Horde - War Campaign

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Source Code

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WoWPro:NewGuideLevels(guide,110, 120, 112)
WoWPro:GuideName(guide,'War Campaign')
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return [[

;Starter Notes
N The Great Sea Scrolls|QID|53476|NA|NOCACHE|U|163852|N|From Ancient Pilgrimage Scrollcasing looted from a random small treasure chests on Kul Tiras and Zandalar. It might not drop from the first chest...but eventually it will. Reward is a helm with Azorite Traits, requires collecting 12 genuine scrolls from treasure chests. Click the Tortollan Pilgrimage Scroll you get out of treasure chests to discover it if is a duplicate or if it counts towards the quest.|
t The Great Sea Scrolls|QID|53476|N|When it's convenient, fly to Scaletrader Post and turn this in, reward is Spec appropriate helm, check this off manually to be reminded again next time.|
N Treasure Maps|N|There are four treasure maps that will drop randomly when fighting pirates in Kul Tiras. *Singed, Soggy, Yellowed and Faded, once you have looted them, their related treasure becomes visable. You don't have to save them once you loot them. The treasure is not necesarily close to where you looted the map.|
N Ranks.|N|Rank 1 includes the steps needed for the War Campaign Achievement required for Pathfinder It also includes Warfronts and the quests that follow the purchased Table Missions to open up more outposts. Currently, there is no rank 2/3 content in this guide, but when it is added in, Rank 2 adds the Wanted Posters on Zandalar which are worth 250 faction each. Rank 3 adds other quests on Zandalar. If you want to change ranks mid-guide. You should also reset the guide (from guide title bar) or else you may miss things.|
N Silver Elites|QID|52451^51916|N|The Silver Elites on Kul Tiras (assuming you are horde) do not scale to your level and are all level 120-122. You may want to avoid them before 120.|
N The Banshee's Wail|QID|53079|N|All of these quest arcs start on The Banshee's Wail, a ship in Zandalar's harbor. It can be reached by taking the flightpath to the Port of Zandalar.|

;Start of the Campaign
A The War Campaign|QID|52749|M|40.67,72.08|Z|Hall of Croniclers!Dazar'alor|NA|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|
T The War Campaign|QID|52749|M|58.44,62.67|NA|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller. For travel efficiency, Wait to turn this in until you have 100 War Resources.|;accepted when you pick your first zone
A The War Cache|QID|52746|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|NA|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52749|
t The War Cache|QID|52746|NA|N|Turn in to UI when complete.|
A Time for War|QID|53333|NA|N|Auto accepted from UI.|PRE|52746|
T Time for War|QID|53333|NA|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Mission from the Warchief|QID|51770|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52746|
T Mission from the Warchief|QID|51770|M|58.54,62.26|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A War of Shadows|QID|51771|M|58.54,62.26|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Garona Halforcen.|PRE|53333|
C War of Shadows|QID|51771|M|58.51,62.22|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|"The Shadow War" mission completed, takes 2 hours, rt click on the step and mark sticky until finished.|
t War of Shadows|QID|51771|M|58.54,62.26|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Reinforcements|QID|53079|M|58.54,62.26|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Garona Halforcen.|PRE|51771|
C Reinforcements|QID|53079|M|58.54,62.26|Z|Zuldazar|NC|N|Requistion some troops from Garona.|
T Reinforcements|QID|53079|M|58.54,62.26|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Garona Halforcen.|
A Adapting Our Tactics|QID|53602|M|58.56,62.73|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Eitrigg. Requires completing the first foothold.|PRE|53079|LVL|114|
C Adapting Our Tactics|QID|53602|M|58.56,62.72|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Ask Eitrigg about available upgrades and then choose between the two on the first tier.|
T Adapting Our Tactics|QID|53602|M|58.56,62.72|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Eitrigg.|
A The MOTHERLODE!!: Raw Deal|QID|53437|M|58.45,62.64|Z|Zuldazar|NA|LVL|115|N|From Trade Prince Gallywix who is 1 level directly below Nathanos.|PRE|53602|

;foothold quest intro
A The Kul Tiras Campaign|QID|51803|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51770|
C Pick a Foothold|QID|51803|M|58.44,62.62|NC|Z|Zuldazar|N|Choose which zone you want to build a foothold in first at the Kul'Tiras Campaign Table.|
t Foothold: Drustvar|QID|51801|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Stormsong Valley|QID|51802|M|58.45,62.62|Z|Zuldazar|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Tiragarde Sound|QID|51800|M|58.45,62.62|Z|Zuldazar|N|To UI Alert.|
T The Kul Tiras Campaign|QID|51803|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|

;Level 114 Foothold
A Deeper Into Kul Tiras|QID|53050|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|LVL|114|O|
T Deeper Into Kul Tiras|QID|53050|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|;autoaccepted from UI when you lvl to 114.
A The Ongoing Campaign|QID|51979|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|LVL|114|PRE|51803|
C Pick next Foothold|QID|51979|M|58.44,62.62|NC|Z|Zuldazar|N|Choose which zone you want to build your second foothold at the Kul'Tiras Campaign Table.|
t Foothold: Drustvar|QID|51801|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Stormsong Valley|QID|51802|M|58.45,62.62|Z|Zuldazar|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Tiraguarde Sound|QID|51800|M|58.45,62.62|Z|Zuldazar|N|To UI Alert.|
T The Ongoing Campaign|QID|51979|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|

;Island Expedition unlock
t The Azerite Advantage|QID|53062|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller. This quest is once per account.|O|;Autoaccepted from UI upon achieving level 116
A Island Expedition|QID|51870|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|53062|
T Island Expedition|QID|51870|M|44.48,95.45|Z|Dazar'alor|N|To Captain Rez'okum.|
A Island Expedition|QID|51888|M|44.48,95.45|Z|Dazar'alor|N|From Captain Rez'okum.|PRE|51870|
C Island Expedition|QID|51888|QO|1|M|44.48,95.45|Z|Dazar'alor|CHAT|N|Tell Captain Rez'okum you are ready.|
C Investigate the Azerite|QID|51888|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|1|N|Investigate the source of the Azerite.|
C An Oceanic Outcropping|QID|51888|M|79.17,63.79;75.36,55.76;77.35,50.00|CN|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|2|N|Mine the Azerite Crystals.|
C There's More|QID|51888|M|68.18,37.20|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|3|N|Investigate the second source of Azerite.|
C Encrusted Crustacean|QID|51888|M|66.45,32.04|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|4|N|Kill the Encrusted Kingscuttler.|
C Off the Charts|QID|51888|M|39.96,51.31|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|5|N|Investigate the third source of Azerite.|
C Azerite Raid|QID|51888|M|39.96,51.31|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|6|N|Pick up the Azerite from the the 3 Kunzen hozen huts.|
C Escape!|QID|51888|M|75.71,70.62|Z|Islands!Instance|SO|7|N|Escape from Uncharted Isle before the Alliance arrive. Don't worry that the quest log shows this quest incomplete, it will be complete when you get back to Zuldazar.|
T Island Expedition|QID|51888|M|44.48,95.45|Z|Dazar'alor|N|To Captain Rez'okum.|

;Level 118 Foothold
A Pushing Our Influence|QID|53056|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|LVL|118|O|
T Pushing Our Influence|QID|53056|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A The Final Foothold|QID|52444|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51979|LVL|118|
C Pick last Foothold|QID|52444|M|58.44,62.62|NC|Z|Zuldazar|N|Choose the last available zone to build a foothold at the Kul'Tiras Campaign Table.|
t Foothold: Drustvar|QID|51801|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Stormsong Valley|QID|51802|M|58.45,62.62|Z|Zuldazar|N|To UI Alert.|
t Foothold: Tiraguarde Sound|QID|51800|M|58.45,62.62|Z|Zuldazar|N|To UI Alert.|
T The Final Foothold|QID|52444|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|

