Dustwallow Marsh (A) Complete

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N This Guide|QID|99999|N|Picks up directly from where Southern Barrens leaves of.  If you did not do Southern Barrens, please make your way to Fort Triumph. Alternatively you can sail to Theramore Isle. (Manually close this step by right clicking the check box)|

R Zone into the Marsh|QID|99999|CC|M|55.82,50.10|N|Follow the path all the way east. It's populated by Alliance vehicles and banners.|

A They Call Him Smiling Jim|QID|27251|M|66.05,45.91|N|From Guard Byron.|

A Tabetha's Farm|QID|11212|M|66.10,46.08|N|From Guard Byron.|

A Mission to Mudsprocket|QID|27248|M|65.08,47.00|N|From Lieutenant Aden.|

h Theramore Isle|QID|27251|M|66.57,45.26|N|At Innkeeper Janene. Take this chance to sell your junk and restock also.|

A Mudrock Soup and Bugs|QID|1204|M|68.23,48.79|N|From Morgan Stern.|

T They Call Him Smiling Jim|QID|27251|M|68.21,48.58|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

T Reinforcements From Theramore|QID|26687|O|M|68.21,48.58|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

A Inspecting the Ruins|QID|27249|M|68.21,48.58|N|From Captain Garran Vimes.|

f Theramore Isle|QID|27249|M|67.49,51.33|N|At Baldruc.|

A This Old Lighthouse|QID|27216|M|68.30,51.84|N|From Sergeant Amelyn.|

A Traitors Among Us|QID|27210|M|68.33,51.04|N|From Calia Hastings.|

C Traitors Among Us|QID|27210|M|66.17,46.19|N|Talk to the Deserters, They hang out near guards. Some times they will turn agressive and PVP flag you.  You must kill them for credit.|

T Traitors Among Us|QID|27210|M|68.36,51.02|N|To Calia Hastings.|

A Propaganda War|QID|27211|M|68.36,51.02|N|From Calia Hastings.|

C Propaganda War|QID|27211|M|67.90,58.73|N|In the Captain's Cabin of the ship at the  Southern most dock.|

T Propaganda War|QID|27211|M|68.31,51.05|N|To Calia Hastings.|

A Discrediting the Deserters|QID|27212|M|68.33,51.11|N|From Calia Hastings. Giver her a few seconds to have this quest ready for you.|

C Discrediting the Deserters|QID|27212|M|64.78,48.82|N|speak to a few guards around the town.|

T Discrediting the Deserters|QID|27212|M|68.31,51.07|N|To Calia Hastings.|

A The End of the Deserters|QID|27213|M|68.37,51.16|N|From Calia Hastings.|

T This Old Lighthouse|QID|27216|M|72.15,47.05|N|To Babs Fizzletorque.|

A Thresher Oil|QID|27217|M|72.15,47.05|N|From Babs Fizzletorque.|

C Thresher Oil|QID|27217|M|73.82,54.77|

C The End of the Deserters|QID|27213|M|76.40,56.95|N|In the Captain's Cabin.|

T Thresher Oil|QID|27217|M|72.10,47.07|N|To Babs Fizzletorque.|

A Dastardly Denizens of the Deep|QID|27218|M|72.10,47.07|N|From Babs Fizzletorque.|

T Dastardly Denizens of the Deep|QID|27218|M|69.28,51.87|N|To "Dirty" Michael Crowe.|

A Is it Real?|QID|27219|M|69.23,51.95|N|From "Dirty" Michael Crowe.|

T The End of the Deserters|QID|27213|M|68.37,51.11|N|To Calia Hastings.|

A The Hermit of Swamplight Manor|QID|27215|M|68.21,51.87|N|From Sergeant Amelyn.|

T Is it Real?|QID|27219|M|58.74,60.15|N|To Nat Pagle.|

A Nat's Bargain|QID|27220|M|58.74,60.15|N|From Nat Pagle.|

U Use this item now|QID|99999|U|33166|N|When you have used the paste, manually click the check box to continue|

