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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('LudoNagrand', 'Leveling', 'Nagrand', 'Ludovicus', 'Alliance')
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,98, 100, 98.7)
WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, 'nil')
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()
return [[

N Beginnings|QID|36607|N|This guide begins at your garrison to take the free flight to Nagrand.|
N Bonus Objectives|QID|36607|N|The bonus quests are not mentioned in this guide. Feel free to do them if you want to. You must be 98 to do this guide.|

T News from Nagrand|QID|36607|M|45.82,42.96|Z|Frostwall|N|To Rokhan.|
A Taking the Fight to Nagrand|QID|34794|M|45.82,42.96|Z|Frostwall|N|From Rokhan.|
C Taking the Fight to Nagrand|QID|34794|M|45.91,51.14|Z|Frostwall|CHAT|N|Take the chat flight option (not the flightpath) at Bron Skyhorn.|
C Taking the Fight to Nagrand|QID|34794|M|86.37,66.18|CHAT|
T Taking the Fight to Nagrand|QID|34794|M|86.37,66.18|N|To Stone Guard Brox.|

A The Call of Oshu'gun|QID|35372|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T The Call of Oshu'gun|QID|35372|M|55.6,55.8|N|To Vindicator Nobundo|

A Someone's Missing Arrow|QID|35356|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Someone's Missing Arrow|QID|35356|M|63.4,61.4|N|To Rangari Laara|

A That Pounding Sound|QID|35337|M|63.4,61.4|N|From Kia Herman|
C That Pounding Sound|QID|35337|M|72.0,58.0|N|Leatherhide Bull|
T That Pounding Sound|QID|35337|M|63.4,61.4|N|To Kia Herman|

A The Good Doctor|QID|35146|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T The Good Doctor|QID|35146|M|86.6,28.4|N|To Dr. Hadley Ricard|

A Bread and Circuses|QID|35921|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Bread and Circuses|QID|35921|M|79.4,50.2|N|To Dexyl Deadblade|

A THAELIN!|QID|35140|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C THAELIN!|QID|35140|M|62.0,40.4|N|Baby Goren|
T THAELIN!|QID|35140|M|62.0,40.4|N|To Vindicator Yrel|

A Nobundo Sends Word|QID|35332|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Nobundo Sends Word|QID|35332|M|71.6,19.6|N|To Vindicator Nobundo|

A Garrison Campaign: The Ring of Blood|QID|36282|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Garrison Campaign: The Ring of Blood|QID|36282|M|63.0,36.0|N|To Gurgthock|

A They Call Him Lantresor of the Blade|QID|34951|M|63.4,61.8|N|From Vindicator Mo'mor|
T They Call Him Lantresor of the Blade|QID|34951|M|85.4,54.6|N|To Lantresor of the Blade|

A Garrison Campaign: The Ring of Blood|QID|36280|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Garrison Campaign: The Ring of Blood|QID|36280|M|63.0,36.0|N|To Gurgthock|

A Tastes Like Chicken|QID|34869|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Tastes Like Chicken|QID|34869|M|73.8,62.8|N|Ravenous Windroc|
T Tastes Like Chicken|QID|34869|M|79.2,52.6|N|To Digrem Orebar|

A Shields Down!|QID|34746|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C Shields Down!|QID|34746|M|66.8,65.6|N|Packleader Kargora|
T Shields Down!|QID|34746|M|63.0,61.8|N|To Thaelin Darkanvil|

A King of the Breezestriders|QID|35357|PRE|35356|M|63.4,61.4|N|From Rangari Laara|
C King of the Breezestriders|QID|35357|M|57.8,69.0|N|Tall Buck|
T King of the Breezestriders|QID|35357|M|63.4,61.4|N|To Rangari Laara|

A Queen of the Clefthoof|QID|35350|PRE|35337|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C Queen of the Clefthoof|QID|35350|M|71.0,45.2|N|Banthar|
T Queen of the Clefthoof|QID|35350|M|63.4,61.4|N|To Kia Herman|

A Trouble at the Overwatch|QID|35148|PRE|34951|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Trouble at the Overwatch|QID|35148|M|78.8,69.2|N|To Rangari Eleena|

A Taking the Fight to Nagrand|QID|37184|PRE|36601;36606|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Taking the Fight to Nagrand|QID|37184|M|86.4,66.2|N|To Lieutenant Balfor|

A Spiritual Matters|QID|35393|PRE|35372|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Spiritual Matters|QID|35393|M|40.4,56.8|N|To Gar'rok|

