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Chapter II (40-50) - Journey from Dustwallow Marsh to the Hinterlands


This is v2.0 of the guide. It has been revamped as mentioned in this news post to adapt to patch v2.3 changes. You can still find the old version of the guide here. At the same time, many other improvements have been made:

  • Introduction/Addons section has been updated
  • Kill everything on your way rule has been lifted unless you lack experience compared to the progress described in the guide
  • Grinding sessions removed and instances aren't part of the leveling process anymore (no dependancy on groups)
  • Quests that aren't elite anymore have been integrated
  • New patch 2.3 content has been integrated (Mudsprocket quests etc.)
  • Maps have been remade and a lot of errors have been corrected
  • Dustwallow Marsh circuits have been added
  • Leveling should be possible at a faster pace than before


This guide starts at level 40. However I hope that you followed the 1st chapter of this guide as well. Because a lot of pre-questing and flight path gathering is done in it and we will need it for this chapter. If you didn't, it's not that bad, you'll just have to figure out yourself where to start, and if you are behind in XP, there will be optional circuits you can do to catch up. If you need guides for any other level range (from 1-41 for example) please take a look at this page.

This guide is made for FAST leveling through the use of Optimized Quest Circuits. With this guide, questing will be very efficient and you'll not waste any second running around and trying to figure out in which order to do your quests. Follow each instruction carefully and you will see for yourself. The quest choices and order to do them are optimal so that you run as few as possible while doing the most possible, turning several quests at the same time. It will be like grinding, because you'll be killing stuff almost non-stop, besides you'll also be completing a bunch of quests at the same time!

Everything described in this guide can be done solo (beside when I say otherwise). You can, of course, follow this guide while duoing, grouping, it's not a problem, it works too.

DISCLAIMER: This guide does NOT take into account tradeskills, class specific quests or PvP. It's 100% focused on getting the most experience possible in the shortest possible time while doing a lot of quests and enjoying as much content as possible. Any race/class combination can do this guide. Any complaints about PvP, tradeskills, or class specific issues will be ignored.

Basic rules

  • Spend your talent points so that you kill things as fast as possible. (e.g: Priest should specialize in Shadow Talents, Warriors in Arms/Fury, etc.

  • Don't waste your time trying to find groups for questing, you can solo everything that is described in this guide unless I say otherwise. Only group with someone when it's not gonna be a waste of time (e.g: meeting the person at the other end of the zone to show him the way to where your quest is, that is a waste of time)

  • Try to always log out in an inn or in one of the major cities when you take a break.

  • When I say you should make an inn your new home location, it's for a good reason, and it will save you much time.

Useful Addons

To get the most out of my guide, you should get an addon which displays coordinates, because I use them to describe locations in my guide (x,y). You can use any addon you like, but here's a very simple one I use.


  • DMiniCoords - A simple box which displays coordinates, left-click it to move it where you like.


Below is a list of other addons I use, this is 100% optional though, it's mostly for people who are curious to know which addons I use:

Side Note: In case you don't know how to install add-ons, simply download an addon from one of the links above and unzip it. Then drag the unziped folder in your Addon folder (full path is c:\\Program Files\\World of Warcraft\\Interface\\Addons). Then, restart World of Warcraft and it should be working.

If it isn't working, you might need to log out to your character selection screen and click on "Addons" in the lower-left corner. Tick the box that says "Load out of date Addons". Re-launch WoW.

Shopping List

  • Level 41: Patterned Bronze Bracers -- If you can't find them on the auction house, find a blacksmith willing to do them for a small tip. The components needed are 5x Bronze Bars, 2x Coarse Grinding Stone
  • Level 41: Frost Oil - Made by alchemists. Components are 4x Khadgar's Whisker, 2x Wintersbite, 1x Leaded Vial
  • Level 41: Gyrochronatom - Made by engineers. Components are 1x Iron Bar, 1x Gold Power Core
  • Level 44: All the Pages for the Green Hills of Stranglethorn quest. They can be found at the auction house in the main cities and also at the booty bay auction.
  • Level 49: 2x Elixir of Fortitude - Made by alchemists. Components are 1x Wildsteel Bloom, 1x Goldthorn, 1x Leaded Vial

These items might not always be available at the AH, so start checking early.

Color Code
  • Quests
  • Items
  • Locations
  • Quest objectives to kill
  • NPCs
  • Locs

The Guide

Level 40

You should be in Stormwind right now. If you followed the previous chapter of this guide, you should have the quest [37] Return to Jaina.

Go to Theramore. If you got the quest [37] Return to Jaina, go to the Mage Quarter at the western end of Stormwind and speak with Archmage Malin at the foot of the tower there, he will teleport you to Theramore. When in Theramore, this time turn in [37] Return to Jaina. Better turn it in now while it still gives XP, the teleport won't be useful to us anymore in the coming levels, and once the quest becomes grey to you, the teleport trick doesn't work anymore.

If you don't have that quest, fly to Menethil Harbor and take the boat to Theramore Isle. Or hearthstone if you're bound in Theramore.

Sell junk, restock on food if you haven’t already.

1. When ready, follow the path northwest out of Theramore until you reach North Point. Turn in [38] A Grim Connection at Captain Darill and take both follow ups.

2. From there go north until (42,15). You’ll reach Blackhoof Village, we’ve been there in the previous guide. Here you need to loot Blackhoof Armaments, they look like this:

You need 7 of them. At the same time kill every Grimtotem Elder you find until you get 4 Grimtotem notes, which you need to combine to get the Grimtotem Battle Plan.

3. Once done, return to North Point and turn in both quests. Take the follow up.

4. Go to the area called “The Quagmire”. There go to Tabetha’s Farm (46,57) and turn in [39] Tabetha’s Assistance. Get the follow up [39] Raze Direhorn Post! as well as the other quests from this place:

  • [38] The Grimtotem Weapon
  • [39] Direhorn Raiders
  • [39] The Reagent Thief
  • [40] The Zeppelin Crash

** From now on kill every Noxious Shredder and Darkfang Creeper on your way**

5. Search for Mottled Drywallow Crocolisks. Whenever you see a bunch of them together, right-click your Captured Totem from your inventory. Now make sure that whenever you kill a croc, the totem is close and up or you won't get a quest update.

There is a particular problem for hunters and warlocks for this quest. You must be tanking the crocs when they die so you get a quest update. For warlocks this is less of a problem, just summon an imp and tank yourself while dotting. But for hunters it's a little different especially if you are beastmastery specced and don't have your weaponskill maxed. In that case, do the following:

Place your totem and stand next to it with your pet. Put your pet on: passive, stay and growl off. Pull a crocodile with distracting shot from as far as possible and try to hit it with as many shots as possible before it reaches you. Once it's next to the totem and once you are meleeing it, sick your pet on it. Normally your pet shouldn't take aggro and until the croc is dead. If it does get aggro though, just turn the pet's attack off (click on the passive icon), move away a good distance, get aggro with distracting shot and finish it off either meleeing or with shots. You must have aggro first though.

1. When you are done move east towards (53,57). On the way you should find a few Noxious Shredders (kill as many as you still need). When you are there, talk to Moxie Steelgrille and turn in [40] The Zeppelin Crash. Take both [40] Corrosion Prevention and [39] Secure the Cargo! from her.

You've probably already noticed that blue lightning rays are being shot at you. Open your inventory and search for Ooze Buster. Put it on a hotkey. This is used to dissolve oozes all around the crashed zeppelin wreck. You can only use the buster while you are energized by the blue rays though (which are being shot by power core fragments). The power core fragment next to Moxie always shoots energy at you so stay as much around that fragment as possible and pull oozes to it. Once they are close, use your Ooze buster on them. This will dissolve the oozes and you'll get a quest update. You need to do this 10 times.
At the same time loot 8 Zeppelin Cargos in little boxes all around the floor. If you run out of oozes/boxes next to Moxie, just go to the other power core fragments around the crashed zeppelin. The only disadvantage with those is that they turn off and stop to shoot energy every 30 secs for 30 secs. So if your fragment isn't shooting energy at you, wait a little until it switches on again, then dissolve your oozes. When done, return to Moxie and turn in both quests. Take the follow up [39] Delivery for Drazzit.

2. East of you should be some mountains. Follow those mountains north/northwest until you reach a tauren camp called Direhorn Post. Kill 12 Grimtotems here (any). While killing them you'll stumble on an undead npc called Apothecary Cylla. Kill her and loot "Sealed Letter".
Right click it for a quest.

At the same time you need to use the torch from your inventory to burn the following three tents:

North Tent: (46,45)
Northeast Tent: (47,46)
East Tent: (47,47)

3. When done, return to Tabetha's house. Turn in everything you got and get the follow up from Tabetha, [39] Justice for the Hyals.

4. Hearthstone to Theramore. Turn in [39] Justice for the Hyals at Captain Garren Vimes (68,48). Take the follow up. Go to the graveyard just outside of Theramore and use the Wreath from your inventory on the grave at (63,42). Once done, return to Captain Garren Vimes and turn the quest in.

5. Fly to Mudsprocket. Turn in [39] Delivery for Drazzit. Gather all quests here:

  • [39] Bloodfen Feathers
  • [39] WANTED: Goreclaw the Ravenous
  • [40] Catch a Dragon by the Tail

==Note== You can abandon [40] ... and Bugs, if you have the quest in your questlog.

1. Go northwest until you get to an area called The Bloodfen Burrow. Kill every raptor on your way while going west to the cave. There you should see a big named raptor Goreclaw the Revenous. Kill raptors in this area until you have 5 Bloodfen Feathers.

2. When you are done, go south of Mudsprocket and loot 8 Wyrmtails. They look like this:

3. Go back to Mudsprocket and turn in all your quests. Get the two follow ups [39] Banner of the Stonemaul and [39] The Essence of Enmity.

4. Ride northwest to the area named The Den of Flame, which you can enter by the main gate on the southeastern side of it at (40,67). From now on kill every dragonkin you see. After killing a Firemane Scout, Ash Tail or Scalebane, use your Brogg’s Totem from your inventory on their corpses to get a Black Dragonkin Essence. You’ll need to do this 10 times.

Go inside the cave and keep to the left side until you see a banner with a tiger pelt. Loot the Stonemaul Banner.

5. When you are done and when you aren’t more than 8200 EXP away from leveling, return to Mudsprocket. Turn in both quests and get the follow up. Congratulations on level 41.

Level 41

6. Go northeast to Stonemaul Ruins (43,66). Look for Ogre Remains:

Right-click them and Stonemaul Spirits will spawn which you need to kill. You’ll need to free 10 spirits like this.

7. When you are done, return to Mudsprocket and turn the quest in, get the follow up.

8. Go southeast to the area called Wyrmbog. Further southeast towards the mountain you’ll see the entrance to Onyxia’s Lair. Pick one side of the entrance and clear all around it, then plant the Stonemaul Banner from your inventory. After a few seconds a dragon called Smolderwing will spawn. Kill it. Return to Mudsprocket. Turn in at Brogg and fly to Theramore. From there take the boat to Menethil Harbor and fly to Ironforge.

Set your hearthstone in Ironforge.

Get the Patterned Bronze Bracers, the Frost Oil and the Gyrocronatom from your bank (or buy them now if you didn't yet). I suggest you buy 4 stacks of food/drink at least before leaving.

Go to the Hall of Explorers and get the quest [37] Ironband wants you! from Prospector Stormpike.

From Ironforge, fly to Thelsamar, if you don't have the flight path, run out of Ironforge, follow the road east and take the tunnel at the South Gate Outpost (86,51) You will be in Loch Modan then, follow the road northeast to Thelsamar.

In Thelsamar get the quest [39] Badlands Reagent Run from Ghak Healtouch in the alchemy supplies house. Then go southeast to Ironband's Excavation Site (65,65). Get the follow up quest from Prospector Ironband, [38] Find Agmond. Then go southwest to Badlands.

==Note== In Badlands kill any Buzzard or Coyote you find on your way.

1. Go south, past Hammertoe's Dig Site, until you find Prospector Ryedol and Sigrun Ironhew (53,43). Get the quests:

  • [35] A Dwarf and His Tools
  • [38] Mirages

2. Go southwest and find Martek the Exiled (42,52)
Turn in the quest [35] Martek the Exiled and get follow up [39] Indurium. Also get quest [40] Barbecued Buzzard Wings from Rigglefuzz.