C Nat's Bargain|QID|27220|U|33166|M|56.26,62.75|N|Swim to this spot. Make sure you paste yourself before you swim here.  A shark will attack you, so kill it.|

T Nat's Bargain|QID|27220|M|58.72,60.18|N|To Nat Pagle.|

A Oh, It's Real|QID|27221|M|58.72,60.18|N|From Nat Pagle.|

H Theramore Isle|QID|99999|N|Hearth or Run.|

A A Disturbing Development|QID|27214|M|65.18,46.87|N|From Lieutenant Aden.|

r Repair and Sell Junk|QID|99999|M|67.90,49.99|N|Jensen Farran.|

T Oh, It's Real|QID|27221|M|69.59,51.72|N|To Major Mills.|

A Take Down Tethyr!|QID|27222|M|69.60,51.69|N|From Major Mills.|

C Take Down Tethyr!|QID|27222|NC|M|69.77,51.43|N|Alternate between the three huge cannons, click them and mount/run to the next.|

T Take Down Tethyr!|QID|27222|M|69.59,51.71|N|To Major Mills.|

A Defias in Dustwallow?|QID|27234|M|59.65,41.16|N|From Captain Wymor.|

T A Disturbing Development|QID|27214|M|59.65,41.16|N|To Captain Wymor.|

T The Hermit of Swamplight Manor|QID|27215|M|55.44,26.30|N|To "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

A Marsh Frog Legs|QID|27183|M|55.36,26.13|N|From "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

A The Orc Report|QID|27246|M|55.38,26.05|N|From "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

A What's Haunting Witch Hill?|QID|27188|M|55.53,26.19|N|From Mordant Grimsby.|

C What's Haunting Witch Hill?|QID|27188|S|N|Kill the undeads (Don't let your pets make the killing blow)|

C Marsh Frog Legs|QID|27183|S|M|56.27,28.36|N|Kill and loot the frogs (Don't let your pets make the killing blow)|

C Mudrock Soup and Bugs|QID|1204|S|M|61.03,26.56|N|Kill and loot all Turtles.|

C Defias in Dustwallow?|QID|27234|M|64.08,29.00|

C What's Haunting Witch Hill?|QID|27188|US|M|54.67,21.04|N|Make your way back to Witch Hill now, Complete this and the Frogs Quest.|

C Marsh Frog Legs|QID|27183|US|M|55.07,25.45|N|Complete this and the Undead Info. quest.|

T Marsh Frog Legs|QID|27183|M|55.42,26.30|N|To "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

A Jarl Needs Eyes|QID|27184|M|55.42,26.30|N|From "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

T What's Haunting Witch Hill?|QID|27188|M|55.56,26.16|N|To Mordant Grimsby.|

A The Witch's Bane|QID|27189|M|55.56,26.16|N|From Mordant Grimsby.|

C The Witch's Bane|QID|27189|M|54.30,23.47|N|Collect huge great pink and green plants. Herbers can see these on their Minimap.|

T The Witch's Bane|QID|27189|M|55.43,26.34|N|To Mordant Grimsby.|

A Cleansing Witch Hill|QID|27190|M|55.43,26.34|N|From Mordant Grimsby.|

C Cleansing Witch Hill|QID|27190|U|33113|M|55.19,26.69|

T Cleansing Witch Hill|QID|27190|M|55.39,26.37|N|To Mordant Grimsby.|

T Defias in Dustwallow?|QID|27234|M|59.68,41.10|N|To Captain Wymor.|

A Renn McGill|QID|27235|M|59.68,41.10|N|From Captain Wymor.|

R Scale the Cliffs|QID|1204|NC|CC|M|62.04,38.56|N|Run to this point and carry on into the ocean to kill turtles.|

C Mudrock Soup and Bugs|QID|1204|US|M|61.85,24.26|N|Work your way North along the shore. They are pleanty in the Sea too.|

