Too Many Guides, have we

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We have too many guides, as in, we have guides for Horde and Alliance that are nearly the same. Crackerhead22 realized that Netherstorm was an ideal guide to neutralize, but there were others.

So I talked my SO into opening up a copy of Excel and going through the WowHead quest database and compiling a table of each zone, and how many Alliance Only, Horde Only or Neutral quests there were. I figure if more than 75% of a zone is Neutral, we should consider having only one.

So here is the table:

A Big Scary Table., Eh?   Bottom line:

  1. Mount Hyhal
  2. Silithus
  3. Uldum
  4. Un'Goro
  5. Winterspring
  6. Eastern Plaugelands
  7. Searing Gorge
  8. Deepholm
  9. Sholazar Basin

We should pick the guide to base the survivor on and then merge them together.   The |FACTION|{Alliance|Horde}| tag can be used to keep things apart.

What do people think?


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Just a few notes about the

Just a few notes about the ones that have not been merged (think I got everything right).

Un'Goro Crater - 2 lead-in quests (1 Horde, 1 Alliance), 11 Horde only are for Horde mount, rest Neutral
Sholazar Basin - All quests are neutral
Winterspring - 3 lead-in quests (1 Horde, 1 Alliance, 1 Neutral), 11 Alliance only are for Alliance mount, rest Neutral
Eastern Plaugelands - 3 lead-in quests (1 Horde, 1 Alliance, 1 Neutral), rest Neutral
Zul'Drak - All quests are neutral
Silithus - 3 lead-in quests (1 Horde, 1 Alliance, 1 Neutral)), 2 Horde (1 PVP, 1 Non-PVP), 2 Alliance (1 PVP, 1 Non-PVP), rest Neutral (Jiya's Horde Silithus guide does have a quest to go to the Blasted Lands, while Wkjezz's Alliance guide goes straight to Hellfire)
Searing Gorge - 3 lead-in quests (1 Horde, 1 Alliance, 1 Neutral), rest Neutral

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Done Searing Gorge, Silithus,

Done Searing Gorge, Silithus, Un'Goro Crater, Winterspring, Eastern Plaguelands.  Instead of doing a crap load of long comments I .rared them.  Still need to be tested, I guess is the word for it, to make sure the Next QIDS work right.

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Re: Done Searing Gorge, Silithus ...

Most excellent!

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Just in case no one has

Just in case no one has noticed it, I put the Neutral Deepholm and Mount Hyjal here. Working on Uldum at the moment.

I think it's a great idea and

I think it's a great idea and doesn't seem like it requires a ton of work.

Oh, you forgot to put Zul'Drak in your list below the table :)

But to be honest I don't think I'm seeing the point. It would mean fewer guides of course but I'm not sure why that's so important. It would also probably mean that people would have to delete their wow-pro leveling folder before downloading the new, updated one.

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Overlay installs

Actually, you would not need to do any deletes.

The addon does not load all the guides with a wildcard.  The load process includes only the files listed in the .TOC files and it in turn references .XML files in the addon subdirectories.   Those files are replaces with every update, so you would not have to delete.

The point to "neutralizing the guides" is that we do not want them to get out of sync or to differ in quality.   It makes it easier for us to maintain.

Ditto for the Aldor .vs. Scryers thing.


PVP Servers

Perhaps this info could be used on PVP servers. If a zone is neutral, avoid questing there (and bumping into the other faction) if the person wanted to avoid as much pvp as possible while leveling/questing... Just a thought.


Another way to approach it without having to create a new tag is to use the RACE tag.  Since race is unique for horde and alliance, it would be easy to do.  But either way is fine.

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Yeah, but ..

The RACE tag was used for that purpose in a few guides, which then were not updated properly post cata.

The FACTION tag has been a feature for a few releases.

OOOH!  Now I can edit the documentation and fix the bugs there.   I'll update the doc to reflect what I discovered as a result of the 400 errors project.


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A gender tag is already

A gender tag is already implemented and put in the Goblin guides.  It was just done wrong in the guides by me, but there are fixed now and should be in the next release.

EDIT: Actually I think it did make it into the 2.1.11 release.

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Excellent plan!

Excellent plan!

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PS: Jiyambi

The error while editing guides prevents you from uploading new attachments, and thus graphics.

I had to host the table pic in the blog entry on the GitHub site.

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K, I will try contacting

K, I will try contacting Snowflake,  but who knows if it will get fixed :(