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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('LudoTalador', 'Leveling', 'Talador', 'Ludovicus', 'Alliance')
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,92, 93, 92.1)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'EmmSoArak')
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

A At Your Command|QID|34566|M|71.06,29.74|Z|Talador|N|From Foreman Grobash.|
C At Your Command|QID|34566|NC|M|71.14,29.95|Z|Talador|N|Use the table and make your selection.|
T At Your Command|QID|34566|M|71.06,29.74|Z|Talador|N|To Foreman Grobash.|
A Foreman Grobash's Quest|QID|34569;34632|M|71.06,29.74|N|This quest will vary depending on whether you chose the Arcane Sanctum or the Arsenal in the last step|
;A The Quarry Quandary|QID|34569|M|71.06,29.74|N|Available from Foreman Grobash if you chose Arsenal. Manually check off if you chose Arcane Sanctum.|*|NPC|79176
;A An Audience With The Archmage|QID|34632|LEAD|34569|M|71.06,29.74|N|Available from Foreman Grobash if you chose Arcane Sanctum. Manually check off if you chose Arsenal.|
h Vol'jin's Pride|QID|34683|M|71.97,30.02|Z|Talador|N|At Paoni Softhoof.|

;choose arsenal
t The Quarry Quandary|QID|34569|M|71.9,29.4|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
A Unleashed Steel|QID|35102|M|71.9,29.4|PRE|34569|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|
T Unleashed Steel|QID|35102|M|70.90,30.49|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
A Out of Jovite|QID|34577|M|70.90,30.49|PRE|35102|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|
A Iridium Recovery|QID|34576|M|70.90,30.49|PRE|35102|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|
A Gas Guzzlers|QID|34579|M|70.90,30.49|PRE|35102|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|
C Iridium Recovery|QID|34576|M|75.4,22|S|N|Look up, these are non-agro critters flying above you.|
C Out of Jovite|QID|34577|M|75.4,22|NC|S|
C Gas Guzzlers|QID|34579|M|75.4,22|U|110910|N|After you kill the goren, use your 'Goren Gas Extractor' on them.|S|
T Pure Crystal Dust|QID|34576|M|75.4,22|N|More treasure, its up the ramp and at the end of the room. Need to get loc and name correctly.|
C Gas Guzzlers|QID|34579|M|75.4,22|U|110910|N|After you kill the goren, use your 'Goren Gas Extractor' on them.|US|
C Iridium Recovery|QID|34576|M|75.4,22|US|N|Look up, these are non-agro critters flying above you.|
C Out of Jovite|QID|34577|M|75.4,22|NC|US|
T Iridium Recovery|QID|34576|M|70.90,30.49|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
T Out of Jovite|QID|34577|M|70.90,30.49|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
T Gas Guzzlers|QID|34579|M|70.90,30.49|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
A Going to the Gordunni|QID|34837|PRE|34576;34577;34579|M|70.89,30.50|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|

;choose arcane sanctum
t An Audience With the Archmage|QID|34632|M|75,31.2|N|To Archmage Khadgar.|
A Making Acquaintances|QID|34814|PRE|34632|M|75,31.2|N|From Archmage Khadgar.|
C Making Acquaintances|QID|34814|M|80.67,26.12|NC|N|Follow Khadgar to his portal to Zangarra and then use it.|
T Making Acquaintances|QID|34814|M|81.74,27.27|N|To Magister Krelas.|
A Creating the Ink|QID|34634|PRE|34814|M|81.74,27.27|N|From Magister Krelas.|
A Forming the Scroll|QID|34635|PRE|34814|M|81.74,27.27|N|From Magister Krelas.|
A Gathering the Spark|QID|34636|PRE|34814|M|81.74,27.27|N|From Magister Krelas.|
C Creating the Ink|QID|34634|M|81,29|S|N|Kill the giants and the sporebats for the 'pulsating pustules'.|
C Forming the Scroll|QID|34635|M|81,29|S|N|Kill the ancients for thier bark.|
C Gathering the Spark|QID|34636|M|81,29|NC|Click on the glowing balls labled 'Arcane Vortex' to collect thier energy.|
C Forming the Scroll|QID|34635|M|81,29|US|N|Kill the ancients for thier bark.|
C Creating the Ink|QID|34634|M|81,29|US|N|Kill the giants and the sporebats for the 'pulsating pustules'.|
T Creating the Ink|QID|34634|M|81.74,27.27|N|To Magister Krelas.|
T Forming the Scroll|QID|34635|M|81.74,27.27|N|To Magister Krelas.|
T Gathering the Spark|QID|34636|M|81.74,27.27|N|To Magister Krelas.|
A Next Steps|QID|34874|PRE|34634;34635;34636|M|81.74,27.27|N|From Magister Krelas.|
R Portal|QID|34874|M|88.6,30.9|N|The portal to Khadgar's Tower.|ACTIVE|34874|
R Portal to Khadgar's Tower|QID|34874|M|80.6,26.1|N|Take the portal to Khadgar's tower.|ACTIVE|34874|
f Zangarra|QID|34874|M|80.42,25.32|N|At Dominic Arlington.|ACTIVE|34874|
F Back to Vol'jin's Pride|QID|34874|ACTIVE|34874|
T Next Steps|QID|34874|M|71.2,29.6|N|To Magister Krelas.|
A The Foot of the Fortress|QID|34878|PRE|34874|M|71.2,29.6|N|From Magister Krelas.|

A One Step Ahead|QID|34683|M|71.24,29.95|N|From Shadow Hunter Kajassa.|
A Logistical Nightmare|QID|34766|M|71.19,29.42|N|From Provisioner Naya.|
A Wanted: Kil'uun|QID|34108|M|70.82,29.63|N|From Beastmaster Tagh.|
A Wanted: Hilaani|QID|34107|M|70.82,29.63|N|From Beastmaster Tagh.|
A Wanted: Ra'tok the Hammer|QID|34106|M|70.82,29.63|N|From Beastmaster Tagh.|
C Logistical Nightmare|QID|34766|M|68.06,31.38|
C Wanted: Kil'uun|QID|34108|M|67.18,28.74|T|Kil'uun|N|He flys all over this area, keep looking up, and/or hitting the target button.|