T Renn McGill|QID|27235|M|63.70,16.97|N|To Renn McGill.|

A Secondhand Diving Gear|QID|27236|M|63.68,16.97|N|From Renn McGill.|

l The Tool Kit.|QID|99999|L|33039 |M|63.06,18.63|

C Secondhand Diving Gear|QID|27236|M|61.69,18.21|

T Secondhand Diving Gear|QID|27236|M|63.73,17.03|N|To Renn McGill.|

A Recover the Cargo!|QID|27237|M|63.73,17.03|N|From Renn McGill.|

U Open the supplies bag.|QID|99999|U|33045|N|(Click to manually complete)|

U Put on the helmet.|QID|99999|U|33040|N|(Click to manually complete)|

C Recover the Cargo!|QID|27237|U|33044|M|66.76,13.89|N|Use this item on floaty piles of Debris. Don't forget to Re-equip your helmet.|

T Recover the Cargo!|QID|27237|M|63.74,17.06|N|To Renn McGill.|

A Jaina Must Know|QID|27238|M|63.69,17.21|N|From Renn McGill.|

A Raptor Captor|QID|27242|M|46.70,23.06|N|From Sergeant Lukas.|

T Inspecting the Ruins|QID|27249|M|29.73,47.64|N|To Inspector Tarem. This is a long run but worth it in the end.|

A Suspicious Hoofprints|QID|27262|M|29.73,47.64|N|From Inspector Tarem.|

A Lieutenant Paval Reethe|QID|27263|M|29.77,48.20|N|From Inspector Tarem.|

A The Black Shield|QID|27252|M|29.62,48.55|N|From Inspector Tarem.|

H Theramore Isle|QID|99999|N|Hearth or Run back|

T The Orc Report|QID|27246|M|65.08,47.13|N|To Lieutenant Aden.|

A Captain Vimes|QID|27247|M|65.08,47.13|N|From Lieutenant Aden.|

T Jaina Must Know|QID|27238|M|66.24,49.05|N|To Lady Jaina Proudmoore at the top of the tower.|

A Survey Alcaz Island|QID|27239|M|66.24,49.05|N|From Lady Jaina Proudmoore.|

T Mudrock Soup and Bugs|QID|1204|M|68.25,48.70|N|To Morgan Stern.|

A ... and Bugs|QID|1258|M|68.24,48.72|N|From Morgan Stern.|

T Suspicious Hoofprints|QID|27262|M|68.18,48.53|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

T Captain Vimes|QID|27247|M|68.18,48.53|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

T Lieutenant Paval Reethe|QID|27263|M|68.18,48.53|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

A Lieutenant Paval Reethe|QID|27264|M|68.18,48.53|N|From Captain Garran Vimes.|

T The Black Shield|QID|27252|M|68.18,48.53|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

A The Black Shield|QID|27284|M|68.16,48.50|N|From Captain Garran Vimes.|

T Lieutenant Paval Reethe|QID|27264|M|68.03,48.17|N|To Adjutant Tesoran.|

A Daelin's Men|QID|27286|M|68.03,48.17|N|From Adjutant Tesoran.|

T Daelin's Men|QID|27286|M|68.18,48.53|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

A The Deserters|QID|27287|M|68.18,48.53|N|From Captain Garran Vimes.|

T The Black Shield|QID|27284|M|64.74,50.39|N|To Caz Twosprocket. Sell and Repair here also.|

A The Black Shield|QID|27285|M|64.74,50.39|N|From Caz Twosprocket.|

R The Fly Over|QID|99999|NC|CC|M|67.37,51.11|N|Tell Cassa Crimsonwing you are ready.|

C Survey Alcaz Island|QID|27239|NC|M|67.37,51.07|N|Enjoy the ride and enjoy our thanks. Thanks for using Wow-Pro|

