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Because time is so short. Im posting what I have and moving on... This has very little refinement, but I hope someone will test it :)  I have not yet made a check for missing rare (silver elites) I am sure there are a few.  I have almost no treasure items in the guide because I only found a few and didnt find QID's for the ones I did find. I did not run thru it with alliance, so there could be a couple of problems there too.


local guide = WoWPro:RegisterGuide('EmmAzsuna', 'Leveling', 'Azsuna', 'Emmaleah', 'Neutral') WoWPro:GuideLevels(guide,98, 105) WoWPro:GuideNextGuide(guide, nil) WoWPro:GuideSteps(guide, function() return [[

T Paradise Lost|QID|39718|M|72.51,45.66|Z|Dalaran|N|To Archmage Khadgar.|
A Down to Azsuna|QID|41220|M|72.51,45.66|Z|Dalaran|N|From Archmage Khadgar.|
C Down to Azsuna|QID|41220|QO|1|M|72.51,45.66|Z|Dalaran|N|Fly down with Khadgar.|
T Down to Azsuna|QID|41220|M|45.11,42.92|Z|Azsuna|N|To Archmage Khadgar.|
A Into the Fray|QID|38834|M|45.11,42.92|Z|Azsuna|N|From Archmage Khadgar.|
f Illidari Stand|QID|41220|M|44.59,43.85|Z|Azsuna|N|At Izal Whitemoon.|
T Into the Fray|QID|38834|M|43.55,43.45|Z|Azsuna|N|To Kayn Sunfury.|
A Demon Souls|QID|37653|M|43.29,43.16|Z|Azsuna|N|From Allari the Souleater.|
A Reignite the Wards|QID|37658|M|43.15,43.60|Z|Azsuna|N|From Jace Darkweaver.|
C Demon Souls|QID|37653|U|122100|QO|1|M|41.58,44.85|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill demons as you go and use the gem to trap their souls.|S|
C Reignite the Wards|QID|37658|QO|3|M|42.20,43.32|Z|Azsuna|N|Click the North Ward to reignite.|
C Reignite the Wards|QID|37658|QO|2|M|41.86,44.89|Z|Azsuna|N|Click the West Ward to reignite.|
C Reignite the Wards|QID|37658|QO|1|M|42.24,46.42|Z|Azsuna|N|Click the South Ward to reignite.|
C Demon Souls|QID|37653|U|122100|QO|1|M|42.24,46.42|Z|Azsuna|N|Finish up killing demons and use the gem to trap their souls.|US|
T Reignite the Wards|QID|37658|M|43.14,43.60|Z|Azsuna|N|To Jace Darkweaver.|
T Demon Souls|QID|37653|M|43.28,43.16|Z|Azsuna|N|To Allari the Souleater.|
A The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|M|43.28,43.16|Z|Azsuna|N|From Allari the Souleater.|
C The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|QO|1|M|44.38,44.63|Z|Azsuna|N|Chat with Allari|CHAT|
C The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|QO|2|M|44.56,44.73|Z|Azsuna|N|Click on the crystal to release the demon soul.|NC|
C The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|QO|3|M|44.56,44.73|Z|Azsuna|N|Wait a moment for the dialog.|NC|
C The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|QO|4|M|44.23,44.84|Z|Azsuna|N|Click on the crystal to release the demon soul.|NC|
C The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|QO|5|M|44.35,44.73|Z|Azsuna|N|Wait a moment for the dialog.|NC|
C The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|QO|6|M|44.40,44.69|Z|Azsuna|N|Click on the crystal to enter.|NC|
C The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|QO|7|M|44.40,44.69|Z|Azsuna|N|Fight Arev'naal.|T|Questioner Arev'naal|
C The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|QO|8|M|44.26,44.14|Z|Azsuna|N|Click on the crystal to leave.|NC|
C The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|QO|9|M|43.38,43.36|Z|Azsuna|N|Meet back up with Allari|NC|
T The Scythe of Souls|QID|37660|M|43.29,43.16|Z|Azsuna|N|To Allari the Souleater.|
A From Within|QID|36920|M|43.56,43.46|Z|Azsuna|N|From Kayn Sunfury.|
T From Within|QID|36920|M|41.24,50.50|Z|Azsuna|N|To Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|
A Retake Faronaar|QID|36811|M|41.24,50.50|Z|Azsuna|N|From Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|
C Retake Faronaar|QID|36811|M|40.05,48.80|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill demons and click on the glowing items as you accomplish the other objectives.|S|
A Fel Machinations|QID|37656|M|40.05,48.80|Z|Azsuna|N|From Kor'vas Bloodthorn who will show up and follow you around.|
A Saving Stellagosa|QID|37450|M|40.05,48.80|Z|Azsuna|N|From Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|
C Fel Machinations|QID|37656|M|40.05,48.80|Z|Azsuna|N|Free the prisoners as you go.|S|
C Saving Stellagosa|QID|37450|QO|1|M|38.45,56.65|N|Stellagosa is here.|
C Saving Stellagosa|QID|37450|QO|2|M|0,0|N|Kill and Loot Lykill to get the key to Stellagosa's bonds.|T|Overseer Lykill|
C Saving Stellagosa|QID|37450|QO|3|M|0,0|N|Click on the locks to free Stellagosa.|
C Saving Stellagosa|QID|37450|QO|4|M|0,0|N|Click on the other two locks to finish freeing Stellagosa.|
T Saving Stellagosa|QID|37450|M|36.27,49.03|Z|Azsuna|N|To Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|
T Fel Machinations|QID|37656|M|36.27,49.03|Z|Azsuna|N|To Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|
A Dark Revelations|QID|37449|M|36.27,49.03|Z|Azsuna|N|From Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|
C Dark Revelations|QID|37449|QO|1|M|35.54,52.50|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill Nightglaive the Traitor.|T|Nightglaive the Traitor|
C Retake Faronaar|QID|36811|M|35.11,52.90|Z|Azsuna|N|If you havent already, finish this up.|US|
C Dark Revelations|QID|37449|QO|2|M|35.11,52.90|Z|Azsuna|N|Click on Stellagosa for a ride back to Illidari Stand (Optional).|
C Dark Revelations|QID|37449|QO|3|M|43.57,43.28|Z|Azsuna|N|Meet back at Illidari Stand.|
T Dark Revelations|QID|37449|M|43.56,43.46|Z|Azsuna|N|To Kayn Sunfury.|
A Journey to the Repose|QID|38443|M|43.55,43.42|Z|Azsuna|N|From Archmage Khadgar.|

