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local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide("KatMThunderKing",'Dailies', "Isle of Thunder", "KatM", "Horde")
WoWPro.Dailies:GuideFaction(guide,666) -- "Thunder King"
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

; Stage 1!

A Thunder Calls|QID|32678|M|64.16,58.75|Z|Vale of Eternal Blossoms|N|UI Popup when flying near Shrine of Two Moons: Fly to Shadow Pan Garrison|
T Thunder Calls|QID|32678|M|50.8,73.2|Z|Townlong Steppes|N|To Scout Captain Elsia, at the Shado-Pan Garrison in Townlong Steppes.|
A The Storm Gathers|QID|32680|PRE|32678|M|50,73|Z|Townlong Steppes|N|From Scout Captain Elsia|
C The Storm Gathers|QID|32680|M|50.8,73.2|Z|Townlong Steppes|QO|Speak with Elsia: 1/1|N|Speak with Elsia to start.|
T The Storm Gathers|QID|32680|M|28.4,52.2|N|To Lor'themar Theron|

A Allies in the Shadows|QID|32709|PRE|32680|M|28.4,52.2|N|From Lor'themar Theron|

; These are the dailies.
A Ihgaluk Crag|QID|32730|M|28.6,52.4|N|From Magister Hathorel|
A Za'Tual|QID|32729|M|28.4,52.2|N|From Lor'themar Theron.|
A The Court of Bones|QID|32728|M|28.4,52.4|N|From Girana the Blooded|

; Dailies: Za'Tual
T Za'Tual|QID|32729|M|38.6,64.8|N|To Halduron Brightwing.|
A Brightwing's Quests|QID|*|NPC|70520|PRE|32729|M|38.6,64.8|N|From Halduron Brightwing.|
A Sunlance's Quest|QID|*|NPC|67984|PRE|32729|M|36.8,64.8|N|From Kethiel Sunlance|
A Elina's Quest|QID|*|NPC|69418|PRE|32729|M|36.6,64.8|N|From Elina Zaralae|

C Dangers of Za'Tual|QID|32200|S|
C Dark Offerings|QID|32217|M|33.00,73.60;33.80,68.00;34.40,76.00;35.00,67.40;35.40,77.40;39.20,65.20;35.80,75.50;36.40,67.60;40.60,74.50;47.35,56.45|CN|N|Near the Spiritbinders.|
C Harbingers of the Loa|QID|32252|M|33.0,73.6;33.7,71.4;36.4,70.1;38.9,76.5|CN|N|Kill the trolls inside the lightning tents.|
C Cha'lat's Altar |QID|32215|M|33.85,76.1|QO|Cha'lat's Altar destroyed: 1/1|
C Tec'uat's Altar |QID|32215|M|39.75,65.2|QO|Tec'uat's Altar destroyed: 1/1|
C Pa'chek's Altar |QID|32215|M|38.6,78.65|QO|Pa'chek's Altar destroyed: 1/1|
C Preventing a Future Threat-Scare the bird things|QID|32227|M|29.00,79.00;30.40,79.20;30.60,76.80;31.20,80.00;32.00,78.40;32.60,80.40;34.20,80.00;30.50,81.80;32.10,81.70|CN|N|Keep an eye out for a rare blue Skyscreamer for an acheivement.|
C Pterrible Ptorment|QID|32216|M|41,70|N|Find the Arcweavers torturing the Tormented Skyscreamer. Kill all 3 and Pterodactyl will fly free|
C Zandalari Spiritbinder|QID|32275|CN|M|33.85,76.1;39.75,65.2;38.6,78.65|QO|Zandalari Spiritbinder slain: 3/3|
C Zandalari Beastcaller|QID|32275|CN|M|31.6,78.6;35.2,81.6|QO|Zandalari Beastcaller slain: 3/3|
C Zandalari Jaguar Warrior|QID|32275|CN|M|31.00,65.20;35.80,67.00;36.20,73.20;37.60,77.60;38.00,66.80;55.80,56.40;39.60,71.80;52.90,54.40;46.20,58.40;50.60,53.80;46.85,56.38;33.10,81.95;48.50,54.90;40.10,69.45;34.80,79.80;41.92,71.75;35.33,75.67;48.45,50.90;32.60,69.95|QO|Zandalari Jaguar Warrior slain: 3/3|
C Troll Killin'|QID|32200|US|