A A Choice to Make|QID|34769|PRE|34746|M|63.0,61.8|N|From Thaelin Darkanvil|
T A Choice to Make|QID|34769|M|63.4,61.8|N|To Rangari D'kaan|

A Not Without My Honor|QID|34955|PRE|34951|M|85.4,54.6|N|From Lantresor of the Blade|
C Not Without My Honor|QID|34955|M|84.9,55.4|N|Burning Blade Locker|
T Not Without My Honor|QID|34955|M|85.4,54.6|N|To Lantresor of the Blade|

A How Tough Are You?|QID|36220|PRE|36219;36280;36281;36282|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C How Tough Are You?|QID|36220|M|56.8,19.2|N|Kroggol the Wall|
C How Tough Are You?|QID|36220|M|64.2,22.8|N|Lug'dol|
T How Tough Are You?|QID|36220|M|56.8,19.2|N|To Kroggol the Wall|

A Ring of Trials: Crushmaul|QID|34662|PRE|35921;35922|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Ring of Trials: Crushmaul|QID|34662|M|77.8,50.2|N|Crushmaul|
T Ring of Trials: Crushmaul|QID|34662|M|79.4,50.2|N|To Dexyl Deadblade|

A The Search For Research|QID|36275|PRE|35146|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C The Search For Research|QID|36275|M|88.9,19.8|N|Research Journal|
T The Search For Research|QID|36275|M|86.6,28.4|N|To Dr. Hadley Ricard|

A Called to the Throne|QID|35331|PRE|35332|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Called to the Throne|QID|35331|M|71.6,19.6|N|To Vindicator Nobundo|

A Fruitful Ventures|QID|34819|PRE|34869|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Fruitful Ventures|QID|34819|M|79.2,44.2|N|Nagrand Cherry|
T Fruitful Ventures|QID|34819|M|79.2,52.6|N|To Digrem Orebar|

A The Blade Itself|QID|34954|PRE|34951|M|85.4,54.6|N|From Lantresor of the Blade|
C The Blade Itself|QID|34954|M|86.0,54.0|N|Instructor Luhk|
T The Blade Itself|QID|34954|M|85.4,54.6|N|To Lantresor of the Blade|

A Taking the Fight to Nagrand|QID|34674|PRE|36601;36606|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Taking the Fight to Nagrand|QID|34674|M|86.4,66.2|N|To Lieutenant Balfor|

A A Fascinating Fungus|QID|36284|PRE|35146|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C A Fascinating Fungus|QID|36284|M|86.9,19.5|N|Spore Sac|
T A Fascinating Fungus|QID|36284|M|86.6,28.4|N|To Dr. Hadley Ricard|

A Carrier Has Arrived|QID|35141|PRE|35140|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Carrier Has Arrived|QID|35141|M|63.0,61.8|N|To Thaelin Darkanvil|

A The Pride of Lok-rath|QID|35061|PRE|34954;34955;35148|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C The Pride of Lok-rath|QID|35061|M|55.6,47.4|N|Uruk Foecleaver|
T The Pride of Lok-rath|QID|35061|M|62.0,40.4|N|To Vindicator Yrel|

A New Babies|QID|34900|PRE|34819|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T New Babies|QID|34900|M|79.2,52.6|N|To Digrem Orebar|

A Entry Fee|QID|36221|PRE|36220|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Entry Fee|QID|36221|M|56.8,13.0|N|To Wodin the Troll-Servant|

A Obtaining Ogre Offensive Orders|QID|34593|PRE|34954;34955;35148|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C Obtaining Ogre Offensive Orders|QID|34593|M|84.0,73.4|N|Crulgorosh|
T Obtaining Ogre Offensive Orders|QID|34593|M|84.0,76.8|N|To Rangari Mirana|

A The Might of the Warsong|QID|34675|PRE|34674;37184|M|86.4,66.2|N|From Lieutenant Balfor|
T The Might of the Warsong|QID|34675|M|63.4,61.8|N|To Rangari D'kaan|

A Meet Me in the Cavern|QID|34956|PRE|34954;34955;35148|M|85.4,54.6|N|From Lantresor of the Blade|
T Meet Me in the Cavern|QID|34956|M|44.2,19.8|N|To Lantresor of the Blade|

A Dirgemire|QID|36285|PRE|36275;36284|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Dirgemire|QID|36285|M|84.6,17.2|N|Dirgemire|
T Dirgemire|QID|36285|M|86.6,28.4|N|To Dr. Hadley Ricard|

