December 2010: Cataclysm Launch, WoW-Pro Leveling Addon, Leveling Guides, Get instant updates

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Cataclysm Launch - Leveling Addon Feedback

With the launch of Cataclysm, activity hit an all-time high on wow-pro, with thousands and thousands of wow players coming and trying our Free Leveling Addon and our Leveling Guides.

So far, the feedback has been great, every single person who tried our addon came back to thank us for the wonderful job we've done.

We've got thank you e-mails from all sorts of players:

  • Powergamers who managed to get Realm First Level 85 with the help of our leveling addon.
  • People with full time jobs who managed to hit Level 85 in 4 days, playing only 4-6 hours a day.
  • Moms who are so proud that they're able to keep up with their children level wise, thanks to our addon, because it's so simple to use!

This just goes to show that our Leveling Addon and Leveling guides are simply the best way to level up a wow character, no matter what your playstyle is!

Here's what you can also expect if you use them:

Achievements, many achievements. Not only for questing, but also for exploration and special quest lines.

And of course, our Leveling Addon and Leveling Guides cover Zone Achievements for EVERY ZONES! This means that we're also the easiest and fastest way if you want to get the following achievement for example:

And this is just a beginning, the wow-pro community has grown enormously in the past years, we've got an army of skilled wow players writing new guides and improving the current ones on a regular basis!

And all of this for Free. The only thing we ask in return is simple:

  • Spread the word: tell your friends, guildmates, like us on facebook, tweet about us.
  • Feedback: For our guides to reach the highest levels of quality, we need YOU. We need your feedback. If you see mistakes or room for improvement for one of our guides, please leave a comment!

    The need for feedback is the main reason why we're changing our Leveling Addon distribution policy. We need you people on wow-pro if we want this community to stay alive and to grow stronger!

Leveling Addon Distribution Policy Change

In order to keep the wow-pro community alive and kicking, we had to make the following changes:

  • The FULL Version of the addon will only be available for Download here on
  • Our Leveling Addon will only be available as a TRIAL VERSION on other websites such as Curse or WoW Interface.

This is a necessary evil if we want people to come back regularly and to be more inclined to participate and to leave feedback.

Also, don't forget that everything on wow-pro is entirely free, and that keeping a website of this size up and running 24/7 has a cost. The hosting and maintenance costs of wow-pro are entirely financed by advertise, which means that without a lot of visitors, this website won't be able to survive.

I know that this is annoying for those of you who use an automatic addon update client, but please remember: We're talking about a free leveling addon, of the highest quality. It's actually BETTER than other leveling addons out there, you know, the ones you've to pay $60.00 for. So really, do you think that that a manual install of our addon updates and leaving some feedback once in a while is too much to ask? :)

Leveling Guides - Paper Version

Enough about the Leveling Addon. What about the good old leveling guides which you can read in peace on your browser or print out? You know, the ones that got this website famous ;)

Well worry not, we're working on them! And this time, I'm not alone doing it, we've got a lot of talented guide writers working on many different cataclysm ready guides right now, myself included.

My first release will be the Twilight Highlands Leveling Guides for Horde and Alliance, which I'm already working on. Expect some news about that within a few days!

Meanwhile, here is a list of the current Cataclysm Ready Leveling Guides:

A lot of updates for our leveling guides will be coming within the next few days and weeks, which brings us to the next topic...

How to get the latest updates immediately

You want to be informed instantly when we release a new guide or an update to our leveling addon or guides?

There are many ways to do so, just pick one or several of the following options! If you only want to pick one of those, I highly recommend Facebook, so if you're hesitating, go for that one, it's the most comprehensive option!

So stay tuned, and see you in Azeroth!