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Source Code

local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide("LarePetTamersDrae","Dailies","Draenor","Larenon","Neutral")
WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,1, 90, 45)
WoWPro.Dailies:GuideNameAndCategory(guide,"Battle Pet Tamers of Draenor","Pets")
WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function()

N Disclaimer|QID|37205|N|Please note that I just did the coding of this guide, the actual strategies are the work of the awesome Hazelnuttygames from Youtube (except Vesharr as noted in the relevant part of the guide). Absolutely worth checking out her channel, just saying...|
N General Notes|QID|37205|N|We will do a full circle and visit all the pet tamers of Draenor. We'll do each tamer with 2 pets, so for the third slot, you can have any pet you'd like to level along the way. For maximum effect, a Safari Hat and a Lesser Pet Treat is advised. The guide checks for these buffs, but if you don't want to apply them, just skip the buff check steps when they come up.|
N General Notes|QID|37205|N|Steps describing the battle strategies will not auto-complete in the guide, you have to manually complete them by right clicking as you go.|
N Buff check|BUFF|158486|N|Warning! It seems your Safari Hat is not on! You can leave your hat on! Put it on from your Toy Collection or you can right click this step to skip.|
U Buff check|BUFF|142204|U|98112|N|Warning! It seems you forgot to apply your Lesser Pet Treat! Press the icon next to this step to use it now, or you can right click this step to skip.|
F Exile's Rise|N|Fly to Exile's Rise.|
A Ashlei|QID|37203|M|50.0,31.2|Z|Shadowmoon Valley@Draenor|N|From Ashlei|
N Pets needed|QID|37203|N|Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1/1/2)\nLevel Pet\nDarkmoon Zeppelin (1/1/2)|
N Strategy|QID|37203|N|1) Start with Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.\n2) Decoy\n3) Breath spam until Pixiebell dies.\n4) Switch in your Level Pet.\n5) Once the round resolves switch back to Dragonling|
N Strategy|QID|37203|N|1) Bombing Run\n2) Breath spam until Tally dies.\n3) Use Decoy after Stampede if Tally is still alive.\n4) Kill the poor, defenseless plushie, Doodle with whatever you want. :-(|
T Ashlei|QID|37203|M|50.0,31.2|Z|Shadowmoon Valley@Draenor|N|To Ashlei|
F Veil Terokk|N|Fly to Veil Terokk.|M|45.57,25.40|Z|Shadowmoon Valley@Draenor|
A Vesharr|QID|37207|M|46.2,45.4|Z|Spires of Arak|N|From Vesharr|
N Pets needed|QID|37207|N|Level Pet\nChrominius (2/2/2)\nMechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1/2/2)\nThis strategy is from Sybreedx from|
N Strategy|QID|37207|N|1) Start with the pet you're going to level.\n2) After the round resolves, switch to Chrominius.|
N Strategy|QID|37207|N|1) Spam Arcane Explosion\n2) Around half health, use Ancient Blessing.\n3) Use Ancient Blessing on cooldown and spam Arcane Explosion.\n4) When Chrominius dies switch to Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.|
N Strategy|QID|37207|N|1) Use Decoy when the Apexis Guardian uses Entangling Roots.\n2) Thunderbolt on cooldown\n3) Spam Breath|
T Vesharr|QID|37207|M|46.2,45.4|Z|Spires of Arak|N|To Vesharr|
F Retribution Point|N|Fly to Retribution Point.|M|46.2,44|Z|Spires of Arak|
A Taralune|QID|37208|M|49.0,80.4|Z|Talador|N|From Taralune|
N Pets needed|QID|37208|N|Chrominius (2/2/2)\nLevel Pet(w/ 900+ health or 1100+ if it's Aquatic or Flying)\nNexus Whelpling (1/2/2)|
N Strategy|QID|37208|N|1) Arcane Explosion\n2) Ancient Blessing (from now on, use it on cooldown)\n3) Spam Arcane Explosion\n4) Surge of Power when you are unable to endure 2 more attacks. You have to wing it a little here and do the math: Serendipity's Counterspell does 200ish damage, Feedback does about 400 and Cocoon Strike about 150.\nSo for example if you are under 800ish health and Serendipity only has Feedback off-cooldown, you do Surge of Power.\n5) When Chrominius dies switch in the level pet.\n6) After the round resolves, switch in the Whelpling.|
N Strategy|QID|37208|N|1) Arcane Storm\n2) Mana Surge|
T Taralune|QID|37208|M|49.0,80.4|Z|Talador|N|To Taralune|
F Nagrand|N|Fly to Rilzit's Holdfast.|M|42,76.8|Z|Talador|