R The Path of Glory|QID|34683|M|66.15,10.76|N|Follow the road north past Fort Wrynn and continuing until you get to the Path of glory, Cross the bridge and you will find yourself in Frostwolf Overlook.|
A Gazlowe's Solution|QID|33721|M|62.06,10.40|N|From Gazlowe.|
A In Short Supply|QID|33735|M|62.01,10.99|N|From Draka.|
T One Step Ahead|QID|34683|M|61.52,10.95|N|To Durotan.|
A Through the Looking Glass|QID|33754|M|61.52,10.95|N|From Durotan.|
C Through the Looking Glass|QID|33754|NC|M|61.56,11.05|N|Click on Durotan's contraption.|
T Through the Looking Glass|QID|33754|M|61.50,10.96|N|To Durotan.|
A Old Friends, New Enemies|QID|35226|M|61.50,10.96|N|From Durotan.|
A Too Many Irons in the Fire|QID|33722|M|61.50,10.96|N|From Durotan.|
f Frostwolf Overlook|QID|33735|M|61.42,10.52|N|At Mok'ra.|;currently you auto learn this, but putting the step in... in case that changes.

C Too Many Irons in the Fire|QID|33722|S|M|58.45,10.74|N|Kill the Iron Horde as you go along.|
R Orunai Coast|QID|33722|M|58.96,11.75|L|108743|N|As you get to the bottom of the hill a bomb will explode at the campsite across the path. After the dust clears, you can pick up the boots if you want a toy.|
C Old Friends, New Enemies|QID|35226|M|52.98,6.97|T|Lieutenant Dilka|N|Run in, confront Orgrim and then kill his lieutenant.|
C In Short Supply|QID|33735|S|NC|M|50.09,11.71|N|This crates are scattered around the area.|
C Thunderlord Cache|QID|33721|U|107899|QO|1|M|56.52,9.97|NC|N|Set down Gazlowe's solution and let it do its thing.|
C Munitions Landing|QID|33721|U|107899|QO|2|M|56.22,12.25|NC|N|somehow missed getting the coords on this one.|
C In Short Supply|QID|33735|US|M|55.52,15.52|NC|
C Blackrock Forge|QID|33721|U|107899|QO|3|M|57.68,15.46|NC|N|Set down Gazlowe's solution and let it do its thing.|
A Decommissioned Mission|QID|33720|M|59.95,16.48|N|From Iron Shredder Decommision Codes, lying on a rock by the road.|
C Too Many Irons in the Fire|QID|33722|M|62.73,13.94|US|N|Finish this up before you go in the cave.|
C Decommissioned Mission|QID|33720|T|Engineer Draxxen|QO|1|M|61.59,14.46;63.22,14.47|CS|N|Go into Draxxen's Workshop and kill him so you can take his shredder.|
C Decommissioned Mission|QID|33720|QO|2|NC|M|60.07,20.15;59.22,20.35|CS|N|Hop in the shredder and return to Draka's Den.|
T In Short Supply|QID|33735|M|58.92,20.15|N|To Draka.|
A Iron Them Out|QID|33736|M|58.92,20.15|N|From Draka.|
T Too Many Irons in the Fire|QID|33722|M|58.92,20.19|N|To Durotan.|
T Old Friends, New Enemies|QID|35226|M|58.92,20.18|N|To Durotan.|
A Dreadpiston|QID|34950|M|58.92,20.18|N|From Durotan.|
T Decommissioned Mission|QID|33720|M|58.95,20.71|N|To Gazlowe.|
T Gazlowe's Solution|QID|33721|M|58.95,20.71|N|To Gazlowe.|
A Vol. X Pages ?|QID|33724|M|58.95,20.71|N|From Gazlowe.|

R Ketya's Hideaway|QID|33736|M|53.17,25.73|L|116402|N|Run in the cave, avoiding the traps, and loot the chest if you want the battlepet Stonegrinder (mechanical).|
C Wanted: Ra'tok the Hammer|QID|34106|T|Ra'tok the Hammer|M|54.36,22.29|
C Iron Them Out|QID|33736|M|55.84,29.09|S|NC|N|Click to destroy.|
C Vol. X Pages ?|QID|33724|M|56.74,24.51|S|N|Drops from the Iron Horde mobs.|
C Dreadpiston|QID|34950|M|56.33,27.28|
A Dying Wish|QID|33973|M|56.91,25.94|N|From Ahm.|
C Dying Wish|QID|33973|M|57.02,24.27|T|Blademaster Bralok|
T Dying Wish|QID|33973|M|56.91,25.94|N|To Ahm.|
C Iron Them Out|QID|33736|M|55.84,29.09|US|NC|N|Click to destroy.|
C Vol. X Pages ?|QID|33724|M|56.74,24.51|US|N|Drops from the Iron Horde mobs.|
T Dreadpiston|QID|34950|M|55.60,40.94|N|To Durotan.|
T Iron Them Out|QID|33736|M|58.56,40.98|N|To Draka.|
T Vol. X Pages ?|QID|33724|M|55.68,41.16|N|To Gazlowe.|
A An Eye for a Spy|QID|33728|M|55.68,41.16|N|From Gazlowe.|
C An Eye for a Spy|QID|33728|NC|M|55.76,41.07|N|Use Gazlowe's contraption again.|
T An Eye for a Spy|QID|33728|M|55.68,41.16|N|To Gazlowe.|
A Born to Shred|QID|33729|M|55.68,41.16|N|From Gazlowe.|
f Durotan's Grasp|QID|33728|M|55.43,40.83|N|At Tega Skyblade.|

