The Battle of Darrowshire


What seems to be a little quest about finding a little girl turns out to be one of the biggest battles in the Eastern Plaguelands.


Step 1:

First, go to Winterspring, Everlook inside one of the buildings you can get the quest, Sister Pamela.

Or you can go to Sorrow Hill in Western Plaguelands and start the quest in some house. I think the name is the same atleast.

Travel to Eastern Plaguelands. If you fly to Light's Hope Chapel, follow the main road not far for it to the west. If you come from Western Plaguelands, follow the main road to the east until you reach a fork, turn south and keep going until you reach Darrowshire, Pamela shouldn´t be far away.

Pamela asks you to get her doll. The pieces of it can be found in the houses around the place. It´s some guys that are invisible/spawns when you loot the doll parts. (I can´t remember, you might have to rightclick some part to create the doll Sticking out tongue)
Return to Pamela with the doll and get the next quest, Auntie Marlene.

Step 2:

You can find Marlene at Sorrow Hill, just south-east of Andorhal, turn in and get the next quest, A Strange Historian.

Get the ring from the grave outside her house and bring it to Chromie, in Andorhal, not far from where you enter if you enter at the south-west entrance. Turn in and get the next quest, The Annals of Darrowshire.

Step 3:

Go to the town hall there (the one with a clock thingy) you can sneak into the place and loot the book.
There will be several tomes there, Jame showed a trick to find out which one is the right one.
Get back to Chromie, turn in and get, Brother Carlin.

This quest chain is unlocked after you complete all 3 of the quests Triton Fordring has to offer you. For this quest you are given a Scarlet Crusade uniform (Druids, mess around with shapeshifting! It's kinda cool..) which causes all Scarlet Crusaders to be friendly to you. This'll allow you to enter hearthglen solo, quickly, without getting attacked.

You can also do the last part of Unfinished Business at the same time.

Step 4:

Travel to Light's Hope Chapel, turn in and get the next quest, Villains of Darrowshire and Heroes of Darrowshire.

The skull can be found in Blackwood Lake, and the sword is found in the Infectis Scar, at both places there are some ghosts fighting.

The shield can be found east of the barn at Gahrron's Whithering. The libram can be found in city hall at Heartglen (building with clocktower) at the back. I suggest getting a group for this if you don´t have any pet or something, or do the quests at Umi in Winterspring, Everlook and use the yeti as a pet for you.

Go back and turn in the quests and get the next, Marauders of Darrowshire.

Step 5:

Go north of Light's Hope Chapel and start killing the Champions, use the crystal when you get a skull. Keep doing so until you got 5 Resonating Skulls. Go back and turn in the quest and the next quest, Return to Chromie.

Step 6:

Go back to Chromie (you know he is, right? Smiling ) turn in the quest and get the next one, The Battle of Darrowshire. (This quest can be and should be, done in a raid. It´s doable without but hard. Atleast what I read about it)

Now, participate in the battle and make sure that:

  • 1) Davil survives until Horgus dies.
  • 2) Captain Redpath survives until Redpath the corrupted appers.
Kill Redpath the Corrupted.

Step 7:

If you are succesful with the battle, talk to the spirit of Joseph Redpath and then go back to Pamela, turn in and get the last quest in this chain, Hidden Treasures.

Pamela will give you a key, with it you can open a chest behind the house and get your rewards for the effort!

When you open the chest, you will get: Magebane Scion, Ring of Protection and Archlight Talisman


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