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So as the title states this will be a guide to were you can find the herb you need and my circuts to farm them.

First let's start with what herbs do we have?

Cinderbloom Found in Mount Hyjal, Deepholm, Uldum and Twilight Highlands
Stormvine Found in Mount Hyjal and Vashj'ir
Azshara's Veil Found in Vashj'ir
Heartblossom Found in Deepholm
Twilight Jasmine Found in Twilight Highlands
Whiptail Found in Uldum

Here is a list of the zones.

  1. Mount Hyjal
  2. Vashj'ir
  3. Deepholm
  4. Uldum
  5. Twilight Highlands

Mount Hyjal




Twilight Highlands

MH.herbs_.png574.1 KB
Vas.herbs_.png537.7 KB
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After seeing the title of

After seeing the title of this on the front page for about a week, I'm starting to think it might be better to simplify the title. Something as simple as "Cataclysm Herbalism" or "Herbalism in Cataclysm" (lol rhyme) or even "How to Farm Cataclysm Herbs" would do fine, I think.

Just a suggestion, of course!

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Nice, simple guide that does

Nice, simple guide that does what it says it does! I'm promoting this up to the front page, good job and looking forward to seeing more!

Note - karma point updates will be coming in the next few days, you should see your points for this guide go through then.


EDIT: I put in a break tag in your guide so that it displays better on the front page. You can move that tag around - everything above it will show in the little snippet on the front page, and the stuff below won't show until you come to this page.

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Nice maps. The main thing I

Nice maps. The main thing I would comment is that you can hide the Attachments list. When you edit the page, at the bottom in the file attachments section, you can unclick the 'list' column.

Also, I would recommend putting a section on what level of herbalism is needed to visit a map. From 425+, you can do Hyjal and Vashj'ir, 475+ you can do Deepholm (Heartblossom), 500+ you can do Uldum (Whiptail), and at 525 you can gather in Twilight Highlands (Jasmine).


Thanks for the feedback added the things you suggested and removed the Attachements :)