;Foothold: Drustvar
A A Trip Across the Ocean|QID|51332|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51801|
T A Trip Across the Ocean|QID|51332|M|58.45,62.64|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Trade Prince Gallywix below deck.|
A Drustvar Ho!|QID|51340|M|58.45,62.64|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Trade Prince Gallywix.|PRE|51332|
C Drustvar Ho!|QID|51340|M|58.55,62.72|Z|Zuldazar|QO|1|CHAT|N|Speak with Eitrigg, who is one level above you.|
C Drustvar Ho!|QID|51340|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|QO|2|CHAT|N|Tail Tattersail you are ready to sail to Drustvar.|
T Drustvar Ho!|QID|51340|M|20.79,43.85|Z|Drustvar|N|To Eitrigg.|
A Profit and Reconnaissance|QID|51224|M|20.79,43.85|Z|Drustvar|N|From Eitrigg.|PRE|51340|
f Anyport|ACTIVE|51224|M|19.12,43.32|Z|Drustvar|N|At Tan Lotuswind.|
C Profit and Reconnaissance|QID|51224|M|20.71,43.73;20.40,47.37;22.30,46.37|Z|Drustvar|CS|QO|1|NC|N|Hop on the trike and drive up the hill. Inspect the scout when you arrive.|
C Profit and Reconnaissance|QID|51224|M|25.47,46.40|Z|Drustvar|QO|2|NC|N|Hop back on the trike and head for the next Drudge a little further into the woods. Kill the Wildwood Slaverer which will appear shortly.|
C Profit and Reconnaissance|QID|51224|M|29.47,54.90|Z|Drustvar|QO|3|NC|N|Hop back on and find yet another goblin scout. Inspect him.|
C Profit and Reconnaissance|QID|51224|M|32.11,54.43|Z|Drustvar|QO|4|NC|N|Hop back on to Find the final goblin scout.|
T Profit and Reconnaissance|QID|51224|M|32.33,54.55|Z|Drustvar|N|To Eitrigg.|
A Wiccaphobia|QID|51231|M|32.33,54.55|Z|Drustvar|N|From Eitrigg.|PRE|51224|
C Wiccaphobia|QID|51231|M|32.26,54.89|Z|Drustvar|QO|1|N|Protect Eitrigg and Gallywix|
T Wiccaphobia|QID|51231|M|32.32,54.57|Z|Drustvar|N|To Eitrigg.|
A I Hope There's No Witches in the Mountains|QID|51233|M|32.35,54.60|Z|Drustvar|N|From Trade Prince Gallywix.|PRE|51231|
C I Hope There's No Witches in the Mountains|QID|51233|M|30.04,52.05;33.60,37.90|CS|Z|Drustvar|QO|1|CHAT|N|Drive Eitrigg and Gallywix to the mountains. Talk to Hobart to complete the step.|
C I Hope There's No Witches in the Mountains|QID|51233|M|35.84,36.76;37.30,27.69|CS|Z|Drustvar|QO|2|NC|N|Continue on up the mountain (with Eitrigg and Gallywix - on the trike) to Krazzlefrazz Outpost.|
T I Hope There's No Witches in the Mountains|QID|51233|M|37.22,27.19|Z|Drustvar|N|To Eitrigg.|
A Krazzlefrazz Outpost|QID|51234|M|36.91,27.11|Z|Drustvar|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|PRE|51233|
C Krazzlefrazz Outpost|QID|51234|M|36.80,26.37|Z|Drustvar|QO|1|NC|N|Pick up the Lazor Embiginator on the ground and face the toy size Supply Hut. Use special action button to construct.|
C Krazzlefrazz Outpost|QID|51234|M|36.72,25.19|Z|Drustvar|QO|2|NC|N|Click on the bomb to contruct the Engineering Works.|
C Krazzlefrazz Outpost|QID|51234|M|37.75,24.61|Z|Drustvar|QO|3|NC|N|Set off the explosives to contruct the fishing shack.|
C Krazzlefrazz Outpost|QID|51234|M|37.64,25.48|Z|Drustvar|QO|4|CHAT|N|Reach thru the wormhole to supposedly pull out the inn. Kill what you found then do it again.|
T Krazzlefrazz Outpost|QID|51234|M|37.17,27.18|Z|Drustvar|N|To Trade Prince Gallywix.|
A Champion: Hobart Grapplehammer|QID|51987|M|36.90,27.11|Z|Drustvar|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|PRE|51234|
T Champion: Hobart Grapplehammer|QID|51987|M|36.90,27.11|Z|Drustvar|N|From Hobart Grapplehammer.|
A Return to Zuldazar|QID|51985|M|37.18,27.19|Z|Drustvar|N|From Trade Prince Gallywix.|PRE|51234|
f Krazzlefrazz Outpost|ACTIVE|51985|M|37.37,24.03|Z|Drustvar|N|At Rixi Rocketboom.|
F Anyport|ACTIVE|51985|M|37.37,24.03|Z|Drustvar|N|At Rixi Rocketboom.|
C Return to Zuldazar|QID|51985|M|20.61,43.35|Z|Drustvar|CHAT|N|Ask Swellthrasher for a ride back to Zuldazar.|
T Return to Zuldazar|QID|51985|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|

; Foothold: Stormsong Valley
A The Warlord's Call|QID|51526|M|58.43,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51802|
T The Warlord's Call|QID|51526|M|58.44,62.45|Z|Zuldazar|N|To High Warlord Cromush.|
A Storming In|QID|51532|M|58.44,62.45|Z|Zuldazar|N|From High Warlord Cromush.|PRE|51526|
C Storming In|QID|51532|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail you are ready to sail to Stormsong Valley.|
T Storming In|QID|51532|M|51.11,21.16|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To High Warlord Cromush.|
A A Wall of Iron|QID|51643|M|51.11,21.16|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From High Warlord Cromush.|PRE|51532|
C A Wall of Iron|QID|51643|M|51.18,21.12|Z|Stormsong Valley|QO|1|NC|N|Go down below-decks and take controll of a Cannon.|
C A Wall of Iron|QID|51643|M|51.18,21.12|Z|Stormsong Valley|QO|2|N|Use "1" key to fire at enemy troops (tho ones not carrying red flags) on the shore.|
T A Wall of Iron|QID|51643|M|51.11,21.16|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To High Warlord Cromush.|
A On the Hunt|QID|51536|M|51.11,21.16|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From High Warlord Cromush.|PRE|51643|
C On the Hunt|QID|51536|M|51.05,21.47|Z|Stormsong Valley|QO|1|NC|N|Click on the rope for a ride to the docks.(Optional)|
C On the Hunt|QID|51536|M|50.39,26.18|Z|Stormsong Valley|QO|2|NC|N|Go up to the buildings and try to rescue Rexxar's pet, then wait for the quest credit.|
T On the Hunt|QID|51536|M|50.41,26.17|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Rexxar.|
A Onward!|QID|51587|M|50.41,26.17|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Rexxar.|PRE|51536|
C Onward!|QID|51587|M|51.91,30.17|Z|Stormsong Valley|NC|N|Travel with Rexxar|
T Onward!|QID|51587|M|51.66,29.83|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Centurion Kaga Warmstone.|
A Hunt Them Down|QID|51675|M|51.66,29.83|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Centurion Kaga Warmstone.|PRE|51587|
A Almost Worth Saving|QID|51691|M|51.66,29.83|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Centurion Kaga Warmstone.|PRE|51587|
A Douse the Flames|QID|51674|M|51.67,29.94|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Rexxar.|PRE|51587|
C Almost Worth Saving|QID|51691|M|51.80,32.43|Z|Stormsong Valley|QO|1|S|NC|N|Rescue Frightened Peons as you go.|
C Hunt Them Down|QID|51675|M|51.80,32.43|Z|Stormsong Valley|S|QO|2|N|Kill footman as you go.|
C Douse the Flames|QID|51674|M|51.04,33.06|Z|Stormsong Valley|S|N|The mages drop the wands you need to douse the flames.|U|160565|
C Hunt Them Down|QID|51675|M|51.85,33.63|Z|Stormsong Valley|QO|1|N|Kill Captain Ara.|T|Captain Ara.|
C Almost Worth Saving|QID|51691|M|51.85,32.63|Z|Stormsong Valley|QO|2|NC|N|Click on the barricade behind Captain Ara.|
C Douse the Flames|QID|51674|M|51.04,33.06|Z|Stormsong Valley|US|N|Finish putting out the fires.|U|160565|
C Hunt Them Down|QID|51675|M|49.29,32.84|Z|Stormsong Valley|US|QO|2|N|Finish your quota of footman.|
C Almost Worth Saving|QID|51691|M|51.80,32.43|Z|Stormsong Valley|QO|1|US|NC|N|Finish rescuing Frightened Peons.|
T Hunt Them Down|QID|51675|M|49.18,34.22|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Centurion Kaga Warmstone.|
T Almost Worth Saving|QID|51691|M|49.18,34.22|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Centurion Kaga Warmstone.|
T Douse the Flames|QID|51674|M|49.26,34.29|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Rexxar.|
A Reclaiming What's Ours|QID|51696|M|49.26,34.29|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Rexxar.|PRE|51675&51691&51674|
C Reclaiming What's Ours|QID|51696|M|49.58,34.77|Z|Stormsong Valley|NC|N|Go up to the top of the tower and sound the Warhorn.|
T Reclaiming What's Ours|QID|51696|M|52.13,33.66|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Rexxar.|
A Champion: Rexxar|QID|51753|M|52.13,53.66|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Rexxar.|PRE|51696|
T Champion: Rexxar|QID|51753|M|52.13,53.66|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Rexxar.|
A Return to Zuldazar|QID|51986|M|52.13,33.66|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Rexxar.|PRE|51753|
f Warfang Hold|ACTIVE|51986|M|51.43,33.74|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|At Muka Stormbreaker.|
C Return to Zuldazar|QID|51986|M|51.43,33.74|Z|Stormsong Valley|CHAT|N|Ask Muka Stormbreaker for a flight back to Zuldazar.|
T Return to Zuldazar|QID|51986|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|