==Note== Whenever you need to sell or repair, go to this spot. There is a goblin smithing supplier and it's the only vendor and repairer in Badlands.

3. Then go west and a bit to the north until you find Lotwil Veriatus's Camp (25,44). Get the quest [37] Study of the Elements: Rock.

Get [b][37] Coolant Heads Prevail[/b], turn it in, get the follow up [37]Gyro...What? and turn it in.

4. Just west of Lotwil Veriatus you will find a lot of Lesser Elementals. Stay at this spot until you get 10 Small Stone Shard. Go turn in [37] Study of the Elements: Rock at Lotwil Veriatus and get the follow up.

5. Go east and a bit to the north to Hammertoe's Digsite.

At (53,34) under a tent next to a big keg you will find a Crumpled Map on the floor. Click it and get the quest [35] A Sign of Hope. Then keep on killing Dark Dwarves until you get Ryedol's Lucky Pick.

6. Then go northeast to Camp Kosh where you can find the Supply Crate (67,22).

1. When you got the crate, go back to Prospector Ryedol south of Hammertoe's Digsite and turn in the quests.
Get the follow up [39] Scrounging from Sigrun Ironhew.

2. Go south to Agmond's End and find a Battered Dwarven Skeleton (50,62), click it and complete the quest and get the follow up [42] Murdaloc.

Kill 12 Stonevault Bonesnapper and Murdaloc, you can find him inside the camp next to the Dwarven Corpse. Keep killing those Troggs until you get 10 Indurium Flakes as well.

3. Once both quests are complete go south into the mountains and kill Rock Elementals at (40,73) until you get 3 Large Stone Slabs.

4. Go west to the ogre area named Camp Cagg (10,72), kill ogres there until you get 7 Scrap Metal. This may take a while. (If you grind here for more that 15 minutes without finishing the quest, just abandon it, it has no follow ups)

5. Go north to Apocryphan's Rest (16,60) and kill Buzzards / Coyotes until complete [40] Barbecued Buzzard Wings and [39] Badlands Reagent Run.

6. When that is done, go east/northeast to Martek the Exiled (42,52) and turn in [39] Indurium and get the follow up [38] News for Fizzle. Turn in [40] Barbecued Buzzard Wings at Rigglefuzz as well. Repair and sell junk while you are here.

7. Go northeast and turn in [40] Scrounging at Sirun Ironhew.

8. After that go west to Lotwil Veriatus and turn in the quest, get the follow up [42] Study of the Elements: Rock.

You should be level 42 by now, if you aren’t grind on coyotes and lesser rock elementals until you ding.

Level 42

Warp to Ironforge, train skills, repair, auction house, etc.

When ready to go, fly to Thelsamar, turn in [39] Badlands reagent run. Go to Prospector Ironband (65,65) and turn in [42] Murdaloc. Then go back to the Badlands.

1. Go to the southwestern part of the map (17, 83) and kill Greater Rock Elementals until you get 5 Bracers of Rock Binding. There's another camp of Greater Rock Elementals further to the west past the Ogres (6,83).
This will be hard because some of the elementals are level 44. Try to find level 42 or 43 ones if the level 44 are too hard for you.

2. Go to Lotwil Veriatus, turn in [42] Study of the Elements: Rock and get the follow up [42] This is Going to Be Hard. Then go talk to his assistant Lucien Tosselwrench. Get quest [42] Stone is Better than Cloth and complete it, as you should still have the patterned bracers.

Complete [42] This is going to be hard and get the follow up. Talk to Lotwil and complete the quest but BEFORE you accept the next step away from Lotwil, be warned: A level 45 Elemental will spawn and you will have to defeat it. At level 42 this is hard but possible for every class. Just use every long cooldown ability you have. Loot "Lotwil's Shackles of Elemental Binding" from the Fam'retor Elemental and go turn in the quest to Lotwil.

==Note== For the instance fans, now would be a great time to do Uldaman. If you do Uldaman, try to get to the very end of it and make sure you get the quest [47] The Platinum Discs in the treasure chamber.

Hearthstone to Ironforge and fly to Stormwind.

Go to the Dwarven District and get the quest [43] In Search of the Temple from Brohann Caskbelly inside a house in the Dwarven District (63,24).
Next go to just south of the entrance of The Stockades and talk to Mazen Mac'Nadir and get the quest [41] Mazen's Behest (40,63). Walk upstairs and get the follow-up quest from Acolyte Dellis.

Stranglethorn Vale:

Fly to Booty Bay, make the inn your home location and get the quests:

  • [37] Goblin Sponsorship from Baron Revilgaz in Booty Bay Inn (Top Floor)
  • [41] The Bloodsail Buccaneers from First Mate Crazz just past the "Old Port Authority" building (First big building when getting off the Boat).
  • [42] Skullsplitter Tusks from Kebok in the Booty Bay inn (2nd Floor).
  • [43] Akiris by the Bundle from Privateer Bloads next to the Bank.
  • [43] Zanzil's Secret from Crank Fizzlebub inside the Booty Bay Inn.
  • [45] Tran'Rek from Krazek in Booty Bay Inn (2nd Floor).
  • [45] Stranglethorn Fever from Fin Fizracket who is under the boat in front of the inn.

In the Stranglethorn Vale category you should also already have:

  • [38] Kurzen's Mystery
  • [38] Panther Mastery
  • [39] "Pretty Boy" Duncan
  • [41] Raptor Mastery
  • [41] Scaring Shaky
  • [41] Venture Company Mining

Make space in your bags, repair and buy 2 stacks of food/drink (if you don't have that already, of course).

For those who didn't finish the Stranglethorn Pages yet: This is your last chance, check the Booty Bay AH and ask in general channel for missing pages. If you got them all, take them with you.

1. Run out of Booty Bay and take the first way left until the Bloodsail Encampment by the shore. Pretty Boy Duncan should be there (28,69). if not, keep clearing the camp until he appears. Kill Pretty Boy Duncan and loot Catelyn's Blade from him. While you have the camp cleared, look for a map named "Bloodsail Correspondence" on one of the barrels, click it and get the follow up quest.

2. Go northwest across the bridge and keep going along the shore until you find some Nagas. Kill Naga Explorers at (24,65) until you get 10 Akiris Reed.

3. Then go back to the exit of Booty Bay but this time follow the trail to the north. A bit further on the right hand side of the road you will find Elder Mistvale Gorillas (31,67). Kill Gorillas there until you get 5 Mistvale Giblets and 1 Gorilla Fang.

4. Go north to (35,61) where you'll find a cave with Witch Doctor Unbagwa. Once you speak to him, 3 waves of 1 gorilla will spawn, with 10 seconds in between. You have time to eat/drink between the waves, don't loot though, you can do that afterwards. So after about 10 seconds an Enraged Silverback Gorilla (level 43) will attack you. After killing that gorilla you have another 10 seconds until Konda spawns (also level 43). Kill him as well. Then after another 10 seconds Mokk the Savage will run into the cave (Level 44). Kill him and loot the Heart of Mokk.

5. Run back to Booty Bay.

  • Turn in [41] Scaring Shaky at "Shaky" Philippe on the peer and get the follow up.
  • Turn in [45] Stranglethorn Fever at Fin Fizracket under the boat in front of the inn.
  • Turn in [41] Return to MacKinley to "Sea Wolf" MacKinley in the house right next to the inn. Get the follow up [44] Voodoo Dues.
  • Turn in [41] The Bloodsail Buccaneers at First Mate Crazz a bit further towards the inn. Get the follow up.
  • Turn in [43] Akiris by the Bundle at Privateer Bloads next to the bank. Get the follow up.
  • Turn in [39]"Pretty Boy" Duncan at Catelyn the Blade inside the inn. Don't get the follow up, Get the quest [41] Up to Snuff from Deeg on the 2nd floor of the inn.
  • Turn in and get the follow up [43] The Bloodsail Buccaneers from Fleet Master Seahorn on the 2nd Floor of the Inn.

Get the quest [38] Excelsior from Drizzlik at the leatherworking hut (top floor).

Finally get the quest [42] Keep an Eye out from Dizzy One-Eye who stands to the right of the Booty Bay blacksmith house. (Left when entering Booty Bay from the tunnel).

Repair, sell and restock food/drink up to 3 stacks.

1. Get out of Booty Bay and go east towards the shore named Wild Shore. From there, go southwards while killing any Bloodsails on the way until you reach the 1st camp (29,80). Clear the camp and look for a map thingy named "Bloodsail Charts" or "Bloodsail Orders", If you don't find either, move on further south until you find a small boat ashore, check it for maps as well. Careful, the Bloodsail Warlocks really hurt, make sure you interrupt their shadowbolts if you can, and kill them fast then deal with their pets. If you are Rogue or Mage though, I suggest sap / polymorph on the warlock first, kill the pet and then the warlock.

2. Now go further south until you find a bigger camp (27,82). This camp will be harder to clear, but it's possible if you do it carefully.
Check the camp for Bloodsail Orders or Charts. Basically, the Bloodsail Charts and Orders can spawn at any of the two camps or at the boat. So check all three until you got both.

Then wander up and down the shore where you came from and kill Bloodsails until you get :

  • 10 Bloodsail Swashbuckler Kills
  • 15 Snuff (can drop from any Bloodsail)
  • 1 Dizzy's Eye (can drop from any Bloodsail)

3. Get back on the road and ride north until you reach the Ruins of Jubuwal (33,51). Clear the camp until you can pull JonJon The Crow, he should come with an add, could be a hard fight but it's doable. Loot Jon-Jon's Golden Spyglass, then clear yourself some space around the little ruins just behind where Jon-Jon was, there stands Maury 'Club-Foot" Wilkins with two Zanzil Something.

Now you probably can't take all 3 at the same time, so try to kill one of the minions fast then run away, rinse and repeat until you are left with just Maury Wilkins. Kill him and loot "Maury's Clubbed Foot".

4. Go back on the road and just a bit south until (33,53), go east through a breached wall and keep going until you hit the Ruins of Aboraz (40,57) and kill Zanzil Minions there until you find
Chucky "Ten Thumbs" inside the ruins and loot "Chucky's Huge Ring" from him. Keep killing Zanzil dudes until you get 12 Zanzil's Mixtures, avoid Zanzil the Outcast himself though. If you run out of mobs to kill, go back and forth from this camp to the other. Any Zanzil Something can drop the Mixture.

You should be level 43 by now.

Level 43

5. When done with both [44] Voodoo Dues and [44] Zanzil's Secret, get back on the road and ride north until you reach (39,41).

** From this point on, if you find any Shadowmaw Panther (they are stealthed) make sure you kill them **

At (39,41) go east and you will find Venture Co. Goblins uphill. Kill them until you get 10 Singing Blue Crystals.

6. Go west to the other side of the road, you should find Jungle Stalkers (34,37). Kill 10.

7. Then go northeast to (36,35) and kill Shadowmaw Panthers until you got 10 kills. You can find them in the area all around that big hill next to the tribal leatherworking troll NPC. They can be a bit hard to find sometimes because they are stealthers so I suggest you hit "Tab" key while running around and open your eyes well (humans use your racial ability perception). Smiling Keep doing circles around that big hill and you will find 10 panthers quickly.

1. Once you're done get back on the main road and go north until you get to the Venture Co. Base at Lake Nezferiti, go to the Operations Center which looks like an oil rig platform (42,18 ). Go on top of it and kill Foreman Cozzle, loot his Key.
Jump down and go to the small house next to the lumber mill, open the chest and get the Fuel Regulator Blueprints.

2. Now go west across the lake and keep going west until the Bal'lal Ruins (29,20), clear the camp and click the big tablet named "Moon Over the Vale" and loot the scroll.

3. Go west till you hit the coast. You must find an Elder Saltwater Crocolisk. If you don't see one, just clear the coast while going northwest, until an elder croc spawns. Loot the Elder Crocolisk Skin.