T Survey Alcaz Island|QID|27239|M|66.26,49.04|N|To Lady Jaina Proudmoore.|

A Proof of Treachery|QID|27240|M|66.27,49.05|N|From Lady Jaina Proudmoore. Wait a few seconds and this quest will appear.|

C ... and Bugs|QID|1258|M|68.78,46.53|N|Work your way around the banks of the town. The crabs drop their legs 100%.|

T ... and Bugs|QID|1258|M|68.26,48.70|N|To Morgan Stern.|

T The Black Shield|QID|27285|M|68.21,48.57|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

T Tabetha's Farm|QID|11212|M|45.99,57.14|N|To Tabetha.|

A The Reagent Thief|QID|27339|M|46.01,57.19|N|From Apprentice Garion.|

C The Reagent Thief|QID|27339|S|M|48.46,60.90|N|Kill any spiders and flying snakes you see on your travels. Don't make any special attepts to complete this right now.|

T The Deserters|QID|27287|M|36.12,54.29|N|To Balos Jacken.|

A The Deserters|QID|27288|M|36.12,54.29|N|From Balos Jacken.|

C Jarl Needs Eyes|QID|27184|M|35.42,22.22|N|Kill these spiders for their eyes.|

C Raptor Captor|QID|27242|U|33069|M|49.17,15.92|N|Beat them down to about 250 health then wrangle them.|

A Stinky's Escape|QID|1222|M|46.89,17.57|N|From "Stinky" Ignatz.|

C Stinky's Escape|QID|1222|NC|M|48.90,24.76|

T Raptor Captor|QID|27242|M|46.67,22.96|N|To Sergeant Lukas.|

A Prisoners of the Grimtotems|QID|27245|M|46.67,22.96|N|From Sergeant Lukas.|

A Unleash the Raptors|QID|27243|M|46.67,22.96|N|From Sergeant Lukas.|

T Jarl Needs Eyes|QID|27184|M|55.45,26.38|N|To "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

A Hungry as an Ogre!|QID|27191|M|55.45,26.38|N|From "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

A Jarl Needs a Blade|QID|27186|M|55.45,26.38|N|From "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

C Hungry as an Ogre!|QID|27191|S|M|56.30,14.70|

C Jarl Needs a Blade|QID|27186|M|57.90,18.25|

C Hungry as an Ogre!|QID|27191|US|M|58.81,15.79|

T Hungry as an Ogre!|QID|27191|M|55.46,26.32|N|To "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

T Jarl Needs a Blade|QID|27186|M|55.46,26.32|N|To "Swamp Eye" Jarl.|

H Theramore Isle|QID|99999|N|Run or Hearth|

T Stinky's Escape|QID|1222|M|68.21,48.66|N|To Morgan Stern.|

T The Deserters|QID|27288|M|68.20,48.53|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

A A Grim Connection|QID|27425|M|68.20,48.53|N|From Captain Garran Vimes.|

r Repair/Sell Junk|QID|99999|M|67.39,47.88|N|at Piter Verance.|

R Run here.|QID|99999|CC|M|46.70,24.50|N|It seems like another jog, but because of the zone's redesign I promise you this is needed.|

T A Grim Connection|QID|27425|M|46.63,24.63|N|To Captain Darill.|

A Confirming the Suspicion|QID|27426|M|46.63,24.63|N|From Captain Darill.|

A Arms of the Grimtotems|QID|27427|M|46.64,24.57|N|From Captain Darill.|

R Run here.|QID|99999|CC|M|44.76,17.40|N|Enter the camp here. Clear your way in completeing the 4 quests we gathered as you go.|

C Arms of the Grimtotems|QID|27427|M|42.66,14.82|N|Keep slaugtering Grimtotems for their keys/notes|

C Prisoners of the Grimtotems|QID|27245|M|40.76,11.49|

C Unleash the Raptors|QID|27243|U|33070|M|41.57,11.97|N|Drop the meat by the wind mill.|

C Confirming the Suspicion|QID|27426|U|33050|M|41.57,11.97|N|Get notes from Elders|

