.67|
A A Proper Death |QID|11675|M|74.68,23.67|

C Shrouds of the Scourge |QID|11628| |N|Kill Magnataurs and Mammoths to the east. |M|76,22|
C A Proper Death |QID|11675| |N|Kill Magnataur until you complete the quest.|

T A Proper Death |QID|11675| |N|Back at (74,23).|M|74.68,23.67|
A Stop the Plague |QID|11677|M|74.7,23.7|

C Stop the Plague |QID|11677|U|34913|N|The cauldron is in a cave to the NE at (78,19). Use the seeds on it.|M|78,19|

T Stop the Plague |QID|11677| |N|Back at (74,23).|M|74.68,23.67|
A Find Bristlehorn |QID|11678|M|74.7,23.7|
A Fallen Necropolis |QID|11683|M|74.7,23.7|

C Fallen Necropolis |QID|11683| |N|Kill any undead you still need.|S|M|68.2,17.0|
T Find Bristlehorn |QID|11678| |N|Head NW to the necropolis, go in the lower entrance on the SW side at (68,15). Stay left, the NPC is on a small balcony.|M|68.56,15.19|
A The Doctor and the Lich-Lord |QID|11687|M|69.8,12.6|

K The Doctor and the Lich-Lord |QID|11687|QO|Lich-Lord Chillwinter slain: 1/1|N|Go outside and go around to the back entrance to the necropolis . The Lich is on the outside ring at (69.6,13.9)|M|69.6,13.9|
K The Doctor and the Lich-Lord |QID|11687|QO|Doctor Razorgrin slain: 1/1|N|The Doctor is in the room below, at (69.9,13.3)|M|69.9,13.3|
C Fallen Necropolis |QID|11683| |N|Kill any undead you still need.|US|M|68.2,17.0|

T Fallen Necropolis |QID|11683| |N|Back at Sage Highmesa, at (74,23).|M|75,23|
T The Doctor and the Lich-Lord |QID|11687|M|74.7,23.7|
A Return with the Bad News |QID|11689|M|74.7,23.7|

T The Collaspe |QID|11706|M|75.6,35.8|
T Shrouds of the Scourge |QID|11628|M|75.9,37.2|
A The Bad Earth |QID|11630|M|75.9,37.2|
T The Sub-Chieftans |QID|11907|M|77.3,38.5|
T Return with the Bad News |QID|11689|M|77.3,36.9|
T Defeat the Gearmaster |QID|11909|M|77.3,36.9|

C The Bad Earth |QID|11630| |N|Ride NE, the earth can be found in the area west and south of the Temple City of En'kilah (that's north, NE, and east of Taunka'le Village). You're looking for little patches of soil on the ground, all round (83,34)|M|76.1,28.0|

T The Bad Earth |QID|11630|M|75.9,37.2|
A Blending In |QID|11633|M|75.9,37.2|

N Scout Spire of Pain |QID|11633|QO|Spire of Pain Scouted: 1/1|U|34782|N|Head to the city and use the cloak. You're invisible to everything except abominations. If they get in the way or detect you, kill them and re-equip the cloak. Go east to the Spire of Pain at . |M|89.2,28.7|
N Scout Spire of Blood |QID|11633|QO|Spire of Blood Scouted: 1/1|U|34782|N|Go east to the Spire of Blood at - you need to climb the outside stairs to either side of the normal doorway. |M|88,21|
N Scout Spire of Decay |QID|11633|QO|Spire of Decay Scouted: 1/1|U|34782|N|Go east to the Spire of Decay at . |M|84,22|

T Blending In |QID|11633|M|75.9,37.2|
A Words of Power |QID|11640|M|75.9,37.2|
A Neutralizing the Cauldrons |QID|11647|M|76.0,37.3|
A A Courageous Strike |QID|11641|M|76.0,37.3|

