Twilight Highlands



I uploaded a partial totally unedited recording (also with the first 1-2 quests of the prequest missing...) of Twilight Highlands Alliance to

the source-code page. To be completed still.




What is the best way to open

What is the best way to open and read this file? My only option is notepad as of present.

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I would recommend Notepad++.

I would recommend Notepad++.

Rest of Alliance

Here is all of for the alliance, formated and anotated.

Update Alliance


Here is everthing done up to your point, including what you have missing.  Formated and notated.

1. Switch the zone to Twilight Highlands.  Added zone tags to SW.

2. Some PRE tags provided, but I didn't get them all.

3. Added map coordinates where they where missing.

4. The Dunwald quests maybe out of sequence in places.  Mainly the turnins. Ran through them and realized that I could group more of them together. So tried to adjust them, but may have missed some of the order.


I have tried editing the code

I have tried editing the code from the wiki page, but I didn't have permission. What do I have to do?

The guide's headers are wrong, as it says it's a "Stormwind City" guide. Also the first few steps are all wrong, too.

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Just reply with what is

Just reply with what is exactly wrong, and those that can edit it, will edit it.