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Source Code - Valley of the Four Winds (Neutral)

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('EmmVal8688', 'Valley of the Four Winds', 'Emmaleah', '86', '88', 'EmmKar8789', 'Neutral', function() return [[

R Valley of the Four Winds|N|Make your way to Valley of the Four Winds.|A Chen and Li Li|QID|29907|M|86,22|N|From Chen Stormstout.|f Pengs's Stead flightpath|QID|20907|M|84.1,21|N|From the flighmaster.|T Chen and Li Li|M|84,21|N|To Pang Thunderfoot.|A A Seemingly Endless Nuisance|QID|29908|M|84,21|N|From Pang Thunderfoot.|A A poor grasp of the basics|QID|29877|M|84,21|N|From Muno the Farmhand.|C A Poor Grasp of the Basics|QID|29877|QO|Buried farm equipment found: 7/7|C Large virmen|QID|29908|QO|Large virmen slain: 8/8|M|82,19|C Small virmen|QID|29908|QO|Virmen Pesterer slain: 18/18|M|82,19|N|They roam in packs.|T A Poor Grasp of the Basics|QID|29877|M|82.21,21.27|T A Seemingly Endless Nuisance|QID|29908|M|84,21|N|To Pang Thunderfoot.|A Low Turnip Turnout|QID|29909|M|84,21|N|From Pang Thunderfoot.|A The Search for the Hidden Master|QID|30086|M|84.1,21.1|N|From Xiao.|T The Search for the Hidden Master|QID|30086|A Ken-Ken|QID|29873|M|84.1,21.1|N|From Xiao.|A Clever Ashyo|QID|29871|M|84.1,21.1|N|From Xiao.|A Kang Bramblestaff|QID|29874|M|84.1,21.1|N|From Xiao.|A Lin Tenderpaw|QID|29872|M|84.1,21.1|N|From Xiao.|T Low Turnip Turnout|QID|29909|M|81.6,25.3|N|To Ang Thunderfoot.|A Taking a crop|QID|29940|M|81.6,25.3|N|From Ang Thunderfoot.|A Rampaging Rodents|QID|29910|M|81.9,25.9|N|From Ana Thunderfoot.|U Plump Marmot|QID|29910|QO|Plump Marmot moved: 6/6|M|81.9,25.9|U Marmot Hole|QID|29910|QO|Marmot Hole filled: 6/6|M|81.9,25.9|T Rampaging Rodents|QID|29910|M|81.9,25.9|N|To Ana Thunderfoot.|l Stolen Turnip|QID|29940|L|76297 5|M|86.7,28.3|N|In the burrow.|l Stolen Watermelon|QID|29940|L|76298 5|M|85.2,32.2|N|In the water.|T Taking a crop|QID|29940|M|81.6,25.3|N|To Ang Thunderfoot.|A Practically Perfect Produce|QID|29911|M|81.6,25.3|N|From Ang Thunderfoot.|T Practically Perfect Produce|QID|29911|M|83.72,21.09|N|To Pang Thunderfoot.|A The Fabulous Miss Fanny|QID|29912|M|81.6,25.3|N|From Pang Thunderfoot.|N The Fabulous Miss Fanny|QID|29912|M|84,22|N|Pick up the sparklies (Turnip, Watermelon, and Tofu). Then go talk to Fanny|C Ang's Giant Pink Turnip|QID|29910|NC|QO|Launch a pink turnip: 1/1|M|84.3,22|N|Have Fanny hit it average.|C Ang's Summer Watermelon|QID|29910|NC|QO|Launch a watermelon: 1/1|M|82.96,21.5|N|Have Fanny hit it softly.|C Pang's Extra-Spicy Tofu|QID|29910|NC|QO|Launch the Extra-Spicy Tofu: 1/1|M|82.96, 21.5|N|Have Fanny hit it very hard|T The Fabulous Miss Fanny|QID|29912|M|75.2,24.1|N|To LiangThunderfoot.|A The Meat They'll Eat|QID|29913|M|75.2,24.1|N|From Liang Thunderfoot.|A Back to the Sty|QID|29914|M|75.2,24.1|N|From Liang Thunderfoot.|l Mushan Shoulder Steak|QID|29913|S|L|75275 4|M|71,30|N|Kill Mushan in the area.|l Turtle Meat Scrap|QID|29913|S|L|75276 80|M|67.2,29.6|N|Kill Turtles by the water.|l Smelly|QID|29914|L|75273 |M|71,30|l Ling|QID|29914|L|75272 |M|67.2,28.6|l Turtle Meat Scrap|QID|29913|US|L|75276 80|M|67.2,29.6|N|Kill Turtles by the water.|l Jian|QID|29914|L|75271 1|M|70.6,24.3|l Mushan Shoulder Steak|QID|29913|US|L|75275 4|M|71,3|N|Kill Mushan in the area.|f Grassy Cline Flightpath|M|70.8,24.2|N|From Kom of the Mountain Winds.|A The Road to Kun-Lai|QID|31254|LVL|87|M|70.1,23.5|N|From Highlord Grummle.|T The Meat They'll Eat|QID|29913|M|70.6,24.3|N|To Liang Thunderfoot.|T Back to the Sty|QID|29914|M|75.2,24.1|N|To Liang Thunderfoot.|A A Neighbor's Duty|QID|29915|M|75.2,24.1|N|From Liang Thunderfoot.