K High Priest Talet-Kha |QID|11640|QO|High Priest Talet-Kha's Scroll: 1/1|N|Head into En'kilah again. Go east to the Spire of Pain at , kill the Mystical Webbings and the priest will attack you. Loot the scroll off his body.|M|89,29|
N Neutralize the East Cauldron |QID|11647|QO|East Cauldron Cleansed: 1/1|U|34806|N|It's just to the south as you exit the spire at . Walk up to it and use the totem.|M|88,30|
K Darkfallen Bloodbearer |QID|11654|L|34815|N|He patrols between the Spire of Blood at and the entrance.|M|88,22|
A The Spire of Blood |QID|11654| |U|34815|M|87.7,22.0|
T The Spire of Blood |QID|11654| |N|He's on the lower floor of the Spire of Blood.|M|87.6,20.0|
A Shatter the Orbs! |QID|11659|M|87.6,20.0|
C Shatter the Orbs! |QID|11659| |N|There's a bunch on the first floor and one on the second.|
K High Priest Andorath |QID|11640|QO|High Priest Andorath's Scroll: 1/1|N|He's on the upper floor, loot the scroll off his body.|
N Neutralize the Central Cauldron |QID|11647|QO|Central Cauldron Cleansed: 1/1|U|34806|N|Head a bit SW when you exit the Spire of Blood at .|M|86,23|
C Neutralize the Cauldrons |QID|11647|U|34806|N|The final Cauldron is to the NW at .|M|85,20|
K High Priest Naferset |QID|11640|QO|High Priest Naferset's Scroll: 1/1|N|He's in the Spire of Decay, upstairs. Head upstairs and kill the 3 necromancers and he'll attack. Do NOT kill the necromancers before he spawns or he will bug.|
C A Courageous Strike |QID|11641|

T Shatter the Orbs! |QID|11659| |N|Back at Taunka'le Village.|M|76.7,37.9|
T Neutralizing the Cauldrons |QID|11647|M|76.0,37.3|
T A Courageous Strike |QID|11641|M|76.0,37.3|
T Words of Power |QID|11640|M|75.9,37.2|
A Breaking Through |QID|11898|N|From Chieftain Wintergale.|M|75.8,37.2|
R Go to|QID|11898|M|86.5,28.5|CC|N|the teleporter at the waypoint.
K Kill Vanthryn|QID|11898|QO|Vanthryn the Merciless slain: 1/1|M|85.7,25.7|
K Kill Luthion|QID|11898|QO|Luthion the Vile slain: 1/1|M|87.9,29.0|
C Breaking Through |QID|11898|N|Head to the upstairs teleporter and jump. Head to the western exit from this room, then head upstairs and kill Prince Valanar. Remember, when he channels violet beams, STOP ATTACKING, or your attacks will be reflected.|M|86.3,28.6|
H Taunka'le Village|QID|11929|U|6948|

T Breaking Through |QID|11898|N|To Chieftain Wintergale.|M|75.8,37.2|
A The Fall of Taunka'le Village |QID|11929|N|Don't turn it in.|O|

N Careful about Animal Blood |QID|11866|N|If you kill an animal, you'll gain the Animal Blood debuff. If you come within range of a D.E.H.T.A NPC with this debuff, they'll come after you. Use water to wash it off or wait for the debuff to wear off.|
A Ears of Our Enemies |QID|11866|N|From the Archdruid in the D.E.H.T.A camp at . You have to do the mission statement first, you can just complete that.|M|57,44|
A Help Those That Cannot Help Themselves |QID|11876|M|57.0,44.3|
A Happy as a Clam |QID|11869|M|57.3,44.1|
A Ned, Lord of Rhinos... |QID|11884|M|57.0,44.0|
A Unfit for Death |QID|11865|M|56.8,44.0|

N Kill on Sight |QID|11866|N|You want to kill Loot Crazed Poachers, Loot Crazed Hunters, and Loot Crazed Divers.|
C Unfit for Death |QID|11865| |N|In the field south of the camp. Stand on the traps and use the furs.| |U|35127|M|56.2,50.5|
C Happy as a Clam |QID|11869| |N|Go to the lake at , and do it as you go west through the lake.|M|53,45|
C Ned, Lord of Rhinos... |QID|11884| |N|He's up on the bluffs around , he patrols around. Kill him, he's easy for an elite.|M|47,44|
f Amber Ledge |QID|11868|N|It's to the north. |M|45.3,34.5|
C Help Those That Cannot Help Themselves |QID|11876|U|35228|N|They can be found around the area just east of the grey area around Amber Ledge. Stand next to the traps and use the Trap Smasher. |M|55,41|
C Ears of Our Enemies |QID|11866|N|They drop off Loot Crazed Divers/Hunters/Poachers|M|53.4,42.7|

