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Now also available as an in-game leveling addon. Please check out the following page to try the WoW-Pro Leveling Addon!

If you need guides for any other level range please check out this page.

If you don't want to try our WoW Leveling Addon, here's how to enjoy the paper guides as much as possible, even if you don't have a 2nd monitor, you can either:

1. Print the guides. There is a "Printer Friendly Version" link at the bottom of every guide, you just have to click on it. However, that might be expansive (and probably expensive), because the guides are big, very big. Another downside is that my guides are updated very frequently, so if you print it you'll miss the latest updates.

2. Playing WOW in Windowed Mode feels very comfortable while following along with this guide.

  • Keep the guide opened in an internet window
  • Log in to World of Warcraft, press Escape and go to Video Options, tick the following boxes:

Click on "Apply".

Your screen will look exactly as if you were playing wow in full screen mode, besides you will be able to ALT-TAB to the guide INSTANTLY.

This is how I play wow while following my guide, when I don't feel like booting up my 2nd computer Smiling


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thx jame for the guides,

thx jame for the guides, must have spent along time completing them, im lvl 52 now and its been great...i've explored many places and if it werent for ur guide i prolly wont even go to kalimdor lol! anyways ur guide is fast and thx alot


Thanks for making the leveling guides. I have been using them and they are faster than pure grinding. Ty.
Human warlock 70 doomhammer

Human warlock 70 doomhammer

Great Guide !!!

im ally on servers but u guide is so good its probably the best one out there Smiling i fell bad the there crappy horde ones that aren't as good as this .. just a suggestion ... well grate guide!!!! Jawdropping! Eye Sad Laughing out loud }:) Sticking out tongue Cool Smiling Cool

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Jawdropping! This Guide is amazing. The amount of time it must have taken to study the quests, the amount of experience, and how they all fit together like a big puzzle must have taken alot of time. Great job, thanks and Have a nice day!

Have a nice day!

20-30 guide

Hi Jame

Great guides just wonderin if u gonna do a 20-30 as i find it hard to work out where to go and its alot slower than gettin from 30-40 for me just a suggestion though

great guides up to 70 followed it twice now thanks

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A 20-30 Alliance leveling

A 20-30 Alliance leveling guide is already in the works, yes Smiling

Do you have a date for this

Do you have a date for this to come out?

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fastest level 60

im pretty sure the fastest level 60 was 1day 20 hours and some change--
made possible by a level 70 instance running an alt post patch 2.3

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Yes, but that doesn't really

Yes, but that doesn't really interest us. What we're interested in is how fast someone can level to 60 or 70 following the guide, without any powerleveling. Smiling

i know - i was merely

i know - i was merely posting an interesting fact and another route to take while leveling Smiling

Thumbs up

Just felt like giving some feedback on this awsome guide. ^^,

I lvled my first character to 70 without any help from this guide, it was a hunter and it took me 29 (!) days. Now when I'm playing on my alt druid, I went from 1-60 in 5 days, with the help of your guide from 30 and out.

So awsome guide mate, thanks for doing this for all of us Eye

Really good guide mate, you

Really good guide mate, you must have put loads of effort into this, and for that I take my hat off to you. You could have chosen to sell this guide, but instead you put it here for free. Jawdropping! Thankyou so much! Laughing out loud Anyway, im level 62 now, followed your guides since 30, and they are awesome. Smiling

P.S one more thing, are you gonna be making a 70-80 guide?

Quel'thalas-Europe-Hunter Xaknar 62

Quel'thalas-Europe-Hunter Xaknar 61

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I definitely will write a

I definitely will write a 70-80 guide Smiling


is 70-80 in that new deathknight expansion?

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I really appreciate you writing these guides =] Ive leveled a mage to 64 with them, and I've made an alt warlock, who's currently 34 with the aid of your guide and the site =]. The only trouble Im having is the goblins in STV, they are too closely packed together Sad Ive had no problem with money so far, and seeing as though my 40 mount is free I dont need cash that much. The 14g I currently have will last me =]. Thanks again for the guides.




"I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature."

Really really nice


Good Job dude! =)
Thanks for this really nice Guide.

Simply Amazing

Happy New Year All!

Lets get right to business here. I followed your guide down to the last note, well sort of, and managed to get my lock from 30-70, including the 1-30, in little under 14 days. In my book pretty decent, others may disagree, but I am playing to have fun; not trying to break any records.

At level 61 I had a little over 900 gold. I dinged, lupped or whatever, 70 when I were halfway level 68 in the guide. Had 2200g at the time.

Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm here I come. Should be at least 5-7k gold waiting and that probably only sums up what I can think of. Thinking of following rule "1: kill everything that is on your way" and it shouldn't be a problem.

All in all, I merely wanted to thank you for this awesome guide. Really helped a lot.