4. Go west into the sea, until (24,22). Dive underwater at this spot and you should find the tablet named "Gri'lek the Wanderer" lying against the outer wall of the underwater ruins. You don't need to kill any of the murlocs there, the tablet can be accessed safely. Loot the 2nd scroll.

5. Then go north to the Zuuldaia Ruins and take the western entrance ( 21,10) to the Ruins of Zul'Kunda. Clear the way through the first corridor until you reach a fork, go left up the ramp. From there, face north and you should see the 3rd tablet "The Emperor's Tomb". Clear the way to it and loot the 3rd Scroll. Then go back to the fork and this time take the ramp up to the right, then take a u-turn to the right and go west until the last ruin (23,11). The last tablet named "Fall of Gurubashi" is inside there. Loot the 4th Scroll and then go back on the main path to the east and clear the way eastwards and out of Zul'Kunda ruins.

6. Keep going east to Camp Nesingwary (35,10).

Turn in:

  • [38] Panther Mastery., get the follow up.
  • [41] Raptor Mastery, get the follow up.
  • and the pages quest if you didn't do that already before.

7. Then ride north to the Rebel Camp, turn in [38] Kurzen's Mystery, get the follow up [40] Troll Witchery.
Also get the quest [40] Colonel Kurzen if you don't already have it.

Fly to Booty Bay, turn in:

  • [44] Voodoo Dues, wait 10 seconds, then get the follow up [44] Cracking Maury's Foot
  • [41] Venture Company Mining and [44] Zanzil's Secret at Crank Fizzlebub in the Booty Bay inn.
  • [42] Up to Snuff at Deeg on the 2nd Floor of the inn.
  • [37] Goblin Sponsorship at Baron Revilgaz, 2nd Floor of the inn. Get the follow up.
  • [42] The Bloodsail Buccaneers at Fleet Master Seahorn, 2nd Floor of the inn, get the follow up. [38] Excelsior, at Drizzlik in the leatherworking hut (top floor).
  • [42] Keep an Eye out at Dizzy One-Eye to the right of the Blacksmith house.

This should make you ding level 44

Level 44

Sell junk, repair and re-stock food/drink. Put the Fuel-Regulator Blueprints in the bank.
If you wish, you can fly to Stormwind and go train your new skills, then hearthstone back to Booty Bay.

1. Get out of Booty Bay and ride east to the shore. Now we're going to look for a Half-Burried Bottle, which can be found anywhere along the beach if you keep going northeast. Keep opening bottles until one yields a Carefully Folded Note, right-click it to start [42] Message in a Bottle.

2. Swim southeast to Jaguero Isle and find Princess Poobah at (39,81). Turn in the quest and get the follow up [42] Message in a Bottle.

3. Go to the southeastern part of the island, where you should find a big gorilla named King Mukla (40,84). Kill it and loot the Shackle Key.

Go back to Princess Poobah and turn in [42] Message in a Bottle.

4. Now we're gonna do [42] The Bloodsail Buccaneers.
Go to the southwestern tip of the island and swim southwest to a lone pirate ship (34,88)

You should see 2 other pirate ships if you look west:

Let's start with the lone ship.

Instead of describing step by step how everything is done, I made a video, with explanations inside (the video was made before patch v2.3 but it's still more or less the same, beside that there are less mobs and they are lower level):

Bloodsail Buccaneer Video

Note: The parchment I looted at the bottom of the ship - Cortello's Riddle - can spawn in any of the three ships, so you'll have to check the bottom floor of each ship until you find it. It can also spawn in other parts of the ship, so check every corner of each ship carefully, but it mostly spawns on the bottom floor.

When you pull the middle floor, don't fight in the stairs. As soon as you aggro something, get off the stairs, or you might aggro something from the captain's cabin through the floor, it's an annoying bug but it's easily avoided if you don't fight on the stairs.

5. Do the same for the other two ships and you should have [42]The Bloodsail Buccaneers complete and have Cortello's Riddle. Right click it and get the quest [43]Cortello's Riddle.
Note: Ignore Brutus, that iron golem standing at the top of the eastern ship. He doesn't drop anything particular and is a pain to kill.

6. Swim back to the mainland, get back on the road and ride north. Right before Gurubashi Arena, turn left, follow the little path west/northwest until you hit the shore, then go north until you find a named raptor, Tethis (29,43). Kill it.

1. Go north through the raptors and then northeast to Ziata'Jai Ruins (42,36) and clear the camp of trolls. Be careful to avoid the patrols. When it's cleared, follow the little path northeast until you reach Balia'mah Ruins (45,33). Kill all the trolls there as well. When this camp is clear, follow the path southeast and then south until you reach the ruins of Zul'Mamwe (47,38 ) and kill all the trolls you find in the ruins (Though avoid the southernmost one up the plateau, the trolls there are higher level)
If you run out of trolls go back to the first ruins of Ziata'Jai and repeat this cycle until you get 18 Skullsplitter Tusk and 4 Skullsplitter Fetish. The fetishes can only drop from Skullsplitter Mystics and Witch Doctors.

2. Go northeast towards Zul'Gurub. Just south of the path leading to Zul'Gurub (49,20), look for a panther called Bhag'thera, kill her and loot the Fang of Bhag'thera.

3. Go north/northwest to the Kurzen Cave at (46,Cool. Mobs in there should be grey to you, so try to avoid as many as possible. Inside the cave stick to the right and at some point you'll start to encounter Kurzen Elites and Kurzen Subchiefs, which you must kill.
==Warning for melee classes== Subchiefs have an ability called Violent Shield, when they cast it, stop attacking or you'll get hurt. Just wait till it stops.
Keep sticking to the right and you'll find Colonel Kurzen at the end of the cave, he has one Kurzen Subchief as guard, you'll have to take them both at the same time, just use your cooldowns if necessary.
Clear the way out of the cave while killing what you need for [40] Colonel Kurzen.

4. Ride west/northwes to the rebel camp, turn in [40] Troll Witchery and [40] Colonel Kurzen, get the follow up [46] Mai'Zoth.

5. Go southwest to Nesingwary's Expedition, turn in [43] Raptor Mastery and [40] Panther Mastery, get the follow up [43] Big Game Hunter.

Sell junk.

6. Go southeast to the Mosh'ogg Ogre Mound (49,28). Clear the way till the end of the cave, where you should find Mai'Zoth. This won't be an easy fight, because Mai'Zoth is guarded by two other ogres. My advice is to burn Mai'Zoth, use everything you got, and interrupt his spells because he hurts the most, by far. Use a health potion if needed, then finish the other two ogres. Loot the Mind's Eye.
Now stay in this area and kill ogres until one of them drops Maury's Key. If you already got it, just go to the next step.

7. Optional. We're going to kill King Bangalash. Some classes can't solo it and will have to find help, 2 people of any class mix should do. If you want to do this quest, head to (38,34) at the top of the hill. Clear any tigress or panthers around, you don't want them to add while you're fighting King Bangalash. When he's at 50% health, he summons to panthers to his help, so watch out for that. My advice is to just burn Bangalash and ignore the panthers (or CC them).
Loot the Head of King Bangalash.

Hearthstone to Booty Bay.

Go to the top floor of the inn, turn in [42] Skullsplitter Tusks and [42] The Bloodsail Buccaneers.
Jump down and turn in [44] Cracking Maury's Foot at "Sea Wolf" MacKinley, get the other quest [45] Stoley's Debt.

Repair, sell and refill up to 3 stacks of food/drink.

Fly to the Rebel Camp, turn in [46] Mai'Zoth.

Optional: If you did the [43] Big Game Hunter quest, ride to Nesingwary's Expedition and turn it in, then go back to the rebel camp.

Fly to Darkshire (Duskwood)

From Darkshire go east, enter Deadwind Pass, go east through Deadwind Pass until you enter the Swamps of Sorrows.

1. When in Swamps of Sorrows, follow the road east until you find a bridge at (23,49). Look under the bridge for a Soggy Scroll. (You'll see a question mark on your minimap)

Click the scroll, turn in the quest and get the follow up [43]Cortello's Riddle.

2. Go north to the Misty Valley (13,35). Kill Swampwalkers, Swampwalker Elders and Tangled Horrors until you complete [41] Mazen's Behest. The drop rate on the Essays you need is pretty low, so be patient, you might have to kill a lot of those elementals if you're unlucky.

3. Go east to the Harborage (26,31), get the quest [43] Pool of Tears.

4. Find and kill Noboru the Cudgel.

You can see his route on the picture below, it's quite accurate, just follow it and you'll find him. Kill him and loot Noboru's Cudgel, right-click it to start [39] Noboru The Cudgel.

5. Ride southeast to the Pool of Tears (65,45), swim down in the pool and look for Atal'ai Artifacts, gather 10 of them. A full turn around the pool should be enough. You should also get a message for [43] In Search of The Temple while swimming around in this pool.

6. Ride northwest to the Harborage, turn in [43] The Pool of Tears and [39] Noboru the Cudgel, this should make you ding level 45.

Level 45

Go southeast to the Blasted Lands.

In Blasted Lands go immediately east to Nethergarde Keep.

Find Watcher Mahar Ba, he's in the big tower on the east side of the village, turn in [41] Mazen's Behest.

Find the Gryphon Master and fly back to Stormwind.

Repair, sell, check the auction house and go talk to Brohann Caskbelly in the Dwarven District and get the follow up [43] To the Hinterlands.

Go to Stormwind Harbor.

If you don't have the flight path to Auberdine (which should normally be the case for everyone besides Night Elves and Draeneis), take the boat to Auberdine, this boat is at the southwestern pier in Stormwind Harbor. Once in Auberdine, get the flight path from the Hippogryph Master, then take the boat back to Stormwind.

Take the Deeprun Tram to Ironforge.

==Note== If you are leveling First Aid (most classes should), now would be the perfect time to raise it to 225 and take the quest [45] Alliance Trauma from the first aid trainer in Ironforge, who is inside a house close to the gryphon master.

Fly to Menethil Harbor, go to the southern pier and take the boat to Theramore.

In Theramore on the docks turn in the quest [43] Akiris by the Bundle at Privateer Groy. Talk to the Gryphon Master if you don't have this flight path for whatever reason.

*If you have First Aid, you can do the quest to become master in First Aid there. You need to have a skill 225 and be level 35+. Go talk to Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen in the Foothold Citadel and do the little quest where you have to bandage patients and get 3900 easy XP.*

Find the inn and make it your home location.

Fly to Mudsprocket.

Go northwest until you get to an area called The Bloodfen Burrow. Go west, clear your way into the cave and you should see a scroll on a stone with a question mark over it. Click it, turn in the quest and get the follow up [51]Cortello's Riddle.

Hearthstone back to Theramore, then fly to Gadgetzan.

In Gadgetzan:

Turn in [45] Tran'Rek, don't get the follow up.

Get quests:

  • [43] Wastewander Justice
  • [44] Water Pouch Bounty
  • [47] Handle with Care from Curgle Cranklehop
  • [46] Wanted: Caliph Scorpidsting and [45] Wanted: Andre Firebeard from the wanted poster.

Go to the inn and make it your home location.

General info about Tanaris, Feralas and Hinterlands:

While killing stuff in Tanaris if you find an item named [OOX-17/TN Distress Beacon]. Right click it and keep the quest. You'll find beacons in Feralas and Hinterlands as well, proceed equally with those. Each of those beacons start a quest where you will have to find a Homing Robot and escort it. The beacons won't always drop for you, they are kinda rare. The escort quests are hard to do solo especially for certain classes. But if you are lucky to find all 3 beacons you should really put the effort and finish all 3 rescue quests, it will be described when to do them in the guide later on. Anyway, if you don't get a distress beacon, or if you don't manage to complete the rescue quests, it's not a big deal, this is optional, it's a nifty exp bonus but it's not that important

Sell, Repair, re-supply food/drink (3 stacks).

1. Get out of Gadgetzan, ride east until Noonshade Ruins (61,24), kill all the Bandits you can find there (If it's crowded just skip this part and keep riding east).

2. Then go further east to Steamwheedle Port even if you still haven't completed Wastewander Justice yet.

In Steamwheedle port get:

  • [45] Pirate Hats Ahoy!
  • [44] Screecher Spirits
  • [45] Southsea Shakedown

Turn in [45] Stoley's Debt and get the follow up [46] Stoley's Shipment.