T Unfit for Death |QID|11865|M|56.8,44.0|
A The Culler Cometh |QID|11868|M|56.8,44.0|
T Happy as a Clam |QID|11869|M|57.3,44.1|
A The Abandoned Reach |QID|11870|M|57.3,44.1|
T Ned, Lord of Rhinos... |QID|11884|M|57.0,44.0|
T Help Those That Cannot Help Themselves |QID|11876|M|57.0,44.3|
A Khu'nok Will Know |QID|11878|M|57.0,44.3|
T Ears of Our Enemies |QID|11866|M|57.0,44.3|

T Khu'nok Will Know |QID|11878| |N|Big wooly mammoth at , to the north.|M|59,30|
A Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer |QID|11879|M|59.5,30.4|

C Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer |QID|11879| |N|Find a wooly mammoth bull and right click to mount it. The first ability is an AoE, the second is a charge, the third an AoE fear that only works on the minions of Kaw, which is unneccessary as Ability 1 will kill them anyway. Kaw can be kited by running and charging. Kaw is found to the NW at . Loot the Halberd that appears on the ground. If someone else tagged Kaw, help him/her, as you can loot the halberd regardless of who killed him.|M|54,24|

A The Honored Ancestors |QID|11605| |N|From Elder Atkanok (a stone) at (54.7,35.7).|M|54.7,35.8|
A Reclaiming the Quarry |QID|11612|M|54.3,36.1|

C The Honored Ancestors |QID|11605| |N|The first is at . The other two are a little NW, to the left (50.9,32.4) and right (52.3,31.2). Kill Beryl Treasure Hunters as you go.|M|52.8,34.0|

T The Honored Ancestors |QID|11605| |N|From Elder Atkanok (a stone) at (54.7,35.7).|M|54.7,35.8|
A The Lost Spirits |QID|11607| |N|From Elder Atkanok (a stone) at (54.7,35.7).|M|54.7,35.8|

C The Lost Spirits |QID|11607| |N|Get cores off Beryl hounds, then use them on Kaskala Craftsmen and Kaskala Shaman. There are a bunch of Beryl Hounds at .| |U|34711|M|52,31|
C Reclaiming the Quarry |QID|11612|

T The Lost Spirits |QID|11607| |N|From Elder Atkanok (a stone) at (54.7,35.7).|M|54.7,35.8|
A Picking Up the Pieces |QID|11609|M|54.7,35.8|
T Reclaiming the Quarry |QID|11612|M|54.3,36.1|
A Hampering Their Escape |QID|11617|M|54.3,36.1|

N Gathering while we kill |QID|11617|N|Loot any Tuskarr Ritual Objects you see while you're doing this.|
C Hampering Their Escape |QID|11617|U|34772|N|Kill Beryl Reclaimers for the Gnomish Grenades, then use them on the platforms. In order, the platforms are: East , West (50,34), North (52,32).|M|53,35|
C Picking Up the Pieces |QID|11609|M|53.1,33.3|

T Picking Up the Pieces |QID|11609|N|From Elder Atkanok (a stone) at (54.7,35.7).|M|54.7,35.8|
A Leading the Ancestors Home |QID|11610|M|54.7,35.8|
T Hampering Their Escape |QID|11617|M|54.3,36.1|
A A Visit to the Curator |QID|11623|M|54.3,36.1|

C Leading the Ancestors Home |QID|11610| |N|Same as the previous quest, The first is at . The other two are a little NW, to the left (50.9,32.4) and right (52.3,31.2).| |U|34715|M|52.8,34.0|
C A Visit to the Curator |QID|11623| |N|Go NW out of the quarry, then follow the cliff edge west and then south, he's on a blue platform at .|M|50,32|

T Leading the Ancestors Home |QID|11610| |N|From Elder Atkanok (a stone) at (54.7,35.7).|M|54.7,35.8|
T A Visit to the Curator |QID|11623|M|54.3,36.1|