A Lok-rath is Secured|QID|35062|PRE|34593;34956;35061|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Lok-rath is Secured|QID|35062|M|63.4,61.8|N|To Rangari D'kaan|

A The Champion of Blood|QID|36222|PRE|36221|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C The Champion of Blood|QID|36222|M|56.0,13.8|N|Azuka Bladefury|
T The Champion of Blood|QID|36222|M|56.8,13.0|N|To Wodin the Troll-Servant|

A Challenge of the Masters|QID|34957|PRE|34593;34956;35061|M|44.2,19.8|N|From Lantresor of the Blade|
C Challenge of the Masters|QID|34957|M|90.8,60.6|N|Warlord Dharl of the Thrice-Bloodied Blade|
C Challenge of the Masters|QID|34957|M|55.2,68.4|N|Warlord Dharl of the Thrice-Bloodied Blade|
T Challenge of the Masters|QID|34957|M|63.4,61.8|N|To Rangari D'kaan|

A Reglakk's Research|QID|34596|PRE|34593;34956;35061|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C Reglakk's Research|QID|34596|M|81.6,76.6|N|Bulgorg the Wind Slayer|
T Reglakk's Research|QID|34596|M|63.4,61.8|N|To Rangari D'kaan|

A Up and Running|QID|34678|PRE|34675|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C Up and Running|QID|34678|M|62.1,62.1|N|Assorted Engineering Parts|
T Up and Running|QID|34678|M|63.0,61.8|N|To Thaelin Darkanvil|

A Operation: Surprise Party|QID|34682|PRE|34678|M|63.0,61.8|N|From Thaelin Darkanvil|
T Operation: Surprise Party|QID|34682|M|65.8,68.6|N|To Rangari Ogir|

A And Justice for Thrall|QID|35169|PRE|34596;34957;35062|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C And Justice for Thrall|QID|35169|M|74.6,69.4|N|Vindicator Yrel|
C And Justice for Thrall|QID|35169|M|71.4,84.4|N|Garrosh Hellscream|
T And Justice for Thrall|QID|35169|M|66.8,33.8|N|To Vindicator Yrel|

A A Wrong of Earth and Fire|QID|33928|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T A Wrong of Earth and Fire|QID|33928|M|71.4,18.0|N|To Incineratus|

A Declawing The Competition|QID|34512|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Declawing The Competition|QID|34512|M|78.6,48.4|N|To Pyxni Pennypocket|

A WANTED: Razorpaw!|QID|34513|M|79.0,59.0|N|From Bounty Board|; Neutral
C WANTED: Razorpaw!|QID|34513|M|75.0,62.2|N|Razorpaw|
T WANTED: Razorpaw!|QID|34513|M|78.6,48.4|N|To Pyxni Pennypocket|

A They've Got The Goods!|QID|34514|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C They've Got The Goods!|QID|34514|M|76.2,61.2|N|Stolen Goods|
T They've Got The Goods!|QID|34514|M|78.6,48.4|N|To Pyxni Pennypocket|

A Gobnapped|QID|34515|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Gobnapped|QID|34515|M|74.8,60.1|N|Sabermaw Cage|
T Gobnapped|QID|34515|M|78.6,48.4|N|To Pyxni Pennypocket|

A My Precious!|QID|34516|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T My Precious!|QID|34516|M|74.8,61.6|N|To Bazwix|

A Obliterating Ogres|QID|34572|M|78.8,69.2|N|From Rangari Eleena|
C Obliterating Ogres|QID|34572|M|82.0,73.6|N|Gorian Gladiator|
C Obliterating Ogres|QID|34572|M|82.4,80.4|N|Gorian Cohort|
C Obliterating Ogres|QID|34572|M|80.2,72.8|N|Thorg|
C Obliterating Ogres|QID|34572|M|37.6,73.2|N|Highmaul Emissary Guard|
C Obliterating Ogres|QID|34572|M|81.6,76.6|N|Bulgorg the Wind Slayer|
T Obliterating Ogres|QID|34572|M|84.0,76.8|N|To Rangari Mirana|

A Removing the Paper Trail|QID|34597|M|81.3,70.3|N|From Ogre Scrolls|
C Removing the Paper Trail|QID|34597|M|81.6,72.4|N|Box of Ogre Research|
T Removing the Paper Trail|QID|34597|M|84.0,76.8|N|To Rangari Mirana|

A The Missing Caravan|QID|34598|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T The Missing Caravan|QID|34598|M|79.0,58.8|N|To Greezlex Fizzpinch|