|T A Neighbor's Duty|QID|29915|M|78.15,32.84|N|To Francis the Shepherd Boy.|A Piercing Talons and Slavering Jaws|QID|29916|M|78.15,32.84|N|From Francis the Shepherd Boy.|A Lupello|QID|29917|M|78.15,32.84|N|From Francis the Shepherd Boy.|C Lupello|QID|29917|M|81.21,40.29|C Piercing Talons and Slavering Jaws|QID|29916|M|82.84,32.34|T Piercing Talons and Slavering Jaws|QID|29916|M|78.17,32.78|N|To Francis the Shepherd Boy.|T Lupello|QID|29917|M|78.17,32.78|N|To Francis the Shepherd Boy.|A A Lesson in Bravery|QID|29918|M|78.17,32.78|N|From Shang Thunderfoot.|C A Lesson in Bravery|QID|29918|U|75208|M|77.32,26.39|T A Lesson in Bravery|QID|29918|M|74.30,34.51|N|To Shang Thunderfoot.|A Great Minds Drink Alike|QID|29919|M|75.30,35.55|N|From Chen Stormstout.|C Great Minds Drink Alike|QID|29919|M|68.68,43.23|T Great Minds Drink Alike|QID|29919|M|68.68,43.14|N|To Mudmug.|A Leaders Among Breeders|QID|29944|M|68.85,43.15|N|From Chen Stormstout.|A Yellow and Red Make Orange|QID|29945|M|68.86,43.26|N|From Li Li.|C Yellow and Red Make Orange|QID|29945|S|QO|Meadow Marigold: 10/10|M|66,41|C Yellow and Red Make Orange|QID|29945|S|QO|Vial of Animal Blood: 40/40|C Leaders Among Breeders|QID|29944|QO|Frenzyhop slain: 1/1|M|64.64,40.66|C Leaders Among Breeders|QID|29944|QO|Jinanya the Clawblade slain: 1/1|M|68.72,38.29|C Leaders Among Breeders|QID|29944|QO|Aiyu the Skillet slain: 1/1|M|68.25,37.03|C Yellow and Red Make Orange|QID|29945|US|M|65.53,38.10|T Yellow and Red Make Orange|QID|29945|M|68.95,43.28|N|To Li Li.|A Crouching Carrot, Hidden Turnip|QID|29947|M|68.95,43.28|N|From Li Li.|T Leaders Among Breeders|QID|29944|M|68.95,43.28|N|To Chen Stormstout.|A The Warren-Mother|QID|29946|M|68.95,43.28|N|From Chen Stormstout.|A Thieves to the Core|QID|29948|M|68.77,43.22|N|From Mudmug.|A Crouching Carrot, Hidden Turnip|QID|29947|M|68.86,43.26|N|From Li Li.|A The Warren-Mother|QID|29946|M|68.87,43.17|N|From Chen Stormstout.|A Thieves to the Core|QID|29948|M|68.67,43.24|N|From Mudmug.|C Thieves to the Core|QID|29948|M|67.75,36.37|C The Warren-Mother|QID|29946|M|68.09,36.93|C Crouching Carrot, Hidden Turnip|QID|29947|U|76370|M|69.15,39.41|T Crouching Carrot, Hidden Turnip|QID|29947|M|68.83,43.37|N|To Li Li.|T Thieves to the Core|QID|29948|M|68.68,43.18|N|To Mudmug.|T The Warren-Mother|QID|29946|M|68.82,43.08|N|To Chen Stormstout.|A Legacy|QID|29949|M|68.84,43.20|N|From Chen Stormstout.|T Legacy|QID|29949|M|68.79,43.46|N|To Li Li.|A Li Li's Day Off|QID|29950|M|68.79,43.46|N|From Li Li.|A Muddy Water|QID|29951|M|68.66,43.12|N|From Mudmug.|C Li Li's Day Off|QID|29950|U|76350|QO|Bring Li Li to Huangtze Falls: 1/1|M|74.37,42.65|C Muddy Water|QID|29951|U|76362|M|69.97,57.89|N|Find a place with about 10 muddy water pools close together.|A The Moth Rebellion|QID|30059|M|63.62,58.37|N|From Journeyman Chu.|C Li Li's Day Off|QID|29950|U|76350|QO|Bring Li Li to the Silken Fields: 1/1|M|62.4,59.2|A Where Silk Comes From|QID|30072|M|62.62,59.79|N|From Silkmaster Tsai.|C The Moth Rebellion|QID|30059|M|64.70,62.43|C Where Silk Comes From|QID|30072|QO|Mulberry Leaves: 1/1|M|62.50,55.18|C Where Silk Comes From|QID|30072|QO|Hungry Silkworm Fed: 5/5|M|62.50,55.18|C Where Silk Comes From|QID|30072|M|62.38,62.46|T Where Silk Comes From|QID|30072|M|62.62,59.68|N|To Silkmaster Tsai.|T The Moth Rebellion|QID|30059|M|63.57,58.48|N|To Journeyman Chu.|A Mothran!|QID|30058|M|63.57,58.48|N|From Master Goh.|C Mothran!|QID|30058|M|63.99,58.16|T Mothran!|QID|30058|M|63.66,58.42|N|To Master Goh.|C Li Li's Day Off|QID|29950|U|76350|M|61.41,36.02|A Bottletoads|QID|29757|M|60.54,33.82|N|From Yan.|T Clever Ashyo|QID|29871|M|61.29,34.09|N|To Clever Ashyo.|A Ashyo's Vision|QID|29577|M|61.29,34.09|N|From Clever Ashyo.