T The Abandoned Reach |QID|11870| |N|SE at .|M|58,55|
A Not On Our Watch |QID|11871|M|57.8,55.1|

C Not On Our Watch |QID|11871| |N|Head SE to the shore, you can get the Shipment of Animal Parts off the ground and as a drop from Northsea Thugs.|M|59.1,55.9|

T Not On Out Watch |QID|11871|M|57.8,55.1|
A The Nefarious Clam Master... |QID|11872|M|57.8,55.1|

C The Nefarious Clam Master... |QID|11872| |N|He's at the bottom of the sea at .|M|62,66|
C The Culler Cometh |QID|11868| |N|If you head back toward the quest NPC we were just at, then take a left U-turn, the Culler is at the end of the cliff at . There are 2 stealthed guards.|M|57,56|

T The Nefarious Clam Master... |QID|11872|M|57.3,44.1|
T The Culler Cometh |QID|11868|M|56.8,44.0|
T Kaw the Mammoth Destroyer |QID|11879|M|57.0,44.3|
A The Assassination of Harold Lane |QID|11892|

C The Assassination of Harold Lane |QID|11892| |N|He's to the NW at . 2 things to note: (1) He drops traps that root you, then run to range and chuck bear pelts at you. If you're melee, move as soon as the trap pops, and you don't get rooted. (2) The horn you're given summons a stampede that does about 50% of his HP. However, the whole stampede must hit him, so make sure that you stay still when you use it, and aren't caught in a trap; use it after you avoid one (or get out of it).|U|35293|M|50,42|

T The Assassination of Harold Lane |QID|11892|

A Not Without a Fight! |QID|11949| |N|Head east to .|M|64,46|
A Perparing for the Worst |QID|11945|N|Daily Quest|M|64.0,45.7|

C Preparing for the Worst |QID|11945| |N|Kill raiders as you pick up baskets. If you need more, there's a whole bunch if you go SE to .|M|73,53|
C Not Without a Fight! |QID|11949|

T Not Without a Fight! |QID|11949|M|63.8,46.1|
A Muahit's Wisdom |QID|11950|M|63.8,46.1|
T Preparing for the Worst |QID|11945|M|64.0,45.7|

T Muahit's Wisdom |QID|11950| |N|He's to the SE on an island at .|M|67,55|
A Spirits Watch Over Us |QID|11961|M|67.2,54.9|

C Spirits Watch Over Us |QID|11961| |N|He's at , underwater.|M|68,50|

T Spirits Watch Over Us |QID|11961|M|67.2,54.9|
A The Tides Turn |QID|11968|M|67.2,54.9|

C The Tides Turn |QID|11968| |N|Heigarr the Horrible is at .|M|68,56|

T The Tides Turn |QID|11968|M|67.2,54.9|
A Travel to Moa'ki Harbor |QID|12118|N|This will NOT be available if you already did Howling Fjord.|
R Unu'pe |QID|11587|N|To the east, at .|M|78,52|

F Amber Ledge|QID|11587|

T Too Close For Comfort |QID|11574|M|45.0,33.4|
A Prison Break |QID|11587|M|45.0,33.4|
A Monitoring the Rift: Cleftcliff Anomaly |QID|11576|M|45.0,33.4|

C Prison Break |QID|11587|U|34688|N|Kill the Beryl Mage Hunters to the SW at Beryl Point till they drop a Beryl Prison Key. Then use it on an Arcane Prison. |M|42.6,36.8|
C Monitoring the Rift: Cleftcliff Anomaly |QID|11576|U|34669|N|Head south to the water at . Once there, swim SW to the rift at (34,42). Use the Arcanometer there.|M|41,42|
R Amber Ledge |QID|11590|N|Go back the way you came. (45,34)|M|41,42|

T Prison Break |QID|11587|M|45.3,33.3|
A Abduction |QID|11590|M|45.3,33.3|
T Monitoring the Rift: Cleftcliff Anomaly |QID|11576|M|45.0,33.4|
A Monitoring the Rift: Sundered Chasm |QID|11582|M|45.0,33.4|