C Born to Shred|QID|33729|M|55.4,41.13|NC|N|Get in the shredder and run over to Tuurem. When you get there use the abilities (1) for single target and (2) a ranged damage that makes you jump on a group of them and smash them.|
T Born to Shred|QID|33729|M|60.07,40.65|N|To your Iron Shredder Prototype.|
A Engineering her Demise|QID|33730|M|60.07,40.65|N|From your Iron Shredder Prototype.|
C Engineering her Demise|QID|33730|M|61.06,38.75|T||
T Engineering her Demise|QID|33730|M|55.58,40.96|N|To Durotan.|
A Khadgar's Plan|QID|34962|M|55.58,40.96|N|From Durotan.|
T Khadgar's Plan|QID|34962|M|54.18,36.43|N|To Archmage Khadgar.|
A The Battle for Shattrath|QID|33731|M|54.18,36.43|N|From Archmage Khadgar.|
C The Battle for Shattrath|QID|33731|M|50.49,34.97|N|Follow the scenario instructions, starting with a chat with Gazlowe.|
T The Battle for Shattrath|QID|33731|M|71.44,29.60|N|To Durotan.|
T Logistical Nightmare|QID|34766|M|71.18,29.43|N|To Provisioner Naya.|
A Send Them Running|QID|34803|M|71.18,29.43|N|From Provisioner Naya.|
L Level 96|QID|34803|LVL|96|N|You should be around level 96 by this point.|
T Wanted: Ra'tok the Hammer|QID|34106|M|70.81,29.64|N|To Beastmaster Tagh.|
T Wanted: Kil'uun|QID|34108|M|70.81,29.64|N|To Beastmaster Tagh.|
C Send Them Running|QID|34803|M|70.51,27.64|
T Send Them Running|QID|34803|M|71.18,29.43|N|To Provisioner Naya.|
A News from Spires of Arak|QID|35537|M|71.25,29.94|N|From Shadow Hunter Kajassa.|

A Burning Sky|QID|33740|M|73.07,38.74|N|From Crystal-Shaper Barum.|
A Pieces of Us|QID|33734|M|73.07,38.74|N|From Crystal-Shaper Barum.|
A Barum's Notes|QID|33761|M|76.27,42.76|N|From Barum's Notes.|
C Barum's Notes|QID|33761|NC|S|M|78.60,45.58|N|These crystals give buffs if you want to refresh them again before you leave the area.|
C Burning Sky|QID|33740|M|76.89,42.58|S|N|Kill these guys as you go about the other objectives.|
C Pieces of Us|QID|33734|NC|QO|1|M|75.74,44.41|
C Pieces of Us|QID|33734|NC|QO|3|M|78.22,43.76|
C Pieces of Us|QID|33734|NC|QO|2|M|77.92,42.97|
A Pyrophobia|QID|33578|M|77.71,43.93|N|From Raksi.|
C Pyrophobia|QID|33578|M|78.54,45.34|
T Pyrophobia|QID|33578|M|77.75,43.96|N|To Raksi.|
A What the Draenei Found|QID|33579|M|77.75,43.96|N|From Raksi.|

C Burning Sky|QID|33740|M|78.13,36.50|US|
C Barum's Notes|QID|33761|NC|US|M|78.13,36.50|US|
C What the Draenei Found|QID|33579|NC|M|81.22,37.57;82.69,37.87|CS|N|Into the cave and thru the first small room. Go to the right in the larger room and then cross the stone bridge. (you can't walk on the mining cart tracks.) Examine (click) the color changing crystal.|
T What the Draenei Found|QID|33579|M|82.64,37.78|N|To Raksi.|
A The Purge of Veil Shadar|QID|33580|M|70.50,56.85|N|From Shadow-Sage Iskar.|
f Terokkar Refuge|QID|33580|M|70.34,57.10|N|At Skytalon Inuz.|
A Forbidden Knowledge|QID|33581|M|70.52,57.35|N|From Darkscryer Raastok.|
A Kura's Vengeance|QID|33582|M|70.77,56.79|N|From Kura the Blind.|

A Seek Out the Seer|QID|34721|M|68.65,45.33|N|From Elumm who paths up and down this road.|
A Clear!|QID|34751|M|64.21,47.71|N|From Ziz Fizziks.|
T Seek Out the Seer|QID|34721|M|65.41,50.20|N|To Seer Malune.|
A Dust of the Dead|QID|33872|M|65.41,50.20|N|From Seer Malune.|
A Cure of Aruunem|QID|33873|M|65.41,50.20|N|From Seer Malune.|
C Cure of Aruunem|QID|33873|M|65.52,51.95;70.81,55.13|CN|NC|S|N|These are growing in the area.|
C Dust of the Dead|QID|33872|M|65.52,51.95;70.81,55.13|CN|N|Kill the moths and loot thier dust.|
C Cure of Aruunem|QID|33873|M|65.52,51.95;70.81,55.13|CN|NC|US|N|These are growing in the area.|
C Clear!|QID|34751|M|72.82,54.29|S|N|Kill the eels as you swim across the water to see Barum. Don't worry about getting them all as we will be in the area again.|
T Burning Sky|QID|33740|M|76.72,55.23|N|To Crystal-Shaper Barum.|
T Pieces of Us|QID|33734|M|76.72,55.23|N|To Crystal-Shaper Barum.|
T Barum's Notes|QID|33761|M|76.72,55.23|N|To Crystal-Shaper Barum.|

C The Purge of Veil Shadar|QID|33580|CHAT|S|M|75.49,65.49|
C Forbidden Knowledge|QID|33581|NC|S|M|74.52,66.93|These are pinkish glowing books on the ground.|
C Kura's Vengeance|QID|33582|M|80.39,64.03|T|Wing-Guard Kuuan|
C The Purge of Veil Shadar|QID|33580|CHAT|US|M|75.49,65.49|
C Forbidden Knowledge|QID|33581|NC|US|M|74.52,66.93|These are pinkish glowing books on the ground.|
T The Purge of Veil Shadar|QID|33580|M|70.63,57.40|N|To Shadow-Sage Iskar.|
T Forbidden Knowledge|QID|33581|M|70.51,57.34|N|To Darkscryer Raastok.|
T Kura's Vengeance|QID|33582|M|70.77,56.78|N|To Kura the Blind.|

