Icecrown (77-77) Scoot guide.

I've noticed a section, (271/431) that has you taking a quest King of the Mountain, but does not warn you that it is a pvp quest. As soon as you take it, you're flagged pvp until you complete it or abandon it (with timer count down that is). I was wondering if we could get those quests, not just in this guide but all guides, that can flag you as pvp highlighted, maybe use a different text color, or something to help prevent accidental pvp flag. I know, not that big a deal, so I'm flagged pvp for 5 minutes. I can read the quest closer and not click on it. But sometimes, I read what is expected of me and not the entire quest (I'm not that much into the lore). I also adamantly hate pvp play. I got a bad taste for it when I had slow satillite internet speeds (I swear, lag was typical 2400, on a good day) and just never got into it after I got decent internet speeds (at the moment getting 87 MPS download with cable, sweet. :) ).



Edit: Found another one that doesn't even tell you when you accept the quest. Only when you try to execute the quest. Icecrown (275/431) Avenge Me!, has you killing almost dead Alliance characters. When you click on the dying soldier he has an alliance symbol on his portrait and when you hover your mouse over him it says "Dying Soldier Level 80 Humanoid pvp."  And, again, there isn't an indication in the guide that it WILL flag you for pvp play.

Edit: The quest Green Technology, Icecrown (293/431) is marked obsolete according to