A Ring of Trials: Raketalon|QID|34663|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Ring of Trials: Raketalon|QID|34663|M|79.4,50.2|N|To Dexyl Deadblade|

A Ring of Trials: Hol'yelaa|QID|34664|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Ring of Trials: Hol'yelaa|QID|34664|M|79.4,50.2|N|To Dexyl Deadblade|

A Ring of Trials: Captain Boomspark|QID|34665|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Ring of Trials: Captain Boomspark|QID|34665|M|79.4,50.2|N|To Dexyl Deadblade|

A Ring of Trials: Roakk the Zealot|QID|34666|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Ring of Trials: Roakk the Zealot|QID|34666|M|77.8,50.2|N|Roakk the Zealot|
T Ring of Trials: Roakk the Zealot|QID|34666|M|79.4,50.2|N|To Dexyl Deadblade|

A Mo'mor Might Know|QID|34716|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Mo'mor Might Know|QID|34716|M|66.6,68.6|N|To Vindicator Mo'mor|

A Operation: Just Arrowhead|QID|34717|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C Operation: Just Arrowhead|QID|34717|M|65.2,65.4|N|Warsong Raider|
C Operation: Just Arrowhead|QID|34717|M|66.6,68.4|N|Invading Warsinger|
C Operation: Just Arrowhead|QID|34717|M|65.4,68.2|N|Savage Warwolf|
T Operation: Just Arrowhead|QID|34717|M|63.4,61.8|N|To Rangari D'kaan|

A The Others|QID|34718|M|66.6,68.6|N|From Vindicator Mo'mor|
C The Others|QID|34718|M|68.4,67.0|N|Caregiver Felaani|
C The Others|QID|34718|M|65.2,65.0|N|Arbiter Khan|
C The Others|QID|34718|M|67.6,64.4|N|Hansel Heavyhands|
T The Others|QID|34718|M|66.6,68.6|N|To Vindicator Mo'mor|

A ... and My Hammer|QID|34719|M|66.6,68.6|N|From Vindicator Mo'mor|
C ... and My Hammer|QID|34719|M|65.9,63.0|N|Mo'mor's Holy Hammer|
T ... and My Hammer|QID|34719|M|66.6,68.6|N|To Vindicator Mo'mor|

A The Honor of a Blademaster|QID|34747|M|82.6,46.6|N|From Lantresor of the Blade|
T The Honor of a Blademaster|QID|34747|M|82.6,46.6|N|To Lantresor of the Blade|

A A Lesson in Minerology|QID|34809|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C A Lesson in Minerology|QID|34809|M|65.6,54.8|N|Raging Crusher|
T A Lesson in Minerology|QID|34809|M|71.1,52.4|N|To Gold-O-Matic 9000|

A Gazmolf Futzwangler and the Highmaul Crusade|QID|34810|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Gazmolf Futzwangler and the Highmaul Crusade|QID|34810|M|71.2,52.4|N|To Gazmolf Futzwangler|

A Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|34811|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|34811|M|67.7,51.4|N|Loose Soil|
T Good Help is Hard to Find|QID|34811|M|71.0,52.4|N|To Trixi Leroux|

A Removing the Reinforcements|QID|34877|M|84.0,76.8|N|From Rangari Mirana|
T Removing the Reinforcements|QID|34877|M|63.4,61.8|N|To Rangari D'kaan|

A Earth, Wind and Fire...and Water|QID|34881|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Earth, Wind and Fire...and Water|QID|34881|M|79.4,12.0|N|Unstable Earth Spirit|
T Earth, Wind and Fire...and Water|QID|34881|M|71.4,18.0|N|To Incineratus|

A Guardians of the Plateau|QID|34893|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Guardians of the Plateau|QID|34893|M|81.6,14.6|N|Unstable Earth Guardian|
C Guardians of the Plateau|QID|34893|M|79.6,25.2|N|Corrupted Wind Guardian|
C Guardians of the Plateau|QID|34893|M|66.6,8.6|N|Volatile Flame Guardian|
C Guardians of the Plateau|QID|34893|M|75.2,13.8|N|Tainted Water Guardian|
T Guardians of the Plateau|QID|34893|M|71.4,18.0|N|To Incineratus|

A A Rare Bloom|QID|34894|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C A Rare Bloom|QID|34894|M|70.7,9.9|N|Ember Blossom|
T A Rare Bloom|QID|34894|M|75.0,22.8|N|To Gar'rok|

A Guise of the Deceiver|QID|34932|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Guise of the Deceiver|QID|34932|M|77.8,23.2|N|Challe|
T Guise of the Deceiver|QID|34932|M|75.0,22.8|N|To Gar'rok|

