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Revisions for Stormsong Valley - Alliance

Revision Operations
2018-09-05 04:07 by jovieve

Added coords for flight master on F step

current revision
2018-09-05 04:03 by jovieve

Updated H step. Reversed order of two steps.

2018-09-05 03:57 by jovieve

QIDs of the day for Osca and Poacher Zane.

2018-09-05 03:48 by jovieve

Oops. I had two Waggas.

2018-09-05 03:46 by jovieve

More of the new QO behavior in Briar patch section. Minor refinements (I hope). Moved Wagga here since he seems to be killable as long as you do it before you get phased.

2018-09-03 12:30 by jovieve

Removed CC tag that was accidentally reintroduced.

2018-09-03 12:25 by jovieve

First set of fixes for the nasty briar patch. Mostly Anger in a Bottle. An attempt at clearer directions for the confusing Carved Wooden Chest.

2018-09-03 09:28 by jovieve

Updated QID and added T tag for Lichen King

2018-09-03 09:20 by jovieve

Updated A Reason to Stay to use new QO syntax

2018-09-03 08:01 by jovieve

Corrected vinespeaker Ratha QID from QuestsChanged info. Seems to be right this time. *fingers crossed*

2018-09-03 07:31 by jovieve

Changed coords for better TomTom

2018-09-03 06:57 by jovieve

Added QO|1 in Stop Vining so it didn't suddenly (and confusingly) display all objectives.

2018-09-03 06:51 by jovieve

Commented out Whiplash step. It requires 120 and only up during WQ. It's part of the achievement for this zone, though, which sucks. So I commented it out in case Blizzard fixes it.

2018-09-03 05:01 by jovieve

QID for Jakala the cruel

2018-09-03 04:25 by jovieve

QID for strange mushroom ring. Changed to $ step. Don't know if mushrooms spawn anymore.

2018-09-03 02:45 by jovieve

Removed CC tag

2018-09-03 02:35 by jovieve

Better fix for Honey Bear step.

2018-09-03 02:27 by jovieve

Added ACTIVE tag to Honey Bear note.

2018-09-03 02:21 by jovieve

QID for Grimscowl

2018-09-03 02:14 by jovieve

QID for Squall

2018-09-03 02:09 by jovieve

Added QID for Smuggler's Chest.

2018-09-03 01:40 by jovieve

Changed order of a couple steps to be more linear. Made Bombs, Away sticky. Added QID for treasure.

2018-09-03 00:32 by jovieve

Added A step for lvl 120 quest with a note.

2018-09-02 23:59 by jovieve

Added missing N tag that was making debug complain. Minor grammar and spelling corrections.

2018-09-02 18:57 by Emmaleah

added |LVL|-120| to Weed Wacking, and changed accept/complete steps of all three bonus objectives to be consistent.

2018-09-02 17:23 by STrek

Copy of the revision from Sun, 2018-09-02 03:24.

2018-09-02 16:48 by STrek

commented out bonus quest weed wacking

2018-09-02 03:24 by Chromaflo

Minor changes. QID change, treasure and tide sage scroll, both necessary for achievemnt.

2018-09-01 23:04 by jovieve

Updated hearth step so it will autocomplete and added coords to nearest FP in case they don't want to hearth.

2018-09-01 22:55 by jovieve

Improved flow of Fetching Wrex and simultaneous quests.

2018-09-01 20:44 by jovieve
2018-09-01 19:32 by jovieve

Some rare QIDs updated (hopefully fixed). Detective Mildenhall quest now uses new QO functions.

2018-08-28 22:38 by Chromaflo

Changed some WPs, added QIDs and notes for possible new syntax for QO

2018-08-22 07:02 by jovieve

Ran debug and fixed a few errors (which I should have done before last commit—sorry!).

2018-08-22 06:39 by jovieve

Many changes (hopefully optimizations). A lot of stickies added. Tried to fix Anger in a Bottle quest, which is now from a dropped item with new QID. Moved some steps around for improved efficiency. More hearths. Lots of rare kill QIDs fixed, with QO and T tags. Added t step for Great Sea Scrolls. And more.

2018-08-21 21:09 by jovieve

Added sticky for Border Issues quest. Added set hearth suggestion. Added H step. Changed F step to H. Added |QO| and |T| tags to first several rare quests (although QO won't work until QIDs are corrected). Added |QO| tags to Detective Mildenhall quest steps to eliminate manual clicking. Still working on rest of the guide.

2018-08-16 23:40 by Ludovicus_Maior

Shifted K [Wagga Snarltusk] till after turnin of [A Question of Quillpower] as per notcyf

2018-08-15 21:58 by Ludovicus_Maior

Minor tag error corrections.

2018-08-15 03:21 by Lemmer

Final playthrough on live including substantial edits to final 1/3 of guide. Added hidden beta quests at end. Many optimizations.

2018-08-13 22:29 by Lemmer

Playtesting through middle 1/3rd of guide and bug fixes (up to step 405).

2018-08-13 13:02 by Ludovicus_Maior

Added missing CS tags

2018-08-13 07:58 by Lemmer

Final playtesting edits up to step 202 (A A Pocketful of Shells|QID|50041|...). Should be very clean up to that point.

2018-08-12 18:57 by Ludovicus_Maior

Add missing CS| tag to Step C [Terror of the Kraul:50368]

2018-08-11 23:17 by Lemmer

Major rewrite for final playtesting

2018-08-01 07:29 by Emmaleah

Correct per error checker 7/31/18

2018-07-27 18:41 by Ludovicus_Maior

V3 from Lemmer

2018-07-20 17:47 by Ludovicus_Maior

Lemmer update.

2018-07-15 04:50 by Emmaleah

added sort level

2018-07-03 02:57 by Emmaleah

updated next guide

2018-06-18 22:48 by Emmaleah