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This is v2.0 of the guide. It has been revamped as mentioned in this news post to adapt to patch v2.3 changes. You can still find the old version of the guide here. At the same time, many other improvements have been made:

  • Introduction/Addons section has been updated
  • Kill everything on your way rule has been lifted unless you lack experience compared to the progress described in the guide
  • ALL big grinding sessions have been removed and replaced by quest circuits
  • Quests that aren't elite anymore have been integrated
  • New patch 2.3 content has been integrated
  • Maps have been remade and a lot of errors have been corrected
  • Detailed map for Shimmering Flats circuit has been added
  • Dustwallow Marsh circuits have been added
  • Overall grinding has been decreased and leveling should be possible at a faster pace than before


This guide starts at level 30, if you need guides for any other level range (from 1-30 for example) please take a look at this page. This guide is not a follow up of any guide, however it will be to your advantage if you did Boston's Leveling Guide, because a lot of flight path gathering is done there: Boston's Alliance Leveling Guide.

This guide is optimized for FAST leveling with a minimum of grinding sessions. Quests are important, they give rewards and faction and are less boring than pure grinding.

Some people say that grinding is always faster than questing, this is true in theory when you don't know which quests to takeand which to avoid, and what is the best order to do them in. With this guide, questing will be very efficient and much better than pure grinding. Follow each instruction carefully and you will see for yourself.

The quest choices and order to do them in are optimized so that you run as little as possible while doing the most possible and then turning several quests in at the same time. This guide will be very useful for both veteran and novice players. I try to keep the amount of information as short as possible. So even the guide itself is optimized for the minimum reading possible, to save time! Let's get started immediately then! Everything described in this guide can be done solo (besides when I say otherwise). However you can follow this guide while duoing, grouping, it's not a problem, it works too.

Basic rules

  • As soon as you see that you start to lack experience compared to the progress described in the guide start to kill everything that is on your way while traveling and that gives experience (Yellow mobs preferably, but greens are ok if they are just 3-4 levels below you, not more).

  • Spend your talent points so you do the most damage possible. (e.g: Priest should specialize in Shadow Talents, Warriors in Arms/Fury, Rogues Combat/Assassination, etc).

  • Don't waste your time trying to find groups for questing, you can solo everything that is described in this guide. Only group with someone when it's not gonna be a waste of time (e.g: meeting the person at the other end of the zone to show him the way to where your quest is - that is a waste of time)

  • Try to always log out in an inn or in one of the major cities when you take a break.

  • If I don't mention a quest, it means I consider it a waste of time, so don't take it thinking I forgot a quest here and there, I didn't. Also don't abandon a quest unless I say you should.

  • Sometimes I will be making lists of quest you should have before starting with an area, that doesn't mean I will list the whole quest log, JUST the quests that interest us for the moment.

  • When I say you should bind (make an inn your home location) somewhere, it's for a good reason, and it will save you much time. Don't change your home location until I say so.

Useful Addons

Something that's amazingly useful is the Ace2 updater. Download and install it and the program will present you with a list of addons which all use the same library (hence they consume very few ressources). From that list you can choose addons that interest you (I downloaded Fubar quest mod, Fubar location, Cartographer, Bartender and a mod to make my UI look better) and the program will install all the addons for you. Furthermore you can run the program every time before you launch WoW and choose to update all installed modules for you.

Side Note:
If your addons are not being loaded when you enter the game you might need to log out to your character selection screen and click on "Addons" in the left lower corner. Tick the box that says "Load out of date Addons". Relaunch WoW.

Shopping List:

    Every time you pass by an auction house, try to buy the following items:
  • 3 Stacks of Wool Cloth (Needed at level 30)
  • 4 Lesser Bloodstone Ore (Can be used from level 32+ but also later, still worth it until level 43), don't spend more than 2g on this.

Color Code:

  • Quests
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs
  • Locs

Level 30

First we need to get to Forest Song in Ashenvale. If you are still in Ironforge / Stormwind, fly to Menethil Harbor, take the boat to Auberdine and either fly directly to Forest Song or if you don’t have that flight path yet, just fly to Astranaar then follow the main road all the way east until you get to Forest Song (86,47).

Once you are there, get the following quests :

  • [30] The Howling Vale
  • [32] Vile Satyr! Dryads in Danger!

Also get the new flight path.

1. Go directly west of Forest Song until you get to Xavian (78,45). There you should see a Anilia, an NPC lying on the floor. Carefully clear around her and turn your quest in, get the follow up. North of the NPC you should see a gate giving way to a path leading down a little. There you should see a few satyrs and the NPC we need to kill: Geltharis. He is level 32 but don’t worry, he is a rather easy kill and can be pulled solo, provided you clear the other two satyrs in front of him. Kill him and loot his branch.

2. Go west through the lake and then follow the path marked on the map until you hit the main road. Follow it northeast until about (55,34) where you’ll be able to go west into the mountains. At (53,37) you should see a cave entrance with Terrowolves in front. Clear your way inside (the cave is actually just a passage way) and you’ll be in some sort of valley. Clear your way down this book:

Right-click it.

Now we're gonna get a new flight path. Go north and enter Felwood. In Felwood follow the road until you find the Emerald Sanctuary. Get the new flight path.

3. Fly back to Forest Song. Turn both quests in and get the follow up [30] Velinde Starsong from Sentinel Melyria Frostshadow.

Fly to Auberdine. If you don't like grinding and plan to skip the optional grinding circuit later on, make Auberdine your home location. If not, just proceed.

From Auberdine, take the boat going from the northern dock to Rut’theran Village (or just fly there if you already have that flight path). Go to Darnassus and follow the path to the Craftmen’s Terrace. There you’ll see a yellow "!" on the minimap. You can turn in your Wool Cloth that you bought earlier here to gain experience and reputation with the city. You can do that in other cities too, use this as a means of catching up in exp whenever you need. I didn’t include it as a strict requirement beside the first wool cloth turn in because it’s simply very expensive.

Once you are done, follow the path further until you get to Thyn’tel Bladeweaver, turn in your quest and get the follow up [30] Velinde's Effects. Now go to the Tradesmen’s Terrace.

At (62,82) you’ll find a chest which you need to open and loot. Go back to the previous NPC and turn the quest in. Take the follow up [30] The Barrens Port.

We are going to do some traveling / flight path gathering combined with some questing at this point. This will allow us to speed things up for the rest of the guide and to avoid grinding. If you don’t want to run around at the moment, you can use Jame’s original grinding spot (check the “grinding circuit” below) to grind your way to 31. Might certainly be faster especially if you have rested bonus but you will take more time to get certain flight paths later in the guide.

Anyway, before that, we're going to gather a last flight path:

  • In Short: Go to Theramore by boat, in Theramore learn the new flight path. If you plan to do the grinding circuit, go to the inn, make it your home location. If not, keep your HS set to Auberdine.

    Then go to Thousand Needles.

  • In Details: From Darnassus, fly to Auberdine, take the boat to Menethil Harbor, grab this the flight path from Menethil Harbor if you don't have it. Then take the boat to Theramore (It is the boat that stops at the southern peer). When in Theramore, find the Gryphon Master and get the flight path. If you plan to do the grinding circuit, go to the inn, make it your home location. If not, keep your HS set to Auberdine.

    After that, go through Dustwallow Marsh by following the road northwest and then south to the Barrens. When in the Barrens, go south toThousand Needles, go down the great lift (don't attack the guard just run past him, take the elevator and keep going until he forgets you).

At the bottom of the Great Lift, you should see a body at (31,24), loot the body, get Henrig Lonebrow's Journal, right-click it to get the quest [27] Lonebrow's Journal.

In Thousand Needles, go west until you reach the border of Feralas, and find the alliance outpost: Thalanaar (5,17). Turn in [27] Lonebrow's Journal, don't get the follow up, unless you plan to do the Razorfen Kraul instance (now is a good level to do it, by the way).

Get the new flight path from here.


Skip this circuit if you don't like grinding. The other alternative will probably be slower, because it will involve a lot of running around. It's up to you.

Go southeast along the mountain, keep going until you hit Roguefeather Den (27,51). It's grinding time! Don't worry, there will be a lot of questing after that, but you are gonna kill these harpies until those two goals are achieved:

  • you hit level 31+
  • you obtain 25 Vibrant Plumes

The harpies are lvl 28-30, drop cash and silk cloth. There are a lot of them and they respawn fast. (Make sure to kill the harpies that are down on the ground and those that are in the cave up on the hill) With the 25 Vibrant Plumes you can get 60 Tickets at the Darkmoon Faire, you can then trade 50 Tickets for a 14 Slot Bag, which is a big plus at this level (unless you are a twink). Sadly the Darkmoon Faire is not always available, check this Darkmoon Faire Necklace Guide to know when the Darkmoon Faire will be available, and put your Vibrant Plumes in bank until then. If you don't want the bag, you can either auction those plumes (they sell nicely) or save them up for your future epic necklace.