; A Foothold: Tiraguard Sound
A Shiver Me Timbers|QID|51421|M|58.45,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51800|
C Shiver Me Timbers|QID|51421|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to sail to Tiragarde Sound.|
T Shiver Me Timbers|QID|51421|M|89.34,53.38|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|
A Swashbuckling in Style|QID|51435|M|89.34,53.38|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|PRE|51421|
C Swashbuckling in Style|QID|51435|M|89.45,53.65|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|N|Click the chest full of pirate garb.|
T Swashbuckling in Style|QID|51435|M|89.34,53.39|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|
A Parleyin' Wit Pirates|QID|51436|M|89.34,53.39|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|PRE|51435|
C Parleyin' Wit Pirates|QID|51436|M|89.34,53.39|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|1|NC|N|Use the Mala's Fortune Rope|
C Parleyin' Wit Pirates|QID|51436|M|88.22,51.17;87.30,50.01|Z|Tiragarde Sound|CS|QO|2|CHAT|N|Tell Ty'jin that you are ready, and then walk with him.|
T Parleyin' Wit Pirates|QID|51436|M|87.31,49.98|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To First Mate Owings.|
A Spike the Punch|QID|51437|M|87.31,49.98|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From First Mate Owings.|PRE|51436|
A Cannonball Collection|QID|51439|M|87.27,50.00|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|PRE|51436|
C Spike the Punch|QID|51437|M|88.03,50.76|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|S|N|Click on the Kegs of Grog to spike.|
C Cannonball Collection|QID|51439|M|87.85,50.96|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|Kill Cannoneers to collect the Fogsail Cannonballs.|
C Spike the Punch|QID|51437|M|87.77,50.56|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|US|N|Finish spiking the kegs.|
T Cannonball Collection|QID|51439|M|87.28,50.01|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|
T Spike the Punch|QID|51437|M|87.31,49.98|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To First Mate Owings.|
A A Change in Direction|QID|51440|M|87.31,49.98|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From First Mate Owings.|PRE|51439&51437|
A Thar She Blows!|QID|51441|M|87.28,50.01|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|PRE|51439&51437|
C Thar She Blows!|QID|51441|M|88.25,50.73|Z|Tiragarde Sound|U|160405|NC|S|N|Use the Hand Cannon to sink Fogsail Rowboats.|
C A Change in Direction|QID|51440|M|87.02,51.94|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|2|CHAT|N|Give the letter to Quartermaster Killian.|
C A Change in Direction|QID|51440|M|87.87,50.25|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|1|CHAT|N|Give the letter to Boatswain Taryn. She doesnt fall for it and you need to defend yourself.|
C A Change in Direction|QID|51440|M|87.28,49.57|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|3|CHAT|N|Navigator Swink is on a dock behind the building with Owings and Ty'jin. Give him the letter. Unfortunately he has a real problem with the Horde.|
C Thar She Blows!|QID|51441|M|88.25,50.73|Z|Tiragarde Sound|U|160405|NC|US|N|Finish sinking Fogsail Rowboats|
T Thar She Blows!|QID|51441|M|87.28,50.00|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|
T A Change in Direction|QID|51440|M|87.31,49.98|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To First Mate Owings.|
A I'm the Captain Now|QID|51442|M|87.31,49.98|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From First Mate Owings.|PRE|51440&51441|
C I'm the Captain Now|QID|51442|M|86.93,53.13|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|Kill Captain Rhenik.|
T I'm the Captain Now|QID|51442|M|87.31,49.98|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To First Mate Owings.|
A Marking Our Territory|QID|51438|M|87.28,50.01|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|PRE|51442|
C Marking Our Territory|QID|51438|M|87.47,50.40|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|N|Click on the translucent Horde Banner.|
f Plunder Harbor|ACTIVE|51438|M|87.27,50.67|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|At Skrash.|
T Marking Our Territory|QID|51438|M|87.28,50.01|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|
A Champion: Shadow Hunter Ty'jin|QID|51975|M|87.28,50.01|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|PRE|51438|
T Champion: Shadow Hunter Ty'jin|QID|51975|M|87.28,50.01|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|
A Return to Zuldazar|QID|51984|M|87.28,50.01|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Shadow Hunter Ty'jin.|PRE|51975|
C Return to Zuldazar|QID|51984|M|87.84,51.18|Z|Tiragarde Sound|CHAT|N|Speak to Erul Dawnbrook.|
T Return to Zuldazar|QID|51984|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|

;lvl 120
A A Mission of Unity|QID|53064|N|Autoaccepted after turning level 120|LVL|120|O|
T A Mission of Unity|QID|53064|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|LVL|120|
A Uniting Zandalar|QID|52451^51916|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|LVL|120|
C Uniting Zandalar|QID|52451^51916|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|S|N|Requires at least honored with Talanji's Expidition (Nazmir); Voldunai (Voldun); and Zandalari Empire (Zuldazar) Accountwide progress counts. |

;Warfront at lvl 120
A The Warfront Looms|QID|53207|N|Autoaccepted after turning level 120|LVL|120|O|
T The Warfront Looms|QID|53207|M|52.93,94.47|Z|Dazar'alor|N|To Throk.|
A To the Front|QID|53208|M|52.93,94.47|Z|Dazar'alor|N|From Throk.|LVL|120|PRE|53207|
A Warfront Contribution|QID|53209|M|52.93,94.47|Z|Dazar'alor|N|From Throk.|LVL|120|PRE|53207|
P Arathi Highlands|ACTIVE|53208|M|51.83,94.46|Z|Dazar'alor|CHAT|N|Talk to Druza Netherfang for a port to Arathi Highlands|
T To the Front|QID|53208|M|26.07,35.56|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Wistel Silversnitch.|
A Touring the Front|QID|53210|M|26.07,35.57|Z|Arathi Highlands|PRE|53208|
C Touring the Front|QID|53210|M|25.96,36.11|Z|Arathi Highlands|QO|3|CHAT|N|View the battleground with Flightgineer Krazzle|
C Touring the Front|QID|53210|M|20.91,25.90|Z|Arathi Highlands|QO|2|CHAT|N|Check on Graul|
C Touring the Front|QID|53210|M|33.31,36.30|Z|Arathi Highlands|QO|1|CHAT|N|Check on Foreman Drogg|
T Touring the Front|QID|53210|M|26.07,35.56|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Wistel Silversnitch.|
A Back to Zuldazar|QID|53212|M|26.07,35.56|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Wistel Silversnitch.|PRE|53210|
P Zuldazar|ACTIVE|53212|M|26.68,35.80|Z|Arathi Highlands|CHAT|N|Talk to Druza Netherfang for a port back to Zuldazar|
T Back to Zuldazar|QID|53212|M|52.93,94.47|Z|Dazar'alor|N|To Throk.|
C Warfront Contribution|QID|53209|M|51.74,95.44|Z|Dazar'alor|QO|1|N|Make a donation to the war effort, if crafting supplies are sparse, you can donate 100g at Paymaster Grintooth|
T Warfront Contribution|QID|53209|M|52.93,94.47|Z|Dazar'alor|N|To Throk and enjoy Warfronts!|
A The League Will Lose|QID|53154|ACTIVE|53154^53193^53190^53148^53173^53150|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Druza Netherfang.|
A Twice-Exiled|QID|53193|ACTIVE|53154^53193^53190^53148^53173^53150|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Druza Netherfang.|
A Executing Exorcisms|QID|53190|ACTIVE|53154^53193^53190^53148^53173^53150|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Druza Netherfang.|
A Boulderfist Beatdown|QID|53148|ACTIVE|53154^53193^53190^53148^53173^53150|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Druza Netherfang.|
A Sins of the Syndicate|QID|53173|ACTIVE|53154^53193^53190^53148^53173^53150|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Druza Netherfang.|
A Wiping Out the Witherbark|QID|53150|ACTIVE|53154^53193^53190^53148^53173^53150|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|From Druza Netherfang.|
C Twice-Exiled|QID|53193|M|29.76,59.85|Z|Arathi Highlands|S|N|Kill elementals, they have spawn areas all over the map.|
C Boulderfist Beatdown|QID|53148|M|28.75,45.55|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|Cave entrance at waypoint, kill the Boulderfist inside.|
C Executing Exorcisms|QID|53190|M|21.71,64.88|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|Kill Ghosts in the area.|
C Sins of the Syndicate|QID|53173|M|53.14,60.05|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|Kill Syndicate in the area.|
C Wiping Out the Witherbark|QID|53150|M|63.75,72.54|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|Kill trolls in the area.|
C The League Will Lose|QID|53154|M|49.81,39.77|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|Kill defilers in the area.|
C Twice-Exiled|QID|53193|M|29.76,59.85|Z|Arathi Highlands|US|N|Finish killing elementals in this area. There is also the Rumbling Goliath rare here.|
T The League Will Lose|QID|53154|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Druza Netherfang.|
T Twice-Exiled|QID|53193|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Druza Netherfang.|
T Executing Exorcisms|QID|53190|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Druza Netherfang.|
T Boulderfist Beatdown|QID|53148|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Druza Netherfang.|
T Sins of the Syndicate|QID|53173|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Druza Netherfang.|
T Wiping Out the Witherbark|QID|53150|M|27.30,29.79|Z|Arathi Highlands|N|To Druza Netherfang.|
;End Warfront