C Monitoring the Rift: Sundered Chasm |QID|11582|U|34669|N|Swim north to , then dive down.|M|44,29|
C Abduction |QID|11590|U|34691|N|Find a Beryl Sorcerer, beat him down to 25%, then use the Arcane Binder on him. |M|41,38|

T Abduction |QID|11590|M|45.0,33.4|
A The Borean Inquisition |QID|11646|M|45.3,33.3|
T Monitoring the Rift: Sundered Chasm |QID|11582|M|45.0,33.4|
A Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern |QID|12728|M|45.0,33.4|
T The Borean Inquisition |QID|11646|N|In the mage tower just next to you.|M|46.3,32.8|
A The Art of Persuasion |QID|11648|M|46.3,32.8|
C The Art of Persuasion |QID|11648|U|34811|N|Use the Neural Needler on the Imprisoned Beryl Sorcerer till he speaks.|
T The Art of Persuasion |QID|11648|M|46.3,32.8|
A Sharing Intelligence |QID|11663|M|46.3,32.8|
T Sharing Intelligence |QID|11663|M|45.3,33.3|
A A Race Against Time |QID|11671|M|45.3,33.3|

C A Race Against Time |QID|11671|U|34897|N|To find Salarand, go down to Beryl Point, find the biggest of the blue circles at . Use the Shield Detonator, then kill her and loot the key from the lockbox that spawns. Like other quests, you don't actually have to kill her to loot the box.|M|41,38|

T A Race Against Time |QID|11671|M|45.3,33.3|
A Reforging the Key |QID|11679|M|45.3,33.3|
T Reforging the Key |QID|11679| |N|At the big red dragon.|M|45.3,34.5|
A Taking Wing |QID|11680|M|45.3,34.5|
T Taking Wing |QID|11680|M|46.4,37.3|
N READ THIS |QID|11681|N|Make sure you dismount before you accept this or you'll be left behind. Before you accept, make sure the floating drakes are above him. Now, what you have to do is stay close to Evanor. That's about it. If you try to start the quest and get an error, dismount if you're mounted, exit the game, and re-enter it.|
A Rescuing Evanor |QID|11681|M|46.4,37.3|
T Rescuing Evanor |QID|11681|M|46.4,32.4|
A Dragonspeak |QID|11682|M|46.4,32.4|
T Dragonspeak |QID|11682|M|45.3,34.5|
A Traversing the Rift |QID|11733| M|45.3,34.5|

T Traversing the Rift |QID|11733|N|You should be flown to Coldarra immediately on accepting this. If you were mounted, shape-shifted or moving, abandon the quest and reaccept it.|M|32.9,34.4|
A Basic Training |QID|11918|M|33.3,34.5|
A Nuts for Berries |QID|11912|M|33.5,34.4|
A Reading the Meters |QID|11900|M|32.9,34.4|
A Secrets of the Ancients |QID|11910|M|32.9,34.4|

N Things to do |QID|11941|N|While doing the next few quests, you want to kill 10 Coldarra Spellweavers, kill Glacial Ancients until you get 3 Glacial Shards, kill Magic-bound Ancients until you get 3 Magin-bound Splinters and gather 10 Frostberries.|

K Coldarra Spellbinders |QID|11941|L|35648|N|At the blue circle to the south at until you get a Scintillating Fragment.|M|33,28|
A Puzzling... |QID|11941|U|35648|N|Use the fragment you just got.|M|32.7,29.0|

T Puzzling... |QID|11941| |N|Back at the shield.|M|33.3,34.5|
A The Cell |QID|11943|M|33.3,34.5|

N Get the Southern Reading |QID|11900|QO|Southern Coldarra Reading: 1/1|N|Head west along the path to , the mirror is there.|M|29,35|
K Warbringer Goredrak |QID|11943|QO|Energy Core: 1/1|N|He's NW in another of the blue circles at . Loot the Energy Core.|M|24,30|
N Get the Western Reading |QID|11900|QO|Western Coldarra Reading: 1/1|N|Head northwest to the next mirror at .|M|23,24|
K General Cerulean |QID|11943|QO|Prison Casing: 1/1|N|She's northeast in another blue circle at .|M|27,21|
N Get the Northern Reading |QID|11900|QO|Northern Coldarra Reading: 1/1|N|Head northwest to the next mirror at .|M|31,21|

