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Tour guide integration?

James, I saw someone ask a few weeks ago about a 'tour guide' version of your leveling guide. This would be a sensational extension of your guide.

I print the guide out two pages /side, double sided, and read it continuously during questing, but it would rock if it was integrated into the tour guide mod.

Just a thought.

Keep up the good work.

Hey James I love your

Hey James I love your guides. They help so much getting to level 70. Even though i got 23 day playime at level 65 because its my first character and I hang around and go afk a lot. But I hope to get there by 28 days. Id like to print this guild out its just so many pages and ink is very expensive. Im always doing instances and screwing the guide off. I hated doing feralas so i did 1 quest there it is so boring and it was just not fun. So I was always ahead of ur guide by half a level or so so keep up the good work and I hope u make a 70-80 guide when the wrath of the lich king comes out. See ya

Just a suggestion

In chapter two, some of the quests in your section on the Swamp of Sorrows involve the Harborage and Fallow Sanctuary. May I suggest adding [38] Mercy for the Cursed given by Anchorite Avuun in the Harborage to your list. It only involves killing three Cursed Lost Ones and it should take no time at all whilst killing all the other things in order to get the crystals and whilst escorting the Lost One's dinner out of the camp Smiling.

"In chapter two, some of the

"In chapter two, some of the quests in your section on the Swamp of Sorrows involve the Harborage and Fallow Sanctuary. May I suggest adding [38] Mercy for the Cursed given by Anchorite Avuun in the Harborage to your list. It only involves killing three Cursed Lost Ones and it should take no time at all whilst killing all the other things in order to get the crystals and whilst escorting the Lost One's dinner out of the camp ."

This is one of the new burning crusade quests, and once jame has gone over the guides, like he is atm with the horde, this quest will probably be added

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion. Snowflake will probably add it when she does the revamp of this chapter Smiling

Dragons in Burning Stepps

In your 50-60 guide. The dragons in Burning Stepps are no longer elite. Makes that quest much easier.

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Good to know Snowflake will

Good to know Smiling Snowflake will take that into account when she revamps this part.


When will the Alliance 30-60 be revamped? If you have no idea, eh at least i asked : )

Great Guides,

Good Luck Have Fun!

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Sometime in January.

Sometime in January.

I leveled with the current

I leveled with the current 30-60 guides and i ended up being lv 61 at the very end of the 51-60 guide. so imo these guides are perfect the way they are especially with the leveling increase. I was able to skip every portion of where it said to grind out the rest of the level because i was already ahead in XP. Great Job Jame!!! Oh and on a side note, going into outlands at 61 paid off well, since now i am 64 when the guide said i should be dinging 63, and i also was able to skip all the said grinding sessions.

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Great! That's the kind of

Great! That's the kind of things I like to hear Smiling

Yeah, same for me. Level 60

Yeah, same for me. Level 60 atm and half way to level 61 and i still have plaguelands / silithus to do. I've used your guides a few times so there were certain parts i knew i had to adapt so that certain regions didn't turn grey to me. Re-arranging when certain areas are done (ie Azshara) and included elite quests that are now easy (Every quest outside Uldaman can now be cleared up quick and easy Smiling ).

Not sure what it was like for others but i only managed to get 1 run in Blackfathom depths and Sunken temple so questing alone is enough for leveling extremely fast.

Good job James on your guides.

Sorry to say that, but...

I hit lvl 60 in Felwood. Nevertheless, I continued the guide and I'm now 62 and in the middle of Cenarion Hold/Silithus-questing.

Horde guide

When is the guide for horde 60-70 going to be released?

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Check the news page, it's

Check the news page, it's all there!

Thx james for a lovely guide

just thought i would tell u how gratefull im for this guide:)ive played before the burning crusade and than i had a break and sold my acc, i just started a litle again for about 1month ago and search the internett for a guide and i found yours and it has actually been fun leveling:) i have followed it since 30 and i just dinged 65 today so the timing for the 65-70 guide was just perfect for me:)and i also read that u considerd a money/quest guide for lvl 70 and i now i would really appreciate that:P

greeting from a gratefull follower of your guide, Bajas


ITs OUT thanks JAMES Barf! Jawdropping! Jawdropping! Jawdropping! Jawdropping!

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You guys probably missed the

You guys probably missed the info on the news page. My guide will be released one day late. So it will be released today (Tuesday 11th). It is finished, but it needs to be text formatted and bbcoded first, and this will take a few hours.
It should be released somewhere in the afternoon (european time).

Thanks all for waiting, and sorry for being a little late.

Awesome news!