|A Watery Woes|QID|30267|M|60.94,32.93|N|From Gladecaster Lang.|A Snap Judgment|QID|29600|M|59.85,27.84|N|From Zhang Yue.|C Snap Judgment|QID|29600|M|63.62,28.10|C Bottletoads|QID|29757|M|64.82,25.07|C Ashyo's Vision|QID|29577|M|59.28,27.62|T Snap Judgment|QID|29600|M|59.88,27.82|N|To Zhang Yue.|T Ashyo's Vision|QID|29577|M|59.88,27.82|N|To Zhang Yue.|A The Golden Dream|QID|29581|M|59.88,27.82|N|From Zhang Yue.|C The Golden Dream|QID|29581|M|65.29,26.45|K Kill Krosh and loot|QID|29758|U|83767|M|65.29,26.45|N|Use Krosh's Back.|A Guess Whose Back|QID|29758|M|65.29,26.45|N|From Krosh's Back.|T Bottletoads|QID|29757|M|60.64,33.77|N|To Yan.|T The Golden Dream|QID|29581|M|60.64,33.77|N|To Yan.|T Guess Whose Back|QID|29758|M|60.64,33.77|N|To Yan.|C Watery Woes|QID|30267|S|N|Kill Cranes and Loot Fireflies as you run up to Mudmug's place.|R Mudmug's Place|QID|29950|M|68.87,46.3|T Li Li's Day Off|QID|29950|M|68.74,43.28|N|To Li Li.|T Muddy Water|QID|29951|M|68.74,43.28|N|To Mudmug.|A Broken Dreams|QID|29952|M|68.83,43.36|N|From Chen Stormstout.|C Broken Dreams|QID|29952|M|68.81,43.50|T Broken Dreams|QID|29952|M|68.81,43.50|N|To Chen Stormstout.|A Chen's Resolution|QID|30046|M|68.81,43.50|N|From Chen Stormstout.|T Chen's Resolution|QID|30046|M|55.78,49.50|N|Follow Chen to Halfhill and turn in there.|A Hop Hunting|QID|30053|M|55.78,49.50|N|From Chen Stormstout.|A Li Li and the Grain|QID|30048|M|55.78,49.50|N|From Chen Stormstout.|A Doesn't Hold Water|QID|30049|M|55.78,49.50|N|From Chen Stormstout.|f Halfhill|QID|30049|M|53.81,50.92|N|From Wing Nga.|r Repair/Restock|QID|29950|M|53.69,51.17|N|At Sungshin Ironpaw.|T Doesn't Hold Water|QID|30049|M|54.19,38.65|N|To Mudmug.|A The Great Water Hunt|QID|30051|M|54.19,38.65|N|From Mudmug.|C The Great Water Hunt|QID|30051|M|53.20,31.92|T The Great Water Hunt|QID|30051|M|53.32,32.16|N|To Mudmug.|A Barreling Along|QID|30172|M|53.32,32.16|N|From Mudmug.|C Watery Woes|QID|30267|S|US|N|Kill Cranes and Loot Fireflies as you run up to Mudmug's place.|T Watery Woes|QID|30267|M|60.95,33|N|To Gladecaster Lang.|C Hop Hunting|QID|30053|QO|Speak with Gardener Fran: 1/1;Speak with Gai Lan: 1/1|M|48.31,33.85|A Gardener Fran and the Watering Can|QID|30050|M|48.20,33.50|N|From Gardener Fran.|C Gardener Fran and the Watering Can|QID|30050|U|77281|M|47.58,32.47|T Gardener Fran and the Watering Can|QID|30050|M|48.41,33.53|N|To Gardener Fran.|C Hop Hunting|QID|30053|QO|Speak with Den Mudclaw: 1/1|M|44.26,34.33|A The Farmer's Daughter|QID|30056|M|44.35,34.19|N|From Den Mudclaw.|A Enough is Ookin' Enough|QID|30054|M|44.19,34.21|N|From Mung-Mung.|C Enough is Ookin' Enough|QID|30054|S|M|45.44,36.02|C The Farmer's Daughter|QID|30056|M|44.3,38.5;41.46,38.6|T The Farmer's Daughter|QID|30056|M|41.30,38.16|N|To Mina Mudclaw.|A Seeing Orange|QID|30057|M|41.30,38.16|N|From Mina Mudclaw.|C Enough is Ookin' Enough|QID|30054|US|M|42,33|T Enough is Ookin' Enough|QID|30054|M|44.21,34.19|N|To Mung-Mung.|C Seeing Orange|QID|30057|M|44.35,34.52|T Seeing Orange|QID|30057|M|44.66,34.10|N|To Haohan Mudclaw. sometimes he is in Halfhill instead of here, he leaves a note when he leaves.|C Hop Hunting|QID|30053|M|38.56,51.66|T Hop Hunting|QID|30053|M|38.56,51.66|N|UI - turn in.|A Weed War|QID|30052|M|38.56,51.66|N|From Gai Lan.|C Weed War|QID|30052|M|38.40,51.04|T Weed War|QID|30052|M|38.63,51.69|N|To Gai Lan.|A Stormstout's Hops|QID|30055|M|38.78,51.54|N|From UI - Auto pop up|C Barreling Along|QID|30172|M|54.19,38.69|N|If you have lost Mudmag, you can get him at the place you started this quest.|T Barreling Along|QID|30172|M|55.99,49.51|N|To Chen Stormstout.|T Stormstout's Hops|QID|30055|M|55.99,49.51|N|To Chen Stormstout.