A The Debt We Share|QID|34941|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T The Debt We Share|QID|34941|M|72.6,19.6|N|To Kalandrios|

A An Old Friend|QID|34943|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T An Old Friend|QID|34943|M|75.0,22.8|N|To Gar'rok|

A The Friend o' My Enemy|QID|34952|M|63.4,61.8|N|From Hansel Heavyhands|
C The Friend o' My Enemy|QID|34952|M|85.4,55.6|N|Blademaster Trainee|
C The Friend o' My Enemy|QID|34952|M|87.2,58.0|N|Burning Flameseer|
C The Friend o' My Enemy|QID|34952|M|85.8,56.8|N|Hallvalor Villager|
C The Friend o' My Enemy|QID|34952|M|30.0,16.0|N|Blademaster Trainee|
T The Friend o' My Enemy|QID|34952|M|63.4,61.8|N|To Hansel Heavyhands|

A Lighting The Darkness|QID|35022|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Lighting The Darkness|QID|35022|M|40.4,56.8|N|To Gar'rok|

A Echoes of the Past|QID|35023|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Echoes of the Past|QID|35023|M|37.8,56.2|N|Tormented Echo|
C Echoes of the Past|QID|35023|M|37.4,53.0|N|Tormented Echo|
C Echoes of the Past|QID|35023|M|40.4,68.6|N|Void-Crazed Spirit|
C Echoes of the Past|QID|35023|M|40.4,68.6|N|Void-Crazed Spirit|
T Echoes of the Past|QID|35023|M|40.4,56.6|N|To Dahaka|

A Golmash Hellscream|QID|35024|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Golmash Hellscream|QID|35024|M|37.4,55.6|N|Golmash Hellscream|
T Golmash Hellscream|QID|35024|M|40.4,56.8|N|To Gar'rok|

A Along the Riverside|QID|35059|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Along the Riverside|QID|35059|M|62.0,40.4|N|To Vindicator Yrel|

A Silence the War Machines|QID|35067|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Silence the War Machines|QID|35067|M|62.2,40.4|N|To Captain "Victorious" Chong|

A If They Won't Surrender...|QID|35068|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C If They Won't Surrender...|QID|35068|M|55.6,43.2|N|Warsong Wolf Master|
C If They Won't Surrender...|QID|35068|M|53.6,46.0|N|Nagrand Raider|
C If They Won't Surrender...|QID|35068|M|55.0,44.4|N|Lok-rath Windtamer|
C If They Won't Surrender...|QID|35068|M|55.8,43.0|N|Iron Cannoneer|
T If They Won't Surrender...|QID|35068|M|62.2,40.4|N|To Captain "Victorious" Chong|

A Terror of Nagrand|QID|35069|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C Terror of Nagrand|QID|35069|M|58.0,43.2|N|Shagor|
T Terror of Nagrand|QID|35069|M|62.2,40.4|N|To Captain "Victorious" Chong|

A Disrupt the Rituals|QID|35083|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Disrupt the Rituals|QID|35083|M|55.5,55.9|N|To Shamanstone|

A Silence the Call|QID|35084|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Silence the Call|QID|35084|M|54.2,67.6|N|Warsong Axe-Singer|
C Silence the Call|QID|35084|M|52.2,63.0|N|Warsong Windcaller|
C Silence the Call|QID|35084|M|54.6,67.2|N|Ritualist Kuhlrath|
T Silence the Call|QID|35084|M|55.5,55.9|N|To Shamanstone|

A Through the Nether|QID|35085|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T Through the Nether|QID|35085|M|55.5,55.9|N|To Shamanstone|

A The Void March|QID|35086|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C The Void March|QID|35086|M|51.6,64.8|N|Void Terror|
C The Void March|QID|35086|M|52.0,68.2|N|Void Tendril|
T The Void March|QID|35086|M|55.5,55.9|N|To Shamanstone|

A The Nether Approaches|QID|35087|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T The Nether Approaches|QID|35087|M|55.5,55.9|N|To Shamanstone|

A The Shadow of the Void|QID|35088|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C The Shadow of the Void|QID|35088|M|50.6,70.4|N|Invalidus|
T The Shadow of the Void|QID|35088|M|55.5,55.9|N|To Shamanstone|

A Fragments of the Past|QID|35147|M|50.2,41.2|N|From Sallee Silverclamp|; Neutral
C Fragments of the Past|QID|35147|M|49.9,25.7|N|Highmaul Reliquary|
T Fragments of the Past|QID|35147|M|50.2,41.2|N|To Sallee Silverclamp|