T Prisoners of the Grimtotems|QID|27245|M|46.60,23.13|N|To Sergeant Lukas.|

T Unleash the Raptors|QID|27243|M|46.60,23.13|N|To Sergeant Lukas.|

T Confirming the Suspicion|QID|27426|M|46.63,24.66|N|To Captain Darill.|

T Arms of the Grimtotems|QID|27427|M|46.63,24.66|N|To Captain Darill.|

A Tabetha's Assistance|QID|27428|M|46.63,24.63|N|From Captain Darill.|

C The Reagent Thief|QID|27339|US|M|43.88,38.39|N|"Finally, He tells us to complete this quest"|

A Direhorn Raiders|QID|27340|M|46.15,57.41|N|From Apprentice Morlann.|

A The Zeppelin Crash|QID|27346|M|46.06,57.51|N|From Apprentice Morlann.|

T Tabetha's Assistance|QID|27428|M|45.98,57.05|N|To Tabetha.|

A Raze Direhorn Post!|QID|27429|M|45.98,57.05|N|From Tabetha.|

A The Grimtotem Weapon|QID|27336|M|46.03,57.20|N|From Apprentice Garion.|

T The Reagent Thief|QID|27339|M|46.03,57.20|N|To Apprentice Garion.|

A The Zeppelin Crash|QID|27346|M|55.09,68.11|Z|

A The Zeppelin Crash|QID|27346|M|55.09,68.11|Z|

C The Grimtotem Weapon|QID|27336|U|33101|M|44.87,49.04|N|Anywhere in the Quagmire.  Drop your totem and kill MOTTLED crocalisks. Don't let your pets get the killing blow.|

C Direhorn Raiders|QID|27340|S|QO|Direhorn Grimtotems killed: 0/12|M|47.22,49.39|

C Raze Direhorn Post!|QID|27429|U|33072|M|46.57,46.25|N|As you kill Taurens in this camp you will see the three buildings you need to burn.|

C Direhorn Raiders|QID|27340|US|M|46.66,48.93|

T Direhorn Raiders|QID|27340|M|46.12,57.43|N|To Apprentice Morlann.|

T The Grimtotem Weapon|QID|27336|M|45.98,57.16|N|To Apprentice Garion.|

A Help for Mudsprocket|QID|11211|M|45.98,57.16|N|From Tabetha.|

T Raze Direhorn Post!|QID|27429|M|45.98,57.16|N|To Tabetha.|

A Justice for the Hyals|QID|27430|M|45.92,57.17|N|From Tabetha.|

T The Zeppelin Crash|QID|27346|M|53.52,57.00|N|To Moxie Steelgrille.|

A Corrosion Prevention|QID|27347|M|53.52,57.00|N|From Moxie Steelgrille.|

A Secure the Cargo!|QID|27348|M|53.52,57.00|N|From Moxie Steelgrille.|

C Corrosion Prevention|QID|27347|S|U|33108|M|52.46,55.13|N|As a fun tip. If you target a close slime, then cast the item (when Energized), during that cast click on a slime further away and you will kill that one instead.|

C Secure the Cargo!|QID|27348|M|53.31,55.65|

C Corrosion Prevention|QID|27347|US|U|33108|M|49.41,55.40|

T Corrosion Prevention|QID|27347|M|53.55,56.91|N|To Moxie Steelgrille.|

T Secure the Cargo!|QID|27348|M|53.55,56.91|N|To Moxie Steelgrille.|

A Delivery for Drazzit|QID|11208|M|53.55,56.91|N|From Moxie Steelgrille.|

f Mudsprocket|QID|11208|M|42.88,72.41|N|At Dyslix Silvergrub.|

T Mission to Mudsprocket|QID|27248|M|42.25,72.92|N|To Drazzit Dripvalve.|

T Help for Mudsprocket|QID|11211|M|42.25,72.92|N|To Drazzit Dripvalve.|

T Delivery for Drazzit|QID|11208|M|42.25,72.92|N|To Drazzit Dripvalve.|

A Bloodfen Feathers|QID|27407|M|41.87,73.91|N|From Brogg.|

A WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous|QID|27412|M|41.75,73.04|N|From Brogg.|