R The way to Tarr|M|56.11,23.12;56.98,18.16;55.99,17.12|CS|Z|Nagrand@Draenor|N|Follow these waypoints to Tarr.|
A Tarr the Terrible|QID|37206|M|56.2,9.8|Z|Nagrand@Draenor|N|From Tarr|
N Pets needed|QID|37206|N|Level Pet(w/ 900+ health)\nScooter the Snail (2/2/1) OR Any snail you have w/ the highest Power stat\nMr. Grubbs (2/1/1) OR Any Maggot with Consume and Leap|
N Strategy|QID|37206|N|1) Start with Level Pet\n2) Switch in the Snail when the round resolves.|
N Strategy|QID|37206|N|1) Shell Shield\n2) Spam Absorb and keep Shell Shield up\n3) When Scorched Earth falls off, don't bother renewing Shell Shield anymore.\n4) Use Dive when Gladiator Murkimus uses Heroic Leap.\n5) When the Snail dies, bring in Mr. Grubbs.|
N Strategy|QID|37206|N|Repeat the following rotation until everything dies:\nA) Leap\nB) Consume|
T Tarr the Terrible|QID|37206|M|56.2,9.8|Z|Nagrand@Draenor|N|To Tarr|
F Deeproot|N|Fly to Deeproot.|M|50.6,30.6|Z|Nagrand@Draenor|
R The way to Cymre|M|49.83,75.08;51.51,71.35|CS|Z|Gorgrond|N|Follow these waypoints to Cymre.|
A Cymre Brightblade|QID|37201|M|51.0,70.6|Z|Gorgrond|N|From Cymre|
N Pets needed|QID|37201|N|Level Pet (should be high level)\nAnubisath Idol (1/1/1)\nMechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1/2/2)|
N Strategy|QID|37201|N|Start with the pet you're going to level and after the round resolves, switch to Anubisath Idol.|
N Strategy|QID|37201|N|Follow this sequence until Idol of Decay dies:\n1) Sandstorm on cooldown\n2) Spam Crush\n3) Deflection (basically when he has Rot off cooldown you need to cast Deflection to prevent it)\n4) Be careful if he casts Dark Rebirth, do not kill it, Pass the turn instead.\n5) Try to ensure that your Deflection is off cooldown when he dies.|
N Strategy|QID|37201|N|Follow this sequence until Wishbright Lantern dies:\n1) Deflection\n2) Sandstorm (from now on, use it on cooldown)\n3) Spam Crush and use Deflection against his Arcane Blast.\n4) When Anubisath dies, switch in the Dragonling.\n5) Thunderbolt\n6) Spam Breath until the enemy dies.\n7) Save your Decoy for the 3rd pet!|
N Strategy|QID|37201|N|Follow this sequence until Gyrexle, the Eternal Mechanic dies:\n1) Decoy\n2) Thunderbolt (from now on, use it on cooldown)\n3) Spam Breath until the enemy dies.|
T Cymre Brightblade|QID|37201|M|51.0,70.6|Z|Gorgrond|N|To Cymre|
F Iron Siegeworks|N|Fly to Iron Siegeworks.|M|46.4,76.6|Z|Gorgrond|
R The way through the rockfall|M|84.7,59.83;79.36,56.65;79.30,55.64;78.94,55.46;78.62,55.51;78.33,54.83;71.9,57.64|CS|Z|Frostfire Ridge|N|Go through the rockfall by following these waypoints.|
A Gargra|QID|37205|M|68.6,64.6|Z|Frostfire Ridge|N|From Gargra|
N Pets needed|QID|37205|N|Cogblade Raptor w/ Speed 260+ (2/1/1)\nLevel Pet\nDarkmoon Zeppelin (1/1/2)|
N Strategy|QID|37205|N|1) Start with Cogblade Raptor\n2) Exposed Wounds\n3) Spam Batter until Wolfus is dead.|
N Strategy|QID|37205|N|1) Overtune\n2) Exposed Wounds\n3) Repeat\nA) Overtune\nB) Batter\n until Fangra is dead.|
N Strategy|QID|37205|N|1) Exposed Wounds\n2) Spam Batter until your Raptor dies.\n3) Switch in Level Pet\n4) When the round resolves, switch in the Zeppelin.\n5) Bombing Run\n6) Spam Missile\n7) Use Decoy when Wolfgar uses Howl.|
T Gargra|QID|37205|M|68.6,64.6|Z|Frostfire Ridge|N|To Gargra|
N End of Guide|N|You've reached the end of the guide! This guide will automatically reset when the dailies reset, or you can reset it manually by right-clicking this window's titlebar or frame.|

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rpotor's picture

Sorry, I was out of WoW for a

Sorry, I was out of WoW for a while now, just noticed these pet battle code upgrades. Awesome! :-) However I got two questions, after testing the new and improved guide:

1) Can we somehow also make a level test built into the code? For example, Cymre has two strategies now. Addon chose first team, because I have all the pets for that strategy. However I was kinda surprised when the battle started and I faced Cymre with a common and an uncommon pet, one of them level 5 and the other level 11. I'm all for Mythic level pet battles, but still that looks like a little bit hardcore. :-)) So can we test for a minimum level of a certain pet before it is "accepted" by the addon logic for a given strategy?