3. Ride back towards Gadgetzan, make a stop at Noonshade Ruins and kill bandits / thieves there until you finish Wastewander Justice and Water Pouch Bounty. If the place is crowded, there are more wastewander camps southeast of here (63,30).

4. Go back to Gadgetzan and turn in [44] Water Pouch Bounty and [43] Wastewander Justice, get the follow up [44] More Wastewander Justice.

Go to the bank and get the Fuel Regulator Blueprints.

Ride north to Thousand Needles and to the Shimmering Flats (80,75).

Turn in [38] News for Fizzle at Fizzle Brassbolts.

Get quest [50] Gahz'Rilla (Dungeon) from Wizzle Brassbolts if you plan to do the Zul'Farrak instance in the future.

Turn in [36] Part for Kravel at Kravel Koalbeard, don't get the follow up.

Turn in [37] Goblin Sponsorship at Pozzik don't get the follow up but on the other hand get the quest [41] Keeping Pace from Pozzik.

Then go talk to Zamek who is just south of Pozzik, he should have a blue question mark over the head. Start his quest, follow him, he will set up an explosive and distract Rizzle Brassbolt out of his house. While Rizzle is away go quickly loot the Unguarded Plans. Complete the quest, get the follow up [41] Rizzle's Schematics and turn it in at Pozzik. You can destroy the Sample of Indurium Ore from your bags.

Hearthstone if it's up, or ride back to Gadgetzan and fly to Thalanaar (Feralas). You should have this flight path if you followed the previous chapter.

1. In Feralas, ride west, follow the road, but carefully avoid Camp Mojache (by the north) or the guards will make a quick deal of you. Find the Grimtotem Camp at (65,47), then locate Kindal Moonweaver at (65,45), she is on the mountain overlooking the Grimtotem camp. There is a path going to her just a little west of the grimtotem camp (65.6,47).

Once you know where Kindal is, don't take the quest yet, go back to the Grimtotem Camp and clear the area around the bamboo cage with the Sprite Darters in it, and don't be shy, clear a wide radius around it.

When you feel that you've cleared enough, go quickly to Kindal and start the quest, jump down and run straight to the bamboo cage, open the cage and escort the sprites out, at least 6 of them must survive. Once you get the "6 Sprites escaped (Complete)" message, help Kindal finish off whatever she is attacking. When Kindal is not being attacked by anything, she will vanish, go find her at her initial spot, turn in the quest. If you and/or Kindal die after getting the "quest complete" message, just run back fast to where you initially found Kindal and turn in the quest before the end of the 6 min countdown.

Now Jer'Kai Moonweaver (that elf right next to Kindal) will have a quest for you,[47] Doling Justice. Take the quest, go back down to the Grimtotem Camp and kill as much as the quest requires you to. When done, go back to her and get the follow up [47] Doling Justice.

2. Get back on the road, keep going west following the road and go to the shore at (44,42).

3. Take the boat to Feathermoon Stronghold, or just swim there if the boat isn't in sight, it's faster.

In Feathermoon Stronghold get those quests:

  • [46] The Mark of Quality
  • [43] The Ruins of Solarsal
  • [43] The Missing Courier
  • [44] The High Wilderness
  • [47] In Search of Knowledge

Then go talk to Ginro Hearthkindle, he is on the 2nd floor of a house at (31,45) get the follow up [43] The Missing Courier from him.

Talk to the Hippogryph master, make Feathermoon Stronghold your home location. Sell and Repair, re-supply food and drink (3 stacks)

1. Go southwest to the Ruins of Solarsal, at (26,52) you'll find a Gazebo (a pavilion structure opened on all sides) named "Solar Gazebo" , it's easy to discern it as it is the only "dark" building. Click it and get the follow up quest [43] Return to Feathermoon Stronghold.

2. Go back to Feathermoon Stronghold and get the follow up from Shandris Feathermoon [43] Against the Hatecrest. Talk to Latronicus right next to her, get the follow up.

3. Go back to the Solarsal Ruins, kill Nagas until you have 10 Hatecrest Naga Scales.

4. Go back to Latronicus, turn in the quest and get the follow up [45] Against Lord Shalzaru. You should be level 46 by now.

Level 46

Sell, repair and re-supply food/drink (3stacks).

1. Go south past the Ruins of Solarsol and across the water to the Isle of Dread. On the Isle of Dread, clear a path to the cave at (26,67).
Inside the cave, go straight ahead and under a small white arch. Lord Shalzaru is up there on the other side of the pond. Kill Lord Shazaru, there are 2 other nagas close to him but you can pull them one by one or just 2 at a time. Use your long cooldown abilities and potions if needed. Loot the Mysterious Relic from him.

2. Clear the way out and go back to Feathermoon Stronghold.

Turn in the quest at Latronicus and get the follow up [45] Delivering the Relic. Go talk to Vestia Moonspear in the same building and turn in the quest.

3. Then take the boat, back to Feralas, from there go south following the shore while avoiding the Water Elementals / Giants. Kill any Rogue Vale Screechers you find on the way and use Yeh'Kinya's Bramble on their corpses, then talk to their spirit to free them. Finish [44] Screecher Spirits while going southwards.

4. Cross a small river, then keep going south until you find a Wrecked Row Boat at (45,65), it's underwater but very close to the shore, you can see the yellow “?” on your minimap anyway. There will probably be an elemental or two around it that will aggro if you get close, you can try killing them (but some of them are 49) or you can run in, click the quest, get the follow up and run away. (What I did Sticking out tongue)

Once you have the follow up [44] Boat Wreckage, go back to Feathermoon Fortress (use Hearthstone if it's up).
In Feathermoon Fortress talk to Ginro Hearthkindle and get the follow up [44] The Knife Revealed, go talk to Quintis at the top of the tower north of this building. Get the follow up [44] Psychometric Reading and go back to Ginro, get the follow up [44] The Woodpaw Gnolls.

Sell, Repair, buy up to 4 stacks of food/drink.

1. Go east across the sea, back to Feralas, follow the road east until you reach Ruins of Isildien (61,53). Kill ogres there until you have killed 8 Brutes and 8 Warlocks.

2. Then for the Ogre Shamans you will have to go much further south to the big temple at (59,73). Keep doing circles around the temple until you got 8 Shamans dead (there's also shamans inside the building, sometimes you gotta kill the placeholders for them to respawn).

3. When you are done with Shamans, go further to the south and as far up the hills as you can, you will find Hippogryph Eggs on the floor at (56,76). Get a Hippogryph Egg.

4. Go northwest to the Yeti Cave (55,56). Kill Yetis, ignore the Homing Robot OOX-22/FE for now. Keep killing yetis until you get 10 Thick Yeti Hides.

When you got 10 Yeti Hides, go to the Homing Robot. (53,55)

Now, at this point you should normally have gotten a Distress Beacon with all the stuff you've killed in Feralas already. If you don't, it's not a big deal, just go to the next step. For those you did get a Distress Beacon, right click it to get the quest [45] Find OOX-22/FE! if you haven't already. Turn in the quest.

Don't take the escort quest if you are solo, it's too hard for almost every class. If you are two or more, read the following warnings before taking the escort quest:

  • 1st Warning: The Chicken robot is stupid and doesn't assist you all the time if you get attacked. Let him in the front so he gets the first hit. He has a decent amount of HPs and heals back to full after each fight is over. You can even eat/drink a bit after a fight and let the chicken walk in the front (not too far away though). Don't even think about looting, you don't have time. Don't let the chicken tank more than one at a time, and don't let him tank too long either.

  • 2nd Warning: When out of the Yeti cave, the chicken will take a left turn and go towards the road, at some point 3 yetis will ambush him. Don't panic, you can let one of the yetis be tanked by the chicken at the beginning and deal with the other 2. Just check the chicken's health regularly. There will be a 2nd and a 3rd ambush, be prepared for them. Especially the last one is composed of 4 Gnolls.

5. Get back on the main road and follow it east until (71,48). You should be directly north of a small lake. Go to the southeastern tip of that lake and a bit more to the south try to locate a small gnoll camp next to a huge tree. (73,56). Clear the camp and look for "Large Leather Backpacks" hanging at the trunk of that huge tree. Click it and get the follow up quest [46] The Writhing Deep.

Also check your inventory for a bag named "Undelivered Parcel", click it and start the quest [44] Thalanaar Delivery.

6. Go further south to the Writhing Deep and find the hole at (74,63), go down the spiralling ramp until you reach the bottom. There enter the tunnel towards the west, inside the tunnel at the first fork go to the right. At the end of this corridor you'll find a circular room with the Zukk'Ash Pod inside. Clear the insects in the room. (if you are lucky, "Qirot", a rare spawn insect will be there. Kill it for and extra green item). When the room is clear, click the Zukk'Ash Pod, complete the quest, and after Raschal the Courier is done with his speech, warp back to Feathermoon Stronghold.

Turn in all quests and get the following quests:

  • [46] A Hero's Welcome
  • [48] Improved Quality
  • [51] The Sunken Temple

Go to Shandris Feathermoon, turn in [46] A Hero's Welcome and get the follow up [46] Rise of the Slithid.

Fly to Auberdine (Darkshore), takes about 7 minutes. Or just fly directly to Rut'theran Village if you got the flight path.
In Auberdine go on the peer and take the boat to the right, it will take you to Rut'theran Village outside of Darnassus.

Turn in the quest [47] Handle with Care at Erelas Ambersky. Get the quest [47] Favored of Elune?.

Go talk to Daryn Lightwind on the upper floor, turn in [47] In Search of Knowledge. Go luck for a green book on the floor, next to the little bookshelf to the north (55,91). Get the quest and talk again to Daryn and get the follow up [48] The Borrower.

Go inside Darnassus (for those who never went there, you have to step in the pink haze at (56,90))

Inside Darnassus, go to the Temple of the Moon.

Turn in [46] Rise of the Silithid there and [47] Doling Justice. This should make you ding level 47.

Level 47

While you are in Darnassus, go to your class trainer (if you are Shaman, Paladin, or Warlock you will have to go to Auberdine and take the boat to Stormwind. Mages can just go learn the Portal to Darnassus and warp to a big city to train).

Visit the Auction House, sell and repair.

Then go back to Feathermoon Stronghold (Use Hearthstone if it is up -- If it's not up, there is a Hippogryph Master in Rut'theran Village, fly to Auberdine, then fly to Feathermoon.)

From Feathermoon, fly to Thalanaar. Turn in the quest [44] Thalanaar Delivery at Falfindel Waywarder. Then Fly to Gadgetzan.

In Gadgetzan, turn in the quest [48] The Borrower at Curgle Cranklehop, get the follow up [48] The Super Snapper FX.

Right next to Curgle, click on the Egg-O-Matic. Complete the quest and you will get an Egg Crate, open it then talk to Curgle again and complete the quest corresponding to the egg you got.

Sell, Repair, get up to 3 Stacks of Food/Drink.

1. In Tanaris ride to the southeast until you reach Waterspring Field (63,37).
You will find numerous Wastewander camps there. Kill Wastewander Rogues (stealthers), Assassins and Shadow Mages. You can also find Caliph Scorpidsting, he wanders between the tower structures, so you should go kill from a tower structure to another until you find him. He has 2 stealthed bodyguards, it will be a hard fight, burn him down quick and run away is my advice, use long cooldown abilities and potions if needed. Then go back and loot his head.

If you don't find Caliph it's not a problem though, it's just some bonus XP quest, not too important.

2. Once you got [44] More Wastewander Justice completed, go east towards Lost Rigger Cove. You'll find a cave entrance at (68,41). Go through this tunnel.

Now you have a lot of work to do, check the kill list of [45] Southsea Shakedown and start killing Pirates!
Clear your way south toward the main camp with the 3 houses , 2 ships ashore and the boat under construction.

Andre Firebeard spawns at the campfire right in the center of the camp. He has 3 Dock Workers close to him but you can pull those 3 without him if you pull the back one, then you have Andre solo. Or you can burn him down fast and run away (or take them all :p^^). Anyway, this place is usually crowded because it is a good grinding spot, so you shouldn't have trouble getting help to kill Andre Firebeard if needed.