T The Cell |QID|11943| |N|Back at the shield.|M|33.3,34.5|
A Keristrasza |QID|11946|U|35671|
T Keristrasza |QID|11946|
A Bait and Switch |QID|11951|

C Bait and Switch |QID|11951| |N|They're all around The Nexus.|
C Basic Training |QID|11918|
C Nuts for Berries |QID|11912|
C Secrets of the Ancients |QID|11910|

T Basic Training |QID|11918|M|33.3,34.5|
A Hatching a Plan |QID|11936|M|33.3,34.5|
T Nuts for Berries |QID|11912|M|33.5,34.4|
A Keep the Secret Safe |QID|11914|M|33.5,34.4|
T Secrets of the Ancients |QID|11910|M|32.9,34.4|
T Bait and Switch |QID|11951|U|35671|N|Use the Augmented Arcane Prison to summon the dragon, then turn it in.|
A Saragosa's End |QID|11957|

C Saragosa's End |QID|11957|U|35690|N|Talk to Keristrasza when you have full HP/mana, then once you're ported up, use the Arcane Power Focus and kill Saragosa.|
T Saragosa's End |QID|11957|U|35671|N|Use the Augmented Arcane Prison.|
A Mustering the Reds |QID|11967|
T Mustering the Reds |QID|11967| |N|Talk to Keristrasza to have her port you back.|M|33.3,34.5|
A Springing the Trap |QID|11969|M|33.3,34.5|

K Kill Coldarra Wyrmkin |QID|11936|L|35586 5|N|Kill Wyrmkin until you have 5 Frozen Axes.|
C Reading the Meters |QID|11900| |N|Head down to the crack around the Nexus. The mirror is just next to the meeting stone at . Kill Arcane Serpents on your way until you have 5 Nexus Mana Essence.|M|28.25,28.56|
C Keep the Secret Safe |QID|11914|N|Kill Arcane Serpents until you have 5 Nexus Mana Essence.|M|27.8,24.2|
C Hatching a Plan |QID|11936|M|27.8,24.2|

C Springing the Trap |QID|11969|U|35718|N|You need to head out of the ravine, then head northeast until you get to the Nexus's Northwestern Entrance at to use the flare, this initiates the quest. MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT MOUNTED OR SHAPESHIFTED. Stay close to Keristrasza. This quest can be very buggy when you have multiple people doing it, if it fails, you'll just have to try again. If there's only a couple of other people, give them some time, or they'll fail and then come and make you fail.|M|26,23|

T Keep the Secret Safe |QID|11914|M|33.5,34.4|
T Hatching a Plan |QID|11936|M|33.3,34.5|
A Drake Hunt |QID|11919|M|33.3,34.5|
T Springing the Trap |QID|11969|M|33.3,34.5|
T Reading the Meters |QID|11900|M|32.9,34.4|
C Drake Hunt |QID|11919|U|35506|N|Use the spear on a drake then just wait till it becomes friendly. The spear has a LARGE range. Drakes can be found around . Once you have one, run back to the shield (33,34)| |M|23,26|

T Drake Hunt |QID|11919|M|33.3,34.5|
A Cracking the Code |QID|11931|M|33.3,34.5|

C Cracking the Code |QID|11931| |N|Head north to the blue circle at . Inquisitor Caleras drops the Azure Codex, and the spellbinders drop the runes.|M|33,28|

T Cracking the Code |QID|11931|M|33.3,34.5|
F Amber Ledge|QID|11591|

f Bor'gorok Outpost |QID|11591|N|Follow the road north to .|M|50,11|
A Report to Steeljaw's Caravan |QID|11591|
T To Bor'gorok Outpost, Quickly! |QID|12486|M|50.3,9.7|
A The Sky Will Know |QID|11624|M|50.3,9.7|
A King Mrgl-Mrgl |QID|11702|

T The Sky Will Know |QID|11624| |N|To the west at Imperean, .|M|47,9|
A Boiling Point |QID|11627|M|46.6,9.3|