R Azurewing Repose|QID|38443|M|40.85,36.59;47.71,28.60|Z|Azsuna|N|Ride to Azurewing Repose.|
f Azurewing Repose|QID|38443|M|48.43,28.08|Z|Azsuna|N|At Dagrona.|
T Journey to the Repose|QID|38443|M|47.94,27.19|Z|Azsuna|N|To Archmage Khadgar.|
A The Death of the Eldest|QID|37853|M|47.94,27.19|Z|Azsuna|N|From Archmage Khadgar.|
C The Death of the Eldest|QID|37853|QO|1|M|50.87,24.40|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill Leyworms and loot.|
C The Death of the Eldest|QID|37853|QO|2|M|48.06,26.66|Z|Azsuna|N|Throw crystals into Senegos's pool.|
T The Death of the Eldest|QID|37853|M|47.95,27.15|Z|Azsuna|N|To Stellagosa.|
A Agapanthus|QID|37991|M|47.99,27.13|Z|Azsuna|N|From Emmigosa.|
C Agapanthus|QID|37991|QO|1|M|48.77,26.40|Z|Azsuna|N|Investigate the visitors|
T Agapanthus|QID|37991|M|48.91,26.40|Z|Azsuna|N|To Agapanthus.|
A Their Dying Breaths|QID|42271|M|48.91,26.40|Z|Azsuna|N|From Agapanthus.|
C Their Dying Breaths|QID|42271|QO|1|M|49.28,25.22|Z|Azsuna|N|These are ground spawn|
C Their Dying Breaths|QID|42271|QO|2|M|48.92,26.50|Z|Azsuna|N|Click on the Whelpling to revive them.|
C Their Dying Breaths|QID|42271|QO|3|M|48.93,26.46|Z|Azsuna|N|And one more whelpling.|
T Their Dying Breaths|QID|42271|M|47.87,26.89|Z|Azsuna|N|To Senegos.|
A Those Who Remember|QID|37690|M|47.87,26.89|Z|Azsuna|N|From Senegos.|
A The Last of the Last|QID|37855|M|47.87,26.89|Z|Azsuna|N|From Senegos.|
T The Last of the Last|QID|37855|M|49.13,16.57|Z|Azsuna|N|To Projection of Senegos.|
A The Withered|QID|37856|M|48.62,16.52|Z|Azsuna|N|From Agapanthus.|
A The Consumed|QID|37859|M|49.39,15.54|Z|Azsuna|N|From Mana-Drained Whelpling.|
C The Consumed|QID|37859|QO|1|M|49.61,15.38|Z|Azsuna|N|Dim Ley Crystal|
A Runas the Shamed|QID|37957|M|46.59,15.88|Z|Azsuna|N|From Stellagosa.|
C The Consumed|QID|37859|QO|2|M|44.49,16.50|Z|Azsuna|N|Mana-Drained Whelpling revived.|
C Runas the Shamed|QID|37957|QO|1|M|42.98,17.53|Z|Azsuna|N|Slay Runas the Shamed.|
C The Withered|QID|37856|QO|1|M|44.83,17.04|Z|Azsuna|N|12/12 Withered slain|
C Runas the Shamed|QID|37957|QO|2|M|48.60,16.35|Z|Azsuna|N|1/1 Escort Runas to Senegos|
T The Withered|QID|37856|M|48.62,16.48|Z|Azsuna|N|To Agapanthus.|
T The Consumed|QID|37859|M|49.12,16.54|Z|Azsuna|N|To Projection of Senegos.|
T Runas the Shamed|QID|37957|M|49.12,16.54|Z|Azsuna|N|To Projection of Senegos.|
A Runas Knows the Way|QID|37857|M|49.22,16.08|Z|Azsuna|N|From Runas the Shamed.|
C Runas Knows the Way|QID|37857|QO|1|M|53.50,16.68|Z|Azsuna|N|Follow Runas|
T Runas Knows the Way|QID|37857|M|53.38,16.21|Z|Azsuna|N|To Projection of Senegos.|
A Those Beyond Redemption|QID|37963|M|53.38,16.21|Z|Azsuna|N|From Projection of Senegos.|
A Leyline Abuse|QID|37960|M|53.38,16.21|Z|Azsuna|N|From Projection of Senegos.|
A The Hunger Returns|QID|37959|M|53.78,16.82|Z|Azsuna|N|From Runas the Shamed.|
C The Hunger Returns|QID|37959|QO|1|M|55.62,17.50|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill and loot the xxx for their charged mana jewels.|US|
C Leyline Abuse|QID|37960|QO|2|M|56.68,17.60|Z|Azsuna|T|Ishkaneth|
C Leyline Abuse|QID|37960|QO|1|M|57.68,15.94|Z|Azsuna|T|Tyndrissen|
R Treasure chest|QID|37960|M|55.56,18.65|N|Click on this ley portal to be teleported to the top of the building where you will find a treasure chest containing an item and some resources.|
C The Hunger Returns|QID|37959|QO|1|M|55.62,17.50|Z|Azsuna|N|Finish up collecting the charged mana jewels.|S|
T Those Beyond Redemption|QID|37963|M|55.47,16.63|Z|Azsuna|
T The Hunger Returns|QID|37959|M|53.78,16.80|Z|Azsuna|N|To Runas the Shamed.|
T Leyline Abuse|QID|37960|M|53.37,16.24|Z|Azsuna|N|To Projection of Senegos.|
A The Nightborne Prince|QID|37861|M|53.37,16.24|Z|Azsuna|N|From Projection of Senegos.|
A You Scratch My Back...|QID|37860|M|53.77,16.81|Z|Azsuna|N|From Runas the Shamed.|
C You Scratch My Back...|QID|37860|QO|3|M|55.49,13.64|Z|Azsuna|N|Click on your special action button to send in the whelplings to disable the northern mana pylon.|
C You Scratch My Back...|QID|37860|QO|2|M|55.84,14.57|Z|Azsuna|N|Click on your special action button to send in the whelplings to disable the central mana pylon.|
C You Scratch My Back...|QID|37860|QO|1|M|56.00,14.75|Z|Azsuna|N|Click on your special action button to send in the whelplings to disable the southern mana pylon.|
C You Scratch My Back...|QID|37860|QO|4|M|56.90,14.01|Z|Azsuna|N|Click on your special action button to send in the whelplings to disable the eastern mana pylon.|
T You Scratch My Back...|QID|37860|M|56.90,14.01|Z|Azsuna|N|To UI Alert.|
R Treasure chest|QID|37861|M|57.89,12.23|Z|Azsuna|N|Treasure chest containing items and resources.|
C The Nightborne Prince|QID|37861|QO|1|M|56.12,13.3; 57.58,12.44|Z|Azsuna|N|Stairway up to Ael'Yith starts here.|T|Ael'Yith|
T The Nightborne Prince|QID|37861|M|57.55,13.52|Z|Azsuna|N|To Stellagosa.|
A Still Alive|QID|37862|M|57.55,13.52|Z|Azsuna|N|After you accept the quest from Stellagosa, hop on for a ride back to Azurewing Repose.|
T Still Alive|QID|37862|M|49.92,26.55|Z|Azsuna|N|To Stellagosa after she lands.|
A On the Brink|QID|38015|M|49.92,26.55|Z|Azsuna|N|From Stellagosa.|
U Learn the companion|U|129178|QID|38015|N|Click to add Emmigosa to your pet journal.|
A Feasting on the Dragon|QID|38014|M|49.65,26.80|Z|Azsuna|N|From Archmage Khadgar.|
C Feasting on the Dragon|QID|38014|QO|1|M|48.53,27.61|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill Withered as you find the dragons that need healing.|S|
C On the Brink|QID|38015|U|138146|QO|2|M|47.24,26.42|Z|Azsuna|N|1/1 Heal Kharmeera|
C On the Brink|QID|38015|U|138146|QO|1|M|48.65,27.92|Z|Azsuna|N|1/1 Heal Cedonu|
C On the Brink|QID|38015|U|138146|QO|3|M|47.99,27.14|Z|Azsuna|N|1/1 Heal Emmigosa|
C On the Brink|QID|38015|U|138146|QO|4|M|49.65,25.07|Z|Azsuna|N|1/1 Heal Berazus|
C Feasting on the Dragon|QID|38014|QO|1|M|48.53,27.61|Z|Azsuna|N|Finish killing Withered.|US|
T Feasting on the Dragon|QID|38014|M|49.65,26.83|Z|Azsuna|N|To Archmage Khadgar.|
T On the Brink|QID|38015|M|49.94,26.56|Z|Azsuna|N|To Stellagosa.|
A Cursed to Wither|QID|42567|M|49.94,26.56|Z|Azsuna|N|From Stellagosa.|
T Cursed to Wither|QID|42567|M|48.26,22.78|Z|Azsuna|N|To Runas the Shamed.|
A Hunger's End|QID|42756|M|48.26,22.78|Z|Azsuna|N|From Runas the Shamed.|
C Hunger's End|QID|42756|QO|1|M|48.39,26.79|Z|Azsuna|N|Orbyth slain|
C Hunger's End|QID|42756|QO|2|M|48.39,26.79|Z|Azsuna|N|Ael'Yith slain|
T Hunger's End|QID|42756|M|47.86,26.12|Z|Azsuna|N|To Senegos.|