== END OF OPTIONAL GRINDING CIRCUIT (if you did the optional grinding circuit, skip to level 31 right away) ==

If you don't do the the optional grinding circuit, hearthstone back to Auberdine.
Fly to Forest Song. Leave the village to the south and follow the main road west until (67,71), from there follow the path south. At the border to the Barrens you need to run past the horde guards without being noticed:

If you go around to the left at the border, the small log wall has fallen down and can just be jumped over by anyone and there are no guards in sight

Go southeast until you hit Ratchet, be careful to make a big circle around The Crossroads. At Ratchet take the flight path, go to the docks and turn in [30] The Barrens Port at Warfmaster Dizzywig, take the follow-up [30] Passage to Booty Bay.
Take the boat to Booty Bay. There turn in [30] Passage to Booty Bay at Caravaneer Ruzzgot and take the follow up [30] The Caravan Road. Get the flight path (which is on the top floor of the building which faces the inn) and fly to Darkshire.

Turn in [30] The Caravan Road at Clerk Daltry and take the follow up then go talk to Jonathan Carevin and turn it in and get the follow up [30] The Scythe of Elune. If you did sufficient questing in Darkshire before you should be able to get the quest [31] Worgen in the Woods (step 3 of the quest line) from Calor. If you can’t you’ll have to grind about 5000 exp later on (or enough to be able to ding 31, depending on how much exp you already have, we’ll see about that later though).

For now follow the road south and go towards the cave at (73,75). There you should see the Worgens you need for one of your quest. Clear your way inside while killing them but be VERY careful as you approach the cave as the named inside the cave Gutspill (level 32) has a HUGE aggro range, on top he comes with a guard so first clear around the cave at a safe distance then regen full mana and health, have your cooldown abilities up as well as a pot if possible and go for the mobs in the cave.

Clear your way to the bottom of the cave where you should see a mound looking like this:

Loot it then fight your way out and make sure you kill enough mobs for [31] Worgen in the Woods before you go back to Darkshire (also make sure that you aren’t more than 10k exp away from dinging). If you couldn’t take that quest in the first place, grind here until you are about 5k exp away from dinging 31.

At Darkshire turn in [31] Worgen in the Woods and get the follow up which you turn in as well at Jonathan Carevin. Then turn in the other quest and take the follow up [30] Answered Questions. If your hearthstone is up, use it to go back to Auberdine. If it's not up, fly to Menethil Harbor. There take the boat to Auberdine and then fly to Darnassus. Go back to the Warrior’s Terrace and turn in [30] Answered Questions.

Congratulations on level 31.

Level 31

For those who are in Darnassus:

From Darnassus get back to Auberdine and take the boat to Menethil Harbor. Then take the boat to Theramore, make the inn your home point

Sell, repair etc.

Fly to Thalanaar.

From there go east/southeast while following the road, all the way until you arrive at the Shimmering Flats. In the middle of that little desert you’ll find the Mirage Raceway.

For those who grinded on harpies:

Go east until you reach the Mirage Raceway in the Shimmering


Get the following quests:

  • [30] Hardened Shells
  • [30] Salt Flat Venom
  • [30] Load Lightening
  • [31] Rocket Car Parts
  • [31] Hemet Nesingwary Jr.
  • [33] A Bump in the Road
  • [36] Wharfmaster Dizzywig

You can find everything needed to complete those quests around the raceway. For locations where the quest mobs are often particularly concentrated, please check the above posted map. (Thanks to Jimjimjimmy for the addition). Keep killing stuff at these locations until you complete all the quests and until you get 10 Turtle Meat.

Avoid the level 35 turtles, they are orange to you and might be a little too hard.

Don't sell the Turtle Meat, put them in bank or somewhere in your inventory.

Turn in all the quests and get the follow up quests :

  • [37] Goblin Sponsorship
  • [35] Martek the Exiled
If you aren't level 32 yet grind in this area (turtles, vultures, etc) until you hit level 32.

Level 32

Before we leave, go south and zone into Tanaris. Go to Gadgetzan and talk to the Gryphon master on the other side of the town to get the new flight path.

Hearthstone to Theramore, sell junk and repair.

If you have the Ratchet flight path, fly there, if not: get out of Theramore and follow the road northwest and then south to the Barrens. In the Barrens go north then east to Ratchet. Talk to Gazlowe in Ratchet, get the follow up [37] Goblin Sponsorship. Also talk to Wharfmaster Dizzywig on the docks and get the follow up [36] Parts for Kravel

Take the boat to Booty Bay. In Booty Bay on the docks, talk to Wharfmaster Lozgil and get the follow up. Then go to the inn in Booty Bay and make it your home location.

On top of the inn, just outside on the balcony you’ll find Baron Revilgaz. Turn in your quest and get the follow up.

Get all the quests you can from Booty Bay. Once that is done, go train new skills in Stormwind by gryphon ride (for rogues, there's a trainer on the 1st floor of booty bay inn). Visit the Auction house, repair, sell, buy 4 stacks of food/drink.

Fly to Darkshire and follow the path south until you zone into Stranglethorn Vale. At (37,3) you should find a Rebel Camp. Get the flight path and all the quests available. Also turn in [32] Supplies to Private Thorsen.

Once done, follow the road south into Stranglethorn Vale until you cross a bridge. Just after crossing that first bridge, jump down to the northwest. You should already see the Nesingwary's Camp (35,10). Turn in [31] Hemet Nesingwary Jr. Get the quest [30] Welcome to the Jungle from Barnil Stonepot and turn in it at Hemet Nesingwary Jr. This should unlock several other quests, get them all beside [40] The Green Hills of Stranglethorn.

You should have these quests:

  • [31] Supply and Demand from Drizzlik in Booty Bay.
  • [31] Panther Mastery From Nesingwary camp.
  • [31] Tiger Mastery From Nesingwary camp.
  • [32] Investigate the Camp From Krazek in Booty Bay.
  • [33] The Second Rebellion From Sergeant Yohwa at the Rebel Camp.
  • [34] Bad Medicine Sergeant Yohwa at the Rebel Camp.
  • [34] Raptor Mastery From Nesingwary camp.
  • [35] Bloodscalp Ears From Kebok in Booty Bay.
  • [35] Singing Blue Shards From Crank Fizzlebub in Booty Bay.
  • [36] Hostile Takeover From Kebok in Booty Bay.
  • [36] Parts for Kravel From Wharfmaster Dizzywig.
  • [37] Krazek's Cookery From Corporal Kaleb at the Rebel Camp.
  • [37] Goblin Sponsorship From the Baron Revilgaz on top of the Booty Bay Inn.
  • [37] The Stone of the Tides From Baron Revilgaz in Booty Bay, prerequisite for this quest is given by Krazek in Booty Bay.
  • [41] Scaring Shaky From "Sea Wolf" McKinley in Booty Bay.

No need to take the Green Hills of Stranglethorn quests (the one with the chapters), it will just encumber your quest log for now. You will complete each chapter when you get the right pages. So while you hunt always look out for these:

1. Kill River Crocolisks which can be found all along the river in northern Stranglethorn Vale until you find 2 Large Crocolisk Skins. While you search for crocs you can also kill Young Tigers close to the river for Tiger Mastery.

2. Then kill 10 Young Tigers (or as much as you still got left)
Tigers can be found mostly south and around the Nesingwary camp.

3. Kill Young Panthers, they are mostly found on the other side of the river to the east. (41,10).

4. Go further northeast to the Kurzen Camp (44,11) and kill 15 Kurzen Jungle Fighters as well as Kurzen Medecine Men until you get 7 Jungle Remedies (might take a while). Also you'll need a Fern Extract from one of the piles of crates scattered around the Kurzen Compound.

5. Once all 4 quests are done go turn 2 of them in (besides Supply and Demand, which you will turn in later) at the Rebel Camp where you get the follow up: [38] Special Forces..

6. At the Nesingwary camp, turn in the other two and get the follow ups:

  • [33] Tiger Mastery
  • [33] Panther Mastery

7. Go west until you reach a plateau (30,9). Up there you can find Panthers and Tigers. Kill 10 of each.

8. Further southwest on the plateau you should find Stranglethorn Raptors, kill 10.

9. Go south and down the plateau until you find the troll camp at Bal'lal Ruins (29,20) Get 15 bloodscalp ears from the trolls here. Be careful though if you are a melee class, they enrage and start to really hurt towards the end. If you don't have enough trolls there is another camp northeast at the Tkashi Ruins (33,15).

10. Go west until you hit the shore, and move along the shore towards the north until you find Crystal Spine Basilisks. If you run short on Basilisks, there is more on the lower plateau to the east along the shore. If there aren't any basilisks just go kill some trolls until they respawn. Kill basilisks until you get 10 Singing Crystal Shards.

11. After that, take a swim westwards until you hit the island at loc (21,22), you will have to go towards the middle of the island so the quest [37] The Stone of the Tides is completed, but be careful with the lvl 37ish elementals on the isle.

Hearthstone to Booty Bay.

12. When in Booty Bay. Turn in:

  • [31] Supply and Demand, get the follow up [36] Some Assembly Required
  • [35] Singing Blue Shards on the ground floor in Booty Bay inn, get the follow up [41] Venture Company Mining.
  • [37] The Stone of the Tides on the top floor of Booty Bay inn to Baron Revilgaz, get [37] Water Elementals.
  • [37] Krazek's Cookery, get [37] Favor for Krazek
  • [35] Bloodscalp Ears, get [36] Hostile Takeover if you don't already have it.

Repair, sell junk, buy 4 stacks of food/drink.