; Warfront Scenerio
A Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde|QID|53416|M|52.91,94.52|Z|Dazar'alor|N|From Throk.|O|
C Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde|QID|53416|M|52.91,94.52|Z|Dazar'alor|NC|QO|1|N|View the War Table in Zuldazar and join the queue to defeat the Alliance at the Battle for Stromgarde.|ILVL|320|
A Iron Stores|QID|51082|ACTIVE|53416|M|70.51,36.03|Z|943|N|From Foreman Drogg. After taking the mines and killing Overseer Krix.|ILVL|320|
C Iron Stores|QID|51082|M|61.49,25.10|Z|943|QO|1|NC|N|Back at the base, access your Iron Stores.|
T Iron Stores|QID|51082|M|61.48,25.26|Z|943|N|To Lug'ruk.|
A Chop, Chop!|QID|47283|PRE|51082|M|45.98,19.64|Z|943|N|From Graul. After taking Hatchet Ridge and killing Lumberjack Leo.|ILVL|320|
C Chop, Chop!|QID|47283|M|46.38,19.17|Z|943|QO|1|NC|N|Grab the Sturdy Axe.|
C Chop, Chop!|QID|47283|M|46.47,18.16|Z|943|QO|2|NC|N|Chop down the Sapling.|
C Chop, Chop!|QID|47283|M|46.47,18.16|Z|943|QO|3|NC|N|Pick up the Freshly-Chopped Wood around the tree you just chopped.|
T Chop, Chop!|QID|47283|M|46.04,19.63|Z|943|N|To Graul.|
A Ready for Battle|QID|53665|PRE|51082|M|60.64,28.10|Z|943|N|From Lieutenant Akaro.|ILVL|320|
C Ready for Battle|QID|53665|M|60.77,28.90|Z|943|QO|1|NC|N|Recruit a troop from the Barracks, 20 Iron minimum.|
T Ready for Battle|QID|53665|M|60.64,28.09|Z|943|N|To Lieutenant Akaro.|
A Armor Up!|QID|53666|PRE|51082|M|58.72,25.90|Z|943|N|From Drom'kal.|ILVL|320|
C Armor Up!|QID|53666|M|58.60,25.40|Z|943|QO|1|NC|N|See what the Armory has to offer.|
T Armor Up!|QID|53666|M|60.71,25.19|Z|943|N|To Wistel Silversnitch.|
A The Altar's Power|QID|53669|PRE|51082|M|60.71,25.19|Z|943|N|From Wistel Silversnitch.|ILVL|320|
C The Altar's Power|QID|53669|M|61.03,22.65|Z|943|QO|1|NC|N|See what the Altar has to offer.|
T The Altar's Power|QID|53669|M|60.70,25.17|Z|943|N|To Wistel Silversnitch.|
A Welcome to the Workshop|QID|53667|PRE|51082|M|58.52,21.47|Z|943|N|From Margie Slickwinch.|ILVL|320|
C Welcome to the Workshop|QID|53667|M|57.89,21.81|Z|943|QO|1|NC|N|See what the Workshop has to offer.|
T Welcome to the Workshop|QID|53667|M|58.52,21.47|Z|943|N|To Margie Slickwinch.|
A Flightgineer's Network|QID|53668|PRE|51082|M|51.14,46.94|Z|943|N|From Flightgineer Krazzle after capturing High Perch.|ILVL|320|
C Flightgineer's Network|QID|53668|M|51.31,46.85|Z|943|QO|1|NC|N|Fly back to Ar'gorok to get your flightmaster whistle upgrade.|
T Flightgineer's Network|QID|53668|M|61.69,26.19|Z|943|N|To Eitrigg.|
A Beasts of Newstead|QID|53670|PRE|51082|M|42.26,39.56|Z|943|N|From Raider Zugg after capturing Newstead.|ILVL|320|
C Beasts of Newstead|QID|53670|M|41.50,40.55|Z|943|QO|1|NC|N|See what Kodo Rider Tanauk has to offer.|
T Beasts of Newstead|QID|53670|M|42.62,41.53|Z|943|N|To Raider Zugg.|
A The Circle's Power|QID|53671|PRE|51082|M|69.62,47.65|Z|943|N|From Arcanist Ilira after capturing the Circle of Elements.|ILVL|320|
C The Circle's Power|QID|53671|M|68.45,47.51|Z|943|NC|N|See what Kraga Tidefury has to offer.|
T The Circle's Power|QID|53671|M|69.63,47.65|Z|943|N|To Arcanist Ilira.|
C Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde|QID|53416|M|49.37,72.95|Z|943|QO|2|N|Collect Iron and Wood to continue upgrading your buildings and troops or hire help. Capture the various outposts and defeat the alliance.|ILVL|320|
t Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde|QID|53416|M|52.92,94.51|Z|Dazar'alor|N|To Throk.|
;End Warfront Scenerio

C Uniting Zandalar|QID|52451^51916|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|US|N|Requires at least friendly with Talanji's Expidition (Nazmir); Voldunai (Voldun); and Zandalari Empire (Zuldazar) Accountwide progress counts. |
T Uniting Zandalar|QID|52451^51916|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|

;First Assault
A Breaking Kul Tiran Will|QID|51589|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|LVL|120|PRE|52451^51916|
C Breaking Kul Tiran Will|QID|51589|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to sail to Tiragarde Sound.|
T Breaking Kul Tiran Will|QID|51589|M|87.38,50.52|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Into the Heart of Tiragarde|QID|51590|M|87.38,50.52|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51589|
R Timberfell Outpost|ACTIVE|51590|M|87.02,51.87;83.31,50.20;76.62,50.31;70.65,49.03;71.20,50.90|Z|Tiragarde Sound|CS|N|Follow the road out of the port up to our new Outpost in Tiragarde Sound. There are guards on the bridge over Bridgeport, so be prepared to outrun them, avoid them, or kill them.|
T Into the Heart of Tiragarde|QID|51590|M|71.19,50.91|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Our Mountain Now|QID|51591|M|71.19,50.91|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51590|
C Our Mountain Now|QID|51591|M|72.06,52.10|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|1|N|Kill the roughnecks.|
T Our Mountain Now|QID|51591|M|72.02,51.85|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Making Ourselves at Home|QID|51592|M|72.02,51.85|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51591|
A Bridgeport Investigation|QID|51593|M|72.04,51.76|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51591|
f Timberfell Outpost|ACTIVE|51593|M|72.18,51.91|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|At Michaela Reed.|
C Making Ourselves at Home|QID|51592|M|75.13,51.16|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|S|N|Click on the crates, rolls of sail and anchor chains to collect.|
C Bridgeport Investigation|QID|51593|M|73.45,48.27|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|2|NC|N|Stand here and evesdrop on the conversation on the other side of the wall.|
C Bridgeport Investigation|QID|51593|M|74.63,49.68|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|1|NC|N|Stand here and evesdrop on the conversation in the harbor terrace.|
C Bridgeport Investigation|QID|51593|M|75.32,51.12|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|3|NC|N|Stand here to evesdrop on the conversation in the outdoor workshop|
C Making Ourselves at Home|QID|51592|M|75.08,51.11|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|US|N|Finish collecting the canvas and chain.|
T Making Ourselves at Home|QID|51592|M|72.02,51.84|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
T Bridgeport Investigation|QID|51593|M|72.05,51.77|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Lilian Voss.|
A Explosives in the Foundry|QID|51594|M|72.05,51.77|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51592&51593|
T Explosives in the Foundry|QID|51594|M|77.51,49.93|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Lilian Voss.|
A Explosivity|QID|51595|M|77.51,49.93|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51594|
C Explosivity|QID|51595|M|77.56,49.80|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|Face the banner at the foundry entrance and use your special action button to test bomb explosiveness.|
T Explosivity|QID|51595|M|77.50,49.92|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Lilian Voss.|
A Ammunition Acquisition|QID|51596|M|77.50,49.92|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51595|
A Gunpowder Research|QID|51597|M|77.50,49.92|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51595|
A A Bit of Chaos|QID|51598|M|77.50,49.92|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51595|
C A Bit of Chaos|QID|51598|M|82.16,48.61|Z|Tiragarde Sound|S|N|Kill Ashvane workers as you go. (you can most likely get enough without attacking the nuetral NPCs)|
C Ammunition Acquisition|QID|51596|M|82.06,48.81|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|S|N|Pick up Ashvane Explosives as you go.|
K Taskmaster Williams|QID|51597|M|79.13,46.83|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|2|T|Taskmaster Williams|N|Kill Taskmaster Williams to loot the Gunpowder Manufacturing Guide.|ACTIVE|51597|
K Forgemaster Farthing|QID|51597|M|82.16,48.61|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|1|T|Forgemaster Farthing|N|Kill Forgemaster Farthing and loot the Ashvane Explosives Formula.|ACTIVE|51597|
C Ammunition Acquisition|QID|51596|M|82.06,48.81|Z|Tiragarde Sound|US|N|Finish collecting the Ashvane Explosives|
C A Bit of Chaos|QID|51598|M|82.16,48.61|Z|Tiragarde Sound|US|N|Finish killing the Ashvane workers.|
T Ammunition Acquisition|QID|51596|M|77.50,49.93|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Lilian Voss.|
T Gunpowder Research|QID|51597|M|77.50,49.93|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Lilian Voss.|
T A Bit of Chaos|QID|51598|M|77.50,49.93|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Lilian Voss.|
A Death Trap|QID|51599|M|77.50,49.93|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51596&51597&51598|
C Death Trap|QID|51599|M|74.24,52.88|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|N|Click on all the crates here.|
T Death Trap|QID|51599|M|77.01,49.19|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Lilian Voss.|
A The Bridgeport Ride|QID|51601|M|77.01,49.19|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51599|
C The Bridgeport Ride|QID|51601|M|75.49,49.86;75.55,51.96;74.22,52.88|QO|1;2|Z|Tiragarde Sound|CS|NC|N|Hop on the horse, make a circle thru town, be sure you ran past the Captain, and then ride out across the low bridge to where you set the bombs.|
T The Bridgeport Ride|QID|51601|M|72.03,51.85|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|