A Catch a Dragon by the Tail|QID|27413|M|41.60,72.97|N|From Gizzix Grimegurgle.|

r Get repaired and sell some junk.|QID|99999|M|42.51,73.40|N|Gizzix Grimegurgle|

C Bloodfen Feathers|QID|27407|S|M|34.88,67.93|N|Kill and loot raptors on your way.|

C WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous|QID|27412|M|32.40,65.46|

C Bloodfen Feathers|QID|27407|US|M|33.63,65.43|

T Bloodfen Feathers|QID|27407|M|41.86,73.97|N|To Brogg.|

A Banner of the Stonemaul|QID|27408|M|41.86,73.97|N|From Brogg.|

A The Essence of Enmity|QID|27409|M|41.86,73.95|N|From Brogg.|

T WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous|QID|27412|M|42.36,72.94|N|To Drazzit Dripvalve.|

C The Essence of Enmity|QID|27409|S|U|33088|M|43.94,66.19|N|Kill any Scouts, Ask Tail or Scalebanes you see. Then use this item on their corpse.|

C Catch a Dragon by the Tail|QID|27413|M|51.35,76.19|N|Collect these herbs as you go. Again... Herbers have an advantage here.|

C Catch a Dragon by the Tail|QID|27413|M|47.24,76.05|

R Entrance of the cave|QID|99999|CC|M|38.59,65.80|

C Banner of the Stonemaul|QID|27408|M|38.12,69.35|N|Once you enter the cave turn left and follow that path the whole way.|

C The Essence of Enmity|QID|27409|U|33088|M|39.09,66.03|

T Banner of the Stonemaul|QID|27408|M|41.88,73.95|N|To Brogg.|

T The Essence of Enmity|QID|27409|M|41.87,73.89|N|To Brogg.|

A Spirits of Stonemaul Hold|QID|27410|M|41.86,73.81|N|From Brogg.|

T Catch a Dragon by the Tail|QID|27413|M|41.59,72.98|N|To Gizzix Grimegurgle.|

C Spirits of Stonemaul Hold|QID|27410|U|33091|M|42.32,65.76|N|Right click on piles of bones and kill the orge ghosts.|

T Spirits of Stonemaul Hold|QID|27410|M|41.87,73.91|N|To Brogg.|

A Challenge to the Black Flight|QID|27411|M|41.87,73.91|N|From Brogg.|

C Challenge to the Black Flight|QID|27411|U|33095|M|56.47,71.28|Z|Onyxia's Lair|

H Theramore Isle|QID|99999|N|Hearth back now.|

T Justice for the Hyals|QID|27430|M|68.21,48.57|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

A Peace at Last|QID|27291|M|68.21,48.57|N|From Captain Garran Vimes.|

C Peace at Last|QID|27291|U|33082|M|63.64,42.86|N|Use the wreath on the sparkling grave and wait for the dialogue to finish.|

T Peace at Last|QID|27291|M|68.21,48.54|N|To Captain Garran Vimes.|

R Run to the flight master|QID|99999|CC|M|67.50,51.23|

F Mudsprocket|QID|99999|N|Fly back.|

T Challenge to the Black Flight|QID|27411|M|41.86,73.89|N|To Brogg.|

A To New Thalanaar|QID|25479|O|M|41.86,73.89|N|From Thyssiana. (Optional, Do this if you wish to go to Thousand Needless, our next guide)|

C To New Thalanaar|QID|25479|O|M|42.84,72.42|N|Choose the speech bubble from the Mudsprocket Flight Master.|

N The End|QID|99999|N|Well done on the achievment! Simply close this step and Thousand Needles will begin. You can also choose a new guide from out Guides List. WKjezz of Wow-pro.|