2) How does the Leveling logic works? So when you put a pet into a strategy as "Leveling" how does the addon decides which pet to choose? Can the user maybe set-up a desired level up queue, which the addon would check first, before defaulting to its built-in logic?

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Re: level test built into the code

Urp!   That was an omission on my part.  Just like the leveling pets are selected to have a certain amount of health before the qualify for a battle, I can add the requirements for the non-leveling pets to be L>24, if no limits are specified.

Consider it done for the next update.

As for the leveling logic, it scans for all pets that meet the limit test for the leveling pet specification.  For Cymre it is H>500U, which means it needs to be able to take 500 Undead damage.  It then ranks all pets passing that test and then sorts them according to the sum of health, power and speed and then picks the worst.

Oh, and if the pet is named "Leveling" it is supposed to be given preference if it is eligible.   But this does not work right now.

Emmaleah's picture

Pet Battles

As to your point 2...

I find rematch to be a marvelous addon for the actual teams and strategies.  I dont know that we need to reinvent the queue and all of the very nifty concepts incorporated in that addon.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

rpotor's picture

I use Rematch too, and it

I use Rematch too, and it would be all kinds of awesome if the Rematch level up queue could somehow be pulled into WoW-Pro. My first thought was to suggest exactly that, but then I also thought maybe it would be an overkill, since pet battles I think are not the main focus of the addon. The solution Ludovicus mentioned above where you would be able to name level up pets as "Leveling" and then the addon would try choosing from them is a very good compromise and maybe it needs less developer time to implement.

Ludovicus_Maior's picture

Better Pet Battles


Thanks for all the hard work you have put into these guides.
As you note, they don't auto-complete and could could be better suportted by the addon.

How about this:

! Brutus/Ruckus|NPC|85561;85655|QID|-85561|
C Iron Starlette/Darkmoon Zepplin|QID|-85561|PET1|Iron Starlette;77221;1+1+1|PET2|Darkmoon Zepplin;85561;1+1+2|PET3|Leveling;;;L>20|STRATEGY|IS/DZ|
C Iron Starlette|QID|-85561|STRATEGY|IS/DZ|N|Brutus:\n1: Windup\m2: Supercharge (kill Brutus)\n3:Windup (and die)|SELECT|PET1|DEAD|PET1|
C Darkmoon Zepplin|QID|-85561|STRATEGY|IS/DZ|N|Rukus:\n1: Bombing Run\m2: Missle\n3:Missle (and die)|SELECT|PET2|DEAD|PET2|
C Leveling Pet|QID|-85561|STRATEGY|IS/DZ|N|Leveling:\n1: Best Damage\n2: Best Damage\n3: Bomb Hits|SELECT|PET3|DEAD|85655|WIN|

C Lil' Bling/Darkmoon Zeppelin|QID|-85561|PET1|Lil' Bling;73011;2+2+2|PET2|Darkmoon Zeppelin;55367;1+2+2|PET3|Leveling|STRATEGY|LB/DZ|


The sequence of events would be as follows:

  1. The '!' step says that if you left click on Brutus or Ruckus, that we pretend quest -85561 is active. the NPC ids for the whole team are listed.
  2. Now that quest -85561 is active, the other lines with |QID|-85561| become live.
  3. The next line tests to see if you have a Iron Starlette and a Darkmoon Zepplin. If you do, it sets them up with the appropriate abilities and then sets the STRATEGY to being "IS/DZ", activating the next step. If this step is now skipped, then the next PET spec line would be activated, like the Bling Zepplin line.
  4. The next step makes sure PET1 is SELECTed and completes when PET1 is DEAD.
  5. The next step SELECTs PET2 and completes when PET2 is DEAD.
  6. The next step makes sure PET3 is SELECTed and completes when we WIN. If we dont WIN, it resets completion on all steps with this strategy and lets you try again.
What do y'sll think?

Ludovicus_Maior's picture


This code works now:

function WoWPro.PetLoadTest()
    WoWPro.PetLoadAndPick(1, 68662,{1,2,1}) -- Chrominius
    WoWPro.PetLoadAndPick(2, 66950,{2,1,2}) -- Pandaren Water Spirit
    WoWPro.PetLoadAndPick(3, 71163,{1,1,2}) -- Unborn Val'kyr

It loads three pets of the given NPC id, and sets their abilities.
So I have all the basic building blocks and the hooks into the API.