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Revision of Icecrown (77-77) Scoot guide. from Fri, 2014-10-24 05:48

I've noticed a section, (271/431) that has you taking a quest King of the Mountain, but does not warn you that it is a pvp quest. As soon as you take it, you're flagged pvp until you complete it or abandon it (with timer count down that is). I was wondering if we could get those quests, not just in this guide but all guides, that can flag you as pvp highlighted, maybe use a different text color, or something to help prevent accidental pvp flag. I know, not that big a deal, so I'm flagged pvp for 5 minutes. I can read the quest closer and not click on it. But sometimes, I read what is expected of me and not the entire quest (I'm not that much into the lore). I also adamantly hate pvp play. I got a bad taste for it when I had slow satillite internet speeds (I swear, lag was typical 2400, on a good day) and just never got into it after I got decent internet speeds (at the moment getting 87 MPS download with cable, sweet. :) ).