Druid campaign done! Broken Shore has significant progress.

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Cheers for the newest Archdruid.  

I did not yet remove the obliterum chain as I was past that point when 7.2 came out and I wanted to be certain all of the chain was removed/replaced with the one new quest before I changed the guide. (no more free Blood of Sargaras) 

I also did some significant work on the Broken Shore guide. A lot of the content comes from youtube and wowhead, since I havent personally done all 7 artifact empowerment chains. (so... there may be some inaccuracies)


Sorry Ludo, its registered as a leveling guide, I started it several times... it appears the one I actually went with is leveling instead of achievement.  I will change it next time I am in there editing. I am tired tonight.

Probably going to be a while before I tackle the next order hall as there is so much to do in 7.2 (and currently I have 7 110s to do it with). Flying must be acquired for both accounts!! Shaman or Warrior will be next.