Then go inside the first house to the right when entering the camp. You might get pulls of 3 at a time inside the house, you will maybe have to use the "Kill one and run away" tactic to get to the top floor of the house if you can't take 3 at a time.. On the top floor are crates, click them to get Stoley's Shipment.

Then keep on killing pirates until you complete Southsea Shakedown and Pirate Hats Ahoy!

Bonus: There is a rare spawn named Kregg Keelhaul on the boats ashore. Check for it.

If you find a Captain's Key off one of the pirates, the chest is at the bottom level of the ship which is the most to the east. Another thing, while killing pirates by the dozen you might find a pirate footlocker on one of them (1% chance to drop approximately). In the footlocker you might find a note named "Ship Schedule", right click it to start the quest [45] Ship Schedules, which you turn in in Steamwheedle Port for an extra 4850 XP. However, you might be unlucky and never get a footlocker, so don't worry if you miss it, it's optional.

3. When done, get out of Rigger Cove and go north to Steamwheedle Port.

Turn in:

  • [45] Andre Firebeard
  • [45] Southsea Shakedown
  • [45] Stoley's Shipment and get the follow up [45] Deliver to MacKinley
  • [45] Pirate Hats Ahoy!
  • [44] Screecher Spirits and get the follow up [47] The Prophecy of Mosh'Aru (Dungeon)

Ride west to Gadgetzan and turn in:

  • [44] More Wastewander Justice
  • [46] WANTED: Caliph Scorpidsting

Also turn in any stacks of 5 Wastewander Water Pouch at Spigot Operator Luglunket (he has a blue question mark overhead)

Go to Ironforge (Fly to Theramore, take the boat to Menethil Harbor and then fly to Ironforge)

In Ironforge: Sell, repair, check auction house.

Optional: If you did Uldaman and [47] The Platinum Discs quest, then go to the Hall of Explorers, talk to High Explorer Magellas, get the quest [50] Portents of Uldum, then talk to Historian Karnik further inside the Hall of Explorers and get the follow up [50] Seeing what Happens.

Fly to Southshore, turn in [40] Down the Scarlet Path (if you did the Scarlet Monastery instance, you probably don't have this quest anymore, so just ignore this).

Go northeast to the Hinterlands (84,32). In Hinterlands go northeast to Aerie Peak (14,47).

Get the quests:

  • [44] Preying on the Predator
  • [46] A Gesture of Goodwill
  • [46] Featherbeard's Endorsement
  • [45] Troll Necklace Bounty
  • [48] Skulk Rock Clean-up
  • Turn in [43] To the Hinterlands at Falstad Wildhammer and get the follow up: [43] Gryphon Master Talonaxe

On your way up to the top get the flight path for Aerie Peak.

Talk to Gryphon Master Talonaxe and get the follow up:
[43] Rhapsody Shindigger. Also get [45] Witherbark Cages from him.

Then make Aerie Peak your home location. (the innkeeper can be hard to find, he wanders about on the top floor inside the inn)

** Reminder: If you find a distress beacon on mobs in Hinterlands, right click it and get the quest**

1. Go south to Featherbeard's Hovel (13,54), inside the house you'll find a book, right-click it, turn in the quest and get the follow up [46] In Pursuit of Featherbeard.

**While in the Hinterlands look for Wilkdkin Feathers, they are big white/brown feathers you can find on the ground throughout Hinterlands. They don't drop off the Owlbeasts. I found most of them in between Aerie Peak and Quel'Danil Lodge. Start gathering them from now on while doing the quest circuit**
**Also kill Mangy Silvermane and Silvermane Wolves on your way**

2. Go north and then follow a small path east of Aerie Peak while staying close to the mountain to your left. You will find Shindigger's camp (26,48).

Talk to Rhapsody and get the follow up [43] Rhapsody's Kalimdor Kocktail

3. Go south/southwest to the troll ruins of Zun'watha (23,58), clear the camp and check the first and second Witherbark cages.

4. Go southeast to the cave called Bogen's Ledge (25,66). Inside the cave, kill Witch Doctor Mai'jin and Tcha'kaz.

5. Go east until you find the entrance to Shadra'Alor at (36,64). Clear the way to the top of the eastern pyramid, where you should find Featherbeard's Remains (37,71.5).

Turn in the quest and get the follow up [46] Reclaiming the Eggs.

From Featherbeard's Remains, face precisely southwest and move in this direction for about 30 yards, you'll find 3 eggs next to an incurved wall (36,73), loot the 3 Gryphon Eggs.

Go southwest, staying close to the mountain to your left, soon you should see a yellow "!" on your minimap. Go there and you should find another 3 Gryphon Eggs (34,75). Loot 2 of them to finish [46] Reclaiming the Eggs.

Optional: If you plan to do the Sunken Temple instance in the future, you should take the quest given by the Atal'ai Exile.

6. Get out of Shadra'Alor and go northwest to the troll ruins of Hiri'watha (32,57). Clear some space inside and check the "Third Witherbark Cage".
Kill trolls until you get 5 Troll Tribal Necklaces.

1. Go northeast to Agol'Watha (46,40) and kill 10 Green Sludges.

2. Go east to Skulk Rock (56,44) and kill 10 Jade Ooze. Beware of the wolf stalkers there though, they are stealthed, so be prepared for unexpected adds.

You should be level 48 by now.

Level 48

3. Optional: If you got the Distress Beacon OOX-09/HL, go to the lake northwest of Skulk Rock and find the Homing robot there (49,37). Turn in the quest. Before you accept the rescue quest, here is what you must know:

  • This quest, unlike the Feralas one, is more likely to be done solo. It's still not a walk in the part of course. So if you got a partner to duo it, all the better for you.
  • Let the chicken run in front of you, let it get the first hit. If it's not getting hit, it won't fight back. Sometimes mobs are actually chasing the chicken and failing to get a hit on it, so they give up.
  • You'll have to face 2 ambushes of 3 mobs each, make sure you are full health/mana and with long cooldown abilities up when you start the escort. When the 3 ambushers attack, stand back until the chicken gets hit. Then let the chicken tank one of the 3 adds, deal with the 2 others as quick as you can, then help the chicken finish off the 3rd add.

If you don't have the beacon, you can come back later when you get one. We'll come back to the Hinterlands in a few levels anyway. Ride southeast until you reach The Overlook Cliffs (71,65), then go down the slope.

4. Search your bags for the Super Snapper FX and make a hotkey out of it. Then ride along the shore and search for a named turtle named Gammerita. She is easy to discern from the rest because she's the only aggressive turtle (red name). She roams a lot, so you'll find her anywhere between the waterfall (82,47) and Revantusk Village (77,77). She will attack you when you take her picture, you can kill her or run away, as you prefer. You should now normally have a Snapshot of Gammerita in your inventory.

5. Mount up and go north until you reach the waterfall named The Overlook Cliffs (79,48).
Dive in the water and look for Cortello's Chest at the bottom of the sea, close to where the waterfall hits the bottom.

Click it and turn in the quest for 8800 xp and a 14-Slot bag.

Hearthstone back to Aerie Peak.

Turn in the quests:

  • [45] Troll Necklace Bounty
  • [48] Skulk Rock Clean-up
  • [46] A Gesture of Good Will
  • [46] Reclaiming this Eggs

Go to the top floor of Aerie Peak to Gryphon Master Talonaxe and get the follow up:

[48] The Altar of Zul

You can destroy Featherbeard's Map from your inventory.

Sell, repair, buy up to 3 stacks food/drink.

==Note== From now on, kill on sight the following: Mangy Silvermanes and Silvermane Wolves as long as you still need them for [44] Preying on the Predators. Also gather as many Wildkin Feathers as you still need for [47] Favored of Elune?.

1. Go east/southeast to the Altar of Zul (49,64) and kill trolls / wolves there. On top of the temple of Zul you'll find 2 level 50 mobs. Qiaga and Morta'gya.. Get full HP/mana, kill them both, try to interrupt their spells as much as possible and use your cooldowns/potions if needed.

Loot the "Sacred Mallet" from Qiaga. Then walk on top of the altar in the middle of it and you'll get a quest update for [48] The Altar of Zul.

2. If you haven't done the robot chicken escort quest yet but got the Distress Beacon OOX-09/HL, go to the lake northwest of Skulk Rock and find the Homing robot there (49,37) and do the escort.

If you still don't have the Distress Beacon, well first of all you're not lucky. If you can stomach it, go grind at some troll ruins (any will do) until you get the beacon, because it's much more efficient to do this escort now (you'll see later why). If you really don't wanna grind, then forget it, we'll get another chance to do this quest in a later circuit, it will just require one extra trip to Booty Bay at a later point.

3. Go back to Aerie Peak, turn in [44] Preying on the Predators.
Go to the top of Aerie Peak and speak with Gryphon Master Talonaxe. Turn in the quest and get the follow up:

[47] Thadius Grimshade

Keep Aerie Peak as your home location, we'll hearthstone there in a couple of circuits.

Fly to Ironforge. Sell, repair, visit your class trainer, check the AH. you really have to buy the 2 Elixirs of Fortitude if you didn't already (See shopping list).

==Note== If you want to do the Zul'Farrak instance, now would be a good time to do it. If you do the instance, make sure you do the following:

  • Before going to Zul'Farrak, fly to Nethergarde Keep (Blasted Lands), turn in [47] Thadius Grimshade, get the follow up [47] Nekrum's Medaillon.
  • When inside Zul'Farrak, Kill Theka the Martyr (Loot 1st Tablet)
  • Do the Temple script (Loot Nekrum's Medaillon)
  • Kill Hydromanther Velratha (Loot 2nd Tablet)

Take a portal to Darnassus or if you don't find a mage, go to Stormwind Harbor, take the boat to Auberdine, then fly to Rut'Theran village.

In Rut'theran Village turn in the quest [47] Favored of Elune? at Erelas Ambersky (55,92).

In the same house on the 1st floor turn in [48] The Super Snapper FX. Get the follow up [48] Return to Troyas.

Fly to Gadgetzan. In Gadgetzan get:

  • [46] Gadgetzan Water Survey from Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser (he's on a mound of earth behind the houses on the west side of Gadgetzan)
  • [49] The Thirsty Goblin from Maren Noggenfogger
  • [49] The Dunemaul Compound from Andi Lynn (behind the Inn)
  • [50] Thistleshrub Valley from Tran'Rek

1. Go west to the pool of water by the Sandsorrow Watch (38,29). Stand by the western tip of the pool and get full health/mana. Search your bag for a black vial named "Untapped Dowsing Widget" and right click it. Two level 48 insects will pop and attack you, kill them or run away from them. It doesn't matter.

2. Go back to Gadgetzan. Talk to Senior Survery Fizzledowser and get the follow up [47] Noxious Lair Investigation.

Now we'll do a long circuit, so repair and re-stock food/drink.

3. Get out of Gadgetzan and go south until you find the skeletal remains of some huge animal (50,35). Kill all the Fire Rocs you find there. The Hyenas actually share the same spawn points as the Fire Rocs, so if you run out of Fire Rocs, kill Hyenas until Fire Rocs spawn instead. There's another of those huge skeletal remains to the southwest. Cycle between those 2 spots until you get the 3 Roc Gizzards you need for [43] Rhapsody's Kalimdor Kocktail.

4. Go southeast to the area named "Broken Pillar" (52,45) and talk to Marvon Rivetseeker. Turn in [51] The Sunken Temple and get the follow up [51] The Stone Circle. Also get [48] Gahz'ridian.

5. Go southwest to the Dunemaul Compound and clear a path to the cave there (40,56). In that cave you'll find Gor'marok the Ravager, kill him. (lvl 49 - soloable at lvl 47 without a problem)

6. Go southeast to the Eastmoon Ruins (48,64) (yes, even if you didn't finish [49] The Dunemaul Compound yet.) Start killing ogres there and look on the floor for Gahz'Ridian pieces. They look like white upside down plates. If it's too crowded, there is another camp similar to this one further to the southwest named "Southmoon Ruin" (41,72). When you got 30 Gahz'Ridian ornament you should also be done with [49] The Dunemaul Compound. If not, kill some more ogres Sticking out tongue

7. Optional: If you went to Uldaman and did the quest [47] The Platinum Discs, go southwest to Uldum (38,79). The Dune Smashers have a small aggro range, you can hug the left wall and reach the Stone Watcher of Norgannon, just be careful of the one roamer. The Stone Watcher of Norgannon is at (37,81). Click the Uldum Pedestal under him and get the follow up, then talk to the Stone Watcher of Norgannon who just appeared on the pedestal. Go through his dialogue and you will complete the follow up. Then click the Uldum pedestal again, complete the quest and get the follow up [50] Return to Ironforge.