T Dangers of Za'Tual|QID|32200|M|38.6,64.8|N|To Halduron Brightwing.|
T Harbingers of the Loa|QID|32252|M|38.6,64.8|N|To Halduron Brightwing.|
T Dark Offerings|QID|32217|M|36.6,64.8|N|To Elina Zaralae|
T Heinous Sacrifice|QID|32215|M|36.6,64.8|N|From Elina Zaralae|
T Preventing a Future Threat|QID|32227|M|36.8,64.8|N|From Kethiel Sunlance|
T Pterrible Ptorment|QID|32216|M|36.8,64.8|N|To Kethiel Sunlance|
T Surgical Death|QID|32275|M|38.6,64.8|N|To Halduron Brightwing.|

; Dailies: Court of Bones

T The Court of Bones|QID|32728|M|33,52.6|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
A Rommath's Quest|QID|*|NPC||PRE|32728|M|33,52.6|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|
A Firehawk's Quests|QID|*|NPC||PRE|32728|M|33,52.8|N|From Captain Aerthas Firehawk|
A Brightlock's Quests|QID|*|NPC||PRE|32728|M|33,52.6|N|From Ryshelle Brightlock|

C Grave Circumstances|QID|32201|S|CN|M|33.00,52.80;33.60,60.60;34.00,58.60;34.40,52.20;34.60,56.40;35.40,51.60;35.40,60.80;36.20,59.00;36.40,56.20;37.00,55.20;37.40,51.80;37.40,59.40;37.60,53.80;38.60,58.20;39.00,55.80;35.50,53.00;36.60,52.50;35.60,55.20;36.75,60.65;36.40,53.80;36.60,49.60;34.60,57.50;35.55,50.20;37.00,57.80;38.45,60.90|QO|Shan'ze mogu slain at the Court of Bones:10/10|N|Go the court of bones and wipe them out!|
C Ashes of the Enemy|QID|32218|M|36.80,53.20;33.20,57.00;37.00,59.00;35.20,48.20;36.50,61.20;36.50,49.30;38.10,60.60;38.30,58.50;37.20,51.60|CN|N|Burn remains in the court of bones.|U|93751|QO|MummifiedRemains burned: 8/8|
K Kaida|QID|32495|M|35,49;35,48|CS|T|Kaida the Bloodletter|QO|Kaida the Bloodletter slain: 1/1|N|Enter the building at the first waypoint and he is inside.|
C The Call of Thunder|QID|32225|M|35,48|N|Kill things around here till the ritual stops.|QO|Shan'ze Thundercallers' ritual stopped: 1/1|
C The Conquest of Stone|QID|32517|M|35,48|QO|Disrupt the Ancient Stone Conqueror ritual: 1/1|N|Kill things at the main temple.|
U Incantation of Gura|QID|32226|M|36.33,58.85;36.8,56.4|CS|N|Use the incantation at the back the Hall of the Exalted|U|93803|
K Into the Crypts|QID|32226|M|36.8,56.4|QO|Gura the Reclaimed slain: 1/1|N|Make Gura dead, again.|
C Rise No More!|QID|32224|M|33.00,57.00;35.00,48.60;35.40,50.40;37.20,56.80;38.20,59.80;35.20,52.40;38.70,58.30|CN|QO|Risen Ancestor slain: 15/15|N|Kill ghosts!|
C Soul Surrender|QID|32220|M||QO|Scouts rescued: 6/6|N|Look for Scouts of either faction that are being zapped by Soulrippers and kill the soulripper. There are also scouts in cages.|
C Stone Cold|QID|32219|M|33.40,58.80;35.60,54.80;37.40,56.80;37.60,59.40;38.00,61.60;38.60,58.20;36.60,50.50;36.25,49.35;36.80,52.90;33.60,57.20|CN|QO|Grave Guardians destroyed: 8/8|N|Shatter or kill the Guardians.|
C Grave Circumstances|QID|32201|US|CN|M|33.00,52.80;33.60,60.60;34.00,58.60;34.40,52.20;34.60,56.40;35.40,51.60;35.40,60.80;36.20,59.00;36.40,56.20;37.00,55.20;37.40,51.80;37.40,59.40;37.60,53.80;38.60,58.20;39.00,55.80;35.50,53.00;36.60,52.50;35.60,55.20;36.75,60.65;36.40,53.80;36.60,49.60;34.60,57.50;35.55,50.20;37.00,57.80;38.45,60.90|QO|Shan'ze mogu slain at the Court of Bones: 10/10|N|Go the court of bones and wipe them out!|

