Tyc4000's 'Aphorism' spam

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tyc4000 needs to get banned for his constant spam of 'Aphorism' comments. It's just getting ridiculous and stupid. =(

It just seems so pointless to even bother marking his posts as spam if he's just going to make new ones every few hours and from the SAME account.

Trading the old 0-karma moderation queue for the ability to mark posts as spams just feels like a bad trade due to not just tyc4000 but various other spammers that have popped up in the site.


Here is another: nhlfanatics

Just went through and removed those belonging to nhlfanatics

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Deleted both of those and

Deleted both of those and several others. Thanks for marking them!

emily003 spam

Same needs to happen for emily003.  I just spent 30 minutes going through and marking all her posts as spam.  I will there was a way to mark all their posts as spam at least.

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I have deleted the account,

I have deleted the account, but I definitely agree that I dislike this new system. Unfortunately I have no control over that - I encourage anyone who is unhappy with this system to PM and/or email Snowflake.

I'm not sure she's been checking her PMs at all (I wrote her quite some time ago regarding this and several other issues) so the contact form which goes to her email may be the best bet.

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delete this one too please

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Huzzah, you rock. =)   I'll

Huzzah, you rock. =)


I'll send Snowflake an email too.