Cheers mate

james being the basic hero that he is

Dude you're an absolute hero!!! I barely play this and I'm still able to level so fast thanks to your guides!!! They're really good man keep up da good work!! love from your exalted fan }:)

swarzon human mage

keep it real


Amazing guide jame, followed it from 30 and now im 60 ^^ cant w8 to get all the outland gear i have waited for since 58 Smiling

read through the replies and saw many people had problems with money, which i think is rather weird.
i had my mount at 40 and i just bought my lvl 60 mount, with around 20g left and loads of items to auction off. my advice: use the auction house, green boe's from almost any lvl sell for more than 2g each. my mining skil also helped decent bit, but not near as much as selling stuff in AH was. and maybe leave that expensive secundary profession for a while, do it at 70 Eye

Thanks Jame!

Just wanted to thank you again for the guides Jame! I managed to get my new mage to lvl 70 in only 9 days by following your guide from lvl 30 on up! I was able to do this while skipping the last section of your guide in Netherstorm. So I was able to purchase my regular flying mount, hit lvl 70, and still have over 2000g without ever touching Netherstorm or Shadowmoon Valley! Hopefully there is enough gold left in those quests for my epic flyer. I would love to see a guide from you on questing those 2 zones at lvl 70. Anyway thanks again, here's a screenshot for you Smiling


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Very nice, thanks for the

Very nice, thanks for the feedback Smiling

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A couple of extra suggestions

Hi Jame.

I just thought it would be a good idea to add in an alternate way of going though some areas that might give certain reputation to different factions such as Honor Hold or Aldor/Scyer.

I understand that the guide is a leveling guide, and it is. It is a very good one. It's just that I plan on getting exalted with a couple of factions, like Scryers, though turning in the items to gain their rep. Maybe you could add a sub section to the parts of the guide where you would gain reputation though non-repeatable quests and say where to go grind for the items to get the reputation for that faction, and have it equal to the amount of xp you would get from the quest.

Although it might be slower than questing, the grinding might be wanted by some people who want exalted with the faction without going though the quests, planning it out better etc. Plus, the quests could be saved at a later level, maybe even level 70, which would mean you would get more money for that flying mount.

Like I said, it's just a suggestion. If the 60 - 70 guides ever need editing, you could add that in, maybe.

Baíley, Ahn'Quraj Smiling

Baíley - Ahn'Qiraj EU


Heya! Very nice guide indeed! Thanks a lot.

I'm just wonderring, do you think I'm doing wrong?
I have followed your guide really carefully. At the moment I'm 64 with 8-9 bars left when the guide says I should be very close or if not level 65. I've done all quests said in the guide and so on. And I don't really want to farm 8 bars, wich will take some hours (boooooooooring Sticking out tongue)

Thanks again!
Happy new year!
Best regards,

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I can only see a few

I can only see a few reasons:

You are lucky with quest drops (and thus kill less mobs)
You don't have much if any rested bonus, ever
You try hard to avoid killing anything besides the bare minimum to complete quests

Maybe you started with my guide at an earlier level than was recommended?

I have currently the same

I have currently the same problem, but I will say that I don't kill everything in my path and in my haste to reach 70 (this is one of many characters) I don't do instances or ever have much rested XP.

This however, hasn't limited me very much at all. I'm 68 doing the level 69 part of the guide and haven't had any trouble at all with any quests being too hard or too high level.

Still a great guide even if you skip the "kill everything" and instances.


Just have to say these guides are awsome i found it when i was level 40 on my hunter and within 2 weekends ( i only play for about 4 hours a weekend in total) i was level 60. Am now folowing your outlands guide and im zipping along. At this rate i'll have all my caras to 70 in no time.
THANKS Jame's your a star

freaking rediculous guide

i use to be a really slow leveler but my guild is amazed at how fast i level its the little thing's in Jame's guide that are awesome


Making money in game

Hello jame's

I have been using your guide for my human palidin since level 30. Now I just turned level 61 and I cant afford to even get the bracers from ironforge because i cant even come up with the 20 gold to aquire them no less the 300 gold needed for my level 60 mount!!! I have followed your guide religiously the whole time and barely make enough money to pay for my level training and armor upgrades cause i have yet to see a nice monster drop and all the quest items are bind on pick up so im forced to sell them to a NPC vendor for a few silver. So when i read in your quide that i could get loads of money when i went to outland I could hardly wait till got level 60. Well level 60 came and i went to outland using your guide and now i just made level 61 and guess what lol I got a whopping 11 gold on me so what gives??? What do i need to do to see that massive amount of gold that you brag so much about in your guide!! At this rate i will get level 70 without ever seeing my level 60 mount and never even be able to dream of a epic mount that would only ever be a very bad joke to me. Sad

Please is there anything you can do to help me out.