T Grave Circumstances|QID|32201|M|33,52.6|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
T Soul Surrender|QID|32220|M|33,52.6|N|To Captain Aerthas Firehawk|
T Ashes of the Enemy|QID|32218|M|33,52.6|N|To Captain Aerthas Firehawk|
T Into the Crypts|QID|32226|M|33,52.6|N|To Ryshelle Brightlock|
T Rise No More!|QID|32224|M|33,52.6|N|To Ryshelle Brightlock|
T Stone Cold|QID|32219|M|33,52.6|N|To Ryshelle Brightlock|
T The Bloodletter|QID|32495|M|33,52.6|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
T The Call of Thunder|QID|32225|M|33,52.6|N|To Grand Magister Rommath|
T The Conquest of Stone|QID|32517|M|33,52.6|N|To Ryshelle Brightlock|

; Dailies: Ihgaluk Crag

T Ihgaluk Crag|QID|32730|M|46.8,66.8|N|To Archmage Aethas Sunreaver|

A Skin of the Saurok|QID|32507|PRE|32730|M||N|From ???|

A Sunreaver's Quests|QID|*|NPC||PRE|32730|M|46.8,66.8|N|From Archmage Aethas Sunreaver|
A Amalia's Quests|QID|*|NPC||PRE|32730|M||N|From Penshire|
A The Residents of Ihgaluk|QID|32274|PRE|32730|M||N|From Sunwalker Dezco|

; Do this quest first!!!!
C Skin of the Saurok|QID|32507|M|44.20,83.20;44.60,74.40;45.00,84.00;45.80,75.00;49.00,85.80;50.00,76.40;50.80,73.40;52.20,75.60;52.60,91.40;54.20,80.00;54.20,87.00;54.60,78.40;54.80,74.60;55.40,86.20;46.60,72.50;54.50,76.10;49.40,78.50;46.10,71.30;44.50,81.80;47.60,82.40;46.40,70.00|CN|N|Kill any Saurok.|
T Skin of the Saurok|QID|32507|N|via UI|

