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Revisions for BfA - Prepatch - Horde

Revision Operations
2018-11-12 10:03 by Emmaleah

added directions to profession trainers. missing correct spell id for archeology and fishing, so they currently require manual check offs. (please add if you find!)

current revision
2018-10-17 02:26 by Ludovicus_EditBot

And/Or Edit

2018-08-19 01:46 by Chromaflo

Changed a confusing instruction where the NPC stands

2018-08-19 01:25 by Emmaleah

Deleted the dup |M| and coordinates out of Pests QO1/QO2

2018-08-18 21:14 by Ludovicus_Maior

Fixes for the [The War Campaign] and [Jani's Mysterious Trashpiles]

2018-08-17 20:08 by Ludovicus_Maior

Stupid change to force update.

2018-08-17 19:53 by Emmaleah

Added A The War Campaign, edited N The War Campaign Added Jani's quest openers as rank 3 (because I just couldn't figure out how to gracefully put them in the Nazmir guide)

2018-08-15 23:34 by Chromaflo

Changed coords. works now, but the sub maps are unknown at the moment to me.

2018-08-15 21:37 by Chromaflo

Put in an extra P step for western earthshrine portal to uldum

2018-08-15 00:00 by Ludovicus_Maior

Next play-through.

2018-08-14 19:59 by Ludovicus_Maior

Live tweaks.

2018-08-14 07:32 by Emmaleah

add h step, (I could swear it was in there already) change mention of war campaign to 110, 114,118

2018-08-09 21:44 by Ludovicus_Maior

Play-through tweaks.

2018-08-07 20:16 by Emmaleah

update for todays content - testing on live. added Target buttons to help with crowding.

2018-08-02 23:30 by Blanckaert

Fix QID 51443 PRE from 71796 to 51796

2018-08-01 10:13 by Emmaleah

Changes per Grail and playthru on Live 7/31/18

2018-07-24 18:30 by Emmaleah

updated some comments now that the chain is live. Deleted the commented out -deprecated- quest "change in leadership"

2018-07-16 19:44 by Emmaleah

corrected syntax NewGuideLevels. Changed notes where I think break will be for each week. Will update when it happens.

2018-07-15 04:46 by Emmaleah

add sort level

2018-07-14 23:01 by Emmaleah

changes as of 7/14/18 hopefully what goes live 7/17/18

2018-07-08 05:36 by Emmaleah

Play thru as of build .26970

2018-07-08 01:28 by Emmaleah

2nd part of burning of teldrassil

2018-07-07 22:35 by STrek

added a Turn in and a quest Accept step (see comment) + changed map coords for a R step (see comments)

2018-07-05 23:04 by Ludovicus_Maior

Add WoWPro:GuideQuestTriggers()

2018-07-03 19:53 by Ludovicus_Maior

guide name tweaks

2018-07-03 02:50 by Emmaleah

first draft from PTR. Prepatch

2018-05-25 20:21 by Emmaleah

blank stub