C Clear!|QID|34751|US|M|61.39,44.41|
C Wanted: Hilaani|QID|34107|M|66.51,65.30|T|Hilaani|

t Going to the Gordunni|QID|34837|M|62.10,69.24|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
A Dropping Bombs|QID|34840|M|62.10,69.24|PRE|34837|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|
C Dropping Bombs|QID|34840|NC|U|112091|QO|1|M|63.57,69.04|
C Dropping Bombs|QID|34840|NC|U|112091|QO|2|M|65.52,68.8|
C Dropping Bombs|QID|34840|NC|U|112091|QO|3|M|66.86,67.98|
C Dropping Bombs|QID|34840|NC|QO|4|M|68.68,69.77|N|The grappling hook is on the ground beside Morketh.|
T Dropping Bombs|QID|34840|M|68.77,70.52|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
A Punching Through|QID|34855|M|68.77,70.52|PRE|34840|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|
A Prized Repossessions|QID|34858|M|68.77,70.52|PRE|34840|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|
A Supply Recovery|QID|34860|M|68.77,70.52|PRE|34840|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|
C Supply Recovery|QID|34860|S|M|69.04,82.47|NC|N|The boxes are scattered around the area.|
C Prized Repossessions|QID|34858|S|M|69.04,82.47|N|Kill ogres as you travel towards the other objectives.|
C Punching Through|QID|34855|QO|1|M|68.55,82.91|
C Punching Through|QID|34855|QO|2|M|67.05,77.06|
C Punching Through|QID|34855|QO|3|M|66.26,80.97|
C Supply Recovery|QID|34860|US|M|69.04,82.47|
C Prized Repossessions|QID|34858|US|M|69.04,82.47|
T Punching Through|QID|34855|M|69.04,82.47|N|To Morketh Bladehowl (who is following you around).|
T Prized Repossessions|QID|34858|M|69.04,82.47|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
T Supply Recovery|QID|34860|M|69.04,82.47|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
A The Lord of the Gordunni|QID|34870|M|69.04,82.47|PRE|34855;34858;34860|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|
C The Lord of the Gordunni|QID|34870|U|112307|M|64.49,81.75|N|Every so often a message will appear on your screen telling you to use your 'emergency rocket pack' to avoid the Witch Lord's nasty purple ground goo.|
T The Lord of the Gordunni|QID|34870|M|64.48,81.64|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
A The Only Way to Travel|QID|34971|M|64.48,81.64|PRE|34870|N|From Morketh Bladehowl.|
T The Only Way to Travel|QID|34971|M|71.19,29.91|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|
T Armour Up|QID|34972|M|71.19,29.91|PRE|34971|N|To Morketh Bladehowl.|

;arcane sanctum
t The Foot of the Fortress|QID|34878|M|62.26,68.31|N|To Magister Krelas.|
A Dropping In|QID|34879|PRE|34878|M|62.26,68.31|N|From Magister Krelas.|
C Dropping In|QID|34879|M|68.83,68.06|QO|1|NC|N|Click on the Gordunni Boulderthrowers as you run up the hill to meet Krelas.|
C Dropping In|QID|34879|M|68.85,69.43|QO|2|NC|
C Dropping In|QID|34879|M|68.62,69.72|QO|3|NC|
T Dropping In|QID|34879|M|68.30,70.32|N|To Magister Krelas.|
A While We're in the Neighborhood|QID|34887|PRE|34879|M|68.30,70.32|N|From Magister Krelas.|
A Vicious Viziers|QID|34888|PRE|34879|M|68.30,70.32|N|From Magister Krelas.|
A Orbs of Power|QID|34889|PRE|34879|M|68.30,70.32|N|From Magister Krelas.|
C While We're in the Neighborhood|QID|34887|M|70.20,72.36|S|N|Kill ogres and loot the runebeads.|
C Orbs of Power|QID|34889|M|70.20,72.36|NC|N|Click on the Orbs to destroy them.|
C Vicious Viziers|QID|34888|QO|1|M|66.5,80.15|N|Pretty sure that coord is wrong|T|Vizier Vorgorsh|
C Vicious Viziers|QID|34888|QO|2|M|67.01,76.98|T|Vizier Zulmork|
C Vicious Viziers|QID|34888|QO|3|M|66.23,81.04|T|Vizier Cromaug|
C While We're in the Neighborhood|QID|34887|M|66.3,81.04|US|Finish collecting any needed runebeads.|
C Orbs of Power|QID|34889|M|66.5,80.156|NC|US|N|Click on the Orbs to destroy them.|
T While We're in the Neighborhood|QID|34887|M|66.23,81.04|N|To Magister Krelas.|
T Vicious Viziers|QID|34888|M|66.23,81.04|N|To Magister Krelas.|
T Orbs of Power|QID|34889|M|66.23,81.04|N|To Magister Krelas.|
A The Final Step|QID|34890|PRE|34887;34888;34889|M|66.23,81.04|N|From Magister Krelas.|
C The Final Step|QID|34890|M|64.25,81.63|T|Witch Lord Morkurk|U|112542|N|Use the scroll to summon reinforcements and then engage Morkurk.|
T The Final Step|QID|34890|M|64.25,81.63|N|To Magister Krelas.|
A Due Cause to Celebrate|QID|34712|M|64.25,81.63|N|From Magister Krelas.|PRE|34890|
T Due Cause to Celebrate|QID|34712|M|71.16,29.89|N|To Magister Krelas.|
A Joining the Ranks|QID|34949|PRE|34712|M|71.16,29.89|N|From Magister Krelas.|

A The Lady of Light|QID|34696|M|71.83,29.75|N|From Knight-Lord Dranarus.|
T Wanted: Hilaani|QID|34107|M|70.82,29.63|N|To Beastmaster Tagh.|

R Duskfall Island|QID|33872|M|65.41,50.20|N|If you want to fly partway, Terokar's refuge is pretty close.|
T Dust of the Dead|QID|33872|M|65.41,50.20|N|To Seer Malune.|
T Cure of Aruunem|QID|33873|M|65.41,50.20|N|To Seer Malune.|
A Aruumel's Rest|QID|33874|M|65.41,50.20|N|From Seer Malune.|
C Aruumel's Rest|QID|33874|M|69.03,55.28|T|Aruumel|U|108749|N|Unless you want to fight your way there, wait to use the elixer until you arrive at the green dot. Use it and then kill Aruumel.|
T Aruumel's Rest|QID|33874|M|65.41,50.20|N|To Seer Malune.|
T Clear!|QID|34751|M|64.20,47.72|N|To Ziz Fizziks.|
A New Owner|QID|35238|M|64.24,47.80|N|From Pleasure Bot 8000.|