==Note== If you already have the 4x Lesser Blood Stone Ore (shopping list), you can turn in [37] Favor for Krazek and get the follow up [37] Return to Corporal Kaleb. If you don't have it, it's ok, keep checking the Booty Bay AH and the Stormwind AH everytime you get the chance. Don't spend more than 2 Gold on this though. When you get the ore, don't forget to turn it in during our next Booty Bay trip, get the follow up and turn it in at the Rebel Camp next time we go there. I won't remind you, so don't forget it. If at level 43 you still haven't found the ores, just abandon the quest.

Fly to the Rebel Camp. From there go south to Nesingway Expedition Camp and turn all quests, get all follow ups:

  • [33] Panther Mastery, get the follow up [38] Panther Mastery
  • [33] Tiger Mastery, get the follow up [35] Tiger Mastery
  • [34] Raptor Mastery, get the follow up [36] Raptor Mastery

Check if you completed any of the chapters of the Stranglethorn pages quests as well and turn them in if you did.

  • Chapter I: page 1,4,6,8
  • Chapter II: page 10,11,14,16
  • Chapter III: page 18,20,21,24
  • Chapter IV: page 25,26,27

You should be level 33 by now.

Level 33

Go back to the Rebel Camp and fly to Menethil Harbor.

==Note== If you followed Boston's Guide, you should already have done the quests from the Dwarves at Dun Modr, so just skip the next 4 paragraphs and go straight to Refuge Pointe in Arathi Highlands.

1. From there follow the road east until you get to an intersection, there go north until you see a camp with dwarves that have a few quests. Take all three quests and start clearing your way into the fortress before you. Right at the start you should find plenty of Dark Iron Dwarves. Inside the building you’ll find all the other mobs that you need.

2. Once [30] The Dark Iron War is completed, go southeast along the mountain until you get to a camp. You should found Balgaras the Foul in the camp which is the most to the southeast. Kill him and loot his ear.

3. Go back to the Dwarven Camp and turn in both quests.

Then go north over the bridge to Arathi Highlands and half way over the bridge you’ll see an entrance to the right. Enter and go down the stairs (be full health/mana). All the way on the bottom you’ll find a corpse with a question mark. Turn in your quest and get the follow up.

4. Run back to the Dwarven Camp and turn your quest in at Khag Garmason. Then go back to the bridge but this time cross it and then go right over a wooden bridge. You’ll see a camp with dwarves and in the middle a wagon with barrels looking like this:

Clear your way to the wagon and loot it, then run back to the Dwarven Camp in Wetlands, turn your quest in and take the follow up.

This time cross the bridge for good and follow the path north inside Arathi Highlands until you reach Refugee Pointe. Get the flight path here and turn in your quest.

Repair and sell junk then exit the camp and go back to the main road. Follow it west / northwest until you reach Hillsbrad Foothills. There follow the road going east / northeast until you get to the second intersection, there go south until you reach Southshore.

Get the two quests: [29] Missing Crystals and [30] Down the Coast.

1. On the western side of the shore which is right next to Southshore you’ll find the murlocs needed for [30] Down the Coast.

2. Once you are done with murlocs, go back to Southshore and from there follow the path north until you get to an intersection. There go east until you get to another intersection where you should see a half-destroyed tower (56,36). Clear your way inside and loot the unopened crate.

Run back to Southshore and turn both quests in. Don’t get follow ups for now. You should be level 34 by now. Hearthstone back to Booty Bay.

level 34

Since you are lvl 34 now, go train if you wish to do so. Closest place to train is Stormwind by gryffon. (Unless you are a rogue, there's a rogue trainer on the 1st floor of Booty Bay inn).

While you are on gryffon (or in Booty Bay), ask in general channel if anyone has any page you need, and trade your spare pages in exchange or just buy them, they go for 10-15 silver on average. You can also check the Booty Bay auction house for missing pages. I suggest you even buy them overpriced (Offer 20-30 Silver for a page and you should get it quickly). The sooner you complete the page collection, the better for your bag space Sticking out tongue. Anyway, time to hunt again!

1. When you are done, fly to Rebel Camp. Run south/southwest towards the area north of Grom'Gol Camp. You should find plenty of Lashtail Raptors there. Kill them as much as needed for the quest [36] Raptor Mastery.

2 & 3. When done with raptors, you should hit the river to the east and search along the banks for Snapjaw Crocolisks. At the same time you can start heading to the Venture co. Camp next to Lake Nazferiti and kill Geologists there (44,20), they drop the "tumbled crystals" you need for [36] Hostile Takeover. You can find crocolisks on both sides of the river, all around Lake Nazferiti[ and all the way down to Mizjal Ruins. Keep killing Goblins and Crocolisks until you get both quests complete.

4. When done with that, head hwest until you hit the area in between Bal'al Ruins and Tkashi Ruins (33,15). There you wil find Elder Stranglethorn Tigers and kill 10 of them.

5. Once done, go to Nesingwary Camp and turn in

  • [35] Tiger Mastery, get the follow up [37] Tiger Mastery
  • [36] Raptor Mastery, get the follow up [41] Raptor Mastery

Also complete any chapter to get rid of pages taking up bag space.

6. Go northeast until you hit the Kurzen Camp, this time go straight for the cave there and kill Commandos and Headshrinkers. Careful the Commandos are stealthers.

7. When done with that go southwest to find Sin'dall. Sin'dall is on top of a hill at (31,17) right in the middle of Bal'al and Tkashi ruins. It is definitely soloable at lvl 34, just make sure all your long cooldown abilities are up.

Go to Nesingway Expedition Camp and turn in [37]Tiger Mastery. Continue to Rebel Camp and turn in your quest as well, get the follow up as well as [38] Kurzen's Mystery. Now hearthstone or fly to Booty Bay and turn in your quests as well, do not get follow ups. Get your turtle meat from the bank and fly to Southshore.

Gather all the quests in Southshore, you should have:

  • [32] Farren's Proof
  • [33] Hints of a New Plague?
  • [33] Syndicate Assassins
  • [34] Costly Menace
  • [36] Crushridge Bounty

And [31] Soothing Turtle Bisque which you can complete immediately because you already got 10 Turtle Meat. You can buy the soothing spices from the merchant in the first house to the right when entering Southshore from the north.

Don't bother with [34] Bartolo's Yeti Fur Cloak unless you are a Leatherworker or got a Leatherworker friend who can make a Hillman's cloak. You can buy a Bolt of Woolen Cloth at the auction house or ask a tailor.

Once you are ready, go to the western shore and start killing murlocs again. Kill these until you:

  • Get 10 murloc heads
  • Are 3k exp (or less) away from level 35

When that is done go back to Southshore and turn the quest in, get the follow up. Speak with Marshal Redpath in Southshore, get the follow up and talk to Lieutenant Fahren again. Get the follow up [32] Stormwind Ho!.

Congratulations on level 35.

Level 35

Sell and repair (there's an armorsmith behind a small house next to the inn).

In Southshore, go to the inn and make it your home location.

1. Time to hunt Nagas now. The ones you need are on the eastern shore, right next to the town. Kill 10 Daggerspine Shorehunters and 10 Daggerspine Sirens, go back to Southshore and talk to Lieutenant Farren again and get the follow up [32] Reassignment.

2. Now fly to Refuge Pointe (Arathi Highlands). In Refuge Pointe get the quest [36] Worth its Weigh in Gold from Apprentice Kryten.

3. Go southeast until you reach the Go'Shek Farm (60,53) and find the NPC named Quae, she is looking over the Go'Shek Farm from the northwest edge. Talk to her and take the follow up quest [36] Hints of a new Plague?. You need to find and kill a Forsaken Courier and loot a Sealed Folder from him.

4. In Short: The Forsaken Courier roams from the Go'Shek Farm all along the road up until the wall to Hillsbrad Foothils. He is lvl 35 and doesn't have that much hit points, but he has 4 level 35 bodyguards. Find a way to kill and loot the Courrier. You can do it solo at level 35, I've done it with 5 different classes and I've heard about other players doing the same. For instructions on how to kill the courier with a certain class, see below.

In Details Now you need to find and kill the Forsaken Courier, he roams from the Go'Shek Farm all along the road up until the wall to Hillsbrad Foothils. He has 4 bodyguards, all level 35.
There are many ways to kill it though, even solo at level 35.

  • Warrior: for exemple, charge the courrier, hit Retaliate, use Intimidating Shout, kill the courier fast, loot it and then run away.
  • Mage: burn him down as fast as possible, start from max range with Pyroblast if you got it, use frost nova on the bodyguards, finish the courrier fast. Use a Health Potion if needed.
  • Rogue: you can single the courier out. Use Distract so that only one guard stops while the rest keeps walking, then kill the guard solo, rinse and repeat until you get the courier solo. You can also just rush in the pack, hit Evasion and kill the courier quickly before evasion runs out.
  • Warlock and Hunter: Send in the pet and burn the Courrier as fast as possible while your pet dies.
  • Priest: Powerword:Shield and Renew yourself, be at max range, start with Smite, then a Mind Blast while the mobs run to you, then a Shadow Word:Pain. The bodyguards should be on you at this moment, use Psychic Scream, and keep on burning the Courrier with Mind Flay / Mind Blast.
  • Paladin: Just go for the courier and use your invulnerabilities.
  • Shaman: Check the following comment by Kenaimali for a way to do it as a shaman.
  • Hunter: Drop a frost trap and kite them all around it while you kill the courrier, then just run away while the guards are still 60% slowed.
There must be a way for each class to solo this at level 35, use creativity, potions, and long cooldown abilities. If you don't manage it, try to get a partner to duo it.

