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Revisions for Source Code - Scarlet Enclave

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King Anduin Wrynn

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2017-03-17 00:14 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added PREs

2016-08-22 20:51 by Ludovicus_Maior

A few QO tweaks and a change in the horde guide exit quest.

2015-07-25 18:33 by Ludovicus_Maior

Add Icon

2015-05-16 15:02 by Ludovicus_Maior

You dont have Cinderglacier at the start now, just Razorice.

2014-07-25 19:46 by Ludovicus_Maior

Removed class specifiers.

2014-05-25 22:01 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added guide type.

2014-05-25 20:58 by Ludovicus_Maior
2014-05-17 20:30 by Ludovicus_Maior

New registration guide.

2013-12-16 21:06 by Fluclo

Added Class Restriction

2011-12-12 04:38 by Crackerhead22
2011-06-02 05:17 by Crackerhead22

Added notes, fixed a couple of cords, added in the turn-ins for the quests "Where Kings Walk" and "Warchief's Blessing." Changed Map ID to "ScarletEnclave (Death Knight)" as "ScarletEnclave - Death Knight" was giving me a map can not be found error. Added a few steps to get Death Knights to Blasted Lands.

2011-05-31 21:09 by Ludovicus_Maior

ScarletEnclave is the zone name!

2011-02-18 18:16 by wkjezz
2011-02-08 03:05 by Ludovicus_Maior
2011-02-07 11:53 by Gylin

title typo fix

2011-02-05 21:26 by Ludovicus_Maior

Initial Create