; The Marshal's Grave - 4.5k Friendly with The Honorbound
A Operation: Grave Digger|QID|53065|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|51601|REP|The Honorbound;2157;friendly;4500|O|
T Operation: Grave Digger|QID|53065|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A A Stroll Through a Cemetery|QID|51784|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51601|REP|The Honorbound;2157;friendly;4500|
C A Stroll Through a Cemetery|QID|51784|QO|1|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to sail to Drustvar.|
F Krazzlefrazz Outpost|ACTIVE|51784|M|19.16,43.31|Z|Drustvar|N|Fly to Krazzlefrazz Outpost.|
R Barrowknoll Cemetery|ACTIVE|51784|M|37.69,33.30;48.19,32.30;52.61,39.67|CS|Z|Drustvar|N|Across the river, run generally east towards Barrowknoll cemetery|
T A Stroll Through a Cemetery|QID|51784|M|61.37,51.09|Z|Drustvar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Examining the Epitaphs|QID|51785|M|61.37,51.09|Z|Drustvar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51784|
A State of Unrest|QID|51786|M|61.37,51.09|Z|Drustvar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51784|
A Our Lot in Life|QID|51787|M|61.32,51.11|Z|Drustvar|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51784|
C State of Unrest|QID|51786|M|61.20,47.28|Z|Drustvar|S|N|Kill the Enraged Spirits as you go.|
C Our Lot in Life|QID|51787|M|61.20,47.28|Z|Drustvar|S|NC|N|Pick Gravebloom as you go.|
C Examining the Epitaphs|QID|51785|M|61.11,48.83;61.89,47.86;59.57,47.29;60.34,44.99|CN|Z|Drustvar|NC|N|Click on the epitaths upove the mauseleoms.|
C Our Lot in Life|QID|51787|M|61.20,47.28|Z|Drustvar|US|NC|N|Finish collecting the Gravebloom|
C State of Unrest|QID|51786|M|61.20,47.28|Z|Drustvar|US|N|Finish killing your quota of Enraged Spirits.|
T Our Lot in Life|QID|51787|M|61.32,51.11|Z|Drustvar|N|To Lilian Voss.|
T Examining the Epitaphs|QID|51785|M|61.37,51.09|Z|Drustvar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
T State of Unrest|QID|51786|M|61.37,51.09|Z|Drustvar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A The Crypt Keeper|QID|51788|M|61.37,51.09|Z|Drustvar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51785&51786&51787|
C The Crypt Keeper|QID|51788|M|59.38,49.12|Z|Drustvar|T|Brutus Thornton|N|Find Brutus and kill him to collect the key.|
T The Crypt Keeper|QID|51788|M|61.37,51.09|Z|Drustvar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A What Remains of Marshal M. Valentine|QID|51789|M|61.37,51.09|Z|Drustvar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51788|
C What Remains of Marshal M. Valentine|QID|51789|QO|1|M|61.12,48.87|Z|Drustvar|NC|N|Click on the door to open.|
C What Remains of Marshal M. Valentine|QID|51789|QO|2|M|61.11,48.45|Z|Drustvar|N|Several undead come to investigate, kill them, keep at it until Echo of Marshall M. Valentine shows up and kill him too.|
C What Remains of Marshal M. Valentine|QID|51789|QO|3|M|61.11,48.99|Z|Drustvar|NC|N|Go inside the Crypt.|
C What Remains of Marshal M. Valentine|QID|51789|QO|4|M|61.11,48.99|Z|Drustvar|NC|N|Wait for the dialog to complete.|
C What Remains of Marshal M. Valentine|QID|51789|QO|5|M|61.11,48.99|Z|Drustvar|NC|N|pick up the book when it becomes interactive.|
T What Remains of Marshal M. Valentine|QID|51789|M|61.17,48.73|Z|Drustvar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller, who is with you at the crypt.|

; The Honored Repuation Mission Report: Swiftwind Post
A Mission Report: Swiftwind Post|QID|52275|M|51.56,99.77|Z|Dazar'alor|REP|The Honorbound;2157;honored;0|PRE|53744|O|
T Mission Report: Swiftwind Post|QID|52275|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Swiftwind Post|QID|52276|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52275|

; The Honored Repuation Mission Report: The Wolf's Den
A Mission Report: The Wolf's Den|QID|52005|M|51.56,99.77|Z|Dazar'alor|REP|The Honorbound;2157;honored;0|PRE|53739|O|
T Mission Report: The Wolf's Den|QID|52005|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A The Wolf's Den|QID|52127|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52005|

; The Honored Repuation Mission Report: Swiftwind Post,part2
R Tiragarde Sound|ACTIVE|52276|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Tiragarde (because it is slightly closer) or get there through other means.|
F Timberfell Outpost|ACTIVE|52276|M|87.27,50.67|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|Take a flight to Timberfell from Skrash.|FLY|BFA|
C Swiftwind Post|QID|52276|M|66.02,59.46|Z|Drustvar|QO|1|N|Make your way to the outpost and claim it.|
f Swiftwind Post|ACTIVE|52276|M|66.46,59.32|Z|Drustvar|N|At Windtamer Loka.|
T Swiftwind Post|QID|52276|M|66.11,59.59|Z|Drustvar|N|To Toska Eaglehorn.|
A Mission Report: Nature Calls|QID|53102|M|51.48,99.63|Z|Dazar'alor|PRE|52276|O|
T Mission Report: Nature Calls|QID|53102|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Wicker Magic|QID|53103|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|53102|
R Drustvar|ACTIVE|53103|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Drustvar or get there through other means.|
F Swiftwind Post|ACTIVE|53103|M|19.12,43.32|Z|Drustvar|N|At Tan Lotuswind.|
T Wicker Magic|QID|53103|M|66.12,59.58|Z|Drustvar|N|To Toska Eaglehorn in Drustvar. It should be easier now that you have the flight path directly there.|

; The Honored Repuation Mission Report: The Wolf's Den,part2
R Tiragarde Sound|ACTIVE|52127|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Tiragarde Sound or get there through other means.|
C The Wolf's Den|QID|52127|M|62.21,13.44|Z|Tiragarde Sound|QO|1|N|Make your way to the outpost and claim it.|
f Wolf's Den|ACTIVE|52127|M|62.11,13.57|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|At Narkalt.|
T The Wolf's Den|QID|52127|M|62.49,12.47|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Mukkral Blackvein.|
A Mission Report: Wolves For The Den|QID|53151|M|51.48,99.63|Z|Dazar'alor|PRE|52127|O|
T Mission Report: Wolves For The Den|QID|53151|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Wolves for the Den|QID|53152|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|53151|
R Tiragarde Sound|ACTIVE|53152|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Tiragarde Sound or get there through other means.|
F Wolf's Den|ACTIVE|53152|M|87.27,50.67|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|At Skrash.|
T Wolves for the Den|QID|53152|M|62.49,12.48|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Mukkral Blackvein in Tiragarde sound. It should be easier now that you have the flight path directly there.|