|T Li Li and the Grain|QID|30048|M|52.62,62.79|N|To Li Li.|R Imperial Grainary|QID|30048|M|52.72,62.82|A Taste Test|QID|30031|M|52.62,62.79|N|From Li Li.|A Out of Sprite|QID|30030|M|52.66,62.90|N|From Grainer Pan.|A Wee Little Shenanigans|QID|30029|M|52.66,62.90|N|From Grainlord Kai.|C Wee Little Shenanigans|QID|30029|S|M|52.38,61.54|C Taste Test|QID|30031|QO|Malted Grain: 1/1|M|51,62.5|C Taste Test|QID|30031|QO|Aged Grain: 1/1|C Taste Test|QID|30031|QO|Light Grain: 1/1|M|53.6,62|C Taste Test|QID|30031|M|51.32,60.53|C Out of Sprite|QID|30030|M|51.42,64.38|C Wee Little Shenanigans|QID|30029|US|M|52.38,61.54|T Taste Test|QID|30031|M|52.67,62.99|N|To Li Li.|T Out of Sprite|QID|30030|M|52.67,62.99|N|To Grainer Pan.|T Wee Little Shenanigans|QID|30029|M|52.67,62.99|N|To Grainlord Kai.|A The Quest for Better Barley|QID|30032|M|52.67,62.99|N|From Grainlord Kai.|A Grain Recovery|QID|30028|M|52.67,62.99|N|From Grainlord Kai.|C Grain Recovery|QID|30028|M|54.62,67.84|C The Quest for Better Barley|QID|30032|M|51.29,77.54;53.31,75.14;48.63,26.96|N|Use the rope on the ground|T Grain Recovery|QID|30028|M|52.76,62.91|N|To Grainlord Kai.|T The Quest for Better Barley|QID|30032|M|52.76,62.91|N|To Li Li.|A The Chen Taste Test|QID|30047|M|52.76,62.91|N|From Li Li.|R Halfhill Market|QID|30047|T The Chen Taste Test|QID|30047|M|55.91,49.46|N|To Chen Stormstout.|A The Emperor|QID|30073|M|55.91,49.46|N|From Chen Stormstout.|C The Emperor|QID|30073|M|55.91,49.46|N|Wait for him to finsih brewing|T The Emperor|QID|30073|M|55.91,49.46|N|To Chen Stormstout.|A Knocking on the Door|QID|30074|M|55.91,49.46|N|From Chen Stormstout.|R Thirsty Alley|QID|30074|T Knocking on the Door|QID|30074|M|32.34,68.56|N|To Chen Stormstout.|A The Fanciest Water|QID|30076|M|32.32,68.27|N|From Mudmug.|A Barrels, Man|QID|30077|M|32.32,68.47|N|From Li Li.|A Clear the Way|QID|30075|M|32.17,68.30|N|From Chen Stormstout.|C Barrels, Man|QID|30077|M|34.39,67.52|C The Fanciest Water|QID|30076|M|37.31,70.38|C Clear the Way|QID|30075|M|33.30,68.40|T Clear the Way|QID|30075|M|36.11,69.08|N|To Chen Stormstout.|T Barrels, Man|QID|30077|M|36.11,69.08|N|To Li Li.|T The Fanciest Water|QID|30076|M|36.11,69.08|N|To Mudmug.|A Cleaning House|QID|30078|M|36.11,69.08|N|From Chen Stormstout. Talk to Chen to go inside.|C Cleaning House|QID|30078|M|33.98,70.13|T Cleaning House|QID|30078|M|35.99,69.08|N|To Chen Stormstout.|A Into the Brewery|QID|30085|M|36.09,68.96|N|From Chen Stormstout. This is a dungeon quest|A Stoneplow Thirsts|QID|30117|M|36.18,68.23|N|From Emmi.|R Nesingwary's Safari|QID|30181|M|16,83|A Tiger Mastery|QID|30183|M|16.15,82.61|A Mushan Mastery|QID|30183|M|16.15,82.61|C Tiger Mastery|QID|30183|M|13.96,78.75|C Mushan Mastery|QID|30181|M|11.90,68.81|T Tiger Mastery|QID|30183|M|16.25,82.60|N|To Tani.|A Fox Mastery|QID|30182|M|16.25,82.60|N|From Tani.|T Mushan Mastery|QID|30181|M|16.11,82.70|N|To Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|A Mushan Mastery: Darkhide|QID|30184|M|16.05,82.41|N|From Hemet Nesingwary.|C Mushan Mastery: Darkhide|QID|30184|M|25.75,75.96|C Fox Mastery|QID|30182|M|24.47,68.43|T Fox Mastery|QID|30182|M|16.20,82.41|N|To Tani.|T Mushan Mastery: Darkhide|QID|30184|M|16.06,82.58|N|To Hemet Nesingwary.|A Tortoise Mastery|QID|30185|M|16.06,82.58|N|From Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|C Tortoise Mastery|QID|30185|M|21.76,75.99|T Tortoise Mastery|QID|30185|M|19.87,75.67|N|To Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|A Parental Mastery|QID|30186|M|19.87,75.67|C Parental Mastery|QID|30186|M|24.59,74.27|T Parental Mastery|QID|30186|M|16.02,82.50|N|To Hemet Nesingwary.|r Repair/Restock|QID|30078|M|15.98,82.61|N|At Hemet Nesingwary Jr..