A A Pilgrimage Gone Awry|QID|34801|M|61.35,54.39|N|From Nadur.|
C A Pilgrimage Gone Awry|QID|34801|QO|3|M|64.21,58.96|N|The frogs are along the waters edge.|
C A Pilgrimage Gone Awry|QID|34801|QO|1;2|M|59.55,54.78|N|The flowers are a ground spawn here and many of the tigers are stealthed in this area.|
T A Pilgrimage Gone Awry|QID|34801|M|61.35,54.40|N|To Nadur.|

A The Heart of Auchindoun|QID|33920|M|56.51,67.14|N|From Soulbinder Nyami.|
T The Lady of Light|QID|34696|M|55.49,67.68|N|To Lady Liadrin.|
A Holding the Line|QID|34418|M|55.49,67.68|N|From Lady Liadrin.|
A Powering the Defenses|QID|35249|M|55.56,66.98|N|From Mehlar Dawnblade.|
A Every Bit Counts|QID|34710|M|55.37,66.75|N|From Ranger Belonis.|
f Exarch's Refuge|QID|35249|M|54.51,67.84|N|At Roka.|
A Disrupting the Flow|QID|33917|M|56.66,66.25|N|From Vindicator Nobundo.|
C Holding the Line|QID|34418|S|M|57.27,65.57|
C The Heart of Auchindoun|QID|33920|M|56.68,62.50|T|O'mogg Blackheart|
C Disrupting the Flow|QID|33917|NC|M|54.89,62.3;55.59,64.25;56.31,63.36;57.29,63.98|CN|
C Holding the Line|QID|34418|US|M|57.27,65.57|
T Powering the Defenses|QID|35249|M|68.39,19.30|N|To Soulbinder Tuulani.|
C We Must Construct Additional Pylons|QID|34351|NC|S|M|37.69,46.82|QO|1|N|Pick up the large pinkish crystals lying around as you go.|
A Nightmare in the Tomb|QID|33530|M|52.33,38.90|N|From Yuuri.|
C Nightmare in the Tomb|QID|33530|M|63.28,68.10|
C We Must Construct Additional Pylons|QID|34351|NC|QO|2|M|32.19,48.55|
C We Must Construct Additional Pylons|QID|34351|NC|US|M|37.69,46.82|QO|1|N|Pick up the large pinkish crystals lying around as you go.|
T Disrupting the Flow|QID|33917|M|56.66,65.88|N|To Vindicator Nobundo.|
T The Heart of Auchindoun|QID|33920|M|56.51,67.12|N|To Soulbinder Nyami.|
T We Must Construct Additional Pylons|QID|34351|M|55.11,67.40|N|To Soulbinder Tuulani.|
T Holding the Line|QID|34418|M|55.47,67.68|N|To Lady Liadrin.|
T Nightmare in the Tomb|QID|33530|M|55.47,67.68|N|To Lady Liadrin.|
A Sunsworn Camp|QID|34451|M|55.50,67.68|N|From Lady Liadrin.|

T Sunsworn Camp|QID|34451|M|61.00,72.54|N|To Lady Liadrin.|
A Antivenin|QID|33971|M|60.90,72.53|N|From Soulbinder Tuulani.|
A Into the Hollow|QID|33970|M|60.92,72.46|N|From Soulbinder Nyami.|
A Vile Defilers|QID|33972|M|60.51,72.40|N|From Mehlar Dawnblade.|
C Vile Defilers|QID|33972|NC|M|59.13,80.85|S|
C Antivenin|QID|33971|S|M|58.05,83.34|
C Into the Hollow|QID|33970|M|65.77,86.88|N|The Sha'tari crytstal is right behind Xanatos.|
C Antivenin|QID|33971|US|M|58.05,83.34|
C Vile Defilers|QID|33972|M|57.43,85.36|US|
T Vile Defilers|QID|33972|M|60.52,72.40|N|To Mehlar Dawnblade.|
T Antivenin|QID|33971|M|60.91,72.54|N|To Soulbinder Tuulani.|
T Into the Hollow|QID|33970|M|60.92,72.45|N|To Soulbinder Nyami.|
A Scheduled Pickup|QID|34242|M|61.01,72.54|N|From Lady Liadrin.|
; if you found all 4 blood elf friends in the cave (webbed)then at 60.96,71.65 chat with Baran Silverblade for some reward .. seems bugged as nothing happens atm.

T Scheduled Pickup|QID|34242|M|50.42,87.50|N|To Soulbinder Tuulani.|
A Restalaan, Captain of the Guard|QID|34508|M|50.42,87.50|N|From Soulbinder Tuulani.|
A Never Forget|QID|34013|M|50.52,87.55|N|From Defender Artaal.|
A Payback|QID|34234|M|50.37,87.31|N|From Vindicator Kaluud.|
C Payback|QID|34234|M|48.17,89.79|S|
A Invasion of the Soul Eaters|QID|33988|M|49.19,88.05|N|From Hastily Written Note lying on the curb.|
C Invasion of the Soul Eaters|QID|33988|QO|1|M|48.46,88.66|NC|N|Pick up a torch from the forge.|
C Never Forget|QID|34013|NC|QO|1|M|49.25,87.85|
C Invasion of the Soul Eaters|QID|33988|QO|2|M|48.46,88.66|S|U|108886|
C Never Forget|QID|34013|NC|QO|2|M|49.35,90.80|
C Never Forget|QID|34013|NC|QO|3|M|47.52,88.93|
C Invasion of the Soul Eaters|QID|33988|QO|2|M|48.46,88.66|US|U|108886|
T Restalaan, Captain of the Guard|QID|34508|M|44.86,90.48|N|To Restalaan.|
A The Final Piece|QID|33976|M|44.86,90.48|N|From Restalaan.|
C The Final Piece|QID|33976|M|44.68,90.86|T|Vorpil Ribcleaver|
T The Final Piece|QID|33976|M|44.85,90.50|N|To Restalaan.|
A Changing the Tide|QID|34326|M|44.85,90.50|N|From Restalaan.|
T Invasion of the Soul Eaters|QID|33988|M|48.60,88.50|N|Auto Turn in to UI.|
C Payback|QID|34234|M|48.17,89.79|US|
T Payback|QID|34234|M|50.40,87.33|N|To Vindicator Kaluud.|
T Never Forget|QID|34013|M|50.52,87.56|N|To Defender Artaal.|