Just wanted to say that you and your support crew are very impressive! Meeting your deadline to release the 65-70 guide deserves major kudos. If I was your boss I'd be sure you received a major raise in pay

Using your guides takes the drudgery out of leveling the 3rd/4th/5th alt etc. to 70. Thanks again for your efforts and hard work.

release of 65-70

Thanks Jame!

I was just checking wow-pro when I read your message about it being released in the afternoon. It wasn't there yet at 4:10 pm Dutch time, but when i refreshed the page... there it was Smiling

Just in time for me, because I'm lvl 66 and am almost done with the 60-65 guide in Terrokar.

np's dude. We all grateful

np's dude. We all grateful (just itchin to give it a go) Smiling

James is European?

I blame the metric system for how awesome your guides are.


I keep poping on, hoping it's there! Cool

Also, I would like to say how much I appreciate the quality and accuracy of these guides and the fact they are free and easily accessible, so thank you for writing them. They have greatly increased my leveling rate of many characters.
(still no 70, but he's coming, just as I get my hands on the last installment!)
Thank you again.

last part

hey James wonderin when the 65-70 guide is cominn out cant wait haha Laughing out loud guess ill just pvp till then

On the 10th?

Is the guide being released on the 10th? Cause its like 4pm and no guide i see yet just wondering


Is today the day Jame? sure hope it is!! cant wait for that 65-70

lv65-70 guide ?

Hello jame's

want to say that you did make the best guides and its even for free ! Laughing out loud

but when is the lv65-70 guide coming ,because it should come on sunday but it didnt Sad

can't wait when it's released.

Greetings Frostenflame.

Chapter 5 (65-70)

"" Stay tuned for the next guide, which should be released before the 10th of december if all goes as planned! ""

its the 10th december today and im just wondering! where is it ? Puzzled Laughing out loud

Today's the big day ;)

I've had my char sitting at 65 for almost a week now... hopefully it's not delayed =D

[50] Ancient Egg (Elite)

I was wondering where I can find this quest. I looked through all of your guides and couldn't find a mention of it anywhere. If you can tell me where to get it that would be awesome.

PS. Jame, I LOVE YOUR GUIDES. My brother is on the 30-41 guide and I am on the 41-50 guide and we both love it, we find it so simple to use.

Chapter 2 it's mentioned.

It begins with [44]Screecher Spirits given by Yeh'kinya at Steamwheedle port (tanaris).

[50] Ancient Egg (Elite)

You can get it at Yeh'kinya in Tanaris.
Coords 66,22.(Its by the sea)


dude, u get that quest from

dude, u get that quest from doin Screecher Spirits in Steamwheele Port in Tanaris.

Screecher Spirits
The Prophecy of Mosh'Aru
The Ancient Egg

then ST quests

Re-write old guide?

Hi Jame, I followed your guide from level 30 to 65, but now since patch 2,3 chapter I,II,III (lvls 30-60) are a bit out of date. Are you preparing re-make of old guide or you will keep the old one? someone can think that this patch only clear grinding sessions from your guide but it's not so true while xping from lvl 50-60... by the way I kneel before you and your pertinacity and must say you did a huge work... Eye

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Yah everything is going to

Yah everything is going to get revamped... but there has been several news posts about that on the front page; so check there for more info.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

Is the 65-70 guide still on schedule for the 10th?

Hey Jame.

Awesome guides... I've used them for a few characters now and absolutely love them.

I thought I'd read somewhere that you were planing on releasing an alliance 65-70 guide by the 10th of December. I sure hope that it's on it's way because my latest character is 64 right now. I'd love to prep her with some rested xp bonus and some Coilfang gear.

Also, were you planing on doing a supplimentary guide for level 70 questing? I know your goal was to leave alot of quests in outlands unfinished so that we can make some serious gold... I imagine you have plenty other projects allready. Just wondering.


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Yes, it's still scheduled

Yes, it's still scheduled for the 10th dec. I think I'll make it Sticking out tongue
As for the additionnal guide for level 70 questing. I'm not sure for now, that's an idea. But before I even think about it, I have the whole horde guide to do Sticking out tongue

Updates because of leveling patch

Recently the quests between 30 and 60 have been "revamped", IE, elite quest mobs after 30 becoming non-elite mobs. Do you think there are any instances where farming those mobs would be better experience than what you have listed in your guide?

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Some elite quests have been

Some elite quests have been made easier (are now soloable) but that doesn't go for instances, those didn't change afaik.