C Boiling Point |QID|11627| |N|Head south to Blistering Pool, Churn is at . Then go east to Charred Rise and defeat Simmer at (51,15).|M|46,13|

T Boiling Point |QID|11627|M|46.6,9.3|
A Motes of the Enraged |QID|11649|M|46.6,9.3|

C Motes of the Enraged |QID|11649| |N|The elementals are west at .|M|45,9|

T King Mrgl-Mrgl |QID|11702| |N|Head southwest and jump into the water in front of the waterfall. King Mrgl-Mrgl is at .|M|43,13|
A Learning to Communicate |QID|11571|M|43.5,14.0|

C Learning to Communicate |QID|11571|U|34598|N|Dive into the water west of the king. Scalder roams the bottom around . Kill him and use the King's Empty Conch on him.|M|42,16|

T Learning to Communicate |QID|11571|M|43.5,14.0|
A Winterfin Commerce |QID|11559|M|43.5,14.0|

C Winterfin Commerce |QID|11559| |N|Head west to Winterfin Village . The clams are fairly small, and can also be gotten off the murlocs.|M|41,16|

T Winterfin Commerce |QID|11559| |N|Turn it in at Ahlurglgr.|M|43.0,13.8|
A Oh Noes, the Tadpoles! |QID|11560|M|43.5,14.0|
A Them! |QID|11561|M|42.8,13.7|

N Free the murlocs |QID|11560|N|You want to free the murloc tadpoles from the cages as you go.|
C Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern |QID|12728|U|34669|N|In the cave to the southwest at .|M|40,20|
A Keymaster Urmgrgl |QID|11569| |N|Go further into the cave, stay left. They're at . Only get this quest, the other is an escort.|M|38,23|
C Keymaster Urmgrgl |QID|11569|N|Leave the room, jump down on the left. Follow the path to the Keymaster.|M|38.4,22.7|
T Keymaster Urmgrgl |QID|11569| |N||M|38,23|
A Escape from the Winterfin Caverns |QID|11570|M|37.8,23.0|
C Escape from the Winterfin Caverns |QID|11570|M|37.8,23.0|
C Them! |QID|11561|
C On Noes, the Tadpoles! |QID|11560|M|40.6,17.5|

T Oh Noes, the Tadpoles! |QID|11560|M|43.5,14.0|
A I'm Being Blackmailed By My Cleaner |QID|11562|M|43.5,14.0|
T Escape from the Winterfin Caverns |QID|11570|M|43.5,14.0|
T Them! |QID|11561|M|42.8,13.7|

T I'm Being Blackmailed By My Cleaner |QID|11562|M|42.0,12.8|
A Grmmurggll Mrllggrl Glrggl!!! |QID|11563|M|42.0,12.8|
A Succulent Orca Stew |QID|11564|M|42.0,13.2|

C Grmmurggll Mrllggrl Glrggl!!! |QID|11563| |N|Swim out north-northwest, you'll find a Glrggl at . Kill Orcas on the way over.|M|39,9|
C Succulent Orca Stew |QID|11564|M|40.3,12.4|

T Grmmurggll Mrllggrl Glrggl!!! |QID|11563|M|42.0,12.8|
A The Spare Suit |QID|11565|M|42.0,12.8|
T Succulent Orca Stew |QID|11564|M|42.0,13.2|
T The Spare Suit |QID|11565| |N|Back at the King, .|M|43,13|
A Surrender... Not! |QID|11566|M|43.5,14.0|

C Surrender... Not! |QID|11566|U|34620|N|Head to Winterfin Village again, go to the cave and use the suit. Stay right, until you come to Claximus, kill him, loot his claw, put the suit back on and exit.|M|37.6,27.4|

T Surrender... Not! |QID|11566|U|34620|M|43.5,14.0|

T Motes of the Enraged |QID|11649| |N|Back at .|M|47,9|
A Return to the Spirit Talker |QID|11629|M|46.6,9.3|