Once you got the Sealed Folder from the Forsaken Courier, go back to Quae (60,53). Turn in and get the follow up [37] Hints of a new Plague?, where you have to escort Kinelory.

For the escort, one word of advice: Let Kinelory be in the front, always walk behind her, when mobs aggro her, help her take them out one by one. And make sure they don't run far. Kinelory is quite a tank and can also heal a bit. If you let her be in front and don't let runners create trains, you will complete the quest easily.

5. When completed, talk to Quae and get the follow up. Then go southeast of Go'Shek Farm to the troll village (63,65).

Kill trolls until you get 10 Tusks. Kill Witch Doctors until you get 4 Medicine Pouches. Further inside the village and to the south (68,75) you will find a cave. Inside the cave you will find Witherbark Shadow Hunters and get the Hunter Knife you miss to complete the quest.

6. Once completed, run back to Refuge Pointe in Arathi and turn in the troll quest.

Hearthstone back to Southshore, and talk to Phin Odelic and complete the quest "Hints of a New plague".

Sell and repair.

1. Go north and follow the road north until you zone to Alterac Mountain (96,47). A bit further up and to the right you will find Soferan's Naze (58,67). Clear the Syndicate camp there, and in the middle of the camp on a table you should find parchments named "Syndicate Documents". Right click one of them and get the two quests [34] Encrypted Letter and [34] Foreboding Plans.

2. Then go northwest towards the snowy mountains where you will find Crushridge Ogres, they drop the Dirty Knucklebones you need.
When you run short on ogres, you can go to the southwest where you will find the area called "Corrahn's Dagger" (47,76). There you can kill Syndicate Footpads and Syndicate Thieves as well as Mountain Lions and Hulking Mountain Lions. I suggest you go back and forth from this spot to the ogres whenever you run short on mobs. Do this until the Ogre and Syndicate quests are completed. Then there's more Lions further to the west at "The Headland" (38,85).

3. You should be close to level 36 now (not more than 5k exp away). If that is not the case, grind until you have that much exp then run back to Southshore.

Turn in the 5 quests in Southshore. Get the follow up [34] Letter to Stormpike from Loremaster Dibbs. Don't get the other follow ups.

Congratulations on level 36.

Level 36

Take a gryphon ride to Ironforge, go to the hall of explorers northeast of the Gryphon master and get the quest from Roetten Stonehammer [33] Reclaimers' Business in Desolace. Also turn in the quest [34] Letter to Stormpike at Prospector Stormpike in the Hall of Explorers, and get the follow up.

Fly to Stormwind.

Repair, sell stuff and train new skills. Also, go turn in [32] Reassignment, at Major Samuelson in Stormwind Keep. (72,16)

Check the AH for 4x Lesser Blood Stone Ores too if you haven't finished that quest yet.

Fly to Rebel Camp.

Run southwest and swim over to the island with water elementals that we’ve been too earlier in the guide. Kill Water Elementals there until you get 6 Water Elemental Bracers. When you are done run back to Rebel Camp and fly to Booty Bay. Turn the quest in at Baron Revilgaz on top of the Inn. Get the follow up [37] Magical Analysis. Hearthstone to Southshore.

At Southshore turn in [34] Further Mysteries at Magistrate Henry Maleb. Make sure you have the quest [36] Noble Deaths as well.

1. Run to Alterac Mountains and follow the path north then northeast at the first intersection. You should reach a village called Strahnbrad. Kill everything here until you get 7 Alterac Signets.

2. When done, follow the path marked on the map to get to Dalaran. At (18,75) you’ll find Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver. Turn in your quest and get the follow up then run back to Southshore. Turn in [36] Noble Deaths at Magistrate Henry Maleb and fly to Ironforge.

Make Ironforge your new home location.

Sell trash and restock on food/drink etc. When you are ready fly to Booty Bay. In Booty Bay, turn in the quest [37] Ansirem's Key at Catelyn, she is on the 1st floor inside the Booty Bay inn. Get the follow up [39] "Pretty Boy" Duncan.

Take the boat to Ratchet. And then:

  • In short: Go to Desolace.
  • In detail: From Ratchet, follow the road to the west until you reach Stonetalon Mountains. In Stonetalon Mountains follow the road west/northwest until you are past Sunrock Retreat and reach Mirkfallon Lake, keep following the road until you can go west in between two cliffs. Follow this path, go south through the charred vale and you will arrive in Desolace.
When in Desolace, go to Nijel's Point . To access it you have to go further southwest until loc (67,16).

Turn in [33] Reclaimers' Business in Desolace.

Then get quests:

  • [31] Centaur Bounty
  • [33] Vahlarriel's Search
  • [33] Reagents for Reclaimers Inc.
  • [35] Strange Alliance
  • [39] Down the Scarlet Path
  • [39] The Karnitol Shipwreck.
We are not taking the quest [35] Brutal Politics because we decide to be friendly with the Gelkis Centaur Tribe which involves lowering faction with the Magram Centaurs. It doesn't really matter anyway if the Magram centaurs hate you.

Get the new flight path.

1. Let's start with [33] Reagents for Reclaimers, kill Hatefury Satyrs in Sargeron, southeast of Nigel's Point (75,20).

2. When you got 10 Hatefury Claws and 10 Hatefury Horns go west to the area just north of Thunder Axe Fortress (56,17) you will find a ruined caravan there. Look for Malem Chest. It's not actually a chest, rather a crate. Open it, get the follow up.

3. Go back to Nijel's Point and get the follow up. Turn in the Satyr quest as well but don't get the follow up (huge time waste).

Sell and Repair.

4. Go southwest and past Thunder Axe Fortress. Then go west towards the sea until you see a big tower. Azore Aldamort is next to the tower just north of it down the cliff (38,27). Get the quest [33] The Sceptre of Light.

5. From there, go southwest to the shore towards (36,30), you should see the mast of a sunken ship. The Ravnitol Chest is on the shore at (36,30). Open it, and get the follow up quest. Right next to the chest is a black book named "Rackmore's Log". Click it and get the quest [36] Claim Rackmore's Treasure. The Silver Key drops from Drysnap Pincer or Crawler. The Gold Key drops from any Slitherblade Naga.
Take a swim and kill Drysnaps around the ship until you get a Silver Key. It takes about 10 kills on average. Then further north go kill Siltherblade Nagas until you get a gold key. 10 kills on average as well to get a Golden Key.

You should be level 37 by now or close.

Level 37

6. Once you have both keys, go east to the Thunder Axe Fortress. Enter the fortress through the main gate (56,30), go kill the Seer (he has one guard) on top of the 1st watch tower to the left past the gates. Loot the Sceptre of Light.

Then go in the big building and talk to Dalinda, get the follow up quest [33] Search for Tyranis. Tyranis is in the other building (the smaller of the two), southwest of the main one. Kill Tyranis and loot the pendant.

Go back to Dalinda. Before you talk to her, clear the whole building. After you talk to her she will start to walk out of the fortress, escort her and make sure she doesn't die. Once out of the fortress she will run away and you will get a "Quest Complete" message.

7. Go northeast and back to Nijel's Point, turn in quests, get follow up [39] The Karnitol Shipwreck.

Sell and repair, next circuit is gonna be long!

1. Go south to Kormek'Hut (62,38). Get the quest [39] Bone Collector (62,39) from Bibbly F'utzbuckle.

2. Then go west to the big tower and turn in your quest [33] The Sceptre of Light to Azore Aldamort. Get the follow up [38]Book of the Ancients

3. Go northwest and take a swim towards the Ranazjar Isle (30,9). Clear the eastern shore of the isle. You should find a chest in between a tree and the white building. Click it to complete [36] Claim Rackmore's Treasure.

4. Then clear yourself a path through the Nagas so that you can reach the statue on the northwestern part of the isle (28,6). Clear the way around the statue, get full health/mana and go click the statue twice. Lord Kragaru will spawn, a lvl 38 Naga. Kill it (soloable at 37) and loot the Book of the Ancients.

Before you go, kill Slitherblade Tidehunters and Slitherblade Sea Witches until one of them drops Karnitol's Satchel. Takes 15 kills on average (Took me only 4 once, and another time it took 29 kills).

5. Swim back to Azore Aldamort get your rewards.

6. Now go southeast towards the Kodo Graveyard (48,55). Gather 10 kodo bones there, kill the Carrion Vultures if they are in the way. When you loot a bone there's a 50% chance a lvl 37-38 Kodo Apparition will pop up and attack you. You can run away or deal with it, up to you, they disappear after about 10 minutes.

7. Once you got 10 Kodo bones, run east to Scrabblescrew Camp (60, 61) and get the quest [34] Kodo Roundup. Go back to the Kodo Graveyard and use the Kombobulator Rod on any Ancient, Aged or Dying Kodo. Once you have one tamed, run back with it to the goblin, then right-click on the tamed kodo. Rinse and repeat 5 times to complete the quest.

8. When done with that, go southeast to the Magram Village (70,70) and kill centaurs until you are friendly with the Gelkis (exactly 50 Kills, 46 if you are human). You can check your reputation with the Gelkis Centaur Clan by opening your character panel ("C" key) and clicking on the reputation tab or just directly press "U" key (or replace your exp bar with your reputation bar).