T Those Who Remember|QID|37690|M|48.38,34.56|Z|Azsuna|N|To Nightwatcher Idri.|
A They Came From the Sea|QID|37256|M|48.38,34.56|Z|Azsuna|N|From Nightwatcher Idri.|
C They Came From the Sea|QID|37256|QO|2|M|47.52,37.80|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill naga as you accomplish the other objectives.|S|
K Kill Valiyaka|T|Valiyaka the Stormbringer|M|47.41, 34.37|Z|Azsuna|N|silver elite -- drops resources first time you kill her.|
C They Came From the Sea|QID|37256|T|Fathom-Commander Zarrin|QO|2|M|47.52,37.80|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill and loot the commander's head.|
C They Came From the Sea|QID|37256|QO|2|M|47.52,37.80|Z|Azsuna|N|Finish killing naga.|US|
T They Came From the Sea|QID|37256|M|48.39,34.54|Z|Azsuna|N|To Nightwatcher Idri.|
A Prince Farondis|QID|37733|M|48.39,34.54|Z|Azsuna|N|From Nightwatcher Idri.|
R Drowned Palace|QID|37733|M|46.97,41.25|Z|Azsuna|N|Ride over to the Drowned Palace.|
T Prince Farondis|QID|37733|M|46.97,41.25|Z|Azsuna|N|To Nightwatcher Idri.|
A Our Very Bones|QID|37257|M|47.00,41.36|Z|Azsuna|N|From Prince Farondis.|
A A Rather Long Walk|QID|37492|M|47.06,41.47|Z|Azsuna|N|From Lady Irisse.|
A The Magister of Mixology|QID|37727|M|47.12,41.42|Z|Azsuna|N|From Magister Garuhod.|
A Presentation is Everything|QID|37728|M|47.12,41.42|Z|Azsuna|N|From Magister Garuhod.|
C Our Very Bones|QID|37257|QO|1|M|51.09,38.17|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill murlocks to retrieve the pilfered bones.|S|
A Bottled Up|QID|38407|M|49.65,39.32|Z|Azsuna|N|from dropped item 'Okuna's Message'.|
C A Rather Long Walk|QID|37492|QO|1|M|51.74,36.58|Z|Azsuna|N|Aldryth found.|
K Mrrgrl the Tide Reaver|QID|37823|M|50.09,34.54|ITEM|129072;138839|N|Kill for a bit of treasure and artifact power.|T|Mrrgrl the Tide Reaver|
C The Magister of Mixology|QID|37727|QO|1|M|52.76,33.12|Z|Azsuna|N|The eggs are ground spawn in nests around Gangamesh's lair.|S|
C Presentation is Everything|QID|37728|QO|1|M|51.73,32.68|Z|Gangamesh's Den|N|Kill and loot Gangamesh.|T|Gangamesh|
C The Magister of Mixology|QID|37727|QO|1|M|52.76,33.12|Z|Azsuna|N|The eggs are ground spawn in nests around Gangamesh's lair.|US|
C Our Very Bones|QID|37257|QO|1|M|51.09,38.17|Z|Azsuna|N|Finish collecting bones.|US|
K Daggerbeak|QID|37869|M|50.97,31.72|ITEM|129084;138839|N|Kill for a bit of treasure and artifact power.|T|Daggerbeak|
A Missing Demon|QID|42238|M|50.42,30.82|Z|Azsuna|N|From Tehd Shoemaker.|
A Felblaze Ingress|QID|42372|M|50.47,30.73|Z|Azsuna|N|From Marius Felbane.|
R Drowned Palace|QID|37727|M|47.11,41.40|Z|Azsuna|N|Ride over to the Drowned Palace.|
T The Magister of Mixology|QID|37727|M|47.11,41.40|Z|Azsuna|N|To Magister Garuhod.|
T Presentation is Everything|QID|37728|M|47.11,41.40|Z|Azsuna|
T A Rather Long Walk|QID|37492|M|47.06,41.45|Z|Azsuna|N|To Lady Irisse.|
A Infiltrating Shipwreck Arena|QID|37496|M|47.06,41.45|Z|Azsuna|N|From Lady Irisse.|
T Our Very Bones|QID|37257|M|47.00,41.34|Z|Azsuna|N|To Prince Farondis.|
A Trailing the Tidestone|QID|37497|M|47.00,41.34|Z|Azsuna|N|From Prince Farondis.|
A Too Many Cooks|QID|40988|M|47.03,41.36|Z|Azsuna|N|From Nomi.|
A The Broken Academy|QID|37466|M|51.21,43.95|Z|Azsuna|
C Trailing the Tidestone|QID|37497|QO|1|M|51.81,44.26|Z|Azsuna|N|Chat with the prince to start. As with all escort quests, there are a couple of ambushes.|CHAT|
T Trailing the Tidestone|QID|37497|M|51.80,44.28|Z|Azsuna|N|To Prince Farondis.|
A Nar'thalas Still Suffers|QID|37486|M|51.80,44.28|Z|Azsuna|N|From Prince Farondis.|
A You Never Know Until You Scry|QID|42693|M|53.38,45.43|N|From Olothil Starlance.|
A Children of Nar'thalas|QID|42692|M|53.27,45.31|N|From Kallistia Starlance.|
C Children of Nar'thalas|QID|42692|QO|1|M|53.02,43.75|N|The first tome is lying here.|
C Children of Nar'thalas|QID|42692|QO|2|M|51.96,43.65|N|The second tome is right inside the building near the quest giver.|
C Children of Nar'thalas|QID|42692|QO|3|M|51.88,44.96|N|The third tome is in the building above the quest giver.|
K Captain Volo'ren|QID|37821|ITEM|129066;37821|M|53.45,43.95|N|Kill for a bit of treasure and resources.|
A The Broken Academy|QID|37466|M|55.57,42.41|N|Bonuse objective for the area.|
C You Never Know Until You Scry|QID|42693|QO|1|M|55.62,43.57|N|3/3 Hatecoil Glyptic|
T The Broken Academy|QID|37466|M|55.46,45.76|N|To Hatecoil Stormcaller.|
C Nar'thalas Still Suffers|QID|37486|QO|1|M|55.58,48.10|N|1/1 Athissa defeated|
K Brawlgoth|QID|42450|M|55.23,43.95|T|Brawlgoth|N|Kill for a bit of treasure and resources.|ITEM|129086;138839|
T You Never Know Until You Scry|QID|42693|M|53.37,45.49|N|To Olothil Starlance.|
T Children of Nar'thalas|QID|42692|M|53.27,45.31|N|To Kallistia Starlance.|
A Back from the Dead|QID|42694|M|53.39,45.45|N|From Olothil Starlance.|
C Back from the Dead|QID|42694|NC|QO|1|M|53.39,45.44|N|Use Scrying Orb|
T Nar'thalas Still Suffers|QID|37486|M|51.80,44.31|N|To Prince Farondis.|
A The Walk of Shame|QID|37467|M|51.80,44.31|N|From Prince Farondis.|
C The Walk of Shame|QID|37467|QO|1|M|54.17,42.11|N|Escort Prince Farondis|
T The Walk of Shame|QID|37467|M|54.17,42.02|N|To Prince Farondis.|
A Into the Academy|QID|37468|M|54.17,42.02|N|From Prince Farondis.|
C Back from the Dead|QID|42694|QO|2|M|54.48,38.49|N|Search near the Academy|