|R Stoneplow|M|20.23,58.52|f Stoneplow flightpath|M|20.23,58.52|N|From "Dragonwing"Dan.|T Lin Tenderpaw|QID|29872|M|19.83,56.94|N|To Lin Tenderpaw.|A Stemming the Swarm|QID|29981|M|19.83,56.94|N|From Lin Tenderpaw.|T Stoneplow Thirsts|QID|30117|M|19.55,56.93|N|To Loon Mai.|A Evacuation Orders|QID|29982|M|19.55,56.93|N|From Loon Mai.|C Stemming the Swarm|QID|29981|S|M|15.6,58.09|N|Kill Ik'thik Mantids in the area.|C Evacuation Orders|QID|29982|QO|Evacuate the Greentill family: 1/1|M|15.3,56.19|C Evacuation Orders|QID|29982|QO|Evacuate the Marlfur family: 1/1|M|15.43,54.95|C Evacuation Orders|QID|29982|QO|Evacuate the Spadepaw family: 1/1|M|12.85,55.66|C Evacuation Orders|QID|29982|QO|Evacuate the Blacksoil family: 1/1|M|7.14,54.78|N|After you talk to Blacksoil the first time, an ambusher will attack. After you kill it, he will reconsider. Talk to him again to complete this step.|C Stemming the Swarm|QID|29981|US|M|15.6,58.09|N|Kill Ik'thik Mantids in the area.|T Evacuation Orders|QID|29982|M|19.55,56.93|N|To Loon Mai.|T Stemming the Swarm|QID|29981|M|19.55,56.93|N|To Loon Mai.|A The Hidden Master|QID|29983|M|19.55,56.93|N|From Loon Mai.|R Paoquan Hollow|QID|29983|M|18,31|T The Hidden Master|QID|29983|M|18.2,31.26|N|To Master Bruised Paw.|A Unyielding Fists: Trial of Bamboo|QID|29984|M|18.2,31.26|N|From Master Bruised Paw.|C Unyielding Fists: Trial of Bamboo|QID|29984|M|18.2,31.26|N|Talk to the Master to phase into a vehicle type UI.|T Unyielding Fists: Trial of Bamboo|QID|29984|PRE|29983|M|18.2,31.26|N|To Master Bruised Paw, Cutscene follows immediately after.|A They will be Mist|QID|29985|N|From Master Bruised Paw.|A Fog Wards|QID|29986|N|From Master Bruised Paw.|A Tenderpaw By Name, Tender Paw By Reputation|QID|29992|N|From Lin Tenderpaw|C They will be Mist|QID|29985|S|C Tenderpaw By Name, Tender Paw By Reputation|QID|29992|S|C Light the Northern Fog Ward|QID|29986|QO|Northern Fog Ward lit: 1/1|M|16.04,32.15|C Light the Western Fog Ward|QID|29986|QO|Western Fog Ward lit: 1/1|M|14.81,36.83|C Light the Southern Fog Ward|QID|29986|QO|Southern Fog Ward lit: 1/1|M|18.17,41.49|C They Will Be Mist|QID|29985|M|17.40,39.20|C Tenderpaw By Name, Tender Paw By Reputation|QID|29985|M|16.64,37.64|C They will be Mist|QID|29985|US|C Tenderpaw By Name, Tender Paw By Reputation|QID|29985|US|T Tenderpaw By Name, Tender Paw By Reputation|QID|29992|M|18.05,31.07|N|To Lin Tenderpaw.|T They Will Be Mist|QID|29985|M|18.25,31.22|N|To Master Bruised Paw.|T Fog Wards|QID|29986|M|18.25,31.22|N|To Master Bruised Paw.|A Unyielding Fists: Trial of Wood|QID|29987|M|18.24,31.26|N|From Master Bruised Paw.|C Unyielding Fists: Trial of Wood|QID|29987|M|18.25,32.18|N|Vehicle UI|T Unyielding Fists: Trial of Wood|QID|29987|M|18.24,31.26|N|To Master Bruised Paw.|A A Taste For Eggs|QID|29988|M|18.24,31.26|N|From Master Bruised Paw.|C A Taste For Eggs|QID|29988|QO|Emperor Tern Eggs 10/10|M|24,45|C A Taste For Eggs|QID|29988|QO|Whitefisher Crane Egg 4/4|M|24,45|C A Taste For Eggs|QID|29988|M|27.02,39.01|T A Taste For Eggs|QID|29988|M|18.22,31.34|N|To Master Bruised Paw.|A Unyielding Fists: Trial of Stone|QID|29989|M|18.24,31.29|N|From Master Bruised Paw.|C Unyielding Fists: Trial of Stone|QID|29989|M|18.16,32.15|T Unyielding Fists: Trial of Stone|QID|29989|M|18.27,31.27|N|To Master Bruised Paw.|A Training and Discipline|QID|29990|M|18.03,31.03|N|From Lin Tenderpaw.|R Stoneplow|QID|29990|PRE|19,56|T Training and Discipline|QID|29990|M|19.51,56.96|N|To Loon Mai.|F Congratulations, you finished Valley of the Four Winds.|QID|29990|M|20.24,58.64|N|Dragonwing Dan will give you a free flight into Karasang Wilds, if you wnat it |]]