After those 50 kills you should also have 15 Centaur Ears by now, if you don't, just kill some more centaurs.

9. Go southwest toward the big arch (63,79). Kill 30 Undead Ravagers there. Beware of the Outcast Necromancers, interrupt them when they cast their summon spell. If not, they summon an Undead Ravager. Sticking out tongue

10. When done with the 30 Ravagers, from the big Arch, go west, stay close to the mountain on your left until you reach Gelkis Village. Then go northwest until you find Uthek The Wise (36,79). Turn in the quest [35] Strange Alliance, don't get the follow up.

11. Take the road east / northeast and then north. Follow the road until you reach Kormek's Hut (62,38) and turn in [39] Bone Collector.

12. Then go north to Nigel's Point and turn in all the quests. Get the follow ups:

  • [39] The Karnitol Shipwreck
  • [40] Down the Scarlet Path
Titan Panel XP rate results:

This session started with the Satyr quest and finished right now after turning in all the quests in Nijel's Point. That was done with a level 36 character with average gear, solo, on a new server (no twink). I've tried it with 3 different classes and it works just as well. And there is still two quests to turn in, that's just to show how efficient the quest path of Desolace can be when done the right way. Smiling

Anyway you should be level 38 by now.

Level 38

Warp to Ironforge, go to the Hall of Explorers and turn in the quest [39] The Karnitol Shipwreck. Train, restock food/drink, sell junk etc. When you are done fly to Menethil Harbor. On your way to the docks of the boat that leads to Theramore, accept the quest [35] James Hyal from Vincent Hyal. Take the boat to Theramore.

Make the inn your home point.

Turn in [35] James Hyal at Clerk Lendry in the big fortress and get all quests from Theramore:

  • [35] Inspecting the Ruins
  • [35] This Old Lighthouse
  • [35] Traitors Among Us
  • [37] Tabetha's Farm
  • [38] Mudrock Soup and Bugs

1. Run around in town and try to spot Deserter Agitators who mostly stand next to normal guards:

Talk to five of them and go through their dialogue. Be careful sometimes they turn aggressive and attack you. When you are done, turn the quest in at Calia Hastings and get the follow up.

2. Go to the ship which is furthest to the south of the Theramore docks and clear your way through it until you reach a room that looks like the captain’s cabin:

Loot the boxes there and clear your way out. Turn the quest in at Caila Hastings and wait until she performs a little script, then get here follow up.

3. Talk to 6 Theramore Guards and go through the dialogue with them. Go back to Caila and turn the quest in. Get the follow up.

4. Now first swim or waterwalk to the little island with the light tower (72,47), right east of Theramore. Turn in [35] This Old Lighthouse at Babs Fizzletorque and get the follow up.

5. Swim directly south to the docks of Theramore and dive under them. There you’ll see Young Murk Threshers. Kill them until you have 4 Thresher Oils.

6. When done, swim a little east to (76,55) where you should see a boat. Clear your way inside and go down the set of stairs which leads down from the deck. Instead of continuing straight, go down another set of stairs:

There you’ll find Gavis Greyshield along with a guard. Kill them both, Gavis won’t die but he’ll turn friendly at some point and you will get a quest complete message.

7. Swim back to the island with the light tower and turn your quest in and get the follow up. Swim to the Theramore docks. Turn in [35] Dastardly Denizens of the Deep at "Dirty" Michael Crowe, get the follow up [36] Is it Real?. Then turn in [37] The End of the Deserters at Calia Hastings.

Repair/sell junk.

8. When done swim southwest of Theramore to (58,60) where you’ll find Nat Pagle. Turn in [36] Is it Real?, get the follow up [37] Nat's Bargain and look in your inventory for some fish paste, use it.

9. Swim southwest to a wrecked ship at (56,62). A lurking shark will attack you, kill it and return to Nat. Turn in your quest, get the follow up [37] Oh, It's Real and return to Theramore. Turn in your quest at Major Mills. Now careful, when you get the follow up a script will start:

In front of you a sea monster will spawn and attack the city. You’ll have 12 marksmen helping you shoot the monster BUT you are not supposed to fire at him with your own weapons. At the docks you’ll see canons which will become useable once the monster attacks for real. Basically your only job here is to run between two of the 3 canons and alternatively fire them at the monster until it is dead. You should be able to get the monster down easily before the marksmen are dead. Be careful of his water stream though, it pushes you back and you’ll have to run back to the canons.

10. When the monster is dead (really nice script) you’ll get some fireworks and you can turn in your quest at Major Mills.

1. Get the new quest from Sergeant Amelyn as well as the one from Lieutenant Aden. Leave the village and follow the path until you get to Sentry Point (60,40). Enter the tower and turn in your quest, get the follow up.

2. Go east and climb over the hills to get to Dreadmurk Shore. Kill Mudrocks here until you get 8 Forked Mudrock Tongues. (The turtles can be found on the shore as well as in the water)

3. When you are done swim to the island at (63,27). Hover over the Defias here to see which one is Garn Mathers. Kill and loot him.

4. Run back to the main road and go northwest until you find Swamplight Manor (55,26). Turn in your quest at Jarl and get the follow up. Also right next to the house should be a rather large dirt mound with an exclamation mark. Get this quest. Inside the house is another quest, [36] What's Haunting Witch Hill?, take it.

5. Quickly kill 10 Giant Marsh Frog critters around the house and then turn the quest in at Jarl. Get the follow up.

6. Now go straight west until you get to a tower at (46,23). Get the quest from Sergeant Lukas.

7. Continue going west until you reach a cave with spiders (35,24). Kill spiders here until you have 20 Unpopped Darkmist Eyes.

8. When done, make a big circle around Brackenwall Village and follow the path southwest, find Mudcrush Durtfeet (35,38), get the quest [36] Hungry!

9. Go further southwest towards the Barrens zone in. At (29,47) you should find Inspector Tarem. Turn in your quest and get the follow ups from the items around him. Hearthstone to Theramore.

Now, CAREFUL: Make sure to turn in all the green 35 quests first, as this turn in should make you ding and then you’ll get less exp from the 35 quests. Turn all quests in, take all follow ups. Some will require you to do some turning in right there in Theramore. Do that and get all follow ups. Your quest log should look like this:

  • [35] Jarl Needs Eyes (Complete)
  • [36] Hungry!
  • [36] What's Haunting Witch Hill?
  • [37] Defias in Dustwallow? (Complete)
  • [37] Raptor Captor
  • [37] Tabetha's Farm
  • [38] The Deserters
  • [39] Mission to Mudsprocket
  • [40] ... and Bugs

Level 39

1. Sell junk/repair/restock food etc.

Leave the town and go to Sentry Point. Turn in your quest and take the follow up.

2. Run to Swamplight Manor and turn in your quest. Get the follow up.

3. Kill Risen Spirits and Husks around the manor until you’ve gathered 10 pieces of information. Once done go back to the manor and get the follow up.

4. All around the manor you’ll find plants looking like this:

Loot 9 of them.

5. Go back to the manor and turn the quest in. Take the follow up. In your inventory you’ll find a torch. Get full mana/hp then go to the dock in front of the house and right click the torch. A gargoyle will spawn. Kill it and go back to the manor. Turn the quest in.

6. When you are done, go northwest until you see some raptors. Open your bag and search for an item called Sturdy Rope. Put it on a hotkey and whenever you attack a raptor and it gets to 20% hp, use the rope to capture it. You need to capture 6 raptors this way. While doing that walk towards (46,17).

7. At the aforementioned location you should find “Stinky” Ignaz. Take his quest and escort him. (When you turn in this quest later on in the guide, be sure to keep the Elixir of Fortitude for a quest in the next guide)

8. After the escort you’ll be at about (48,24). Go to the tower with Sergeant Lukas and turn your quest in there and get both follow ups.

9. Go northwest to (41,14) where you’ll see Blackhoof Village. Kill the Grimtotems here and free 5 Theramore Prisoners (the Grimtotems drop the keys needed). When you are done, search your inventory for a Raptor Bait and place it next to the little rotating mill that is in the center of the village (41,12).

10. Run back to Sergeant Lukas and turn both quests in.

11. From the tower go east until you reach (57,19). You should see a named murloc there called Razorspine. Kill and loot it.

12. Go further east and jump into the water. Swim to the little island at (62,18). At the northern top of that island you should find Renn McGill. Turn in your quest in there and get the follow up [37] Secondhand Diving Gear.

13. Clear the Defias camp on the island nearby and loot the tools and the damaged diving gear you need for the quest. Go back to the NPC, turn it in and get the follow up [37] Recover the Cargo!.

14. Swim towards Alcaz Island. Look in your inventory for a kit that looks like a backpack. Open it and you should receive a Salvage Kit and a Repaired Diving Kit. Equip the diving kit to be able to breath under water. Now look for Shipwreck Debris looking like this:

Look for these and use your salvage kit on them. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and you’ll get a Salvaged Strongbox. Sometimes you won’t be lucky and a mob will ambush you after your attempt. Continue doing this until you have 6 Strongboxes. When done, return to the Renn McGill, turn the quest in and get the follow up [37] Jaina Must Know.

Now kill murlocs around this area until you finish the quest [36] Hungry!

15. Run back to Swamplight Manor and turn your quest in. If your hearthstone is ready, use it, if not run back to Theramore. Turn in both [37] Stinky's Escape and [37] Jaina Must Know. Take the follow up [37] Survey Alcaz Island.