T Changing the Tide|QID|34326|M|43.44,75.92|N|To Restalaan.|
A Desperate Measures|QID|34092|M|43.43,75.94|N|From Restalaan.|
A Ogre Diplomacy|QID|34122|M|42.97,76.23|N|From Lady Liadrin.|
f Retribution Point|QID|34122|M|42.12,76.78|N|At Beldos.|
C Ogre Diplomacy|QID|34122|M|39.61,83.68|S|
C Desperate Measures|QID|34092|QO|2|M|42.67,84.92|T|Mok'war the Terrible|N|Kill Mok'war and loot his book.|
C Desperate Measures|QID|34092|QO|1|M|39.5,83.62|T|Dur'gol the Ruthless|N|Kill Dur'gol and loot his book.|
C Desperate Measures|QID|34092|NC|QO|3|M|41.20,82.44|N|This is channeled so stand still!|
C Ogre Diplomacy|QID|34122|M|39.61,83.68|US|
T Desperate Measures|QID|34092|M|43.43,75.94|N|To Restalaan.|
T Ogre Diplomacy|QID|34122|M|42.96,76.22|N|To Lady Liadrin.|
A Retribution for the Light|QID|34144|M|42.95,76.27|N|From Lady Liadrin.|
A Into the Heart of Madness|QID|34157|M|42.93,76.09|N|From Exarch Maladaar.|

C Retribution for the Light|QID|34144|M|35,79|S|N|Kill these as you accomplish the other objectives (as if you had a choice).|
A Hiding in the Shadows|QID|34163|M|35.32,74.08|N|From Shadow Council Communicator.|
C Hiding in the Shadows|QID|34163|M|37.78,77.34|QO|1|NC|N|The orb is at the top of the watchtower.|
A Book Burning|QID|34164|M|34.01,73.96|N|From Kor'thos Dawnfury.|
C Loot 3 books|QID|34164|M|34,74|S|L|109259 3|N|From the caster type demons.|
C Hiding in the Shadows|QID|34163|M|34.46,70.37|QO|3|NC|N|The orb is at the top of the watchtower.|
C Hiding in the Shadows|QID|34163|M|35.62,79.83|QO|2|NC|N|The orb is at the top of the watchtower.|
T Hiding in the Shadows|QID|34163|M|35.62,79.83|N|To UI Alert.|
C Loot 3 books|QID|34164|M|34,74|US|L|109259 3|N|From the caster type demons.|
C Burn the books|QID|34164|M|34.11,74.24|NC|N|Click on the bonfire to burn the books.|
C Retribution for the Light|QID|34144|M|32.17,75.79|US|N|Finish up the demons before you go into the cave.|
A Destination Unknown|QID|34564|M|31.21,73.61|N|From Soulbinder Tuulani.|
C Destination Unknown|QID|34564|M|30.89,73.12|T|Mongrethod|N|Click on the portal behind Tuulani and then fight Mongrethod. Return via the portal.|
T Retribution for the Light|QID|34144|M|45.70,74.47|N|To Lady Liadrin.|
T Destination: Unknown|QID|34564|M|46.32,74.09|N|To Soulbinder Tuulani.|
A Together We are Strong|QID|36512|M|46.32,74.47|N|From Soulbinder Tuulani.|
A Come Together|QID|34706|M|45.71,74.45|N|From Lady Liadrin.|

R Northwest towards Nagrand|QID|34710|M|36.20,65.03|CC|N|Follow the road towards Nagrand until you come across Caleb.|
A Just Peachicky|QID|33882|M|36.20,65.03|N|From Caleb.|
A Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!|QID|33884|M|36.20,65.03|N|From Caleb.|
C Just Peachicky|QID|33882|S|NC|M|31.68,62.61|N|Click on these friendly little guys to rescue them.|
C Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!|QID|33884|QO|1|M|31.14,71.12|S|
C Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!|QID|33884|QO|2|M|31.14,71.12|
A And the Elekk Too?!|QID|33944|M|30.88,70.84|
C Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!|QID|33884|QO|1|M|31.14,71.12|US|
C Just Peachicky|QID|33882|US|NC|M|31.68,62.61|N|Click on these friendly little guys to rescue them.|
T Just Peachicky|QID|33882|M|36.19,65.06|N|To Caleb.|
T Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!|QID|33884|M|36.19,65.06|N|To Caleb.|
T And the Elekk Too?!|QID|33944|M|36.19,65.06|N|To Caleb.|