Level 86 min

WoWPro:GuideLevels says 85, but the first quest (Chen and Li Li) needs Level 86

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Level 86 min

... and the lead in quests as well.   I bumped it to 86.

Oddly most of the quests in the zone are 85.   I wonder why blizzard does that!

Game stops responding when ending guide

My game stops responding when I try to tick the last box of this guide.

Tried a couple of times and same result every time. Have to kill it with taskmaster

Even whent to sleep to see if it would "unlock" the game during but no, was still up but nonresponsive.

Playing on Windows7 x64 Ultimate OS if that is relevant.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Valley of the 4 winds needs ...

  • Kunzen Villiage

For exploration.   I gave it a playthrough today and tweaked it up.

Also need to add "A Crocolisk Tale" and checkout "The Mantidote".

Estelyen's picture

Flying Mount?

Is it even possible to get up to Kunzen Village without a flying mount? Most people who use this guide for leveling won't be able to use theirs while doing this guide until Blizzard reduces the level requirement.

Life isn't like a box of chocolates, it's more like a jar of jalapeños: What you do today might burn your a** tomorrow.


Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Flying Mount and Valley of the 4 winds needs ...

My toon is only level 87, so I'll see if it is possible to get up there.

Perhaps not!

Emmaleah's picture

I know on beta I tried to get

I know on beta I tried to get up there and couldn't without flying.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Valley Guide to come ...

I just leveled my prime through this zone with a few tweaks.

Merging my changes in, but will not be done till monday.

Emmaleah's picture

updated Valley guide

I have updated the Valley of the Four Winds guide, if you want it before the next version is out, you can get it here:


Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: updated Valley guide

Cool.  I'll pull it in right now.

I just updated Jade Forest Alliance, as I put my Druid Tank and Gnome Warlock through it.