Go to the gryphon master of Theramore and speak to the NPC next to hear called Cassa Crimsonwing. You’ll get a free ride and a quest complete message. Wait until you get back to Theramore then turn the quest in at Jaina. Take the follow up [37] Warn Bolvar!

Sell junk/repair etc.

1. Run all the way to the point marked as “Lost Point” on the map.

On the way, stop by Mudcrush Durtfeet (35,38) and turn in [36] Hungry!.

Clear your way into the tower and carefully pull so you can reach the inside. Balos Jacken will attack you immediately, bring him down to like 20% HPs and he’ll become friendly. Turn in your quest to him and get the follow up [38] The Deserters.

2. From the “Lost Point” ride directly east until you get to Tabetha’s farm. Turn in your quest here. If you are less then 3900 exp away from level 40 proceed to paragraph 3. If you still need some experience kill spiders around the farm until you have enough experience.

3. Follow the path west then south until you reach Mudsprocket. Here take the flight path and turn in your quest and fly to Theramore. Turn in your quest at Captain Garran Vimes. Take the follow up [38] A Grim Connection.
Go talk to Jaina and ask her to teleport you to Stormwind. Go to Stormwind Keep, find High Warlord Bolvar and turn in your quest, take the follow up [37] Return to Jaina. Train / Sell junk / Check the AH etc.

Congratulations on level 40. Whatever quests you might still have in the quest log, don’t worry, we are going to take care of all that in the next guide.

Level 40 – End of guide

Original Guide: Jame
Revamp: Snowflake

Copyright @



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finished the first part in less then 2 weeks! Smiling

Too much grinding

I grinded from 18-30, why the Hell do we have to grind from 38-41. That seems like bullshit imo. Because I really enjoyed your Horde guide Jame, this REALLY disappointed me. I thought I was going to get away from grinding after I opened your guide because you clearly stated,"with a minimum of grinding sessions" if I do remember correctly. With a minimum of grinding sessions I would be thinking you meant something along the lines of "grind half a level here and there". I don't think you realize how hard it is on my server to get a group for SM either. Hardly anyone on Alliance side does instances before 50; my experince on my server(which is what I kindof expected as I grew up playing Horde).


Grinding is terrible xp/hour is you aren't rested.

Magical Analysis

Puzzled When lvl 35 it says to turn in the quest Magical Analysis in at Archmage Ansirem. I didn't seem to find where to get it in the guide. Can any1 help me find it so I can get the quest?

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Could you post the location? I'm all for grinding that improves my rep.

BTW, for Arathi Highlands quests

has some nice material.

As for SVT, I'm on a PvP server (sigh, it had short lines, so I made my character there before I realized what that meant) and I find that lots of us who want to avoid the gankers just do quests in the early morning. I and my lock shared some quests with up to 3-4 horde players. I did do the Desolace alternative to SVT, and realized that I'll be missing a few bubbles, but I plan to do some of the other quests just for fun. I'm currently just starting Arathi and almost to the next level, almost 3/4 of a level ahead (actually a little more).


Leveled while helping Quae. The advice was spot on. BTW, it is more than possible to be overrun by the courier coming up from behind you. Just rezz and retry (he moves faster than I realized). The advice was solid.

Only thing to watch out for is Blood Elf Rogues. I don't know what or why their players are so much more likely to gank.

and corpse sit. Gee, build a fire already Eye


Since I've done some of Desolace, I'm doing Northhold Manor and and Wand over Fist to kind of make up for the gap.

It will be interesting to see if I can get a group for the instance. I'd like to try that.

Also, I've got a class quest in there (and another once I hit 40 for my warlock horse).

Strangletorn vale

First i would like to congrate u on a great job well done. But i also have a small tip, cause whenever u have done many quests but are short on xp, u say go grind trolls, I find the goblins easier to farm, gives more xp, are easier to single out and imo they have less hp than the trolls. They even grant u 5 rep in booty bay per kill. Anyways, keep up the good work

Dranei Shaman

I've somehow managed to

I've somehow managed to avoid gaming in 21 years--mainly because I know how addicted I would get--and then I got introduced to WOW.

Started the lvl 30-40 guide at lvl 31... just to empty out my quest log a bit, I can agree with people grinding harpies is incredibly tedious--but if u heart to theramore fly to the outpoint you can grind everything else on the way.

Can't understand all the complaints about stranglethorn valley... found it really fact playing straight through 1 day and got from 1/2 through lvl 32- 1/4 way through lvl 34 Shocked) a warrior it is helpful to do the kurzen camp (1st time round) and the eyes with either a higher lvl character or a pally... though collecting the ears me and the pally i was grouped with died loads of times, with a lvl 41 hunter i was finnne ;o) bigger hint-- there is one REALLLY easy ruin and one REALLY hard one that is packed!

Hemet Nesingwary and the Burning Crusade

Just a minor thing needs to be updated with the Expansion. Hemet Nesingwary is now located in outland, and has been replaced by his son....Hemet Nesingwary Jr. So now the quest [31] Hemet Nesingwary is now
[31] Hemet Nesingwary Jr. and the NPC you need to talk to in Nesingwary's Camp is no longer The man himself, but the Jr.
Thought you might want to know, because I have no idea how many times you are going to go through that level range and notice for yourself.


It was stated that the talents have to go for the most damaging spec.Right now do not know what spec is more damaging for a pally.Ret spec was said to be more damaging but what i heard was prot spec can kill alot faster.So which one should i go?Anyway this guides execellent.Thanks for the great guide, Jame. Smiling


I used this guide to level my hunter, but after I dinged 34 I got too tempted by grinding mobs instead of questing Sticking out tongue After I made my shaman I decided to follow the guide, it went very good. I was Enchancement the whole period untill 40, where I specced Elemental Smiling

I only met one problem during the guide, the stone elementals in Badlands were totally immune to all kinds of nature spells (though it wasnt a problem for me since I was Enchancement)

Over all it was a very nice guide, and it made me reach xp stages I wouldnt have a chance to reach else. For
shaman leveling I highly recommend Enchancement. It is a fast killing spec that doenst require much rest, where Elemental on the other hand needs tons of regening.

/Xleet, Twillights Hammer

Woot Eye

Good Guide

The guides 30-60 was very good.

But for people who dont have much time playing each session talk to me, i do free power leveling 1-60 and get you first mount and 100g. Add me at

I do free power leveling 1-60 and get you first mount and 100g. Add me at

Great guides

Hi. First I have to say that these guides have saved me a lot of time, they are great and I have to thank Jame for this work.
I would just add that in the part that you go turn in [32] Reassignment, at Major Samuelson in Stormwind Keep, you can also go to the cathedral (on the right you have some stairs down) and get a quest to talk to a guy in Desolace (that will give you [39] Down the Scarlet Path) and get some more exp. Its not much but since you are in Stormwind every bit helps Eye
Once again great work on this guides, I'm already lvl 47 with my warrior and going fast only playing 2 hours at night.

Awesome Guide

Used this on my new Draenei Priest and for the most part is was awesome, for level 40 I grinded on the Troggs was running around 26k an hour easily, would of had more if it weren't for some Rogue farming alongside me.

Level 33 is... 17 bubbles of grinding

I have followed the guide perfectly thus far. I just hit level 33 and have all the quests completed that you've described. At this point, you say that we should be half way to 34. I am 3 bubbles into 33.

When I hit 33, I turned in the 2nd step of the panthers and tigers, and the 1st step of the raptors. I discovered the haunted island, and I got 10 cystals off the basilisks. At step 12, you say that we can turn in the pages if we have them completed. Are you assuming that we have completed them all and finished that quest? Maybe then I would be closer to half way, but I still don't see how we should be halfway to 34 at this point.

Now I'm looking at 17 bubbles of pure grinding if I don't turn any of the quests in that are supposed to be held until the "last bubble".

I think level 33 needs re-examined. You should be AT THE MOST 25% through 33 after step 12, not half way (unless it's all rested xp, but who has that much rested xp at lvl 33??) Thoughts Jame?

Guess I'll be at the kurzen camp for the next 2 hrs -_-

Just to see how far I could get, I ended up turning in all the quests you said to wait on until I was 1 bubble away from 34... after all of them, I'm still about 2.5 bubbles SHORT of HALF WAY to 34!!
I hear your 40+ guide is better. Think I'll do my own thing til then =\

Excellent Guide

I must admit I'm a noob, so I find such information incredibly valuable. I started casually playing in September 06, took a bit of an absence for most of October/November and started up again in December. I floundered my way to level 34 over those 2 months of casual play with my first character, a human warrior, before finding Jame's guide. Once I picked up this guide and started off with Jame's level 32 instructions, I've leveled to 42 in about 14 real-life days of semi-casual play. That is, I still work my 40 hours a week and spend time with friends and family off the computer. Jame's guide is well written, easy to follow, and will make you blast through levels. I could totally, see that if someone got hardcore and spent a Friday through Sunday almost non-stop playing could level 30 to 45 or more maybe. You can trust that through Jame's writting style and detailed information Jame knows the game inside and out.

You didn't play it as a hunter, did you?

I nearly finished following your guide and I only have one question. Did you ever play this as a bow hunter?
There are some places (especially Badlands, Shimmering Flats, Desolace) where I nearly ran out of arrows with no way to reequip. And I often ran out of pocket space (as a hunter I have one bag less, need to feed a pet and have my bags crowded with my skinning and mining results).
Otherwise it's cool.