Thanks Bob

PS my email is if you would like to email me on this subject


I dident find out this guide existed till lvl66

but when i hit 58 i went mad and did every quest in hellfire and that made me around 50g easily

and selling BoP quest rewards gets you around 1g a piece easily

mking money in game

well im not going to lie or get into argueing matches about it but i have all my bank slots filled and all the bag slots bought and equiped with 14 slot bags that are full of junk green items that no one will buy in the AH so I am forced to sell to NPC venders for very low prices and i am doing the quest that jame's recomended for the level 60 armor set and every time i do a part of that quest line it is 40 gold here and 60 gold in supplies and every time i level my palidin it is a rediculous amount of gold training the new spells he gets. So yes I did only have 11 gold at level 61 hopefully it will get better as i go up higher because if it does not i will never be able to afford my level 60 mount no less even dream of 1 day getting my epic mount. Cheers But I will say this the guide is 1 of the best i have seen for leveling and i will just have to get used to never having the nicer things in the game and always being broke.

Outlands > Level 60 gear

You should keep in mind that the current 30-60 guides were written before The Burning Crusade was released. I have browsed the 50-60 guide and noticed that towards the end, it emphasizes going for gear and quests to prepare for level 60 endgame. You can now get better stuff within an hour of questing in Outlands. Forget the level 60 dungeon set armor and enjoy playing Outlands.


this is a guide for leveling, if you want money and lots of of it, guess what, you have to specifically do that, it doesnt just fall into your lap, ive not struggled with with money, but when ive needed it ive spent time making it, if you want to power level, you need a cushion of money to save you time, or do without untill your finished leveling, up to you. There are things in the game like most of these types of games that are time sinks, getting gold is one of them, on the other hand once you get to level 70 it will most likely be much easier Jawdropping!

This guide realy works for

This guide realy works for me in combination with the professions skinning/mining... Those are very nice to make money...

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Nice tips from everyone. Now

Nice tips from everyone. Now if only you'd all register an account I could give you a rate up! ^^

The trick

I think the trick was to not upgrade your armor. As a Mage, I had got to level 60 with level ~30 gear, and had no problems critting like a glassconnon.

I don't know if it differs from other classes, but armor upgrades aren't needed. Outland Greens at 60 cover up any gear upgrades you need. I'm level 62 now, with around 420g, saving up for my ground mount. Considering I had around 10g at level 50 for my twink account, I think i've done very well.

Like I said, I don't know if you need to gear up for different classes. Just saying, you get all the gear you could ever want to 60 with the Hellfire Pen quests.

Good luck!

Baíley - Ahn'Quraj PvP EU Smiling

Something doesn't sound right

I've been using Jame's guides since level 30 for my human rogue, and just finished the level 60-65 yesterday (and hit level 65 right on cue).

I bought my regular mount as soon as hit level 40 (and had 45g leftover), earned & blew over 200g on overpriced blue armor from the auction house between levels 50-56 (I know, I know, not a wise choice), and bought my epic mount at level 62 (which left me with 7g to my name).

After being basically broke at level 62, I managed to build myself up to 534g by level 65. Granted, I did run Stratholme once with some guildies, where I picked up 62g worth of loot (after vendoring the trash & BoP and auctioning off the BoE).

But even if you subtract the 62g from the instance run, that still means I managed to earn 472g solely by questing/grinding in Zangarmarsh, as directed by Jame's guide.

Follow the guide, and the gold will come. Just keep a couple things in mind:

1) Make a very, very big effort to not die, as dying means spending a ton on repairs. Personally, whenever my HP drops below 40% or so, I back off & bandage, always make sure I'm well-fed, and make it a point to have 3-4 stacks of health pots and 3-4 stacks of bandages on hand, just to make sure I won't die.

2) Kill EVERY mob you encounter on your way from point A to point B, regardless of XP. Sure, that gray mob won't net you any XP, but it'll more than likely drop some loot (usually vendor trash, but sometimes good, auctionable stuff) & perhaps a bit of coin. That cash adds up very fast. And if it's gray, you should be able to kill it so quickly that it won't put too much of a dent in your XP/hour.

3) Auction anything & everything that has even the slightest bit of demand. You'd be surprised at the huge amounts of gold people are willing to pay for useless junk. Take advantage of this.

Here's hoping things turn around for you, and that you're knee-deep in gold very soon.


Impossible, if done right

I'm about to slide into 57th level, and every piece of equipment on me is blue or better, and I've got about 1000 gold on hand. As long as you have 'some' idea of how the market works and you're selling your greens in the AH, as well as your cloth drops, you can make a killing just picking up trash without having to do anything other than drop things into the AH and reap the rewards.

I'm a market player, I buy and sell, I tailor and disenchant, and I jingle when I walk. -But- I've made more than 50G -every single day- just picking up cloth and greens during normal levelling with this guide...