; Death of a Tidesage - 3k/12k Honored The Honorbound
A Operation: Water Wise|QID|53066|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|51789|REP|The Honorbound;2157;honored;3000|O|
T Operation: Water Wise|QID|53066|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Tracking Tidesages|QID|51797|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|51789|REP|The Honorbound;2157;honored;3000|
C Tracking Tidesages|QID|51797|QO|1|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to sail to Stormsong Valley|
T Tracking Tidesages|QID|51797|M|52.08,33.64|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Rexxar.|
A No Price Too High|QID|51798|M|52.08,33.65|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Rexxar.|PRE|51797|
R Tidebreak Summit|ACTIVE|51798|M|59.29,30.18|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|Run east following the road up the hill and across the bridge. You aren't actually running to the summit, just to where the subzone name changes.|
C No Price Too High|QID|51798|QO|1|M|59.29,30.18|Z|Stormsong Valley|CHAT|N|Ask Rexxar "Any Clues on where we can find a tidesage?".|
R To the top of the waterfall|ACTIVE|51798|M|62.64,31.87|Z|Stormsong Valley|CC|N|Continue past the camp and down the road to find Thomas Zelling and talk to him.|
C No Price Too High|QID|51798|QO|2|M|62.64,31.87|Z|Stormsong Valley|CHAT|N|Ask Thomas for his help.|
T No Price Too High|QID|51798|M|62.64,31.94|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Lilian Voss.|
A They Will Know Fear|QID|51805|M|62.64,31.94|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51798|
A Commander and Captain|QID|51818|M|62.64,31.87|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Thomas Zelling.|PRE|51798|
A Scattering Our Enemies|QID|51819|M|62.69,31.81|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Rexxar.|PRE|51798|
C They Will Know Fear|QID|51805|U|160901|M|62.62,39.89|Z|Stormsong Valley|S|NC|N|Run near the civilians and blow the Val'kyr Horn to terrorize them as you go.|
C Scattering Our Enemies|QID|51819|M|62.62,39.89|Z|Stormsong Valley|S|N|Kill the agro mobs as you go.|
K Commander Augustine|QID|51818|QO|2|M|58.38,35.65|Z|Stormsong Valley|T|Commander Augustine|N|Kill Commander Augustine and loot the book.|ACTIVE|51818|
K Captian Malia|QID|51818|QO|1|M|62.62,39.89|Z|Stormsong Valley|T|Captain Malia|N|Kill Catain Malia.|ACTIVE|51818|
C Scattering Our Enemies|QID|51819|M|62.62,39.89|Z|Stormsong Valley|US|NC|N|Finish your quota of enemies.|
C They Will Know Fear|QID|51805|M|62.62,39.89|Z|Stormsong Valley|US|N|Finish terrorizing the civilians.|
T They Will Know Fear|QID|51805|M|62.64,31.94|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Lilian Voss.|
T Scattering Our Enemies|QID|51819|M|62.69,31.81|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Rexxar.|
T Commander and Captain|QID|51818|M|62.62,31.83|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Thomas Zelling.|
A Zelling's Potential|QID|51830|M|62.62,31.83|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Thomas Zelling.|PRE|51805&51818&51819|
R Port Fogtide|ACTIVE|51830|M|61.90,34.14;65.16,38.12;66.94,38.82|CS|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|Follow the path to Port Fogtide.|
C Zelling's Potential|QID|51830|QO|1|M|66.80,42.31|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|Go to Port Fogtide and kill enemies to fill the void font.|
C Zelling's Potential|QID|51830|QO|2|M|66.80,42.31|Z|Stormsong Valley|NC|N|Use Special Action Button to release Zellings' wind spell and get a ride out of town.|
T Zelling's Potential|QID|51830|M|62.62,31.83|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Thomas Zelling.|
A Whatever Will Be|QID|51837|M|62.64,31.94|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51830|
C Whatever Will Be|QID|51837|M|62.62,31.83|Z|Stormsong Valley|CHAT|N|Talk to Thomas, then watch and wait for the scene to play out.|
T Whatever Will Be|QID|51837|M|62.64,31.94|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Lilian Voss.|
A To Be Forsaken|QID|52122|M|62.64,31.94|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|51837|
R Tidebreak Summit|ACTIVE|52122|M|59.91,30.49|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|Run back to the Zelling family's camp.|
C To Be Forsaken|QID|52122|M|59.91,30.49|Z|Stormsong Valley|CHAT|N|Tell Lilian you want to watch the encounter.|
H The Great Seal|ACTIVE|52122|M|51.45, 33.67|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|Hearth or tell Muka you want to return to Zandalar. (or stick around and do WQs)|
T To Be Forsaken|QID|52122|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|

; At the Bottom of the Sea - 7.5k/12k The Honorbound
A Operation: Bottom Feeder|QID|53067|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|52122|REP|The Honorbound;2157;honored;7500|O|
T Operation: Bottom Feeder|QID|53067|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Journey to the Middle of Nowhere|QID|52764|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52122|REP|The Honorbound;2157;honored;7500|
C Journey to the Middle of Nowhere|QID|52764|QO|1|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to sail to the middle of the Great Sea.|
T Journey to the Middle of Nowhere|QID|52764|M|40.52,67.31|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|;need correct zone name|
A Deep Dive|QID|52765|M|40.52,67.13|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52764|
C Deep Dive|QID|52765|QO|1|M|41.59,67.47|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|CHAT|N|Talk to Hobart about the dive.|
C Deep Dive|QID|52765|QO|2|M|41.52,68.45|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|CHAT|N|Swim down, down, down. The special action button turns your headlamp on and off.|
T Deep Dive|QID|52765|M|41.52,68.45|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autocompleted|
A Seafloor Shipwreck|QID|52766|M|41.52,68.45|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|52765|
T Seafloor Shipwreck|QID|52766|M|46.37,68.87|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Swim to the shipwreak and it will autocomplete|
A Checking Dog Tags|QID|52767|M|41.81,67.96|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|52766|
C Checking Dog Tags|QID|52767|M|48.70,70.80|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Click on corpses until you find the captain.|
T Checking Dog Tags|QID|52767|M|48.70,70.80|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autocompleted|
A The Sunken Graveyard|QID|52768|M|48.70,70.80|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|52767|
T The Sunken Graveyard|QID|52768|M|54.85,51.14|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Swim to the other shipwreck while looking out for sharks and it will autocomplete|
A Captain By Captain|QID|52769|M|54.45,51.14|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|52768|
A Biolumi-Nuisance|QID|52770|M|54.45,51.14|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N| Should autoaccept, swim a bit further in if it hasn't appeared for you yet.|PRE|52768|
C Biolumi-Nuisance|QID|52770|M|54.45,51.14|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|S|NC|N|Kill the Bioluminescent creatures as you go.|
C Captain By Captain|QID|52769|QO|1|M|54.43,49.71|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Click on corpses until you find the captain. First captain is up on the spar arm.|
C Captain By Captain|QID|52769|QO|2|M|56.49,45.08|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Second captain is on the deck of his ship.|
C Captain By Captain|QID|52769|QO|3|M|66.51,42.33|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|The third captain is on a rotted out hull of a ship.|
C Biolumi-Nuisance|QID|52770|M|66.51,42.33|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|US|NC|N|Finish off the quota of Bioluminescent creatures.|
T Captain By Captain|QID|52769|M|66.51,42.33|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autocompleted|
T Biolumi-Nuisance|QID|52770|M|66.51,42.33|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autocompleted|
A The Undersea Ledge|QID|52772|M|66.51,42.33|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|52769&52770|
T The Undersea Ledge|QID|52772|M|67.77,55.40|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Swim to the next waypoint and the quest will autocomplete.|
A Water-Breathing Dragon|QID|52773|M|67.77,55.40|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|52772|
K Daenistrasz|QID|52773|QO|1|M|68.33,54.76|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|T|Daenistrasz|N|Kill the water breathing dragon.|ACTIVE|52773|
T Water-Breathing Dragon|QID|52773|M|68.33,54.76|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autocompleted|
A Grab and Go|QID|52774|M|68.33,54.76|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|52773|
C Grab and Go|QID|52774|QO|1|M|68.23,55.61|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Pick up Valentine's body|
C Grab and Go|QID|52774|QO|2|M|68.62,55.88|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|Oh, look this body may prove useful too, take it.|
T Grab and Go|QID|52774|M|40.11,67.98|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller, back on the Banshee's Wail UNDER the deck.|
A Siege of Boralus|QID|53121|M|41.47,66.57|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|52774|
T Siege of Boralus|QID|53121|M|41.47,66.57|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|To Lilian Voss. This unlocks mythic Siege of Boralus.|
A With Prince in Tow|QID|52978|M|40.10,67.99|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller still under the main deck.|PRE|52774|
C With Prince in Tow|ACTIVE|52978|M|39.90,68.31|Z|The Great Sea!Instance!Azeroth|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail you want to return to Zandalar.|
T With Prince in Tow|QID|52978|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|

B More Scouting Missions|QID|53739^53740^53741^53742^53743^53744^53745|M|58.06,62.65|Z|Zuldazar|S|N|Now that you're Revered you can purchase 5 more Scouting Reports from the Emissary to unlock outposts (additional flight paths!).The sooner you start those missions, the sooner you will have more flightpoints in Kul Tiras.|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered-exalted|AVAILABLE|53739^53740^53741^53742^53743^53744^53745|