T Return to the Spirit Talker |QID|11629| |N|Back at Bor'gorok Outpost.|M|50.3,9.7|
A Vision of Air |QID|11631|M|50.3,9.7|
T Vision of Air |QID|11631|U|34779|M|50.3,9.7|
A Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit |QID|11635|M|50.3,9.7|
A Revenge Upon Magmoth |QID|11639|M|49.5,10.0|

T Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit |QID|11635| |N|Head southeast to Magmoth, the entrance is at . Fight your way down, kill Fire Totems before Shaman. Stay left and you'll find Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit.|M|54,14|
A Kaganishu |QID|11637|M|56.1,9.1|
K Kaganishu |QID|11637|QO|Kaganishu's Fetish: 1/1|N|He's in an alcove just outside and to the left . Loot the fetish off him.|M|56.2,12.8|
C Kaganishu |QID|11637|U|34781|N|Go back and use the fetish on Farseer Grimwalker's Spirit .|M|56.2,9.1|
T Kaganishu |QID|11637|M|56.1,9.1|
A Return My Remains |QID|11638|M|56.1,9.1|
C Return My Remains |QID|11638|L|34773|N|Loot the bones.|M|56.1,9.1|
C Revenge Upon Magmoth |QID|11639| |N|If you still need Foragers and Crushers, they're outside.|

T Return My Remains |QID|11638| |N|Back at Bor'gorok Outpost.|M|50.3,9.7|
T Revenge Upon Magmoth |QID|11639|M|49.5,10.0|

T Report to Steeljaw's Caravan |QID|11591|N|Grunt Ragefist is at .|M|48.46,19.31|
A The Honored Dead |QID|11593|M|48.4,19.7|
A Put Them to Rest |QID|11594|M|48.4,19.7|
N READ THIS |QID|11592|N|The quest from Longrunner Proudhoof is an escort. It composes of two ambushes; the first can be difficult if you aggro too many, the second is easy, and a fight against an elite, like usual, let the NPC tank. You won't have time to loot, so just eat/drink as fast as possible when you have a chance. Go back and loot the bodies afterwards.|
A We Strike! |QID|11592|N||M|48.3,19.7|
C We Strike! |QID|11592|
C The Honored Dead |QID|11593| |U|34692|M|47.9,21.3|
C Put Them to Rest |QID|11594|M|47.9,21.3|
T The Honored Dead |QID|11593|M|48.4,19.7|
T Put Them to Rest |QID|11594|M|48.4,19.7|
T We Strike! |QID|11592| |N|Back at Bor'gorok Outpost.|M|49.6,10.6|
F Amber Ledge |QID|11930|N||M|49.6,11.0|

T Monitoring the Rift: Winterfin Cavern |QID|12728|M|45.0,33.4|
F Taunka'le Village |QID|11930|N||M|45.2,34.3|
N If you didn't do Breaking Through |QID|11898|N|Either do it now or just run down the road east until you enter Dragonblight and skip ahead to the next chapter.|
T The Fall of Taunka'le Village |QID|11929|
A Across Transborea |QID|11930|

C Across Transborea |QID|11930| |N|Mount up and ride east along the road, don't lose the evacuee. At some point, he'll stop to read smoke signals, then sprint off. Follow him and he'll lead you to the quest turn-in NPC. | |Z|Dragonblight|M|10.7,53.8|

T Across Transborea |QID|11930|
A A Tauren Among Taunka |QID|11977|
T A Tauren Among Taunka |QID|11977| |Z|Dragonblight| |N|She's at in Westwind Refugee Camp, which is in Dragonblight.|M|13,49|


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    Game Version: 4.0.3
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Addendum to previous post

I was wrong about error text, I looked into the "secret log" and found a flood of false strings that was probably slowing down the game on my end

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Addendum to previous post

Hey!  Thanks for the log.  

This should definitely not be happening.   I'll look at this ASAP.

Unplayable slowdown in BT

Wowpro version: 7.0.3M

Error text: None

Steps on: From start of guide to step 10 before turning off guide

Explanation: I don't know how, but somehow using the Borean Tundra guide written by Jame will inexplicably turn my game into a slowed down laggy mess with barely operatible controlls. I tested other guides in this zone and it seems the only one that causes my game to come to a crawl  is the one actually written for the zone XD I hope there's a fix for this at some point in the future.