C Creeping Carpet-Roach Crush|QID|32489|QO|Ihgaluk Roach crushed: 150/150|N|Just walk or run over them.|
C De-Constructed-Disabled Construct|QID|32255|M|44.1,81.7|N|The Disabled Construct is here.|QO|Recover Disabled Construct: 1/1|
C Buried Construct|QID|32255|M|53.6,91.3|N|The Buried Construct up to its neck at the beach.|QO|Recover Buried Construct: 1/1|
C Malfunctioning Construct|QID|32255|M|46.6,72.0|N|The Malfunctioning Construct is here.|QO|Recover Malfunctioning Construct: 1/1|
C Distressed Construct|QID|32255|M|49.20,82.00;49.80,83.00;49.80,84.40;53.60,77.60;49.20,87.40|CN|N|The Distressed Construct is running around.|QO|Recover Distressed Construct: 1/1|
C Just Some Light Clean-Up Work|QID|32299|M|52.40,80.00;55.60,74.40;48.60,80.50;50.40,80.90|CN|N|Kill the Filth|
T Just Some Light Clean-Up Work|QID|32299|M||N|From Amalia Penshire|
C Left To Rot|QID|32491|M|43.40,83.80;45.00,84.40;45.40,80.00;46.40,80.80;47.00,69.80;47.40,71.20;47.40,72.60;47.40,78.80;48.00,80.20;48.40,81.40;50.00,78.00;51.00,73.60;54.60,77.00;55.00,75.40|CN|N|Destroy the meat!|
C Speak with Magister Yalis|QID|32536|M|44.5,83.2|QO|Speak with Magister Yalis: 1/1|
C Speak with Magister Lyanis|QID|32536|M|51.4,85.1|QO|Speak with Magister Lyanis: 1/1|
C Speak with Magister Sanal|QID|32536|M|51.7,74.0|QO|Speak with Magister Sanal: 1/1|
C Skumblade Seadragon|QID|32274|M|47.80,87.20;48.00,88.20;49.00,87.60;49.40,89.80;52.20,91.80;56.20,85.20;48.20,89.30|CN|QO|Skumblade Seadragon slain: 1/1|
C Skumblade Saur-Priest|QID|32274|M|49.80,76.00;50.20,74.80;50.60,70.80;51.00,74.00|CN|QO|Skumblade Saur-Priest slain: 1/1|
C Skumblade Brute|QID|32274|M|44.00,82.00;45.20,82.40;46.20,80.80;48.60,75.20;45.40,73.60;51.30,79.30;45.40,75.30;45.90,77.80|CN|QO|Skumblade Brute slain: 1/1|
C Saurok slain|QID|32204|N|Saurok are all over like roaches... take your pick.|QO|Skumblade saurok slain: 10/10|
C Use Mogu Weapons|QID|32605|M|63,74|N|Stab the Skumblade corpses.|U|123|

T The Creeping Carpet of Ihgaluk|QID|32489|M|46.8,66.8|N|To Amalia Penshire|
T Left To Rot|QID|32491|M|46.8,66.8|N|From Amalia Penshire|
T Subtle Encouragement|QID|32605|M|46.8,66.8|N|To Archmage Aethas Sunreaver|
T De-Constructed|QID|32255|M||N|From Archmage Aethas Sunreaver|
T Manipulating the Saurok|QID|32536|M|46.8,66.8|N|From Archmage Aethas Sunreaver|
T The Skumblade Threat|QID|32204|M|46.8,66.8|N|To Archmage Aethas Sunreaver|
T The Residents of Ihgaluk|QID|32274|M|46.8,66.8|N|From Sunwalker Dezco|

; Dalies - Boss Quests
K Zur'chaka the Bonecrafter|QID|32293|M|42.0,79.2|QO|Zur'chaka the Bonecrafter slain: 1/1|N|Clear as many mobs as you can in the area. Pull torwards Eternal Spirit of Tharon'ja. Interrupt Spirit bolts. Stay within 20 yards when he "Roll the Bones" as he may heal you! Dodge the "Fountain of Skulls". Pour on the damage, as he only gets stronger over time.|
T Among the Bones|QID|32293|M|28.4,52.4|N|To Lor'themar Theron|

K Arcweaver Jor'guva|QID|32561|M|44.0,69.0|QO|Arcweaver Jor'guva slain: 1/1|N|Interrupt Arcane Blasts. Stay away from Arcane Storms. Get of Arcane Slams.|
T Competing Magic|QID|32561|M|28.4,52.4|N|To Lor'themar Theron|