; The Strike on Boralus - Revered with The Honorbound
A Operation: Hook and Line|QID|53068|N|Autoaccepted|PRE|52978|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0|O|
T Operation: Hook and Line|QID|53068|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A When a Plan Comes Together|QID|52183|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52978|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0|
C When a Plan Comes Together|QID|52183|QO|1|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Listen to Nathanos' plans.|
C When a Plan Comes Together|QID|52183|QO|2|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to sail to the middle of Tiragarde Sound|
C When a Plan Comes Together|QID|52183|QO|3|M|86.95,53.08|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|N|Meet Nathanos in Plunder Harbor|
T When a Plan Comes Together|QID|52183|M|86.95,53.08|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A The Bulk of the Guard|QID|52186|M|86.95,53.08|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52183|
A Old Colleagues|QID|52187|M|86.95,53.08|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Captain Amalia Stone.|PRE|52183|
C The Bulk of the Guard|QID|52186|M|87.21,52.72|Z|Tiragarde Sound|S|N|Hobart Grapplehammer will fly you out to the larger ship, once you arrive, kill guards as you go.|
K Guard Commander Trunksal|QID|52187|QO|2|M|92.05,49.67|Z|Tiragarde Sound|T|Guard Commander Trunksal|N|Hobart Grapplehammer will fly you to the Flagship. Kill Guard Commander Trunksal directly below you.|ACTIVE|52187|
K Captain Gastrod|QID|52187|QO|1|M|91.41,48.01|Z|Tiragarde Sound|T|Captain Gastrod|N|Captain Gastrod can be found at the front of the ship in the traditional Captain's room above deck.|ACTIVE|52187|
K Helmsman Miria|QID|52187|QO|3|M|92.16,79.76;92.38,51.14|CS|Z|Tiragarde Sound|T|Helmsman Miria|N|Ask Hobart for a ride to the other ship. When you arrive, find Helmsan Miria at the helm.|ACTIVE|52187|
C The Bulk of the Guard|QID|52186|M|91.62,52.14|Z|Tiragarde Sound|US|N|Finish up your quota of guards.|
T Old Colleagues|QID|52187|M|91.62,52.14;86.95,53.08|CS|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|Ask Hobart for a ride back to the Harbor, where you will find and turn in quest to Captain Amalia Stone.|
T The Bulk of the Guard|QID|52186|M|86.92,53.12|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A A Well Placed Portal|QID|52185|M|86.92,53.12|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52187&52186|
C A Well Placed Portal|QID|52185|M|86.98,52.51|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|Take the portal, located just in a small shed, just outside and to your left.|
T A Well Placed Portal|QID|52185|M|71.19,84.76|Z|Boralus|N|To Thomas Zelling.|
A Relics of Ritual|QID|52184|M|71.19,84.76|Z|Boralus|N|From Thomas Zelling.|PRE|52185|
A Forfeit Souls|QID|52189|M|71.19,84.76|Z|Boralus|N|From Thomas Zelling.|PRE|52185|
A Tidesage Teachings|QID|52188|M|71.19,84.76|Z|Boralus|N|From Thomas Zelling.|PRE|52185|
C Forfeit Souls|QID|52189|M|65.06,81.19|Z|Boralus|S|N|Kill Tidesages as you go.|
C Tidesage Teachings|QID|52188|M|65.06,81.19|Z|Boralus|S|N|The Tomes drop off of the tidesages you are killing.|
K Archivist Medira|QID|52184|QO|1|M|67.41,82.06|Z|Boralus|T|Archivist Medira|N|Kill Archivist Medira to loot the Compass of Clarity|ACTIVE|52184|
K Brother Marrin|QID|52184|QO|2|M|63.97,80.76|Z|Boralus|T|Brother Marrin|N|Kill Brother Marrin to loot the Curio of the Depths.|ACTIVE|52184|
K Unleashed Tidebreaker|QID|52184|QO|3|M|59.64,86.41|Z|Boralus|T|Unleashed Tidebreaker|N|Kill Unleashed Tidebreaker to loot Key of the Sea.|ACTIVE|52184|
C Tidesage Teachings|QID|52188|M|65.06,81.19|Z|Boralus|US|N|Finish collecting the Tomes of Tidesage Research.|
C Forfeit Souls|QID|52189|M|65.06,81.19|Z|Boralus|US|N|Finish up your quota of Tidesages.|
T Relics of Ritual|QID|52184|M|71.13,84.88|Z|Boralus|N|To Thomas Zelling.|
T Forfeit Souls|QID|52189|M|71.13,84.88|Z|Boralus|N|To Thomas Zelling.|
T Tidesage Teachings|QID|52188|M|71.13,84.88|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Thomas Zelling.|
A Gaining the Upper Hand|QID|52190|M|71.19,84.76|Z|Boralus|N|From Thomas Zelling.|PRE|52184&52188&52189|
C Gaining the Upper Hand|QID|52190|QO|1|M|71.19,84.76|Z|Boralus|CHAT|N|Tell Zelling you are ready|
C Gaining the Upper Hand|QID|52190|QO|2|M|71.12,82.54|Z|Boralus|NC|N|Go up the stairs to get outside and find the building next to you. Go DOWN into its basement and click on the Key of the Sea, in the scrying dish, to begin the ritual.|
C Gaining the Upper Hand|QID|52190|QO|3|M|71.12,82.54|Z|Boralus|N|Kill the things that attack to protect Zelling while he performs the ritual.|
C Gaining the Upper Hand|QID|52190|QO|4|M|71.12,82.54|Z|Boralus|NC|N|Grab the Abyssal Scepter.|
T Gaining the Upper Hand|QID|52190|M|71.12,82.54|Z|Boralus|N|To Thomas Zelling.|
A Return to the Harbor|QID|52990|M|71.12,82.54|Z|Boralus|N|From Thomas Zelling.|PRE|52190|
C Return to the Harbor|QID|52990|M|70.82,84.55|Z|Boralus|NC|N|Return to the Harbor via the same portal you used to get here.|
T Return to the Harbor|QID|52990|M|86.95,53.08|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Life Held Hostage|QID|52191|M|86.95,53.08|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52990|
C Life Held Hostage|QID|52191|QO|1|M|87.14,52.38|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|N|Go outside and down the stairs.|
K General Cadarin|QID|52191|QO|2|M|87.44,52.29|Z|Tiragarde Sound|T|General Cadarin|N|Kill General Cadarin.|ACTIVE|52191|
T Life Held Hostage|QID|52191|M|86.95,53.08|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A The Aid of the Tides|QID|52192|M|86.95,53.08|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52191|
C The Aid of the Tides|QID|52192|QO|1|M|86.95,53.08|Z|Tiragarde Sound|CHAT|N|Talk with Nathanos and tell him to get out of here.|
T The Aid of the Tides|QID|52192|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A A Cycle of Hatred|QID|53003|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52192|
A Champion: Lilian Voss|QID|52861|M|58.40,62.71|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Lilian Voss.|PRE|52192|
T Champion: Lilian Voss|QID|52861|M|58.40,62.71|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Lilian Voss.|
H The Great Seal|ACTIVE|53003|M|58.40,62.71|Z|Zuldazar|N|Hearth, or otherwise get yourself to a portal to Orgrimmar.|
P Orgrimmar|ACTIVE|53003|M|51.54,45.89|Z|Dazar'alor|N|Take the portal to Orgrimmar|
T A Cycle of Hatred|QID|53003|M|48.39,71.16|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Sylvanas Windrunner.|
P Dazar'alor|AVAILABLE|54097|M|47.51,60.06|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Use the portal or otherwise return to Zandalar|PRE|53003|

; 8.1 quests
; A The Dark Lady Calls|QID|54097|M|58.40,62.73|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Dark Ranger Alina.|PRE|53003|O|
; P Orgrimmar|ACTIVE|54097|M|51.54,45.89|Z|Dazar'alor|N|Take the portal to Orgrimmar or get there by other means.|
; C The Dark Lady Calls|QID|54097|M|48.30,71.06|Z|Orgrimmar|N|Meet Sylvanas in Grommash Hold.|
; T The Dark Lady Calls|QID|54097|M|48.30,71.06|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Sylvanas Windrunner.|
; A The High Overlord|QID|54099|M|48.30,71.06|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Sylvanas Windrunner.|PRE|54097|
; C The High Overlord|QID|54099|M|48.30,71.06|Z|Orgrimmar|CHAT|N|Talk with Sylvanas Windrunner.|
; T The High Overlord|QID|54099|M|48.30,71.06|Z|Orgrimmar|N|To Sylvanas Windrunner.|
; A A Way Out|QID|54100|M|48.30,71.06|Z|Orgrimmar|N|From Sylvanas Windrunner.|PRE|54099|