WoW-Pro Admin

WoW-Pro Admin

following the 60-65 section question

for a player who did 58-60 in outlands without a guide, where would it be best to pick up the 60-65 section and carry on? keeping in mind many of the quests outlined have already been done


the same thing happend to

the same thing happend to me. Just start from the beginning, and skip the quest's you've already done. It's a bit tedious and time consuming, but it pays off in the long run. Trust me.

Wherever you'd be in the

Wherever you'd be in the guide otherwise. Just go through the guide, obviously ignoring quests you already did, doing the ones you haven't, and catch up to it. If you're behind in exp, grind at the Armory in Outlands while looking for groups for Blood Furnace, Slave Pens, and Ramparts for additional gear and exp.

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That's really something I

That's really something I can't help with since I don't know what quests you already did and which you might have missed.
My advice would be to check if you still have quests you haven't done in hellfire (easy to do since the last patch with the big yellow "!" appearing on the minimap), check where they are in my guide and start from there.

uh oh

hmm I think I may have trouble with that, I've done quests that are scattered through out the 60-62 section in the guide. ah well, hopefully I'll sort something out and level to 62, then follow the guide from zangarmarsh

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Cant wait :)

Cant wait my NE hunter is lvl 29 right now and when i get to lvl 30 im starting it. Looks very good and when you posted you got to 60 in 6 days that made me POSITIVE i wanted to use your guide lol.
Thanks for the guide and keep up the good work, thanks

omg imba :o

So i came on a new server and a friend of me started doing kara, tempest keep etc.
I had to lvl faaast.
Then i found your guide and started to follow it.
Now I am lvl 40 within 2 days and 7 hours played time!!! Shocked I think its fast. Sticking out tongue
Almost up for chapter 2 Laughing out loud
Thank you for making thess guides!! Laughing out loud


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Great Guide

Great guioe, a little out of date by now. Can't wait for the updated guide!

Daelas - 70 Warlock

Daelas - 70 Warlock

Thanks a ton on this guide,

Thanks a ton on this guide, it is by far the easiest thing to follow. A friend told me about it, and when i started i was a little off of the quest line, after a day i was going step by step. Everyone we know is asking us how we lvl so fast, we are just casual playing our alts up. Ive now surpassed 3 people who were over 10 lvls higher than me, and in 3 days ive got 7 lvls, and im talking about not much playing, i couldnt imagine how fast this would go if i had more time, ha ha. Anyways just a question, but im sure you have lvled tons of charaters to figure this stuff out, how many charaters have u taken the full way up?

Outland guide - starting at 60 not 58?

Hey Jame,

Just as everyone I love your guides - started to use it with my first character at lvl 35 and now leveling 2 more characters with it...

Just saw that you started on an outlands guide... but shouldn't that start
at lvl 58? Or will you revise your 50-60 guide to go to the outlands at lvl 58? I went over for some better gear and never came back Eye It is probably absolute obvious - but I just wonder....


Depends on your preferences.

I leveled through 58 in Old World, mostly following the guide. Post patch, I could pretty much skip entire sections of the guide (which I LIKED, since some places I didn't like, and some instances I was OK with avoiding).

At 59, I went to Hellfire and started with the 60-65 guide. I was always about half a level behind the Guide's listed level. After doubling my health, getting all the GREAT early armor upgrades (not to mention the weapons you can buy at Honored reputation), I was just about 62, and starting the Zangarmarsh section of the guide. I realized that if I kept at this pace, I'd have more grinding/questing to do LATER (as I neared 70), and I want to keep as many quests available to do at 70 as possible.

So, I took my warrior back to Western and Eastern Plaguelands at 62. Holy cow. Everything's green, you can pretty much AOE-pull things and whirlwind/cleave things down. The only thing that was even remotely a thread was the 60 elite crypt fiend in the Terrorweb tunnel. (Which, incidentally, squished me like a bug.) Other than that though, it was easy experience to get.

It was MUCH slower than Outlands questing (and I imagine Silithus would be similarly less-rewarding). I did it on the expectation that it would make it easier to farm money later.

In retrospect, though, I think I might have been MORE productive just grinding on mobs in the Dead Mire or other Zangarmarsh zone (working on Sporregar rep, for example) from 62.5 to 63. I had a lot of wasted travel time in the Plaguelands. (It was, however, darn fun. Revenge on Araj was sweet. Smiling)

Jame, thank you for the awesome guides. I recommend quite often, and will be using them on more characters in the future. It'd be nice if, after updating these to have less stuff to do post-patch, you were to keep a copy of the OLD guides, with their now optional-waves of quests. I really liked that. Also, you can probably do nearly an entire zone in one trip, instead of coming back later to do the harder quests, since you'll have leveled more from the earlier ones. Eye