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FP not found...


for some reason, the Auto Fly step doesn't like 'Sri-La Village' WP: Unable to find flight point to: [Sri-La Village] 

(yes I do 'know' the FP)

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Re: FP not found... (bug)

OK.  It was my bug.  strfind takes a string and a pattern as an argument.  The "-" in the name is interpreted as zero or more matches to the previous character.   But this fancy matching can be turned off.

strfind was only used for the silly taxi code.

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Re: FP not found...

Hmm, I went out there and strfind(location,"Sri-") matches the villiage name, but "Sri-L" does not.

I suspect UTF8 nonsense.






Let's just get back to ascii and let everybody learn English. That'll safe a lot of programmers a lot of trouble.

It seems broken

I did it yesterday and it seemed to skip a lot of the Candy Buckets too. C'mon who doesn't like candy.

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In the process of doing these

In the process of doing these again (MUST HAVE PETS!!!) I realized that it would be awfully convenient for the cata candy buckets to be included in the EK and Kalimdor guides.  Maybe setting them to Rank 3?  Then a note at the beginning of the guide explaining it.  We would still want to leave the Cata guide in place for someone who ONLY wanted to do Cata (im not sure why they would, but that empty achievement was bugging them)

I was also thinking about flying.  Ludovicious what happened with auto flightpaths you were talking about a year or so back.  Did it not work out?  I was wondering about either using a rank tag or level tag/step I haven't quite figured out what would work.  If you use

  • L Fly to Wherever Next|QID| of next candy bucket|LVL|60|M|Coords of flighmaster|Z|Zone of flightmaster|N|At Local Flightmaster's name, hub name, zone name.| 

then everyone over 60 doesnt see the flight steps, (right?) Probably all the candy buckets would need renamed so that they said "Candy Bucket - hub name, zone name"  (either in the quest name or in the description). 

Right now isnt the time to put too much thought into this, just thought I would get it written down so we could think about it later.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Cata zone inclusion and flight paths

I had the same thought about including the Cata zone buckets in the EK and Kalimdor guides, but wasn't sure if there was a way (yay, level tags?) to restrict showing those steps to characters above level (83? 85?).

Re: Flight paths - I used the guide with "automatically accept" and "automatically compelete" quest checkboxes set in the main WoW-Pro configuration page, and whenever I opened a chat window with a flight master that had a connecting flight to the target destination, I was automatically whisked onto a taxi to the specified location.  (When I didn't know the target flight point, I right-clicked the "fly" step to reduce the chances of it popping back up and of the candy bucket step disappearing because I skipped a prequel step; then I used my flying mount and the TomTom Waypoint Arrow to get to the candy bucket and pick up the nearby flight point while there.  While I could have just flown everywhere with my mounts, it was nice to have the "okay, it's going to be a couple minutes before I get to the next spot, I can go deal with something else" break, vs. the "I'd like to go take care of something else, but either a) my toon is going to sit here (inefficient), or b) I'm going to have to worry about going beyond the fatigue boundaries and incurring a spirit rez gold hit (painful + costly)" concern.  My two coppers for consideration. :)


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auto flight

thats right, I remember Ludo telling me that it required automattically complete (which makes sense) but I had totally forgotten that. Normally I have those setting on but lately i havent.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Scryer/Aldor, redux

So, I came upon an odd variation of the reputation issue - my toon has 500 rep into Friendly with the Scryers, so I was able to get the candy bucket from the Scryer's Tier (Shattrath), and Sanctum of the Stars (Shadowmoon Valley), but the guide didn't pop either Scryer or Aldor points up (I don't think I pledged to Scryer, I think I just ended up a bit friendly with them during questing).  Not quite sure what the trigger on that is, but figured I'd share the feedback.

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I know a lot more about it than I did when I posted the below comment 2 years ago :)

I am pretty sure the problem would be that it needs to have faction level after it.

I.e. the line should read: (and all the other faction tags in the guide)

A Candy Bucket|QID|12404|M|56.31,81.93|Z|Shattrath City|REP|Scryers;934;Friendly-Exalted|N|From the Candy Bucket. (Shattrath City, Scryer's Tier)|

(perhaps its neutral to exalted, but i think its friendly)

Try that (or I will tonight) and hopefully that fixes it up.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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Re: rep

The defalt if the third token is not specified is neutral-exalted, but like Emmaleah says, you probably want what she said :-).

Looks like the default code

Looks like the default code is broken, then; when I added neutral-exalted, it worked as expected. Without it, the steps didn't show up (I switched toons to one that was neutral with both factions for test).  Updating guides now.

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Re: Looks like the default code

Whoops, I better check my spelling and code then.

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Rep name?

Is the text of the faction name important.  I seem to recall it isnt... it is merely there for those of us who find words easier then numbers.

The guide only looks at the number, right? On wowhead the name of the factions are The Scryers and The Aldor, so, just checking.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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Scryer/aldor rep in Outland Guide

Doing the candy buckets today (horde) and discovered that the steps aren't showing for Shattrath/shadowmoon valley.  Char in question has 500/6000 Friendly with Scryers, so I would expect the Sanctum of the Sun and Scryers Tier to be listed, but those steps are not showing. I checked in the guide and it  doesnt show a particular faction level, so friendly should be enough for it to trigger???.

I dont know if its based on her having such a low faction, if its new for MOP. or what?

Also... I'm sure you are aware of this from others, but it looks like there is a memory leak or something, almost everytime you cross zones (CRZ zones?) you freeze up.  Its a very short freeze with out wow pro loaded.  Its very long (20 sec+) with WoW Pro and sometimes causes WoW to crash. I say memory leak because it is much worse on our cptr that only has 2 gB memory.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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Horde Hallow

I have to admit now to being Alliance centric.

I only had a L60 DK to test with, so Northrend and the portal Cata zones are not tested.

BUT, I tested all the rest and have most excellent coordinates.  

If you are bold, drop it in and try it out.

I'll cut a release tomorrow morning that contains this, the alliance guide and my patches to World Events.

I have to hit the sack.   Today has been too exciting.  

Remember:  bubbles on the sidewall of a tire can cause the tire to blow up!

Three quests wrong...

There are three quests whose quest IDs are > 30,000 which seem to be the quest giver ID vice the quest ID.  If you want to send me the raw data I can compare everything with my data.

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It looked like some strange

It looked like some strange miss-typing, I fixed it though.