A Trouble In The Mine|QID|34399|M|49.90,56.13|N|From Ageilaa.|
A Frenzied Manafeeders|QID|34400|M|49.90,56.13|N|From Ageilaa.|
T Every Bit Counts|QID|34710|M|49.90,56.13|N|To Ageilaa.|
C Frenzied Manafeeders|QID|34400|U|110468|S|M|50.20,52.06|N|Fight the moths down to 35% (you will see an emote) then use the Dissapation Crystal(it has a very short range, so stand close).|
T Trouble In The Mine|QID|34399|M|51.63,50.47|N|To Vindicator Doruu.|
A Arcane Essence|QID|34401|M|51.65,50.51|N|From Manduil Skycaller.|
A Crystals of Unusual Power|QID|34404|M|51.65,50.51|N|From Manduil Skycaller.|
C Crystals of Unusual Power|QID|34404|M|52.34,47.89|S|NC|N|These can be found lying in piles on the ground as well as in carts and buckets.|
C Arcane Essence|QID|34401|M|53.31,50.31|
C Crystals of Unusual Power|QID|34404|M|52.34,47.89|US|NC|N|These can be found lying in piles on the ground as well as in carts and buckets.|
T Arcane Essence|QID|34401|M|51.65,50.51|N|To Manduil Skycaller.|
T Crystals of Unusual Power|QID|34404|M|51.65,50.51|N|To Manduil Skycaller.|
C An'dure The Giant|QID|34414|M|54.31,49.90|
T An'dure The Giant|QID|34414|M|51.65,50.50|N|To Manduil Skycaller.|
A Kaelynara Sunchaser|QID|34447|M|51.65,50.50|N|From Manduil Skycaller.|
C Kaelynara Sunchaser|QID|34447|M|51.65,50.50|N|Chat with Maduill to begin.|CHAT|QO|1|
C Kaelynara Sunchaser|QID|34447|T|Kaelynara Sunchaser|QO|2|M|52.15,47.64|N|After the fight, Maduil can port you back into the mine.|
T Kaelynara Sunchaser|QID|34447|M|51.62,50.45|N|To Vindicator Doruu.|
C Frenzied Manafeeders|QID|34400|U|110468|US|M|50.20,52.06|N|Fight the moths down to 35% (you will see an emote) then use the Dissapation Crystal(it has a very short range, so stand close).|
T Frenzied Manafeeders|QID|34400|M|49.89,56.14|N|To Ageilaa.|

H Vol'jin's Pride|QID|34706|M|49.89,56.14|N|Return to pick up your follower and then you are done with Talador.|
T Come Together|QID|34706|M|71.84,29.75|N|To Knight-Lord Dranarus.|
H Your Garrison|QID|35537|M|71.84,29.75|N|Back to your garrison, where the Spires of Arak guide will start.|U|110560|



"Next Quest"

This choice between the Wrynn Arsenal and Arcane Sanctum is really wreaking havoc. The step after choosing the Arcane Sanctum was just being ignored, then the entire rest of the guide was broken, sending me all over the map killing various named mobs before I stopped to figure out what went wrong with the guide. I was able to get back on track by editing the "A Next Quest" entry to only refer to "An Audience With The Archmage" and it's QID, along with removing all PRE except the "At Your Command" quest.

Incorrect placement

Once you hand in What the Draenei found, you're relocated to Terokkar Refuge and given a few quests, but the guide tells you to hand in quests with Crystal-Shaper Barum who's not in the area. This bit of the guide needs some re-work.

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Re: Incorrect placement

I just ran this through on a toon and it seems to work right. 

Handing in Barum's quests earlier is awkward, as you you have to travel quite a bit south from the mines to turn then in.

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Re: Incorrect placement

Are you suggesting that we turn in the quests to Crystal-Shaper Barum before going into the mine?

T Pieces of Us|QID|33734|M|76.71,55.24|N|To Crystal-Shaper Barum, who moved a bit.|
T Burning Sky|QID|33740|M|76.71,55.24|N|To Crystal-Shaper Barum|
T Barum's Notes|QID|33761|M|76.71,55.24|N|To Crystal-Shaper Barum|
R Aruuna Crystal Mine|QID|33579|M|77.76,41.23;78.39,35.49|CS||N|Go to the mine entrance.|
C Ancient Prism|QID|33579|M|82.72,37.89|N|Go to the right of the tracks and cross the rock bridge to get to it.|
T What the Draenei Found|QID|33579|M|82.64,37.78|N|To Raksi, who snunk in behind you.|

This would avoid having to go back to bridge after the teleport.

which building did you

which building did you chose?  (I've a toon coming up into the zone)

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I've played through this with

I've played through this with another alt, and there's a whole mass of quest lines that need to be moved/shifted and conditions added. I've made quite a few alterations, but I need to run through it again today or tomorrow with my 96 priest. Once it's all done, is it ok to update/revise this? It's quite major...

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Re: I've played through this

OK, submitted new revision for this guide with some major flow changes and amendments. As far as I can tell, all the quests are now included, and there are traps for type of outpost building selected. Please advise if there are any critical issues.

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Re: Re: I've played through this

Thanks Aldavor , for the update.I had almost the same changes, but yours looks more baked than mine.

I'll finish playing through my toon in the zone and tweak if nececessary.


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Had to update...

Just gone through this again, choosing the Arcane Sanctum as the outpost, and found it to be incomplete/unfollowable. Have refactored it, amended some QIDs and ordering - hopefully (!) it should be ok but I'll need to run thru with another toon (which I'll have to roll and level up... *sigh*)

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Re: Had to update...

I just happen to have a worgen druid who picked Arcane Sanctum who just started the zone, having just gone past the mine.

I'll run him through today and see wassup.

missing quest?

A pilgrimage gone awry, QID34802, you find the quest giver while running to Tomb of Lights, I dont see a preq for it on wowhead or anything.


01/24/2015 - Editted to add this:  (QID34709 is alli verison of 34710) -- COPIED from Horde guide, Emma has this between the section of the orges (final QID 36512) and before the Jorune Mine.  Alliance ver needs to revamped for quest flow.

R Northwest towards Nagrand|QID|34709|M|42.79,74.79;42.28,67.81;39.30,67.20|CS|RANK|3|N|Follow the road towards Nagrand until you come across Caleb.|

A Just Peachicky|QID|33882|M|36.20,65.03|RANK|3|N|From Caleb.|

A Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!|QID|33884|M|36.20,65.03|RANK|3|N|From Caleb.|

C Just Peachicky|QID|33882|S|NC|M|31.68,62.61|RANK|3|N|Click on these friendly little guys to rescue them.|

C Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!|QID|33884|QO|1|M|31.14,71.12|RANK|3|S|

C Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!|QID|33884|QO|2|M|31.14,71.12|RANK|3|T|Sher'khaan|

A And the Elekk Too?!|QID|33944|M|32.28,65.64|RANK|3|

C Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!|QID|33884|QO|1|M|31.14,71.12|RANK|3|US|

C Just Peachicky|QID|33882|US|NC|M|31.68,62.61|RANK|3|N|Click on these friendly little guys to rescue them.|

T Just Peachicky|QID|33882|M|36.19,65.06|RANK|3|N|To Caleb.|

T Sher'KHAAAAAAANNNN!|QID|33884|M|36.19,65.06|RANK|3|N|To Caleb.|

T And the Elekk Too?!|QID|33944|M|36.19,65.06|RANK|3|N|To Caleb.|



wrong order of guide...