Emmaleah's picture

/sigh the guide registration


the guide registration lists next GID as Kun Lai.  I have no clue if I did that while I was trying to figure out what was up with it not loading, or someone else did it.  But, at least as XP stands now, no one is going to be wanting to skip Krasarang if thier goal is lvl 90 and they dont have rested XP.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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I just play tested this guide

I just play tested this guide again using an Alliance rogue and it was correctly followed by Krasarang which I beleive is the right order.

Emmaleah's picture

playtested 9/5-7/12

Changes are posted on my fork of the github project (since I cant edit this page.)

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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Re: playtested 9/5-7/12

Emmaleah's picture

Yet another modification

After finishing the new Jade Forest guides, I need to change the beginning of the Valley Guide, to add the lead in. change level range and put in a missing QID. so...

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('EmmVal8688', 'Valley of the Four Winds', 'Emmaleah', '86', '88', 'EmmKar8789', 'Neutral', function() return [[
R Valley of the Four Winds|N|Make your way to Valley of the Four Winds.|
A Chen and Li Li|QID|29907|M|86,22|N|From Chen Stormstout.|
f Pengs's Stead flightpath|QID|20907|M|84.1,21|N|From the flighmaster.|
T Chen and Li Li|M|84,21|N|To Pang Thunderfoot.|

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('EmmVal8687', 'Valley of the Four Winds', 'Emmaleah', '86', '87', 'RajKar8788'|'EmmKar8788', 'Neutral', function() return [[
R Valley of the Four Winds|N|If you aren't already there, make your way to Valley of the Four Winds.|
T They Call Him... Stormstout|QID|32019|M|86,22|N|To Chen Stormstout.|
A Chen and Li Li|QID|29907|M|86,22|N|From Chen Stormstout.|
f Pengs's Stead flightpath|QID|20907|M|84.1,21|N|From Princeton.|
T Chen and Li Li|QID|29907|M|84,21|N|To Pang Thunderfoot.|

PS. I have discovered if you change your page zoom to 200%, the Captcha isn't so bad. I guess I really am going blind.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Emmaleah's picture

this didnt make it into the 2.3 version

This change above (Changing first few lines of Valley of 4 Winds guide) didnt make it into the version of this guide that is in the 2.3 download.  I noticed this because the version that is in the download has it registered as an alliance guide...


Also the next guide is 'RajKra8788'|'EmmKra8788' (not KAR)

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Valley Guide errors

I couldnt make the Guide appear first in the guide list, even with your changes. It only worked when i used:

WoWPro.Leveling:RegisterGuide('EmmVal8687', 'Valley of the Four Winds', 'Emmaleah', '86', '87', 'EmmKra8788', 'Neutral', function() return [[


Also i get strange errors in my chat window, cause there are no "Z"s in your guide.


[03:24:01] WoWPro: Invalid Z tag in:T Retreat!|QID|30626|M|17.91,56.22|Z|Valley of the Four Winds|To Loon Mai.|

[03:24:01] WoWPro: Invalid Z tag in:A The Savior of Stoneplow|QID|30627|M|17.98,55.85|Z|Valley of the Four Winds|From Master Bruised Paw.|

[03:24:01] WoWPro: Invalid Z tag in:N The Savior of Stoneplow|QID|30627C|M|17.99, 56.62|Z|Valley of the Four Winds|Dismount first, Talk to Miss Fanny|

[03:24:01] WoWPro: Invalid Z tag in:A The Gratitude of Stoneplow|QID|30628|M|17.91,56.25|Z|Valley of the Four Winds|From Loon Mei.|

[03:24:01] WoWPro: Invalid Z tag in:T The Gratitude of Stoneplow|QID|30628C|M|19.86,55.86|Z|Valley of the Four Winds|From Loon Mei.|

[03:24:01] WoWPro: Invalid Z tag in:F Grassy Cline|QID|99999|M|20.31, 58.62|Z|Valley of the Four Winds|At Dragonwing Dan.|

Emmaleah's picture


I've been told those Z tag errors will go away when the final version is done...  It is because the zones arent registered somewhere 

 (also... those lines you show above, arent they from the Krasarang Wilds guide?)  I have just finished going thru Valley and Krasarang WIlds (Horde) and have quite a few changes to put up.  I still need to do alliance and then I will submit the changes.  I have stored them in my repository on github if you just cant wait to see the changes. :) (I have only made changes in the leveling guides - but I dont know how to only have that in my repository --- so much to learn)

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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Bug with V2.3B?

And after much editing and pulling my hair out. I finally discovered that whatever allowed the dual Next Guide, ('RajKar8788'|'EmmKar8788')  appears to be broken.  When I deleted the alliance followup, I was able to load the guide with my horde character.  I believe this feature worked correctly in 2.2.5

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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I think its intended to go to

I think its intended to go to Kun-Lai after Valley, rather than Krasarang as this guide suggests. Valley and Krasarag are in the same level range as an either/or decision.