Some general comments

Hi, Im using a priest and must say I recognize other peoples complaints. This is not because the guide is faulty, it is actually nearly perfect. Here is the thing though. Two things can frak things up big time.

Misspecced... Yesyesyes everybody go shadow specc. Before the patch i had my first 5 points in blackout, which is neat. But if you are soloing and dont feel like spending 20g a week on drink, get Spirit Tap.

Misgeared... You are out of date on gear. Just because you are following this guide, does not mean that you cant do instances, personally, I put aside time to SM and Gnomer to get gear updates etc.

So when I hit lvl 33 i got tired of WoW because it took FOREVER to regain mana, all my bags were full etcetc. I used gnomer to get to lvl 34, and I am halfway to lvl 37 in 2 days. Takes about 2-3 hrs a lvl.

Also, to the comments about the courier, i actually met one other player who was doing the same guide, and we helped eachother out.

Sorry if i confused anyone, I know this post wasnt that well organized.

Wellwell Here is the Jame for maiking an AWESOME guide. I expect to keep using it till I reach lvl 60.

PS. If you really cant do a quest or dont feel like grinding, read on and make sure you dont need the quest, and do an instance instead... makes for a nice change.

nice, re-addicted


I was really anxious to get to lvl 30 so I could start this guide. I was getting very impatient with the game and I was getting frustrated. I have used your guide for 2 days and I have lvled to 38. I think im addicted. Thx for renewing my WOW enjoyment.

Aquimus Maximus
A.K.A. Rossinator

I was also wondering if the guide is going to be tweaked to fit the recent patch changes. There seems to be a little bit of inconsistencies with the guide... hmm...

Good in theory

I was excited to start this at level 30, but it's turning out to be a miserable failure. You don't consider that to get from Theramore to Thousand Needles a level 30 player has to run through packs of skull level mobs. Thousand Needles itself is like a cockroach den of horde. I just got killed over and over until I logged off. It would be nice if there was an alternative to 30-31 then to grind the whole thing in horde areas.

mistake ?

i dunno if it was my mistake but i found myself lvling faster than the guide ? i am currently on the quests between Southshore - Alterac and you say i should be close to lvl 36 and i am actually half way through it Sticking out tongue
did this happen to anyone else ?


so what if ur half way through. It happened to me too. just don't slack off try to keep doing the guide to stay ahead cuz when grinding comes around you don't have to do much or any.



one more quest

not sure if someone pointed this out in comments yet -

"Further Mysteries" which is skipped just before Desolace can be nabbed upon return, and all it is is a courier quest to Southshore, where the guide takes us anyways. Free 1350 xp and 75 Stormwind rep.

i dont get a part

Hey i think it is great but i dont get a part:Go south, past Hammertoe's Dig Site, until you find Prospector Ryedol and Sigrun Ironhew (53,43). Get quests:
[35] A Dwarf and His Tools
[38] Mirages

this is the part i dont get

Go southwest and find Martek the Exiled (42,52)
Turn in the quest and get follow up:

[39] Indurium
also get quest [40] Barbecued Buzzard Wings from Rigglefuzz.

Mob Immunities

I'm leveling up a Frost Mage using the guide, and I ran into the problem that Water Elementals in STV seem to be immune to Frost. I switched over to my fire spells tring to finish the quest, but just can't make up the difference in power that my Frost build plus all the +Frost Damage gets me.

Unfortunatly this breaks a quest chain for me, as I couldn't get any friends to show up at the time to help out.

If there are other (known) mob immunities like this, it would be awsome to get a heads up so we know which spots will be difficult for each class.

Awsome Guide! Looking forward to seeing more... Cool

Leaves a Bit to be Desired

I don't know if you're still keeping up with these guides, but I'll add in my 2cp.

First off, I was introduced to your guides a while ago and actually used your Horde leveling guide 20-31 first. It was awesome, I was very impressed and I liked your great ability to mix quests with small sessions of grinding to make leveling a breeze.

However I started using this one when I began leveling my Draenei Shaman on Beta. And I have to say, it was much different.

First of all, 30-35 was painfully slow. I think it's because a lot of the quests you send us on are actually grinding on mobs that are at- or above-level. Which can make it difficult for some classes.

Admittedly, since I am on beta, there is almost -no- chance for twinking, because low-level gear is mostly non-existent. So I was pretty much wearing quest items mixed with what I could get out the AH and some pieces I managed to craft (thank goodness I transfered over my leatherworker).

So I'll let that slide. But then I also noticed you have a LOT of grinding sessions. 30-31 actually wasn't so bad, but the later ones got pretty boring. Grinding elementals in Badlands got to be very tedious. Also note, in beta, it is -not- possible to group for instances because there are very few people actually re-leveling characters. So I can't instance for exp, and I don't think you should skip whole levels just because you think instancing is better.

For example, I think it's 36-38 you mention going to SM. Well alternatively, I managed to get to 38.5 just doing the extra quests in Arathi and Southshore that you skipped over. That means the Yeti fur cloak, as well as Northshore Manor (or whatever it's called in Arathi), etc. It was relatively easy and much better than any grinding session.

Also, your level 40-41 is poor. I recommend going to Theramore (it's what I am doing right now). There are a few quests to pick up, ie, Mudrock Soup and Bugs in the Theramore inn, as well as the quests from Swampguy Jarl, where he sends you to get 3 Soothing Spices, and then kill the spiders for eyes. I have gotten halfway through 40 with no effort. Once done with those quests I recommend grinding on the whelpings in southern Dustwallow Marsh rather than anything in Badlands, because they are much easier to kill, give the same experience, and also have a chance to drop the Dark Whelping Pet which either sells for a LOT or makes a great vanity pet.

Those are just some of my suggestions. I like your guides, but I think they could use a little updating. I personally don't like the attitude of "instance this level or figure it out for yourself."

This Guide RULES!!

I have used this guide to get my Dwarf Pal. leveled through 45, and I would reccomend this guide to anyone!!! It is awsome!! I am now a lvl 45, but know that it is in large part to my use of this guide! I have now given this guide to my wife to use and am comfident that she will have a success story on her of her own!! Thanks for making such a awsome guide!!!


this really is a great guide
but i, like many others find the grind from 20-30 fairly time consuming
Using this guide i went from 30-44 in less time than it took me to go from 20-30 lol
A 20-30 guide would be great for some of my future alternative characters Smiling

What noobcaked means to me


Shadowphaze of Cenarius

faster then guide

ive taken a look at ur guide and actually wanted to follow it but from lvl 35 of i can do allot faster then ur guide just take every quest u can see untill ur quest log is full and then start doing em after uve done em complete them and u should be up 1 or 2 lvls then u can already take new quests at new places and do it all over again.

btw i lvl 20 lvls in 3 days:P i played like i had no life but it was a vacation anywayz and not much else to do:D the only quest u shouldnt take is the legend of stalvan its a complete waste of time

Incredible (James - Need to know this!)

I'm like Jawdropping! after reading this! How do you do it? What is your secret? As I can see on this page You got both horde & alliance, from 30-60. Could be done in a week with your guides!

I surely admire you, I've always been really sucky to level characters further then 30, so I'm gonna try this now. (Read it only yet) but as far as I can see, it should work more then perfectly!

(Thanks for the grinding places by the way, money is always good. Eye )

- Zalcin, 70 human rogue // Hakkar (EU PvP)


What convinced you to make this guide? You help alot of people saving game time, making it more fun in less time. It's awesome, but, why do it? Please respond this, would like to know why I get all this indredible help. Smiling

Zalcin : 70 Human Rogue (Hakkar)

Dont Get IT

First i have to say awesome guide im leveling a lvl 30 frost mage there so any tips would be welcome.There is only one thing in dont get...everytime i get in AH i have to buy these:

Shopping List:

Every time you pass by an auction house, try to buy the following items:

1. 1X Patterned Bronze Bracers ~50 Silver
2. 1X Frost Oil ~ 2 Gold
3. 1X Gyrochronatom ~1 Gold

I dont get it...what should i do with it...and should i buy it everytime in AH?

Hope someone can explain,thks alot

Had the same Q

It's for a later quest around lvl 38-40. For those who get ganked around lvl 32 in SVT, i suggest you go grind in Sargeron next to Nijel's point where you have to go anyway at lvl 36. I went there lvl 32-33 mobs easy killing and no hordes at all. Once you're lvl forty i suggest you take a break of lvling and go gank heads in SVT just like i did Laughing out loud. Had to feel good cause I was as pissed as you of getting ganked lol. By the way to those who were saying they were lvling too fast, don't try to slow it down to follow the guide cause i was lvling too fast too untill i got to 40. I had to grind it all cause i didn't want to mess with the quests suggested in SVT for later lvling! Grrrrrrr!!!!! That was long.

Encountered a problem

I can't seem to get the quest to Desolace from Roetten Stonehammer at lvl 36, anyone else had the same problem?


Just a thing..

Firstly I would like to thank you greatly for the guide.. leveled 3 heros with ur guide in just 2-3 months having average session time about 2h Smiling)

At lvl 36 where I had to kill the 50 magram centaurs I killed about 130 before I got all ears Smiling) So when finished that quest had about 37lvl and 3/4 from 38 Smiling And I still had alot of quests to do Smiling

Thank You!