T Into the Academy|QID|37468|M|53.34,47.81|N|To Thyrillion.|
A Dressing With Class|QID|37736|M|53.34,47.81|N|From Thyrillion.|
A Hit the Books|QID|37678|M|53.02,47.80|N|From Andellis.|
C Hit the Books|QID|37678|QO|1|M|60.70,86.32|N|Kill the books as you go along.|S|
C Dressing With Class|QID|37736|QO|4|M|55.01,51.52|N|The spellbook is lying on the ground.|
C Dressing With Class|QID|37736|QO|3|M|66.24,72.76|N|The wand is leaning against the wall.|
C Hit the Books|QID|37678|QO|1|M|60.70,86.32|N|3/3 Ancient Tome slain|
C Dressing With Class|QID|37736|QO|2|M|59.46,84.76|N|Take the robes from the sleeping student.|
C Hit the Books|QID|37678|QO|1|M|60.70,86.32|N|Finish killing the ancient tomes.|US|
C Dressing With Class|QID|37736|QO|1|M|55.61,56.08|N|The hat is on the ground.|
T Hit the Books|QID|37678|M|53.13,47.77|N|To Andellis.|
T Dressing With Class|QID|37736|M|53.33,47.69|N|To Thyrillion.|
A The Haunted Halls|QID|37518|M|53.33,47.69|N|From Thyrillion.|
T The Haunted Halls|QID|37518|M|28.85,42.55|N|To Instructor Nidriel.|
A Wanding 101|QID|42370|M|28.85,42.55|N|From Instructor Nidriel.|
C Wanding 101|QID|42370|QO|1|M|30.41,42.99|N|Stand close to the targets and use your special action button.|
T Wanding 101|QID|42370|M|28.81,42.27|N|To Instructor Nidriel.|
A Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|M|30.24,45.51|N|From Sythorne.|
C Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|QO|1|M|26.67,46.70|N|Pick up the book.|NC|
C Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|QO|2|M|30.62,44.95|N|Place thebook on Sythorne's Podium.|NC|
C Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|QO|3|M|30.62,44.95|N|Kill the Kobold Drawing.|
C Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|QO|4|M|27.30,48.48|N|Pick up the book.|NC|
C Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|QO|5|M|30.48,44.82|N|Place thebook on Sythorne's Podium.|NC|
C Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|QO|6|M|31.89,46.18|N|Kill the Sea Skrog Drawing.|
C Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|QO|7|M|26.93,47.12|N|Pick up the book.|NC|
C Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|QO|8|M|30.25,44.67|N|Place the book on Sythorne's Podium.|
C Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|QO|9|M|33.14,46.11|N|Kill the Senegos Drawing.|
T Study Hall: Combat Research|QID|42371|M|30.33,45.32|N|To Sythorne.|
A Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing|QID|37729|M|28.92,42.32|N|From Instructor Nidriel.|
C Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing|QID|37729|QO|1|M|33.17,44.70|N|Run around between the purple lines on the floor to draw the arcane rune.|
C Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing|QID|37729|QO|2|M|34.13,43.72|N|Run around between the red lines on the floor to draw the fire rune.|
C Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing|QID|37729|QO|3|M|33.92,41.48|N|Run around between the lite blue lines on the floor to draw the frost rune.|
T Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing|QID|37729|M|28.91,42.32|N|To Instructor Nidriel.|
A The Headmistress' Keys|QID|37730|M|28.91,42.32|N|From Instructor Nidriel.|
C The Headmistress' Keys|QID|37730|QO|1|M|26.87,36.39|N|When the headmaster becomes hostile, kill him and loot the key.|
T The Headmistress' Keys|QID|37730|M|53.27,47.69|N|To Thyrillion.|
A The Tidestone: Shattered|QID|37469|M|53.27,47.69|N|From Thyrillion.|
C The Tidestone: Shattered|QID|37469|U|120960|QO|1|M|69.41,21.94|N|The shards are on the ground here.|
T The Tidestone: Shattered|QID|37469|M|68.79,13.49|N|To Tidestone Core.|
A Save Yourself|QID|37530|M|57.85,43.35|N|From Prince Farondis.|
C Save Yourself|QID|37530|QO|1|M|54.31,42.52|N|Speak with Prince Farondis.|CHAT|
C Save Yourself|QID|37530|QO|2|M|54.00,41.33|N|Approach the Academy, you have 3 abilities, fireball (1), meteor swarm (2) and blink (3). Use them as you fight the naga.|
C Save Yourself|QID|37530|QO|3|M|55.32,41.92|N|Pursue the naga|
C Save Yourself|QID|37530|QO|4|M|55.49,41.41|N|Defeat Athissa and Parjesh|
C Save Yourself|QID|37530|QO|5|M|58.98,41.99|N|Find the Hatecoil Slave Pen|
C Save Yourself|QID|37530|QO|6|M|58.60,41.43|N|Defeat Queen Azshara|
C Save Yourself|QID|37530|QO|7|M|57.88,43.10|N|Save yourself|NC|
T Save Yourself|QID|37530|M|57.82,43.43|N|To yourself (because you are Prince Farondis at the moment).|
A The Head of the Snake|QID|37470|M|57.86,43.36|N|From Prince Farondis.|
A Tip the Scales|QID|37779|M|58.67,41.22|N|Bonus objective, do or don't do as you choose.|
C The Head of the Snake|QID|37470|QO|1|M|62.05,41.57|N|1/1 Athissa slain|
T The Head of the Snake|QID|37470|M|61.70,41.08|N|To Prince Farondis.|
A Wrath of Azshara|QID|38286|M|61.70,41.08|N|From Prince Farondis. Thia ia a dungeon quest, accept or not as you choose. Manually check the step off if you dont take the quest.|

C Back from the Dead|QID|42694|QO|3|M|56.21,42.24|N|1/1 Search the eastern colonnade|
C Back from the Dead|QID|42694|QO|4|M|54.47,45.56|N|1/1 Search near the plaza fountain|
T Back from the Dead|QID|42694|M|53.30,45.43|N|To Olothil Starlance.|
K Golza the Iron Fin|QID||M|65.17,40.02|N|Blow the 'Horn of the Siren' to summon Golza. Kill two waves of naga and then Golza for some treasure and resources.|ITEM|129091,138839|T|Golza the Iron Fin|

R Felblaze Ingress|QID|42372|M|63.86,28.92|N|Ride to the Felblaxe Ingress.|
T Felblaze Ingress|QID|42372|M|63.86,28.92|N|To Tehd Shoemaker.|
A Eye See You|QID|42375|M|63.86,28.92|N|From Tehd Shoemaker.|
C Eye See You|QID|42375|QO|1|M|63.88,28.97|N|Click on the Eye of Kilrog and then use it to explore the requested areas. Avoid the NPC's with the eye symbol because they see invis for the radius shown by the light blue circle around them.|
C Eye See You|QID|42375|QO|3|M|63.88,28.97|N|Commander is over here.|
C Eye See You|QID|42375|QO|2|M|63.88,28.97|N|Ritual site is down here.|
T Eye See You|QID|42375|M|63.88,28.97|N|To Tehd Shoemaker.|
A They're Doing it Wrong|QID|42369|M|63.88,28.97|N|From Tehd Shoemaker.|
A Quantity Over Quality|QID|42368|M|63.88,28.88|N|From Marius Felbane.|
A Arkethrax|QID|42367|M|63.88,28.88|N|From Marius Felbane.|
f Felblaze Ingress|QID|42372|M|63.82,28.48|N|At Adept Sunwing.|
C Quantity Over Quality|QID|42368|QO|1|M|67.83,26.99|N|Kill demons as you go along.|S|
C They're Doing it Wrong|QID|42369|QO|1|M|67.85,28.07|N|Two stabilizers need sabatoged on each side of the portal.|
C Arkethrax|QID|42367|QO|1|M|67.32,30.70|N|Kill Arkethrax|T|Arkethrax|
C Quantity Over Quality|QID|42368|QO|1|M|67.83,26.99|N|Finish up any demons still needed.|US|
T Quantity Over Quality|QID|42368|M|63.88,28.88|N|To Marius Felbane.|
T Arkethrax|QID|42367|M|63.88,28.88|N|To Marius Felbane.|
T They're Doing it Wrong|QID|42369|M|63.86,28.94|N|To Tehd Shoemaker.|

R The Empyream Society Enclave|QID|42238|M|63.54,33.2|N|Take the road to the left if you want to get through without fighting. Continue on ths road towards Olivian Veil.|
T Missing Demon|QID|42238|M|62.03,51.32|N|To Daglop.|
A Let's Make A Deal|QID|38460|M|62.03,51.32|N|From Daglop.|
C Let's Make A Deal|QID|38460|QO|1|M|62.04,51.34|N|1/1 Daglop's Contract Signed|
T Let's Make A Deal|QID|38460|M|62.04,51.34|N|To Daglop.|
A Minion! Kill Them!|QID|38232|M|62.04,51.34|N|From Daglop.|
A Too Many Cooks|QID|40988|M|62.04,51.34|
A Too Many Cooks|QID|40988|M|62.04,51.34|
A Too Many Cooks|QID|40988|M|62.04,51.34|Z|Azsuna|
C Minion! Kill Them!|QID|38232|M|62.01,50.10|Z|Azsuna|N|The olives are on the ground, the birds and cats drop the feathers and the shadowrunners drop the horns.|
T Minion! Kill Them!|QID|38232|M|61.89,49.63|Z|Azsuna|
A This IS In My Contract.|QID|38237|M|61.89,49.63|Z|Azsuna|
C This IS In My Contract.|QID|38237|QO|1|M|64.11,52.88|Z|Azsuna|N|Speak with Daglop to start the ritual|CHAT|
C This IS In My Contract.|QID|38237|QO|2|M|63.52,53.24|Z|Azsuna|T|Sharazaan|
T This IS In My Contract.|QID|38237|M|62.70,51.47|Z|Azsuna|N|To Daglop.|

K Syphonus|QID||M|67.12,51.64|N|When approaching, beware of the level 110 Hostile NPCs in the area (and avoid them). Rare mob drops a bit of treasure and resources|T|Syphonus|ITEM|129064|
K The Oracle|QID||M|59.76,54.65;59.69,55.17|CS|N|Go up the stairs starting at the first marked spot. Rare mob drops a bit of treasure and resources|T|The Oracle|ITEM|129065|
K Disputed Treasure|QID|38365|55.87,56.87|N|Kill the npcs agueing over the treasure chest then you can loot it for a bit of treasure and resources.|

f Shackle's Den|QID|37654|M|56.19,58.93|N|At Avaya Farwind.|
A Maritime Law|QID|37654|M|56.60,59.59|Z|Azsuna|N|From Mr. Shackle.|
A Making the World Safe for Profit|QID|37657|M|56.60,59.59|Z|Azsuna|N|From Mr. Shackle.|
A Shipwrecked Sailors|QID|42268|M|57.66,58.07|Z|Azsuna|N|From UI Alert.|
C Making the World Safe for Profit|QID|37657|QO|1|M|60.15,61.97|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill Gilblin & Makrura as you go about your other objectives.|S|
C Shipwrecked Sailors|QID|42268|QO|1|M|59.93,58.12|Z|Azsuna|N|Rescue sailors as you go about your other objectives.|S|
C Making the World Safe for Profit|QID|37657|QO|2|M|63.52,63.55|Z|Azsuna|N|The queen is in an underwater cave.|
K Tide Behemoth|QID|38217|T|Tide Behemoth|M|61.35,61.93|ITEM|129062|N|Kill and loot for a bit of treasure and resources.|
T Maritime Law|QID|37654|M|64.25,56.10|Z|Azsuna|N|To Looper Allen.|
A The Captain's Foot Locker|QID|37659|M|64.25,56.10|Z|Azsuna|N|From Looper Allen.|
K Chief Bitterbrine|QID|42221|ITEM|129073|T|Chief Bitterbrine|M|65.65,56.81|N|Kill and loot for a bit of treasure and resources.|
T The Captain's Foot Locker|QID|37659|M|65.67,56.92|Z|Azsuna|N|To the Captain's Foot Locker.|
A Fate of the Queen's Reprisal|QID|42244;40794|M|65.67,56.92|Z|Azsuna|N|From the Captain's Foot Locker.|
T Making the World Safe for Profit|QID|37657|M|56.59,59.58|Z|Azsuna|N|To Mr. Shackle.|
C Making the World Safe for Profit|QID|37657|QO|1|M|60.15,61.97|Z|Azsuna|N|Finish killing Gilblin & Makrura.|US|
C Shipwrecked Sailors|QID|42268|QO|1|M|59.93,58.12|Z|Azsuna|N|Finish rescuing sailors.|US|
T Shipwrecked Sailors|QID|42268|M|59.93,58.12|Z|Azsuna|N|To UI Alert.|

K Warbringer Mox'na|QID|37909|ITEM|129069|M|51.34,56.19|T|Warbringer Mox'na|N|Kill and loot for a bit of treasure and resources.|
T Infiltrating Shipwreck Arena|QID|37496|M|50.00,48.51|Z|Azsuna|N|To Okuna Longtusk.|
A Boss Whalebelly's in Charge|QID|37507|M|50.00,48.51|Z|Azsuna|N|From Okuna Longtusk.|
C Boss Whalebelly's in Charge|QID|37507|QO|1|M|49.14,49.22|Z|Azsuna|N|Speak with Boss Whalebelly.|CHAT|
T Boss Whalebelly's in Charge|QID|37507|M|50.01,48.56|Z|Azsuna|N|To Okuna Longtusk.|
A No Time for Tryouts|QID|37542|M|50.01,48.56|Z|Azsuna|N|From Okuna Longtusk.|
A Let Sleeping Giants Lie|QID|37528|M|50.01,48.56|Z|Azsuna|N|From Okuna Longtusk.|
C Let Sleeping Giants Lie|QID|37528|QO|1|M|49.33,50.60|Z|Azsuna|N|The weapons are lying behind the sleeping giant.|NC|
C No Time for Tryouts|QID|37542|QO|1|M|49.31,46.69|Z|Azsuna|N|Give Ooker Dooker a beatdown|
T No Time for Tryouts|QID|37542|M|50.01,48.56|Z|Azsuna|N|To Okuna Longtusk.|
T Let Sleeping Giants Lie|QID|37528|M|50.01,48.56|Z|Azsuna|N|To Okuna Longtusk.|
A Sternfathom's Champion|QID|37510|M|50.01,48.56|Z|Azsuna|N|From Okuna Longtusk.|
T Sternfathom's Champion|QID|37510|M|47.94,48.67|Z|Azsuna|N|To Sternfathom.|
A Morale Booster|QID|37536|M|47.94,48.67|Z|Azsuna|N|From Sternfathom.|
C Morale Booster|QID|37536|QO|1|M|50.26,49.77|Z|Azsuna|N|Ask Ooka for the fighter chow.|CHAT|
T Morale Booster|QID|37536|M|47.93,48.67|Z|Azsuna|N|To Sternfathom.|
A Round 1, Fight!|QID|37538|M|47.93,48.67|Z|Azsuna|N|From Sternfathom.|
C Round 1, Fight!|QID|37538|M|47.93,48.67|Z|Azsuna|N|Tell Sternfathom you are ready.|
T Round 1, Fight!|QID|37538|M|43.62,24.67|Z|Azsuna|N|To Okuna's pack.|
A Plunder the Cove|QID|37495|M|43.62,24.67|Z|Azsuna|N|Bonus objective you may as well do while you are here.|
A The Right Weapon for the Job|QID|37565|M|43.62,24.67|Z|Azsuna|From Okuna's pack.|
C The Right Weapon for the Job|QID|37565|U|118330|M|46.48,59.32|S|N|Click on the quest item whenever you are near some prisoners.|
A A Favor for Mr. Shackle|QID|38857|M|50.35,60.98|Z|Azsuna|N|From Seska Seafang.|
C A Favor for Mr. Shackle|QID|38857|QO|3|M|51.33,61.06|Z|Azsuna|N|Grace the Green rescued|
C A Favor for Mr. Shackle|QID|38857|QO|1|M|48.94,63.02|Z|Azsuna|N|Cleave Thunderhill rescued|
C A Favor for Mr. Shackle|QID|38857|QO|2|M|46.16,59.08|Z|Azsuna|N|Gentle Rosh rescued|
C The Right Weapon for the Job|QID|37565|U|118330|M|46.48,59.32|US|N|You can continue arming prisoners if you need help fighting the elites even after the quest in finished (until you turn it in.)|
T Plunder the Cove|QID|37495|M|46.54,58.96|Z|Azsuna|
T The Right Weapon for the Job|QID|37565|M|53.41,62.95|Z|Azsuna|N|To Okuna Longtusk.|
A The Prince is Going Down|QID|37566|M|53.41,62.95|Z|Azsuna|N|From Okuna Longtusk.|
C The Prince is Going Down|QID|37566|QO|1|M|53.48,63.52|Z|Azsuna|N|Kill Prince Oceanus.|
T The Prince is Going Down|QID|37566|M|51.93,61.80|Z|Azsuna|N|To Okuna Longtusk.|
T A Favor for Mr. Shackle|QID|38857|M|56.59,59.60|Z|Azsuna|N|To Mr. Shackle.|

U Dalaran Hearthstone|QID|42244|U|140192|N|Hearth of fly to Dalaran to get the final zone quest completed and receive you zone achievement.|
T Fate of the Queen's Reprisal|QID|42244|M|61.05,17.23|Z|Dalaran|N|To Advisor Stillwater.|FACTION|Horde|
T Fate of the Queen's Reprisal|QID|40794|M|0,0|Z|Dalaran|N|To Loeutenent Surtees.|FACTION|Alliance|
A Pledge of Loyalty|QID|44090|M|40.02,30.16|Z|Dalaran|N|From Snowfeather.|C|Hunter|;add other class 2nd spec artifact quests here
T Too Many Cooks|QID|40988|M|69.77,38.87|Z|Dalaran|N|To Nomi.|FACTION|Horde|
T Spicing Things Up|QID|44581|M|0,0|Z|Dalaran|N|To Nomi.|FACTION|Alliance|
A A Good Recipe List|QID|40990|Z|Dalaran|N|From Nomi.|
A Get Your Mix On|QID|39325|M|41.28,33.12|Z|Dalaran|N|From Deucus Valdera.|P|Alchemy;164;1|;put other profession quests here




Daglop part 2

Re my previous comment: I just noticed that he moves around.... Perhaps just comment on that


Daglop location

T Missing Demon|QID|42238|M|61.22,50.74|N|To Daglop.|RANK|2|A Let's Make A Deal|QID|38460|PRE|42238|M|61.22,50.74|N|From Daglop.|RANK|2|C Let's Make A Deal|QID|38460|M|61.22,50.74|NC|N|Sign Daglop's Contract.|RANK|2|T Let's Make A Deal|QID|38460|M|61.22,50.74|N|To Daglop.|RANK|2|A Minion! Kill Them!|QID|38232|PRE|38460|M|61.22,50.74|N|From Daglop.|RANK|2|


location should be changed to 63.00,51.41

Missing chest

I *believe* I have things set to show me all the things.  There's a chest at 47.85, 7.74 in Azsuna, in a building *near* where you kill one of the ghosts in the orchard.  Ghost is in an open pavilion type thing, not the building. Vintner Shalrala. 

One at 42.64,8.05 behind the building that Grand Vintner Valiana is in (behind some barrrels if you come in at the side and engage The Royal Taster).

In fact, searching for the word 'treasure' on this page, there are treasure chests that are not appearing in what i'm being told to do. :/



it could just be a glitch

it could just be a glitch where wow pro just skips a line or two (ive had it do it a couple of times at other places) cause i've been through Azsuna four times now and WOW PRO tell me to get tht chest before killing the Grand Vintner

Missing chest

Hmmm... a missing chest.. I'll see if I can find it, but if you have the guide set to Rank 3, it should be leading you to everything.


Ok so you mean the one at 42.64 8.05 is missing from the guide?


There is a Glimmering Chest, listed at 42.63 8.08 - which is probably the one you mean, and that is set to Rank 3, so if the guide brought you to the area, on rank 3, it should've been listed.

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missing chest?

The two you mentioned are in the guide, but at rank 3.  I am inclined to say are you sure you are set to rank 3, but... presumably you are or you wouldnt even be in the vineyard?

Its entirely possible that not *ALL* chests are listed.  More may have been found since the guide was written. There are also a very few that I didnt include in the guide because they were too far from anything else and/or too complicated to explain. I know every once in a while I stumble across a new one and if it seems to be in a not inconvenient spot I add it.  For all the zones I have a few QIDs that wowhead lists that I was never able to find the chests to match up with them.  That being said. What the guide claims is that there are enough listed to get the treasure hunter achievement IF you set it to Rank 3


There's one in Val'sharah that I still dedicate a few minutes to looking for each week. (near Kel'BelarI think it is, but not the one in the Hydra cave) I don't know how that one keeps eluding me... First I thought it was just a phasing thing, but I have looked for it while in all phases... /sigh

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

Demonhunter issue with a QID

Came to Azsuna and the QID didnt match for the first quest...  (can't edit this guide)


A Into the Fray|QID|38834;44137|M|45.11,42.92|N|From Archmage Khadgar.|

f Illidari Stand|QID|38834|M|44.59,43.85|N|At Izal Whitemoon.|

T Into the Fray|QID|38834|PRE|40374|M|43.55,43.45|N|To Kayn Sunfury.|

T Into the Fray|QID|44137|PRE|40375|M|43.55,43.45|N|To Altruis the Sufferer.|



I had QID 44137 come up... wonder if it has to do with which guy you pick back in the DH beginning....


I believe this is what the correction should be... 


dont know if the 'f' needs to be changed to....(also emailling to Emma)


Another....  this 'fix' works...


A From Within|QID|36920|M|43.56,43.46|N|From Kayn Sunfury.|C|Death Knight,Hunter,Mage,Monk,Paladin,Priest,Roque,Shaman,Warrior,Warlock,Druid|

A From Within|QID|44140|PRE|40374|M|43.56,43.46|N|From Kayn Sunfury.|C|Demon Hunter|

A From Within|QID|40815|PRE|40375|M|43.56,43.46|N|From Altruis the Sufferer|C|Demon Hunter|


QID 40375 - means you Obtained Altruis, 

QID 40374 - means you Obtained Kayn.


and then..... the turn ins...


T From Within|QID|36920|M|41.25,50.51|N|To Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|C|Death Knight,Hunter,Mage,Monk,Paladin,Priest,Roque,Shaman,Warrior,Warlock,Druid|

T From Within|QID|44140|PRE|40374|M|41.25,50.51|N|To Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|C|Demon Hunter|

T From Within|QID|40815|PRE|40375|M|41.25,50.51|N|To Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|C|Demon Hunter|

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Re: Kayn and Altruis

I would just lump them all in and simplify:

A From Within|QID|36920;44140;40815|M|43.56,43.46|N|From Kayn Sunfury or Altruis the Sufferer|

T From Within|QID|36920;44140;40815|M|41.25,50.51|N|To Kor'vas



sent you an email on the QID issue, the ; between QID is having WP 'skip' as one quest in log, but the others aren't, so it says 'quest not in log'

You still can't edit this guide

Ludo elevated you last week, you should be able to edit.

can't edit..

yeah I saw that he had, I logged out and logged back in to make sure the change worked... but I can't seem to edit this one... (and some others I should check which ones I can and cant, and let Ludo know)

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Re: can't edit..

I, em, checked the wrong button.  I demoted instead of promoted you.

You shoudl now be in good shape.


RE: Can't edit..

LOL NP Ludo....

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Demon Hunters


There will undoubtedly be several similar things.  Ludo told me he found that in one of the zones :(

for the two DH lines you could do them with a lower case t. Then the line only comes up when the quest is complete.  (since you will never have the other one complete, it shouldnt show...not sure if it will work how I would want... but its something to try)

t From Within|QID|44140|PRE|40374|M|41.25,50.51|N|To Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|C|Demon Hunter|

t From Within|QID|40815|PRE|40375|M|41.25,50.51|N|To Kor'vas Bloodthorn.|C|Demon Hunter|


My DH is still sitting at level 100, so I can't test this just yet.

Emmaleah == bravely leading the way since ... um a long time ago... Smiling

DH - quests

It worked using A / T only the right one showed up...  WP was 'hiding' the one you didn't have for the log (I kept changing, saving and reloading, to make sure it worked right (I forgot how many times I accepted and abandoned the quests)


***  Edited Guide to Ludo's suggestion... ***

Azsuna Treasure wrong Coords

(Cant Edit this one)


Corrected line:

$ Glimmering Treasure Chest|QID|42297|M|43.37,22.41|N|In the gazebo near where the felbat was, guarded by two same level elite mobs.  Loot for a bit of treasure and resources.|RANK|3|


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Proposed change

Hmmm, can't seem to edit this directly. Anyways, I suggest the following change:

These steps

$ Marius & Tehd vs a 
Felbat|QID|42069|M|45.6,24.4|ITEM|129087|T|Felwing|N|Silver - Start up 
the path and wind around until you find Marius and Tehd. Talk to Tehd to
 assist in thier adventurers by participating in killing this demon. 
Kill and loot for treasure and resources.|RANK|3|
$ Glimmering Treasure Chest|QID|42297|M|45.6,24.4|N|In the gazebo near 
where the felbat was, guarded by two same level elite mobs.  Loot for a 
bit of treasure and resources.|RANK|3|

might be changed to

$ Marius & Tehd vs a Felbat|QID|42069|CC|M|40.9, 35.3; 40.08, 34.20; 38.79, 33.74; 39.63, 31.65; 36.84, 31.24; 37.40, 29.57; 39.08, 26.55; 40.23, 24.74; 41.63, 23.91; 42.31, 22.72; 43.43, 23.83|ITEM|129087|T|Felwing|N|Silver - Start up the path and wind around until you find Marius and Tehd (take stairs to the top of the tower). Talk to Tehd to assist in their adventures by participating in killing this demon. Kill and loot for treasure and resources.|RANK|3|

$ Glimmering Treasure Chest|QID|42297|M|43.37, 22.43|N|In the gazebo near where the felbat was, guarded by two same level elite mobs.  Loot for a bit of treasure and resources.|RANK|3|

Reason being that the coordinates were kinda funky there.

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RE: Proposed change

Do you really think all the turns of the path need noted?  My reasoning was that the path once started on has no side paths.  My intention was to have the coordinate at the start of the path and then at the top... I see that isnt what is there tho.

(and yes, I knew the chest coords were wrong... I always meant to go fix that, but it was dangerous solo...)

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You get get the chest by pulling the elites away and then running back. They're quite slow.

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Azsuna's quest, Nar'thalas still suffers, should not be flagged rank 2.

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fixed. How did that sneak in there... it was only on the "C" step /sigh /shrug

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Keep Tweaking

;Need to talk to and follow himC Runas Knows the Way|QID|37857|QO|1|M|49.22,16.08;53.50,16.68|CHAT|N|Talk to Runas and follow him.|CS|

; move these after "A The Hunger Returns|QID|37959"A Those Beyond Redemption-Bonus Objective|QID|37963|M|55.47,16.63|N|Auto-accepted as you enter the area.|RANK|2|

C Those Beyond Redemption-Bonus Objective|QID|37963|M|55.47,16.63|S|N|Click on the mana siphons and kill mobs in the area to advance the objective.|RANK|2|


Keep Tweaking 2

2nd C Minion! Kill Them!|QID|38232| has a S instead of an US.


Zone missing on treasure

C Dressing With Class|QID|37736|QO|3|M|66.24,72.76|Z|1015/17|NC|N|The wand is lying against the wall.|

A Small Treasure Chest|QID|42284|M|62.00,83.74|Z|1015/17|N|Loot for a bit of treasure and resources.|

C Dressing With Class|QID|37736|QO|2|M|59.46,84.76|Z|1015/17|NC|N|Take the robes from the sleeping student.|

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Re: Zone missing on treasure

Whoops, my zone checker code is being over-zelous.

It should only complain when in debug mode, as it is a perfectly valid code to use when the proper ZoneData has not yet been supplied.

ACtually, it didn't error, it

ACtually, it didn't error, it just tried to point me in a place 6000 yards away... the coord I think, matched back tot he main zone, not the 'floor' area I was



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zone missing

fixed here. should be in next sync.

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JC quest in Azsuna

There are 3 JC quest in Azsuna, (I dont know if other profs too) but should they be in this guide? and its the |PROF| tag or something like that right?  or should I just edit them in, but ; comment it out so it can written right, if I screw it up?


Edit ...  *cut in code, listed what would be near and around the JC Quests, ';' commented lines


A Presentation is Everything|QID|37728|M|47.12,41.42|N|From Magister Garuhod.|

;A Getting the Band Back Together|QID|40525|M|46.67,41.38|N|From Timothy Jones|PROF|Jewelcrafting|

;A Knocked for a Loop|QID|42214|M|46.67,41.38|N|From Timothy Jones|PROF|Jewelcrafting|

C Our Very Bones|QID|37257|QO|1|M|51.09,38.17|N|Kill murlocks to retrieve the pilfered bones.|S|

;C Knocked for a Loop|QID|42214|M|51.09,38.17|N|Kill murlocks to retrieve the Salteye Bangles.|S|        ** dont know how to do the Quest objective thing

A Bottled Up|QID|38407|M|49.65,39.32|N|from dropped item 'Okuna's Message'.|

K Mrrgrl the Tide Reaver|QID|37823|QO|1|M|50.09,34.54|ITEM|129072|N|Kill for a bit of treasure and artifact power.|T|Mrrgrl the Tide Reaver|

A Small Treasure Chest|QID|37831|M|49.65,34.47|N|Loot for a bit of treasure and resources.|

C A Rather Long Walk|QID|37492|QO|1|M|51.74,36.58|NC|N|Aldryth is found underwater.|

C The Magister of Mixology|QID|37727|QO|1|M|52.76,33.12|NC|N|The eggs are ground spawn in nests around Gangamesh's lair.|S|

C Presentation is Everything|QID|37728|QO|1|M|51.73,32.68|N|Kill and loot Gangamesh.|T|Gangamesh|

A Treasure Chest|QID|38251|M|56.45,34.87|N|Yes, its in the middle of those sleeping basilisks. Loot for a bit of treasure and resources.|

A Small Treasure Chest|QID|42287|M|54.40,36.33|N|Loot for a bit of treasure and resources.|

C The Magister of Mixology|QID|37727|QO|1|M|52.76,33.12|N|The eggs are ground spawn in nests around Gangamesh's lair.|US|

C Our Very Bones|QID|37257|QO|1|M|51.09,38.17|N|Finish collecting bones.|US|


R Crumbled Palace|QID|37727|M|47.11,41.40|N|Ride over to the Crumbled Palace.|

T The Magister of Mixology|QID|37727|M|47.11,41.40|N|To Magister Garuhod.|

T Presentation is Everything|QID|37728|M|47.11,41.40|N|To Magister Garuhod.|

T A Rather Long Walk|QID|37492|M|47.06,41.45|N|To Lady Irisse.|

T Bottled Up|QID|38407|M|47.06,41.45|N|To Lady Irisse.|

A Infiltrating Shipwreck Arena|QID|37496|M|47.06,41.45|N|From Lady Irisse.|

;T Getting the Band Back Together|QID|40525|M|46.67,41.38|N|To Timothy Jones|PROF|Jewelcrafting|

;T Knocked for a Loop|QID|42214|M|46.67,41.38|N|To Timothy Jones|PROF|Jewelcrafting|

;A Finishing Touches|QID|40598|M|46.67,41.38|N|From Timothy Jones. Choose one band, Mastery, Critcal Strike, or Haste.|PROF|Jewelcrafting|    

;? Finishing Touches|QID|40526,40527,40528|N|Use Timothy's Gem Vise to obtain your cut gem.  Just click all over it.|                           ; Dont know the 'step' letter to use, and do 'OR' QIDs.

;T Finishing Touches|QID|40526,40527,40528|N|Turn in and complete Quest.|

T Our Very Bones|QID|37257|M|47.00,41.34|N|To Prince Farondis.|


Hope that made sense... ;)

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Yes, I think they are all in Azsuna. Yes, I think it would be good if they were in the guide. You can find the correct format for Prof tags here

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Keeps coming up with Zone not found USing map id 1015  is that normal?

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zone not found error

That is not normal when we are finished... at this point, probably.  The zone table needs updated with the new areas.  (I think that's the Here be Dragons embedded in TomTom?) 


The using map id 1015, would be the numerical number of the map for the zone you are currently in.  So, as long as the zone you are currently in is the one the guide wants you to be in, it will put the green dot in the correct place.  The WOD Intro guides have a lot of travel in them, so they may not put the dot in the correct place until the zone data is all updated correctly

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Re: zone not found error

I'll be releasing a new version of the addon today.

It has this line in it:

WoWPro_ZoneData.lua:DefineInstance(1015, 0,"Azsuna","Azsuna")

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zone data

And all the other new zones too? *crosses fingers*

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Re: zone data

Well, yes and no.  For example:

DefineDungeonArea(1028, 2,"Lower Soul Engine@MardumtheShatteredAbyss","MardumtheShatteredAbyss","Lower Soul Engine")DefineDungeonArea(1028, 3,"Upper Soul Engine@MardumtheShatteredAbyss","MardumtheShatteredAbyss","Upper Soul Engine")DefineInstance(1028, 3,"MardumtheShatteredAbyss","MardumtheShatteredAbyss")

Note the not so nice official zone name.  But the floors are all properly detected.  It even passed the Bladespire test!


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zone data

Yay. Bladespire was ugly :( (physically and figuratively)

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never done beta testing

never done beta testing before, but am keen to test this however where do i  paste the above?


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beta testing...

that... nowhere... The formatting is all messed up... I will fix it tho...

The new and improved text should be copied into a file that you save in the following path:

C:\World of Warcraft\interface\addons\WoWPro_Leveling\Neutral\100_108_Emm_Azsuna.lua (or whatever your path to WoW is -- note, for beta, that would be your beta wow install, not the live one)

Also you will notice in that same directory a file called guides.xml

you will want to open it with a text editor and add this file name at the end of the list.

like this.

  <Script file="100_108_EmmAzsuna.lua"/>

right before the closing tag



Anything you notice needs changed, you can either A) keep good notes and post them back here or B) Edit the file and post the whole file back here.  After some amount of helpful contributions Ludovicus, would most likely give you access to edit directly on the site. 

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