8. Go west (northwest if you went to Uldum) to Thistleshrub Valley (28,67). Kill Gnarled Thistleshrubs and Thistleshrub Rootshapers until you get 8 kills of each. Also kill Thistleshrub Dew Collectors until a Laden Dew Gland drops (rare drop).

This should easily make you ding level 49.

Level 49

9. Go north to the Noxious Lair (31,51). Kill Centipaars there, Stingers, Wasps, Tunnelers.. until you get 5 Centipaar Insect Parts.

10. Ride southwest to the slope going down to Ungoro Crater (27,57).

1. Go down the slope and find Torwa Pathfinder to the right up a small hill (71,75). Get the 2 quests:

  • [53] The Fare of Lar'korwi
  • [55] The Apes of Un'Goro

==Note== While in Ungoro Crater look around for crystals. There is 4 types of crystals:

Red, Blue, Yellow and Green crystals. Loot them anytime you see them until you got 7 of each color.
Also kill every dinosaur you find on your way and normally you should find a Mangled Journal at some point (if you don't you will later on in Ungoro, don't worry). Right click the journal and get the quest [50] Williden's Journal.

2. Go northwest until you find "A Wrecked Raft" at (63,68). Right click it and accept the quest [52] It's a Secret to Everybody.

Take a dive right next to where the wrecked raft is and look underwater for yellow bag called "A Small Pack". Click it, turn in and get the follow up. You should receive a small pack in your inventory but don't open it for now, it will save you some bagspace.

3. Go northeast from here until (68,56), where you will find a big dinosaur carcass on the floor. Right click it to get the Piece of Threshadon Carcass.

4. Once you have your "Piece of Threshadon Carcass", go back to Torwa Pathfinder, turn in the quest and get the follow up [53] The Scent of Lar'korwi.

5. Go west back into the Marshlands until you find some purple eggs on the floor (67,73). Clear the ravasaurs around it, then step up on the egg pile, a Lar'korwi mate should appear and attack you, kill her and loot the Ravasaur Pheromone Gland (75% drop rate).

6. Then go to the next pile of eggs north of this one (66,67), do the same thing. Go back and forth between these 2 egg piles until you got 2 Glands.

7. Go back to Torwa Pathfinder and turn in the quest, get the follow up [56] The Bait for Lar'korwi.

8. Go back to the Marshlands and kill Dinosaurs while looking for crystals until you got 7 Power Crystals of each color and found the Mangled Journal.

9. Ride north then northwest to Marshall's Refuge (46,13).

Turn in [50] Williden's Journal, don't get the follow up.

Open the "small pack" in your inventory and loot all the items from it, then turn in [52] It's a Secret to Everybody at Linken (he's inside a tree trunk south of Williden Marshal), get the follow up. You can destroy the Faded Photograph from your inventory.

Go inside the cave at Marshall's Refuge and go to the end of it where you'll find a little gnome named J.D. Collie.

Get her quest [53] Crystals of Power and turn it in. Then get the 3 follow up quests she gives you:

  • [53] The Eastern Pylon
  • [53] The Northern Pylon
  • [53] The Western Pylon

Fly to Gadgetzan and turn in:

  • [49] The Thirsty Goblin at Marin Noggenfogger. Get the follow up [49] In Good Taste.
  • [49] The Dunemaul Compound at Andi Lynn
  • [50] Thistleshrub Valley at Trank'Rek
  • [49] In Good Taste at Sprinkle, get the follow up [49] Sprinkle's Secret Ingredient.
  • [47] Noxious Lair Investigation at Alchemist Pestlezugg

Get the quest:

[48] The Scrimshank Redemption from Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser.

Sell/repair/restock food-drink (3 stacks).

1. Go south to the Broken Pillar and talk to Marvon Rivetseeker, turn in [48] Gahz'ridian.

2. Go further south to the Gaping Chasm (56,61), clear yourself a path through the insects southwards until you find the entrance spiralling down at (55,70). Take the 2nd tunnel you see when going down the spiral, the one going north (55,69). Inside the tunnel at the first fork go right. Then go through the circular room. After the circular room at the first fork go right. You will enter a big square room. The Scrimshank's Surveying Gear (55,71) is at the western corner of the square room.

Loot it and then go back the way you came from, and then go north until you are out of the Gaping Chasm.

If you don't have the Distress Beacon, go back to Gadgetzan.

3. If you do have the Distress Beacon for Tanaris:

Go east and inside the mountain at (60,64). You will find the Homing Robot OOX-17/TN there. Turn in the quest. Get full health/mana, refresh buffs. Check if your long cooldown abilities are up. For some classes this will be hard to solo, so if you don't manage it better find someone to duo it with. If you don't manage that, just abandon the escort quest, it's optional anyway.

Things to know about this escort quest:

1. Let the chicken in front, let him get hit first. Sometimes mobs will aggro him but not manage to hit him while he walks and they will just give up.
2. The first part of the escort is the hardest as you will run into lvl 46-47 mobs. And at some point you will get an ambush of 3 level 46 scorpions. Use your long cooldown abilities there. After this, it gets easier.
3. Later on you will get a 2nd ambush, 3 humanoids lvl 42 (green). One will be a shadow mage though, kill it first.

==Note== For those who did Zul'Farrak, go to Steamwheedle Port, turn in [47] The Prophecy of Mosh'aru, get the follow up [50] The Ancient Egg. For the others, if you don't plan to do Zul'Farrak, just abandon the quest [47] The Prophecy of Mosh'aru.

4. Ride back to Gadgetzan, talk to Senior Surveyor Fizzledowser and get the follow up [48] Insect Part Analysis.

Go talk to Alchemist Pestlezugg, get the follow up and get back to Surveyor Fizzledowser. Turn in the quest and get the follow up [49] Rise of the Slithid

Fly to Thalanaar, Feralas.

1. Mount up, ride west/northwest, carefully avoiding Camp Mojache. Keep going west until the grimtotem camp (66,46). Go talk to Kindal Moonweaver (those two elven females we already helped back then with freeing sprite darters). Get the quest [47] An Orphan Looking for a Home.

2. If you haven't done the Feralas chicken escort quest, go west and back to the Yeti Cave (55,56) and try to escort the Homing Robot. At level 49 it shouldn't be too hard to solo it. Anyway, one advice, just ALWAYS let the chicken get hit first before you do anything.
If you don't manage to solo this quest or can't find a person to duo it just abandon it. It's really optional, but do try hard though, because the final exp reward is juicy.

3. Get back on the main road and ride north/northeast towards the Yeti Cave (51,32). On the way there also kill every Ironfur Bear and Groddoc Thunderer you find. You need 3 livers of each for [43] Rhapsody's Kalimdor Kocktail.

4. Kill Rage Scar Yetis until you get 10 Rage Scar Yeti Hide and a Pristine Yeti Hide (rare drop). When you get the Pristine hide, right click it and get the quest.

5. When done with the above, get out and kill more Ironfur Bear and Groddoc Thunderer until you finish [43] Rhapsody's Kalimdor Kocktail.

6. Ride to the pier and take the boat to Feathermoon Stronghold (or swim if you miss the boat ):

Turn in :

  • [48] Improved Quality
  • [48] Pristine Yeti Hide
  • [48] Return to Troyas, don't get the follow up.

Fly back to Gadgetzan. Get your 2 Elixirs of Fortitude from the bank in Gadgetzan. Then ride north to the Thousand Needles.

Go to the Mirage Raceway and talk to Quentin (78,74). Turn in the quest [47] An Orphan Looking for a Home. Get the follow up, turn it in instantly (as you already have the 2 Elixirs of Fortitude).
Get the quest [47] The Newest Member of the Family. A timer window will appear, we have plenty of time though, so just follow the next few steps carefully and don't go AFK for too long Sticking out tongue

Ride back to Gadgetzan, fly to Ratchet. After landing, go directly south of the flight master to the yellow "!" labeled Liv Rizzlefix (62.5, 38). Don't take the quest, but loot Marvon's Chest, which is right outside of this hut. You'll receive a Stone Circle.

Take the boat to Booty Bay. In Booty Bay take the left ramp going up, keep going east/southeast and shortly you'll find Oglethorpe Obnoticus (28,76). Turn in all the Rescue OOX-Chicken Robot quests you completed. They give between 6900 XP and 7850 XP each.

If you completed all 3 rescues you get and extra quest [50] An OOX of your own. You'll get a mechanical chicken pet (which I usually sell for 50gold at the AH ^^) and 10200 XP as well! Which is why going through the pain of doing those 3 escort quests is in the end worth it.

Turn in [45] Deliver to MacKinley at "Sea Wolf" MacKinley (close to the inn).

You should be level 50 by now.

Level 50

Fly to Darkshire (Duskwood). In Darkshire go talk to Watchmaster Sorigal (he's just down the path from the gryphon master), get the quest [45] Supplies for Nethergarde.

Fly to Nethergarde Keep, Blasted Lands.

If you didn't do the Zul'Farrak instance:

  • Turn in [45] Supplies for Nethergarde at Quartermaster Lungertz.
  • Turn in [47] Thadius Grimshade at Thadius Grimshade, he'sinside the big tower, on the highest floor. Don't get the follow up.

If you did Zul'Farrak:

  • Turn in [45] Supplies for Nethergarde at Quartermaster Lungertz.
  • Turn in [47] Nekrum's Medaillon at Thadius Grimshade, he'sinside the big tower, on the highest floor. Get the follow up [47] The Divination. Turn it in, get the follow up [47] Return to the Hinterlands.

Hearthstone to Aerie Peak. Go talk to Agnar Beastamer, he is inside the inn on the lower level. Turn in [47] The Newest Member of the Family, get the follow up [47] Food for Baby.

If you did Zul'Farrak, go to Gryphon Master Talonaxe at the very top of Aerie Peak, turn in [47] Return to the Hinterlands, get the follow up [51] Saving Sharpbeak.

End of Chapter II.

I hope you enjoyed this guide. If you want to return the favor, please try to contribute.

Text formatting: Snowflake & Jame

© Copyrights All Rights Reserved


Regarding The Stave of Equinex...

You said "Now that you have all 4 essences, go southeast to the Equinex Monolith (38,13)."

In fact, the monolith is at (39,13). If you try and go to (38,13) you'll be on a fruitless and extremely annoying journey trying to break into the mountains.

Tarciryan's picture

Halfway to 34

Hey James, I've talked highly of your guides many times, and still encourage everyone I know to use it to level.

Now, I'm with my fifth char on which I'm using your guide and I run in to this bit

Step 13: Now you probably must be about halfway to level 34. It's time to go grind at Kurzen camp or on the Trolls, up to you. When you are 1 bubble away from lvl 34, warp to Booty Bay.

On every char this step puzzles me as to how I am supposed to have reached this level. I am currently 14.5% on my way to 34. This has more or less bean the case for every char I've played. Am I missing something?

Cheers mate, your guides are still top notch! Smiling

We, the unwilling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We've been doing so much with so little for so long, we are now capable of doing anything with nothing.

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Additional Quest - Post Burning Crusade

Hello all, this guide is very nice, and im leveling up my alt characters according to it. I would almost suggest to any new player.. do your own thing, get familiar with using thottbot/wowhead etc; and take your time learning your class and the game until your first character is capped at 70; or wherever you want it to be.

Then when you roll your first alt; get into this guide. IT is a whole heck f a lot easier to appreciate this way, as a lot of new players with turn their noses up at any mention of grinding, until they learn how quick it actually is. However the main reason why I suggest this is because certain folk in my realm who have followed the guide on their only character tend to lack a lot of experience and common sense in out lands instances.