A The Ritual of Binding|QID|35330|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T The Ritual of Binding|QID|35330|M|71.6,19.6|N|To Vindicator Nobundo|

A Elemental Attunement|QID|35333|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C Elemental Attunement|QID|35333|M|67.5,9.2|N|Pillar of Flame|
T Elemental Attunement|QID|35333|M|71.6,19.6|N|To Vindicator Nobundo|

A Shooting the Breeze|QID|35338|M|63.4,61.4|N|From Rangari Laara|
C Shooting the Breeze|QID|35338|M|42.2,70.2|N|Breezestrider Stallion|
T Shooting the Breeze|QID|35338|M|63.4,61.4|N|To Rangari Laara|

A The Warsong Threat|QID|35386|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C The Warsong Threat|QID|35386|M|47.1,56.1|N|Mixed Unit Tactics|
T The Warsong Threat|QID|35386|M|62.0,62.0|N|To Captain Washburn|

A The Fate of Gordawg|QID|35395|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C The Fate of Gordawg|QID|35395|M|43.0,38.2|N|Gordawg|
T The Fate of Gordawg|QID|35395|M|72.6,19.6|N|To Kalandrios|

A The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun|QID|35396|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun|QID|35396|M|48.2,65.2|N|K'ure|
C The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun|QID|35396|M|48.0,65.2|N|Decimatus|
C The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun|QID|35396|M|16.4,66.6|N|K'ure|
C The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun|QID|35396|M|16.6,67.2|N|Decimatus|
T The Dark Heart of Oshu'gun|QID|35396|M|71.6,19.8|N|To Vindicator Nobundo|

A The Pale Threat|QID|35397|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C The Pale Threat|QID|35397|M|56.2,64.6|N|Pale Skulker|
C The Pale Threat|QID|35397|M|53.4,60.2|N|Greyseer|
C The Pale Threat|QID|35397|M|57.6,59.2|N|Pale Subjugator|
C The Pale Threat|QID|35397|M|53.4,61.6|N|Pale Shade|
C The Pale Threat|QID|35397|M|45.8,33.8|N|Pale Skulker|
C The Pale Threat|QID|35397|M|65.8,20.0|N|Greyseer|
C The Pale Threat|QID|35397|M|61.4,41.6|N|Pale Shade|
T The Pale Threat|QID|35397|M|51.2,61.6|N|To Vindicator Nobundo|

A Dark Binding|QID|35398|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
C Dark Binding|QID|35398|M|52.6,61.2|N|Enslaved Earth Spirit|
C Dark Binding|QID|35398|M|57.6,59.2|N|Pale Subjugator|
C Dark Binding|QID|35398|M|54.0,29.2|N|Enslaved Earth Spirit|
T Dark Binding|QID|35398|M|51.2,61.6|N|To Vindicator Nobundo|

A Feline Friends Forever|QID|35596|M|40.4,76.2|N|From Goldmane the Skinner|; Neutral
T Feline Friends Forever|QID|35596|M|40.4,76.2|N|To Goldmane the Skinner|

A A Lesson in Archaeology|QID|35632|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
T A Lesson in Archaeology|QID|35632|M|71.2,52.4|N|To Gazmolf Futzwangler|

A A Lesson in Teamwork|QID|35663|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C A Lesson in Teamwork|QID|35663|M|56.9,37.3|N|Mysterious Artifact|
T A Lesson in Teamwork|QID|35663|M|71.2,52.4|N|To Gazmolf Futzwangler|

A Meatgut Needs Bones|QID|35928|M|78.4,52.4|N|From Meatgut|; Neutral
C Meatgut Needs Bones|QID|35928|M|71.0,45.2|N|Banthar|
T Meatgut Needs Bones|QID|35928|M|78.4,52.4|N|To Meatgut|

A Whacking Weeds|QID|36273|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C Whacking Weeds|QID|36273|M|84.2,25.2|N|Spiteleaf Sprout|
C Whacking Weeds|QID|36273|M|84.0,25.6|N|Spiteleaf Spitter|
C Whacking Weeds|QID|36273|M|86.0,20.4|N|Spiteleaf Squirt|
C Whacking Weeds|QID|36273|M|86.0,20.4|N|Spiteleaf Stabber|
C Whacking Weeds|QID|36273|M|84.2,25.0|N|Spiteleaf Mender|
C Whacking Weeds|QID|36273|M|83.2,22.6|N|King Bippy Bop|
C Whacking Weeds|QID|36273|M|86.2,24.6|N|Spiteleaf Spitter|
C Whacking Weeds|QID|36273|M|87.0,26.4|N|Spiteleaf Stabber|
T Whacking Weeds|QID|36273|M|77.4,47.4|N|To Marybelle Walsh|