Are you making sure to sell things in the AH and not vendor things mindlessly?
Are you dieing once every 10 minutes (costing yourself a fortune in repair bills)?
Do you loot everything from the monsters? (even if you were looting junk greys and selling -everything- to the vendors you could probably put together 5-10G daily)
Have you checked your pockets for holes?

hey m8, I cant imagine how

hey m8,

I cant imagine how u can end up at lvl 61 with just 11G
I use jame's guide on 2 of my char and I ended up great gold wise. got 2 epic flying on both of my char.

Jame's guide is a lvling guide.. for gold I think u just hv to come up with other ideas. Like selling netherweave gold, or drops, or from ur profession. at least thats what I do. Ofc following the guide is great, but in between u gotta add time to make money and not only lvling if u wanna make gold and buy ur mount.

Outlands gives alot of gold rewards.. am sure by the time u reach 65 u will afford to buy epic mount.

and just want to say this is not jame's fault imo. he guide us thru lvling.. not making gold. for that u need another guide Sticking out tongue lol

for Jame, keep up the good work and looking forward to the revamped guide! *2 thumps up!!*

You're definately doing

You're definately doing something wrong. I never farmed anything and only did quests. By the time I hit 40 I could easily afford my standard ground mount. When I hit 60 I had enough for my Epic ground mount. Now I'm at lvl 66 and I have 1100 gold without doing anything but questing. Here are a few tips:

-Loot everything, make sure your bags are big enough, you should never leave loot on a mob.
-Make a lvl 1 auction mule character and mail everything you get to him to sell on the AH.
-Sell everything thats not grey on the AH. Just do an AH search to see the prices and set your price competitively.
-DO NOT buy anything on the AH, gear matters very little until you hit 70, you will get good enough upgrades from quest rewards/instances.
-Pickup a gathering profession or two, skinning is a great one to make extra money from mobs you are killing anyway for quests.

Just following these 5 tips should easily get you enough for all your mounts. I plan to buy my Epic Flying mount when I hit 70 and craft my epic tailoring set without any farming, its completely possibly.

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Are you dying a lot? Are you

Are you dying a lot?
Are you selling certain things at the auction house? Things such as runecloth/netherweave cloth?
Are you spending money to buy stuff at the AH?

I can't fathom how you can end up level 61 with only 11 gold.

wow i dont think your doing things right

i have been following your guide since lvl 31 and now i am lvl 48 so far (still going) and i have 250g, most of which are from Ah items i sold.. so i dont know how you end up with 11g at level 61

Still Amazing

Even after the exp changes, these guides are still almost perfect the way they are. Now, instead of having grinding sessions every level or so, you just follow the guide as it stands.

I got a level ahead of the guide around level 35, and have been ahead ever since (now level 48 and climbing)

The only thing I would recommend is to add a section on Theramore. The new content added there is amazing for the ranges 38-42. I skipped Badlands all together and went there, and have been ahead of the guide even then.

The great thing about the exp changes is that if there is a part of the guide you don't like, you can usually skip it easily and it won't hurt your exp. But the best part is that there are NO MORE GRINDING sessions, at all. The exp gained from quests should easily be enough to make you level.

I still love these guides, keep up the good work.

You have my thanks and respect

I sincerely appreciate your time and effort to put such a useful guide together. I have been following it since lvl 30 and am now a 59 warrior. Your guide has helped me to maintain economy of motion and keep my exp rolling in. I also have got much more out of the game overall because of seeing new areas and meeting new people. Thank you.

Lvl 59 Destroyr Nordrassil server

Waaaay ahead

Im currenty level 56 in the 50 - 60 guide, and i've been able to skip the Un'Goro escort quest and the Sunkern Temple part, mainly because im level 56 at the startof the level 55 section.

For those that are waiting for the new guides to come out, don't. I'm A WHOLE LEVEL ahead of the guide, so technically I could skip most of it, but I won't. Just for rep and things.

Mages on this guide are pretty fast, expect for the parts where you have to drink. Other than that, it's all quick, which i'm finding out.

I can't wait to finish out my character, and start many others in the near future.

Baíley - Ahn'Quraj EU Smiling

I would put that down to the

I would put that down to the recent increase in XP from quests since 2.3

Thanks Jame!

Hey Jame I just wanted to thank you for your guide. Using it I leveled my new mage to 60 in only 6 days played time. I could probably even have shaved a day or two off that time if I didn't afk or work on tradeskills so much Smiling Here's a screenshot to use however, thanks again!

Water Elementals

I just have to say that that lvl 38 quest is next to impossible if you are a frost mage. They are immune to all frost attacks. Just saying Smiling

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It's not impossible, just

It's not impossible, just tedious. Use fire spells, even without fire talents you can still solo them reliably Smiling