However , this is not always going to be the case im sure.

When you people get to the Swamp of Sorrows circuit, in the Harborage camp, north, where you pick up the crystals quest there is now a quest to kill cursed lost-ones and only 3 of them, which should easily tie in nicely with Jame's guide and does not take any diversion away from the guide at all.

I did, out of boredom do the quest to collect the relics from around ST as well, but in relationship to this guide it really isnt worth the bother in my opinion, as they are spread out very far and have very few mobs to engage around them.

However, to kill 3 cursed lost ones is a synch as you will already be over in that area of the zone, and if you follow Jame's golden rule of killing everything as you go (which i admit i... "forget" to do some times; lol) its going to end up being some nice bonus XP.

I am sure Jame would have added this quest in at the time of writing the guide, but i think its a newer quest to compliment exodar rep gain for Burning Crusade.

Jezzarkrius / Wisp - Uldaman

*P.S. At the time of Writing this comment originally i neglected to check the later comment in thi thred, so the fellow above me pretty much made exactly the same mention of the quests as I did. So in effect I agree completely with the above post, except may not so much the relic gathering quest.


Swamps of Sorrow

There are 2 new quests at the Harborage, from some Exodar-guys, that were added.

"Pool of tears" from "Holaaru"

you have to get 10 artefacts from the ground around the temple of atal'hakkar. took me around 15 minutes with waterbreathing, had to swim two times around the temple to get them all. the quest gives 1g20 and 4450 xp at lvl 42
I did it after the Fallow Sanctuary part

"Mercy for the cursed" from "Anchorite Avuun"

This quest is a must-take i think. Some new Mobs were added at the Fallo Sanctuary: "Cursed Lost-Ones" you have to kill 3 of these to complete the quest. and to complete the other quests there you'll have to kill some of them anyway.
2850 xp at lvl 43 for this one.


In the begining it says! "In the Stranglethorn Vale category you should also already have:

[38] Kurzen's Mystery
[38] Panther Mastery
[39] "Pretty Boy" Duncan
[41] Raptor Mastery
[41] Scaring Shaky
[41] Venture Company Mining " WHERE DO I GET THESE QUESTS??? pls help my e mail is contact me on that e mail pls because u dont really need to open this page cause i dont need it if i don't know where to find these quests..... Laughing out loud


This guide is pretty good... the only complaint i have is that there is a very large amount of grinding that has to be done... i didn't mind it so much until level 46 where you had to "grind on trolls until you are one bubble away from 47". It seems like a pretty dumb idea to have to grind about 11 bars...

How I use this guide...

I dont depend on Jame to get me from one level to the next... I gather the quests he sais to and leave (some) of the quests he sais to leave. You should use it like a helping hand not a crutch.

Also, I wouldn't use this guide on my first character, it would kind of ruin it for me, part of the fun of playing to 70 the first time is to not know what the hell you are doing! I would log in and look for a tip when you get stuck. But, that's about it...

anyways, Jame - Brilliantly executed once again!

37 Enhancement Shammy
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LOVE this guide!

Hi James,

I absolutely LOVE this guide. 2 weeks ago, I was stuck doing quests that were too hard for me in STV at level 33, and I felt like my interest in WoW was waning. A friend of mine recommended this guide. I'm currently one bubble away from level 48, and I love the guide because it makes me travel to zones I might have missed, and the quests are appropriate for my level 95% of the time.

A few comments :

- One zone I found quite frustrating is the Ruins of Ravenwind at level 47. Those damn Harpies were very hard for me (I'm a human Pally; might be why) and I must have died 3-4 times. You did point out they were hard, but I had no idea; plus, the graveyard is all the way back at Feathermoon Stronghold... HATED the walk.

- In Hintherlands, there's a Draenei giving quests when you arrive in Aerie Peak. He was not included in your guide because he was added at the launch of BC, I guess; but the 2 quests are very good, easy, quick, and a very good XP reward. One involves killing wolves (which you end up doing just by questing in Hintherlands); the other one involves picking up Gryffon Eggs near one of the Temples. I strongly recommend everybody pick them up when they first arrive at Aerie Peak.

That's it! Thanks for these guides, they make WoW so much more enjoyable for me!

I have a minor problem

The lvl 43 part where u have to gather some quests @ feathermoon stronghold, I can't find the quest "The mark of Quality" Where the hell is that?
Sticking out tongue

Else, excellent guide... ! really love it, used it from lvl 29 ^^ hehe, very very very nice !
keep up the good work Jame Laughing out loud

/kieldaziia, 43 Dranie Huntard.

Re: I have a minor problem

Hey Kieldaziia :

The guy giving this quest is a bit hidden... My advice : go to the inn in FMS, then walk to the docks where you take the boat... Instead of going down the docks, jump down to your left. Look for the quest giver there, below, outside the inn.


Well Hope u answer bck i am currently trying ure guide with my lvl 41 pala and cnt get some of the qs u mentioned and some i cnt find i could not get [37] Goblin Sponsorship [42]skullsplitter tusks then i have none of the ones u mentioned for the stranglethorn vale catorgry Sad plz help


Well Hope u answer bck i am currently trying ure guild with my lvl 41 pala and cnt get some of the qs u mentioned and some i cnt find i could not get [37] Goblin Sponsorship [42]skullsplitter tusks then i have none of the ones u mentioned for the stranglethorn vale catorgry Sad plz help

small typo

You have:

"This quest, unlike the Feralas one, is more likely to be done solo. It's still not a walk in the part of course. So if you got a partner to duo it, all the better for you."

That's "walk in the park", not "part".

Tnx for the wonderful work.

New quests

Fantastic guide Jame!

Just think you have to update it a bit.. I've noticed that there have been add'ed some quests in TBC.. There are some Draneais who gives some very nice quests and i think you should go look for them, cause they do a nice xp bonus without any trouble.. There are one in Swamps of sorrow at 25,32 and there are 3 quests where i think 2 of them are very worth of doing in hinterlands at 14,48..

Right on!

After spending the last few days levelling my new Draenei Shaman, I ran into the quest for the Prestine Yeti Hide that has changed since the BC upgrade.

originally, when turning in the Prestine hide, the Leatherworker rewarded you with 70s and 2000xp. Three days ago, I turned in this quest and received the cash but no xp Jawdropping! , which IMHO was a very useful quest for leatherworkers. I guess they thought it was an exploit?

Thanks again James for your guide. Though from time to time I have jumped off the path you have detailed (such as the grog found on the Hinterlands beach that goes back to STV, as someone else has commented about), grinding has turned into less of a hassle and brings back the fun into the game.

Good job,

Bronzebeard Server
Semper Fidelis Coeire

What An Amazing guide.

Hi there i'm just wanting to say this guide is amazing i got from level 42-50 in one week. My friend recomended the guide to me because she got from lvl 40-60 using using both guides. I'm going to start using the level 50-60 guide when I get home today.

Thank you for having such great free guide.

From Ungath.

Quicker way to Jintha'Alor

Hi ^^

If you stay in front of the entry at the bottom of Jintha'Alor, you see a way to the east which go in the mountain to the south and if you follow it to the end you manage to come almost at the top of this pyramid ^^, then stay on your mount, so that you can easily go at the top with no fight and go straight to Sharpbeak or, with a friend or two, kill hexx for the mallet and inside the cave for the Egg ( it takes 10 min to do both quests this way ^^)

note : I am a human priestress and I was 48 when I did it with a 52 elf rogue friend of mine ^^

Saphir,Vol'Jin Europe

Swamp of Sorrows

I don't know if this has been said before, but in The Swamp of Sorrows, at The Harborage (26,31) is a Draenei called Anchorite Avuun that gives a quest called Mercy for the Cursed. You have to kill 3 Cursed Lost Ones. If you pick this quest up together with Draenethyst Crystals you can do those at the same time and turn them in at the same time too. It's no problem to do it because you will have to fight at least 3 of them anyways for the escort quest and to get the crystals. It gave me (in lvl 43) a nice 2850 exp boost.

Rhapsody shindigger

Why didnt you tell me to keep grinding the gorillas and bears till i got all the stuff? I killed every single one on my way, only got 1 or 2, and assumed id get them on another circuit. I got all the way to handing in the pet quest in aerie peak, and you tell me to hand in rhapsody shindigger! wtf. now i have to go back an find the bloody gorillas again. not happy. but otherwise your guide is excellant. got me to 50 when i was dreading 42!

lvl 42

Addition to my last comment: I did that part with the Bloodsails with someone else, since it just wasn't possible. I'm at the part where i have to kill Maury 'Club-Foot" Wilkins and again i'm having a hard time! Pulling them out of the little ruin is not possible (they will all come) and killing them one by one will result in three corpseruns (and probably even more). I tried to charge in and kill Maury with Retalliation on, but the Naga that was with him makes my character switch targets (happened several times) so in the end i killed the Naga and then died without being able to kill Maury.

After waiting for 10 mins because some brainless UD Mage nagged him away with his Druid friend he (she?) spawned again, and this time alone. I charged in, killed her but halfway the Naga appeared again, switching my target to him again. In the end i could kill Maury, i shift-clicked his corpse to quickly loot it all and things went as planned: the window opened for about 0.5 seconds and then closed again. I ran out as fast because the other add spawned too, without watching my chat log. I just got out of the camp and i ran into that lvl 40 tauren (Something Swiftfoot) and died (had 100 hp left). I came back and checked my bags, nothing! I scrolled up the chat log and indeed, it didn't loot, but the corpse did dissapear! Just my fucking luck!

I logged out out of pure frustration, not planning on playing again today. If i had to grade this guide, i would give 5/5 stars for the first chapter, but this chaper i would give 4/5 or even 3/5, just because some parts are impossible to solo! You can agree with me or not, you can flame my ass off, this is just what happened to me and for me it's impossible.

Solution to the problem.

I have a very simple solution to this problem. I'm a Balance Druid and I did this at Lvl42 - as a caster, having 3 creatures attack me all at once is a nightmare with trying to cast spells! Entangling Roots three times every minute or so eats up the Mana big time, too.

I simple targetted Maury himself and lured him out towards the nearby Gurubashi Arena, I planned on killing Maury and quickly looting the quest item - then it wouldn't matter if I died, because I had what I needed. Instead, I noticed the other two returned to their positions and I was left with Maury hopelessly fighting by himself! A quick Healing Touch set me up to as good as new. The battle was cake from then on.

For melee classes, consider taking some potions instead of healing. It's not that hard once Maury's bodyguards back off.

-Brethenn, Night Elf Druid of Aggrammar.

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This part is indeed

This part is indeed difficult, too difficult for certain classes (melees) even. I took this into account when I made the horde guide and will do so in the next guides I write. Sorry for the frustration it has caused you. I advise people to try and find someone to group with to do this quest, or to simply abandon it and grind a little more.

Party is a good idea

Doing these parts with a party is indeed a lot better. It will get you a tiny bit less exp, but the grinding session at the end of lvl 41 (the Trolls) will make up for that. And it saves you a lot of frustration too Eye

Nice Guide and Add up

Hey Jame,

First of all i would like to congrat you for taking your personal time to write such detailed guides who just makes your lives easier and that is worthful.

Secound i would like to tell you that the guide really results, too bad it has grinding parts but luckly i have my resources.

And third, i would like to add something to your guide if you think its useful, in Swamp of Sorrows, in The Harborage there is a quest named "Mercy for the Cursed" and it's connected to the crystals and the escort/wizard supplies quests, its all in the same spot, all you have to do is kill the Big guys with a red aura, only three of them and it gives 2250 exp which is quite good.



lvl 41

Awesome guide Jame. But there's one thing that bothers me, in lvl 41 we have to kill Bloodsails south-east of Booty Bay. I've tried this on my warrior, which is equipped with some blues and all greenies, but i'm having a really hard time on that part! There are barely any Bloodsails walking around so i have to pull them out of the camps. That would be no problem at all, i can take on 3 of my own lvl, but those warlocks are just too annoying! I keep getting killed because some warlock and his imp are firing bolts at me while i'm fighting one of their friends! You say all of these quests are soloable, but i think you should have waited with this quest till lvl 43 or something like that!