A Out of the Shadows|QID|36289|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Out of the Shadows|QID|36289|M|37.8,37.0|N|To Bodrick Grey|

A Wrangling a Wolf|QID|36914|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Wrangling a Wolf|QID|36914|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Talbuk Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|36976|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Talbuk Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|36976|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Talbuk Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|36977|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Talbuk Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|36977|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Talbuk Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|36978|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Talbuk Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|36978|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Talbuk Training: Thundercall|QID|36979|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Talbuk Training: Thundercall|QID|36979|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Talbuk Training: Ironbore|QID|36980|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Talbuk Training: Ironbore|QID|36980|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Talbuk Training: Orc Hunters|QID|36981|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Talbuk Training: Orc Hunters|QID|36981|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Clefthoof Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|36988|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Clefthoof Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|36988|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Clefthoof Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|36989|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Clefthoof Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|36989|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Clefthoof Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|36990|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Clefthoof Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|36990|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Clefthoof Training: Thundercall|QID|36991|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Clefthoof Training: Thundercall|QID|36991|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Clefthoof Training: Ironbore|QID|36992|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Clefthoof Training: Ironbore|QID|36992|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Clefthoof Training: Orc Hunters|QID|36993|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Clefthoof Training: Orc Hunters|QID|36993|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Boar Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|36998|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Boar Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|36998|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Boar Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|36999|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Boar Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|36999|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Boar Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|37000|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Boar Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|37000|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Boar Training: Thundercall|QID|37001|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Boar Training: Thundercall|QID|37001|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Boar Training: Ironbore|QID|37002|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Boar Training: Ironbore|QID|37002|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Boar Training: Orc Hunters|QID|37003|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Boar Training: Orc Hunters|QID|37003|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Boar Training: The Garn|QID|37004|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Boar Training: The Garn|QID|37004|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Riverbeast Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|37007|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Riverbeast Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|37007|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Riverbeast Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|37008|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Riverbeast Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|37008|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Riverbeast Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|37009|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Riverbeast Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|37009|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Riverbeast Training: Thundercall|QID|37010|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Riverbeast Training: Thundercall|QID|37010|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Riverbeast Training: Ironbore|QID|37011|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Riverbeast Training: Ironbore|QID|37011|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Riverbeast Training: Orc Hunters|QID|37012|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Riverbeast Training: Orc Hunters|QID|37012|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Riverbeast Training: The Garn|QID|37013|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Riverbeast Training: The Garn|QID|37013|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Elekk Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|37015|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Elekk Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|37015|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Elekk Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|37016|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Elekk Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|37016|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Elekk Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|37017|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Elekk Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|37017|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Elekk Training: Thundercall|QID|37018|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Elekk Training: Thundercall|QID|37018|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Elekk Training: Ironbore|QID|37019|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Elekk Training: Ironbore|QID|37019|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Elekk Training: Orc Hunters|QID|37020|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Elekk Training: Orc Hunters|QID|37020|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Elekk Training: The Garn|QID|37021|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Elekk Training: The Garn|QID|37021|M|39.8,56.6|N|To Keegan Firebeard|

A Wolf Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|37022|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Wolf Training: Cruel Ogres|QID|37022|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Wolf Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|37023|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Wolf Training: Darkwing Roc|QID|37023|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Wolf Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|37024|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Wolf Training: Moth of Wrath|QID|37024|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Wolf Training: Thundercall|QID|37025|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Wolf Training: Thundercall|QID|37025|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Wolf Training: Ironbore|QID|37026|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Wolf Training: Ironbore|QID|37026|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Wolf Training: Orc Hunters|QID|37027|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Wolf Training: Orc Hunters|QID|37027|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A Wolf Training: The Garn|QID|37028|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|
T Wolf Training: The Garn|QID|37028|M|40.0,56.8|N|To Fanny Firebeard|

A A Rare Find|QID|37125|M|50.2,41.2|N|From Sallee Silverclamp|; Neutral
C A Rare Find|QID|37125|M|49.9,25.7|N|Highmaul Reliquary|
T A Rare Find|QID|37125|M|50.2,41.2|N|To Sallee Silverclamp|

A The Dead Do Not Forget...|QID|37318|M|0.0,0.0|N|From ?|; Neutral
C The Dead Do Not Forget...|QID|37318|M|78.2,25.4|N|Ancient Snarlpaw Skull|
T The Dead Do Not Forget...|QID|37318|M|79.7,30.2|N|To Boneseer's Cauldron|




Last step doesn't seem to validate


The last step (D Thanks) does not seem to validate. Not sure why, I only fixed a spelling error in the note. Unless the error was deliberate.


edit: Looked at the code, there does not seem to be a DefineTag for D in the Parser.

edit2: No can't be it, first tag is not validated. Validation starts at next one.