If you have no rested exp and

If you have no rested exp and dont use 25 dailis for exp at panda start and leave out Krasarang,

then you might run out of exp when questing at 89. I still need to check that.

Emmaleah's picture

next guide

I would agree that it could just as easily be Kun-Lai. but... I think even more accurately, Krasarang and Valley are really the same zone and sould be done together as one guide, since there are 2 quests in valley that send you to chains in Krasarang and the culmination quest in krasarang actually happens in valley.  Also the Nessingwary chain is split between the two zones and IIRC either one refers you to the other spot for the other Nessingwary NPC's,  To tie up loose ends, IMHO it is better to do Krasarang first. 

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

WoW Pro Recorder for MoP Beta


Does V2.2.5 work fine on MoP Beta ? I would like to contribute, but i am kind of lost on the site.The Link pointing to the Recorder is a 2010 version. Where can i find a new version of the recorder to use on MoP Beta ?



Emmaleah's picture


yes it works. I believe the latest version is dated 7/9/12 at github/jiyambi.  I'm sorry I dont know the proper link, this site is trial and error to find stuff. 

I have done Valley of the Four Winds(neutral), Krasarang Wilds(alliance and horde), and Kun-Lai Summit (neutral).  I also have rough guides for Jade Forest alli and horde, but until they open it back up I can't finish them (I wrote them before addons were enabled, so they need lots of TLC in the form of LOCS and stuff).   I' havent posted Kun-Lai summit yet as there is a phasing issue that prevents finishing the zone, but Im testing all the rest of the zone to be sure the rest is gtg.  Feel free to test those or write your own.

It would probably be more efficient to work on the other zones, so that when MoP is released we have guides for all the zones.  I mean, hopefully, eventually I will get to it, but I don't know that I will as I'm going on holiday for two weeks starting next week.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Gylin's picture

wowpro github link

hmm now can i remember how to do this....

Emmaleah's picture

one more error

Found another quest I didnt realize needed a Faction tag

This would be at line 50 in my version.

It currently reads:
A The Road to Kun-Lai|QID|31254|LVL|87|M|70.1,23.5|N|From Highlord Grummle.|

It should be:
A The Road to Kun-Lai|QID|31254|FACTION|Alliance|LVL|87|M|70.1,23.5|N|From Highlord Grummle.|
A The Road to Kun-Lai|QID|31255|FACTION|Horde|LVL|87|M|70.1,23.5|N|From Highlord Grummle.|

Blizzard has changed this quest... its now offered in Halfhill... so needs inserted in the Halfhill section, I suppose after:
R Halfhill Market|QID|30047|

A The Road to Kun-Lai|QID|31254|FACTION|Alliance|LVL|87|M|55.38,50.16|N|From Messenger Grummle.|
A The Road to Kun-Lai|QID|31255|FACTION|Horde|LVL|87|M|55.38,50.16|N|From Messenger Grummle.|

Hopefully I wont find any more.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Gethe's picture

no, this quest can be recived

no, this quest can be recived at both locations from Messenger Grummle

Emmaleah's picture

it cant.  I got it halfhill

it cant.  I got it halfhill with my most recent test subject, (because I wondered hey whats this new quest), dropped it and went over to Grassy Cline and it wasn't available.  Which is a real shame, but I'm assuming its because it requires lvl 87 and people weren't lvl 87 yet when questing at Peng's stead so they were missing it. (thats why Bramiss didnt have it yet) 


Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Gethe's picture

Probably so, I went by the

Probably so, I went by the stair when my Monk was 87, and it was also available at Halfhill.

Emmaleah's picture

some errors

When I was looking at this I see some of the lines didn't break right, I dont know how to send it to you so that isnt a problem.

anyway, the lines right after turning in hidden master (line 15 if i counted right) the next two lines should actually be 4 A Steps (well, actually they should be 5... but that was the error I was trying to come here to correct when I found the parsing error too.

exchange line 14 and 15 for the following:T The Search for the Hidden Master|QID|30086|M|84.1,21.1|N|To Xiao.|

A Ken-Ken|QID|29873|M|84.1,21.1|N|From Xiao.|

A Clever Ashyo|QID|29871|M|84.1,21.1|N|From Xiao.|

A Kang Bramblestaff|QID|29875|M|84.1,21.1|FACTION|Horde|N|From Xiao.|

A Kang Bramblestaff|QID|29874|M|84.1,21.1|FACTION|Alliance|N|From Xiao.|

also there is a typo in the last line - wnat = want :(

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: some errors

OK, I think it is closer.

I note that there are no followon steps for [Kang Bramblestaff]

Emmaleah's picture

The follow up is in

The follow up is in Krasarang. which is why I didnt realize that it was differant QID until I was doing Krasarang.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling