Rogue Hall Campaign done!

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Better late than never and all that :)

I really enjoyed the rogue campaign.  I hope someone gets some use out of the guide.

Next up is Druid.

That leaves 

DH - Ludo has done I believe

Mage - Blanckeart had done some, maybe all? I know my hubby has it up and it still shows "Draft" note.

Shaman - pretty much untouched since opening - lots to do

Warlock - no clue, error opening page

Warrior - looks like significant done, dont know if finished.


other order halls...

I've been adding to Mage, Warlock and Warrior as I've been putting my toons through them, but no where near complete or has some quests, no turn ins, or missing some quests altogether. I've even messed a bit with demon hunter.

* I have an ally mage still at 100, not started the legion stuff yet, I'm thinking to start him soon on the mage hall and check it.... but not high on my list ATM.

Also we'll have to remove the one quest chain (or part there of) for the Furance... or at least remove the Trial by Fel Fire (39863) but need to 'see' what is changed with 7.2 on 3/28, I have a toon right at that quest to figure it out once I get back from Chicago.



warlock hall

Got warlock hall updated, half of the hall quests were copy and typed from Wohead, I forgot to record parts of it... still in middle of finishing the Hall...  quests after where I am are typed from wowhead.  Have to finish playing through, haven't had much time lately to play. ;)

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re: other order halls

obviously with 7.2 out... its lower priority to me.  i have druid nearly done.  Well its all done, per what I can find on wowhead, but I am personally stuck at do 20 WQs, since the druid is on a diff acct and needs to get friendly with Suramar first.  {Just hit 110 yesterday - havent started the Suramar chain}  I wont be on until late tonight, and then Ill be doing the new content stuff with my Emm so I can fly!!

Assuming the quest is still live we want to leave the first quest (put out the fire) in as its a blood of sargares for about 2 min effort. but I agree the rest of the chain needs to be dropped (or heavily notated) as we wouldnt want to encourage anyone to spend that much gold for something that is unnecesary.

Also, the new mount quests will either need their own guide or added to all the class guides, time will tell :)


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