Starting guide with my Alliance toon, did the arcane sanctum,

Then did:

l Pure Crystal Dust|QID|34263|M|78.21,14.72|N|Pure Crystal Dust: Lootable object for Garrison Resources and decent XP. At the back of the right hand walkway.|RANK|3|

and the Bonus objective in the cave, then when I came out it said to:

A Why Is The Brew Gone?|QID|34773|M|69.60,21.60|N|From Quartermaster O'Riley|RANK|2|

But NO QUEST is there, according to wowhead I have to get the sanctum going first... so put all quest as 'skipped' till I get to

; Mage Tower

 ; A An Audience With The Archmage|QID|34631|M|69.9,20.8|N|From Foreman Eksos|


I'll edit this as I go through it....

* Edit #1 * -- Had to manual skip ALL the quest listed from the 'brew' though to the Mage tower quests...

* Edit #2 * - And then once you finish and return to the Fort and do:

A Next Steps|QID|34875|PRE|34609;34612;34619|M|0,0|N|From Magister Serena|

T Next Steps|QID|34875|M|69.6,21.1|N|To Magister Serena|

A The Foot of the Fortress|QID|34908|PRE|34875|M|69.6,21.1|N|From Magister Serena|


then the other quest from above are avail the Wanted(s) and Why the Brew gone.  Also you can pick up One Step Ahead

; The Battle for Shattrath

H Fort Wrynn|QID|36801|N|Hearth back or fly to Fort Wrynn|

A One Step Ahead|QID|36801|M|69.61,20.80|N|From Sloan McCoy|


*EDIT #3*

Okay.. following to path to get to:

R The Pilgrim's Road|QID|34578|M|71.27,24.07;72.53,24.53;73.13,26.42;74.63,30.75;72.66,38.06;67.30,42.83|CS|N|Its a long ride. We will break it up a little. Head out the back.|

When you hit 72.66,38.06 this would where to put in the:

; Sometime when in


** okay, now I see why it was down there, as you dont get the lead in quest UNTIL you finished the

Due Cause to Celebrate|QID|34711| Quest.... **

(grumbles about thinking I was better then Ludo, when I wasnt it)  ;)



* Edit #4 *

okay, it has me run all the way down to the Tomb of Lights, then onto Gordal Foothills, to do:

T Going to the Gordunni|QID|34578|M|69.57,67.87|N|To Miall|

A Dropping Bombs|QID|34976|M|62.57,67.87|N|From Miall|


T Armor Up|QID|34982|M|69.8,20.8|N|To Miall|

when that is part of the Artillery Tower, had to 'skip' them all to get to:

C Wanted: Kil'uun|QID|34103|M|66.20,34.40;72.90,31.40;72.95,25.95;67.05,36.35;73.20,28.30;72.75,34.15;66.25,31.77;68.88,27.29;71.28,24.52;69.80,37.25|CN|N|Kil'uun, Circles clockwise south of Fort Wrynn around Voljin's Pride. Party of 3 suggested.|

T Wanted: Kil'uun|QID|34103|M|69.43,21.14|N|To Patrick Messer|

And also wanted me to turn it in first, before continuing to...

A Dropping In|QID|34913|PRE|34908|M|62.0,69.3|N|From Magister Serena|

BUT it didn't show the T The Foot of the Fortress|QID|34908|M|62.0,69.3|N|To Magister Serena| to turn in, only to grab:

A Dropping In|QID|34913|PRE|34908|M|62.0,69.3|N|From Magister Serena|

(but turning in the 34908, did auto accept the 34913)



Going back to playing, will edit again later ;)


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Re: wrong order of guide... (The Flow In the Zone)

Though I did not test the arcane sanctum section yet, it clearly forks part of the guide.

The pickup and drop off of the Wanted quests is always an issue.

I figure I'll have to put 4 toons though a new zone before you get everything.


PS:  Bahameye is a phased rare kill.  If you dont get it while on [Pale Moonlight], its gone (sadness).

As the Smoke Rises

As the Smoke Rises is not showing up for me in the game.

It says PRE 34711+34981, I have done 34981 but not 34711, the step is showing on the guide because I've done 34981, but it's not available to me (I built the artillery tower)

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RE: As teh smoke Rises

I never saw the horde equivilent in game. It is on wowhead... but I have no clue where it is supposed to come from.  It is one of those things that perplexed me so I just left it commented out at the top of the horde guide.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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Updated up to [The Battle for Shattrath]

Just played through the [The Plight of the Arakkoa] using Emmaleah's guide to plagarize from.

Of course, I've added improvements which she may choose to incoporate in hers :-).

Its funny in Talador.  Eveyone is screaming to find Kil'uun, and I bumped into him by accident 3 times, and had to kill it.

One time was right outside of Fort  Wrynn, so I kited him into the fort and yelled "Here is your dammed bird.  Kill it slowly!".


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Updated tthough [The Only Way to Travel]

I have coded up to [The Only Way to Travel] but only played through [Going to the Gordunni].

I test that tonight.

After the forced movie watching is done.

Horde not Alliance

This appears to be the Horde guide, not the Alliance guide?

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Re: Horde not Alliance (Talador)

The draft version of the guide is now in the website and addon.

Going to the Gordunni

Thanks for that. My run through the zone deviated from yours at Going to the Gordunni, so I've updated up to that point.

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Re: Going to the Gordunni

Whoa!  Thats not bad then.   My initial guide for Talador was generated by a pyhton program.  While there was enough information availible to generate the Talador guide that way, the Nagrand guide only has the main quest chain outlined.

I'll have to play that one through to figure out the order, though I'll bet that a printout of the Horde guide will be a good outline.


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Re: Horde not Alliance

Darn it, it looks like I uploaded one of my early drafts and never updated it.

I hope I saved it somewhere or I am going to be pissed!