I am quitting wow

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Jiyambi and I have recently discovered on Steam a $2.50 game on steam called Swords vs Soldiers.


It is a side scroller RTS which is INSANE fun; a MUST HAVE for maintenance day blues.


The game is silly, play with the sounds on!  I am not REALLY quitting wow, however- this game is Excellent.  If you have some change on you, get it!


My UID is WKJezz


Never heard

Never heard abou it...

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It costs double that, you

It costs double that, you liar! At least as of 33 minutes ago when it went off from the daily sale for yesterday. =p

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Hah, it's still probably

Hah, it's still probably worth double that, particularly if you get it with a friend to play. I haven't tried the "campaign" mode though, may not be as good.

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Jezz just wants to play

Jezz just wants to play against people he might actually beat! :D :D :D

My ID on Steam is Jiyambi, feel free to drop me a line there, and we can play a few rounds!

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Yeah Yeah

Bring on our New Years Day Starcraft War!