Hey It's Me Again

I'm Having Some Trouble Gettign The quest Becouse They Are Chain Quest It's Really A Problem BEcouse I Won't Get Exp Enough.

Fazoox Level 42 mage in Shattered halls

Just a small error/typo

at lvl 47 you say: "Once at the giant, turn in the quest. Then go southeast and back on the road, follow the road south and then east until (54,41)."
those coordinates should be (54,51).
Love your work!


First Mate Crazz/Bloodsail Bucaneers questline

I was wondering if anybody here could help, as I've tried the Wow-europe forums and I've been essentially ignored.

I started the 30-41 quests at 37, and am now level 41, but am having trouble collecting the quest '[41] The Bloodsail Buccaneers' from First Mate Crazz in Booty Bay. I did my best to backtrack and catch up on what was needed at my level in the 30 - 41 Alliance guide, but I'm worried that I may have missed a required quest to start the quest from Crazz. Does -anybody- here have any idea what I may have missed? Please? The GM's can't help as it is essentially giving tips on gameplay, which they cannot do.

Thank you in advance for anybody who answers.

Clarunei, Argent Dawn (Europe)

Excellent Guide

I'm halfway through 45 at the moment and it's just an awesome guide, I can't stress how much you should do Uldaman I ran it last night and got close to 90k exp from all the quests I had finished aswell as all the mobs inside.

Also you really should update the guide to include the new quests in SoS and The Hinterlands. Also the questline with the Altar of Tides, the final part of that quest is very easy to solo and is pretty much right on your circuit.

Also, you might want to mention handing in Wool/Silk/Mageweave/Runecloth to the vendors (near tailoring trainer usually) as it's very very easy EXP. Silk will give you 1650 EXP and Mageweave is 3300.

Great guide so far !

Ding 50! Thank you so much Jame for sharing such a good guide. I am playing the french version of the game and haven't had any trouble finding the locations mentioned in this guide. (Coordinates are almost always indicated)

I have been following your guide since level 30 (only instance I've done so far was Uldaman) and unlike some people stated, I have never been behind the level you said I should be. (This without rested xp and without always killing everything on my way)

I guess that I tend to stay a bit longer than required on each spot, especially if mobes are easy kills.

Last chapter incoming, I hope you'll provide a 60-70 by the time I level up 60 Smiling


Don't know if i missed a

Don't know if i missed a post on it, but when i was grinding from 46 to 47, i didn't get a single troll necklace. Was wondering if they got rid of the repeatable aspect of the quest, didnt see a blue question mark above the NPC's head. I was grinding at Shadra'alor if that makes any difference.


I found a slight typo in the 5th item of the Level 47 section.

The text reads:

Then go back and jump down the building, directly northeast of it and on slightly higher ground among ruins you will find the flame of Imbel. (39,9) Loot the Imbel Essence.

When in fact you should travel NorthWEST after the 2nd flame.

Thank you for the great guide. I just started using it at level 46 (47.5 now) and I must say it's making my first Alliance character a lot easier to level.


I really like the guide, but

... I seem to mess it up.
I startet lvl 46, with 10000xp, went to the hinterland... did more quests than you did, (skipped lfg Altar of Zul, instead i made some new Draenai Quests your guide doesn't mention) but i only made 50000xp... i did not rest or this is the time, i'm going to go to Zul for the fourth time, to fix the XP rate. I have admit that since i'm german and using the German Version of WoW I'm facing troubles identifying some quests. But when i started Hinterland, i did exactly the same quests you did. Are you still killing any mob you meet on the map?

EDIT: i wonder why you get to zul at lvl 49/50... its no problem with a group of 45s.

30-50% grinding normal EACH level


First off, great guide, I've been really enjoying following it.

I've just finished all the quest for L45, and I guess now its time to grind pirates until 46 because I'm sitting at 61380/117500 (52% complete).

Is this normal? I've followed your guide by the letter, and its not like L45 to 46 is difficult to follow in your guide.

I've killed both Andre and Calid, didn't get the key drop or the Schedules drop.

Just not sure if this is correct, your exp statement at the end of L45 says you only gained 62K exp, which is close to what I have right now. I assume you didn't LEVEL then either? You also grinded to 46?

No problem grinding, I'm finding I enjoy it, just want to make sure I'm not doing something completely wrong here.

And yes, I've killed everything in my sights all guide long heh.

Had to grind 40K from L44 to 45 as well.

Thanks for your help and this guide.

As another poster said, too much grinding from 45-46

I am a lvl 45 frost mage. I completed all the listed quests in tenaris, got both andre and caliph, and i even did uldaman the night before, completely, and completed 7 quests in there. I thought I was wayyyy ahead of the game. Now i finished the circuit where if im not 46, im to grind to 47. i have about 60,000 xp, and Ill need about 50,000 to lvl.

This guide has been pretty good thus far. There have been some times in it that I questioned the wording(when to turn quests in, before or after lvl), and some grinding sessions. However, this is insane. I have to grind 50,000 xp? Seems a bit much to me. Anyone have this issue? Can I do Zul Furrak now to make up some xp? Grinding on pirates isnt my thing. Id rather do an instance, did uldaman, dont really wanna go there again, and I only get about 60xp/kill there with no quests to turn in now. I got a few for ZF.


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Hmm what class are you

Hmm what class are you playing dn604? If you are a rogue or druid and use stealth when you need to kill a certain quest mob instead of clearing your way to it, it could maybe be the reason. Also duoing or grouping in general can influence exp rates.

WoW-Pro Admin

Playing a frost mage, kill

Playing a frost mage, kill everything in my path, solo everything.


So you kill everything on your way between coords? cause im always lots off when i do this with my rogue friend (im shadow priest) and i cant remember one level i didnt have quite alot to grind or ask for boosting (ill have to pay it back sometime :<)

3 New Quests in the Hinterlands

From a Draeni just outside of the main entrance to the town.

Featherbeard's Endorsement
A Gesture of Goodwill
Preying on Predators

Great guide...but...

...I hate grinding, and there's a lot of grind sessions in both this one and the previous. Since I've skipped these, I've been forced to do additional quests, and run the optional instances (which isn't bad). All in all, I'm now 1,5 lvls behind, but still going strong (it's easy with a Warlock).

If you don't mind grinding, it's a great guide. If you, like me, hate it, well you need to realize that this guide isn't the optimal.

Small error

Somewhere in the Hinterlands we're required to kill stealthed wolves.

You should find them quickly, they drop the stuff you need 40% of the time. (Humans: use perception / Warlocks: Buff yourself with detect invisibility

Detect invisibility does not help you see stealth because stealth and invisibility are two different effects. Using the felhunter does help.


it wasn't until my 2nd character when the urge arised to use a leveling guide for optimum performance. i wanted to experience the game for what it is, initially. but let me tell you..this guide FTW! i followed it from 30-50 so far and it rocks harder than bedrock.

one suggestion though..i noticed during the hinterlands segment - the guide skips over the featherbeard quest sequence. this series of quests is easy to do and has a great exp output. I am referring to:

Step 1: Featherbeard's Endorsement
[Level 46]

Step 2: In Pursuit of Featherbeard
[Level 46]

Step 3: Reclaiming the Eggs
[Level 46]

you can do them while following the guide.

my 2 copper!

P.S. I created an account on wow-pro just to get forum access and let everyone know I will be using the guide for the rest of my leveling >Smiling


There are two more quests as well that the quest giver has in Hinterlands (the Draenei). One is to kill the wolves that you see as you travel. The other is to kill a named, he has two adds before him, then once you get to him he's a level 46 with a 44 pet. Soloed at 46 with the other Hinterlands quests.

I recommend...start out with Featherbeard's Endorsement when you first go to Hinterlands. Also grab the other two quests, Preying Predators and A Gesture of Goodwill. Go south to 13,55 and enter the house. The book is laying on the fireplace. Get the follow up. Kill the wolves as you go.

AFTER you do that, head south to 25,66 ( Kill Witch Doctor. Do the three cage quest then head south and get the remains. Then find the eggs, etc. Smiling

Awesome guide Jame. Only

Awesome guide Jame.

Only problem is the blasted lands bit. As a fire mage, it was damn nigh impossible to kill certain creatures (Hellboars, ashmane boars, etc) as they have a stupidly high FR. Tried switching to frost spells - to no avail, they just don't do enough damage, and the boars themselves can maul you in a matter of seconds with their charge thing.

So yeah, that's my only problem with it. Great guide with that aside though Jame.

This really is a fantastic

This really is a fantastic guide, but I am so glad that I didn't play for the week during finals and built up a huge rest xp reserve. It seems by "kill everything" you mean "kill everything that spawns within 100 yards, wait for it to respawn, and kill them again". Then again, I haven't done many of the "optional" quests, so maybe that's why I'm only 1 level ahead.

2.0 Quests to Add!

With 2.0, there are three new quests I've come along that are 'along the path' and fairly easily completed.

1: Can't remember the quest name or the NPC name, but he's in the Inn at Southshore and requests you to get a box of crystals from the forsaken. They reside at the ruined tower on the path to Tauren Mill.

2: Swamp of Sorrows: Harborage. [38] Mercy for the Cursed from Anchorite Avuun... kill three Cursed Lost Ones.

3: Swamp of Sorrows: Harborage. [43] Pool of Tears from Holaaru... Collect 10 artifacts in the water near the middle-ish of the zone. Just need to be careful of a wandering elite dragon.

My 2cp

Hello again. I already commented on the 30-40 guide but there's a few things I wanted to add here too as I'm following it.

I'm currently 46 right now working in the Hinterlands.

I have to ask though, do you often level with rest, or do you tend to kill everything in the zone? Because I started Hinterlands at 46 like you say, and I even did some extra quests (there's a new Draenei NPC in beta with 3 new quests that are pretty easy and good exp) and I still barely made more than half my level, after turning ALL the quests in.

YES, I kill "everything in my way" as I'm walking around, and I follow the guide to a T but always seem to be about half a level behind where you say we should. I wasn't even close to dinging 47. I think you might want to reparse your data or else tell us to kill everything in the zone Eye

Anyway, just a few of my gripes. It's still an amazing set of guides and really helps to level fast. But I just find it frustrating that I often end up grinding half of every level.

Addition: I'm now 48.5 and just wanted to point out : I'm not sure when they changed it, or if it's just beta or in live too, but the escort quests can no longer be done with the "trick" of just following the chicken. Mobs follow much better now, and are pretty fast, and the chicken will stop as soon as he gets aggro now. So trying to stay really far behind him isn't as good as it used to be. You may as well be up in front. However, it is still ok to let him tank for a while if you need to rest Smiling

Another addition: I just thought about adding this for any who have to grind - I think starting around the 46-48 range you can go to Felwood and grind on the Furbolgs there (the southern ones are upper 40s in level). This way you can be working on your Timbermaw rep and they are pretty good for cash too, and easy to kill too ^_^

So I think that's all, I am halfway to 50 now and I am still very impressed with the guides. Good job.

Good stuff

I'm running through the guide for the first time and it really is great. It's so nice to know where to go at all times.

However, I have a suggestion. At level 48, when you drop by Booty Bay to turn in the OOX quests and whatnot this is a great time to run out and slaughter the captains. All the mobs are high green/low yellow so the XP is pretty good and the 5k you get for the quest is nice too. =)

That might help people who tend to have a good chunk to grind at the end of each level even with the guide (I know I do usually).

Blasted Lands

First off I'm gunna congratulate you with this guide, I've used it on a Hunter and now on my Mage and it's worked like a charm. Same goes for a lot of my friends Smiling

My only problem is that in Blasted Lands (level 49) I have to kill an awful lot of creatures which are either level 50-53 or have mega fire resitance (or both!) and i'm a fire specc'd mage Sticking out tongue. I am finding that pretty difficult at the moment so I just thought i'd let everyone know...

Well done again with the guide and happy WoWing!

New Quests in Hinterlands

Excellent guides! Just letting you know that with the new patch there is a Dranae ambassador standing outside of Aerie Peak that has 3 quests that are quick, easy and gave good xp for me at lvl 51. I gained almost 10,000 xp in just over 20 minutes, and one of the quests is not finished. Now that I know where to go, it would probably only take about 10 minutes.