I registered an account just so that I could say thank you for this guide. Im trying to get 60 before next term starts, and I was starting to get a little disheartened around lvl 36, which is when I started this guide. I didnt know where to get more quests, and thought I was doomed to 24 levels of grinding! You saved me! You helped me get from 36 to 40 in 3 days, and I may actually be able to accomplish my goal! Thanks.

Level 40

I really like this guide. As a priest, I’ve found 1-2 areas to be a little rough (grinding on mobs that are too high a level or have silence), but overall incredibly well done. Just couldn’t deal with the idea of grinding out the entire level 40 though. Here’s an alternative:

Shopping List: 2-3 Water breathing potions (1 needed but in case you die get extras)

Hearth to Ironforge and pick up Further Mysteries [34] from Prospector Stormpike

Goto Southshore. Turn in quest and pick up Dark Council [40] and Noble Deaths [36] from the Magistrate.

I tried to hang out in town for a while in hope the assassins would attack and I could get Assassin’s Contract [38] and Baron’s Demise [40], but I didn’t get lucky. If you do, the Baron is found at 53,20 in the Alterac Mountains.

Head to Alterac and kill Syndicate agents in Strahnbrad until you get 7 rings. They drop off any of them. The Argus Shadow Mages you need are in the buildings. You’ll likely pull more than 1 mob in these buildings, but if you get in trouble try to kill one and run away along the path you cleared behind you.

Head north down the valley toward Nagaz at 39,14. Kill agents and tigers along the way like you would throughout this guide.

Clear the hidden spies outside Nagaz’s building then individually pull the 1-2 inside. Nagaz dies pretty easily one-on-one. After you kill him loot the footlocker in the building and get The Ensorcelled Parchment [40].

Back to Southshore, killing along the way. Repair etc. and fly to Arathi Highlands.

Pick up Wand over Fist [39] and goto 54,77 to kill Kor'gresh. He’s inside the cave (veer left). (I had some competition heading to kill him, so I pulled him despite other mobs standing in the way. To my surprise, only Kor’gresh got agro.)

Head toward the Myzrael Crystal NE of Refuge Point (around 62,33 I think). Click on it to get The Princess Trapped [37].

Go east to 80,40 and head up the hidden path. Head into the cave killing all the goblins until you get 12 crystals. I had to go all the way to the Iridescent Shard the loop back killing more mobs before I got all 12. You turn this quest in at the crystal INSIDE the cave, not where you picked up the quest.

Fight your way out of the cave again (they respawn fast) and goto 66,29. Kill enough elementals to safely click on the rock at the center. Repeat this at 52,50.

Go to Refuge and turn in Wand over Fist [39]. Do not bother to get follow up.

Goto 25,32 and again kill elementals to clear path to the rock in the center. Get the last key for Princess Trapped.

Goto The Circle of Inner Binding at 35,57 and turn in the Princess Trapped. Skip follow up.

Head to the east side of Stromgarde Keep and head south along the outer walls. You’ll eventually see a tunnel on your left. Head down the tunnel and swim NE across the water to the beached ship.

Get Land Ho [35] and turn it in to the captain nearby.
Get Sunken Treasure [40] and escort Phizzlethorpe to the cave and back. You will be attacked only one time by what I’ve experienced to be 2 elementals. Turn in quest, get the follow up and equip the goggles.

Get Deep Sea Salvage [40], and Drowned Sorrows [40].

Drink your water breathing potion and head out to the sunken ships. Watch your pulls, especially inside the boats. The mobs can go through the floors and agro/evade oddly.

Go into the Maiden (NE ship) from above. Log is in the first room. The Map is nearby but nearly impossible to see. Go through the door in the room where you found the Log and then through the right door. The Map is right next to you on the dark wood just above floor level. Very hard to spot. There is no need to fight the naga in the bottom of the ship.

Go to the Spirit of Silverpine (SW ship) and enter from above. The Map is easily spotable. Go back out the top of the ship and approach the northern hull of the ship from the outside. You’ll see a gaping hole with 2-3 naga guarding the Log. I was able to kill all three as a shadow priest, but if needed clear an escape path and kill/run until you clear them.

Now wander around and pick up Elven gems until you have 10 of them. They respawn so fast that I was often only a few yards away when one I just looted was back again.

Swim back to shore and turn in all the quests. Get the follow up to Sunken Treasure if desired (see below).

I hearthed to IF at this point, and I was 88% through 40 with only about 5000 rested xp in 3 hours played (25k per hour).

Can quit and grind to 41, but I recommend you finish Sunken Treasure. Fly to Booty Bay, turn in Sunken Treasure (3150 xp), get the follow up and return to Arathi Highlands. Then turn in Sunken Treasure (4650 xp), get the follow up (you get to fire a cannon!) and complete it for 3150xp. You should be at or very near 41 and you get a nice ring besides!

The Sunken Treasure alternate route

I really enjoyed it, made it all the way to 41 and liked the ring. As a 'lock the stamina ring was a great boon.


I'm using these to find fun quest chains as much as to level.

Also, is the best map of the initial area that I've found.

Since this is my first time through the game, and my first real character, these guides have really made it more fun.

I have a problem in the

I have a problem in the beginning, I play in a PVP server, and since some parts of the guide are in Horde territory I get killed alot. Any tips?

Kill them before they kill

Kill them before they kill you? I also play a PVP server and I get ganked from time to time also. It's part of the experience of the server. And I don't see how most of it is in horde territory? 90% of this guide is in contested territory. One thing I've noticed about the higher level horde on my server is normally if you /wave at them they'll leave you alone. If not you just find a 60 friend who has some time to go on a killing spree.


40 Shadow Priest.

Rested experiance.

Go right outside of Uldaman instance, all the dwarves can be single pulled there, and easily killed at 40 as shadow priest.

The Ruffians gave me 1094 xp per kill, rested, i nearly crapped myself.

And you are Right next to instance, if pull is bad, just zone in to safety Smiling


Just want to say one thing... AWESOME! I've played a lot of mmorpg games these couple of years, and i've always had the same problem... When i get a bit higher lvl i quit, dont want to play or just get boored... Same with WoW :/ And then i found this, just do o after this i went from lvl 27-30 (and it took a looooong time since i relly was bored Sticking out tongue) I'm now lvl 32 Laughing out loud and that's thx to you m8 !

Btw, just want to add one thing, Shimmering flats is kinda hard when ur on a pvp server :/ i've been ganked like 15 times the last 2 days -.-, but you guide is the best anyway Laughing out loud <3<3<3<3

Great but...

What if I said Im 34 and Im done hunters camp. I also did southshore. These seem to be the reccomended places in every guide. Got any ideas for 34-36 atm I am running sm, it is fun but slow.


I really like it. Started it at 32 and try to keep up my two level lead but it's a bit difficult (less XP per mob and more needed. The only problem I had up to now were the Kurzen. You need lots of time to solo it on 32. Luckily I found a nice group who helped me run through the camp. It was awesome.


Quest Addition

Can you add the quest "Liquid Stone" when your in Badlands? You need 1x Lesser Invisibility Potion and 1x Healing Potion which you can purchase of AH and it gives 2k experience.

Great guide, I practically live by it! Smiling


What can I say, but WOW! Thanks a heep. I went from 33 ta 401 in 1 WEEK! Oh yeah, now onto 41 ta 50! I loved it all!

For LvL40, the grinding was ruff, but I ran a couple of Instances, and Pow! 41 baby!

You gotta try this if ya haven't already!

you did a great job

you did a great job jamie...

i started on sundayevening and i'm now level 33 (+ in STV i only have completed 2 quests) so that means if i finish those tonight + hand them in i'll be level 34 already.

you never get bored and you don't have any moments when you say: what can i do now?
that's really great, because i had alot of those moments at level -30

i didn't play much, yesterday only 2 or 3 hours and i got level 33 already (starting from sunday EVENING) Smiling
now i'm heading for level 40 by saturdaynight (mount time baby)

thank you very much !

PvP servers

I also wondered about Strangelthorn and the fact that you see so many opposing faction players in there that PvP must be hell. Shimmering flats also. I just don't think any guide is going to help you avoid getting ganked in PvP.

Great help, but....

I think there is one slight overlook here. If you ever go to Stranglethorn die a million times. Either side horde or alliance. This is a huge gank zone. Especially the Nessingway area.....bad spot. I have like 18 diff toons. I have noticed this place being bad on all of them. Other than that....great...I mean great outline. I just wouldn't be able to do the STV part.

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brucebrucewitit wrote:
I think there is one slight overlook here. If you ever go to Stranglethorn die a million times. Either side horde or alliance. This is a huge gank zone. Especially the Nessingway area.....bad spot. I have like 18 diff toons. I have noticed this place being bad on all of them. Other than that....great...I mean great outline. I just wouldn't be able to do the STV part.

This guide wasn't initially meant for pvp servers but many people use it anyway. To skip the STV part you can use this guide - it has been written for people on PvP realms who need to avoid ganking in order to level up.

WoW-Pro Admin


I started an account just to say how helpful I found this guide. After the novelty of getting to level 20 i found levelling at around 30 a bit tedious. But A friend online noted the other day that I seemed to be levelling fast, compared to him even, and he plays Wow all the time. This guide has just made it so much more directional and focussed. I little inside information goes a long long way. Smiling