; The Revered Repuation Mission Report: Hillcrest Pasture
A Mission Report: Hillcrest Pasture|QID|52478|M|51.51,99.63|Z|Dazar'alor|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0|O|
T Mission Report: Hillcrest Pasture|QID|52478|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Hillcrest Pasture|QID|52479|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52478|

; The Revered Repuation Mission Report: Mudfisher Cove
A Mission Report: Mudfisher Cove|QID|52313|M|51.51,99.63|Z|Dazar'alor|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0|O|
T Mission Report: Mudfisher Cove|QID|52313|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Mudfisher Cove|QID|52314|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52313|

; The Revered Repuation Mission Report: Stonetusk Watch
A Mission Report: Stonetusk Watch|QID|52776|M|51.51,99.63|Z|Dazar'alor|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0|O|
T Mission Report: Stonetusk Watch|QID|52776|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Stonetusk Watch|QID|52777|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52776|

; The Revered Repuation Mission Report: Stonefist Watch
A Mission Report: Stonefist Watch|QID|52221|M|51.51,99.63|Z|Dazar'alor|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0|O|
T Mission Report: Stonefist Watch|QID|52221|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Stonefist Watch|QID|52222|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52221|

; The Revered Repuation Mission Report: Windfall Cavern
A Mission Report: Windfall Cavern|QID|52319|M|51.51,99.63|Z|Dazar'alor|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0|O|
T Mission Report: Windfall Cavern|QID|52319|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Windfall Cavern|QID|52320|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|52319|

; The Revered Repuation Mission Report: Hillcrest Pasture;part2
R Stormsong Valley|ACTIVE|52479|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Stormsong Valley or get there through other means.|
F Wolf's Den|ACTIVE|52479|M|51.43,33.74|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|Wolf's Den is the closest flightpoint, if you don't want to run and do WQs on the way.|
C Hillcrest Pasture|QID|52479|M|53.42,77.66|Z|Stormsong Valley|NC|N|Make your way to the outpost to claim it.|
f Hillcrest Pasture|ACTIVE|52479|M|52.77,80.13|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|At Hosan Cloudhoof.|
T Hillcrest Pasture|QID|52479|M|54.19,78.65|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Ruknoz Greyfang.|

; The Revered Repuation Mission Report: Mudfisher Cove-part2
R Drustvar|ACTIVE|52314|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Drustvar or get there through other means.|
C Mudfisher Cove|QID|52314|M|61.83,16.33|Z|Drustvar|NC|N|Closest flightpoint is Waning Glacier, make your way to the outpost to claim it.|
f Mudfisher Cove|ACTIVE|52314|M|62.03,16.88|Z|Drustvar|N|At Drasha Windspear.|
T Mudfisher Cove|QID|52314|M|62.43,17.01|Z|Drustvar|N|To Garn Blackwolf.|
A Mission Report: Into The Wicker|QID|53125|M|51.51,99.63|Z|Dazar'alor|PRE|52314|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0|O|
T Mission Report: Into The Wicker|QID|53125|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A The Wicker Totem|QID|53126|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|53125|
R Drustvar|ACTIVE|53126|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Drustvar or get there through other means.|
T Mudfisher Cove|QID|53126|M|62.43,17.01|Z|Drustvar|N|Fly to Mudfisher Cove, turn in to Garn Blackwolf.|

; The Revered Repuation Mission Report: Stonetusk Watch;part2
R Stormsong Valley|ACTIVE|52777|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Stormsong Valley or get there through other means.|
C Stonetusk Watch|QID|52777|M|39.07,64.94;39.09,66.98;39.38,68.34|CS|Z|Stormsong Valley|NC|N|Closest flightpoint is Diretusk Hollow. Follow the arrows to the cave entrance, enter and claim the outpost.|
f Stonetusk Watch|ACTIVE|52777|M|38.84,66.64|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|At Wyna Breezehorn.|
T Stonetusk Watch|QID|52777|M|39.41,68.59|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Garn Blackwolf.|
A Mission Report: Giant Slaying|QID|53100|M|51.51,99.63|Z|Dazar'alor|PRE|52777|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0|O|
T Mission Report: Giant Slaying|QID|53100|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Nettin' Ettin|QID|53101|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|53100|
R Stormsong Valley|ACTIVE|53101|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Stormsong Valley or get there through other means.|
T Nettin' Ettin|QID|53101|M|38.84,66.63|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|Fly to Stonetusk Watch, turn in to Wyna Breezehorn.|

; The Revered Repuation Mission Report: Stonefist Watch-part2
R Tiragarde Sound|ACTIVE|52222|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Tiragarde Sound or get there through other means.|
C Stonefist Watch|QID|52222|M|53.28,63.26|Z|Tiragarde Sound|NC|N|Closest flightpoint is Timberfell Outpost, make your way to the outpost to claim it. Road from NW of island is best path there.|
f Stonefist Watch|ACTIVE|52222|M|53.14,63.17|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|At Munovuth Boldcleaver.|
T Stonefist Watch|QID|52222|M|53.63,63.35|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|To Kora Gorekill.|
A Mission Report: Spare Parts|QID|53081|M|51.51,99.63|Z|Dazar'alor|PRE|52222|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0|O|
T Mission Report: Spare Parts|QID|53081|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|To Nathanos Blightcaller.|
A Spare Parts|QID|53082|M|58.44,62.67|Z|Zuldazar|N|From Nathanos Blightcaller.|PRE|53081|
R Tiragarde Sound|ACTIVE|53082|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Tiragarde Sound or get there through other means.|
T Spare Parts|QID|53082|M|52.86,62.25|Z|Tiragarde Sound|N|Fly to Stonefist Watch, turn in to Grizvek Gearsnap.|

; The Revered Repuation Mission Report: Windfall Cavern-part2
R Stormsong Valley|ACTIVE|52320|M|58.46,62.99|Z|Zuldazar|CHAT|N|Tell Tattersail to take you to Stormsong Valley or get there through other means.|
C Windfall Cavern|QID|52320|M|60.70,26.71;60.33,25.28|CS|Z|Stormsong Valley|NC|N|Closest flightpoint is Warfang hold. Follow arrow to cave entrance, enter and claim the outpost.|
f Windfall Cavern|ACTIVE|52320|M|52.77,80.13|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|At Allabas.|
T Windfall Cavern|QID|52320|M|60.21,24.98|Z|Stormsong Valley|N|To Morn Ironhorn.|

; Rep Gated Notes
N Come back at level 114|QID|51979|LVL|-114|N|Next foothold can be done when you are level 114.|PRE|51803|
N Come back at level 116|QID|53062|LVL|-116|N|Island Adventures can be done when you are level 116. This quest is once per account. Once unlocked on the account, Other toons on the account can do Island Adventures as early as 110.|PRE|51979|
N Come back at level 118|QID|52444|LVL|-118|N|Last foothold can be done when you are level 118.|PRE|51979|
N Come back at level 120|QID|51589|LVL|-120|N|First assault can be done when you are level 120.|PRE|52444|
N Rep Gated until 4.5K into Friendly|QID|51784|N|So, go out Contribute to the Warfront (when available) and do WQs that give Honorbound Faction. Next segment is available at 4.5K into friendly. IF you are sitting in Bridgeport wondering how to get home, fly to Plunder Harbor and ask Erul Dawnbrook, on the dock for a ride back to Zuldazar.|PRE|51601|REP|The Honorbound;2157;friendly;4500;true|
B Scounting Missions|AVAILABLE|53739^53744|M|58.06,62.65|Z|Zuldazar|N|Now that you're Honored you can purchase two Scouting Reports from Ransa Greyfeather (Emissary) that become available at Honored. Use the Scouting Reports to cause a mission to be available at your table. Complete the table missions to start quest chains that unlock outposts (additional flight paths!).|REP|The Honorbound;2157;honored-exalted|
N Rep Gated until 3K into Honored|QID|51797|N|So, go out Contribute to the Warfront (when available) and do WQs that give Honorbound Faction. Next segment is available at 3K into Honored.|PRE|51789|REP|The Honorbound;2157;honored;3000;true|
N Rep Gated until 7.5K into Honored|QID|52764|N|So, go out Contribute to the Warfront (when available) and do WQs that give Honorbound Faction. Next segment is available at 7.5k into honored.|PRE|52122|REP|The Honorbound;2157;honored;7500;true|
N More Scouting Missions|QID|53739^53740^53741^53742^53743^53744^53745|M|58.06,62.65|Z|Zuldazar|US|N|Get those scouting missions (from the table) done so you can open up more flightpaths.|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered-exalted|
N Rep Gated until Revered|QID|52183|N|So, go out Contribute to the Warfront (when available) and do WQs that give Honorbound Faction. Next segment is available at revered.|PRE|52978|REP|The Honorbound;2157;revered;0;true|
N Outposts and Rep|QID|53103^53152^53126^52320^52479^53101^53082|N|Continue to build and upgrade your outposts and collect rep to exalted if you want the Mag'har Orc Allied Race|PRE|53003|

End of Source Code

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