K Nurkala|QID|32521|M|45.2,35.8|QO|Nurkala slain: 1/1|T|Zandalari Prophet|N|Target the prophet first as he heals the pack of trolls. Then stay out of the AOEs as you burn down Nurkula.|
T Encroaching Force|QID|32521|M|28.4,52.4|N|To Lor'themar Theron|

K Horgak the Enslaver|QID|32522|M|45.4,59.4|N|When Horgak casts expanding or contracting circles, get 30 yards away before they blow. Interrupt "Thermal Strike".|
T Imposing Threat|QID|32522|M|28.4,52.4|N|To Lor'themar Theron|

; Quest line of some sort

T Allies in the Shadows|QID|32709|M|51.4,46|N|To Taran Zhu|
A Secrets in the Isle of Thunder|QID|32707|M|51.4,46|N|From Taran Zhu|
C Shan'ze Ritual Stones|QID|32707|M|58.0,39.6;44.1,56.2;59.3,56.8;47.4,72.4;52.9,77.2;47.9,82.1;43.5,78.6|CN|L|94221 3|N|These are Trove of the Thunderking locations, shards drop from the treasure chests.|
T Secrets in the Isle of Thunder|QID|32707|M|51.4,46|N|To Taran Zhu|

N Done for the Day|N|Be sure to get your 522 neck Cost: 1250 Valor Rep: neutral. This note will "Catch" questlines that might become availible above|



Emmaleah's picture

Auto complete

Should steps that are formed such as:

A Rommath's Quest|QID|*|NPC||PRE|32728|M|33,52.6|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|

auto check off?  Does "|QID|*|NPC||" mean to pick up all available quests from your current target, so if your current target doesn't happen to be Ronmath will it check off anyway? When I have the specified NPC (per |N| part) targetted and pick up all the quests that NPC has, the steps remain open and I have to manually check them off to progress in the guide.

I reallize I am late coming to the IoT dailies, but I am trying to get up to speed here :)

When I do the dailies, I don't get offered 3 quests at the beginning (Ihgaluk Crag|QID|32730|;Za'Tual|QID|32729|;The Court of Bones|QID|32728|.  I am only offered two of those (different two each of 3 days I have checked so far). If that is normal, shouldnt the guide say 2 of the 3 quests will be available, manually check off the one that isn't available. (alternatively figure out a way to do it programatically, but I tried that for Shado-Pan and nothing I tried worked)

I have read thru a few IoT guides and I'm really not sure if I'm supposed to be offered all 3 or not.  Its still not clear in my mind.  I will have to pay more attention to my total # of quests, rep gain to make sure I am getting them all.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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I'm not yet familiar with the code changes Ludo has made in the past few weeks, but my immediate guess would be that it's happening because the NPC tag is empty. I'm not quite sure if this is the correct Grand Magister Rommath that is meant here (he exists in several places like many other NPCs), but try changing that line to

A Rommath's Quest|QID|*|NPC|67989|PRE|32728|M|33,52.6|N|From Grand Magister Rommath|

and see if it behaves better.

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Re: NPC?

The NPC tag was one that I added to the Operation Shieldwall dailies to help with the auto-suck of wildcard dalies.

It must be followed by and NPC id like Estelyen said.  The quest accept logic will accept quests only if you have targeted and interacted with with NPC identified with the id.  In general, NPCs that appear in different places have different ids.

Clearly I need to improve the error checking logic a touch.  But it has been baking nicely.

If I could see better, I would clean up the last batch of zone errors and just put the darned thing out there.

But I can barely read the screen right now.   Need to recover more.  The bandage just came off today. 

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Thanks for the explanation.  I will find the correct NPC # and see if that clears up the wonkiness. I have an addon that tells me npc id#s (that I came across trying to find one that does item id #'s which I never did find - but I did find an annoying script that does it.)

Get better and let your eyes have the rest they need... after all, its not like you can replace them so easily :)

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling