WoW-Pro 2.2.0D Leveling, Dailies, Professions, WorldEvents, and Achievements Release Notes

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Current Version: 2.2.0D (The Lunar Festival Release!)
Last Update: Jan 29, 2011
Next Update: Feb 04, 2012

This update includes:
  • Updates, as we incorporate the suggestions and bug fixes from YOU, our community! There are 197 guides, of which 24 had updates.
  • A promise to update the guides every couple of weeks, and try to anticipate world events.
  • A few bug fixes and enhancements.

The updated guides include:

  1. Added License text to all guides
  2. Netherwing, new guide by Ludo
  3. Skyguard, new guide by Ludo
  4. ZulDrak guide was neutralized by Twists
  5. Sholazar Basin guide was neutralized by Crackerhead22
  6. Combined Horde Aldor and Scryer Terokkar Forests guides into one by Twists
  7. Darkmoon Faire, new guide by Twists
  8. Lunar Festival guides by Crackerhead, with Horde edit by Laotseu, Alliance edits by Ludo and Hendo72
  9. Alliance Western Plaguelands update by Fluclo
  10. Alliance Tanaris update by Fluclo
  11. Alliance Blasted Lands update by Fluclo
  12. Alliance Nagarad update by Crackerhead22
  13. Alliance Twilight Highlands tweak by Crackerhead22/Censored
  14. Alliance Hellfire Penninsula tweak by Ludo
  15. Alliance Zangarmarsh tweak by Ludo
  16. Alliance Terokkar tweak by Ludo
  17. Alliance Blades Edge tweak by Ludo
  18. Horde Ghostlands update by Fluclo
  19. Horde Terokkar Forest update by Crackerhead22
  20. Horde Nagrad big update by Crackerhead22
  21. Horde Blades Edge big update by Crackerhead22
  22. Horde Badlands edit by Crackerhead22
  23. Neutral Eastern Plaguelands update by Fluclo
  24. Neutral Netherstorm tweak by Ludo
  25. Separated TolBarad dalies into regulars and when you control guides

We have 8 bug fix/enhancements this update:

  1. Fixed a bug in 2.2.0 that broke the Dalies quest handling. Thanks for the catch Estelyen
  2. Fixed a bug in the leveling module for auto quest selection when stickies were present. Thanks for the reminder Crackerhead22
  3. Fixed a bug in 2.2.0 where the version number was wrong in the Achievements module.
  4. Removed check for Swatter. WoW 4.3 includes a built in bug catcher
  5. Added a License.html file to all addon folders
  6. Added new tag handling to Dalies module for P, REP, LEADIN, and REP
  7. Added WoWPro:Embed() to allow consolidation of duplicate code into WoWPro
  8. Made P and REP tags be ANDed conditions instead of ORed conditions
  9. Mark steps as skipped if you are missing the profession or hated by the faction
  10. Added script to generate Trial releases for Curse
  11. Bug fixes in the WorldEvents module by Twists to make Darkmoon Fair Work
  12. Global bug fix to not forget current guide when Addon de-activated
  13. Bug fix in Dalies module for race condition when completing quests that had dependent quests, thanks Estelyen
  14. MoltenFront is now a supported zone
  15. Misspelling of "Darnassis" in Mapping file, thanks Hendo72
  16. Horde Lunar Festival Guide was missing! Thanks AkaSmiley and Laotseu
  17. Suppress auto-hide in WorldEvents if the current step is in a dungeon, Ludo
  18. Add ';' step support to dailies module, Ludo

I have noticed that the loot counts are sometimes off a little. The problem is the event that indicates that a loot has occurred and the message that the server send the client to put something in your bag are not synchronized. It is known how to fix this, but the fix is NOT ready yet. Just keep an eye on it.

While the current guides are pretty good, we will be working constantly to improve and update these guides. Remember that if you notice a bug, you can help us by reporting it!

If you have trouble getting our addon to work, please check our "Troubleshooting Page" first. If you still need help, you can always stop by our "Friendly Chat Room"!

Ludovicus Maior


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Delay for 2.2.1

I've punted for a few days on 2.2.1, as I have discovered a few bugs in the dalies module while trying the "Shattered Sun Offensive" guide that Twists started and that I merged with my own.

Some of the steps are not auto-completing properly and some of the quest accepts seem to not get registered.

Something odd is going on.

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Could I see?

Could I see?

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2.2.1 Preview

Github has my 2.2.1 preview.

It has three changes of note:

  1. A merged Shattered Sun guide
  2. The Ace Bucket library is now included
  3. I use Buckets to aggregate the loot related events and delay 0.333 seconds before looking at the bags for loots.This should get the loot counts perfect on the Dalies module.   If it works, I make the same change everywhere

BTW, there may be a performance problem with the Acheivements module and the processing of CRITERIA_UPDATE messages. 

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2.2.1 Preview

So far, theloot count fix has corrected all the problems with the Shattered Sun Guide.

I did discover and fix a few problems with the Dailies resetting logic.

Now onto writing a draft Love is in the Air guide.

Performance Problems

I will look into it this weekend and see if I can see anything in code causing it.

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Acheivement Performance Enhancement

Take a look at WoWPro_Dalies.lua in the GIT trunk and see the new thing:

bucket:RegisterBucketEvent({"CHAT_MSG_LOOT", "BAG_UPDATE"}, 0.333, WoWPro.Dailies.AutoCompleteLoot)

That causes CHAT_MSG_LOOT and BAG_UPDATE messages to be collected until 1/3 of a second has passed with no updates and then it calls WoWPro.Dailies.AutoCompleteLoot.

If you change the event processing for CRITERIA_UPDATE (which gets issued ALOT) to not call WoWPro:UpdateGuide() on every message but only after a delay, it may fix things.  UpdateGuide is kinda expensive. Maybe:

bucket:RegisterBucketEvent("CRITERIA_UPDATE", 0.333,  function (events) WoWPro:UpdateGuide(); end)

would do the trick


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Fixed in 2.2.0D

  1. Further last minite fixes to both Horde and Alliance Lunar guides
  2. Mapping zone fixes for some of the instances (Utgarde and Halls of Stone)
  3. Added support for ';' steps to Dalies module
  4. Added placeholder guides for Ludo's QuelDanas guide and Estelyen's Firelands guide
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If I click on the DL-Link on

If I click on the DL-Link on this page it downloads v2.2.0B :P Not sure if it's just a typo in the archives name or if you forgot to update the link ;)

Life isn't like a box of chocolates, it's more like a jar of jalapeños: What you do today might burn your a** tomorrow.


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Thanks for the catch, fixed

Thanks for the catch, fixed it.

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Fixed in 2.2.0C

  1. The correct neutral Sholazar Basin is now active
  2. Bug in the dalies module when you turned in a quest that had a followon step that referenced it with a PRE tag
  3. WorldEvents lets you go into an instance without turning itself off if the step is in an instance!
  4. The addons now remember your current guide even when you click it off and on again
  5. Little teaks to the Alliance Lunar Festival Guide
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Fixed in 2.2.0B

  1. Zone name correction that I *think* was lightheaded specific for "Darnassis" (Hendo72 )
  2. Missing Horde Lunar Festival Guide ( AkaSmiley  and Laotseu)
  3. Edits for the Horde Lunar Festival Guide (Laotseu)
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Multiple item IDs for single quest

Was doing "Apply Heat and Stir" and relized that there were multiple Item IDs that were used in the quest.

The initial was 34023, then it went to 33615, then if it failed it would go to 33614.   So not sure about how to go about that.

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Nonlinear Heating and stirring

Hmm, you would want the first step to terminate for EITHER 33615 or 33614 and then have separate steps depending on which.

No, that would be a mess.   It would be easier to have a U tag that took a list and gave you whichever was in your inventory.

a |U|33615;33614|  form.   Let me see if I can code that up.

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Um, I think you forgot to put

Um, I think you forgot to put the fix for the auto-accept/turn-in for the Leveling module.  I saw it in the others, just not the leveling one.

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Oh, Mxyzptlk

I have no idea how I messed that up.  I'll put up a revamp tomorrow when I get tired of shoveling.


You forgot that too!

It seems that you forgot to put <Script file="LunarFestival.lua"/> for horde side too :/

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Fixed in 2.2.0A

Fixed three bugs in 2.2.0 in the update:

  1. The quest handling in the Dalies module (thanks Estelyen)
  2. The auto quest selection in the leveling module (thanks Crackerhead22)
  3. A bogus version number in the Acheivements module (thanks )

Depending on how much is changed in the Lunar Festival, we will update.

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Ok, I added in the REP tags

Ok, I added in the REP tags for the Nagrand quests for The Consortium on the certain quests.  I hope I did it right.

|REP|The Consortium;933;Neutral|

That is what I put.

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If you meant ONLY neutral ...

If you meant ONLY neutral then that is OK.  If you meant neutral to exalted, then you need neutral-exalted.....


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Yes, since those quests are

Yes, since those quests are not available once you hit Friendly.  "Head Full of Ivory" and "Stealing from Thieves" quests.