Edit3: Leaves QidVerify it will return an error when the QID evaluates to 0. And explains the matter, just weird that the error did not show up before. Since I did not change it.


Choose Wisely

Choose wisely... if you don't, it'll cost you 10,000 Gold! (yep, you read that right, ten thousand gold!)

Emmaleah's picture

so ... did you?

That is the case for all the outposts. And in beta, changing didnt give you access to the other quest line (the only reason I can think to be worth changing) That of course doesnt matter in Nagrand, since the quest line is the same.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

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But it certainly is a huge deal in Gorgrond, as the choice locks out half the quests in the zone. I wish the game had been much more clear on that, I would never have chosen the lumbermill. Fighting the Iron Horde (and finally meet Rexxar again for crying out loud!) is far more important imo than running aimlessly through that jungle with a surly Dwarf. I already made a suggestion ingame to inform the player a lot better that the choice will affect much more than which garrison blueprint they get. 

Life isn't like a box of chocolates, it's more like a jar of jalapeños: What you do today might burn your a** tomorrow.


Giving up on Nagrand.

Now a WoWPro Events.lua error... I think it's a sign to give up on Nagrand!

Date: 2014-11-17 12:37:37
ID: 1
Error occured in: Global
Count: 1
Message: ..\AddOns\WoWPro\WoWPro_Events.lua line 326:
attempt to index field 'leaderBoard' (a nil value)
WoWPro\WoWPro_Events.lua:326: UpdateQuestTracker()
WoWPro\WoWPro_Parser.lua:746: RowUpdate()
WoWPro\WoWPro_Broker.lua:259: rowContentUpdate()
(tail call): ?
[C]: ?
[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:9:
[string "safecall Dispatcher[1]"]:5
(tail call): ?
...nterface\AddOns\Ace3\AceBucket-3.0\AceBucket-3.0.lua:118: func()

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Giving up on Nagrand.

Now this is an interesting crash.

If you were on a quest with no objectives and we had a C step with no QO tag or a bad QO tag, this would blow up.

Do you happen to remember which quest you were on, so I can confirm my theory?

Either way, I need to fix this!

That could explain it

That could explain it. I did at one point have the following in my guide:

C Mo'mor Might Know |QID|34716|N|...|

This quest doesn't have any objectives, no QO tag, and I soon removed it from my guide - at which point, it's possible to have been the time when I stopped having that error :)

Now TomTom Won't Work

Now TomTom won't show the |M| coords in this zone, was working fine in other zones, I can type in /way 0 0 and get it to show up, but it just won't show WoWPro's Coords when I go through the Nagrand zone.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Now TomTom Won't Work

Sorry about that, the zone name now needs "@Draenor" at the end since "Nagrand" now refers to the original in outland.

Nagrand@Draenor now works at

Nagrand@Draenor now works at displaying the right waypoint arrow


My chat is now spammed with a million lines of WoWPro: Step XXX has a bad Z|Nagrand@Draenor| tag.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

has a bad Z|Nagrand@Draenor| tag.

Are you using a version of the addon before 6.0.3B?  I updated the mapping system on Saturday to fix that problem.


Auto Update

Hard to keep up without an auto-update in Curse and WoWInterface.

I had 6.0.3A, so I'll get 6.0.3B and try again :)

Temporary Fix

I've now done a temporary fix for myself, I changed
local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('LudoNagrand', 'Leveling', 'Nagrand', 'Ludovicus', 'Alliance')
local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('LudoNagrand', 'Leveling', '950', 'Ludovicus', 'Alliance')
Now the waypoint arrows work AND I don't get an error message :)

Horde instead of Alliance?

Is this the Horde guide, it doesn't match what you do for Alliance.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: Horde instead of Alliance?

It is a guide populated with alliance and neutral quests from the Nagrand zone that I scraped off a certain website.

It is not a usable guide yet.  I added this so people understand this:

N Warning!|QID|0|N|This guide is not usable. It has never been played through and is currently a random collection of quests.|

I am still finishing up Talador and then I will quickly go though Emmaleah's Spires guide and then start work on this one.